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All spoilers regarding the Super Rookies era are unmarked. Examples relating to the New World era can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary.


Sweet 3 Generals
"Sweet General?! That's one of their top brass...!"

The Sweet 3 Generals are the highest-ranking and strongest members of the Big Mom Pirates next to Big Mom, each with incredibly powerful Devil Fruits and extremely high bounties. Due to their skill, power, and reputation, they are Big Mom's Co-Dragons, acting as her seconds-in-command within the crew.

The current roster includes 2nd son Katakuri, 14th daughter Smoothie, and 10th son Cracker. There were originally four Sweet Generals, but the fourth one, 25th son Snack, lost his rank after being defeated by Urouge.

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The Sweet 3 Generals

    In General 
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: All Sweet Generals are royalty by default, due to their mother, Big Mom, being a queen and Emperor. They're also loyal to her, making them the enemies of the Straw Hats.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: They all earned their positions as Sweet Generals, Big Mom's top enforcers, due to their strength and incredible combat ability.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: While most of the crew's officers are no slouches themselves, the Sweet Generals rank higher than them, and thus are the deadliest fighters in Big Mom's family and crew. This is justified as they earned their positions through incredible strength and combat ability.
  • Co-Dragons: They're right below Big Mom in the hierarchy and are her three strongest children, although Katakuri has more prominence since he's the strongest one, and even his fellow Sweet Generals treat him with reverence.
  • The Dreaded: All of them are generally thought as this, as many other pirates face a brick wall when they meet any one of them.
  • Elite Four: Used to be with the three seen in the Whole Cake Island arc along with Snack. But after Snack got defeated by Urouge and was subsequently demoted, the Sweet Generals' number was reduced to three, with Smoothie, Cracker, and Katakuri remaining. It still doesn't make them any less dangerous in the eyes of the world.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: All of them have deep and intimidating voices in the anime.
  • Food-Based Superpowers: Like most of the Big Mom Pirates, each of their Devil Fruit is based on a type of food.
    • Katakuri can create and control mochi.
    • Cracker can create biscuits.
    • Smoothie can drains up fluids from living being and objects and make juice out of them.
  • Large and in Charge: Katakuri is confirmed to stand at a whopping 509 centimeters tall (or 16 feet, 8 inches), Smoothie is 464 cm (15'2"), and Cracker (who's quite a bit shorter than them) is 307 cm (10'1"). Smoothie largely owes her big height to her half-Longleg heritage, while Katakuri and Cracker inherited their giant heights from their human mother, Big Mom. They're all Sweet Generals and thus they have a level of authority that is above their other siblings.
  • The Notable Numeral: They were originally called "Sweet 4 Generals", but after Snack's demotion and with nobody replacing him, they were renamed as the "Sweet 3 Generals".
  • Smug Super: Save for Katakuri, who usually makes sure his opponents don't get a second chance to defeat him, all Sweet Generals are extremely confident in their abilities and reputations, to the point of Underestimating Badassery. This is exemplified in Cracker's fight, where relying on his Biscuit powers (as well as jokingly informing Nami and Luffy how they worked) only helped him for so long until Nami and Luffy were able to outsmart and defeat him. Presumably, this is also what led to Snack's defeat and demotion. Katakuri used to act arrogant as a child due to his strength, but after Brûlée paid the price for him by getting her face horribly scarred, he resolved never to underestimate anyone again.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero: Like most of their siblings, the Sweet Generals are named after food that also relate to their Devil Fruit powers.
  • Terrible Trio: Double-subverted. They used to be numbered four, but after Snack was defeated by Urouge and demoted for his failure, the Sweet Generals are now three. It still doesn't lower their status as powerful, dangerous people. And aside from Snack, who is the oldest of fraternal twins, Cracker, Smoothie, and Katakuri are all the oldest in each set of fraternal triplets, making all of them this trope by default through their loyalties to Big Mom.
  • The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter: While their mother is a towering Gonk of a human being, Katakuri, Cracker, and Smoothie are her more attractive-looking offspring. Well, for Katakuri, he is handsome but is viewed as ugly by family members who see his face.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Due to being so powerful, their confidence leads to arrogance, which really bites them in the ass later on.
    • Cracker, though impressed by Nami and Luffy's efforts, doesn't see them as more than lucky small-fry and jokingly decides to indulge them by explaining his Biscuit powers, hoping it'll demoralize them. Luffy eventually defeats him and literally sends him flying back home by using Gear Fourth: Tank Man.
    • Smoothie doesn't think that the people trying to get into the Treasure Room would be competent enough to actually get inside, so she decides to leave and fight outside out of boredom. This leads to Brook sneaking inside and successfully copying all of the Poneglyphs, which he hides in the cracks of his skull.
    • Snack, presumably, didn't think Urouge would actually defeat him. This led to his defeat and demotion as a Sweet General.
    • Defied by Katakuri, who makes it a point not to veer into this trope by taking measures in making sure that his opponents don't have a chance to get up and try again after being defeated the first time. This is because his childhood recklessness led to Brûlée getting horribly scarred as an act of spite by the bullies he beat up. Unfortunately, the only time he does so is because he's been getting really hungry at the time and needs his sugar fix now, which led to Luffy breaking out of his pile of mochi and exposing his greatest secret.
  • We Have Become Complacent: Suffers this along with the rest of their family. Having known victory for so long, the Sweet Generals have become arrogant and assured in their own strengths, which severely blind them to the potential of more "upstart" warriors and pirates such as the Straw Hats and Firetank Pirates, who now have the resources, power, and intelligence to defeat them. Lack of communication and the inability to truly work as a team also plays a huge part in their failure to apprehend their enemies. It's implied that this is what led to Snack's defeat and subsequent demotion as a Sweet General. Katakuri is the only one who tries to avert this after getting one of his sisters hurt by proxy with his arrogant recklessness as a child, but the only reason he, too, slips up is because he gets hungry at the worst possible time and needs to end the fight as quickly as possible, leading to Luffy surviving one of his attacks and getting the upper hand on him.

    "Thousand-Armed" Charlotte Cracker 

"Thousand-Armed" Charlotte Cracker

Voiced by: Takuya Kirimoto

Age: 45

Debut: Chapter 835 (Manga), Episode 796 (Anime)

Devil Fruit: Biscuit-Biscuit Fruit

"Learning that there are people out there that no amount of effort can overcome... is what we call true growth!! Stupid boy!!!"
Chapter 838

The first Sweet General to appear, Cracker is the 10th son of the Charlotte Family and the eldest in a set of triplets, his younger sisters being Custard and Angel. He is Totto Land's Minister of Biscuits and has eaten the Biscuit-Biscuit Fruit (Bisu Bisu no Mi), a Paramecia that allows him to create innumerable biscuits and reshape them in any forms he wishes. He usually inhabits and fights from the inside of an enormous biscuit puppet crafted with his powers, so much so to the point that his bounty poster actually depicts the puppet and not his real face.

Cracker is extremely confident of his abilities and mocks Luffy for even daring to challenge an emperor. However, this overconfidence costs him the fight.

Cracker attacks Luffy and Nami in the Seducing Woods, initially disguised inside his biscuit soldier. However, after a long fight, Cracker is defeated by Luffy and Nami's cooperation. His defeat is what drives the entire army of the Big Mom Pirates to attack Luffy.

He has a bounty of 860,000,000 berries.

