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Characters / Ozy and Millie

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The wonderful cast of Ozy and Millie and their character tropes.

Ozy (aka Ozymandias Justin Llewellyn)

A young Northwestern Grey Zen fox boy. Tends towards excessive zen stoicism and Deadpan Snarker-dom.

Tropes associated with Ozy:

Millie (aka Millicent Mehitabel Mudd)

An energetic red fox girl. Excitable and rebellious, prone to random acts of destruction, but has a good heart.

Tropes associated with Millie:


A dragon and Ozy's adoptive father. He appears to be slightly over a century old and is prone to historical in-jokes, especially ones related to obscure presidents (e.g., he claims to be responsible for William Howard Taft getting stuck in the White House bathtub), as well as bad Zen jokes. He runs for president every four years, despite having seceded from the United States to form the nation of Greater Llewellynlland.

Tropes associated with Llewellyn:

Ms.Mudd (aka Mililani Minerva Mudd)

Millie's mother, a lawyer and single parent. Although the most normal of the main four characters, she is implied to have been similar to Millie at her age. Also, her "hair" is blue for some reason.

Tropes associated with Ms. Mudd:


A raccoon child prone to mindless following of pop-cultural trends.

Tropes associated with Avery:


Avery's younger brother, who radiates Incorruptible Pure Pureness. (It helps that he's four years old.)

Tropes associated with Timulty:

Captain Locke

A "dread pirate" fox who lives in a Magical Land inside Llewellyn's couch, and is subject to Merlin Sickness. He's also Millie's father.

Tropes associated with Captain Locke:

Felicia Laine

A snobby sheep girl who's obsessed with being popular. She treats Ozy and Millie disdainfully until her Character Development in later strips.

Tropes associated with Felicia:
  • Alpha Bitch
  • Arch-Enemy: To Millie, whom she considers "dorky". Although near the end of the strip there are strong hints that the duo become friends in the future.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Probably the only literal example in all of fiction.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She becomes a little more sympathetic and self-aware as the strip progresses.
  • Girl Posse: Was in one throughout a majority of the strip's run. However, after Felicia decided to become a goth, this caused the other two members in her group to basically disown her, being turned off by her weirdness.
  • Goth: Later in the strip's run. She stopped for a while after it became too hard but then picked it back up until near the end of the strip.
  • Karma Houdini: Has gotten away with bullying Millie more than a few times, in most cases verbal teasing (though unlike Jeremy she has gotten some form of payback from time to time).
  • Moral Event Horizon: While she was not nice to begin with, Felicia really crosses this when she toys with Stephen Aardvarks feelings. After many failed attempts, Stephen nervously asks Felicia out on a date. If Felicia would have said no, that would have been one thing. However, she lies to him and says yes. As Stephen starts to get excited, she and her Girl Posse reveal that she was only playing with his emotions for a cheap laugh and viciously mock him. This ends up causing Stephen to run away to California completely heartbroken. What makes it worse is that Felicia got no punishment for what she did and gloated to Millie on how she easily hurt Stephens feelings.
  • Not So Different: From Millie. Not that either of them would care to acknowledge it.
  • Perky Goth: Was so peppy about being one that the Middle School Goths rejected her.
  • Popular Is Dumb: Subverted in a slightly depressing way. She seems to only be playing dumb because her Girl Posse would kick her out if they knew she wasn't as shallow as them.
  • Ship Tease: With Avery in her final appearance.
  • With Friends Like These...: After she goes goth for the second time, Felicia`s Girl Posse ends up coldly cutting ties with her, claiming to be glad they stopped hanging out with someone "dorky". It could make one consider if there ever was any real friendship to begin with in the first place when hearing this.

Jeremy Studley

A Jerk Jock rabbit who seems to live to stuff Ozy into trash cans—although that doesn't stop him from asking Ozy to do his homework for him. He's also attacked other kids (including Millie) a time or two.

Tropes associated with Jeremy:
  • Jerk Jock
  • Karma Houdini: He hits Millie, stuffs Ozy and other kids in trash cans, and is generally a bully. The one time he actually pays for it is when Isolde is around to protect Ozy.
  • Killer Rabbit: Not literally, but Simpson made him a rabbit "because that seemed funny".
  • Moral Event Horizon: It feels like he crosses this a little more every time he bullies someone, especially the title characters.
  • Stuffed Into A Trash Can: One of his favorite tactics.
  • The Scrappy: He beats up Ozy, Millie, Stephen and possibly many students for little to no reason and often gets away with it. It`s safe to bet that not too many readers like him because of this.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Ozy has helped him with his homework before. Doesn`t stop him from beating up the zen fox the next time they meet.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: This trope seems to be fitting when he`s at school. Whenever he bullies someone, it`s often the victim that gets blamed. Jeremy`s actions on the other hand are seen as "helping kids conform" and that he`s "just doing his job".
  • Would Hit a Girl: Millie, who returns the favor because he's finally pushed her too far.

Stephan Aardvarke

A truly epic geek. Simpson created him to satirize the emerging cyber culture's "sense of entitlement and superiority".

Tropes associated with Stephan:
  • Bumbling Dad: His dad was watching a Doctor Who marathon and didn't notice Stephan was missing for a week until Stephan came back.
  • Cannot Talk to Women
  • The Cracker
  • Demoted to Extra: He used to be a much bigger part of the comic. The cartoonist explains that he was created to represent the overly confident geeks of the dotcom era; when the dotcom bubble burst, there simply wasn't as much of a place for him.
  • Future Badass: Thinks he'll be a millionaire and show everyone who mocked him. Or at least he did before the Dot-com bubble crashed and toned him down a bit.
  • Hopeless Suitor: Has had crushes on Felicia, Isolde, and Stephanie. They never pan out.
  • Proud to Be a Geek
  • Species Surname


An nerdy, sarcastic aardvark girl who becomes Stephan's Love Interest.

Tropes associated with Stephanie:


Llewellyn's niece, Ozy's cousin, and an aspiring reporter. Often helps Llewellyn with his plans and babysits Ozy and Millie.

Tropes associated with Isolde: