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The cast of Perry Rhodan, and associated tropes.

    Immortal Characters (those currently still alive) 

Perry Rhodan, born 1936 A.D., was an American astronaut and the first man on the moon in 1971.

Reginald "Bully" Bull, born 1938 A.D., accompanied Rhodan on the lunar mission and has been his friend and right hand ever since.

Atlan (Mascaren da Gonozal), born 8045 B.C. (10,479 da Ark in the Arkonide calendar)

Homer G. Adams, born 1918 A.D., is a financial genius who joined Rhodan early. His holding "General Cosmic Company" provided money and economic influence for Rhodan, in exchange for Arkonide technology. A hunchback.

Pucky (Gucky in the German original, his alien name is Plofre), a small, mischievous and far too powerful furry alien psychic.

Julian Tifflor, born 1961 A.D., gormless cadet who keeps getting pitched into the deep end.

Ronald Tekener

Icho Tolot, a four-armed, 3.5 meters tall alien from the planet of Halut

  • The Big Guy (Class 2 and 5)
  • Immune to Bullets (literally): Haluters can transform their whole body into a nearly indestructible form of matter on a cellular level, although they cannot move in that condition.
  • Genius Bruiser : is well regarded as a scientist and capable of calculating faster than most computers (which is a racial trait for his species)
  • Gentle Giant: has motherly feelings for "his" terrans.

Roi Danton (really Michael Reginald Rhodan), born 2405 A.D. as son of Rhodan and his second wife

  • Luke, You Are My Father
  • The Emperor
  • Obfuscating Fobbishness: Not wanting to stand in his father's shadow all his life, the young Michael Rhodan went underground and invented the fobbish persona of the rake "Roi Danton" for himself, completely with historical costumes of an 18th century French aristocrat, and finds himself allies in a bunch of space traders.

Alaska Saedelaere, born 3400 A.D., victim of a transporter accident that fused him with something else

Dao-Lin H'ay

Bostich (really Gaumarol da Bostich, or Emperor Bostich I.), born 4799 A.D. (the year 21,345 in the Arkonide calendar)

Monkey (actual name!), a human from a high-gravity world, a former Terran secret agent and trained assassin, leader of the New United Stars Organisation.

Mondra Diamond (really Agalija Teekate), born 4843 A.D. on Horrikos, Rhodan's latest female companion, originally a circus artist

    Higher Beings 

IT, the main higher entity of the series. IT rules the local group of galaxies and gave Rhodan and the others their immortality. Unlike other beings of its level, IT usually doesn't command the peoples in these galaxies (but tends to secretly nudge them in the "correct" direction).

ESTARTU shares a common origin with IT and refers to IT as her brother.



Mirona Thetin, born ca 25,000 B.C. on Tamanium, was a lemurian scientist and Factor I of the Masters of the Island.


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