  • Actually a Doombot: After struggling to even hurt Cracker, Luffy activates Gear Fourth and breaks him in two, revealing the Cracker he fought was just a soldier made of biscuits created by the real Cracker, who can make many other copies.
  • Anime Hair: Those two tufts of hair on the sides of his head that resemble antennae... which are constantly sparkling. Seems like they're just for show, but if they're used to control his Biscuit Soldiers remotely, that makes sense (not to be confused with Hair Antennae, which is similar, but refers to a specific style of hair strands).
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: With his facial wrinkles, slanted eyes, and devious smile, Cracker very much so resembles a troll face. Whether this is Oda's intention or not, it's extremely appropriate considering how he plays Luffy like a fiddle. Plus, his face and hairdo is quite similar to Little My, who is a troll (though not an actual troll). His biscuit soldiers' armors have a biscuit pattern and a biscuit-shaped shield.
  • Badass Boast: Expresses with utmost confidence to Luffy that no matter how hard he tries, "there's people in the world you just can't beat" — and Cracker, of course, is referring to himself. However, the moment he starts running into trouble, he starts whining like a brat. Nami even calls him out on it and ultimately he ends up eating his own words when Luffy beats him.
  • Badass Cape: Wears a one-shouldered cape, and is one of Big Mom's sons and one of the Sweet 3 Generals. The anime makes it pink-purple.
  • BFS: Wields a huge double-edged longsword named Pretzel, which is almost as large as his giant Biscuit Warrior. He claims that it is a unique sword that has no peersnote . His Biscuit Warriors can also each wield multiple biscuit replicas of the sword.
  • Beard of Evil: Not the real Cracker, but his Biscuit Soldiers (which he also dons as armor) have very long and dark beards.
  • Big Brother Instinct: While far from the oldest in his family, according to Pound, he flew into a rage after learning Snack was defeated by "Mad Monk" Urouge. He amassed a large crew just to confront Urouge and personally defeated the man himself in combat. It helped that Urouge was already exhausted from fighting Snack previously.
  • Breaking Speech: Cracker gives one to Luffy by saying that if he really considers himself Sanji's friend, he'll let Sanji go through the marriage, and that Sanji will tell "you lowly pirates" to go away. Luffy took offense for the last part and hit Cracker with a Gear Fourth attack.
  • Burning with Anger: Whenever he gets super pissed, his two sparkling hair tufts start flaming.
  • Cerebus Retcon: King Baum losing his "crown" in the manga was revealed in the anime to be caused by Cracker, who lopped it off to punish Baum for "betraying" Big Mom.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Doesn't think Luffy would actually eat his biscuits nor that someone would think to use water to soften them to be digested. And certainly doesn't think that Luffy would fill his stomach up to the point that his Gear Fourth would harden his stomach enough that he can be able to absorb Pretzel's blows and send Cracker flying like a living cannonball right into his own biscuit soldiers.
  • Dirty Coward: Surprisingly enough, despite his rank and reputation. He outright admits he doesn't like getting hurt in battle, and pretty much hides behind his Biscuit Soldiers, having them do all the fighting.
  • The Dreaded: Charlotte Cracker is feared by all the Homies in the Seducing Woods; just him screaming at them causes them to shrink and run in fear. Luffy even mistook this exchange as a display of Haki at first glance. He shares that reputation with his sister Smoothie, and older brother Katakuri.
  • Dual Wielding: Subverted. Charlotte Cracker can multiply his arms and so does the sword he wields, until it is revealed to be just a soldier made of biscuits and the real Cracker only has one sword. Still, Cracker can make multiple biscuit soldiers, each of which has multiple arms and swords.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Named after the cracker, a type of hard biscuit.
  • Endurance Duel: Basically his entire fight with Luffy. On one side, Luffy keeps eating Cracker's Biscuit Soldiers, which can be produced infinitely but will tire Cracker out. On the other hand, Cracker keeps summoning more Biscuit Soldiers, thinking that Luffy will eventually reach his breaking point and become so fat from eating, he won't be able to fight back. With the help of Nami, Luffy eventually wins and goes Gear Fourth: Tank Man on Cracker.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: His older and younger siblings who are also his fellow Ministers seem to care for him at least. When Cracker was sent flying right into Big Mom's chateau by Luffy, it sends his family in a panic, with his younger brother Mont-d'Or swearing revenge. Said siblings later participate in a manhunt against Luffy in Chapter 845. And according to Pound, he himself flew into a rage after Snack was defeated by "Mad Monk" Urouge.
  • Evil Chef: He describes himself as a pastry artist, and he's also the Minister of Biscuit and a pirate working for Big Mom.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Takuya Kirimoto gives a nasally performance for Cracker in his Biscuit Soldier guise, and that makes him sound a little gruffer, but when the true Cracker is revealed, he drops the nasally bit and switches to a smooth and slithery tone of voice.
  • Explaining Your Powers to the Enemy: He goes into exquisite detail explaining how his powers work to Luffy, in order to try and demoralize him. He only does this after Luffy actually cracks his first armored shell though, so it would seem he does this as kind of a mocking "reward" when he finds a formidable opponent. True to form, it backfires when Luffy, thanks to Nami and some outside-the-box thinking, manages to defeat him using this foreknowledge.
  • Expressive Hair: Cracker's purple hair has two ponytails with sparks crackling at the ends. When Cracker goes all-out and becomes angry, the sparks turn into intense flames like exhaust thrusters and propel him forward.
  • Face Palm: In the anime, he does this when he discovers King Baum (unwillingly) sided with Luffy and Nami.
  • Family Theme Naming: Shares this with most of his siblings; as mentioned below, he's named after the cracker, a thin and crunchy type of bread.
  • Flunky Boss: His main fighting strategy is wearing down his opponent with an endless stream of Biscuit Soldiers.
  • Glass Cannon: Low pain tolerance, ate the Biscuit-Biscuit Fruit, and gets Luffy to go Gear Fourth against him. He even wounded Luffy's arm in that state with his sword. Granted, he is "frail" for Emperor crews' standards: it took some "outside the box" thinking for Luffy, Nami's support and eleven hours to finally take him out.
  • Gonk: Subverted as he's actually decent-looking, but his Biscuit Soldier forms play it straight.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Sports a diagonal one running across his right eye.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: He ate the Biscuit-Biscuit Fruit which allows him to produce an infinite amount of biscuit material. It sounds lame on paper, but he can mold the biscuits into any shape and form he desires (due to being a master craftsman), allowing him to create heavily armored Biscuit Soldiers, complete with both shields and swords. Combine that with his Haki, and you get a man who can make shields even Luffy can't break, until he goes Gear Fourth.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Luffy — with Nami's help — eats his biscuits and stuffs himself up. Then he absorbs Cracker and his attack in Gear Fourth: Tankman and sends him straight into his own hardened biscuit soldiers. And his (first) defeat was largely the result of him telling them how his powers worked.
  • Hypocrite: The moment the battle starts to turn against him, he complains about it being unfair that Nami was helping Luffy despite the fact Cracker was more than willing to use an entire living forest to aid him. Even then, when said Homies can't attack due to Nami having a Vivre Card on her with Big Mom's aura, he calls them traitors and cites their reason for not fighting as an excuse when he should clearly know that that would be like attacking Big Mom herself.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: Averted. Cracker's the oldest and the only male in a set of mix-gendered fraternal triplets, with the rest being his younger sisters. Aside from having purple hair (with Angel's being lighter than her siblings' and Cracker's having a grayer tone than his sisters') and their tendency to wear capes and long garments, they look nothing alike.
  • Improvised Golems: He can create large, extremely powerful soldiers out of biscuits in a matter of seconds, strong enough to stand off against Luffy's Gear Fourth. Not so much with water, however, which Nami uses to soften them enough to eat.
  • Ki Manipulation: Charlotte Cracker possesses extraordinarily powerful Armament Haki. Defensively, it allowed him to repel Luffy's own Haki-imbued Gear Second and Third attacks. Offensively, it sharpens his sword enough to let him cut halfway through Luffy's Haki-imbued arm in Gear Fourth. The latter is notable as even Doflamingo couldn't harm Luffy in Gear Fourth mode.
  • Knightly Sword and Shield: Charlotte Cracker's biscuits soldiers are knights with a biscuit-themed armor and wield a shield shaped like a biscuit and multiple swords.
  • Logical Weakness: No matter how creative his biscuit creations are, or how strong he could make them to be, biscuits are still edible things, yummy ones at that and despite their density, the crackers are still baked goods and thus maintain the same properties... like becoming soft when wet. So Luffy, being Luffy, draws the conclusion and starts to eat every biscuit Cracker throws at him after Nami wets them with rain.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Charlotte Cracker's puppets wield multiple shields to go with his multiple swords, which he can imbue with Haki as well. Despite being made of biscuits, they're hard enough that Luffy needs to enter Gear Fourth to break them, unless they are softened with water beforehand.
  • Man Behind The Curtain: Subverted. He appears to be a massive scary-looking warrior wearing a horned helmet, but when Gear Fourth Luffy knocks him to the ground, he's revealed to be a lean, albeit tall figure. He does, however, state that he hates pain so he uses the Biscuit Knights instead, and very few people had ever made him reveal his true appearance.
  • Marathon Boss: Luffy spent a whopping 11 hours fighting Charlotte Cracker with assistance from Nami. He spent most of that time eating all the Biscuit Armor constructs Cracker would make, and took advantage of a rare switch of offense battling that Cracker made to beat him. This is almost certainly the longest time Luffy had spent fighting a single adversary.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: Cracker is the tenth son out of Big Mom's 46 sons, making him one of the older ones. His fellow Ministers Perospero, Opera, Moscato, and Mont-d'Or are also his older and younger brothers, respectively. And let's not get into his 39 sisters.
  • Mook Maker: Cracker is able to create multiple copies of his biscuit soldier with ease, each of which is extremely tough (as long as it's not wet) and has multiple arms and legs.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Charlotte Cracker can multiply his limbs to wield multiple swords at once. Due to this, his Red Baron is "Thousand Arms". Subverted in that the large soldier figure is not Cracker himself, but a puppet that can have its physiology manipulated by the real one. Cracker can also double up the legs on his Biscuit Soldiers into a foreleg/hind leg set to increase their stability and boost their speed/propulsion.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: His deciding to tell Luffy and Nami about his powers as a joke not only gets his ass kicked, but he is sent flying into Big Mom's house and causes an island-wide lockdown, allowing Luffy and Nami to go deeper into enemy territory (mostly) undeterred.
  • Numerological Motif: As the 10th son of Big Mom, Cracker can create large numbers of Biscuit Soldiers before tiring. The number 10 is used for grouping and as a shorthand expression for "lots".
  • Oh, Crap!: He really didn't expect Luffy to eat up his biscuits and hand him his first legitimate defeat. As the odds became clear to him, he starts whining about the fight being "unfair".
  • Older Than They Look: He's 45 years old, solidly in his middle ages, and old enough to be Luffy's or Nami's father. However, barring some small wrinkles around his eyes, he looks younger and fitter than several of his younger brothers (such as Moscato or Mont'D'or).
  • Powers Do the Fighting: Since he hates pain, he lets his constructs do for the fighting for him. If he engages directly, he usually uses the constructs as an armor and then does sneak attacks in-between.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Like his mother and most of his family/crew, his outfit is mostly pink, and according to him, he's a skilled pastry chef.
  • Red Baron: His epithet, "Thousand Arms", comes from his multi-armed Biscuit Soldier armor.
  • Same-Sex Triplets: Averted. He is the oldest and the only male in a set of mix-gendered fraternal triplets, his younger sisters being Charlotte Custard and Charlotte Angel. They are different enough that they could be easily told apart, with Cracker and Custard having dark purple hair while Angel's hair is light purple.
  • Shaping Your Attacks: As he points out, artists of pastry including himself have refined their craftsmanship heavily over the years, such that he is now able to mold and shape his biscuit material into the likeness of massive, sturdy warriors that he can use to great effect in combat. He is even able to create copies of his soldiers' limbs, allowing them to each wield multiple biscuit swords and shields simultaneously.
  • Smug Smiler: Constantly wears a shit-eating grin, as shown in his folder picture, suggesting utter superiority over his enemies and self-confidence in his own powers (entirely justified). When Luffy becomes the first pirate to get through his defenses and actually might have a chance to defeat him, Cracker's grin turns into a tooth-baring snarl ala Doflamingo.
  • Squishy Wizard: He states that he cannot tolerate even a pin prick of pain, which may spell trouble for him if Luffy manages to break through his defenses and attacks his real body. Ironically, Cracker is defeated by being goaded into attacking Luffy and shot back at his own Biscuit Soldiers like a super tough rock being thrown through several walls. And he's not present for the Tea Party, suggesting his injuries had left him debilitated even a full day later.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero: "Cracker" is a type of bread that's harder and crunchier than biscuits, the latter of which is the basis for his Devil Fruit powers.
  • Stone Wall: With armored soldiers literally as tough as hardtack and then some, Cracker takes forever to wear down. Cracker's Biscuit Soldiers caused an enormous stalemate because the can take a ton of abuse before breaking. And even when Luffy and Nami realized they could be weakened by a torrential downpour — which also made them soft enough to be edible and Luffy started eating his way through them — Cracker just made even more, resulting in a vicious cycle. It took Luffy eleven straight hours through the entire night just to keep Cracker at bay with the help of Nami before he got into a position to commence any actual ass-kicking.
  • Super Strength: Cracker's Biscuit Soldiers can unearth Pound (a considerably big man) from the ground with just one arm, and his attacks are strong enough to blow Luffy through several trees.
  • Teeth Flying: Luffy in Gear Fourth: Tank Man form hits him so hard that after Cracker flies and crash-lands into Sweet City near Big Mom's chateau, he's shown to be missing a few teeth.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: Subverted with Cracker, who has a big yet realistically proportioned body. His Biscuit Warriors play it straight; their torsos are especially massive in proportion to their skinny legs but even said arms are undersized.
  • Underestimating Badassery: He thinks Luffy and Nami aren't that big of a deal, and tells them how his powers work as a mocking reward once they manage to get through his defenses. It gives them enough information to find a counter to his Devil Frui and Cracker he ends up getting punched so hard that he's sent soaring into Big Mom's house, right after she wonders why he's late to a family meeting with the other Sweet Generals.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Barring the single shoulder guard and cape, the real Cracker has no upper garment to wear, displaying his well-toned muscles for all to see.
  • Warrior Prince: As one of Big Mom's sons, he's a prince; he's also rather formidable in combat, enough to be made one of the Sweet Generals of the crew.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: While the Biscuit Soldiers can be made to become very durable, they are still made of biscuits and can be eaten, and also becoming soggy and less dense if they get hit with liquid, such as water (which allowed Luffy to eat them in the first place).
  • Wolfpack Boss: Cracker can generate dozens of Biscuit Soldiers as long as his stamina allows for it, and that lets him engage his opponents with wave after wave of mighty armies. It's quite possible to defeat them individually, but multiply that by as many as forty or fiftyfold and it becomes a huge challenge to keep them at bay, even after they've had their brittleness upon being exposed to moisture revealed.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: He has dark purple hair. Compared to his younger triplet sister, Custard, Cracker's hair is a dull, grayish shade of purple, while Custard's hair is dark yet vibrant.
  • You're Not My Father: Like his mother, Cracker sees his stepfather, Pound (and presumably his real father as well), as an outsider to Big Mom's crew and not true family. When Pound pleads for Cracker to spare him due to their relations, Cracker refuses and tries to have him executed, but Luffy stopped him in time.

    Charlotte Smoothie 

Charlotte Smoothie

Voiced by: Masako Katsuki

Age: 35

Debut: Chapter 846 (Manga), Episode 812 (Anime)

Devil Fruit: Wring-Wring Fruit

The second Sweet General to appear, Smoothie is a human-longleg hybrid, the 14th daughter of the Charlotte Family and the eldest in a set of triplets, her younger sisters being Citron and Cinnamon. She's Totto Land's Minister of Juice, and has eaten the Wring-Wring Fruit (Shibo Shibo no Mi), a Paramecia that allows her to squeeze juice out of any object, as well as absorb the liquid into her body and weapons to increase their size.

She has a bounty of 932,000,000 berries.

