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Neo Heroes
Neo Heroes HQ

Following the Monster Association all-out battle, and Garou’s showdown, the Hero Association has lost much support in the eyes of the public and its investors; the feeling that a new group of true heroes should rise has sparked among a group of concerned individuals, even some key figures within the Hero Association itself, thus the Neo Heroes was born; the company attempts to present itself as the new bastion of justice, that truly cares for heroics with promises of treating everyone equally, as they openly accuse the Hero Association of becoming an organization built on appearances, that only looks out for the rich folk, while leaving the common folk to perish.

At least this is what Neo Heroes claims on the surface, underneath their sparkling uprising, lies an organization even shadier than the Hero Association with ruthless practises such as recruiting criminals, turning their heroes into cyborgs and a sudden spike of monsters appearing during their uprising in spite of the destruction of the Monster Association.


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    Neo Heroes (in general) 
  • Body Horror: It is outright stated that they are able to resurrect any of their heroes so long their brain is intact.
  • Clothes Make the Superman: Most if not all of their strength come from the battle suits they wear with the only exceptions being some of the Neo Leaders.
  • Engineered Heroics: It is all but stated that the disasters they face were manufactured by their backers or executives only for Neo Heroes to stop them. Since not only did the appearances of monsters spike up extremely when they started, but Child Emperor's research shows many monsters were enhanced to raise their disaster level and had control chips in their brain. Not to mention the fact that somehow Neo Heroes always came first to defeat their foes with minimal damage. This becomes more apparant once their attempts at defeating non-engineered threats such as Speed-o-Sound Sonic and Garou were complete failures.
  • Faceless Goons: Done on a methaphorical level, while the battle suits all the heroes wear don't cover their face. Every single hero (including some of the Neo-Leaders) lack any noteworthy difference in their strength, which makes them easily replaceable.
  • Flat Character: In the words of Forte, the Neo Heroes are essentially an army of zero-personality battle suits who can join without any requirements and are just as easy to replace.
  • Foil: To the Hero Association's Pro Heroes:
    • Pro Heroes fight crime with their own tools and abilities, while the Neo Heroes enhance their strength with Powered Armor.
    • Pro Heroes fight individually or in small groups, while Neo Heroes are organized like a military.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works: The Pro Heroes of the Hero Association worked hard on their skills to fight against villains and monsters, while the Neo Heroes only need to put on a suit to fight.
  • Hypocrite: Despite their claim that the Hero Association is only built on appearances, their first goal is to improve their own PR and overtake the Hero Association. For this goal, they try to convince Pro Heroes to move over to Neo Heroes, some of their Neo-Leaders only got their position due to their popularity or influence and denied the Hero Association's request to work together to save more lives. According to Forte, he and others only hear the positives of the Neo Heroes.
  • Jerkass: Many of their members are this, which is to be expected since they are more or less normal people whose ego got inflated thanks to their newfound "strength".
  • Mysterious Backer: While they have several backers, it is unknown exactly where they get their technology from with the only hints being that they were possibly developed by Bofoi or the Organization.
  • Powered Armor: All of their heroes wear one which enhances their ability. Wherever they got the suits from sure as hell wasn't legal, as Genos notes.
  • Power Limiter: Their suits have several limiters installed in them, which can be released for more power, but at the cost of draining the suit's energy and in the case of untrained heroes completely lose control of their own movements.
  • Punch-Clock Hero: Most of their members are essentially working a low-risk job with great benefits and high pay without the need of actual training.
  • Red Shirts: Several lower class and even some Neo Leaders became this in their first day of work.
  • Soldier vs. Warrior: The Soldier to the Hero Association's Warrior. The Hero Association has far stronger members on an individual level but they operate without a unified leadership, and there are several factions within vying for power. The Neo Heroes tend to be weaker on average, but they make up for it with their battle suits, greater numbers, and better organization directing their efforts.
  • Super Serum: During their training, they drink what is implied to be some kind of power-enhancing drug.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Their battle suits give them strength on par if not even greater than an A-Class hero, but most of them lack the skill to use them which is how several of them got fatally injured when the threat they faced was able to take their hits and/or penetrate their armor.
  • Unwilling Roboticisation: In case their heroes are injured, their unconscious bodies are sent to the "Recovery Room", where they are turned into cyborgs, which makes them stronger at the cost of their free will.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Child Emperor suspects the suits the Neo Heroes use might have come from Metal Knight, which would give him complete control over them whenever he wants. The story implies the suits actually come from the Organization which also boasts advanced technology and has let others use them under suspicious circumstances to gather battle data for further improvement. In the end, the biggest pawns are the heroes who joined them since in case they are injured, they become cyborgs with no free will.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: They have criminals like A working with them, and turn humans into cyborgs. However because of all their 'good deeds', they have publicity at their side while conducting their more less than legal activity in the shadows. Even attempting to turn real heroes like Metal Bat into their pawns.
  • We Have Reserves: They have over 6000 members and are still growing quickly due to lacking any sort of requirement to join, so they have more than enough heroes to replace the ones that have fallen since none of them have any noteworthy difference in power.

