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Please note that this is only for NPCs and OCs.

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    NPCs — Confuto Ordinatio 

Sergeant Morrison

Devorah Kebi

Head Commander Ramirez


    NPCs — The Council 

Senior Councilor Ksthellixis

Senior Councilor Macarius

    NPCs — [Humanity]  

Senior Councilor Aenathia

Baron Archibald von Strauss

Siegfried Oppenheimer

    NPCs — Children of Entropy 




Terrus Landis

  • Ax-Crazy
  • Dishing Out Dirt
  • I Am Not Left-Handed - Non-intentional example. He was put in a straitjacket to minimize damage potential, but it can be released. And then we found out that he could use his hands to conjure lava...
  • Weaksauce Weakness - Has a bomb strapped to his neck to keep him in line. However, they never bothered to make it resist external stimuli...


  • Distracted by the Sexy - One of her attacks invokes this as a side effect. It failed to work the one time we saw it, though, because all of her opponents were too focused on the fight.

    Played Characters 

Pidonus Marasia

A Succubus from the now-essentially-dropped Original Generation world "Guardians of Reughardia." Surprisingly not pure evil, but not above causing more than a little trouble.

She was an ordinary human student who worked alongside the Phantom Thief, Calista Sigmus, to protect her school from the villainous Mad Scientist division of Xatos Corporation and the number of supernatural phenomona who seemed to like gathering near their school, not far from Venice, Italy. Then she was rather brutally murdered, and accepted a deal to sell her soul for a second chance to stop the company. This had the effect of warping her personality and morality significantly.

  • Compelling Voice - Pidonus is capable of this (represented in red text), but actually generally doesn't use it that often.
  • Dual Wielding - Specifically, dual wielding greatswords, taking advantage of the unusual strength of Succubi of her world.
  • Emergency Transformation - Of a sort.
  • Horny Devils - Pidonus goes out of her way to try and avoid being only this... Not that she hasn't enjoyed her share of the finest ladies of Confuto Ordinatio.
  • Impractically Fancy Outfit - Given, like many Planeocracy characters, Pidonus uses a Played By, this is used like in many anime series. Given that Played By is the Succubus from Mabinogi... Well, go look on that page's YMMV section for the complete list. (Justified - possibly - by Pid referring to it as the uniform of her master's agents. It took the arc leading into the Aethr explosion incident to convince her to wear anything that wasn't this outfit...)
  • Marshmallow Hell - Invoked, once or twice. By the other party. She's okay with this.
  • Superior Species - Pidonus firmly believes that being a Succubus is, in all possible ways, an upgrade... Completely ignoring several disadvantageous factors. That said, Succubi do have extraordinary strength in her setting, can fly, can shapeshift freely (including outfits), and have several Mind Manipulation tropes available to them.
  • That Man Is Dead - Pidonus is insistent that her human identity is gone.
  • The Prankster - Digging a pit around Darkwing Duck at the beach, then using the sand to build a giant sand castle around Meiling? Even without her powers, Pidonus can get pretty creative in her tricks (and with them...)
  • Translation Convention - Pidonus' primary language is actually Italian, and she has been known to speak it to Ezio Auditore in it. Naturally, the Translator Microbes translate completely (and the actual Italian lines are rather sub-par, given her player only speaks English and a tiny bit of Japanese...)

Kyoko (Dropped)

A clone of Kyonko created by Archibald von Strauss during [Humanity]'s invasion of Confuto Ordinatio to take over Kyon's body and then take advantage of Haruhi herself. It was either this or be doomed to death in two months' time....

Kyoko decided this was boring and cliche and decided to betray "Mr. Pedobear". Kyon made funny faces when she hit on him and it wasn't like two months was that short a time to her. After the invasion was successfully repelled, she managed to get her mind downloaded into a Vocaloid body. She's been flirting with practically every boy and causing trouble for fun throughout the compound ever since.

Seiryu (Dropped)

One of the four elemental gods of Shin Gensokyo, Seiryu was once known as the Azure Dragon, and ruled over the sea with the help of three of his fellow deities. Despite being one of the most powerful beings out there, it wasn't long until the effects of the AU kicked in, and he went through his very own Trauma Conga Line. He bore witness to the invasion of the Hakurei Border, destroying everything he cherished about his homeland, including the palace he resided in. Upon trying to fight back, he was betrayed by one of the other gods and killed. Since the afterlife was turned into a vacation resort, he was forced into reincarnating again and again, being murdered by the inhabitants of Gensokyo every time he... recalled his past, which led up to his latest rebirth. This being Touhou, said reincarnation was into a girl. Taking up a job as a teacher, Seiryu decided to join Confuto Ordinatio in an attempt to get away from the subconsciously-hated world of Shin Gensokyo.

Mu Hyeon (Dropped)

One of the four elemental gods of Shin Gensokyo, Mu Hyeon was once known as Genbu, the Black Warrior of the North. Unlike the other gods, Mu was born as a tortoise youkai. Cursing her crapsack life, Mu's hatred then turned to the gods who were naturally born privileged, but in that hatred was envy. To become as they are, Mu began eating her kind and gained their power. With 2,000 youkai eaten, a constantly regenerating body from a serpent youkai, along with her amped control over water, she succeeded. The youkai turned god abused her powers, but was stopped by the Azure Dragon, Seiryu, who welcomed her among his group in Ryugu Palace. Mu finally found joy among her friends and a father figure in Seiryu. With the invasion of dissenting youkai starting, she left to speak with them face-to-face, but was surrounded and threatened with death. Mu, for the sake of her own life, killed the other gods and destroyed the palace. Living in obscurity from that point on, she is filled with self-loathing and wishes for nothing beyond repairing the palace that she helped destroy for her friends who were never even given a burial.

