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Arranged by company and alphabetically.

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Hiyama Kiyoteru to be around children, because he finds them less threatening than adults. He can’t talk to people his own age about anything but business, or else it gets really awkward. Women baffle him.

Kaai Yuki mother always wanted her to be a music star, but her father is worried about it corrupting her. Now that she’s gotten famous, her parents fight almost constantly. She blames herself for this.

Nekomura Iroha far too much money on her Hello Kitty collection, which she keeps organized and protected to OCD extremes. No one is allowed to touch her merchandise, and they have to wash their hands before entering her room. Germophobic.

SF-A2 Miki used to be a very good surfer, but a horrible shark attack cost her most of her limbs, and left her with horrible PTSD. She can no longer stand to go near the water at all, and has a panic attack at the thought of stepping foot on a beach.

Yuzuki Yukari anxiety. Has a hard time being in the spotlight, and was forced into stardom by a controlling mother living vicariously through her.



VY1, along with VY 2, was in a horrible car accident that broke her spine and left her paralyzed for life. She prefers to stay indoors now, not wanting her disability to hurt the “music star” image she tries to put forth.

VY2, along with VY 1, was in a horrible car accident that left him blind. He stays indoors with his sister, not necessarily because he wants to, but because navigating the world is scary, and VY 1 has convinced him that this is better. It helps that he knows their house layout and can get around easier.

Mew her teen years, she was a hard-partier (much like Lily). She’s since grown out of it, even though some of her old friends haven’t. She likes spending quiet nights alone with her cat, but temptation will still call occasionally. She worries about Lily and tries to help her, but Lily ignores her.

    Crypton Future Media 

Hatsune Miku stress from being the “Number 1 Diva” has caused an eating disorder in order to maintain the perfect weight, and she stresses over being “perfect.”

Kagamine Len’s transgender, and the strain of keeping this a secret while being in the spotlight has caused him to become rather depressed.

  • Big Secret: The fact that he is transgender is hidden.
  • Brother-Sister Team: He is Rin’s “partner” in singing, although they do occasionally sing with others or solo.
  • Dragged into Drag: Due to his career, he’s had to crossdress more times than he would like.
    • In addition, Ruko and Ritsu have attempted this with him, although they fail to convince him.
  • Fragile Flower: As much as he wishes otherwise, he’s very easy to upset.
  • Half-Identical Twins: With Rin … Or so everyone thinks.
  • Odd Friendship: Considering how much he’s trying to hide his big secret, not to mention their attempts to get him to open up about his gender, it’s a wonder he even speaks to Ruko and Ritsu. Especially Ritsu, as his easily-upset nature and Ritsu’s abrasive personality cause a lot of friction.
  • Transgender

Kagamine Rin constant worry for Len and subconscious guilt for putting Len into the spotlight in the first place has given her pretty bad anxiety.

Kaito believes that he can “fix” Meiko, and constantly braves her abuse in the hopes that he can get back the girl he fell in love with. Society tends to portray alcoholism as this simple thing that can be overcome with the power of love, so he’s depressed when he fails at “curing” her.

Megurine Luka’s trying to balance her career with taking care of her younger sibling, Toeto. Their parents are dead and she doesn’t want her little sister to grow up with no mentor, since she feels that could be detrimental, not to mention the poor girl's anxiety issues and such when Luka isn't around. Has a bad habit of losing the girl.

Meiko is a destructive, abusive alcoholic. She and Kaito began dating when she was still sober, but now her personality has completely changed. She began drinking to cope with her fear that she will someday be as forgotten as the English vocaloids, and it spiraled out of control from there.

    Internet Co. Ltd. 

CUL a very flippant attitude and is an attention seeker, doing daredevil things constantly. Is often abrasive towards people, leading her to have very few friends. Is a pathological liar.

Galaco’s always been daddy’s little girl and is a spoiled princess sometimes. She gets quite a temper when things don’t go her way. She didn’t get to be a Vocaloid because she could sing, her daddy helped pretty much buy her fame, and she gets really angry when people say she can’t sing.

Kamui Gakupo’s extremely overprotective of Gumi, his orphaned cousin who he takes care of. He’s a helicopter guardian, and the only reason he lets her sing is because he can keep an eye on her, being from the same record label.

Lily reckless and a thrill-seeker, with the usual- smokes, drinks, sleeps around, has tons of tattoos, wears very little, etc. Has a sort of “live-in-the-moment” attitude that often gets her in trouble and leads her to do things she regrets. Has very little self-restraint and willpower.

