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    Hannibal McFist 
Voiced by: John DiMaggio

The owner of McFist Industries. He made a deal with the Sorcerer to destroy the Ninja for a superpower.

  • Artificial Limbs: Has a mechanical right arm that has a brain and a pair of eyes.
  • Badass Mustache: So much so, he founded the Norrisville High Mustache Society.
  • Bald of Evil: He has no hair on top of his head.
  • Broken Pedestal: For Randy, upon discovering that he's both evil and behind all the robot attacks on the school.
  • The Chessmaster: Surprisingly becomes this in McCluckerbusters managing to manipulate events to almost put two of his competitors out of business, so he could corner the market on fast food.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Highlighted in Happy Hanukkah Howard Weinerman where he almost turns Greg's Game Hole into a shoe store since there weren't any functioning video games despite the fact that it was one of HIS robots that destroyed all the video games in the first place.
  • Deal with the Devil: With the Sorcerer, to get a superpower all he has to do is break the Sorcerer out by destroying the Ninja.
  • Devil in Plain Sight: He's this to the general public, who in turn adore him a lot for being the head of the city's major consumer products company. It's incredible how everybody ignores the right cyborg arm with a brain with eyes on the wrist. That is SO TOTALLY not evil-looking, oh no!
    • This turn out to be a good thing, cause when he lost it, The Sorcerer stanked him and turned him into what could be described as the love child of Blanka and The Hulk, with the brain in his cyborg arm becoming a second head that shoots acid!
  • The Dragon: He mainly runs his operations to serve the Sorcerer.
  • Dragon-in-Chief: Although sub-servile to and much weaker than The Sorcerer, as the Sorcerer is presently imprisoned and has to rely on the situation being right for him to case any chaos himself. McFist is presently the more common threat and in the position to cause more destruction.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He loves his wife Marci, to the point where he's horrified when he realizes he's left her behind in Night of the Living McFizzles.
  • Fat Bastard: He's overweight and runs a company that hides rather sketchy operations.
  • Fiction 500: He nearly owns everything in Norrisville. He even buys Whoopee World and bans Viceroy from it just to punish him for failing.
    "I'm Hannibal McFist, lovable gazillionare! I own this town!"
  • Glad I Thought of It: Constantly tries to take credit for Viceroy's ideas and efforts.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: It is rare for him to go an episode without getting seriously ticked off.
  • Happily Married: Oddly enough, he and his wife are clearly on good terms.
  • Hidden Depths: Despite coming off as a total idiot, Mc Fist is still an incredibly successful businessman responsible for taking his fathers small candy company and turn it into a megacorp.
  • The Heavy: He has a robotic fist of iron and sometimes battles Randy in mechs.
  • Idiot Savant: Questionably intelligent in anything not business related.
  • Involuntary Charity Donation: McFist becomes a victim of this in "McOne Armed and Dangerous" when the Ninja announces that he's donating one brand-new McFistPad to each person in Norrisville.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: When stanked by the Sorcerer, he becomes a scary combination of Acrofatic, Unstoppable Rage and Made of Iron
  • Mega-Corp: He inherited McFist Industries from his father and brother. Hannibal is implied to have made the company even more successful with the help of Viceroy's genius, laying claim to most of Norrisville's public services and businesses. Ironically, because of this nigh-monopoly, its McFist's own property that bears the brunt of the damage during his attempts to destroy the Ninja.
  • No Indoor Voice: He yells A LOT.
  • Noodle Incident: Why he has a cyborg arm with a brain in it hasn't been revealed, or whose brain that is.
  • Out of Focus: In Season 2, with the appearance of Evil Julian and the Sorcerer becoming more proactive, McFist and Viceroy become a lot less relevant to the plot. They still try to destroy the Ninja, but they are not as important anymore.
  • Sarcasm-Blind: When McFist and Viceroy were discussing options about which superpower to pick (the Sorcerer will give McFist a superpower if he destroys the Ninja), Viceroy suggested the ability to understand sarcasm. McFist asked when he'd need it.
  • Sketchy Successor: In comparison to Terry, the actual inheritor of McFist Industries, he's a far better businessman. The sketchy part comes in due to his moral compass being much more askew than either his dad or brother by virtue of him selling out the planet to the Sorcerer in exchange for superpowers.
  • Sucksessor: In one episode, Hannibal McFist creates an alter ego named Lucius O'Thunderpunch to become the town's new hero and make the Ninja feel unwanted. After the Ninja leaves, O'Thunderpunch shows his true colors and the school becomes vulnerable to the Sorcerer until the Ninja returns.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: Hannibal McFist once tried to destroy the Ninja with an Powered Armor. When the Ninja removed the helmet, he assumed McFist was being forced. McFist tried to play along but the Ninja wondered why somebody would force him. Since McFist failed to come up with an excuse, the Ninja figured out McFist is a Villain with Good Publicity.
    • In the Season 1 finale, the Sorcerer erroneously believes that McFist made good on his word to free him and neither he or Viceroy feels too inclined to correct him.
  • Tyrannical Town Tycoon: CEO of McFist industries, which makes just everything from technology to clothes over multiple subsidiaries. McFist owns almost every business in the town of Norrisville.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: He's not much to look at, while his wife Marci is very attractive.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Lampshaded.
    Randy: "What better mask for an enemy than that of the most beloved man in town?"
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: His phobia as revealed in McFear Factor are clowns.
  • You Get What You Pay For: In "McSatchle", Viceroy builds a robot with an armor made of McSatchles because they're indestructible. However, McFist had decided to cut costs by making lower quality zippers and it allowed the Ninja to defeat the robot.