  • Advancing Boss of Doom: After Luffy's fight with Katakuri has to take a pause, Smoothie, who has spent the arc involved in minor fights, finally mobilizes and leads a convoy of Big Mom's forces after the Thousand Sunny.
  • Affably Evil: She's rather polite, easygoing, and friendly in casual conversation... even as she uses her powers to forcefully drain the life from a helpless giraffe and woman just to make "juice" for some tea party guests.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: During her pursuit of the Thousand Sunny, Smoothie reveals that one of her powers is to drastically increase her size, nearing the height of a giant. While doing so greatly increases Smoothie's attack power and range, it also increases her weight to the point where she risks sinking her own ship.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: In addition to being a Minister, she apparently is very powerful and has a high enough bounty to warrant her being a Sweet General.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Having the ability to enlarge themselves is quite awesome, especially when it gives you the ability to send giant razor winds. Too bad it's not quite as awesome when the ship you're standing on can't sustain your weight.
  • Beauty Is Bad: She's a beautiful Statuesque Stunner who not only works for Big Mom, but possesses the ability to squeeze the life essence out of people so she can drink it, leaving her victims dried and withered (yet still living) husks.
  • BFS: Carries a long, drill-like one on her back.
  • Big Sister Instinct: In a filler battle between the Big Mom Pirates and the Vinsmokes, she comes to the aid of her younger siblings Mascarpone and Joscarpone after they are quickly defeated and poisoned by Reiju. Smoothie proceeds to take out the poison by wringing the twins' necks together.
  • Big Little Brother: Little Sister variant: At 15 feet and 3 inches, she is taller than many of her older siblings, including her fellow Sweet General older brother, Cracker.
  • Dark Action Girl: The only female Sweet General under Big Mom with the second highest revealed bounty of any female pirate after her mother. She takes a cruel pleasure in using her Devil Fruit powers to squeeze the life out of victims.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Going by her first on-screen victim's facial expression and moans, her Devil Fruit ability gives the victim a... ahem, pleasurable sensation as she wrings out their juices rather than leaving them writhing in pain like you would expect.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Nothing like draining another woman into a pale husk with your Devil Fruit Powers for no stated reason and drinking the byproduct to establish yourself as really bad news. At the same time, she's shown having casually civil conversations with her subordinates within her family's crew, establishing herself as a genuinely friendly person and gracious host, if Affably Evil due to her actions and loyalties.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Although Big Mom is a terrible mother, Smoothie cares about her and is completely loyal to her, to the point of being the one hit the most when Big Mom's falls off the boat. She claims of being sure Big Mom is still alive.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: She has a seductively deep voice, and she's the Minister of Juice and one of Big Mom's three Sweet Generals.
  • A Glass of Chianti: She debuted in Chapter 846 sitting in the Treasure Room, first draining her victim of her life juices, then drinking the juice from a large, custom-sized wine glass like one would fine wine.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Her father was from the Longleg Tribe, explaining why she has extremely long legs. Her mother (barring the gigantic size) is completely human.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: Averted. She and her younger sisters, Cinnamon and Citron, are confirmed to be triplets, but other than being long-haired Longleg hybrids with leg tattoos, they're fraternal siblings and thus are different enough to be told apart from each other.
  • Kick the Dog: She was introduced wringing out one of her own subjects into a dried husk for her "juice". The anime went even further to show Smoothie grabbing said subject just because she was nearest, with the helpless woman begging for her life the entire time, and wringing out her juices until the woman shriveled up on-screen.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: One of her victims that she later drains for party drinks at Pudding and Sanji's wedding, is a Black Widow who killed over a hundred men.
  • Lady of War: Beautiful, elegantly composed, and one of the strongest female pirates introduced thus far. She classily drinks the juice wrung from a victim of her Devil Fruit powers like fine wine.
  • Large and in Charge: A huge, beautiful woman whose height might rival Big Mom herself. She's also a Sweet General, giving her authority and reverence among the crew second only to Big Mom.
  • Leotard of Power: She wears a striped one, along with an extremely long Scarf of Asskicking.
  • Liquid Assets: Literally, in Smoothie's case; she has the power to squeeze some kind of liquid or juice out of seemingly anything as easily as wringing out soaked cloth, leaving them as dried but still-living husks in the case of people. She can even squeeze the liquid out of volcanic rocks.
  • Make My Monster Grow: Her Devil Fruit enables her to absorb liquids and enlarge herself. When she used her ability during the sea battles with the Straw Hats, she almost capsized the ship she was standing on.
  • Making a Splash: Smoothie can release the juices she has absorbed into herself in the form of powerful blasts.
  • Mundane Utility: A weird case. She use her power to serve drinks at Sanji and Pudding's wedding reception. The weird part is while her power is terrifying and potentially devastating in combat, her powers seems to be utility first and combat applications second, and her position as Minister of Juice mean that making drinks is her main duty and her power is best suited to that task.
  • Nice Hat: Wears a huge, floppy hat that resembles a beret.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!:
    • Her first screw-up is to order the opening of the Treasure Room's doors, figuring it'll be more exciting to serve as security detail outside rather than stay cooped up waiting for the intruders to come in, despite Tamago's protests. True to form, Brook narrowly manages to sneak in just as the doors were being closed, allowing him to copy the Road Poneglyphs, a mistake that Smoothie herself acknowledges. It also attracts the fury of Big Mom when the commotion goes on for too long but by then Brook has completed his objective and hid his rubbings within the cracks of his skull.
    • Once she receives word of a library prison breakout thanks to Jimbei setting everyone free (including Luffy and Nami), Smoothie orders her subordinates to not to inform Big Mom, not wanting to ruin the wedding plans or her mother's mood, and tells them to deal with the prisoners themselves. This allows the aforementioned people to get away and later come back with reinforcements to crash the actual wedding.
  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between: Villainous example. Her relationship with her younger triplet sisters Cinnamon and Citron is implied to have this dynamic: Citron is fun-loving, gluttonous, and laidback; Cinnamon is condescending and sees men as foolish and incompetent; and Smoothie is an affable person who's friendly in conversation yet ruthless in battle.
  • No-Sell: Downplayed; she's relatively unaffected by Reiju's "Poison Pink" abilities, as she can simply use her Devil Fruit ability to squeeze the poison out of her body, but even then she's still hurt by the attacks, and she acknowledges that Reiju's powers are a potential problem.
  • Not So Stoic: Despite being calm for most of the time, it's natural she would be terrified to see Big Mom going into a craving sickness while next to her. She's also the one shaken the most by Big Mom's disappearance, and even calls out her brothers for believing she could be dead and thinking about taking her place.
  • Oh, Crap!: She is flat-out terrified when she notices the onset of a craving sickness while right next to Big Mom and without any Alliance members or Vinsmokes to distract her.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. She has the same name as "Iron Bar" Smoothie, one of the centaur guards in Punk Hazard.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Almost 40 chapters after her first appearance and she has notably not done much, especially in combat. Her Sweet General brothers have done most of the fighting thus far. Then she finally gets the order to go after the Straw Hats.
  • Parrying Bullets: Smoothie uses her sword this way when entering Wano, against cannonballs!
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Her right eye is covered by her white hair.
  • Pink Is Feminine: With her debut in Episode 812, her leotard is revealed to be pink with light pink stripes, and her boots are pink-purple, similar to her brother Cracker's color scheme. She is the only female Sweet General.
  • Pretty Princess Powerhouse: Smoothie is the 14th daughter of a queen and pirate Emperor, with the highest as yet revealed bounty for a female in One Piece. She is able to fight as well as her brothers and fellow Sweet Generals.
  • Rapunzel Hair: While it's cropped closely around her face, she has extremely long and wild hair extending down her back. The kicker though is that she's so darn tall that her abundant hair only manages to reach her thighs (Longlegs probably can get away with having really long hair in that respect). This trait is shared with her triplet sisters Cinnamon and Citron, who also have long hair.
  • Same-Sex Triplets: Subverted; she and her younger sisters Cinnamon and Citron are confirmed to be triplets, but other than being long-haired Longleg hybrids with leg tattoos, they're fraternal siblings and thus are different enough to be told apart from each other.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: She wears a large, long, yellow scarf around her shoulders, and is one of Big Mom's three Sweet Generals.
  • She's Got Legs: By default as a member of the Longleg tribe (and the first prominent female Longleg seen in the series), Smoothie's legs are incredibly lanky. And she's got quite the sexy pair.
  • Sizeshifter: When her fleet takes over chasing after the Thousand Sunny, it is revealed that she has the ability to grow larger. She nears the size of a giant and only stops growing further to avoid sinking the ship she is standing on. She becomes this big in order to send out giant-sized Sword Beam attacks at the fleeing Sunny.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only female among the Sweet Generals. The rest are her brothers.
  • Statuesque Stunner: She slightly over 15 feet tall, with extremely long legs, while also being very fit and pretty.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero: She's named after a blended drink of fruits/vegetables. She has an ability that allows her to drain a person's life fluids and drink them.
  • The Stoic: She's almost always calm and deadpan, even when the others are freaking out. Even after the Straw Hats manage to annoy her because she cannot reach the Thousand Sunny, she goes into Tranquil Fury at best.
  • Sword Beam: She can produce gigantic and destructive blasts from her sword using the liquid she has drained from people and objects.
  • Tattooed Crook: She has a tattoo of a rose with thorny vines on her right thigh. She also works for Big Mom as a Sweet General. It's also of note that this is very much an Enforced Trope among Longleg Tribe members to find ways to show off their statuesque legs as a source of pride in them, and getting tattoos to decorate and adorn them is one way of drawing attention to them and both wearing and demonstrating this pride.
  • Terrible Trio: She and her triplet sisters Cinnamon and Citron are essentially the Distaff Counterpart to Katakuri and his triplet brothers Daifuku and Oven. Smoothie is the powerful leader of the trio, while her siblings follow her lead.
  • Touch of Death: She can wring the "juices" out of someone, leaving them a dried-up yet still living husk.
  • The Unfought: The only Sweet General none of the Straw Hats fight in the Whole Cake arc, in fact, she's never seen fighting anyone directly. The only person she actually fights one-on-one is Vinsmoke Reiju, who gives her trouble with her poison powers, and even then their fights are restricted to filler battles.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: The cover to Volume 87 revealed Smoothie's hair to be white, and her debut in Episode 812 follows that design. While she's friendly and easy-going, she's still a Minister and Sweet General loyal to Big Mom.
  • Your Soul is Mine!: Similar to her mother (and Crocodile), Smoothie has the power to suck a person's life energy (albeit in the form of sweet, drinkable juice) out of them, reducing them to a dried (but still living) husk.

    Charlotte Katakuri 

Charlotte Katakuri

Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita

Age: 48

Debut: Chapter 860 (Manga), Episode 825 (Anime)

Devil Fruit: Mochi-Mochi Fruit

"... There's nothing your powers can do that mine can't. I have you beat in both speed and strength."
Chapter 879

The third of the Sweet Generals to appear and the strongest among them, Katakuri is the second son of the Charlotte Family and the eldest in a set of triplets, his younger brothers being Daifuku and Oven. He is Totto Land's Minister of Flour, and has eaten the Mochi-Mochi Fruit (Mochi Mochi no Mi), a special Paramecia that allows him to generate and turn any part of his body into extremely sticky mochi and manipulate it as he wishes. His greatest asset, however, is his incredibly refined Observation Haki, which allows him to see slightly ahead into the future.

He has a bounty of 1,057,000,000 berries.

