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Characters / Onmyoji SSR Shikigami
aka: Onmyoji SP And SSR Shikigami

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SSR shikigami (except Ryōmenbotoke and crossover shikigami) can be summoned using the blue talismans, by spending 100 magatama for each black talisman or by using the purple real world talismans (crossover shikigami can only be summoned during limited-time events). At a summoning rate of 1%, they were the rarest summons in the game (before the SP category, with a summon rate of 0.25%, was added to the game). They, like all other shikigami, can also be obtained by assembling fragments given by players in the same guild, received from the Hyakkiyakō mini-game, rewarded after completing certain quests, or, in Ryōmenbotoke's case, bought from the store. A summoned SSR may or may not come with their unique SP skin, which can be bought separately from the shrine with special tokens if desired.


Awakening an SSR requires 8 second-tier and 16 third-tier materials for each of 2 types, making it 16 second-tiers and 32 third-tiers in total.

General tropes:

  • Awesome, but Impractical: Pulling SSRs at early levels can be more of a curse than a blessing. Most SSR shikigami require significantly more investment than the typical SR or R, especially skill-wise, and even their Awakening materials can be far out of reach for sub-50 players, if they're not also competing with your other, more useful shikigami that you're also wanting to upgrade. Once Awakened, they will also run you up to a dozen Skill Daruma to get them to top shape, and then some, especially with mitama builds. And some of them aren't even viable enough to warrant you spending your effort on, as detailed further in the article below.
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  • So Last Season: Thanks to rampant and unrestrained Power Creep (most notably the release of the SP tier), most of the old SSR shikigami that used to be top-ranked (Ibaraki Doji, Ootengu, Tamamo-no-Mae, even the once-dreaded Onikiri is starting to fall off) are basically useless for serious play- they're still fine for common purposes like farming soul and evo zones, but attempting to use them in PvP or for major boss events that require specific teams of top-tier shikis will get you sneered at. New SSRs (like Kinnara and Senhime) have taken their place as the must-have picks, but they'll undoubtedly also be inevitably supplanted.
  • Temporary Online Content: Being such an illustrious category, it's a given that most of the Crossover shikigami are SSR. And they aren't summoned the traditional way, but rather by assembling fragments collected from other summons or event maps. Typically, a given crossover will only return twice, giving you three chances to get all the fragments you need, before they are gone forever, after which your only means of getting more shards will be through trade, and good luck with that.


Alternative Title(s): Onmyoji SP And SSR Shikigami


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