    The Sorcerer 
Voiced by: Tim Curry (Season 1) Ben Cross (Season 2)

An ancient evil defeated and sealed by the Norisu Nine 800 years ago. In the present he made a deal with McFist to give him a superpower if he destroyed the Ninja. He "stanks" students (that is, turns them into monsters to do his evil will) to create enough chaos for him to escape his imprisonment.

  • Animal Motifs: Dragons and Tigers. Jhonen pointedly made him lizard-like in appearance.
  • Big Bad: The main antagonist of the series, and the undisputed most dangerous opponent.
  • Body Snatcher: "Julian's Birthday Surprise" reveals that the body of the Sorcerer is not his own, but a merchant from the 13th Century that found one of the Chaos Orbs in a lake. The Sorcerer took over the Merchant's body, while the "Merchant" is trapped in the orbs original resting place.
  • The Corrupter: He turns people in despair into monsters to do his will.
    • When freed, he can do this endlessly by just hitting people or objects with his Stank. As an arguable trade-off, just hitting these monsters hard enough will return them to normal.
  • Creepy Long Fingers: His fingers are long and bony.
  • The Dreaded: Despite being imprisoned, everyone who knows that he exists is genuinely terrified of him, for very good reasons.
  • Enemy Mine: In the season 2 finale, Randy purposefully frees him so he'll be able to combat Mirror Julian and reclaim his power. Course naturally once they beat him, he quickly turns on Randy.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: If nothing else, he seems to be genuinely fond of the Sorceress.
  • Evil Brit: He certainly has the accent.
  • Evil Is Petty: Used his powers in an attempt to destroy the Golden Doctor's Note on a whim. Subverted because there's an implication that it might have made those questing for it vulnerable to stanking.
  • Evil Smells Bad: There's a reason his magic is called stank. The Sorceress tracks him by scent.
  • Evil Sorcerer: He's an 800 year old version of this.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Most of his conversations he comes across as snarky or hammy and his interactions with his rat are cute. However the moment he's free, he transforms nearly the entire city into monsters and lays waste to the rest of Norrisville, all within the span of a few hours. Remember, he killed eight of the Norisu Nine.
  • Four Is Death: Before he was trapped by the Ninja, four of his prayer beads were lost in the scuffle and flew off to parts unknown.
  • Fusion Dance: His threat is finally ended when the merchant he traded places with is freed from the Land of Shadows and they merge together before the man disappears, but not before thanking Randy for freeing him.
  • Hard Light: Can create constructs with his magic.
  • His Name Really Is "Barkeep": He is simply called "the Sorcerer" by McFist and others.
  • In the Hood: He wears a hood.
  • Ironic Hell: 800 years ago, he coveted the power of the Tengu Stone. The First Ninja eventually used it to imprison him and he now spends his days chained to a rock with the stone high above him, in his sight, but completely out of his reach.
  • Lean and Mean: He is really skinny and the main antagonist.
  • No Name Given: His real name has not been revealed in the series.
  • Not So Harmless: By the time the series starts, he's actually stronger than he was before he was imprisoned.
  • Prophet Eyes: He's a sorcerer with blank white eyes, which help add to his creepiness.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The last of the Norisu Nine sealed him beneath the Earth, but in the present day, Norrisville High School was built on top of it. He still stirs up trouble in order to free himself.
  • Sadist: While chaos makes him more powerful, its undoubtable, a large part of him enjoys hurting people. The sheer look of glee on his face, when he tries to crush the Ninja or when he's destroying present day Norisvile is proof enough.
