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Characters from Philbert, a Show Within a Show from Bojack Horseman.

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    John Philbert 

Played by: Bojack HorsemanReal actor 

The titular protagonist of Philbert. He's a crooked LAPD detective with a dark past, who may or may not have been responsible for killing both his wife and his partner in the police force.



Played by: Mr. PeanutbutterReal actor 

Detective Philbert's deceased partner. He died under suspicious circumstances, though he (seemingly) continues to haunt Philbert as a ghost.

  • Badass in a Nice Suit: He always wears a black suit, and is also a skilled gunfighter like his partner.
  • Cowboy Cop: Like Philbert, he's a bit trigger-happy when dealing with suspects.
  • Dirty Cop: Just like Philbert, he's a corrupt cop.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Is he a ghost? Is he just a paranoid delusion in Philbert's mind? Was he even a real person to begin with?
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: In-Universe. He's a rather villainous character played by Mr. Peanutbutter, who's well known for his reputation as a likable, friendly guy in real life. Heck, the role of Fritz was originally supposed to go to the controversial actor Vance Waggoner, until his misbehavior and PR troubles led to Peanutbutter being cast instead.
  • Posthumous Character: He's been dead for some time, and possibly died at Philbert's hands.

    Sassy Malone 

Played by: Gina CazadorReal actor 

Philbert's current partner and love interest, a sassy female detective who's desperate to discover Philbert's dark secrets.


Played by: Unknown

A reptilian femme fatale who tries to shoot Philbert dead.

    Marjorie Philbert 

Played by: Unknown

John Philbert's late wife.


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