Megpoid Gumi wants to break free of Gakupo’s helicoptering, but doesn’t want to disappoint him. She is a closet otaku, and often escapes into fantasy. She writes fanfiction has many original (and canon) characters that she rps as (something Gakupo doesn’t know about, as he would never approve of her talking to strangers online).

  • Bare Your Midriff: Something that Gakupo does not approve of.
  • Beneath the Mask: She puts forth a cheerful, bubbly and confident persona both online and as her role as a diva, when she’s actually very meek.
  • Closet Geek
  • Fangirl: Of what is never stated.
  • Meganekko: She hides this on stage by wearing contacts.

Ryuto a bit obnoxious and craves people’s attention, since his own parents don’t pay attention to him much. Acts out a lot and often follows people around, who get fed up with him quickly and then snap at him, giving him the attention he wants.

    i-Style Project 

Aoki Lapis was in an accident that eventually caused her amnesia. She was in a coma and now that she’s awake she can’t remember anything from the past few years of her life.

Merli’s jealous of all the attention her family gave Aoki, and gives her know that she’s awake. She was more or less the cause of Aoki’s accident, and isn’t really sure if she did what she did on purpose.

    Other Japanese producers 

1st Place

IA’s sorta the Luna Lovegood type. She has a very laid-back view of the world and has a lot of thoughts that seem weird to others. She really spacey, and believes in aliens and ghosts and stuff and people make fun of her for it. Also she really wants to make friends, but can’t because people think she’s so strange.

Exit Tunes

Mayu an obsession with being remembered as an artist. Puts on an act and pretends to be a mentally unstable yandere for attention, in the hope that she won’t be forgotten like so many other music stars when her talent has faded. Believes that a “normal” personality isn’t enough, and has built up this whole new persona for herself.


Utatane Piko’s just really technologically obsessed and anti-social. He’d much prefer sitting in his room and tinkering with stuff but he kind of got roped into this stupid singing thing by Sony, a company he admires.


Akikoloid-chan wants to be able to sing stuff other than commercial stuff for Lawson. Feels like a sell-out because she wants to be a respected musician instead, and is afraid that this will hinder her chances rather than help them.


The English VOCALOIDs

    Power FX 

Sweet Ann

Had a big, close-knit family at home, who she misses greatly. Always wanted kids, but is infertile; this led her to start mothering everyone around her whether they like it or not. Is always looking after Big Al.

Big Al large and intimidating. Had a bad head injury that left stitches on his forehead and wound up damaging his brain, leaving him with the mind of a child.

Oliver in an accident at sea that took his eye and gave him wounds on his arms and legs that need constant bandaging and care. The medical bills for him left his family very poor, barely getting enough food (part of the reason Oliver doesn’t wear shoes: he can’t afford them).

YOHIOloid a strong case of what he calls “chronic apathy”- he doesn’t care about anything. Is always late for everything, no matter what. Caffeine addiction.




Technophobe who is very hard to work with. Is the type who thinks everyone’s hygiene routines should include a healthy layer of earth. A vegan and buys only organic products. Keeps way too many pets (including rather exotic/dangerous ones) and has a very messy house.


Copes with problems by pretending they don’t exist, ignoring them even when directly confronted with them. In denial that they’ve lost popularity, still under the delusion that they’re big idols, and acts a bit arrogant at times because of that, never failing to act shocked when someone says they don’t know who he is.


Regrets giving up her modest but nice life to become a Vocaloid. Still in hiding from an abusive ex-boyfriend she’s never told anyone about- dyed her hair, changed her name, completely altered her style and puts up a lot of a front personality-wise in order to hide her past.


Very quiet and shy, prefers to be alone if at all possible. A bit absent minded, sometimes forgetting to take care of herself. Can hole up in her house for weeks at a time without coming out. Spends most of her time thinking about her past.


Formal and snobby, extreme arrogance and narcissism. Refuses to do anything she considers below her and improper. Has a taste for things too fine for her to afford (not that it stops her shopaholic tendencies, leaving her in some pretty bad debt).

Sonika sensitive and self-doubting, especially with the comments on her sometimes-faulty voice. Finds herself wondering a lot if she’s Vocaloid material and considering giving up her dream. Never shows this to anyone, though, pretending to be cheerful. Often very lonely since many Engloids have a partner and she has no one.


Kept on a pretty short leash by Prima, practically her servant. Used to be in a rather rich family until they lost everything suddenly: still has more elegant sensibilities, but unlike Prima, understands they can’t afford it. Drinks a lot.



