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Characters / RASL

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     Dr. Robert Joseph Johnson/RASL 
An interdimensional art theif. When he discovers the lost journals of Nickolas Tesla, he is out to discover mankind's greatest secrets, the idea of string theory and parallel universes.
  • Anti-Hero: Rasl is nota bad guy but not an ideal hero either.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: RASL is an art thief who has some occasional noir protagonist qualities, but he is not a bad person.
     Lizard Face Salvador "Sal" Crow 
  • √úbermensch: His desperate insistence that his dimension is the only "real" one with all the others as offshoots and reflections reeks of this.
     Miles Riley 
     Maya Riley 
A femme fetale. She's Miles wife but has been having a bit of an affair with RASL.
  • Dead All Along: Maya entered her universe and stole her body and life to get to RASL and the journals.
     The Spookey Little Girl 
     The President of the Street