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Characters / Optic Ink AU

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Here are character tropes specific to their incarnation in Optic Ink AU.

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Joey Drew Studios
Halloween. From left to right: Norman as Tiana, Sammy as Belle, Joey as Cinderella, Henry as Snow White, Wally as Ariel, Shawn as Elsa, Allison as Hercules, Allison as Aladdin, Thomas as Moana, and Grant as Mulan
An animation studio that created the popular cartoon Bendy the Dancing Demon.

A list of tropes that apply to all members of the crew

  • Ambiguously Gay
    "Everyone in this studio is at least 10% gay. Some more than others *cough cough Joey cough cough* but they are all a little gay" - Anonymous
    "Accurate." - Metamatronic's response.
  • Body Horror: pretty much everyone, except Joey and Henry, as per the game;
    • Sammy turns back into his canon self whenever he touches ink.
    • Norman is covered in ink and has a projector for a head, and thats not even mentioning the wire nor the speaker in his chest.
    • Shawn has been turned into a tiny ink shapeshifter.
    • Wally has become an ink producer and been turned into Bendy.
    • Susie and Allison have been fused together to become "Alice."
    • Grant has been turned into a searcher.
    • Thomas has been turned into Boris and has only recently regained his self.
  • Seven Deadly Sins:
    • Envy: Wally, Susie
    • Gluttony: Henry
    • Greed: Joey
    • Lust: Norman
    • Pride: Grant, Shawn
    • Sloth: Thomas
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    • Wrath: Allison, Sammy

    Sammy Lawrence
Sammy Lawrence
The music director at Joey Drew Studios who wakes up to find himself buried under cans and has been attempting to escape the audio since.

    "Lensey" / The Projectionist / Norman Polk
Norman Polk
The projectionist at Joey Drew Studios who one day just woke up with a projector for a head.

    Henrietta "Henry" Drew

An animator and co-founder of Joey Drew Studios. He was on leave due to family issues but returned to the studio after six months due to receiving a letter from Joey. Made the characters Bendy and Boris.

    Wally Franks
Wally Franks

A student working part time at the studio as a janitor and handyman.


    Shawn Flynn
Shawn Flynn
The head of the toy department at Joey Drew Studios.

    Joey Drew
Joey Drew
Co-founder and an animator of Joey Drew Studios. Made the character of Alice Angel.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Not anymore as he is confirmed to be married to Henrietta aka Henry.
    "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"
    *picture of Henry pops up*
    "Wait what"
    J: “I’m not disagreeing with you—But What?”
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Taught Henry how to shoot a gun.
  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • Curtains Match the Window: has brown hair and eyes.
  • Drama Queen
  • Hates Being Alone: Has a fear of abandonment and doesn't do well being alone.

    Grant Cohen
Grant Cohen
The finance manager of Joey Drew Studios.

    Allison Pendle
Allison Pendle
An unpaid intern working at Joey Drew Studios

    Susie Campbell
Susie Campbell
Formerly a voice actor at Joey Drew Studios, now works in animation.

    Thomas Connor
Thomas Conner
The full time engineer at Joey Drew Studios.

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