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Legendary Figures

Beings important to the New World's mythos and background. Be aware that everything under the Legendary Figures category is Walking Spoiler material that reveals MASSIVE secrets about the setting.

    Six Gods 
Divine beings who descended to the New World six hundred years ago. They are worshiped by the Slane Theocracy for saving humanity from extinction and granting them the gift of magic. For reasons unknown, they eventually vanished from the New World.

It is strongly implied that they were a YGGDRASIL guild, with five human players and one undead player known as Surshana (the God of Death) that outlived the others. The Black Scripture is rumored to be made up of the descendants ("God Kin") of the human players.

  • Benevolent Precursors: Founded the Slane Theocracy after teaching humans the art of magic, scientific research, and the benefits of civilization. It's claimed several individuals who command the Theocracy are actual descendants of the Six Gods, and this information is kept secret from the Dragon Lords.
  • Game Changer: They introduced YGGDRASIL Tier Magic to the New World. This single action forever altered the balance of power, bringing an end to the Dragon Lord's reign of supremacy and giving humanity a chance at survival. How they accomplished this has yet to be told, although given the presence of World Class Items from YGGDRASIL, it might have been Five Elements Overcoming being used.
  • Humans Are Insects: Before the Six Gods arrived, humans were on the very bottom of the New World food chain. Were it not for them, humanity would have gone extinct in two or three generations.
  • Leaked Experience: Ainz's theorises that their worshippers level up faster by serving them similar to how YGGDRASIL players get more XP for helping stronger players.
  • Neglectful Precursors: The Evil Deities the Thirteen Heroes had to defeat? There's evidence to believe they were the NPC minions of the Six Gods, that went insane after centuries without a Player Character master to obey. The Slane Theocracy also turned out to become a human supremacist society that seeks out to genocide all non-humans. Although it's possible the Six Gods intended this to begin with.
  • No Such Thing as Wizard Jesus: These gods are actually YGGDRASIL players.
  • Walking Spoiler: They were the first group of YGGDRASIL MMO player characters to enter the New World. They are the reason why the New World has a magic system (and terminology) that mimics the YGGDRASIL MMO, which initiated the fall of the dragons by inadvertently corrupting the native Wild Magic system.
  • Worf Had the Flu: Turns out the Eight Greed Kings' rampage not really involving them much one way or another was for a very good reason: it turns out that YGGDRASIL characters -or Player Characters at least- that enter the New World get the same lifespan beings of their race/species would have there. Which means that by the time the Greed Kings appeared, only one of the Gods was left (possibly due to him also being an undead creature), and he was no match for a full eight YGGDRASIL players and killed.

    Eight Greed Kings 
Terrible beings who appeared in the New World five hundred years ago. Their arrival heralded an age of unbridled death and destruction, ushering terror and misery to all. Unable to oppose their immense armies and invincible magics, the New World was easily conquered by them. However, unwilling to share the prize, the Greed Kings began to squabble and war among themselves. This internal conflict greatly weakened them, making it possible for the oppressed races to rally and destroy the Greed Kings.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Each time the Greed Kings died they suffered resurrection Level Drain, growing weaker and weaker. This eventually brought about Final Death, either from each other or the New World resistance.
  • Eternal Engine: The Floating Palace of Eryuentiu continues to manufacture equipment and magic items despite the deaths of the Greed Kings. It was the guild dungeon of the Eight Greed Kings and might have similarities with the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Platinum Dragon Lord resides within the fortress and keeps vigil over the Greed King's fearsome guild weapons.
  • Forbidden Zone: The Floating Palace of Eryuentiu is designated as such by Momonga after learning of its existence in the New World. It appears he recognizes the structure or the original guild from the YGGDRASIL MMO.
  • Walking Spoiler: They were the second group of YGGDRASIL MMO player characters to enter the New World. They are the reason why the New World has a decimated population, responsible for killing most of the dragons, and convinced Platinum Dragon Lord that creatures from YGGDRASIL are evil.

