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Characters / Persona: The Allies

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See Persona Recurring for Philemon's role.

See Persona Recurring for Igor's role.

    Trish (Kelly) 
This world runs on give-and-take!

A money-obsessed fairy who charges out the nose for healing springs. Gets much more character development in the second game.

    Yamaoka (Alfred)

Yamaoka, known as Alfred in the English localization, is the butler for Kei Nanjo. When told by his teacher to go to the hospital, Kei meets his butler Yamaoka at the school gate, who offers to chauffeur everyone via the Nanjo family's limousine. Kei refuses, preferring to walk with his friends instead. Yamaoka yields, but secretly follows Kei to the hospital.

When the ICU where Maki Sonomura is being treated vanishes following a small earthquake, the group flees to the lobby downstairs. Kei is shocked to find Yamaoka sprawled on the hospital lobby floor, mortally wounded by a demon attack. Yamaoka knows that he is not long for this world, and his dying wish is that Kei would become a great man someday even after he has gone. Late in the game, he returns as the ultimate Persona for Kei.

    Mai (Mae) 

Mai (Mae)

Another strange little girl in white who appeared along with Mai. She uses her Compact Half to alter her side of the town, and hides in the Gingerbread House. In the Bad Ending Route, she first attacks the party with a Monster Teddy Bear, then she makes Aki and Maki disappear into the virtual reality.

She is later revealed to be Maki's ego and represents her innocence.

    Setsuko (Nancy) 

Setsuko (Nancy)

Maki's single mother who works as an engineer at SEBEC. She cares deeply for her daughter and works hard to support her.

  • And Then John Was a Zombie: She turns into Hariti during the party's visit to the Haunted Mansion. Whether or not the party decides to fight her, she returns to her true self.
  • All There in the Manual: She is only referred to as "Maki's mother" in the Japanese versions of both the original release and the PSP port. She was first named in the Persona World guide, which is used in the American PSP port.
  • I Wished You Were Dead: The reason there is no Setsuko in the dream world is likely because of Maki's hatred for her mother.
  • Mama Bear: Her love for her daughter somehow transports her into the dream world but also turns her into Hariti.
  • Optional Boss: The boss fight against Hariti is optional. Choosing not to fight her will grant the player a Totem later in the game.
  • Parental Neglect: Maki hates her mother for not spending enough time with her. In reality, Setsuko deeply loves her daughter and regretted not being with her.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: After learning about Kandori's true intentions, she leaves the company.
  • Workaholic: Being a single mother with an ill daughter, she works day and night and rarely visits her daughter in the hospital.

    Dr. Nicholai (Nicholas)  

Dr. Nicholai (Nicholas)

A foreign scientist working for SEBEC to create the DEVA System.


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