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Personality Conflicts is a series with Loads and Loads of Characters, including 28 active Rangers and almost as many allies and other heroes. Listings are sorted by team.

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    Zeo Rangers (10) 
The primary defenders of Earth at the start of the series. At the conclusion of The More Things Change, the team retired from active duty in order to attend college, but retained their powers in case of emergencies.

Thomas Tyler "Tommy" Oliver (Red Zeo Ranger/Zeo Ranger V; Green Panther Morphin Warrior) (Formerly: Green Morphin Ranger I; White Morphin Ranger)

  • Half-Human Hybrid: His mother's human, his father's a Sradin.
  • Human Mom Nonhuman Dad: His birth mother is Alexandra Red Eagle, a normal human. His father is the Sradin sorcerer Master Vile.
  • Magic Knight: After his magical potential is awakened and he's trained as a wizard, Tommy starts using magic alongside his fists and sword in battle.
  • Official Couple: With Lillian, starting in Crystal's Shadow, Crystal's Light.
  • Patricide: He kills Master Vile not long after their relationship is revealed.
  • Playing with Fire: His favorite spells are fire spells.

Adam Park (Green Zeo Ranger/Zeo Ranger IV; Black Frog Ninjetti) (Formerly: Black Morphin Ranger II)

  • Official Couple: With Tanya.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Adam and his emotionally distant father have... issues, at first. The events of Fathers and Sons lead to them reconciling, but the battle with Nightmayr in Dark Mirror Three: Heart of Darkness makes it clear that Adam still has some buried resentment aimed at his father for letting work get ahead of his family.

Katherine "Kat" Hilliard (Pink Zeo Ranger/Zeo Ranger I) (Formerly: Pink Morphin Ranger II)

Rockford Eduardo "Rocky" de Santos (Blue Zeo Ranger/Zeo Ranger III) (Formerly: Red Morphin Ranger II)

  • Big Eater: Per series canon. In one story, he was challenged to an Eating Contest, and proceeded to down twenty plates of pie in ten minutes. When the girl who'd challenged him asked him what he had to say for himself, his mischievous reply was "When's lunch?"
  • Official Couple: With Katya, thanks to events that happened pre-series.

Tanya Sloan (Yellow Zeo Ranger/Zeo Ranger II; Black Lion Ninjetti)

Katarina "Katya" Petronov (Silver Zeo Ranger/Zeo Ranger VII)

Christina "Chris" Collins (White Zeo Ranger/Zeo Ranger VI)

  • Combat Medic: She has first-aid training and can heal people with her mind. She also has a slightly upgraded version of Saba as her battle partner to make up for her limited training (apparently, previous White Zeos used only their mental powers to do battle).
  • Official Couple: With Billy, starting in Crystal's Shadow, Crystal's Light.
  • Second Love: For Billy, after he broke up with Cestria and returned to Earth.

Jamaica Theresa "Jamie" Zedden (Purple Zeo Ranger)

  • Energy Absorption: Thanks to her Zarakin heritage, she can absorb energy (both directly from a target and through absorbing attacks) and fire it back.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Her mom's human, her father's a Zarakin.
  • Human Mom, Non-Human Dad: Jamie's father is a Zarakin from the planet Danata.
  • Official Couple: With Jason, not long after she's introduced in Things Left Undone.
  • Second Love: For Jason, after his previous girlfriend Emily broke up with him because she'd watched her grandmother slowly dying and couldn't stand to watch Jason go through the same thing.
  • Transformation Trinket: Unlike the other Zeo Rangers, her morpher is the Sword of Lightning, one of six Elemental Blades forged by the Zarakin wizard Ralthor, which doubles as her weapon.

Lillian O'Neil (Black Zeo Ranger)

Trey de K’nero (alias "Trey Ackerson") (Gold Zeo Ranger I)


    Morphin Warriors (6) 
The secondary team, consisting primarily of veteran Rangers who had passed their powers on during the Mighty Morphin era, but remained connected to the Morphin Grid. Now drawing on its powers only through their animal spirits and lacking the filtering effect of the Power Coins, Morphin Warriors are only at half-strength compared to Morphin Rangers, but can assume their animal's forms if needed. At the conclusion of The More Things Change, the team retired from active duty in order to attend college.

Beyond the six listed here, four others have become Morphin Warriors but are not considered part of the team, and four more have the potential but have never transformed.