The founder and true leader of the Neo Heroes, Fuzzy is the grandson of the late seer Shibabawa. He inherited all of her estate and connections, and allegedly practices clairvoyance himself. He has recruited Blue as the public face of the Neo Heroes while he works behind the scene, and only a select few are able to meet him.
  • Bad Boss: Implied to be this by Mccoy, who is outright terrified to think what Fuzzy would do if he were to betray Neo Heroes in any form even if it is something as small as talking with a former colleague from the Hero Association.
  • Foil: Seems to be this towards Gyoro Gyoro and Psykos, being a eccentric visionary whose goal is to use an organization to change the world.
  • The Man Behind the Man: The actual founder and leader of the Neo Heroes, he aproached Blue to kickstart the organization.


Neo Leaders


A gifted young man who is the pillar of the entire Neo Heroes organization. Despite acting like an introverted teen, all hopes have been placed on him due to the rumor that he is the son of the legendary hero Blast.
  • The Ace: According to himself and McCoy, he is the strongest member of the Neo Heroes and is the most skilled in using Neo Heroes' technology.
  • Curb Stomp Cushion: While he was able to defeat a Dragon-Level threat, he was forced to use all his suit's limiters and was left completely exhausted afterwards.
  • Daddy Issues: He seems unaware that Blast isn't actually retired and is instead going around undermining a god level threat. Blue seems to have abandonment issues and sees his father as being not proactive enough. Blue is also convinced that a hero needs to be out in the open to the public, but the reason seems to be that he has mild Glory Seeker tendencies instead of it being his stated reason that he has to be a good role model to the people.
  • Decoy Leader: Is commonly introduced as the founder and leader of the Neo Heroes, but in truth Blue is just the public face, he answers to Fuzzy the real leader and founder of the Neo Heroes.
  • Foreshadowing: After supposedly defeating a Dragon-Level Threat, he told McCoy that he was only able to barely defeat it and didn't even know if his attacks were working until it just suddenly started writhing in pain and stopped moving. On top of that Eel Dragon's body was more or less looked intact compared to the remains of other Dragon-Level Threats. Child Emperor later finds out that the monster had a control chip in his brain, which highly implies that Blue's "victory" is engineered.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He has a rather nasty temper, which caused to nearly get in a fight with Genos when the cyborg stops him from chasing Siatama and Amai Mask and looks like he is ready to attack Forte for suggesting Blue to talk with his dad.
  • Hypocrite: He is one of the Neo Heroes' founders, because he considers the entirety of the Hero Association to be corrupt and yet various staff members of the Neo Heroes were a part of the Hero Association with some of them even part of said corruption and Neo Heroes is actively offering heroes to switch over. On top of that two of the Neo Leaders were criminals before joining and are now under the Neo Heroes' protection and are allowed to carry weapons which includes Ryumon's entire gang of 400.
  • Informed Ability: His claim of being the Neo Heroes' strongest hero is already questionable due to most of his power coming from his battle suit, which was only barely enough to defeat a Dragon-Level threat with Blue himself noting a single hit would kill him. In fact, he hasn't even fought a monster once before he's introduced into the story. For comparison the S-Class heroes who migrated to Neo Heroes were known for being able to defeat a Dragon-Level threat with only their own ability. This is more or less invoked since it is more or less stated that Blue being their "strongest" hero is for the sake of PR with said victory over a Dragon-Level threat even being implied to have been engineered to further the reputation of Neo Heroes and make the Hero Association incompetent by comparison.
  • Irony: His first words to the other Neo-Leaders is for them to show the public what true heroes are, which becomes ironic considering the implication that Neo Heroes are fake heroes with Engineered Heroics and even shadier business dealings than the Hero Association.
  • The Leader: One of the founders and public leader of the Neo Heroes.
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Blue's is more or less his father's opposite; Blast kept himself Shrouded in Myth, considers his job more like a hobby and operates by himself, while Blue is a hero who shortly after making his debut immediately shows his existance through the media, Blue desires to become the top hero along with taking the job too seriously, and operates through taking orders from his higher ups while also relying on Neo Heroes' technology to fight crime.
  • Oh, Crap!: He has a big one upon seeing Saitama kill a Dragon-level threat in one punch.
  • Slave to PR: Implied to be this considering the fact he was constantly smiling during the television interview.
  • Sketchy Successor: Claiming to be Blast's son is already questionable in its own right, with the only evidence supporting it being his own word and the mystery surrounding his father making it both plausible and implausible at the same time. Not helping the matter is that he isn't anything like his dad.
  • Skilled And Strong: Unlike other Neo Heroes, Blue actually trained himself on how to use their technology.
  • Skilled, but Naïve: He is strong enough to defeat Demon-Level and Dragon-Level threats (although the latter with much more difficulty), but he never fought monsters before founding Neo heroes and underestimated their strength. Not to mention his implied case of Horrible Judge of Character since two Neo-Leaders used to be criminals and his executive McCoy is a part of the Hero Association's corruption, along with the implication that he is just an Unwitting Pawn to the Neo Heroes' backer or higher ups.
  • Teen Genius: He was able to be one of founders within the Neo Heroes while being 16 and is also considered the organization's strongest hero.
  • To Be a Master: He desires to become a hero who surpasses his father, which is already a huge hurdle considering it is supposed to be Blast.
  • Unknown Rival: He sees Saitama as a fellow competitor to becoming the greatest hero, but Saitama doesn't care about that spot, considers the whole hero thing to be a hobby and during the arc focusses on gaining a new hero name.