    Thirteen Heroes 
Two hundred years ago a legion of creatures known as the Evil Deities suddenly appeared and began to lay waste to the New World. The monsters could not be bargained with, nor did they seek out something tangible like world conquest... they simply wished to see everything burn. In this time of chaos, two mysterious adventurers arose and united eleven other individuals to destroy the Evil Deities one by one. In the end they succeeded, but the truth surrounding their origins, exploits, and fate remains clouded in myth and legends.
  • Blatant Lies: There were more than thirteen of them... and some members would not have even been considered heroic, but not defeating the Evil Deities was far more dangerous than rejecting help from New World villains who could contribute to the cause.
  • Evil Hero: Defeating the Evil Deities required joining forces with, if only temporary, several unsavory individuals. Only by pooling the combined might of the New World's most powerful beings, could they hope to challenge their mutual destroyer.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: The common folk only know of thirteen individuals who saved the world. In truth there were many more involved, and the contributions and exploits of the forgotten others fall into this category.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: The leader and most powerful of the Evil Deities called itself the Dragon God. Platinum Dragon Lord never reveals if it was truthful or just a boast. On that note: Platinum was also one of the Thirteen Heroes, using a suit of remote controlled armor to conceal his true identity. When he revealed the truth of it, the Thirteen Heroes disbanded soon thereafter.

Leader of the Thirteen Heroes

  • The Chosen One: The great hero who led the other twelve to victory.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works: Averted. He was said to be weaker than anyone but by continuously swinging his sword he became the strongest. Though in truth he was one of the two players transported from YGGDRASIL two hundred years ago.
  • Hero of Another Story: He forged an alliance of powerful beings to take down the Evil Deities and bring peace the world. He dies tragically after a betrayal or a terrible misunderstanding... perhaps even a combination of both.
  • Not Evil, Just Misunderstood: He's the only player character from YGGDRASIL that Platinum Dragon Lord considered friendly and honorable. Platinum even wishes the Thirteen Heroes Leader was still alive to help him with the latest player character invasion, and was part of a conversation that remarks an attempt to resurrect him failed.
  • Walking Spoiler: The Leader and one other member of the Thirteen Heroes were the fifth group of YGGDRASIL MMO player characters to enter the New World. Unlike the other known groups, the pair was only around level 50 and did not seem to possess the resources of a guild, but nonetheless were very powerful by New World standards. After successfully defeating the Evil Deities, an argument broke out between the two player characters, which resulted in the unresurrectable death of both. Platinum Dragon Lord, who was also a member of the Thirteen Heroes, is believed to have been the catalyst.

    Dragon Lords 
The most powerful dragons in the New World. Six hundred years in the past, the Dragon Lords and their subordinates were the uncontested rulers of the planet. In modern times they've become secretive and reclusive, to the extent that some believe several no longer exist. The end of the Dragon Golden Age came about after the first and second invasion of YGGDRASIL Players. The first group, known as the Six Gods, taught the lesser races (humans in particular) the secrets of YGGDRASIL spell casting and item making. The MMO based magic somehow corrupted the natural Wild Magic system that was native to the New World, and weakened the dragons who used it. The second group, known as the Eight Greed Kings, enacted a global conflict that resulted in the slaughter of countless dragons on the battlefield, reducing their numbers to only a few dozen of the most powerful. Despite these losses, it appears the remaining dragons (or Platinum Dragon Lord at a minimum) were successful at engineering events for these YGGDRASIL visitors, and at least two separate groups afterwards, to fight among and kill themselves. Fearing the destructive power of YGGDRASIL Players, they now move about in secrecy and prefer to strike against enemies from the shadows.
  • Bullying a Dragon: A low level dragon can be defeated if enough Adamantium class Adventurers band together, although doing so is very dangerous and will result in devastating casualties.
  • The Dreaded: Both the YGGDRASIL MMO and the New World consider dragons to be the most powerful creatures possible. When Momonga learns that dragons exist in the New World, he orders his followers to avoid them when encountered, fearing they could match or exceed the strength of a Floor Guardian.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Dragons possess their own form of spellcraft known as Wild Magic, which is nothing like the system from YGGDRASIL. For example: the Wild Magic resurrection spell does not cause Level Drain. Wild Magic is the native and more "natural" magic of the New World, whereas Tier Magic originated from an MMO and is limited by its "artificial" rules. Interestingly enough, beings from the YGGDRASIL MMO cannot learn Wild Magic or use Martial Skills, another ability native to the New World.
  • Soul Power: Ever since its corruption, Wild Magic requires souls to generate the energy to cast spells. In the New World, what an MMO calls experience points is actually the "life force" of a living creature converted into potential energy. Whenever one creature slays another, a portion of this "life force" is transferred to the victor, making them stronger. Defeating stronger creatures (for example a dragon) gives greater life force than defeating weaker creatures (for example a goblin). Gathering this life force makes a creature stronger... thus experience points. Therefore spells or abilities that supposedly drain experience points, are really draining souls.
  • Worf Had the Flu: Wild Magic was weakened and corrupted after the Six Gods introduced Tier Magic to the New World. The dragons who relied on it still had to challenge these powerful extra-dimensional invaders without their most powerful ability.