  • Sickly Green Glow: His magic glows green.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: Though he will raise his voice when he gets angry, normally the Sorcerer talks in a calm tone with his refined voice, even when he's attempting to transform people into monsters or commit murder.
  • Sorcerous Overlord: His intention is to become this, and he certainly has the power to pull it off.
  • Villain-Possessed Bystander: The Sorcerer's MO is to "stank" students who are going through emotional trouble, turning them into monsters to serve his evil will.
  • You Have Failed Me: Threatens to call off the deal with McFist if he continues to fail.

    Willem Viceroy III

McFist's mad scientist who creates whatever evil machinations he asks for.

  • Affably Evil: Depending on the episode. He can be genuinely friendly and kind and acts more as a Punch-Clock Villain. But he has his moments of being Faux Affably Evil.
  • Berserk Button: Do not seperate him from his robot helper Otto.
  • Black and Nerdy: He's African-American and a scientist.
  • Camp Straight: He often acts effeminate and stylish, but he attempts to hit on Mrs. Driscoll in "Dawn of the Driscoll" and he is shown with a girlfriend named Ruth in "Fudge Factory".
  • Crazy-Prepared: Brings a killer robot wherever he goes.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He tends to make remarks about McFist never thinking his decisions through and expecting him to have a solution for everything.
  • Enemy Mine: With the Ninja against Jerry Driscoll in Dawn of the Driscoll.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: In Monster Dump, an amoeba blob becomes his pet. He names it Nicholas.
  • Evil Genius: He invents robots to fight the Ninja.
  • Faux Affably Evil : Depending on the episode. He's usually Affably Evil, but the Halloween special emphasizes how underhanded and ruthless he can be sometimes. Not only did he betray Driscoll to the authorities to become valedictorian of his class (and is most definitely not sorry for the act), he also ended up purloining the man's death ray decades later. He was also more than willing to use said death ray to wipe out Norrisville and its inhabitants to prevent the zombie plague from spreading, expressing mild glee at the prospect of doing so.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: The robots sent to attack the Ninja are his invention.
  • Insufferable Genius: So much so that he's taught some of his robots to act smug.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Ruth Johnson, Hannibal's mother-in-law.
  • Labcoat of Science and Medicine: A lavender one.
  • Lean and Mean: He's very thin and one of the bad guys.
  • Mad Scientist: Not only does he create machines and monsters to attack the Ninja, but it's also established in "Dawn of the Driscoll" that he attended Mad Scientist University.
  • Made of Indestructium: Many of the products and weapons he designs for the company are nigh-indestructible. They only break if a minuscule design flaw he overlooked is ruthlessly exploited or if Hannibal himself made some budget cuts during their construction.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: He's pretty horrified once he realized that his Darker and Edgier replacement for Whoopee was utterly at odds with the spirit of the character.
  • Odd Friendship: Strangely gets along quite well with Howard even though the two are technically enemies by proxy.
  • Out of Focus: In Season 2, see McFist.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: An ardent lover of theme parks, sweets, and killer robots.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Doesn't really hate the Ninja like McFist does and is only interested in getting his paycheck.
  • Purple Is Powerful: His season 2 creations are primarily colored purple compared to their greener season 1 counterparts.
  • Real Men Wear Purple
  • Robot Master: Creates all the Mecha-Mooks that Randy fights throughout the series.
  • Servile Snarker: He's fond of openly mocking McFist.