Formerly a vigilante leading an organization known as the Hunters, Accel is a diligent warrior who believes the Hero Association is corrupt and untrustworthy. He and his Hunters have joined the Neo Heroes in order to achieve their goal of surpassing the Hero Association.
  • Boring, but Practical: We get a look at how his group takes down monsters when they face a giant snail - they attack it with poisoned weaponry and drive it into a head-on collision with group members holding long spears. Not exactly as flashy or effortless as the S-Class would make it look, but it works.
  • Informed Ability: The Hero Association considers him to be S-Class in strength, yet his claim to fame is defeating one Demon-level threat he and his Hunters struggled against, with five Hunters dying in the process. Not exactly a good look since S-class by definition are capable of soloing Demon-level threats.
  • Only Sane Man: He is the only one who questions if it is a good idea to supply Ryumon and his gang with weapons, since they used to be criminals before supposedly reforming and joining the Neo Heroes.
  • Token Good Teammate: He and Raiden are two fo the only good people of the Neo Hero Leaders. Blue would count if he wasn't in it for the wrong reasons (to prove daddy wrong) and a hypocrite to boot.
  • Vigilante Man: Before he was hired.


A notorious sumotori, known all over the martial arts world for his cataclysmic strength and skill. Despite joining the Neo Heroes, he is a bit stubborn and refuses to mindlessly follow orders.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: After a fight with Puri-Puri Prisoner, he decides to wear one due to feeling inadequate in his strength since he was unable to truly damage the S-Class Hero.
  • Fights Like a Normal: The only Neo Hero to fight without using a suit, since he feels they can't match the latent potential of flesh. He changes his mind after his fight with Puri-Puri Prisoner and starts using a suit too.
  • Informed Ability: He's supposedly as strong as Darkshine, but he doesn't get a chance to properly measure the difference in their strength since Darkshine is in a massive funk when they meet. As it later turns out his strength was just an estimation, in reality his strength is actually around the level of Puri-Puri Prisoner, the weakest S-Class Hero, since he was unable to truly damage the hero who didn't even fight back due to him protecting his prisoners.
  • Nice Guy: Is respectful enough of Darkshine's mental breakdown to avoid pressing the issue for a confrontation when he realizes.
    • He also saves a Hero Association member from being killed by a group of monsters, being thankful that he was able to reach him in time.
    • Despite viewing Puri-Puri Prisoner with contempt due to being a criminal, he declares him a true hero after seeing him protect the prisoners while not fight back at all.
  • Token Good Teammate: He and Accel are two fo the only good people of the Neo Hero Leaders. Blue would count if he wasn't in it for the wrong reasons and a hypocrite to boot.
  • Van Helsing Hate Crimes: Contrasting his Nice Guy and honorable personality, he has a low opinion towards criminals and thus views Puri-Puri Prisoner with contempt and he even accepts the Neo Heroes' policy of giving them Unwilling Roboticisation. He changes his tune once he sees him willing protect the inmates from his attacks and he even rejects his superiors' orders due to his newfound respect towards the S-Class hero.



Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze (Japanese), Alan Lee (English)
A martial artist and user of the Void Fist. He was a top contender in the Super Fight tournament and later joined the Neo Heroes after being inspired by Saitama.
  • The Ace: He is considered a legend for winning 4 Super Fight tournaments in a row.
  • Adaptational Personality Change: His webcomic self never went through the Character Development his manga version did, so he's still cocky and lazy as ever and joined the Neo Heroes only because they promised him a fat paycheck.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Beaten up by Gouketsu and surrounded by crow monsters in his weakened state, Suiryu doesn't hesitate to put aside his pride and ask Bakuzan, who's been watching all the while and still more or less at full strength, for help. Bakuzan proceeds to eat all the remaining monster cells instead.
    • When he's beaten down to the point of only being able to crawl, he tries begging Bakuzan to spare him (though he drew the line at licking his feet) and shortly after cries out for a hero to save him — anyone at all. Thankfully, this time, Saitama comes to rescue him, Sneck, and Max from certain death.
  • All Chinese People Know Kung-Fu: He wears a traditional uniform used in Chinese martial arts, with a black and white top sporting long sleeves and has star-shaped decor in front. ONE has stated that in the real world he'd be Italian, though.
  • Anti-Villain: Despite his Social Darwinist beliefs and a little arrogance, he is not a bad guy and just serves as a Hero Antagonist to Saitama until Gouketsu's arrival.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: In the traditional sense. But even more so regarding his lifestyle choice.
  • Blood Knight: Subverted. He claims he wishes to feel the thrill of a real fight, just like Saitama and Boros, but the moment he's faced with a situation where he might actually lose, he immediately loses all composure and flies into a rage. He outright states he doesn't find losing to be fun, which contrasts Boros, who had the time of his life even though he completely lost.
  • Break the Haughty: Starts when he is completely defeated by Gouketsu. His pride is shown to further break down from his former arrogant nature after desperately asking for help from Bakuzan, knowing full well he cannot win with his strength alone. Bakuzan refuses and he is saved by the same heroes he mocked before. And, in the end, he is once again brutally attacked by monster-Bakuzan, leaving him heavily injured and unable to do more than scream for some hero, any hero no matter how weak, to come to save him. Luckily, it's Saitama who comes to his rescue.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: By his own admission, he's never trained particularly hard and would sometimes neglect his master's lessons to spend the day picking up girls instead. At the present day, he admitted that he hasn't even bothered practicing his martial arts at all in the past few years and primarily entered the current Super Fight tournament because he was low on cash. Even so, he's easily leaps and bounds ahead of the A-Class heroes and one of the strongest martial artists seen yet solely through his natural talent.
  • Canon Immigrant: Was not in the original webcomic version of the Monster Association arc, as most of the other tournament contestants. He was eventually imported back into the webcomic, albeit without his Character Development.
  • The Casanova: He enjoys hitting on pretty girls in his spare time. He also only decided to fight the transformed monsters if one of the presentation girls at the tournament would go out with him.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Good lord! He's strong enough to split the tournament ring in two and lift half of it by stomping his foot all from his martial arts.
  • Clark Kent Outfit: He is ridiculously shredded, but it's not immediately apparent in his baggy martial arts uniform.
  • Classical Antihero: We see Suiryu start as a person who's charismatic, if arrogant and shallow, whose admittedly phenomenal talent allows him to be incredibly blase and supremely overconfident in his abilities. In the span of a day of being introduced, he's gone to appreciating the Heroes, not as hypocritical fame and fortune seekers, but as men and women who legitimately put their lives on the line for the protection of humanity, even if it's just a job for many of them. He's also taught vicious lessons in humility and gratitude, being brought to tears several times in quick succession.
  • Clothing Damage: Saitama's punch (which he stopped just in time) rips off Suiryu's shirt and shows off his Heroic Build.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He defeated Lightning Max, and subsequently Sneck, with a single attack. Receives one from Saitama and, later, Gouketsu.
  • Demoted to Extra: After the tournament arc in the manga, Suiryu is only given a few scenes as the story focuses on the Hero Association's hunt for the Monster Association.
  • Disqualification-Induced Victory: The only way he could have won against Saitama, with the latter being disqualified when his disguise was revealed. He didn't like it to say the least.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Assuming the webcomic version of him shares the same S-class skills and capabilities of the manga version, after joining the Neo Heroes, he wears the Powered Armor they provide which is already potent enough to make C-Class heroes stronger than A-Class heroes.
