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And here's some characters for those RP servers. Yeah.

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     B Team / Rasfa United 

[Desmond Kaina]

A shitty thief and werewolf.


A radioactive researcher lady.


Gay #1


Gay #2


A witch drug dealer.


A tiny werewolf.


A sand witch.


The gay.


Dragon gay
  • The Ageless Related to Really 700 Years Old and Immortality Begins at Twenty, Jenna is Very Old. In canon right now, she is about 400 years old, and is immortal unless killed with intent or purpose.
  • Immortality Begins at Twenty See above. The sort of exception to this is she keeps growing taller. She's currently 7 feet tall, and has an ongoing quiet feud with doorways that will only get worse.
  • Living Relic One of the last few Silver dragons. Her race has a talent for diplomacy, and during the extermination of the Reds, were also struck mostly down.
  • Mystical White Hair More silver than white, but definitely magic.
  • Our Dragons Are Different Member of a dragon species with races separated by the color of their hide, but most/all of them can shapeshift into a more standard human(oid) form. Kingdoms and countries of dragons are certainly not unheard of, and political drama is very common.
  • Really 700 Years Old About 400 in canon right now.
  • Pointy Ears Slightly tapered points
  • Stronger with Age Dragons of Jenna's species grow more powerful and also bigger with age. A lot bigger. This lead to the cultural adjustment of Really Large Doorways.


An electric essence dude.


Tesla's enderdragon.


A mischevious, glowing fairy with medical knowledge.

[Kutya Krage]

A pissy, sadomasochistic, mutated teenager.


     Foofooland / Soft Serve 



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