  • Abnormal Ammo: He uses jellybeans for quick assassinations, flicking them with so much power that he can pierce a man's skull and kill him as if he shot him with a gun.
  • The Ace: He's viewed as this, with Brûlée outright calling him the greatest one of Big Mom's children. He's calm, composed, gallant, serious, doesn't underestimate his enemies, all with the kind of strength that makes him able to easily toy with Luffy. This is an image Katakuri has gone out of his way to cultivate out of his desire to protect his siblings, after Brûlée was horribly scarred in a Revenge by Proxy against him when they were both children. This includes habits that he previously openly displayed as a child, such as lying down and gorging on sweets.
  • Achilles' Heel:
    • He has the ability to generate a sticky substance which can ensnare people, but it loses its cohesion if exposed to liquid.
    • His Observation Haki demands that he remains calm. If his concentration breaks, he can't use it effectively.
  • Adaptational Early Appearance: In the manga, Katakuri’s first appearance took place during the opening of the wedding ceremony. In the anime, he first appeared right after Luffy and Sanji reunited, which was many chapters before the wedding.
  • Adult Fear: He discovered, to his horror and rage, that his own recklessness and confidence in his strength led to the people he beat up targeting and scarring his younger sister Brûlée out of spite. Even though Brûlée doesn't blame him for what happened, that incident became his greatest source of guilt and shame ever since.
  • Affectionate Gesture to the Head: In Chapter 893, after incapacitating Luffy with darts, Flampe imagines Katakuri giving her a pat on the head for a job well done. Instead, when Katakuri finds out she interfered with his fight, he stabbed himself to even the score, and yells at Flampe while showing off his fanged mouth in public for the first time in years.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Flashbacks reveals that Katakuri used to be shunned for having a fanged mouth as a child, but he didn't really care since he was strong enough to beat up anyone who bullied him. Only after Brûlée was scarred as a Revenge by Proxy against him that he adopted the fearsome and perfect image. This is why he kept it hidden underneath his scarf constantly.
  • Aloof Big Brother: Subverted. Threatening and perpetually pissed-off-looking he may be, but Katakuri cares about his family on some level, and his stoic facade is necessary to keep his Haki-based foresight up and running. One way to piss him off is to go after his siblings. He was apparently so beloved that one of his younger sisters, Flampe, is the leader of a fan club dedicated to him and competes for his attention, to the point where she interferes with the fight with Luffy. And even then, what his siblings see of him is an image that Katakuri worked hard to cultivate. Then there was his childhood reaction to Brûlée getting scarred by the bullies he beat up.
  • Always Someone Better: Katakuri is often described by his siblings as "the perfect human being" and as much better than Luffy, while his devil fruit has a similar use of Luffy's Gum-Gum fruit but even more versatile. During the Whole Cake Island arc, Katakuri plays the role of Luffy's better version and an obstacle Luffy needs to surpass if he want to become the Pirate King. On a meta level this even applies to his bounty: 1,057,000,000. Why? Because Luffy's lucky number is 56, which in Japanese can be read as "go-mu", and gomu is the Japanese word for rubber. Essentially, this means that Katakuri is "Luffy +1".
  • Animal Motifs: The pelican eel, in regards to his gaping mouth and his ability to eat twice the amount an average human needs.
  • Anti-Villain: Despite being against Luffy and the Straw Hats and being aligned with the Big Mom Pirates, Katakuri isn't very malicious or villainoous. He loves his family very much (which is a good chunk of why he's so antagonistic), and only is a villain because, in his eyes, the Straw Hats go against them. When he realizes that Luffy is his equal in combat, he also nobly acknowledges this, and is pleased to hear that the crew escaped his mother's clutches later on after Luffy tells him that he'll be the Pirate King.
  • Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: During his fight with Luffy, Katakuri wants to prove him that he's superior to him in everything, to the point of refusing any external help. Because of this, he uses his Mochi-Mochi power in a similar fashion to Luffy's Gum-Gum power. Thanks to the flexibility and fine control of his mochi, Katakuri is able to faithfully recreate most of Luffy's arsenal, and to even greater effect. Luffy's fight with him reveals the power gap between them: Luffy's Jet Gatling attack is famous for punching so fast that it creates the illusion of him having multiple arms and, when Luffy unleashes it, Katakuri answers by forming actual multiple arms out of his mochi and coating them with Haki, and proceeds to pummel Luffy with them. When Luffy pulls out his Elephant Gun, Katakuri retaliates with his own rendition that is as big as Luffy's King Kong Gun.
  • Ass Kicking Equals Authority: After fearing that Big Mom has died, Perospero claims he should become the new captain because he's the first child. However, Daifuku disagrees and says that Katakuri should be the new captain because he's the strongest one.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: In contrast to his siblings, Katakuri has skull motifs all over himself, on his shoulder tattoos and on his belt buckle. His face, when shadowed around the eyes, combined with his facial scars, resembles a skull by itself. With his deadly use of his Devil Fruit power and Haki, it's no wonder he has such a reputation. It's a visual Foreshadowing that he wants to keep himself at a distance so no one would discover his secrets — his fanged mouth, and his sloppy eating habits. The fearsome image is deliberately invoked to protect his siblings.
  • Awesomeness Is a Force: Katakuri has Observation Haki and Armament Haki, both of which he upgraded to frightening degrees. It's later revealed that he also possesses the extremely rare Conqueror's Haki, inherited from his mother Big Mom. He used this in tandem with Luffy's to knock out Flampe and her forces instantly.
  • Badass Baritone: The strongest Sweet General of Big Mom's crew, coming in with an incredibly deep voice.
  • Bait the Dog: Inverted, with a twist. Katakuri started off looking like a very principled and disciplined bad guy. We are led to believe he is totally no-nonsense and handsome. So much so that, according to Brûlée, he never lays down and is said to never let his guard down. Then he erects a shrine to prevent people from seeing him eating for the same reasons. But then the twist is revealed once Luffy breaks in... because inside, Katakuri is lying down, gorging himself on donuts with a smile, and it is revealed to all that he has a mouth filled with sharpened teeth that is the stuff of nightmares. When flashbacks revealed his past, it appeared that Katakuri was bullied for having a nightmarish-looking mouth and developed insecurities over it in a similar vein to Pudding and her Third Eye, which was why he created such a fearsome image... but then it's revealed that he did it out of love for his family, especially his sister, Brûlée, after she was horribly scarred in a Revenge by Proxy against him as a child.
  • Beauty Is Bad: He's less hard on the eyes compared to most of his siblings like Opera or Perospero, but all the other tropes listed in his folder beg to differ. Even if with a fanged mouth, he's still considered handsome in his own way by readers.
  • Beneath the Mask: The real Katakuri is a gluttonous goof who loves gorging on donuts and is sensitive about his "pelican eel" mouth — a deep contrast to the handsome, stoic, and supremely confident older brother and Sweet General he displays to the public, particularly his family. The only time he ever lets down this mask is in private, within the sanctity of a self-resurrected mochi shrine. Part of his Character Development is learning to accept these flaws for the sake of his pride, which finally allows him to cast away the mask permanently.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Seeing him while eating and making a comment about his freakish mouth that sounds even remotely close to an insult, even a Freudian Slip. Justified in regards to his mouth, because he used to be bullied and feared for having a pelican eel's mouth. It's later defied when Katakuri shows Flampe his mouth in a fit of rage, causing her and her crew to ridicule him; Katakuri simply resigns himself to the inevitable humiliation that will come once everyone learns of his secret, and stoically shrugs everything off so he could focus on fighting Luffy fairly.
    • It's downplayed due to his always-cold demeanor, but whenever someone tries to go after his brothers and sisters, his fighting becomes noticeably more aggressive. The bullies who scarred a young Brûlée to spite him presumably paid for their mistake with their lives.
    • Don't interfere in his fights, especially if it's against a Worthy Opponent. His sister, Flampe, found out the hard way.
  • Beware the Mind Reader: His Observation Haki lets him see the immediate future. This is a large part of what makes him such an infamous pirate, since he can easily read someone's intention or easily doge any attack.
  • Be Yourself: Villainous example; his character arc revolves around this.
    • As a child, he was much like Luffy, shoving donuts into his mouth while his triplet brothers Daifuku and Oven laugh in amusement. Perospero tried persuading him to hide his fanged mouth so he could make friends, but Katakuri rebuffed him, stating that "I am what I am!" and he'll beat up anyone who bullies him for it. However, after learning that the bullies he beat up stooped low enough to scar the face of his younger sister Brûlée out of spite, Katakuri thought it was his fault that Brûlée was hurt, so he tried hiding every "weakness" about himself just so he could protect his family from being hurt again.
    • In the present day, Katakuri is the strongest warrior of the Charlotte family (second only to his mother), and has gained a notorious reputation and high bounty for himself. He is widely praised by his brothers and sisters for being the perfect Charlotte, even bragging that he never once laid on his back in his entire life. Deep down, he isn't happy with this, as he suffers from incredible stress trying to maintain his facade and do most of the legwork for his family by himself. The only times he could truly relax is during his "snack times", and even then, he had to keep those a secret by murdering anyone who sees him snacking.
    • After fighting Luffy, who doesn't care what he looks like and even manages to land a few hits on him, Katakuri finally gains the strength to cast away his facade so he could have a fair fight with Luffy. He even shrugs off Flampe's attempt to cruelly humiliate him, after she makes it clear that it's his facade she likes and not the real him. In a symbolic gesture, he takes off his jacket, which bears his family insignia, and tosses it aside.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Surprisingly enough, he has these instincts despite being raised under Big Mom's dysfunction and his generally cold personality.
    • When Luffy tells him to stay away from his friends, Katakuri retorts that Luffy needs to stay away from his "precious" brothers and sisters — and then he continues to give Luffy a cranked-up No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. He also prevents Luffy from striking a taunting Brûlée to make her shut up.
    • As a boy, when Katakuri discovered that his own recklessness and arrogance led to his sister Brûlée being horribly scarred by the bullies he beat up, he was so enraged that he brutalized said bullies off screen. This instinct is the reason he went above and beyond to cultivate his fearsome image, so that none dare to bully his siblings again.
    • However, his relationship with his sisters, Pudding and Chiffon, is a tragic subversion. Despite vowing to protect his family from getting hurt like Brûlée was, Katakuri was notably absent during Chiffon's abuse and Pudding's bullying, which is weird in the latter case since since he himself was once bullied for having a physical deformity like her. Whatever the reason, Katakuri's inaction resulted in both sisters secretly helping the Charlotte family's enemies.
  • Big Brother Worship: Katakuri is the third of 85 children and apparently all of his 82 younger siblings look up to him and idolize him due to his personality, strength, position, and invincibility. According to Flampe, all of his 38 younger sisters selected him as their favorite brother. Brûlée in particular looks up to him, to the point that she would claim that he never even laid himself down once. In the end, despite knowing what Katakuri is like behind closed doors through her mirrors, Brûlée still loves and worships him unconditionally; this is because he went above and beyond to defend her honor after she was horribly scarred in the face by bullies as part of their Revenge by Proxy.
  • Big Eater: Revealed to be one when he gets annoyed that his fight with Luffy delayed his daily snack time by almost an hour and is given a cartload of inner tube-sized donuts to chow down on. Takes on a more literal sense of the term when we see he actually has a mouth filled with fangs attached to his face, one he is not shy of using his mochi-powers on to make it bigger just to fit more in his mouth while eating. He was this in his youth, shoving down donuts without a care in the world, but after his sister Brûlée was scarred out of spite by childhood bullies, Katakuri began seeing his eating habits as one of his many flaws, and started hiding it away from his family and the public.
  • Big Little Brother: At sixteen feet and eight inches, he is much taller than his older siblings, Compote and Perospero.
  • Bizarro Elements: His Devil Fruit is the strangest one yet (barring the non-canon ones). It's a Paramecia, so he is able to produce and manipulate mochi (a type of Japanese rice cake), or more accurately, the substance mochi is made from (water mixed with mochiko or rice flour, specifically from a short-grain japonica glutinous rice known as mochigome.) Besides the absurdity of freely manipulating what is essentially sticky amorphus masses of rice dough, the Mochi-Mochi Fruit is a "special" Paramecia, allowing him to convert his body into it. In short, it's a Paramecia that acts like a Logia.
  • Blob Monster: Despite the Mochi Mochi fruit being a Paramecia, Katakuri's unique usage allows him to turn his body into mochi and shape it at will and, combined with his highly developed Observation Haki, Katakuri can faze through gunshots, blunt, bladed, sharpened weapons and even Haki-enpowered attacked by shaping his body at the last second.
  • Blush Sticker: Gains these briefly after Brûlée tells him that she has previously seen him lying down on his back, by way of mirror.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: No, dude, leaving Luffy to suffocate in a mochi tomb is not going to work. You should have just postponed your snack time to make sure that he was actually dead first. A single instance because he was craving his sugar fix amidst a lifetime of Pragmatic Villainy.
  • Boom, Headshot!: In his first two chapters, he takes out two guys this way by flicking jellybeans through their heads. The second time wasn't even intentional, it was friendly fire and a mistake on his part.
  • Bring It: During the second round of his fight with Luffy, Katakuri non-verbally incite Luffy to fight, considering him a worthy opponent and wanting to fight him at his fullest.
  • Broken Ace: The most powerful and dependable member of the Charlotte family... but, secretly, he's a naturally goofy and laid-back guy who really just wants to happily gorge on donuts and relax with his siblings like he did as a boy. He forced himself to act stoically solely to deter people from hurting them, but maintaining this facade puts him under a lot of stress, so he has his mandatory "snack times" so he could relax alone, away from the public eye, the only moments where he's truly happy. He's so dedicated to keeping his freakish mouth and other perceived "flaws" out of the public eye that he would kill anyone who sees him during his snack time.
  • Broken Pedestal:
    • To his little sister, Flampe after he shows her his fanged mouth and tells her off for interfering with the fight with Luffy, instead of being proud like Flampe expected. This breaks her image of Katakuri as the perfect, dependable brother and makes her loathe him. She proceeds to laugh and ridicule him, and has her crew take photos of his mouth so she can humiliate her brother by exposing his secret to everyone. To his credit, Katakuri knew this would happen the moment he showed off his mouth, but Luffy has proved himself to be a Worthy Opponent, so having a permanently tarnished image doesn't really faze him at this point, and has resigned himself for the inevitable humiliation that will come afterwards.
    • In a surprising subversion, Brûlée knows about Katakuri's fanged mouth and what he's like under his facade, but she completely understands why he acted that way and still loves him for being the big brother who defended her honor as kids.
  • Butter Face: In spite of his Hunk composition, he's revealed to have a gnarly Glasgow Grin with lots of fangs.