  • Foil: To Saitama: both are very strong and wish to have a real challenge, but while Saitama is bored of his situation, Suiryu is happy and relaxed, claiming he can do whatever he wants (due to his beliefs). It's actually invoked by Suiryu himself, noticing Saitama specializes in punches, so he decides to use kicks.
    • Is also one to Genos, both being extremely powerful individuals who were changed by Saitama. Both Suiryu and Genos didn't think much of heroics until they faced an insurmountable obstacle and were saved by Saitama, who showed them both what a true hero is like. Suiryu even asked if he could be Saitama's disciple too but Saitama had already learned his lesson with Genos and refused.
    • He is also a foil to Genos, Super Alloy Darkshine, Garou, and Boros. Each of them reacts fundamentally differently to facing an opponent they can't beat. Genos is motivated each time he loses and cares about the safety of others when he's in pieces. Darkshine feels deep-seated fear and is broken when he realizes he could actually lose a fight. Garou is usually like Genos when he loses, but losing to Saitama broke him (and convinced him that his ways were wrong). Boros was just saddened that he couldn't provide a good fight to Saitama. Suiryu, on the other hand, is enraged when he loses to Saitama and, later on, tries to brush it off. Later on, it's the fear that gets to him and he realizes what it means to be a coward and why heroes are heroes. It takes a bit more humbling for him to change his ways.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: The Foolish to Suiko's Responsible. Though she also has her own small streak of arrogance, Suiko in general is much more down to Earth than Suiryu (At least in the webcomic, where he has not had the same character development he has in the manga).
  • Foreshadowing: He seems to set up to bring the other surviving martial artists into Neo Heroes. After their experience with Gouketsu, they are all too scared to follow the heroes into the Monster Association's HQ, but they want to be as heroic. If the story keeps to the Webcomic, the Neo Heroes will be a shady bunch that will take in people who haven't developed the heroic resolve seen in the Hero Association heroes.
  • The Gift: Despite his youth and his decidedly laid-back attitude towards his own martial arts (seeing it only as something to impress girls and win tournament money with), his natural raw skill and power would easily qualify him as an S-Rank hero. Bakuzan outright admits that, with how strong Suiryu is at present while still having the potential to grow stronger, he'll never be able to match up to him as a human, hence, why he decided to become a monster.
  • Hypocrite: He's very fond of mocking and taking others lightly because he's stronger than them, but the moment Saitama does the same to him, he gets pissed off. He also looks down on heroes as being condescending and self-serving while performing deeds in return for favors even though he's guilty of the same thing.
  • Hypocrite Has a Point: While his criticisms of heroes may not apply to guys like Mumen Rider or Saitama (on a good day), and he's just as guilty of using his power to do whatever he wants, he's not wrong that the Hero Association is corrupt and doesn't actually care about protecting people.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While he's certainly arrogant, condescending, and self-centered, Suiryu's not really a malicious person at heart. He's also genuinely grateful to Lightning Max and Sneck for saving him in his hour of need, admitting to himself that he was wrong about heroes, and later tries to hold back Saitama from going after Gouketsu after saving him from Bakuzan despite being beaten so badly he can't even stand.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: After seeing how strong Saitama really is, he stops using only kicks and fights with all his strength.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: He is this, and went out with a lot of girls. Bakuzan "fixes" this by punching most of his teeth out and ripping off his hair.
  • Mr. Fanservice: He has many a Shirtless Scene.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: The source of his pride. He's legitimately strong and would fit into the lower ranks of S-Class perfectly, but he's limited his worldview to what he sees in the tournament ring. Fighting only people much weaker than him has blinded him to just how many monsters and heroes out there are stronger than him. He finally understands this once he fights the Dragon-level Gouketsu and realizes that for all his strength, he can't make the monster even blink.
  • Oh, Crap!: He's practically drenched in fear-sweat after his shirt is shredded right off his body just from the wind of Saitama's punch. It's very clear that he's never faced an opponent who was actually a threat to him, much less an opponent who outclassed him completely. It happens again when he realizes that he can barely make Gouketsu flinch and he's not taking it seriously.
  • Pride Before a Fall: He enters the tournament smug and assured of his invincibility. He then gets his ass kicked several times over, and has his worldview, especially his disdain of heroes, utterly broken.
