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The character page for Pixie Trix Comix. Many characters appearing in this webcomic are likely to have originated in Ménage à 3 or Sticky Dilly Buns, so expect a lot of cross-referencing.

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"Man... Amanda Conner really needs to draw She-Hulk."

Also known as "Dexter" or "Poindexter", but that's just Zii's nickname for him. Aaron is technically a returning character, having first been seen in Ménage à 3 as one of the background geeks at the comic-book store; he is even named in that comic and gets some conversation with Zii when his advice is needed during the Precious Overlord incident. He resurfaces much later in Pixie Trix Comix, where he becomes more of a major character. He is revealed now to be employed in the shop, and desperately wants to get involved in the new publishing venture; unfortunately for him, his attitude rapidly annoys Ramona, who's in charge of hiring for that. He's 19 at this point, but not exactly mature for his age; Ramona describes him as "19... going on 12."

  • Ascended Extra: Not initially ascended very far, it's true, but Aaron is originally a nameless comic-shop geek, occasionally glimpsed in the background or delivering minor dialogue, before he proves somewhat useful to Zii that one time. He then vanishes again for many volumes, apparently having been just a one-shot character, before he reappears again in the very first Pixie Trix Comix strip, and he becomes a significant character in that comic.
  • Basement-Dweller: When Pixie Trix Comix begins, the nerdy Aaron is living in his parents' basement. They're charging him a stinging $700 a month rent ("It's like they're trying to kick me out"), and are incapable of hiding their joy when he announces the intention to move out ("Woo-hoo! I can build my man cave!").
  • Comically Missing the Point: Aaron absolutely will not get the hint that Julian is gay, constantly interrupting him whenever he tries to say as much.
    Julian: I'm actually—
    Aaron: Shy? Aw, dude! I shoulda guessed, you were always shy!
    Julian: No, Aaron, I'm g—
    Aaron: Girl repellent? Well, stick with me, man. I'll teach you all my tricks!
    Julian: No, Aaron, I'm hom—
    Aaron: Homely? C'mon, man, now you're really being too modest!
  • Geek: When Jung calls on you for expert advice on geek matters (specifically relating to Transformers in this case), you have some geek credibility. He turns out to be an obsessive enough comics fan that Jung can bribe him to wear female anime cosplay outfits with modest amounts of shop credit. He also turns out to write Fanfic and to be a Yuri Fan; it's not clear if he combines the two.
  • Geek Physiques: Aaron fits the “skinny geek” pattern fairly well, possibly because he’s a gawky teenager. When Julian makes him realise that a more toned body might make him more sexually attractive, he heads for the gym.
  • Hormone-Addled Teenager: Aaron is 19 when he appears in Pixie Trix Comix, but (like many characters in this set of comics) acts a few years younger than his age, is clearly somewhat obsessed by the hopes of sex (though he also has a lot of geeky interests), and frequently behaves like an idiot as a result.
  • Hypocrite: Aaron derides yaoi when Ramona brings it up, but sings the praises of yuri in the next panel.
  • Nerd: Aaron doesn't have the Hollywood Nerd looks of some of the setting's major characters; he's just a nerd.
  • Straw Character: Aaron comes across as rather homophobic (at least when it involves two dudes, two ladies seems to be just fine with him), making him seem quite out of place in the Everyone Is Binote  Mà3-verse. One wonders if his disgust won't turn out to actually be a layer of closet armour in the future.
  • Yuri Fan: Ramona knows or easily guesses that Aaron likes the Yuri Genre, though he disdains Yaoi — which probably implies that his interest isn't entirely about artistic quality, whatever he may say.


"Haha! Pretty and funny. Your partner's one lucky person."

An artist who shows up at the new operation looking for work. He turns out to have been directed there by Gary of Ménage à 3, and to be the brother of Tracy, also of Ménage à 3. He's apparently not above using his looks to charm Ramona into hiring him.

  • Bi the Way: Felix says that he mostly likes women, but every once in a while he'll come across a guy who will do the job for him for reasons even he can't identify, and that he even had a boyfriend in college for three months. (A probably-too-suspicious reading of the character would note that this has an immediate and very strong favorable effect on Yaoi Fangirl Ramona, and wonder if it's a calculated exercise in manipulation, and perhaps not even true.)
  • Chubby Chaser: To judge by what he says in their first meeting, Felix can't keep his eyes off Ramona and loves her curves. Even if he’s just buttering up a potential employer, he sounds plausible about it.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Felix definitely has the hair, and has a noticeable effect on women. He may deliberately play on this to charm Ramona.
  • Token Minority: Felix, along with his sister, is one of the few characters of color in the setting.

    Zadie Sullivan

"I'm looking for something new and challenging, and your publishing startup looks like a chance to hit the ground running."

Zadie is a recent university graduate who applies for (and gets) an editorial job at the new publishing venture.

  • Idiot Ball: For the first few strips, Zadie comes across as smart and sensible, talking her way into the job, making useful suggestions, and looking understandably unnerved by Aaron's hysterical nerdiness. (She turns out previously to have made a poor choice of boyfriend, but anyone can make mistakes.) Then, suddenly, she goes off for a smoothie with Aaron, which Jung and Ramona can see is odd, and then she acts like a bit of an idiot when her ex-boyfriend appears. Her apparent IQ plummets again when confronted with the attractive Felix, and remains too low for her to realize that the attractive Julian is gay.
  • Naked Freak-Out: Zadie volunteers to model nude for Felix in a desperate attempt to attract his attention, but when she subsequently tries getting (partially) nude in front of Julian and Aaron, she finds it very embarrassing, and can’t handle it. It’s a mild case, but she does freak out.
  • Puppy-Dog Eyes: Zadie demonstrates use of this tactic, voluntarily or not, here and here, which begins to suggest a pattern. She also displays similar expressions involuntarily when she is attracted to a man.
  • Straight Man: Or rather, Straight Woman, obviously. Although she's somewhat acquainted with manga, and has some useful editorial credits to her name, Zadie clearly isn't really familiar with the geek world, and some of her first scenes involve her being weirded out by Aaron. This sets up a certain amount of comedy regarding geeks.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: Zadie deploys short shorts here, in an (inherently hopeless) attempt to seduce Julian.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: After getting an erotic text from her boyfriend addressed to another woman in the middle of her job interview, she immediately pulls out the Puppy-Dog Eyes and uses her getting cheated on to essentially guilt Ramona into hiring her. She's so quick to do it and the timing of the text was so convenient that it initially seemed like a planned con with her boyfriend being in on it. Later strips show that it wasn't planned, he really did cheat on her and send her that text by accident, and it was her own quick thinking that allowed her to flip it to her benefit.

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