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Characters / Pingu

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This is a list of all the characters in Western Animation/Pingu, including the original series and Pingu In The City.

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Pingu's Family


The title character, a young penguin who lives in a village community in the South Pole.



Pingu's little sister.


Pingu and Pinga's mother.


Pingu and Pinga's father, who works as a postal worker.



Other Characters (Original Series)


A young grey seal who is Pingu's best friend.

  • Fire-Forged Friends: He and Pingu didn't get along when they first met, since Robby kept stealing Pingu's fishing bait. But after Robby injures his flipper under a slab of ice while trying to get back into the water, Pingu feels bad and comforts him. After Robby returned the favor by giving Pingu a ginormous fish, the two have been friends ever since.
  • Sweet Seal: While he can be as mischievous as Pingu, he's a good friend and loves to play.
  • Vegetarian Carnivore: Although he enjoys eating fish like the penguins, he's also shown to like eating seaweed.


One of Pingu's other friends, who has a daredevil streak.


A female penguin who is Pingu's love interest in the original series.


Another friend of Pingu's who often hangs out with Pingo.


Other Characters (Pingu In The City)

     The Inventor 

An elderly Rockhopper penguin who is the city's resident Mad Scientist.


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