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    Non-Player Characters 

The Alchemist

An NPC that formerly allowed players to trade in unique tokens for exclusive items.
  • Betting Mini Game: Realm Gold or unlockable Tokens can be used in the Alchemist's "spin to win" game. Some sort of reward is guaranteed, but it may not be great.

The Tinkerer
A NPC that gives you quests that can be completed for special Chests and other rewards.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: Using a chest applies Pet Stasis for a long period of time. This is to prevent high-level Pets from killing the Chest and therefore denying the player loot.
  • Cool Old Guy: He used to be an adventurer, but retired and now gives out Quests.
  • Chef of Iron: While he used to be a skilled fighter and now gives out quests for great rewards, if you give him 3 pet eggs he can turn them into an Egg Omelette which is also for your pets.)
  • Difficult, but Awesome: His chests can be a bit tedious to do (and downright frustrating for the Mighty/Epic ones), but they can contain 'any item' from the dungeons in the pool. Yes, that includes White Bags. The Epic Chests in particular can give you top-tier UT items from endgame dungeons. Even the Omnipotence Ring is fair game.
  • Dude, Where's My Reward?: Due to the difficulty of some of his quests and the RNG-based nature of the chests, sometimes it can feel like this.
  • Fetch Quest: His quests require you to retrieve certain Marks, which are guaranteed drops from most Dungeon Bosses. Get enough of the types he wants, and you can trade them in for a Quest Chest or Mighty Quest Chest, depending on how difficult the Quest is. Epic Quest Chests are only given for taking the hardest quests, and are sorted into different variants that each hold their respective dungeon's loot.
  • Item Crafting: During Month of the Mad God 2019, the Tinkerer can combine metal scraps and fragments obtained from the four alien planets into Alien Cores; all four Alien Cores into the Loaded Core; and the Loaded Core and the Locked Reactor (a drop from Commander Calbrik) into the Entropy Reactor.
  • Quest Giver: His role in a shtick.
  • That One Sidequest: His Epic Quests can range from moderately easy (kill Oryx 6 times and take his marks), to absolutely insane (beat the Void Entity 3 times and take his marks). Whether or not people do them is usually dependent on if they think the effort is worth the Chest.

The Login Seer
A friendly NPC that runs the Daily Login Calendar.
  • Play Every Day: The gist of the Calendar. Since the best rewards tend to be located at the end of the calendar, a perfect login streak is usually required to get them.

The Blacksmith

A friendly NPC that operates the Item Forge. By using Forgefire, she can melt down unwanted UT items and use their materials to craft other Untiered items and more.
  • Item Crafting: The Forge allows players to dismantle UT items into their basic components and reassemble them into other UT items, with rarer items both giving more materials and taking more to forge. This is never a 1:1 conversion, as items require 3 similar-tiered items' materials to craft, 4 if you're forging something particularly rare.
  • Ultimate Blacksmith: Anything that you have a blueprint for, she can forge given the materials. This includes items like lost relics from enigmatic locations, dangerous artifacts from alternate dimensions like the Void, the armaments of Oryx's minions and confidants, and even the personal equipment of Oryx himself.

Good day, master!
A friendly NPC that resides in your guild hall. He has various responses to commands and also provides advice when you open a dungeon there.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: You can ask him to give you a destroyable chest that gives HP/MP potions, which alleviates the boring task of grinding low-level monsters for them.
  • Lampshade Hanging: If you ask him to heal you, he will, but afterwards he will ask you why you couldn't just do it in the Nexus.
  • Hidden Depths: If you open a Cursed Library in the Guild Hall, Guill expresses what can only be described as passive-aggressive hostility towards the Realm Eye. Combined with the fact that the Realm Eye warns you about Guill, it's safe to assume that they may know each other more than they let on...
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: If asked about Guill, the Realm Eye warns them that he suspects Guill may be far smarter than he lets on, since he knows of things not even he knows about. While he admits that he thinks Guill has only good intentions, he still advises the player to exercise some caution.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: His real name is Guillermo, but he is only referred to as Guill.
  • Shout-Out: A number of his phrases are references.