  • Character Development: Oddly enough for an antagonist, yes. He develops a deep respect for Luffy over the course of their fight, which is only aided by how Luffy has only judged him by his capabilities as an opponent rather than the idealized image that Katakuri has cultivated for his family, and not the physical and personality flaws that shock and disgust the latter's crew. Eventually, after his sister Flampe tries to interfere in their fight, Katakuri finally breaks out of the Slave to PR mindset that he has adhered to for most of his life, willingly shows off his fanged mouth to Flampe in anger, and despite Flampe and her crew proceeding to cruelly and utterly humiliate him, Katakuri shrugs everything off, not caring anymore. He proceeds to fight Luffy as himself, for himself, on even grounds. This is further symbolized by how he rips off his jacket after knocking out all the spectators — the same jacket that bears his family emblem.
    • A flashback showed that his current "Perfect brother" image came from another development: Initially he didn't care about his appearance because he was strong enough to beat up anyone who mocked him and his siblings weren't too bother by it either. It was only after Brûlée was scarred as Revenge by Proxy that Katakuri started adopting his fearsome image so no one dared lay a hand on his sibling.
  • Chekhov's Gun: His shredded scarf. In his debut, it did nothing but made him look cool and frighteningly ruthless. Later on, it's revealed that he uses his scarf to hide his fanged mouth, which is wide enough to resemble a pelican eel, because people don't take him as seriously with his goofy teeth on display. He is so dedicated to maintaining his "perfect" image that he would kill anyone who sees his mouth. During his fight with Luffy, he later throws his scarf along with his jacket away, as part of his Character Development to not hide behind lies and be comfortable in his own skin, not caring if anyone sees his mouth anymore.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He does indeed help to ruin Bege's assassination plan, though not through predicting the future, but by interfering with the present, when he melds his mochi into a ton of spheres that his siblings can use as earplugs and deploys them en masse, thereby freeing them from the ill effects of Big Mom's Conqueror's Haki screams and allowing them to rampage freely against the alliance coming after her.
  • Climax Boss: Highly formidable compared to the rest of the Big Mom Pirates — we're talking as bad as Jack, if not worse. In fact, he is the biggest threat aside from Big Mom in the whole Totto Land Arc, who only comes into the foray when the tea party commences, but from that moment on, he is shown racking up a body count with no effort and bringing an incredible sense of danger along with him and being the one person who is able to assist his entire family at once when they are incapacitated. His Climax Boss status was cemented in Chapter 878 when Luffy forced him into a mano o mano confrontation to cut off his pursuit of the Straw Hat Pirate.
  • The Coats Are Off: The removal of his jacket, which symbolically represents his decision to cast away the Charlotte name and all its burdens for the sake of his own pride in his fight with Luffy.
  • Cold Sniper: With his no-nonsense personality, and his debut showing him offing a vengeful guest with a jellybean, he certainly counts.
  • Combat Breakdown: As his fight with Luffy keeps going on, he realizes that Luffy's new Snakeman form is just too fast to dodge efficiently with his Observation Haki like he normally does, and reasons he has better chances of winning in an all-out slugfest. It's ultimately what causes the fight to end in Luffy's favor; even though Katakuri is faster, stronger, and more skilled in Haki usage, if there's one thing Luffy is better than Katakuri at, it's taking hits.
  • Combat Clairvoyance: He's trained his Observation Haki so much that he can not only briefly glimpse people's actions and intentions in combat (which is the extent of most people's skill with it), but he can actually see precise images of any immediate future outcome and tell it back with 100% accuracy. He can also utilize his Haki for non-combat purposes, being able to see and hear what people are going to say before they speak — which is also considered to take exceptional skill. It's not infallible though; he could see Pudding dropping to her knees crying, but not why, and Sanji's reflexes are such that even with his foresight he could not hit him.
  • Combat Tentacles: His version of Jet Gatling: sprout dozens of arms behind his back to pummel his opponent with. His leg and also extend and bind opponents the same way.
  • The Comically Serious: He is a stoic precognitive, and utterly ruthless Cold Sniper with a brutal fighting approach... yet he shoots enemies with jellybeans, and his Devil Fruit power is made of a sweet dessert. Then there's the quite hilarious reveal that he's a goofy glutton like the rest of his siblings and he eats like a total slob, gorging on donuts and tea the same way Luffy shoves down meat. His reaction to being discovered is akin to a little kid being caught looking at dirty magazines.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Delivers one to eldest Vinsmoke brother Ichiji offscreen. All that's seen is him holding up his battered body afterwards.
    • Delivered with a literal stomp to Carrot. As Carrot rushes to attack him, he quickly ends the fight by stomping her into the ground.
    • Delivers one to Luffy as well, at least initially. Within a few minutes of fighting, Luffy is a battered, bloody, bruised mess while Katakuri has not a scratch on him. Even after Luffy starts to turn the tide of the fight a bit, Katakuri does not make things easy for him.
  • Curb Stomp Cushion: His fight against Luffy becomes this is Chapter 884. After thoroughly owning Luffy for several chapters, Katakuri makes a critical mistake that allows Luffy to push his Berserk Button and ultimately start landing hits on him as a result note . He still recovers and sends Luffy flying shortly in the next chapter.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He was bullied and feared by everyone for having a "pelican eel"'s mouth, and everyone kept running away from him. When Flampe and her crew ridicule him and take pictures of his mouth, he remembers people running away from him every time he appeared. In a twist, his appearance didn't bother him so much as his inability to protect Brûlée during their childhood. This is why he always obscured his lower face with his scarf and develop a perfect, serious and powerful image.
  • David Versus Goliath: The extremely powerful "Goliath" to Luffy's "David", though unlike the Biblical story, Katakuri's fight presents what would've happened if Goliath decided to attack first. The result was wince-inducing. Luffy eventually won through sheer endurance.
  • Death Glare: His default expression. It becomes more intense when he undergoes moments of Oh, Crap! such as foreseeing Big Mom's wedding plans going down the crapper and being unable to stop it.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype:
    • Of The Paragon. It is clear that despite Big Mom seeing him as a "lowly child", Katakuri's siblings look up to him and praise him for being the shining example of what a Charlotte should be. They even admire him for never once lying down in his life. But because his sister Brûlée paid the price for his carelessness in their childhood note , he's very sensitive about allowing anybody to see his goofy side or anything that can be perceived as a "flaw". This includes his Luffy-like eating habits. So he cultivated an image for himself as the powerful, dutiful, stoic, hard-working, handsome, and no-nonsense sibling, and took great pains in keeping his flaws a secret by killing anyone who sees him with his mouth exposed or seeing him doing something he wouldn't do in public. The result was his family showering endless praise and adoration on him... but deep down, Katakuri suffers from incredible stress keeping up his facade, so he has "snack time" periods where he can be alone and truly act like himself, happily singing while chugging down sweets and black tea without a care in the world. When he finally meets (and fights) someone who only judged him based on his fighting skills and didn't give a shit about his monstrous mouth or eating habits, Katakuri begins to develop a great degree of respect for Luffy and not care if someone ridicules him again. He even casts aside his jacket bearing his family's name (along with his scarf), making it clear that he will not depend on his family's opinion of him anymore.
    • Of The Dreaded as well. Katakuri went out of his way to develop this kind of reputation as a way to protect his siblings, after his recklessness led to his enemies targeting him through Brûlée. This is deconstructed in two ways. Firstly, maintaining the reputation put considerable strain on his psyche that he must relieve during his private snack time. Secondly, his siblings are beaten left and right by enemies who don't know his reputation because of the fundamental flaw of The Dreaded: Your reputation means nothing to enemies who never heard of you or too fearless to care. It also adds more stress on top of what he already has.
  • Deconstructive Parody: Of The Stoic No-Nonsense Nemesis Archtype. Have you ever considered how do they maintain their stoicism and seriousness all the time? His stoicism is necessary to keep his Observation Haki working. Once his stoicism breaks, he's like a blind man charging into a fight. Or what are they really like when no one's watching? A very dedicated family man who is under incredible stress from having to maintain a stoic public facade for the sake of his siblings; his "snack times" are what kept him from snapping from the pressure, since he was able to relax and eat under the comfort of solitude.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Thrice, in his lifetime.
    • He didn't think that the bullies he beat up as a child would go to stoop so low as to attack and scar one of his sisters. It's what led to him becoming one of the most feared combatants of his mother's crew.
    • He didn't expect Sanji to counter with his own Observation Haki. Not only does Sanji dodge his jellybean and make Pudding cry, causing Big Mom's wedding plans to go completely off-rails, but it also tips off the Vinsmokes, Big Mom's intended targets. And after the Luffy clones arrive, he tells everyone to focus on the real Luffy, failing to take into account that Brook, who disguised himself as Luffy, was among the clones, allowing him to smash Mother Carmel's picture undeterred.
    • He didn't see Luffy eating his way out of the Mochi mountain he's buried under which is exactly how his brother Cracker went down. As such, he was caught completely off-guard in the worst possible time ever, so much that his nigh-unbreakable concentration starts faltering for the first time and leaves him vulnerable to actually getting hit.
  • Double Knockout: Luffy and his fight concludes with both collapsing from their final strike. It takes ten minutes for the two to recover, and he ultimately loses when he doesn't have the strength to continue despite briefly managing to get back on his feet.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Is named after food like most of his siblings. His name is based on the Japanese "katakuriko", meaning "potato starch"; while his scarf doesn't resemble potato starch, it is related to potatoes, instead resembling a long cloth made of shredded potato wrapped around his neck. The literal translation of his name, "Dogtooth", comes from the Dogtooth violet flower, where the leaves are used to make edible starches.
  • Endurance Duel: His whole fight with Luffy. With his powerful Haki and mochi Devil Fruit, Katakuri is clearly the stronger fighter offense-wise. But Luffy manages to come out of every single attack he dishes out, either through luck or sheer determination. Eventually, Luffy wins.
  • Endearingly Dorky: The big, stoic and handsome badass of the Charlotte Family loves to gorge on donuts without a care in the world while singing like an absolute dork in private is hilarious for such a scary and intimidating man. In-Universe, even some of his siblings who grew up with him as a boy were fine with him acting like this, with his triplet brothers Daifuku and Oven laughing in amusement as they chow on donuts with him in a flashback.
  • Epic Flail: His apparent Finishing Move, after turning his whole body into a wheel of mochi, he spins to his opponent and turns his arm into a spiky flail. He the coats it in Haki, slams into the opponents. Katakuri then spin the flails overhead with the opponent still sticking to it before slamming them to the ground. The damage done is brutal.
  • Establishing Character Moment: He is first seen taking out an angered tea party attendee with ruthless efficiency, so much that the Firetank Pirates, ruthless killers themselves, are freaked out. He then goes on to show himself as a No-Nonsense Nemesis when havoc breaks at the tea party. Later on, however, its revealed there is much more to him.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Downplayed, since he's not exactly evil, but he loves all his family members and looks out for all of them despite their flaws.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: While not exactly "evil", Katakuri is loyal and supports his evil mother and all of his family, even if their aim are clearly malevolent. As ruthless as he is, Katakuri is not the type to needlessly torture people. As during the Tea Party, rather than let the Vinsmokes suffer, he constantly orders Perospero to just kill them and put them out of their misery. Katakuri also highly values honor and fairness in combat. Despite considering Luffy an enemy, he wants to settle his fight with him fairly. After learning of Flampe's interference, Katakuri, not wanting to fight and win so dishonorably, stabs himself in the same spot he stabbed Luffy with to compensate her interference and furiously berates her for her actions.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Flampe's flunkies fawn over Katakuri with blushes, as they help her try to handicap Luffy. However, all that admiration goes out the door, once they see his real face and help Flampe try to humiliate him throughout Tottoland.
  • Evil Redhead: His hair is a deep maroon color, and befitting the dark hue, this guy is deadly serious. Downplayed in that, although he's loyal to the evil Big Mom, he's an honorable Anti-Villain.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Has a very deep voice (as is usually the case with characters voiced by Tomokazu Sugita).
  • Expy:
    • The way he predicts people's future actions and speech using Haki is similar to how Joseph Joestar uses Ripple to predict the villains' words and surprise them. As an added bonus, the two characters even share the same voice actor!
    • His character design has an uncanny resemblance to Zebra - they both have similar hair color and large muscular appearances, are very cold and ruthless and have scars on their cheeks (Zebra has a chunk of his left cheek torn off showing some of his gums while Katakuri has stitches from his mouth to his earlobes).
  • Fatal Flaw:
    • Self-indulgence. His patience gradually drops the longer he's denied his scheduled Guilty Pleasure meals, to the point where he gets sloppy and didn't even assure his victory over Luffy before he walked away from the fight just so he could indulge in his overdue merienda. Something that came back to bite him when a not-so-dead Luffy, mere moments later, crashed it and caught him completely off-guard in the process.
    • His Pride. He's so ashamed of his gluttony and his fanged mouth, that if you witness it, mention it, or mock it in even the slightest manner, Katakuri will become so blinded with rage his focus will be torn away from battle and he'll forget to maintain his Observation Haki, which means he'll be left open to attack. It's also revealed in Chapter 902 that, as a child, he made the same mistake his family made — overestimating his own strength; it's what made Brûlée the target of a vicious Revenge by Proxy and got her horribly scarred.
  • Flash Step: He's very fast and is able to perform the Flashstep, catching Luffy off guard in their 1 v. 1 when he easily dodges a Gear Second attack. Even more impressive though, Katakuri's Observation Haki and speed also allow him to kick Luffy down while he's in the middle of attempting to Flashstep behind him.
  • Foil:
    • To Luffy of the Straw Hats:
      • Luffy is friendly, determined, goofy, and... stupid. Katakuri is stoic, calculating, and ruthless. Except he does have a bit of a relaxed, goofy side to him like Luffy... just not in public.
      • Both have Devil Fruits that allow them to manipulate their own bodies in some way... yet their personalities are the exact opposite of them. Luffy is made of rubber and is a Big Eater, Katakuri is made of mochi, a type of Japanese sweet, yet he doesn't partake in eating. Or so you're led to believe- he really is a glut, but he's sensitive about showing the undignified manner of wolfing down a Guilty Pleasure meal, while Luffy just eats like that out in the open and shamelessly. Carrot notes in Chapter 877 how similar their powers are to each other. And in Chapter 879, Katakuri can check, copy, and counter ever single one of Luffy's moves and surpass them in destructive might.
      • Luffy dresses in simple but very bright clothes. Katakuri looks like he's a member of a criminal biker gang.
      • Luffy is the dangerous captain of a rising pirate crew. Katakuri is the dangerous subordinate of an entrenched pirate Emperor.