    Vocaloids in more languages 

SBS Artech

SeeU was very idealistic at the start, but she isn’t very popular due to vocaloid being a mostly Japanese concept, and she’s aligned with them while still being Korean. It’s very stressful for her, and she really wishes people would just get over where she’s from and focus on what she is and the music that she makes.

Voctro Labs

Bruno and Clara

When they first became part of the “vocaloids,” fans hated how they looked, and they both completely made-themselves over, to the delight of the fans. This caused Bruno to become worried about the integrity of their music, and whether fans liked them for the right reason. Unlike Bruno, she’s too thrilled by the newfound attention to worry too much about why the fans like them. She’s getting swept up by the fame and is convinced it’s going to last forever.

Utau is a "rival" company to the Vocaloid franchise. The rivalry is mostly for play, and singers from both companies even do songs and other things together. What sets Utau apart from the other recording companies is that it's incredibly easy to get into, and almost anyone can get a contract with them.

Defoko (Utatane Uta)

She’s a bully, particularly to Momo, who she has a crush on. Does this because she can’t come to grips with the fact that she likes girls, and is angry with Momo for making her like her.

Kasane Teto

Teto ages strangely and looks 15 when she’s really well into her 30s. Doesn’t appreciate the “childish” comments she often gets.

Momone Momo

She has a stuttering problem, which is particularly evident when she’s nervous. She’s nervous a lot, particularly due to Defoko’s bullying.

Namine Ritsu

He’s a drag queen, although he doesn’t consider himself transgender. He’s just a guy who likes to wear girl clothes. Has to deal with the discrimination from that.

  • Drag Queen: While he dresses up regularly, he will often go all out in drag competitions, and frequently enters alongside Ruko.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Ruko.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: While he isn’t exactly a nice guy and is in fact rather abrasive, it’s never had anything to do with his crossdressing.

Sukone Tei

She’s obsessed with Len, and believes that they are destined for each other. She often has violent fantasies but people laugh them off, assuming a girl would never do such a thing.

Yokune Ruko

Ze’s intersex and identifies as bigendered, and has to deal with that. Doesn’t like gender pronouns. Ze also has a gambling problem that often leaves zir in debt.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Invoked; Ruko specifically mixes feminine and masculine in zir appearance to play up the gender mix.
  • Drag Queen: While not necessarily male, ze often enters more casual drag competitions with Ritsu.
  • Hermaphrodite: The term is “intersex”.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Ritsu.

The Fanloids are not professional singers, but are somehow related to Vocaloids and Utaus. They may create fanworks for them, or do covers of their songs, or something to that effect.


Kaito’s older brother, who isn’t as good of a singer. He still occasionally sings, and claims to be a singer, purely to get girls. He’s really sexist and rude to woman.

  • Beauty Is Bad: Granted, not all of the men in this AU fall under this trope, but it certainly applies to Akaito.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He lies to get what he wants — usually sex.

Akita Neru occasionally plays, and is over-confident despite not being famous. Sometimes plays covers of Vocaloid or Utau songs. Very abrasive and rude, as she was raised by her businessman father, and she believes that this rudeness is how to get ahead in life.

Calne Ca

She was born with a severe birth defect that left her rather deformed. She’s a Miku fan and often dresses up like her in an attempt to feel “pretty.”

Honne Dell

He used to help Haku (his cousin) sing when they were younger, but now that they’re grown up, he’s a workaholic and a smoker.

Kagami Kawaiine

The obnoxious fan to end all obnoxious fans. She can’t sing at all, but has gained a bit of a fanbase based off of how bad she is (like how My Immortal has a fanbase, you know). In addition to uploading covers, she writes fanfics of herself interacting with the vocaloids, giving herself a backstory and relationships with various singers. Sometimes her covers correspond with this (ex: she'll write herself singing a song in the fanfic, and upload the cover the next day).

Megurine Luki

Luka and Toeto’s elder brother, he was technically Toeto’s legal guardian until Luka turned 18. He didn’t like having to be responsible for something that wasn’t his fault, and was never really there (leaving young Luka to do most of the work). On Luka’s 18th birthday, he left, and Luka took over guardian duties. He doesn’t really make an appearance in the series, and Luka doesn’t like to talk about him.


Luka’s little sister, occasionally sings. She’s very shy and often hides behind her hat.

Yowane Haku used to be with Crypton, but she never got much attention, and had generally negative feedback, so they dropped her after the success of Miku. She’s incredibly depressed and an alcoholic.

Zatsune Miku

Miku’s cousin, who’s obsessed with her more popular relative. She changed her “stage-name” to Miku and portrays herself as her “dark, sexy” (and unofficial) counterpart, in the hopes of leeching off of her success.


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