Jason Lee Scott (Red Tyrannosaurus Morphin Warrior) (Formerly: Red Morphin Ranger I; Gold Zeo Ranger II)

  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Turning into a Morphin Warrior is this during the "Dying of the Light" arc, since the transformation (and the larger amount of energy coursing through his system) will speed up the drain on his life energy by a factor of five, and the shock of returning to normal would knock him unconscious and might well kill him. He does it anyway to save Jamie. It ceases to be one after he's healed by the other Rangers.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: His Morphin Warrior weapon is a broadsword.
  • Official Couple: With Jamie, not long after she's introduced in Things Left Undone.

Zack Taylor (Black Lion Morphin Warrior) (Formerly: Black Morphin Ranger I)

Kimberly Ann Skullovich née Hart (Pink Firebird Morphin Warrior) (Formerly: Pink Morphin Ranger I)

William "Billy" Cranston (Blue Wolf Morphin Warrior; Blue Wolf Ninjetti) (Formerly: Blue Morphin Ranger)

  • Enemy Scan: His visor acts as this.
  • Freeze Ray: His Morphin Warrior weapon is a laser pistol that can fire these.
  • Noble Wolf: His animal spirit.
  • Official Couple: With Christina, starting in Crystal's Shadow, Crystal's Light.
  • Psychic Powers: He's a telepath, but repressed it to some extent on Earth because he felt it would be seen as freakish.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: He's one of two Morphin Warriors who's demonstrated the power to turn into his spirit animal.

Trini Kwan (Yellow Bear Morphin Warrior) (Formerly: Yellow Morphin Ranger I)

Eugene "Skull" Skullovich (White Tiger Morphin Warrior)

The only Morphin Warrior never to hold a Power Coin (or be based on someone who did), Skull gained his powers when the energies from the original Power Coins, long trapped within a timesnarl, burst forth and gave him a connection to the Morphin Grid.

  • Happily Married: To Kim, starting during the "Zordon's Trial" arc.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: His Morphin Warrior weapon is a cavalry saber.
  • Hidden Depths: It turns out he's quite the fencer, and has been for years.
  • Panthera Awesome: His animal spirit is a tiger, and he can turn into one thanks to his Morphin Warrior powers.
  • Psychic Powers: He gains telepathy and telekinesis as a side-effect of becoming the White Morphin Warrior,
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: He's one of two Morphin Warriors who's demonstrated the power to turn into his spirit animal.

    Turbo Rangers (5) 
A group of thirteen-year-olds who took up the power of Turbo, created by the wizard Lerigot of Liaria, in order to battle the space pirate Divatox. After the Zeo Rangers and Morphin Warriors retired from active duty, they became Earth's main line of defense against evil.

Fred Kelman (Red Lightning Turbo Ranger)

  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: The Tire Shield, which is basically a summonable version of Tommy's Dragon Shield or the armor that the White Ranger and Gold Zeo Rangers had, with the insulating powers of rubber.

Franklin Alexander "Frank" Park (Green Desert Thunder Turbo Ranger)

Rosa de Santos (Pink Wind Chaser Turbo Ranger)

Justin Stewart (Blue Mountain Blaster Turbo Ranger)

Tasha Young (Yellow Dune Star Turbo Ranger)

    Astro Rangers (6/7) 
Formerly known as the Astro Guardians, defenders of KO-35, the majority of the team perished against agents of Dark Specter. When surviving member Andros rebuilt the team on Earth, they were declared to be Rangers by Zordon.

Andros (alias "Andros Langenkamp") (Red Astro Ranger)

Carlos Vargas (Black Astro Ranger II; Purple Chameleon Ninjetti)

Cassandra "Cassie" Chan (Pink Astro Ranger II)

Timothy Jacob "T.J." Carter (Blue Astro Ranger II)

  • Big Eater: He eats about as much as Rocky, and actually outdid him when it came to the highly spicy Zarakin cooking. It apparently runs in the family.

Ashley Thompson (Yellow Astro Ranger II; Blue Unicorn Ninjetti)

Chris Sterling (Silver Astro Ranger II)

Zhane (Silver Astro Ranger I)

Past Astro Guardians

Andros' original team, consisting of Bran (Black Astro Guardian), Daithi (Blue Astro Guardian), Saoirse (Yellow Astro Guardian) and Deanara (Pink Astro Guardian). They were survived by Andros and Zhane, the Red and Silver Astro Guardians.