Platinum Dragon Lord
Voiced by: Jin Yamanoi (Japanese), R. Bruce Elliott (English)

One of the Dragon Lords, and depending on the source, their leader and the single most powerful dragon on the New World. Platinum Dragon Lord is incredibly ancient and said to predate the arrival of the Six Gods who uplifted humanity. He is one of the few beings to know that the New World has been invaded by unimaginably powerful outsiders from another dimension known as YGGDRASIL. Starting as far back as six hundred years ago, the actions of these creatures forever changed the New World and earned Platinum's eternal hatred. He now fights a secret war to slay these "Player Characters" before they can do the same to him.

  • Archaeological Arms Race: He spends resources to locate and collect weapons that originate from the YGGDRASIL MMO.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Apparently he's been successfully doing this over and over again for at least 600 years.
  • Dwindling Party: The deaths and self imposed hiding of his fellow Dragon Lords in the war against YGGDRASIL has been this to him.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: In volume 14, he draws wildly erroneous conclusions from his armor's battle with Ainz. Justified since Pandora's Actor as Ainz was deliberately holding back to figure out more of his opponent's true nature. "Ainz's" lack of a World Item and Albedo wielding one leads PDL to believe that Albedo is the Player and Ainz is the NPC, with Albedo merely pretending to be a subordinate while using the "Sorcerer King" as a cover. The end result is that PDL is overconfident of his chances of facing Ainz in a rematch with his true body.
  • Fantastic Nuke: He is said to have a Wild Magic spell that can create a Sphere of Destruction. Shalltear's description of the spell's effect was like a verbal recount of footage from Operation Teapot.
  • Flying Weapon: His remote controlled suit of armor utilizes a number of floating swords for attack, as seen in his battle against Shalltear.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Every time he learns of a new incursion from the YGGDRASIL MMO.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: He intends to become this for Ainz, as part of his never ending fight against the YGGDRASIL players who enter the New World once every century.
  • History Repeats: Once every 100 years players from the YGGDRASIL MMO enter the New World. Each time he has rid them from the New World.
  • Humans Are Cthulhu: In the New World, the term "Player Character" is a word whispered in fear by the secret cabal lead by Platinum Dragon Lord. They aren't aware of the term's true meaning from YGGDRASIL, but have associated it as a title for extra-dimensional beings whose power exceed that of the strongest gods.
  • The Kid with the Remote Control: For the fifth YGGDRASIL invasion, he utilized a suit of magic armor that could be remote controlled to carry out his plans. He more recently used it to attack Shalltear Bloodfallen during her mind controlled event, but the armor wasn't strong enough to overcome her second form Super Mode. Whether or not Platinum has more of these suits, or how powerful they are compared to the dragon himself (since the known example is not stronger than a Floor Guardian), remains unknown.
  • No-Sell: The World Class Item in possession of the Slain Theocracy, has no affect on Platinum. It is unknown if this is because he has his own World Class Item (possible due to his possession of the Greed King's treasures) or he's immune to the effects of that specific World Class Item (possible due to being a master of Wild Magic).
  • Orcus on His Throne: He knows about Player Characters, the YGGDRASIL MMO, and opposes their intervention in the New World. He has knowledge from the era of the Six Gods. He rules from the ruins of the Eight Greed Kings guild dungeon and guards their all-powerful guild weapon. He was involved in the disbandment of the Thirteen Heroes. He is aware of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. He mostly just sits from the sidelines... although he did fight the mind controlled Shalltear with his remote controlled suit of armor.
  • Take a Third Option: Without the full power of Wild Magic, dragons are no match for level 100 YGGDRASIL characters on the battlefield. This has forced Platinum Dragon Lord to work through subterfuge, information control, and third party agents to defeat his sworn enemies.
  • Unscrupulous Hero: He will protect the world. It doesn't matter how many allies he has to manipulate or kill to do so, so long as it's done.
  • Walking Spoiler: Knowing about him reveals a dangerous foe Ainz might not be prepared to face. On the other hand, Platinum Dragon Lord knows exactly what he's up against and been successful in battling against YGGDRASIL invaders.
  • World's Strongest Man: Generally considered to be the most powerful New World being. Word of God has already revealed Deep Darkness Dragon Lord would be a considerable threat to Ainz. If Platinum is truly the most powerful Dragon Lord, he would definitely be no slouch, even before including the possible arsenal he's inherited from the Greed Lords.
  • Zen Survivor: Seems to think of himself as one.