  • Rambunctious Italian: According to ONE, Suiryu would be Italian in real life. While he's usually very easygoing and laidback in demeanor, Suiryu will do a 180 of his usual mood if you managed to rile him up.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: Kick version. Then he uses a mix of the two, that obviously has no effect on Saitama.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gave this to Sneck, realizing that most heroes do their job not for justice but only for self-satisfaction, pride, and ego.
  • Shipper on Deck: In the webcomic, though he never met Saitama during the events of the Tournament (unlike the manga) and therefore doesn't know his strength firsthand yet, he does hear from Suiko that he's pretty strong and that's enough for him to give Saitama his "permission" to date her. Suiko is not amused, however.
  • Slipknot Ponytail: When receiving the punch from Saitama, his ponytail comes off.
  • Smug Super: Is very confident in his abilities, is likely as strong as an S-Class hero, and loves taking time out of his day to remind you of this. Learning firsthand he's not at the top of the pecking order via repeated humiliation humbles him a bit.
  • The Social Darwinist: He believes strongly in the philosophy of natural selection, where the strong will always prevail no matter what.
  • Sore Loser: Despite claiming that he wanted a fun battle against an opponent that he could cut loose against, the moment it becomes clear that Saitama is much stronger than he is, he immediately throws what is essentially a temper tantrum, drops his carefree attitude, and tries to administer a brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on him. When Saitama calls him out on this he actually retorts that he doesn't find losing fun.
  • Strong and Skilled: Despite being a Brilliant, but Lazy prodigy who neglects his training, he is still an incredibly skilled martial artist on raw talent alone, and he has speed and power enough to qualify as an S-Class Hero. Ultimately, it still leaves him overwhelmed when facing the likes of Saitama or the Monster Association. Ironically in the webcomic, when he tries to use the battle suit's higher settings, he became Unskilled, but Strong due to being unable to keep up with the suit's movements.
  • The Tooth Hurts: Loses several of his teeth from being beaten down by Bakuzan, which persist all the way to the Bonus Chapter: Can Hardly Wait. Finally subverted in chapter 142, where his near full recovery has him with a full set of teeth.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Suiryu entered the tournament expecting to win the prize money, have a good fight or two, and maybe score a date along the way. What he got instead was the worst day of his life. To whit,
    • It begins when he fights Saitama. Despite his best efforts, he can't do anything to Saitama, and wins only via a technicality, but he dismisses it as a personal defeat.
    • Gouketsu then enters the picture, and transforms several other fighters into monsters. Suiryu fights them in exchange for a date with a pretty girl, and beats them with moderate difficulty, but gets rewarded by being beaten half to death by Gouketsu and his three crow monster henchmen. Suiryu realizes he's outmatched and throws away his pride to ask Bakuzan for help, only to have Bakuzan refuse and transform into a monster instead. He's saved from one killing blow at the last second by Sneck and Lightning Max, who he disparaged for being heroes and weaker than him, only to watch in horror as they sacrifice themselves to buy him time to escape. He tries...
    • ... but gets blocked and beaten down even further by the now fully transformed Bakuzan. All he can do at this point is crawl along the ground with tears in his eyes and scream out for a hero, the ones he looked down on so much, to come save him. It's this final moment of humility that causes Saitama, his last tournament opponent, to come to his rescue.
  • Troll: In his fight against Saitama, the first part of it comprised entirely of Suiryu trying to knock off "Charanko's" wig just with the wind of his attacks.
  • Villainous BSoD: While it's a bit of a stretch to call him a villain, he didn't take his "loss" against Saitama very well. However, he snapped out of it pretty quickly and decided to just forget about the encounter.
  • Willfully Weak: He decides to use only kicks to contrast himself from Saitama but can also fight with punches as well.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Perks: He believes that since he's insanely strong, he has the right to just relax, have fun, and do anything he wants. Even when the other competitors turned into monsters, he only faced them in exchange for a date with a girl. Likewise, he believes that heroes who fight for such things as a sense of duty or justice to be either corrupt hypocrites or ineffectual weaklings. Later on inverted, as he rethinks this position after he's left broken in body and spirit by Gouketsu and later, Bakuzan, and he finally understands what it's like to be utterly powerless against an implacable foe with no one to come to your rescue. Combined with seeing Sneck and Lightning Max fearlessly stand up to Gouketsu despite being hopelessly outmatched to give him a chance to escape and later being saved by Saitama after he's left in utter despair at his situation prompts him to resolve to become a hero himself.
  • The Worf Effect: He is heavily outmatched by Gouketsu, who is completely unfazed by Suiryu's most powerful attacks.
  • Worthy Opponent: Subverted. While he does search for strong opponents and takes some pleasure fighting someone who can actually make him work for a victory, if it actually seems like he's going to lose, his playful attitude will immediately do a 180.


