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     The Crew 

The Protagonist (female: Mizuki Amaya/male: Shuusei Amaya)

The silent protagonist of the story. They have the power of Wild Card and an affinity with the Fool Arcana, with their starting Persona being Hermod.

  • The Ace: As per usual when it comes to Persona protagonists. Although...
    • Broken Ace: They start out as this in the beginning of the story.
  • Action Girl: Mizuki.

Chikane Kurosaki

Cheery, popular classmate of the protagonist. Part of the Kendo Club, she fights with one-handed swords and is represented by the Strength Arcana. Her initial Persona is Sunna, possessing a balanced array of skills with a focus on agi and buffing skills, along with some physical moves.

later evolves into Brynhildr

Yuuto Aizawa

A standoffish, quiet classmate of the protagonist with an intimidating appearance. Chikane's childhood best friend, he fights with a quarterstaff and his initial Persona is Máni of the Magician(???) Arcana, specializing in healing and bufu spells.

later evolves into vidarr


Introduced as a mysterious voice that helped the protagonist get to safety when they first got stuck in a strange, parallel version of Kanazami where the buildings are warped and there are Shadows instead of people, they are soon revealed to be the "guardian" of this strange mirror world. Initially serving as Mission Control, they relinquish that position when Takeru awakens to his Persona, joining the group as a combatant soon after. While lacking a Persona, they represent the Lovers Arcana, and have the ability to use almighty spells along with their weapon, two pistols that can also shoot Shadow-supressing bullets(?).

Before they physically materialize as a human to make the protagonist and their friends more comfortable (simply being a voice from the heavens until that moment), they ask them if they have a preference to what gender they should take form as. Apart from choosing an obviously male or female form, the protagonist may also say that they don't care, in which Sakuya decides to take form as an androgynous teenager. This is merely an aesthetic choice, as it does not affect the storyline in anyway, although their androgynous form is (probably) canon.

Kisa Tsugami

A delicate-looking first year who is quiet yet surprisingly blunt and sharp tongued. She fights with naginatas and her initial Persona is Idunn of the Priestess(???) Arcana, specializing in garu and debuffing spells.

later evolves into frejya

Hiroto Kisaragi

A young man who can always be seen taking many different part-time jobs around town. Represented by the Emperor Arcana, he wields dual tonfas and his initial Persona is Siegfried, focusing on zio attacks with minor physical and healing moves.

later evolves into thor

Takeru Kisaragi

Polite but pessimistic and sullen, Takeru is Hiroto's little brother who is often hospitalized. He is represented by the Fortune Arcana, his initial Persona being Forseti. Rather than being out on the front lines, he takes over Sakuya's job of Mission Control, assisting the team by analyzing enemies and providing support.

later evolves into heimdall

Yui Suzumura

A pretty and somewhat flighty third year at Toudai High School, she's been aware of the mirror world long before the protagonist first set foot in it, and is revealed to be the person who has been entering it without getting caught by Sakuya.... well, one of them, at least. Fighting with her fists (and sometimes her feet), her initial Persona is Hel of the Empress Arcana, specializing in physical and garu moves, as well as recovery spells, with a focus on status effects.

later evolves into nanna

Fuyuki Natsume

With an everlasting smile on his face, Fuyuki is a first year student who is the same age as the second years, due to missing a school year because of a mysterious incident. He wields a knife in battle, and his Persona is Tyr of the Moon Arcana, his arsenal including hama and mudo spells, as well as moves that deal status effects.

later evolves into freyr


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