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     Cassandra Crew 

The crew of Hunters expedition, and his privateer, the Cassandra.

Charles Hunter:

The main protagonist of the book, Charles Hunter is regarded as one of the best privateers in Jamaica. In spite of his personality and attitude, he has a classical education, and is inheritantly badass.


The "sea artist", regarded as the best sailor in the Caribbean, he is hired by Hunter as the steerer to his ship, the Cassandra. Is also a Doctor in Port Royal, and his skills repeatedly saves the crew.


A corruption of the name Les Yeux, Lazue is a woman, having lived most of her life disguised as a man, and despite the fact that most know her secret, keeps going on with her life as a man. Her breasts can be very distractive to her enemies.

Don Diego de Ramano

Also known as Black Eye, or the Jew, Don Diego is an old, Spanish gunpowder expert, living in Port Royal. His skills in gunpowder, makes him useful for Hunters expedition.


Also known as The Moor, Bassa is a former slave, from Nubia, whose wife was killed by a slave owner whom he killed. He is the brute force of the crew.

Andre Sanson

A large French, former priest, whom Hunter is suspicious of, but still lets join the crew due to his skills as an assassin. Betrays Hunter in the ending, and turns into the final villain of the book.

     Port Royal 

Sir James Almont

The British governor of Jamaica, hiring Hunter to attack Matanceros.

Robert Hacklett:

The bureaucratic assistant of Almont, he is very loyal to the British crown, and takes it upon him to extort piracy and privateering form Port Royal, and turn it into a more respectable British town. However, despite these somewhat noble intentions, after Hunter's departure, he takes control of the town, imprisons Almont, and starts hanging privateers, stealing their treasures, and finally loses it when letting his wife get raped.

Anne Sharpe:

A young girl, 15 or so, that is accused of petty crime in England, having stolen bread, and send to Almont in Jamaica. He starts a relationship with her, and she helps free Hunter, and distracts Sanson in the climax, allowing Hunter to kill him.

Emily Hacklett

The promiscuous wife of Robert Hacklett, subjected to the misfortune of an impotent husband. S He becomes pregnant during and infraction with Hunter early on, and bears his only son.

Lady Sarah Almont

The niece of James Almont, taken prisoner by Cazalla at Matanceros, and subsequently rescued by Hunter.

  • Brainless Beauty
  • Distressed Damsel: Repeatedly. Was captured by Cazalla as a trophy of his conquest, gets kidnapped by the Caribs, and the kraken ambushes her cabin. Hunter saves her every single time.
  • Dumb Blonde: Does not know what a hurricane is, and does not understand the way Hunter governs the ship.
  • Grande Dame
  • The Heart
  • Kill It with Fire: Along with her uncle, killed in the Great London Fire.
  • The Load: Never really does anything useful to the expedition, and constantly getting herself in danger, both at the hands of the Caribs, and at the tentacles of the kraken.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: In response to her Dumb Blonde, and The Load actions, Hunter tells her to stay in her cabin constantly. That is, until the kraken attacks her cabin...
  • Took A Level In Bad Ass: It does give her some credit, that she helps her uncle kill the guards to his mansion in the climax.

Commander Scott

The sleazy commander of Port Royals military garrison, and The Dragon to Hacklett, after his takeover.


An old privateer, and the only survivor of the previous Edmunds expedition towards Matanceros, he has a minor role, to give Hunter the essentials of the island.


The butler to Sir James Almont.




The Ax-Crazy commander of Matanceros, widely feared by the privateers, for his cruelty and intelligence. He is the main antagonist of most of the story.


A renegade French soldier, and the gunnery master at Matanceros, Cazallas second-in-command.

The Kraken

A vast creature that attacks El Trinidad, the Spanish treasure galleon, under Hunters command, as his final obstacle before Port Royal. Is probably a giant squid.


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