  • Death by Origin Story: Their deaths are what drove Andros, as the last surviving member of the original Astro Guardians, to pursue Dark Specter to Earth.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: All four died facing Dark Spector and defending their homeworld of KO-35.
  • Posthumous Character: None of them have ever appeared alive, outside of flashbacks.

    Other Rangers ( 1 active) 

Aisha Campbell (Phantom Ranger II) (Formerly: Yellow Morphin Ranger II)

  • Re-Power: Having lost her Morphin Ranger powers and unable to tap her Morphin Warrior powers (she tried once, but it failed), she returned to the fold after inheriting the powers of the Phantom Ranger.

Korel Darsan (deceased; formerly: Phantom Ranger I)

Thomas Tyler "Tom" Oliver (deceased; formerly: Green Morphin Ranger II)

A clone of Tommy created by Rita Repulsa in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2, during the Return of the Green Ranger three-parter. Having traveled back in time to colonial-era Angel Grove, he eventually became the ancestor of Tommy's adoptive family.

Tyler Oliver (Green Dragon Morphin Warrior)

A Dark Reflection of Tommy created by Rita Repulsa in the "Dark Mirror" arc.

Terry Zedden (Purple Wyvern Morphin Warrior)

David Trueheart (temporary Red Zeo Ranger; temporary Blue Zeo Ranger)

  • Hero for a Day: David has filled in as the Red Zeo Ranger twice (first when Tommy was undergoing therapy to deal with his split personality, and later to give him time to rest and recover from energy loss after Rita created his Dark Reflection), and Blue once (when Rocky was injured in battle by Rygog and couldn't recover in time for the mission to Muiranthias).
  • Human Mom Nonhuman Dad: Like his twin Tommy, his birth mother is Alexandra Red Eagle, a normal human. His father is the Sradin sorcerer Master Vile.
  • Muggle Born of Mages: Unlike his birth father, David has no magical potential, as Tommy absorbed all their power before they were born.
  • Official Couple: With Kat, as of the end of the first story.

    Ghostbusters (5) 
A team of paranormal investigators from New York City, who became allies of the Rangers.

Peter Venkman (Green Basilisk Morphin Warrior)

  • Henshin Hero: Of the four Ghostbusters who received a temporary link to the Morphin Grid, he was the only one to turn his into a full-fledged connection and thus become a Morphin Warrior. Visually, it only made his clothes green and gave them a basilisk symbol.

Egon Spengler (Blue Ninja personality)

Raymond "Ray" Stanz (White Ninja personality)

Winston Zeddemore (Pink Ninja personality)

Janine Melnitz


    Beetleborgs (4) 
Defenders of Charterville, the Beetleborgs originally gained the powers of their favorite comic book superheroes after making a wish to the phasm Flabber. Unfortunately, this also released the Beetleborgs' enemies, the Magnavores, from the comics. After finally defeating the Magnavores, the team lost their powers to new villain Nukus, and were given the Metallix powers as a replacement.

Andrew "Drew" McCormick (Chromium Gold Beetleborg) (Formerly: Blue Stinger Beetleborg)

Roland Williams (Titanium Silver Beetleborg) (Formerly: Green Hunter Beetleborg)

Josephine "Jo" McCormick (Platinum Purple Beetleborg) (Formerly: Red Striker Beetleborg)

Josh Baldwin (Electric Bronze Beetleborg) (Formerly: White Blaster Beetleborg)

  • Heroes Prefer Swords: The Metallix Saber. He specifically requests it as his weapon when he gets re-powered because swords tend to symbolize the leader of the team, which will royally tick off Drew (who'd been turned evil at the time).
  • Re-Power: Shadowborg's return also restores Josh's civilian powers. Later, Art Fortunes grants him new Beetleborg powers as well.

    Astral Borgs (4) 
A secondary team of Beetleborgs. Unlike the Metallix team, these are the original characters from the comic book they were created for. Originally, their Astral Coins (along with those of their enemies, the evil Mantrons) were summoned from the Lost Comic by Nukus so he could use them in the Astral Sword, allowing him to summon the giant Roboborg. Soon after, the Beetleborgs managed to acquire the coins and used them to summon the Astral Borgs to fight alongside them. During the return of the Shadowborg, three of the four Astral Borgs perished in battle with the evil Beetleborg, but were revived later, and given the ability to become human.