Vampiric Dragon Lord

A member of the Dragon Lords, the most powerful dragons in the New World.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: He's a Vampire with unusual powers and monumental strength. It was mistakenly theorized by a New Worlder that the mind controlled Shalltear Bloodfallen was him in disguise.

Catastrophe Dragon Lord

A member of the Dragon Lords, the most powerful dragons in the New World.
  • Posthumous Character: Already dead before Momonga arrives to the New World. However, there's a prophecy that he can resurrect himself and will return.

Heavenly Dragon Lord

A member of the Dragon Lords, the most powerful dragons in the New World.
  • Dirty Coward: It's possible. Was not present during the tragic Last Stand between the Dragon Lords and the Eight Greed Kings. Could have been Late to the Tragedy though.
  • Walking the Earth: Platinum Dragon Lord comments that Heavenly is always flying the New World at altitudes too high to reach through normal means. It leads Platinum to not counting on his future aid to defeat Nazarick.

Deep Darkness Dragon Lord

A member of the Dragon Lords, the most powerful dragons in the New World.
  • Awakening the Sleeping Giant: Word of God has confirmed he's a lot more dangerous than originally thought. Bonus material provided to viewers of The Movie reveals Deep Darkness Dragon Lord killed a YGGDRASIL player character 300 years, and from that player character's corpse he took a World Class Item that's one of the Twenty. The same material also states even without that World Class Item, the dragon is as powerful as Shalltear. Needless to say, this revelation confirms the New World does have significant threats to Ainz that (for now) remain dormant.
  • Beneath the Earth: Platinum Dragon Lord comments that Deep Darkness is hiding in a subterranean labyrinth that's very challenging to search through. It leads Platinum to not counting on his future aid to defeat Nazarick.
  • Story-Breaker Power: He is in possession of a World Class Item that is one of the dreaded Twenty.

Brightness Dragon Lord

A member of the Dragon Lords, the most powerful dragons in the New World.

Elder Coffin Dragon Lord

Also known as Cure Elim Los Malvar, he was a member of the Dragon Lords, the most powerful dragons in the New World. In the main story, he is said to have been dead for an untold amount time. He is also the main antagonist of the Overlord Bonus Volume.
  • Dirty Coward: Averted. He was a coward, but now he is so arrogant he thinks what he did in the past was feeble-minded. However, it's noted that his past self was actually smart to run away from beings he had no chance of winning against.
  • Fantastic Racism: He despises Players and everything associated with them since their arrival led to the Dragon Lords' decline. So much so that he refrains from using Tier magic unless absolutely necessary.
  • Holding Back the Phlebotinum: Though he is capable of Tier magic he avoid using it because he hates where it came from. This seals his defeat against Satoru since by the time he finally resorts to Tier magic in their fight it's too late.
  • I Hate Past Me: He dislikes his past self since he considers him a Dirty Coward who ran away from Players like the Eight Greed Kings instead of destroying them.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Since he's Undead, he shouldn't be able to use Wild Magic like the other Dragon Lords as the current, corrupted Wild Magic deals with living souls, not the dead. However, he was able to create a branch of Wild Magic that overcame the restriction of his Undead body. Furthermore, he is the only Dragon Lord and one of only two known beings in the New World who can utilise both Wild Magic and Tier magic.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: He is an Undead Dragon Lord, and though he has some Vampire powers and Racial Classes, he's closer in nature to a zombie than a proper Vampire.
  • Stronger with Age: Maruyama notes in the afterword that if he was still alive in the main timeline, the extra 200 years of research, power stockpiling and experience would mean that Cure Elim would be a lot stronger and have less weaknesses than the version that showed up in the Bonus Volume.

