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Characters / Rainbow Warriors

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This is a list of characters that appear in Rainbow Warriors.

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    Royal Children 

Dwight Rowling

The Lazy Prince

Harper Rowling

The Bossy Princess
  • Girl of My Dreams: Quite literally, she is this to Caius (not that she realizes it).

Emory Rowling

The Cowardly Prince

Candace Rowling

The Bipolar Princess


    Rainbow Warriors 

Noel Magnolia Deveraux

Lusty Scoundrel

Finn Aiden Kristiansen

Hot Tamale

Sieglinde von Himmelreich IV

The Healer

Statice "Vice" Envy Tuberose

Mother Nature

Liam Isaac Thorel

Cry Me a River

Clement Emile Adnet

The Whirlwind

Aina Colbert

Quick as a Wink

Jean Caius Blaise

Seeing Eye

Chester Vasilis

The Drooler

    The Forces of Evil 

Clovis Molyneux

The Overlord of Darkness

Camille Aurelie Gramonte

Royal Concubine
  • Sex Slave: Well, in a lesser degree. But she practically lives for giving Clovis her services.

Seth Blackwood

The Traitor

Marie & Lisa

Double Trouble



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