    The Robo Apes
Voiced by: John DiMaggio

The backbone of McFist's corporate empire who serve a wide variety of functions that keep the various workings and businesses of McFist Industries running. They serve a far more sinister purpose as frontline enforcers of whatever.

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Have a modicum of free will that eventually has them turn against McFist. Ultimately subverted in that all they wanted was an apology and are quick to resume their normal duties once placated.
  • Do-Anything Robot: The only task they can't seem to accomplish is destroying the ninja.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Ape Mode
  • Super-Powered Robot Meter Maids: They're powerful enough to give the Ninja a run for his money on occasion. They're also used as waiters, secretaries, cooks, musicians, engineers, janitors among other servile professions with little aesthetic or internal differences among them.
  • Talking to Himself: Well, more like yelling to himself, as they're all voiced by John DiMaggio and have No Indoor Voice.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Ultimately Subverted.
  • Zerg Rush: Their usual tactic when fighting the Ninja. This actually becomes effective when they go berserk and attack everything else, rendering Randy unable to stop all their rampages.

    Mac Antfee
Voiced by: David Koechner

The Ninja of Graduating Class 1985. The only known Ninja to have actually lost the position due to abusing his power and being a jerk. He froze a Stank'd student to let it be a successor Ninja's problem.

  • Acrofatic: The guy is FAST for his size.
  • Anti-Role Model: Subtle In-Universe example. He's the only Ninja to get fired from the position for conduct unworthy of being a Ninja. In fact, in his intro episode, the Ninjanomicon paints him as this to Randy when Randy was wondering if he was worthy of being a ninja.
  • The Chosen Zero: At first, Randy thought that Mac Antfee would actually help him regain his confidence of being the right guy to be the ninja because he was the ninja of '85, but when he meets Mac Antfee in person, Randy realizes that Mac Antfee wasn't the past ninja he thought he was - he learns that Mac Antfee was fired from being the ninja because he was such a violent jerk. After learning that Mac is planning on getting the mask, Randy did not hesitate on kicking his butt in his own camp.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Played with. While he is most certainly this in his first appearance, his loss to the ninja and Mind Wipe seem to mellow him out and he makes a career out of being a positive motivational speaker.
  • Expy: Of John Kreese from The Karate Kid. He also dresses in red, white & blue attire like Rex Kwon Do.
  • Evil Redhead: After he got stripped off from the ninja mask.
  • Held Back in School: Implied. He was the ninja for six years and given how high school lasts from 9th-12th grade, it reveals he was held back at least once.
  • Heel–Face Turn: See Took a Level in Kindness below.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: When he and Randy fight in the Nomicon, he finally incapacitates Randy and decides that instead of just beating him, he's going to mind-wipe him too, throwing him into The Ultimate Lesson despite his protests before turning to the "Exit", just across the hall. Unfortunately for him, it turns out that Randy switched the names on the rooms and intentionally lured him into trying the mind-wipe, leading to...
  • Ironic Echo: Between him and Randy.
    Mac: There's no shame in losing to the class of '85, because we rule! *hurls Randy into The Ultimate Lesson*
    Randy: Ain't no shame in losing to the class of in your face! *slams the door to The Ultimate Lesson on Mac*
  • Jerkass: He left a stanked student in the freezer for over 20 years so he could go to prom. In fact, he was such a jerk, he was fired from being the ninja, being the only one to do so.
  • Making a Splash: One of the Nomicon's ninja powers is the "Hydro Hand", allowing the ninja to materialize water in their hand and throw it as an attack. It takes Randy until Happy Hanukkah, Howard Weinerman to learn this ability.
  • Red Shirts: Mac Antfee has an army of these (though they're technically Mooks), they're even called that.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He wants to regain the ninja suit, and he has said that once he does, he plans to kick the butts of everyone in the town, because he got fired for being a Jerkass.
  • Shadow Archetype: He's this to Randy and really the rest of the ninjas, showing how the power could corrupt them as well as not to use their gifts and responsabilities selfishly. Additionally, it also shows why the Ultimate Lesson is needed. Mac wasn't able to truly grow up and move on with his life until he got his mind wiped from it.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: Unlike most examples, this doesn't stop him from kicking really, really hard.
  • Took a Level in Kindness:When Randy tricks him into fulfilling the Ultimate Lesson, he loses his memories of being the Ninja. He ends up mellowing out and maturing considerably.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Implied that he got addicted to the power of being the Ninja and the power that came with it. Hence part of why he wants to reclaim its power.