The leader of the gangster organization, "Ryumon Gumi", who decides to contribute positively to society through the use of violence. Despite his criminal background, he seems like a relatively well-adjusted man.
  • Axe-Crazy: He is clearly not the most stable person, since the first thing he says once hearing Neo Heroes is allowed to fight crime is that they can carry guns now.
  • Hazy Feel Turn: He was originally a criminal, but joined Neo Heroes to become a hero although his sanity and sincerity in it is rather questionable.
  • Jerkass: He rejects an offer of teamwork from a Hero Association member, calling him a small fry and "thanking" him for losing to the monsters and strengthening him and his gangsters' image.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: While being interviewed for an article in order further disparage the Hero Association, he makes a solid points of regarding the battle suits of the Neo Heroes, that they help greatly reduce the risk of dying in battle and thus allows upcoming heroes to not be discouraged of wanting to do hero work and that only arrogant fools think of upholding the virtue of fighting with their own strength despite the heavy risks in doing so.
    • To further prove his point, Mumen Rider, the top C-Class Hero who only suffers to be a The Chew Toy towards the monsters, manages to defeat a Demon-Class monster all by himself while protecting the citizens due to wearing a battle suit when he defects to the Neo Heroes.


A popular idol singer who took a six month-long break from her career to modify her own body to fight crime. She wants to do good in the world, but more importantly, she wants to surpass Amai Mask.
  • Body Horror: She is modified through cyborg parts with a flashback panel showing that she at least replaced all her limbs, took drugs to strengthen herself further and went trough brain surgery to gain psychic powers which all left only 29% percent of of her body unmodified.
  • Cyborg: At least all of her limbs were replaced with cybernetic prosthetics.
  • Foil: Towards Amai Mask:
    • Amai Mask started out as a hero due to his belief in inner beauty and morality despite his original ugly appearance and became an idol to support the Hero Association, Webigaza is an idol who became a hero and joined Neo Heroes to improve her own image and catch up to him in popularity.
    • Amai Mask's body transformed into a mysterious being due to his complex about his appearance, while Webigaza willingly modified 71% of her own body to rival Amai Mask.
    • Webigaza fights monsters with flashy moves and powers, while Amai Mask fights monsters using his sheer strength to kill them swift and instantly.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Towards Amai Mask due to him outshining her in popularity.
  • Power at a Price: It's implied her modifications have reduced her lifespan by a lot. She tells Child Emperor that she can't survive without constant maintenance from the Neo Heroes Association, making her beholden to it.
  • Psychic Powers: She gained them through brain surgery.
  • Stepford Smiler: Her squad notes how fake her smiles for her livestream are, and she's likely insane beneath it all.
  • Unknown Rival: The reason she became a hero was to surpass Amai Mask, but it is implied he has not even met her at all.
  • Victory Is Boring: She has defeated Amai Mask as an idol due to him being forced to retire after revealing his identity as a monster, but she is very dissatisfied since she wanted to defeat him with her own ability.


