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    Blue Team 

Guin Valentine

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A meek and frightful person who attended Rodchester's School for the Gifted due to her tremendous ability of writing and her family's substantial wealth. She was in the school's Journalism Club as an editor, but otherwise didn't participate in any other school clubs or events. She lives with her twin brother in the wealthiest neighborhood bordering New Eidenburg and Redwood. Her father is Kent Valentine, world-renowned scientist, doctor, and politician.

  • Bad Dreams: She has one in Phase 2.1.
  • Flashback: Guin has a few starting in Phase 2.1.
  • Fragile Flower: She’s sensitive to both the situation and how the group is doing, leading to several instances of near breakdowns.
  • In-Series Nickname: Several characters in the group call her “Guiny”. Luca calls her various names that are elongated forms of Guin - more commonly Guinevere - despite these not being her real name.
  • Shrinking Violet

Casper Latrey

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A kind, compassionate young man who attended Rodchester's School for the Gifted due to his family's substantial wealth. He was a part of the school's Journalism Club, in charge of camerawork and the like. His father is the famous football player Braydon Latrey, quarterback for the New Eidenburg Owls, and his brother is the rising boxer known as Archer Latrey. He lives with his grandmother in a small house outside of north New Eidenburg.

Selica Delacroix

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Known as one of the more famous child pop-stars in America until her sudden retirement at 15, she attended Rodchester's School for the Gifted due to her overwhelming fame. She was considered the head of the school's Journalism Club, turning it into a real, functioning club once she enrolled as a sophomore. Her father is Cooper Delacroix, head of a well-known record label known as Delacroix Studios. She currently lives with her aunt, uncle, and cousin in Redwood.

Felicia Wilde

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She is currently transitioning into her senior year at Rodchester's School for the Gifted. She's a part of the school's Journalism Club with her friends, and her role is...something. She doesn't let herself be known by the student body too much, so most everyone's scared of her. She lives with her parents and three siblings in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods bordering New Eidenburg and Redwood.

Aiya Hachimitsu

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Once the star of Rodchester's track team, she now attends Valentine IV University on a full-ride scholarship and with a 4.0 GPA coming into her senior year. She lives with her younger sister and her mother within the center of New Eidenburg. Her mother is Dr. Wakaba Hachimitsu, a world-renowned doctor and scientist who's known for finding the cure for "Witch's Disease" or exhaustio cerebri (brain exhaustion), stopping the plague in South Africa in 2029.

Luca Abbot

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He spent most of his like in the United Kingdom and was known for his piano skills that surpassed even masters. He abruptly moved to America in what would be his junior year at Rodchester's School for the Gifted and quit the piano without any reason why. There's no recorded address where he lives other than his seemingly permanent check-in at Harold G. Thayer Hospital.

  • The Ditz
  • Elegant Classical Musician: He’s noted to be one of two celebrities in the group, his fame coming from being a famous pianist in Europe, more specifically the United Kingdom.

Rudy ???

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Nothing is known about them as they have amnesia. They were found when they were twelve in an alleyway by Lucia and Alice Thayer. Lucia gave them the name "Rudy". They live at Harold G. Thayer Hospital with the Thayer family and helps Lucia to improve her livelihood.

Lucia Thayer

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Known as the prized daughter of the Thayer lineage, Lucia Thayer attends Rodchester's School for the Gifted due to her family's extensive wealth and fame. When she was eleven, she was in an accident that paralyzed her from the waist down. She lives at Harold G. Thayer hospital with her parents (Harold and Katherine Thayer), her oldest sister (a detective named Alice Thayer), and Rudy.

    Red Team 

Guy Valentine

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One of the most well-known peers and valedictorian of Redwood High School. Being the student council president of Redwood, he was responsible for all of the clubs and events revolving around the school, along with managing the funds and rallies for each class. He lives with his twin sister in the wealthiest neighborhood bordering New Eidenburg and Redwood. His father is Kent Valentine, world-renowned scientist, doctor, and politician.

Nichole Richmond

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A bright and vibrant girl who's always trying to make the best of everything. She attended Redwood High School and was a part of the school's Art Club, going as far as a national competition with her work. She lives with her older brother in an apartment complex in the town of Redwood. Her father was Adam Richmond, a businessman, but he died in a car accident two years ago.

  • Genki Girl
  • Stepford Smiler: She smiles even with a gun to her head!
  • Rapunzel Hair: It's really long.
  • Significant Birth Date: Her birthday is February 14th, which is Valentine’s Day. The two people she considers her closest friends are both of the Valentine twins.
  • Verbal Tic: She frequently starts or ends sentences with “nyeh”. Also, a lot of her sentences end with a ~, signifying an emphasis in the last syllable she speaks.

Florence Ashford

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He has no elementary school records due to his hospitalization for a majority of his childhood; however, as a teenager, he attended both Redwood Middle School and High School. He was the eccentric vice president of the student council, was in the school band as a first-chair flute, and is known as countless names on various forums and online games. He currently lives with his aunt and uncle in Redwood, who is raising their niece and his cousin as well, as his parents are both overseas in the military.

Candace Sandoval

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Not much is known about her other than her affiliation with the more prominent and feared gang in New Eidenburg known as the Northside Red Wyverns. When she attended Redwood High School, she managed to reach nationals in powerlifting within only a year of her being on the team. She works at The Fox Den as a barista. She lives alone in an apartment in Goodyear.

Morgan Collins

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He was known in Redwood High School when he attended as "the class clown", leaving his mark when he orchestrated the class of 2051's senior prank. He has experience with the guitar and various other instruments. He works at Sylvi's 24/7 Dine In as a waiter, saving up to start his own band one day. He currently lives in an apartment in Redwood with his best friend.

Oliver Wilde

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This seemingly nervous boy was always known as Morgan's number two and graduated Redwood High School as his classes valedictorian. He used to live with his parents and siblings in their neighborhood bordering New Eidenburg and Redwood; however, he now lives with his best friend in an apartment in Redwood.

Ivee Ree

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She attended Redwood High School with no extracurricular as she spent most of her time tending to her siblings at home. She's convinced the world is one giant computer simulation though, so the fact she didn't do much in school is fine to her. She lives with her family in Goodyear, which consists of her mother and six siblings.

Victor Ree

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He was the quarterback of Redwood High School's football team before graduating and joining the army reserves. Since it's peace time, he has yet to be deployed and spends his service working on the military base in New Eidenburg. However, he still lives at home with his family in Goodyear, which consists of his mother and six siblings.

  • Gentle Giant: He's the tallest in the group, standing at 6'3, and is also one of the kindest.



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