      • Both Luffy and Katakuri get their energy from different foods. While Luffy doesn't shy away from anything that looks good, he usually eats lots of meat as they are good sources of protein. Katakuri's food choices are rather unhealthy — his choice of drink, black tea, is very high in caffeine, and he eats lots of donuts and sweets just to get his strength up, essentially overloading on sugar.
      • Flashbacks to his childhood in Chapter 902 show that Katakuri is a naturally goofy, laid-back person who could care less about people making fun of him or his eating habits — much like Luffy. However, people who hurt his beloved brothers and sisters — much like people who hurt Luffy's friends — immediately earn his wrath and cause him to get deadly serious. The only difference between them is that Katakuri decided to make himself look serious and scary all the time (at least in public) in order to deter people from ever attacking his family and crew at all; Luffy, meanwhile, still allows himself to be goofy and carefree, and simply deals with whoever underestimates him and tries hurting his friends.
      • Their powers reflect their personalities — Katakuri's powers are based on mochi which reflects how he allowed himself to be molded by his family's standards of him, and how he easily crumbles during his fight with Luffy once he's out of steam and breath. Luffy's powers are based on rubber, representing his unwavering determination and ideals despite being beaten again... and again. This determination is what allows him to finally win against Katakuri after a very brutal battle in the Mirror World.
    • He's also one to his younger brother and fellow Sweet General, Cracker.
      • While both are very powerful fighters, Cracker boasts a big game yet prefers to hide behind his Biscuit Soldiers because he dislikes pain. Katakuri is very willing to get his own hands dirty (literally, as he can turn himself into mochi) and fights at the forefront. As a result, he's proven himself to be an even deadlier opponent than Cracker.
      • Their reveals were handled in different directions. Cracker looks quite Gonk but turns out it's the Biscuit Soldiers he creates that are Gonk; the real Cracker is actually decent-looking, appearance wise. Katakuri is a muscular and ruggedly handsome Hunk but underneath his scarf is a mouth that's full of sharp and massive boar-like fangs that he keeps hidden at all times because he's really ashamed of it.
      • Cracker's Devil Fruit powers create hard substances (crackers). Katakuri's mochi powers are quite soft yet is used for deadly effect and can be hardened with Haki. Both never seem to realize that their powers are essentially food and thus can be eaten.
    • He's also one to his other sister, Pudding, surprise, surprise:
      • Like the majority of her family, Pudding dresses herself in bright clothing, fitting in well with Totto Land's colorful environment. Katakuri looks like he decided to go through a Badass Biker phase, leather and tattoos and all, which makes him stick out like a sore thumb.
      • Pudding's a very nice girl which is a mask that hides the crazy, sadistic brokenness inside. Katakuri's either always stoic, or looks like he's going to kill someone. His stoicism is partly the result of intense focus because his Observation Haki relies on it, and partly his own facade. When completely alone with food, he's as goofy and sloppy as Luffy.
      • Pudding and Katakuri's powers contrast each other — think Katakuri's mochi powers are completely useless? Not when it's busy pummeling you, crushing you, or suffocating you to death. Pudding's power, the Memo Memo Fruit, is outwardly frightening, down to its very concept; she can edit your memories however she likes and leave you none the wiser.
      • Both Pudding and Katakuri went through hellish childhoods for being born with a physical abnormality that was out of their control, and they reacted to it in different ways. Pudding believed her Third Eye made her a monster, and changed herself to fit everyone's perceptions of her out of self-loathing and spite, but in reality, the extra eye didn't detract from her beauty at all. Katakuri, on the other hand, initially didn't really care about his monstrous mouth, but he ended up changing himself out of love for his siblings after his reckless violence caused his bullies to target his sister, Brûlée, out of Revenge by Proxy instead.
      • Pudding and Katakuri's turning points come from a life-and-death meeting with a Straw Hat. Sanji compliments Pudding's Third Eye during a (failed) happy wedding that would kill the Vinsmokes. The heavily-injured Luffy sees Katakuri's mouth and sloppy eating habits firsthand during their violent fight, yet chooses to ignore them, which makes Katakuri eventually see Luffy as a Worthy Opponent.
    • He's also one to God Eneru from the Skypiea Arc in several ways:
      • They're both villains with great experience using Kenbunshoku Haki, with Eneru even being the villain that introduced it. However, even Eneru admits that it's not perfect; Katakuri uses it constantly and is completely confident in his ability... but the information gap in his visions sometimes end up resulting in bad calls of judgement.
      • Eneru's Devil Fruit involves the manipulation of an outside force (lightning), yet was completely weak against Luffy's due to rubber serving as an insulator/repellent against electricity, Katakuri's DF has been established as inherently superior to Luffy's, and involves manipulating his own body to fight Luffy.
      • Whereas Eneru was content to let his minions do the fighting for him, Katakuri has a more hands-on approach, and would not let his other siblings/Chess Soldiers interfere with his battles if he thinks he can handle it himself (which is often).
      • Due to his god complex, Eneru underestimated his opponents which bit him hard in the ass. Katakuri, because of his foresight, understands the potential danger enemies bring and tries very hard not to make the same mistake... of course, he still underestimates Luffy in some fashion, particularly in how despite his mochi powers being superior to Luffy's Gum-Gum powers in almost every way, they're still made of mochi... which is entirely eatable.
      • They both favor a trident as their complimentary weapon. However, Eneru's started out as a Simple Staff and its metal body allowed it to be molded into a trident in the first place.
      • Eneru dresses up in bright colors and his appearance/outfit has Buddhism/Shintoism motifs, projecting the image of a god or holy man. Katakuri, with his all-black leather getup, his scars and skull tattoos, looks like a biker and a criminal, and therefore the last person who would be sighted at a church or holy grounds. The places they hail from further proves it — Eneru lives in Skypeia, a land deeply immersed in religion. Katakuri as well as his mother and the rest of his large family lives in the decadent, hedonistic Totto Land. Katakuri's "daily snack times" always take place in his personal mochi-made "shrine", and what he actually does in there is lie down while scarfing down sweets and tea to his heart's content, which would be offensive behavior for typical churchgoers.
  • Freudian Excuse:
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: From a shunned boy with a fanged, monstrous mouth, to the most powerful Sweet General with fearsome abilities and a bounty that surpasses a billion berrys. Katakuri would've been fine with remaining the former but decides to become an infamous and fearsome warrior after his sister Brûlée was scarred for life.
  • Genre Refugee: He wouldn't be out of place in a darker, older manga series like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Berserk, or Fist of the North Star. However, not only is he stuck in the weird and whimsical world of One Piece, but also the deceptively hyper-saccharine Tottoland. Underneath his facade, he's actually as much of a goof as any character in the world of One Piece.
  • Glasgow Grin: Underneath his scarf is a mouth full of sharp, thin fangs, connected by stitched scars on both sides of his face. It has an eerie resemblance to a pelican eel's mouth when mochi is applied to it. He got it as a child, after attempting to eat too many donuts at once. He sees it as a "flaw" because, after Brûlée paid the price for his arrogant carelessness when they were children, he hid everything imperfect about himself so he would look perfect to his family and anyone who sees his mouth is brutally murdered. Only after getting in a fight with Luffy does he willingly show it.
  • Gonk: In-Universe his mouth filled with teeth are viewed as such. He was shunned for it as a boy and tends to kill subordinates out of shame if they see it. Out of universe he's still considered attractive with the teeth.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a stitched scar on both sides of his face that's barely hidden by his scarf. It is reminiscent of a Glasgow Grin, and it may very well be one. It most certainly is, but with an added twist- it connects to a mouth filled with elongated, razor-sharp, teeth.
  • Graceful Loser: Completely out of gas, heavily injured, and just barely conscious after failing to take out Luffy in their final clash of attacks, Katakuri graciously accepts his defeat and calmly quips about Luffy's determination before falling down, defeated.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Katakuri is a closet hedonist, who is a sucker for sweet snack foods like donuts and goes to great lengths to avoid showing people what he does off-duty while eating massive yardage of sweets like a slob, even erecting a mochi shrine that acts as his "sanctuary".
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Let's face it, if this wasn't One Piece, and Katakuri wasn't Katakuri, you'd think that the power to create mochi would be pretty pathetic. Since it is, Katakuri uses it to trap his opponents, dodge and absorb attacks, grow extra arms and turn them into maces...
  • Hellbent For Leather: He wears a tough-looking, all-leather getup somewhat resembling a cross between a Cowboy and a Badass Biker, which contrasts the silly-looking, circus-like outfits of his siblings. Which is also a clue to what he's truly like on the inside when he's later discovered chowing down donuts and tea without a care in the world.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • When not keeping up pretensions for his family, Katakuri lets himself go completely loose during his snack times, chomping down sweets and guzzling black tea like Luffy does. His snack times are the only times he's truly happy.
    • Like Pudding, Katakuri was bullied and feared because his fanged mouth resembled a pelican eel's. He kept his mouth constantly hidden because of it, and kills anyone who see it, likely to Never Be Hurt Again.
      • And even those depths have hidden depths: Katakuri personally didn't care about his monstrous appearance, but forewent it in favor of the image of the perfect, invincible warrior son to keep his family from becoming Revenge by Proxy targets like Brûlée did in their childhood.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: He's cold and ruthless, but that is all a facade to build the image of a perfect and terrifying warrior to protect his siblings from being targeted by enemies. As deep down, Katakuri is a noble and good man at heart who only wants the best for his family.
  • Hide Your Otherness: Katakuri has hidden his jagged, eel like teeth from the public eye since childhood. This is because, while he himself could care less about the boys who picked on him (he would just easily beat them all up and drive them off), they evidently were not scared of him enough and thought that they could get away with attacking his little sister Brûlée instead (which left her with a permanent, hideous scar across her whole face). For this reason, he made sure to cover his goofy mouth in order to fully terrorize his enemies and deter them from attacking his siblings. As an adult, he's even gotten to the point where he kills anybody who happens to see it (along with his slovenly snacking habits, for that matter). Ironically, his older brother Perospero did advise him to hide his mouth so he could have friends when they were younger, but only heeded the advice after Brûlée was hurt. It's later averted in Chapter 893, where he ultimately decides a fair fight with Luffy is more important than staying in his family's good graces, and so discards his scarf that hides it, as well as his jacket that bears his family's insignia on it, leaving his mouth entirely exposed.
  • Honor Before Reason: When he realizes that his sister Flampe had allowed him to seriously injure Luffy with his trident, he stabs himself to compensate for his not requested advantage before berating her for her actions, revealing his mouth without caring who sees it which shattered his public image, and destroying his whole reputation for a fair duel.
  • Hunk: Even with his covered up mouth scars, he's ruggedly attractive with a manly, muscular physique. Well, except for the giant, thin, teeth pointing out from his mouth.
  • Hypocrite: Just mere moments after refusing to lower his guard in letting Luffy transform, he assumes he's defeated Luffy and goes off to enjoy snack time. Luffy then eats his way out of defeat and catches him totally off-guard and in a genuine moment of weakness (as in a food-related moment of weakness).
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: Defied. He and his younger brothers, Daifuku and Oven, are fraternal triplets, and thus they are different enough to be told apart from each other. Daifuku notably looks older of the three brothers despite being younger than him.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: Definitely has them. In his introduction proper, he hit a man square in the forehead with a hand-thrown, bean-sized projectile from a considerable distance and height away from him. In a variant, he manages to find the real Luffy in between dozens of his Brûlée-made clones, presumably with his Haki and immediately traps him with his powers.
  • Improbable Weapon User: He can throw jellybeans as deadly projectiles.
  • Informed Flaw: For some reason, people in the One Piece world find his true face hilarious, as Flampe's men crack up laughing as soon as they see it. In fact, it's to the point that he has to cover his mouth up just so people can take him seriously. The apparent hilarity of a 16 foot tall, incredibly buff pirate commander who practically has vampire fangs for teeth is probably lost on those of us in the real world, however.
  • Invincible Villain: Deconstructed; he's famed as this by his prideful family, but nearly all of the Big Mom Pirates have a collectively swelled head and are so cocky they spout too much arrogance for their own good and assume they can't lose. He's actually Nigh-Invulnerable being puffed up to look invincible. Katakuri starts off as somebody who is seemingly infallible, but eventually, his weakness start to show and he is just functionally invincible and aided by a form of Super Toughness. The first hint that he can be felled is that his Observation Haki is not always reliable. The next comes after his fight with Luffy goes from being one-sided to even for a few moments because his Observation Haki fails to work while he loses his concentration. Katakuri then reveals he is pretending to get hit with attacks and masterfully dodging them by reshaping his body into mochi and as long as he holds his concentration incredibly sharp, he won't fall. He's like a cat — if he gets hit, he will always right himself even in mid-tumble and even if he just hit his head on the ground! Also, it has been years since anyone has managed to hit him. And it's revealed the reason why he's so powerful is that he got too overconfident in his own strength as a child against some thugs, which ended up in his sister, Brûlée, being the target of a vicious Revenge by Proxy plan. His failure to protect her pushed him to such extremes to the point where he became an utter "monster".
  • Knight of Cerebus: While many of the other Charlotte siblings have been shown to be quirky yet really dangerous, Katakuri takes it up a level by being a No-Nonsense Nemesis, who is extremely competent and brutal as a fighter.
  • Large and in Charge: His height is revealed in a SBS issue and it is a whopping 509 centimeters (16'8") — taller than his younger triplet brothers, Daifuku (489 cm/16'0.5"), and Oven (492 cm/16'1"), who are both very tall themselves. That being said, he is the Minister of Flour, and he's an extremely badass member of the Charlotte Family.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Even moreso than even the Straw Hats' Monster Trio. His Haki-based foresight and Devil Fruit powers make him an all-around threat, and he has the level of physical speed that ensures he can counter his enemies' attacks before they could even lift a finger. With his ability to make multiple mochi limbs and cover all of them with Armament Haki, he is just a walking Curb-Stomp Battle waiting to happen.
  • Like Father, Like Son: He's every bit as gluttonous, hedonistic and hammy as his mother when no one's watching.
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: His usual personality, as noted under Wacky Parent, Serious Child. At least in public. What he actually is in private he is quite the opposite. Katakuri also does not have that douchey arrogance that all of the other Big Mom Pirates exhibit because he actually is as good as he says and knows never to underestimate his opponents no matter what and admits his mistakes, which makes him a true through-and-through badass. He ultimately is this more than Like Father, Like Son above. Big Mom just considered her children tools to expand her power while Katakuri genuinely cared for his siblings to the point of brutalizing anyone who came after them.