    Frost Dragons 
Dragons native to the Azerlisia Mountains.

White Dragon Lord, Olasird’arc
The physically most powerful of the Frost dragons introduced. He is so powerful he has a family unit composing of a wife, two concubines, and several offspring. This is noted as highly unusual in-universe, because frost dragons tend to be solitary creatures coming together only to mate, and once their offspring leave the nest, they become competitors over territory and resources.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: He's the strongest dragon in the nest, so his word is law.
  • Badass Family: Being a nest of dragons, this certainly qualifies.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: According to the Slane Theocracy, true Dragon Lords can utilize Wild Magic, though it is more difficult for them in the modern era. It is their way of identifying the real ones from pretenders. Olasird’arc uses Tier Magic, which bars him from Wild Magic. He only qualifies as a Dragon Lord because any dragon that reaches the 'Ancient' category technically qualifies.
  • Breath Weapon: Like all frost dragons, he can breathe a blast of cold fatal to anything not immune to cold or freezing temperatures.
  • Godzilla Threshold: The Quagoa see any situation that requires his aid as this, as not only does he demand extremely punitive payment for any favor, but he's outright disgusted by the mere existence of the Quagoa, and finds them boring, on a good day.
  • Greed: Like all frost dragons, he covets treasure of all kinds. In his case, he values treasure over his own life. When he meets Ainz, this is partly responsible for his death.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: He's technically a dragon lord, but not because he's anyone special. He just lived a long time. However, he gets all smug about it and considers himself a great and powerful being destined to found and rule an empire. For a dragon lord, he's a small fry. The Quogoa could take him out if they really had to if they were willing to suffer the staggering losses it would require.
  • Smug Super: Being a dragon, and the toughest in the nest at that, he believes he's the biggest, meanest, most unstoppable creature on the planet. He's wrong.
  • Social Darwinist: He believes that the only thing that matters is combat prowess. Physical strength is preferable, but magic prowess can be tolerated if it provides an edge in combat.
  • Suicidal Overconfidence: He thought Ainz was someone he could push around. He did not live long enough to regret his error.
  • True Neutral: He's a dick, but only in the way that any dragon is kind of a dick: He considers other races inferior to him and hoards treasure. Otherwise he's not particularly malevolent and doesn't break his word. As a result his morality score is quite close to neutral at a mere -25.


