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    Marcus and her Spirits 


Re:Incarnating Heroine (Past Titles Include: Bloodstained Princess, Behemoth Slayer)

The Main Heroine of the Quest, Marcus is something of a composite character as a natural side effect of having his/her actions largely controlled by the thread.

Tropes Pertaining to Marcus:

  • Action Girl
  • An Axe to Grind: First choice of weapon during the Sahatri incarnation was an Axe, recurred in Elia incarnation with the Golden Proverb.
  • The Berserker
  • Deadpan Snarker: Given she has SV deciding her actions and occasionally words? Yes.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Marcus is really ' really' pretty, its been mentioned she is inherently charismatic and charming once she puts in the effort. (Just about every romantic interest in Marcus thus far has been from women in fact...)
  • Future Me Scares Me: To Mathilda's constant flirting, even before she knew about the whole 'future' part.
  • Gender Bender: supposedly male before Incarnating into Sahatri.
  • Glass Cannon: Varies slightly, but the playerbase has generally favored light and fast armors over heavy ones, making Marcus rely more on speed. She can still take some impressive hits, just not nearly as many of them.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: At the conclusion of the first Incarnation
  • Magic Knight: With spirits assisting, Marcus is dangerous at both melee and range, though much of the magic goes away if deprived of that connection.
  • Multi-Melee Master: While axes have been favored, Marcus has yet to pick up a weapon she hasn't been able to wield fairly effectively.
  • Red Oni To Sahatri's blue.
  • Reincarnation: Ya freaking think?
  • The Woobie: At some points in the story, Marcus cracks badly, falling into Heroic BSoD. To put mildly, having your best friends brainwahsed into not recognizing you anymore, then being beaten by them to the inch of your life is pretty agonizing.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite Marcus's snarking and (sometimes) outright jerkassery, she's usually unable to resist helping any unfortunate individuals she comes across in her journeys. Marcus herself has noticed this, and is close to Breaking the Fourth Wall. Word of God states that her change in morality is in part of the voters influence.
  • Jerkass: In her previous life on Earth, he's a pretty horrible person. Marcus was a Manipulative Bastard as Student Council President who lied and cheated her way up top, openly scorning her sister for being weak. Though this seems to have changed after reincarnating due to voter influence.

Sahatri Vehelnokee

Tsundere but cool headed Elf Girl that's also your Conscience

Latest of the 'Vehel' family of elves who awoke the forest long ago with their blood sacrifice, Sahatri's duty to repeat the actions of that ancient ancestor was rudely disrupted when Marcus arrived in her body at the same moment as should have been her death. While their early relationship was rocky to say the least, they've since reached consensus. They are after all, both the same soul...

Tropes pertaining specifically to Sahatri

Eliana Evanne Luhnermis

Bipolar Princess in Love

Eldest daughter of Balthazar and Heir to the northern kingdom, Marcus arrived in her body in the midst of an Eastern invasion against the North, rescuing her from a gang of Eastern soldiers in the process. She and Marcus are not quite as close as Marcus and Sahatri are, but it is an ongoing process...

Tropes pertaining specifically to Elia

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Given purest form through the 'Royal Authority' Sync.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Gave her spirit up to become the blade that smote the Fiends and kept them from swallowing the world.
  • Evil Twin: Aile, the part of Elia's mind she repressed after bearing witness to a torture session at the hands of kidnappers. The two have since been reconciled into a single entity, though sometimes one comes more to the fore than the other.
  • Super Strength: Confers this to Marcus as needed.

Tropes pertaining specifically to Aile

  • Suicide by Cop: Implied to have been her end goal during her boss fight. Marcus(and the Thread) would have none of it.


Airheaded Demon Girl

A mysterious girl with a past that is not clear even to herself. Her home was raided and her guardians as well as the other children present apparently slaughtered while she was helped to escape. She ended up wandering the streets, where Marcus finally arrived in her body after nearly a week of starving in the alleys of the city and finally getting her head beaten in with a rusted pipe.

Tropes pertaining specifically to Izanami

    Supporting Characters 

Lady Mallaevania Elizabeth Nixius ('Vania')

Heir to The Strongest

Tropes pertaining specifically to Vania

Balthazar Rahumere Lunhermis

Elia's Father/King of the North/

Tropes pertaining specifically to Balthazar

  • My Greatest Failure: Elia's trauma at the hands of her kidnappers when she was young.
  • Cool Sword: The Iron Duke. It's a massive sword that's as tall as a human and heavy enough to blow chunks in the ground. And that's nothing compared to it's final form, Excalibur, a slender blade that glows blue and gold with even more power than it's previous form.
  • Cool Old Guy: For a king who's recently been removed from the throne, he's surprisingly chill.
  • Super Strength: He's a middle aged man who hefts the Iron Duke, a massive sword nearly as tall as Marcus in Elia's body which can't even be lifted without being a part of the Northern throne's bloodline, and he's still able to match Marcus in a fight.

Evangeline 'Eva'a.k.a.: Inverse Zero

Tropes pertaining specifically to Eva

Lorraine Fanthissa Elmora

Second Princess of The South.

  • Blood Knight: Loves to fight, some of that can be put down to southern traditions regarding brawls, but she takes it a step further, especially with Marcus.
  • Damsel in Distress: Played for laughs in the 'Lorraine gets Kidnapped' omake wherein she breaks herself out. Not at all played for laughs when she was later taken hostage and rather gruesomely killed in one of the resultant timelines.


Eccentric Clock-eyed 'Tourist'/Empress of the East

Tropes pertaining specifically to Mathilda

Sehella Vehelnokee

High Priestess of The Elves/ Sahatris Little Sister


    Knights of the East 

Common Tropes across all encountered Knights thus far

Crimson Knight

Tropes pertaining specifically to the Crimson Knight

Golden Knight

Tropes pertaining specifically to the Golden Knight

Assassin Knight/Evelyn

Tropes pertaining specifically to the Assassin Knight

Mage Knight

Tropes pertaining specifically to the Mage Knight


    Other Antagonists 

Scarlet Witch

Tropes pertaining specifically to Scarlet Witch

King Hassan

Champion of the Bells /Wielder of Azrael/ Founder of The Assassins

Tropes pertaining specifically to King Hassan



Unhelpful Ball of Uselessness/The Enduring Empress of a Forsaken Land

Tropes pertaining specifically to Shadow

Tropes pertaining specifically to LEGION

Thiravani Kifahara Argenthol ('Kifa')

The Frozen Gungnir

Tropes pertaining specifically to Kifa

  • Reincarnation: She's been appearing since the first incarnation of the quest (Arc 1), as a spy and a soldier. In the second incarnation (Arc 2-5), she's now a Duchess of a rather well off city. In the third incarnation, she's a magic tutor to a Prince. (Arc 6-?) It seems Kifa may have been involved far earlier in Marcus's life than thought, she appeared as a baby snow fox in Marcus's world.
  • An Ice Person: Aside from Blight manipulation in her arc one final battle, primarily used various ice-based attacks. This seems to be an ongoing trait in her incarnations.
  • Lady of Black Magic

The Calamities of Oaths and Vows (Elia and Sahatri)

Tropes pertaining specifically to the Calamities

  • Came Back Wrong
  • Uncanny Valley: We know for sure now that they look like Elia and Sahatri but they don't act like them at all between the semi-robotic sounding dialogue and the brutal slaughter of countless people since they returned.
  • Yandere: Debatable, but considering they have arrived on the scene when Marcus was near death twice now and went to the point of turning on each other when both of them threatened her at the same time there seem to be shades of this somewhere in them. That or some kind of survival imperative.


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