  • Logical Weakness:
    • Katakuri's Devil Fruit substance revolves entirely around being sticky, so naturally, dousing him in water (or any kind of liquid) greatly nullifies its effectiveness.
    • While Katakuri's Observation Haki lets him see farther into the future with greater accuracy than anyone else, it's still based on other people's actions and not his own. Once he does act on his visions and change the future he sees, it takes a moment for his visions to update in which he can't see anything, which is how Sanji is able to dodge his surprise attack.
    • His immense Observation Haki requires an equally immense amount of concentration. Should something cause his concentration to falter, his Observation Haki is disabled until he regains his focus, making him a lot easier to hit. It's also not something he can do every minute of every day; relaxing and recollecting himself is why he takes his private snack breaks. Luffy interrupting said snack time and catching Katakuri with his Haki down is how he discovers this weakness.
  • Made of Iron: Good Grief is this man one of the tougher opponents Luffy has faced in a long while, practically on par with Lucci in tenacity of a fight. Sure Doflamingo took some doing too, but at least it took Luffy's Gear Fourth move to start breaking through his toughness and he managed to end the fight within two tries once he activated it. Katakuri? His combination of the Mochi-Mochi Devil Fruit and Armament Haki is so inhumanly tough that Luffy needs Gear Fourth to do lasting damage at all. Add to that an advanced Observation Haki where he can see every move coming and the extreme versatility of his Mochi powers, and you have quite the beast of an opponent. The fact that the fight took 10 hours is a testament of how strong Katakuri is.
  • Marathon Boss: His fight with Luffy lasted almost as long as the latter's fight with Cracker did. For comparison, that fight lasted over eleven hours.
  • Master of All: Even for New World standards, his versatility is extremely impressive, with raw speed and strength outclassing Luffy, proficient marksmanship, deadly spearmanship skills, powerful Armament Haki, an awakened Devil Fruit used with incredible creativity, and most dangerous of all, unparalleled mastery of Observation Haki that allows him to adapt and counter any situation before it even happens. The cherry on top is that he even has the frighteningly rare Conqueror's Haki.
  • Memetic Badass: In-universe; Brûlée hailed him as the strongest Charlotte ever, that he has never laid down from the moment he was born, that he's always gallant, and never rests. All to setup the next chapter which reveals Katakuri's massive Hidden Depths.
  • Mirror Boss: Serves as one to Luffy. Their powers and techniques are very similar to one another, with their fight taking place in a literal mirror realm to drive the point home. Heck, they even look a little similar with their facial scars and untidy mop hairstyles.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: There is a giant, gaping maw lurking underneath that scarf of his and it is filled to the brim with pointy teeth.
  • Mr. Fanservice: A handsome, hunky, and brooding Walking Shirtless Scene. His real face averts this trope, however.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: With his devil fruit, Katakuri can create multiple arms both on his own body and in the surrounding areas, that allows him to attack from too many directions to counter, much less see where they are coming from. He also uses it to counter Luffy's gatling with his own, as a way to prove his abilities are superior.
  • My Greatest Failure: His inability to protect Brûlée when she was subjected to Revenge by Proxy by his childhood enemies haunted him into developing the fearsome, dreadful image he is today.
  • My Kung Fu Is Stronger Than Yours: Done to Luffy himself. Katakuri's Mochi-Mochi fruit allows him to stretch and contort his body just like Luffy, but it's superior in many ways; Luffy's body only takes on the properties of rubber while Katakuri can actually transform into mochi; Luffy's Gatling only creates the illusion of growing more arms while Katakuri can actually grow more arms; Luffy's Elephant Gun is limited by how much air he can blow into his hand while Katakuri's Elephant Gun can be any size he wants. As such, Luffy has a hard time against him. His Block Mochi is also harder than Armament Haki.
  • Nerves of Steel: Not only does he largely maintain his composure when everything goes to shit during the wedding, but he stays completely calm even as the entire castle is falling over and taking him down with it. He even catches his sister Galette mid-free fall and dryly tells her to "calm down" as she (understandably) freaks out at their predicament. There's actually a good reasoning behind this; he has to stay calm and collected at all times in order to use his Observation Haki.
  • Never Be Hurt Again: With a twist. While Katakuri was bullied and shunned for having a fanged mouth as a kid, he never cared much because he was strong enough to beat up anyone who laughed at him. It came back to bite him in the ass when his younger sister, Brûlée, was targeted and horribly scarred via Revenge by Proxy by the same bullies he beat up. Realizing that his carelessness got one of his siblings severely injured, Katakuri took extreme lengths to hide all of his "weaknesses", such as his mouth and eating habits, and eventually became The Dreaded so he could protect his siblings by reputation. The real reason is more "Never let them get hurt again".
  • Never Gets Fat: Like his mother, he is a glutton who eats sweets as often as she does. Despite this unhealthy habit, he still remains muscular and hunky.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Despite being having almost perfect Combat Clairvoyance, Katakuri ends up making bad calls that fail to improve the situation for his family. First, he tries to snipe Sanji when he predicts that Pudding and the priest will fail to do so, only for Sanji to dodge and tip off the Vinsmokes that something's going on. Then, when Luffy and his clones appear to wreak havoc, he captures the real Luffy and tells everyone to ignore the transformed animals and focus on Luffy, which seemed like a good plan... except he made everyone ignore Brook (who disguised himself as Luffy), allowing him to sneak around and destroy Mother Carmel's portrait.
  • Nigh-Invulnerable: While he's not a Logia (anymore), his Devil Fruit gives his body blob-like properties as long as he's not wet, acting like one in spirit. He's been shown to shrug off getting shot, sliced, blown apart, and is even able to avoid Haki-infused strikes. This is actually an illusion he keeps up with his immense Observation Haki, morphing his body in tune with the enemy strikes he predicts so that it looks like he's unstoppable, but even being Made of Iron he will feel a solid hit just like anyone else. The real challenge, as Luffy discovers, is overcoming that Observation Haki so he can actually get hits in.
  • Nightmare Face: His Death Glare evolves into this when someone pushes one of his Berserk Button. He promptly slaughters the chefs who saw his face, and looked downright monstrous as he angrily confronted the childhood bullies who scarred Brûlée's face. On that note, his face itself, when revealed, is pretty darn terrifying, and quite vampiric, even!
  • Noble Demon: A villain though he may be, he does have a very strict code of honour. When he figures out that his sister has been attacking Luffy from the sidelines, he not only tells her off, he also stabs himself in fairness and as an apology to Luffy for the unfair advantage he (Katakuri) had been granted. The two then combine their Haki to knock Flampe out so they can have a fair fight.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown:
    • After a while, his "fight" with Luffy stops being a fight and just turns into Katakuri brutally smashing Luffy into the ground (or wall) every time he tries to move. Especially after Luffy gets a lucky few hits in by taking advantage of his broken focus and Katakuri dials up his own focus to maximum so that Luffy will never get a chance to catch him by surprise again.
    • The bullies who scarred young!Brûlée's face to spite Katakuri for beating them up ended up being targeted by a very enraged Katakuri. It wasn't pretty.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: He doesn't screw around at all, having a dead-serious attitude and opting to aim for the head and snipe his enemies down before they even have a chance to act. Although, he does have that one thing he does where he eats like it's his happy time... ahem... Even then, he makes sure nobody can see that side of him and live.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Compared to One Piece's usual wacky designs, Katakuri looks like he came straight out from Berserk or some other darker manga. He also has Tsurime Eyes like Mihawk, a design that's rarely seen in One Piece. This effect works very well in his favor because it showcases how much of a threat he stands out as. That's before his mouth is revealed.
  • Not So Above It All: He is hailed as completely perfect by his siblings, deathly serious and tirelessly dutiful to the point of never even laying down. In general, he sticks out like a sore thumb from his goofy, colorful, confection-obsessed family. When he erects a mochi shrine to conceal himself when eating, everyone assumes it's just because he's that solemn where he considers mealtime as a sacred duty rather than a social event. In truth, the shrine is to conceal him as he scarfs down donuts just as irreverently as any of his relatives, even using his powers to stretch out his mouth. When Luffy bursts down the door and exposes the truth to their fight's onlookers, he doesn't take it very well.
  • Not So Invincible After All: In Chapter 883, after Luffy manages to land a solid hit due to Katakuri's loss of focus causing his Combat Clairvoyance to fail, much to the former's surprise, as previously Luffy hadn't even been able to land a single blow.
    Luffy: You're definitely super strong... but you're not invincible!
  • Not So Stoic:
    • He usually doesn't do more than a Death Glare mostly because of his scarf hiding his mouth, but the moment he foresees Pudding dropping to her knees crying at the altar, it's been a long series of Oh, Crap! moments for him as the wedding plans come undone. Bege noticed he looked extremely terrified after the fact, which made Bege assume his assassination plans will be successful (they fail). When he gets angry, the only way to tell is when his face gets shadowed and veins start appearing.
    • It turns out his stoic appearance is partly a facade, as seen when he has his private tea time, he lies on his back messily scarfing down doughnuts without a care in the world. He takes pains to make sure no one sees this... or at least that no one sees this and lives.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • He foresees the wedding plan come completely undone, but he can't do anything about it. Then Sanji dodges one of his jellybeans, a nigh-impossible feat for anyone else, and from there everything goes to shit for the poor guy as every move he makes just give the Straw Hat-Firetank Alliance an advantage to retaliate. His terrified reaction is what allows Capone Bege to realize that their plan to bring down Big Mom may have a chance to work (it doesn't, unfortunately).
    • Has this reaction like mad when he's outed as a slave to his guilty pleasures. Likewise when Luffy actually manages to get a hit off on him, discovering his weakness in the process despite Katakuri trying to keep up his bravado.
    • The closest he's gotten to looking afraid is when Luffy grabs Brûlée and dives out of the mirror world, e.g. an enemy pirate has seized his sister and there's nothing he can do about it.
    • He also didn't take it very well when he and Perospero discovered that Brûlée was horribly scarred by the same bullies he beat up out of spite.
  • Older Than They Look: An SBS reveals that he, along with his younger triplet brothers, Daifuku and Oven are 48. However, he could probably pass for being about two decades younger. Hell, his younger brother Daikufu looks older than him.
  • Once More, with Clarity!: Flashbacks to his childhood shows people running away from him because of his mouth. Another chapter after his fight with Luffy shows what happens after this: as a child, Katakuri didn't care one bit about it and just beat everyone up. They then came after his sister Brûlée for Revenge by Proxy. This incident unnerved Katakuri so much that he started to cover his mouth and developed his serious and perfect image to protect them by reputation.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: When he discovers Flampe interfered with the fight with Luffy, Katakuri was so mad that he willingly show off his fanged mouth to his own sister. And despite Flampe and her crew ridiculing him for being an imperfect freak, Katakuri doesn't try to kill them and stoically deals with their jeering, not even giving them more satisfaction. A stark cry from the utter viciousness he showed to those poor chefs earlier.
  • The Paragon: Viewed as this from the perspective of his own family because he has a bounty over a billion berries and appears to conduct himself with utmost discipline and carries the whole family on his shoulders as its rock. He even has a fan club dedicated to him, led by one of his little sisters, Flampe. It's later deconstructed in that they're actually giving him a little too much credit because the guy is a sloppy glutton behind closed doors, and has an "ugly" physical abnormality, much like Pudding. Everything his family saw of him was part of a desirable image he crafted for himself so he would always be there to protect his siblings. However, because of the ginormous expectations placed on him, Katakuri has daily "snack times" so he would have at least a chance to relax. Ultimately he still ends up being this despite his faults, and Brûlée, despite knowing of his facade, is the only sibling who still loves and worships him unconditionally.
  • The Paragon Always Rebels: He ends up breaking protocol with his own family, fighting Luffy because "he's a Worthy Opponent" rather than "he's a dangerous enemy of Totto Land", after realizing that maintaining a facade to hide his perceived flaws doesn't matter if there are people out there who don't care what he looks like or how he truly acts. This is represented by him taking off his sleeveless leather jacket, which has his family's symbol on the back, and throwing it aside.
  • Personality Powers:
    • Katakuri's Mochi Mochi Fruit is extremely versatile, being a superior version of Luffy's Gum Gum Fruit that could be applied in different ways. It reflects Katakuri's pragmatism and cunning. Alternatively, because mochi is soft and easily molded, it likely reflects how Katakuri unconsciously molded himself to his family's standards in order to please and protect them, at the cost of his own well-being.
    • Katakuri has a rare form of Observation Haki that functions like true precognition, showing him flashes of what's to come. It came from the desire to predict his enemies' next moves, after going through the unexpected whammy that his childhood actions resulted in one of his sisters getting horribly scarred.
    • Katakuri has Armament Haki, allowing himself to coat even his mochi-based limbs. This likely refers to his childhood desire to become stronger by removing all of his weaknesses, or the strong, stoic facade he puts up to hide the "soft" goofy side of himself from his family.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: In stark contrast to his family, Katakuri usually choose the most efficient ways to fight. He urged Perospero to quickly finish the Vinsmoke instead of mocking them. He killed a murderous guest before he even finish his threat. Most significantly, he beat up Luffy before he finished transforming into Gear Fourth. The single moment he lapsed into Bond Villain Stupidity above, he was craving his Guilty Pleasure. After he's back to being calm and serious again, he focuses his power into a single punch directly into Luffy's stomach, the part that was not coated in Haki. And yet, he refuses to take advantage of Flampe's interference because it made Luffy show a moment of weakness that wasn't like him at all. And when he does find out who did it, he was furious, and proceeds to tell off Flampe for her actions
  • Prongs of Poseidon: His Weapon of Choice along with jellybeans is a trident, reminiscent of Eneru's trident. It's currently unclear if it's a regular trident or one made of his Devil Fruit power. His first use of it was when he went after the bullies responsible for scarring Brûlée's face as a child.
  • Prophetic Fallacy: In Chapter 862, during Pudding and Sanji's wedding, Katakuri foresees Pudding falling to her knees at the altar in tears. It's quickly revealed that Sanji made her cry by complimenting her third eye, leaving Pudding unable to kill her groom-to-be. Circumstances and the information gap prevented Katakuri from reacting fast enough to prevent his vision from coming true. Chaos then ensues.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: During his fight with Luffy, he mimics Luffy's Gum Gum Gatling Gun with his mochi powers.