    The Disciplinarian
Voiced by: Andy Richter

The caretaker of Detention Island who just happens to be a deranged and psychotic military robot/hologram repurposed for scholastic penalty. He really, really, really hates cheating.

  • AI Is A Crap Shoot: Rather reasonable and friendly until someone cheats or if he thinks someone is cheating.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: His true form, a giant robotic version of himself.
  • Berserk Button: Cheating or the implication of cheating.
  • BFS: His tie transforms into one.
  • Death by Irony: The punishments for those sent to his island reflect the crimes the student perpetrated.
  • Hard Light: When suitably enraged, his otherwise intangible holographic avatar becomes this. It's tough enough to shatter pillars of stone.
  • Ironic Hell: Detention Island is this if you don't play by the rules.
  • Knight Templar: He believes that harshly punishing students for even the most harmless of rule breaking is completely justified.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Heavy on the EXTREME aspect

    The Tengu

A grotesque and powerful demonic bird entity that is the source of the Ninja Suit's power. It is fundamentally linked with the suit's wellbeing; Whatever damage one incurs, the other receives in turn. This also extends to the person (if any) wearing the suit during said injury. It is tentatively sealed in the stone eye of the atrium floor mosaic.

  • Attack Its Weakpoint: Its Demon Feathers. After they were stripped from it and turned into the Ninja Suit, the suit itself became its weakpoint.
  • Demonic Possession: A fairly persistent variation. Even after being knocked out of its initial victim it will immediately try to repossess its former vessel.
  • Expy: Its spirit form (black with a green-white-red max) greatly resembles Aku from Samurai Jack.
  • Feather Flechettes
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: When its possessed victim fully transforms.
  • Morphic Resonance: A fully possessed victim does not actually resemble the tengu's true form but carries over several of his/her traits including hairstyle.
  • People Puppets: Ironically enough, the Tengu is the puppet. Randy figures out that because the Tengu is connected to the suit, he can control it by making it mimic his movements.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: People it possesses gradually have their eyes turned red.
  • Sealed Evil In A Rock: Not evil, but he is sealed in the stone eye of mosaic and actually servces as the "lock" to the Sorcerer's prison.
  • Tengu: Referred to as such and is a bird-like demon. As noted below, they Shown Their Work to explain why.
  • Shown Their Work: Tengu are sometimes cited as the origin of obscure martial arts, but particularly ninjas. Given their supernatural powers, also wold explain the Ninja's more out there powers.
  • The Voiceless: It does not speak.

    The Sorceress
Voiced by: Jennifer Tilly.