Sean Drake (Dragon Borg)

Aida Madison (Lady Borg)

Ben Faraday (Lightning Borg)

Luke Hino (Fire Borg)

    VR Troopers (3/4) 
Defenders of Crossworld City, the VR Troopers battle the evil Grimlord, master of virtual reality.

Ryan Steele (Blue Trooper)

JB Reese (Black Trooper)

Kaitlin Starr (White Trooper)

Katie (White 2)

    Masked Rider (1) 
Prince of Edenoi, Masked Rider defends the town of Leawood from his uncle Count Dregon, who seeks to conquer the planet.

Dex Stewart (Masked Rider)


Zordon of Eltare (White Falcon Morphin Master)

Alpha 5

Lita Kino (Green Thunder personality)

A professional psychiatrist, she learned the Rangers' secret identities when Tommy was forced to see her after suffering several nightmares about the Green Ranger turning him evil. Since then, she has been a staunch ally of the team.

  • Badass Normal: She could fight even before meeting the Rangers.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Gained a slight power boost after inheriting the now powerless Green Coin.
  • The Shrink: Of the "Awesome Shrink" type. She's been there to help nearly every member of the various teams since she was let in on the secret, and even helped Ryan Steele long before he got powers.

Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmier

Ernie Townsend

Dulcea (Master Warrior of Phaedos)

Ninjor of Igara (Blue Morphin Master)

Lieutenant Daystar Dianthan / Daystar Hunter

A member of the IGPF (Intergalactic Police Force) and reluctant relative of Divatox. She later transfers to Earth in order to keep an eye on its Rangers for the Council of Worlds and joins the Angel Grove Police Department.

  • Heroic Bastard: Her biological father is General Havoc of the evil Dianth pirate clan, who captured a woman from a trader ship and forced her into being his lover, resulting in their only child. Daystar, on the other hand, is strictly heroic, working as a police officer.
  • The Illegible: When it comes to writing in English. She blames it on the fact that Standard Galactic characters have nothing in common with the English alphabet.
  • Missing Mom: Her mother died helping Daystar escape from the rest of the Dianth clan when she was a child.

Blue Senturion



Jason Lee Scott's family

Known members: John Scott (Jason's adoptive father); Karen Scott (Jason's birth mother); Michael Lee (Jason's birth father).

Zack Taylor's family

Known members: Brian and Louise Taylor (Zack's parents).

Kimberly Hart's family

Known members: Paul Hart (Kim's father); unnamed mother; Pierre (Kim's stepfather).

Billy Cranston's family

Known members: Hank Cranston (Billy's father); Rachel Cranston (Billy's deceased mother).

  • Missing Mom: Billy's mother Rachel died in a car accident when he was nine.

Trini Kwan's family

Known members: Arthur and Rebecca Kwan (Trini's parents); Ashley (Trini's little sister); Sylvia (Trini and Ashley's cousin).

Eugene "Skull" Skullovich's family

Known members: "Aunt Edna", "Aunt Millie".

  • Obnoxious In-Laws: Skull's mother is from a rich family, and his dad is from a working class one. As Skull himself puts it, "Neither side of the family would give the other the time of day".

Detective Jerome Stone

  • Family of Choice: Bulk and Skull, Skull especially, are like sons to him.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: During Final Frontier, Trevor Park (and possibly Ernie Townsend, who was also there) figure out that he figured out the identities of the Power Rangers some time back, but none of the Rangers know (yet) that he knows.

Tommy Oliver and David Trueheart's family

Known members: Alexandra Red Eagle (Tommy and David's birth mother); Master Vile (Tommy and David's birth father); Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto (half-siblings by their father); Daniel and Sarah Oliver (Tommy's adoptive parents); Chelsea Oliver (Tommy's "twin" adoptive sister); Teddy Oliver (Tommy's adoptive little brother).

  • A Day in the Limelight: Firebird Run gives Teddy a chance to be a hero.
  • Interspecies Romance: Chelsea starts dating, and becomes engaged to, Trey of Triforia. Also, Alexandra Red Eagle had this with the Sradin Master Vile.

Adam and Franklin Park's family

Known members: Trevor and Eileen Park (Adam and Franklin's parents).