One of Neo Heroes first investors and a financier who holds several businesses. In order to fight as a hero, he arms himself with high tech personal equipment - however, since suffering a crippling injury on the battlefield he has become a cyborg.
  • Crimefighting with Cash: He is one of Neo Heroes' investors and paid 200 billion yen for his own suit. This is deconstructed however since he lacks the fighting skills or training necessary to fight a Demon-Level threat which caused him to lose very badly.
  • Epic Fail: He is unable to deal any amount of damage to the monster he was fighting and it is highly implied, he was defeated instantly!
  • Fiction 500: He has set aside the highest budget for his personal equipment and is also one of Neo Heroes' investors.
  • Powered Armor: He spent 200 billion yen on it and claims that it is more advanced than the standard suit Neo Heroes used. It still failed to defeat the Demon-Level threat he was fighting.
  • Unwilling Roboticisation: Due to getting injured on his first day, he was turned into a cyborg at the "Recovery Room".


A cultist behind the Church of Otherworldy Reincarnation, which has amassed a massive amount of followers in the recent years. After being crippled in battle he has become a cyborg.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Similar to Zaedats, he gets easily wrecked by a Demon-level threat.
  • Foil: Can be seen as this towards Gearsper. Gearsper is a C-Class hero with psychic powers who was chosen to help in the Monster Association raid and despite his Power Incontinence was able to support his team and utilize his innate powers which potentially rivaled Tatsumaki against Nyan, a Dragon-Level monster, which also showed why he was chosen on the team. Infelsinave is a Neo-Leader with divine powers who supposedly should be on par with S-Class, but was easily wrecked by a Demon-Level, which makes the choice of him becoming a Neo Leader rather questionable aside from his influence.
  • Informed Ability: He supposedly has divine powers and is on par with the Hero Association's S-Class, but he was severely injured on his first day with his fellow Neo Heroes even saying that he should not fight against threats of Demon and above.
  • Take That!: He is possibly one towards the Isekai genre since the church he founded is called the "Church of Otherworldy Reincarnation" which has amassed many followers in recent years just like how the genre gained popularity in real life, but it is implied to be a cult instead of a true religion.
  • Unwilling Roboticisation: Due to getting injured on his first day, he was turned into a cyborg at the "Recovery Room".


An A-Class criminal and a hitman who is also effective at killing monsters. He joined Neo Heroes for freedom from criminal charges, but in exchange for being put under constant surveillance.
  • Boxed Crook: He is a hitman whose under surveillance of Neo Heroes or in Child Emperor's word under their protection as one of their "heroes".
  • Dirty Coward: He and many members try to 'recruit' Speed-O-Sound Sonic with A himself acting superior to him believing the battle suits can easily deal with him. Once Sonic easily evades their attack and shows himself to be superior, A runs away leaving his men behind.
  • Distinction Without a Difference: A does not like killing people, he just plays a game to see how many lives he can take before his death.
  • For the Evulz: The reason he killed more people than necessary as a hitman? He plays a game to see how many lives he can take before his death.
  • Shame If Something Happened: He warns the Hero Association not to interfere with him, saying "accidents" tend to happen mid-battle.

Neo Hero Candidates

    Mars Leo 

Mars Leo
Interim champion of Death Boxing who beats up his opponents with his gloves willed with iron sand. He is later converted into a cyborg.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: He is a rather abrasive person, but he is correct in that some of the choices of Neo Leaders are rather questionable especially since both Zaedats and Infelsinave were fatally injured on their first day.

    Koko (Solitude) 

Koko (Solitude)
One of the many cyborg competitors of "Cyborg Fight" who was so strong that he was kicked out due to no one betting money on him.
  • Cyborg: He modified his own body to particpate in a cyborg fighting tournament. He becomes more robot-like after Neo Heroes "recovers" him.
  • Oh, Crap!: He has this reaction when seeing how high the body modification percentage was on Webigaza and two Neo Heroes staff members.
  • Stat-O-Vision: His mechanical eye can read how much a person has modified their own body.


    Destro and Erimin 

Destro and Erimin
Two security personnel who work to crack down on rule violators and prevent fights from breaking out between Neo Heroes. They also spearhead the effort to turn injured heroes into cyborgs so they can continue doing hero work. They were formerly mercenaries before they joined, or so they say.
  • Ambiguous Robots: Despite looking perfectly human, Destro and Erimin have had their bodies modified by 94 and 95% respectively, when most humans only ever go 30% and 60% is considered to be extremely risky. This suggests they really aren't cyborgs, but rather robots posing as humans.
  • Bullying a Dragon: After revealing the "Recovery Room" to Metal Bat, they attack him with a cyborgized Mars Leo and Koko to turn him into another cyborg. For the record, Metal Bat is a S-Class hero strong enough to defeat Dragon-Level threats.
  • Cyborg: Koko identifies them as such, but it's very possible they aren't.
  • Punny Name: Destro(y) and Erimin(ate).


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