The Sorcerer's soul mate (Read:psychotic lady lizard) from eons ago.

    Catfish Booray
Voiced by: Jim Cummings

A psychotic Cajun trapper who made his first appearance in "Swampy Seconds". He uses a magic purple powder, which he got from the "Spirit of the Swamp," to control the animals of the swamp. This purple power can also stank him at his own will, turning him into a Pythanthigator.

  • The Beastmaster: A combination of voodoo powder and magical collars allow him to control multiple animals of all shapes and sizes at once. These measures also work on people.
  • The Bus Came Back: Returns in a later episode to tell Hannibal and Viceroy what he believes to be the Ninja's true identity in exchange for the latest McFist Pad. This effectively jumpstarts the plot of "Bring me the Head of Reginald Bagel".
  • Egomaniac Hunter: Considers himself to be the best trapper in the world.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Although he's often polite and doesn't even kill the animals he captures, Catfish has no problems with feeding intruders to his pets or scoffing at Randy's apparent Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Foreshadowing: He found one of the Sorcerer's Orbs in his swamp.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: His eyes glow a foreboding purple whenever he's in an intense emotional state or is in the process of exerting a lot of power.
  • Human Resources: Uses living people as furniture or as food for his animal army.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: The form he takes when he uses his gris-gris is reminiscent of several swamp-dwelling creatures.
  • Ragin' Cajun: A dangerous man from Louisiana who lives in a swamp.
  • Transformation Trinket: His gris-gris. Given its origins and what it actually does, the term is a bit ironic as such talismans are usually made to DETER evil.


An alternate personality to Randy created by the Nomicon and representative of a "no-Nomicon" Randy, he's a flirtatious, irresponsible, and jerky guy who couldn't care less about the lessons he should be learning as the ninja. Though he was originally created by the Nomicon to teach Randy a lesson (trapping Randy in the book and taking over his body), there are signs that he might be capable of independent action and thought, since he prefers life outside the book and uses potentially lethal force on Randy when they confront each other in the outside world.

  • Casanova Wannabe: He flirts with practically everyone he sees on a stroll down the corridor, and passes over Theresa (who is already enamoured with him) to hit on Heidi.
  • Confusion Fu: Deals with Bash threatening to harm him by...starting up some tunes and breakdancing at him. It works.
  • Evil Twin: Of Randy, though he only technically exists inside the Nomicon unless he can hijack a body.
  • In the Hood: Randy doesn't usually use the hood on his jacket, but NomiRandy starts using it the instant he escapes the Nomicon.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: In contrast to Randy's Jerk with a Heart of Gold, NomiRandy is rude to just about anyone Randy considers a friend, breaks Theresa's heart, and spends all of his screentime with Randy either attacking him, taunting him, or both.

    The Halloweenja Suit

A variation/mutation of the Ninja Suit that is unleashed when Randy uses the Nomicon's reservoir of fear-based magic.

    Evil Julian

An evil counterpart of Julian, created from one of the Sorcerer's Orbs of Power.