The oldest of White Dragon Lord's children, and the one who disappoints White Dragon Lord the most.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: While he was unclear on most of Ainz's traveling companions (Aura and Shalltear), he immediately recognized Ainz as an Elder Lich and knew that a direct confrontation would have been extremely disadvantageous to himself, if not suicidal.
  • Badass Bookworm: Being a dragon makes him badass by default, and he's known to spend days reading and organizing the books from the Dwarven library that was conquered by his father and three mothers, and made into a dragon's nest.
  • Break the Haughty: Wasn't even haughty to begin with, but instinctively knows the only way he'll survive around Ainz is to show no arrogance.
  • Bring Me My Brown Pants: Being a dragon he doesn't wear pants, but the trope still applied, as Aura's "taming" spell prompted complete bladder failure. Amazingly, Ainz covered for him.
  • Category Traitor: His clutch, notably his father, thought him a full-blown traitor for trying to negotiate a peaceful solution with Ainz, one that would spare their lives, as opposed to openly attacking and getting himself, and his entire clutch killed.
  • Fear Is the Appropriate Response: His father scorns him for studying other races in order to know who is and who isn't dangerous, but his heart sinks when he sees an Elder Lich is his opponent while his father doesn't care. Not only are liches immune to a frost dragon's primary weapon, but they also have access to spammable Fireballs, the greatest weakness of frost dragons. This and Ainz' gear clue him into the fact that this is absolutely not a winnable fight for him, so he manages to surrender just in time to save his life and negotiate a surrender from the frost dragons. His more reckless father and older brother ignore the terrible ability match up and are instantly killed.
  • Geek Physiques: Is more intellectual than his kin at the cost of being fat.
  • Has Two Mommies: Actually, three. He claims his birth mother and the two concubines are all his mother to save their lives because Ainz promised him that his mother would be spared in return for his willing servitude.
  • Hikkikomori: All the dragons of his clutch call him one because he spends days studying the books he salvaged from the Dwarven Library.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: The moment Ainz started to take hostile action, he surrendered immediately, and completely, to the confusion of Ainz, and the jaw-dropping awe of Gondo, the Dwarven guide. Good thing too, as Ainz was going to use his favorite One-Hit kill on him if he didn't.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: He wears specially made glasses while reading books, and knows they're irreplaceable.

Three Monsters

The most dangerous and powerful creatures in the Great Forest of Tob.

Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe (Japanese), Heather Walker (English)

A giant hamster and Momon's pet in Darkness.

  • Badass Adorable: A giant hamster, but far stronger than most "normal" humans.
  • Badass on Paper: Renowned as an incredibly powerful and intelligent magical beast. Except she also looks like a hamster. And is intelligent, well... only in relation to hamsters. But her level being a bit above Level 30 means she still is extremely powerful for an average human, as Erya learned.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Volume 10 finally explains why she's known as "The Wise King of the Forest". When a group of adventurers stumbled into her territory, the Lone Survivor, regarded her as such, and she spared him, and only him, because of it. This directly led to boosting and exaggerating her reputation as both wise and virtuous.
  • Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": Ainz referred to her as a Djungarian hamster despite the fact that real hamsters do not have long scaled tails (and are of course not several meters long).
  • Deathbringer the Adorable: Is both feared and renowned as a legendary monster and the 'Wise King of the Forest.' However, she has the appearance of a cute hamster and her stats are comparable to the level 30 Kyohukou, meaning by Nazarick standards she's essentially the equivalent of a harmless flavor NPC.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Played completely straight.
  • The Ditz: Glaringly obvious, despite being renowned for her supposed wisdom.
  • The Dreaded: For the people of Carne Village, until tamed by Momon.
  • Emerging from the Shadows: When wreathed in darkness, with her eyes and magical runes glowing, Hamsuke can be fairly awe-inspiring. When outside of the shadows... not so much.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: When wreathed in shadows.
  • Informed Attribute: Is renowned for being wise and powerful. Granted she's incredibly strong by New World standards (though no match for Momon in combat), but her alleged wisdom has yet to be seen, especially when Momon's adventuring friends remark on her wisdom without any evidence except a first impression. Admittedly, just being able to speak at all makes her wise for a beast.
  • Instant Runes: When she prepares for battle, a set of magical sigils appear on her belly. Those allow her to cast a selection of spells.
  • Killer Rabbit: While weak by YGGDRASIL standards, having stats comparable to a level 30 NPC means she's extremely strong by New World standards, and more than a match for most Adamantite-level adventurers. Notably, Hamsuke easily dealt with a powerful basilisk that Gagaran of Blue Rose admitted she wouldn't stand a chance against.
  • Last of Her Kind: One of her greatest fears. She's never encountered another of her species, and does not even know what kind of creature she is. The idea she might be unique in the world makes her sad.
  • Magic Knight: Armed with a powerful snake-like tail and razor-sharp claws with a coat of fur tough as armor - and the magical runes she bears allow her to cast a selection of 8 spells.
  • Power Echoes: Hamsuke's voice starts echoing when she wants to intimidate intruders.
  • Prehensile Tail: Unlike a regular hamster, she has a prehensile scaly tail which can stretch up to twenty meters in length. Hamsuke can swing said tail hard enough to buckle armor and shatter bone, something the Worker Erya learns the hard way in volume 7.
  • Punny Name: "Hamsuke" is a portmanteau of "Hamster" and the suffix "suke" which is common among samurai characters. Although a little lost in translation, Hamsuke speaks like a typical samurai retainer.
  • Red Baron: "The Wise King Of The Forest"
  • Rodents of Unusual Size: A cuter example than the usual rats and mice, but a hamster is still a rodent and she is larger than a human.
  • Samus Is a Girl: Is commonly believed to be male (the "king" epithet does not help), but is actually female.
  • She Is the King: The Wise "King" Of The Forest is not actually a king at all but a queen. And not that wise, either.
  • Single Specimen Species: Likely as she's never encountered another.
  • Strange-Syntax Speaker: Often speaks like this, beginning with the object of the sentence and ending with the subject.
  • Super Toughness: Hamsuke's fur is tougher than it looks, being able to deflect the sword strikes of a Worker who is roughly on par with Gazef Stronoff.
  • Team Pet: Becomes this after being tamed by Momon.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Ainz set her to train alongside a Death Knight and some Lizardmen. While the Death Knight didn't improve at all, Hamsuke's physical abilities increased, it learned some martial arts, picked up better fighting tactics and has started gaining the ability to wear armor in combat without taking movement penalties.
  • True Neutral: With a morality score of 0, she is even more this trope than Victim.