  • Dark Action Girl
  • A God Am I- Mostly before having met Seiryu. Mu is slowly starting to revert.
  • Anti-Hero
  • Ax-Crazy
  • Broken Bird- She has a soft spot for certain people and a surprising amount of worldly wisdom despite having lived a blood soaked, bitter life.
  • Cannibalism Superpower- Eating other youkai gives Mu adds a fraction of their full strength inside her. Their souls still live dormant inside her and are given liquid bodies when called for battle.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder- Killed and ate her own kind to gain their power, betrayed the god and friends who welcomed her among them, and probably did a lot of this with her employers... She only regrets the second one.
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life
  • Even Evil Has Standards- Despite having no problems with eating other youkai and killing others for money, Mu isn't fond of people going against her back.
  • Heel–Face Turn- She wanted to protect her friends, but was instead given a choice between dying or killing them herself. Guess which one she chose.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends- Achieving this was pretty much what calmed the violent god down. Temporarily.
  • Jerkass- Especially when meeting another jerk. A German suplex is an okay way of getting her point across in her book.
  • Kill It with Water- Mu's danmaku is mostly water-based and most are designed to end fights by drowning her opponent.
  • Only in It for the Money- Because there's really no other reason for her to work with a collection of shadowy employers.
  • Really 700 Years Old- Even without being a god, tortoise youkai live for an unbelievably long time. Godhood only helps extend it a little.
  • Redemption Quest- After betraying the other gods, killing them, and helping destroy Ryugu Palace, Mu devoted the rest of her life in earning the money to rebuild it. She plans on spending the rest of her life there, defending it alone until she dies.
  • Secretly Wealthy- Living for centuries and working as a hired killer is one way to get rich, but she uses none of the money that she has been earning. Mu lives with only the basic necessities and nothing more.

Masahiko Yoichi

A Kitsune from Shin Gensokyo, he is the youngest character and arguably the weakest but he makes up for it with his cunning and skilled Shapeshifting. He achieved his current status by the help of what remained of Inari - and grateful he seek to find worshipers to revive Inari and thus works as an information broker. Unlike the other Shin Gensokyo residents he refused to have a Spell Disk installed. To him it's a sign of "Domestication" and weakness. He is... more feral then anyone from any version of Gensokyo.

Vigdis "Virgil" Klima

An easy-going Federal Marshal from the Dakota Territories of an Alternate Earth. The Elf (yes) uses a mix of sharp-shooting, Psychometry and gut instinct to uphold the law and protect the peace in the Old West and the multiverse. A crack shot, a good horseman and determined, the elf is not one to be messed with.

Chishio Kenjuu (Dropped)

Coming from Shin Gensokyo, Chishio is an unusual tsukumogami, or artifact spirit, of a handgun. Before she had obtained sentience, she had been passed down through a few generations of operatives until the last one had met an untimely demise. Having extensive knowledge that bled through to her from her previous owners, she quickly became an effective and dangerous operative.

Besides her obvious current employment as an Enforcer at CO's Division 0134, she is also employed as a Mega-Corp Operative by Kourindou Multiversal. Yes, she works for the company that has the ultra perverted CEO: Hideki Morichika.

  • Character Alignment - Lawful Neutral. She'll remain loyal to her contract unless otherwise betrayed, but she won't hesitate to put a bullet through somebody's head whether they're good or evil as long as it's her mission (or, obviously enough, somebody who's just a plain threat to her).
  • Meaningful Name - Chishio literally translates to blood, and Kenjuu to pistol. Before she gained sentience as an artifact spirit, her true body was soaking in the blood of her last owner.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much - Inverted. As of yet, she's the only Shin Gensokyo PC who is "okay" with how things are in her home world.
  • Really 700 Years Old - She is, at the very least, one thousand years old.
  • Run or Die - According to the mods, a Mega-Corp Operative is seen by other operatives to be about on the same level as the Agents from The Matrix. That's not to say Chishio is unbeatable, though. She just has access to better training facilities and gear.
  • Soul Jar - Chishio's true body is a handgun. Killing the human body without taking care of the gun will only inconvenience her in the long run.
  • The Gunslinger - She's a gun fanatic, taken to the extreme...
    • Which brings us to More Dakka. Her spell disks involve summoning large numbers of firearms, missiles, artillery... even Gundam sized beam rifles. She also happens to be the current (although somewhat self-proclaimed) captain of the Imperial Hammer, which is a massive space dreadnought that is outfitted with a dizzying array of weaponry.
      • The Imperial Hammer also happens to be equipped with its own Doomsday Device, should she ever need to wipe out a planet or an enemy fleet in one shot. She sees no problem having such a powerful weapon at her disposal, and has even been using the simulators to familiarize herself with its destructive capability.

Gabrie the Godslayer (Dropped)

Coming from an original world, Gabrie is an assassin who, due to becoming a war hero, was made queen of the dominant power on her world. The position is merely that of a figurehead, however, and she is determined to do her best in her own way.

Her way just happens to be somewhat clumsy. Quite an odd person to be an assassin... no?

  • Determinator - When she's serious enough, anyway.
  • Meido - She poses as a maid, and still wears her outfit despite being a Queen/Councilor.
    • Ninja Maid - Gabrie also happens to be an assassin, specializing in numerous types of firearms.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity - She sleeps during council meetings, acts clumsy and unsure, but underneath that she's more intelligent than she normally lets on.
  • The Gunslinger - She practically adores guns and even thinks they're cute. Hence her large gun collection...
    • More Dakka - Of course, with such a collection, she does have gatling guns and other such weapons that easily fit her into this category.
  • The Magnificent - For killing a rampaging beast that was practically a god, Gabrie was bestowed the title, "The Godslayer"


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