  • Badass Family: Trevor spent time in Delta Force. Eileen's father was a sulsa (Korea's equivalent of a ninja) and passed his skills on to his children; consequently, Eileen is deadly with just about any weapon she can get her hands on. They've both taught their kids what they know (including such skills as how to bypass a security system and how to build a Burmese tiger pit). And of course, Adam and Franklin are both Power Rangers.
  • Mama Bear: Mess with Adam, and Eileen will hand you your ass, as Scorpina learned the hard way.

Kat Hilliard's family

Rocky and Rosa de Santos' family

Known members: Maria de Santos (Rocky and his seven siblings' mother); ? (Maria's deceased husband); Pedro (eldest), Lindsey (14), Rosa (13), Juan (10), Miguel and Emilia (9-year-old twins), Alejandro "Alex" (8).

Tanya Sloan's family

Known members: Gabe and Marsha Sloan (Tanya's parents).

Katarina Petronov's family

Christina Collins' family

Jamie Zedden's family

Known members: Lawrence "Larry" Zedden (formerly Prince/Lord Zedd); Leslie Zedden (mother), Zarador (paternal half-brother).

Lilian O'Neil's family

Known members: Parker O'Neil (Lilian's brother).

Trey de K'nero's family

Known members: Trania (mother), Terian (or Terrian) (father, deceased); Trianna (older triplet sister), Trialia "Trill" (younger triplet sister).

  • Disappeared Dad: King Terian died in battle with pirates a few years before the series began.

Fred Kelman's family

Known members: George Kelman (father), ? (mother, deceased).

Justin Stewart's family

Known members: ? (father, mostly absentee); ? (mother, deceased).

Tasha Young's family

Known members: None around.

  • Disappeared Dad: Her father died in a hold-up when she was six.
  • Missing Mom: Tasha's mother effectively fell apart after her husband died and hasn't been seen since she dropped her daughter off at a shelter.

Andros' family

Known members: Parents; brother, sister-in-law (all deceased); Karone (sister, status unknown).

Carlos Vargas' family

Known members: Nina Vargas (mother); ? (father, deceased); Julia Vargas (sister, eldest of three); Javier Vargas (brother, middle of three).

Cassie Chan's family

Known members: Kenneth "Ken" and Marianne Chan (Cassie's parents).

  • Hands-Off Parenting: Cassie's parents are this to extremes, bordering on (if not crossing into) Parental Neglect. For example, when she goes off into space for Zordon's trial, they don't bother to report her missing for over a week and tell the police that they "don't invade her privacy by tracking her movements", and can't think of anything that would have made her run away. When she finally turns up after being absent for two weeks, they're too busy rushing off to a party to ask where she's been all this time.

T. J. Carter's family

Known members: ? (T.J.'s parents); Roy Carter (paternal uncle); four younger siblings (Kris, 12; Howie, 11, Dina, 8, and Ginny, 6).

  • Big Eater: As with T.J. himself. It runs in the family.

Thompson's family

Known members: Roger and Jessica Thompson (Ashley's parents).

Chris Sterling's family

Zhane's family

Aisha Campbell's family

Drew and Jo McCormick's family

Known members: Joyce McCormick née Madison (mother); Harry McCormick (father, deceased).

  • Disappeared Dad: Harry McCormick died five years before Drew and Jo became Beetleborgs.

Roland Williams' family

Known members: Nano Williams (paternal grandmother), Aaron Williams (father), Abbie (mother).

Ryan Steele's family

Known members: Tyler Steele (Ryan's father); Mariah Steele (Ryan's deceased mother); Jeb (dog)

  • Missing Mom: Mariah Steele died in a car accident twenty years before the present day.
  • Loyal Animal Companion: Jeb, Ryan's pet Redbone Coonhound. His experiences allow him to provide the others with valuable insight into Ryan's personality.
  • Talking Animal / Uplifted Animal: Jeb gained human intelligence and speech as a result of the V.R. Troopers series opener, when he was accidentally caught in a power surge in their base.

J.B. Reese's family

Known members: Unidentified parents.

Kaitlin and Katie Starr's family

Known members: None.

Dex Stewart's family

Known members: Tyrex and Janara (birth parents, deceased); Lexian (paternal grandfather); Count Dregon (paternal uncle); Hal and Barbara Stewart (adoptive parents); Molly and Albie (adoptive sister and brother), Ferbus (pet).

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