  • Always a Bigger Fish: On the receiving end of this, once Randy frees the Sorcerer, in order to defeat him.
  • Ambition Is Evil: Was created to out Julian's desire for the power the Chaos Pearl could give, and his only goal is gain its great power, which of "Mastermind of the Disastermind" he's succeeded. He then sets his sights on the other three balls, which as of "Winner Takes Ball" he's also succeeded.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Quite a few times, actually.
    • In "Snow-Klahoma!", he successfully escapes into the real world, while trapping Julian in the Land of Shadows.
    • In "Mastermind of Disastermind", although he's defeated by Randy, he still acquires one of the Sorcerer Balls, and a powerful new form to boot.
    • In "Winner Takes Ball", he obtains the rest of the Sorcerer Balls and absorbs all of their power.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Alongside the Sorcerer, Evil Julian was one of the main villains of the second season.
  • Create Your Own Villain: Generally considered this, as he was created when Randy brought an Orb to Julian's birthday party and didn't keep enough of an eye on it, and then he escapes when Randy and Howard ditch Julian in an ice maze, when he's clearly terrified about something even if he didn't specify that it was someone following him via mirrors. Some have argued that Julian stealing the orb brought it on himself, though, and that Randy and Howard couldn't protect him from the second part forever anyway.
  • Creepy Child: Very much so, having the mannerisms of his counterpart, but it barely masks his ill intentions.
  • Cyborg: He becomes one after merging with Viceroy's robot and acquiring one of the Sorcerer balls.
  • Evil Counterpart: Has all Julian's negative traits taken to truly evil levels.
  • Evil Plan: Gather the Sorcerer Balls, absorb their power, then take over the world, in that order.
  • Evil Sorcerer: Being made by the Sorcerer's Chaos Pearls, he possesses genuine and quite impressive mystical powers.
  • Evil Twin: To Julian.
  • Fangs Are Evil: It's unknown if they're fake like his counterpart's, though. He loses them when he becomes a cyborg.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He has Julian's polite mannerisms, but it doesn't conceal how vile he really is.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Julian was, at most, a secondary character. His Evil Counterpart was one of the major villains for Season 2.
  • Fusion Dance: Once the real Julian is freed from the Land of Shadows, he's forced to re-merge with him.
  • Godzilla Threshold: In the series finale, Evil Julian has become so powerful, Randy is forced to team up with the Sorcerer to defeat him.
  • HA HA HA—No: In "Mastermind of Disastermind", Randy winds up giving him the Sorcerer Ball, then later tries to ask him to return it as the Ninja, leading to this reaction.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Despite sharing some comedic quirks, Evil Julian's episodes are often more serious with dire consequences.
  • Lean and Mean: He doesn't seem all that imposing, but he's a lot stronger than he looks. Even his cyborg form has a rather lean physique.
  • Light Is Not Good: Decked in all white. And some serious bad news.
  • Magitek: Able to combine one of Viceroy's robot remains with the power of the chaos Pearl making him near unstoppable.
  • Near-Villain Victory: With the power of the Sorcerer Balls, he was nearly unstoppable. Had Randy not freed the Sorcerer, he likely would have won.
  • Nice Hat: Same top hat as the real Julian, only white.
  • No Name Given: Variation; as Julian never had a last name either and this Julian has no canon extra title, there's technically nothing to differentiate the two by name. There are about five nicknames in use for this version of Julian at the moment (including Mirror Julian, Sorcerer Julian, Evil Julian, and Shadow Julian), but "Ghoulian" seems to be the most popular.
    • However he refers to himself as Evil Julian in "Mastermind of Disastermind"
  • Oh, Crap!: His biggest one is in "Ball's Well That Friends Well", when he realizes that he's about to re-merge with Julian.
  • One-Winged Angel: Able to take the form of a terrifying giant monster, that somewhat resembles a stanked Julian.
  • Palette Swap: Discussed and mocked; after he escapes, Randy asks if Julian's hat has always been white. Howard didn't even notice that Julian wore a hat.
    • He himself Lampshades this in "Mastermind of Disastermind" asking how no one's noticed he wears white while Julian wears purple.
  • Slasher Smile: His cyborg form tends to sport these in spades.
  • Super Strength: Even before his power-up, Evil Julian was noted to be much stronger than the real Julian, being capable of utterly manhandling the Ninja in their first fight.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Evil Julian was pretty dangerous to begin with, however after reclaiming the Sorcerer ball and combining it with Viceroy's robot, he became near unstoppable.
    • Then in "Winner Takes Ball" he gains the power of the other three balls pushing his abilities to unknown heights.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: Shares his counterpart's soft and calm voice, making him quite chilling when he tries to destroy others.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Randy can't destank him due to this, but he willingly switches himself back to human form later on.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: His hair is white and is morally bankrupt.

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