A War Troll who rules over trolls and ogres with brute strength.
  • Bad Boss: Uses his sword on his subordinate to check if it still works when it does nothing to Ainz.
  • Dirty Coward: The moment he realized he couldn't defeat Ainz, he tried to get his lackeys to help him.
  • Dumb Muscle: He is smarter than normal trolls, but he is still stupid enough to try and fight Ainz.
  • Healing Factor: Is capable of rapid regeneration, like all trolls. This, of course, only serves to make his beatdown at Ainz's hands more painful. Thankfully for Carne Village, he does not retain it as a zombie.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: For his insolence, Ainz crushes his bones using what seems to be a standard staff. Thanks to his natural regeneration, Guu gets the "privilege" of going through this several times until Ainz finally tires of playing around, activates Despair Aura V and instantly kills him and every single one of his minions, completely bypassing their healing factor.
  • Non-Indicative Name: His nickname, to some extent. He is a troll, not an actual member of the Giant race (although he is massive enough to be mistaken for one).
  • Poisoned Weapons: His magical sword bears a poison enchant.
  • Red Baron: "The Giant of the East"
  • This Cannot Be!: When he realizes that Ainz would kill him no problem.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Assumed Ainz would be a cakewalk due to the fact that the latter was smaller that himself, and because he has a long name (trolls apparently associate short names with strength).

    Ryraryus Spenia Ai Indarun
A Naga who rules over various races with his knowledge and magic.


    Pinison Pol Perlia
A dryad that lives in the Great Forest of Tob. She is currently a subordinate of Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • Flat "What": A Japanese version when Hamsuke asserts that Ainz is even more powerful than the Guardians of Nazarick.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Pinison is panicking due to a level 80+ plant monster awakening, a monster said to be capable of destroying the world. And in a world where level 30 is a "legendary creature", she's probably right. Then she sees what a team of seven level 100s can do. "I see. Entities capable of destroying the world are everywhere! Throw a rock and you'll hit one!"
  • Mundane Utility: The magical dryad is given the rather mundane task of managing an apple orchard in Nazarick.
  • Sanity Slippage: Witnessing the events of the first drama CD caused Pinison to lose so many precious SAN points to the level where she broke out into hysterical laughter.

    Zy'tl Q'ae 
A demonic tree that was slumbering in the northern part of the Great Forest of Tob.
  • Treants: Zy'tl Q'ae is a giant semi-sentient tree.
  • The Worf Effect: It was mentioned that a small part of it was able to give 3 adventurer teams, made up of an adamantite team and two mithril teams, a hard fight. Unfortunately for it, this time it's up against Ainz Ooal Gown and the Floor Guardians, who make quick work of it.

Alternative Title(s): Over Lord 2012 Legendary Figures, Over Lord 2012 Lizardmen


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