Craig, Intern of the Mad God
Oryx's intern, who resides in the Court of Oryx. He was also planning some kind of ritual for Month of the Mad God.

The Realm Eye

An entity that has watched over the Realm for ages, which has let him gather an immense amount of knowledge. Sealed away in the Cursed Library by the Corruption Phantom, he will answer one question after you off his captor.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Only bothers to tell the realmers more about the Inner Workings because of his relationship with Craig.
  • Black Speech: Talks like this if asked about The Machine or the Inner Workings. It's actually a Cipher Language created through a Recursive Translation in the Enigma Machine.
  • Cipher Language: Uses one created through a Recursive Translation in the Enigma Machine for his Black Speech expositions on The Machine and the Inner Workings.
  • Everyone Has Standards: He won't give away certain bits of information without a valid reason beyond just asking, which is most apparent in attempting to learn more about The Machine and the Inner Workings, two dungeons which heavily imply that the game world is a simulation in-universe as well. Notably, merely bringing up the subject around him causes him to speak in an incomprehensible language (actually plain English run through a couple very specific iterations of the Enigma Machine.)
  • Eyeless Face: The Realm Eye's body consists of his eye and nothing else. While it's unknown how he got that way, he denies any relation to the Pentaract Eyes, and assures you that he's content with his state.
  • Insufferable Genius: Downplayed. He isn't egotistical in any sense of the matter, but is consistently flattered if you ask him about the tier 14 weapons, finding it shocking that regular humans would know anything about them. On the contrary, he'll be irritated if you ask him about the lowest-tiered weapons.
  • Mr. Exposition: The Realm Eye is a highly knowledgeable entity and will share information on anything you ask him. Bosses, encounters, dungeons, every tiered weapon, and some miscellaneous bonuses, he's got it all, packing over 250 possible responses.
  • The Omniscient: He has watched the Realm for millennia, and knows just about everything there is about the place. The only places he cannot see into are the Nexus and the Void.
  • No Communities Were Harmed: Any resemblance to actual websites, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
  • The Watcher: The Realm Eye has existed for many millennia, silently watching the affairs of the realm and beyond.

The Agents of Oryx

A catch-all term for the countless troopers under Oryx's command that don't appear in-game. They wield extremely powerful modified versions of the weapons, abilities, and armor of the heroes of the Nexus, though they are often stolen in the heroes' endless quest to liberate the realms.
  • Discard and Draw: All of their class abilities eschew their original functions and/or firing patterns in favor of high-impact precision damage and DPS buffs. For example, the Amaterasu wakizashi focuses all of its projectiles to a single point instead of being a sweeping horizontal slash, and the Orb of Conquest does not inflict Stasis but instead repeatedly detonates where it was deployed for massive damage that stacks with its Curse debuff.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Some of the Agents are humans from the Nexus that left to join the cause of their mortal enemy.
  • Fallen Hero: The Flavor Text for their gear mentions that some of the Agents were former heroes that willingly joined up with Oryx for reasons unknown.
  • Flechette Storm: All of the Agents' melee weapons fire extra shots for increased burst damage close up, as opposed to single shots at range. This also applies to the Amaterasu wakizashi, Rage Claws "shuriken," and Cursed Spire spell, all of which aim to shred apart targets with sharp projectiles.
  • The Ghost: Whoever their gear is referencing, they don't appear in-game, with their origin and fighting style only able to be inferred through their stolen equipment. The only possible exceptions to this are the minions of Chancellor Dammah and Chief Beisa, who explicitly carry the original Cursed Spire spells and Chief's War Horns, respectively.
  • Turns Red: Some of their abilities will heal or buff them once their health drops below a certain threshold.


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