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Characters / Queer as Folk

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    Main Cast 

Brian Kinney

Portrayed by: Gale Harold

Michael Novotny

Portrayed by: Hal Sparks

Emmett Honeycutt

Portrayed by: Peter Paige

Theodore (Ted) Schmidt

Portrayed by: Scott Lowell

  • Ascended Extra: He was initially supposed to be a counterpart of Phil Delaney from the UK version, but went on a different direction.
  • Gay Conservative
  • Informed Flaw: The not too unattractive Ted is treated like he was absolutely hideous.
    • In an interesing case, he is actually shown to be quite attractive to straight women, just not by most gay men. Alas poor Ted.
    • Justified in an interview with the actor where he stated that Ted would be considered above average but insists on only pursues men who outclass him in looks. It's a character flaw.
  • The Internet Is for Porn: Ted was frequently shown, and eventually got fired for, browsing porn sites while at work. Immediately prior to him getting fired it was shown that several of his co-workers were also viewing (straight) porn on the internet while they were supposed to be working. Keep in mind Ted was an accountant.
  • The Reliable One
  • Shrinking Violet: Poor self-deprecating dear.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Ted's UK counterpart dies from a drug overdose. In the US version, he also has a drug overdose, but only winds up in a coma.

Justin Taylor

Portrayed by: Randy Harrison

Lindsay Peterson

Portrayed by: Thea Gill

Melanie Marcus

Portrayed by: Michelle Clunie

    Supporting Characters 

Debbie Novotny

Portrayed by: Sharon Gless

Jennifer Taylor

Portrayed by: Sherry Miller

Daphne Chanders

Portrayed by: Makyla Smith

David Cameron

Portrayed by: Chris Potter

Blake Wyzecki

Portrayed by: Dean Armstrong

  • Dirty Coward: When he leaves Ted to die after a bad reaction to the drugs he gave him


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