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Characters / Rake

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Cleaver Greene

Played by: Richard Roxburgh

  • Author Avatar: Executive producer Charles Waterstreet is himself a practising barrister from Sydney with a reputation that precedes him.
  • Amoral Attorney: Cleaver Greene - being an extremely proficient lawyer, Cleaver will twist the rules, consult outside sources and even sleep with his clients if he thinks it'll help. It’s played with, though; while Cleave does some pretty amoral things, he's shown to have genuine moral compass that makes him reluctant to defend people who don't deserve his help like Eddie Langhorn, Damien Trengrove or Mick Corella. He's also shown to be legitimately furious when he finds out too late that Denny Lorton really was guilty of killing a teenager.
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  • The Casanova: Cleave has no trouble whatsoever in hooking up with the opposite sex, and has a long string of affairs and sexual trysts with various married women. Not to mention his regular visits to the brothel. Even his ex-wife Wendy briefly falls in love with Cleave all over again in series 2.Subverted with Missy, who spurns nearly every advance he ever makes on her after she quits the brothel.
  • The Hedonist: Cleaver himself, but he'll insist to anyone who'll listen, especially Fuzz and Wendy, that At Least I Admit It.
  • Insistent Terminology: Cleaver wasn't acquitted from jail, he was 'exonerated'.
  • Questionable Consent: Cleaver is basically coerced into getting involved with Kirsty by Col. While he isn't specifically forced to be with her, Col unsubtly makes it clear he'll get hurt if she isn't kept happy. This includes sleeping with her, as Cleaver clearly thinks she won't be happy if he refuses. It only ends when he gets Col to confess his feelings for Kirsty, so they get together instead.

David Potter

Played by: Matt Day

  • Blind Without 'Em: David Potter is extremely nearsighted without his glasses, and eventually decides to get laser correction for his vision.
  • Butt-Monkey: Harry-Sorry-David gets hit with this trope repeatedly — he quits the Bar to (unknowingly) become a back-bencher in the Opposition, he goes steady with Missy - who everyone but him knows is an ex-prostitute - and he gets shot twice on top of everything else.


Wendy Greene

Played by: Caroline Brazier

  • Amicable Exes: With Cleave, to the point of barely being exes.
  • Only Sane Man: Wendy has to be this to Greene almost all the time.

Melissa 'Missy' Partridge

Played by: Adrienne Pickering


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