  • Real Men Hate Sugar: Defied; he is one of the manliest characters in the series, but he enjoys eating sugary treats, especially donuts, like the rest of his family.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: His tattoos are colored pink. In addition, in the anime, there are pink highlights on the backside of his vest.
  • Rebel Relaxation: Katakuri is fond of a "large and in charge" lean backward; he's even introduced in a sitting down version of the pose. Standing up while leaning back, he's just as badass, if not more. It's the perfect pose befitting a guy with his looks. When he's confident he's in no danger, Katakuri assumes this pose and chills in the back of the Sunny as Chopper and Brook fend off the garrisons of Big Mom's lackeys, enjoying his front row seat to the events. He even assumes this pose while sitting down!
  • The Reliable One: Katakuri does a vast amount of the legwork to combat the Straw Hats when they show up to ruin Big Mom's wedding plot, especially in comparison to fellow-Sweet Generals Smoothie and Cracker. Every single chapter depicting the chaos shows Katakuri doing something useful, whether it's taking on Luffy, Jimbei, and Pedro at once by himself or creating earplugs for his family to shield them from Big Mom's booming shout. Having powerful Observation Haki helped. This is justified and deconstructed; he saw Brûlée's childhood facial scarring as his greatest shame, so he started acting like the "perfect" warrior that does his family's dirty work so they won't have to. The deconstruction part is that he ends up running himself so ragged doing everything and keeping up his public image, that his "snack times" are the only times he could wind down.
  • Required Secondary Powers: Defied. Katakuri's immense Observation Haki allows him to see into the future, but doesn't show him what causes said future nor give him a direct means of altering it other than beating down the responsible parties. This weakness becomes very obvious when said parties are skilled fighters like the Supernovas and their crews that he can't immediately kill.
  • The Reveal:
    • Wondering what's hidden under that scarf? A freaky mouth full of fangs which points out from it. A classic Oda twist some will have managed to guess from experience with Jack.
    • Ever wonder why he acts so ruthless and fearsome? It was a facade he cultivated after a group of bullies scarred Brûlée's face to spite him, so his other siblings wouldn't go through the same situation again.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: What happened after the bullies he beat up for mocking his Glasgow Grin decided if they couldn't beat him, they'd go after his sister Brûlée instead, which began his cultivation of the perfect, peerless warrior image.
  • Rocket Punch: As if he's not uber enough, he can lauch his ultra hard punches this way as well.
  • Same-Sex Triplets: Subverted; he, Daifuku, and Oven are fraternal triplet brothers. While they are powerful, ginormous-sized warriors who all use Devil Fruits, they actually look very different from each other.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: Like his sister and fellow Sweet General, Smoothie, he wears a very large scarf. Unlike Smoothie's, his is quite ragged, though, and serves to make him more mysterious-looking by covering his mouth. That's for good reason, too, because his mouth is very unbecoming to look at. Relating to his name, Katakuri, his scarf looks like he wrapped a strip of shredded potato around his neck.
  • Scary Teeth: He has a mouth full of huge fangs underneath his scarf and are enough for everyone to call him a freak.
  • Seers: Kakakuri has pushed his Observation Haki enough to where he can see precise images of immediate future outcome and interpret them with 100% accuracy. It also helps him discern the future actions and true motives of people, and react accordingly. Although, as Bege pointed out and as the Straw Hats demonstrate at the tea party, that doesn't mean unexpected actions and unpredictable people can't change the future he foresees. Having his concentration fail in some way also renders his foresight null, as Luffy learns.
  • Shared Family Quirks: Turns out he loves to eat just as much as his mother does; as a child he was fine with pigging out on sweets in public, but after Brûlée was horribly scarred by some bullies wanting a cheap shot at him, he only eats in private. It's a wonder why he isn't the Sweet General named Snack!
  • Shooting Superman: Every attack he's supposed to be hurt just passes right through him like fog, this includes, everything from punches and kicks, both Haki and non-Haki powered attacks. For this reason, from the perspective of his sibling, every one who tries to attack Katakuri is a fool.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: While most of his brothers and sisters are shown to be quirky and outgoing (barring the homicidal insanity), Katakuri is a No-Nonsense Nemesis and a very serious Cold Sniper. Cracker especially contrasts him by talking up a big game and hiding behind his Devil Fruit powers, while Katakuri just goes for the kill. In private, however, he's shown to be hedonistic and gluttonous as them.
  • Slave to PR: Katakuri takes upholding his reputation as the "perfect human being" and the reliable big brother of the Big Mom Pirates very seriously. He initially didn't care about his looks or eating habits, but after Brûlée was scarred by a group of bullies who wanted to spite Katakuri for beating them up, he makes sure no-one messes with his family ever again by way of sheer reputation, and lets no one see his undignified, gluttonous nature and even refuses to be seen lying on his back relaxing by anybody. This also extends to his physical attractiveness, as he purposefully covers up his beast-like teeth in order to fully cultivate his image as a handsome, stoic warrior. So, it's very telling when he willingly exposes his face to Flampe and permanently sacrifices his image just for the sake of having a fair fight with Luffy, who he'd come to greatly respect.
  • Smug Super: Subverted and defied. He once acted like this as a child, being so strong that he could simply beat up anyone who made fun of his fanged mouth. Brûlée paid for her brother's carelessness and arrogance by being attacked by Katakuri's bullies out of spite and coming home with a vicious, ugly scar on her face. Katakuri blamed himself for it, and since made it a point not to underestimate his enemies as a result.
  • Spanner in the Works: Both on the receiving and giving ends of the trope.
    • Capone Bege sees him as a potential one for his plan to off Big Mom, and the person to watch out for the most. With his precognition-like Haki, Katakuri can potentially detect Bege's true motives and shoot him dead like he did to that guest (Jigra) who wanted revenge for Big Mom's murder of his father. Then Katakuri is out-spannered by Sanji, who not only possesses the ability to dodge with his own Observation Haki, but manages to throw everything out the window despite Katakuri foreseeing it happening.
    • However, despite the Straw Hat-Firetank Alliance managing to foil Big Mom's plans for the Vinsmokes, Katakuri retaliates by screwing up the enemy side's assassination plan, thus validating Capone Bege's fears, by creating earplugs out of mochi to protect his brothers and sisters from Big Mom's screaming, and plugging up Capone Bege's "Big Father" defenses with mochi so that the Straw Hats, the Vinsmokes, and the Firetank Pirates end up trapped on all sides when they tried escaping. The only miracle the heroes had was the Tamatebako exploding...
  • Spikes of Villainy: Wears a spiked bracelet, spiked leg braces, and has very large spurs on his boots. Each of his knee-pads also has a single spike for good measure.
  • Start of Darkness: Years ago, he was once a Luffy-like person as a kid. Readers were led to believe, through his first flashback, that his childhood bullying was what led him to becoming the powerful, stoic warrior he is today. Then it's revealed in the second flashback that it wasn't the bullying itself, it was discovering that his own strength and recklessness led to one of his siblings being attacked by bullies in an act of spite.
  • Stronger Sibling: While many members of the Charlotte Family are Devil Fruit users and/or powerful combatants, he is by far the strongest of Linlin's children. Even the other Sweet Generals, themselves powerful fighters with huge bounties, have nothing but respect for him and treat him as their leader. As a result, many of his siblings worship him as the equivalent of a god, and claim that Katakuri is a perfect human being. In truth, while they're not totally wrong, he does have flaws of his own, and much of his dreaded reputation comes from the image he cultivated for himself as a deadly, untouchable, and brutally efficient warrior to protect his family.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero: He's named after potato starch, a food ingredient. Like the Mochi Mochi Devil Fruit he uses, potato starch can get sticky... but only if wetted. His powers are the inverse; he can make himself extremely sticky, but hit him with enough water and his powers will be rendered null.
  • Sticky Situation: His Devil Fruit is this as a weapon. He can produce mochi from his body that traps anyone he hits. Unfortunately, like the Biscuit-related powers of his brother, Cracker, his mochi can be made null if large amounts of water is applied.
  • The Stoic: Barely emotes beyond a murderous glare. This is a prerequisite for him to fully utilize his Observation Haki. A single distracted moment led to Luffy getting hit after hit on him.Then he goes Oh, Crap! when he fails to kill Sanji as part of Big Mom's wedding plans for the Vinsmokes. And it's revealed in a flashback that his stoicism is partly a facade — he only lets it down in private while he's enjoying his snacks, which he makes sure no one ever sees.
  • Super Power Lottery: A definite winner of the "Devil Fruit lottery" so to speak, as he's eaten a "special" Paramecia that gives him abilities not dissimilar to that of a Logia. Heck, even compared to a Logia fruit, his power has got some really unique properties and Awakened abilities (such as the almost inescapable stickiness of the mochi or his ability to control mochi arms telepathically) that would have made him very dangerous even had he not been a 16-foot-tall physical powerhouse and Observation Haki master (which he is).
  • Super Reflexes: While his Observation Haki plays a big role in his invincibility, Katakuri is able to dodge every attack thanks to being able to react fast enough to his predictions.
  • Super Speed: Katakuri is so fast he can counter Luffy's attempt to attack his back and keep up with his Gear Fourth: Snakeman form, which specializes into very fast attacks.
  • Super Toughness: Not only is his Armament Haki strong enough in conjunction with his mochi power to completely overwhelm Luffy's rubber defense, but he can likewise make it very durable to the point that when Luffy hit him with his Haki, it just ended up hurting his hands. Even discounting his mochi powers, his durability is astounding. He tanks three Gear Fourth attacks from Luffy in a row before calmly recomposing himself and getting right back to kicking Luffy's ass. Quite a far cry from his brother and fellow Sweet General Cracker, who for comparison, was knocked out with one Gear Fourth blow.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • Bege notes that if Katakuri can change the future that he looks into, so can everyone.
    • Katakuri's Observation Haki relies on his tremendous concentration in order for it to work. His being caught and exposed during a most vulnerable moment enrages him to the point where he starts acting wildly and makes his concentration falter severely, leaving him open to attack as Luffy realizes how his transformation works.
    • His "snack time" is an acknowledgment of this. His facade as the "perfect" older brother can only be maintained for so long — if Katakuri didn't have his dedicated "snack time" where he can act as his true self, he would either drive himself insane or slip eventually when he was surrounded by people.
    • When he reveals to Brûlée that his reputation of being perfect since he was born is a lie, Brûlée reveals she already knew. This isn't just because she saw him through the mirrors, but also because she, along with his other siblings who are within his age group, grew up with him when they were kids so they knew what he was like before doing the "perfect brother" act. But when younger siblings who are way out of his age group, like Flampe, sees his mouth for the first time, they will be shocked by it due to Katakuri keeping his true self a secret from everyone, including his own family.
    • It's great when you're a strong fighter, because that means no one will bully you ever again. Not so great when your loved ones end up attacked out of spite by the same people you beat up.
  • Swiss-Army Superpower: The amount of crap he can do with his Mochi Mochi Fruit is astounding. To wit, he can:
    • Create an endless supply of mochi like most substance producing Paramecias and fashion them into whatever tools he needs at the moment, up to making artificial limbs like Robin.
    • Trap opponents through stickiness just like Trebol.
    • Stretch and inflate like Luffy.
    • Store objects inside his body like Caribou.
    • Turn into mochi and take hits like a Logia, despite being only a Paramecia type fruit.
  • Tattooed Crook: He has a skull shaped tattoo on his arm as well as few stripes on his torso. The anime colors his tattoos as pink which is subtle Foreshadowing that to some degree, he really is just like his hedonistic family.
  • Terrible Trio: He forms one with his younger triplet brothers, Daifuku and Oven. As a Sweet General and the most powerful sibling, he's the leader, with Daifuku and Oven following him.
  • This Is a Drill: Katakuri can twist his arm while holding Mogura, his trident, to make a powerful piercing, drill-like, attack.
  • Token Good Teammate: While very loyal to his family, Katakuri is easily the most honorable of the Sweet Generals and is one of the most honorable of his siblings as a whole.
  • Too Many Belts: He wears belts wrapped around his thighs which shows no practical purpose.
  • Tragic Villain: He was very much like Luffy as a child, gorging on sweets and beating up whoever bullied him about his fearsome-looking mouth. But after he got careless and confident in his own strength, leading to one of his sisters, Brûlée, getting horribly scarred by the same bullies he beat up, he brutalized the bullies and hid everything he saw as a "weakness" away from the public eye so his family won't get hurt again. While it gave his family a powerful reputation, and praise from his siblings, he constantly has to work hard to keep things that way and his "snack times" are the only way he could relax. The moment he reveals his true self to Flampe in a fit of anger over her interfering with his fight with Luffy, Flampe ridicules Katakuri for being imperfect, disowns him as her brother, and has her crew take photos of his mouth so she could humiliate him in front of everyone.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: Defied. Katakuri foresees Luffy transforming into Gear Fourth and immediately buries him under a suffocating mass of Mochi. Later, Katakuri allows Luffy to transform to fight him at his best.
  • The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter: Gender-inverted. His mother is a fat, ugly old woman (albeit she was beautiful a few decades younger) while Katakuri is quite a good-looking Hunk. When we get the first glimpse of his mouth underneath that scarf, it has similarities to an eel and is viewed as ugly by his family.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Zigzagged. Katakuri makes a point of not underestimating his foes. While he notes that it's almost impossible for the Straw Hats to escape Big Mom in the Seducing Woods, he goes ahead and secures the Sunny just in case. And when he foresees Luffy activating Gear Fourth, he doesn't let Luffy power up and instead drowns him in mochi. But then, his patience for his daily snack time had reached its limit and he left Luffy for dead, allowing him to escape and uncover Katakuri's weakness.
  • Villainous Breakdown:
    • He steadily loses his concentration and patience as Luffy continues to dodge and survive his attacks, becoming increasingly frustrated and outwardly enraged. Then, Luffy discovers his shameful secret as an undignified glutton, only adding to his stress — and it culminates in Katakuri's Observation Haki failing as Luffy manages to nail him with a kick. Then he slips up immediately after that too, allowing Luffy to activate Gear Fourth and hit him again. Somewhat defied by Katakuri shortly thereafter though; he acknowledges himself that Luffy caused him to panic (which interferes with his Combat Clairvoyance) before calming down and going right back to dodging Luffy's attacks and kicking his ass.
    • Despite that, once they resume fighting after Luffy comes back to the Mirror World from recharging his Haki. The frustration starts to re-mount as Luffy's persistence to keep fighting even after all the pounding he gave him utterly baffles Katakuri to the point he's growling for him to give up already. However, he starts to realize that Luffy's Observation Haki is improving and that's he managing to get around most of his attacks and even perfectly counters an attack despite Katakuri staying calm, meaning he's starting to catch up to Katakuri's level.
    • Also defied; while he does angrily tell Flampe off for interfering with his fight with Luffy and shows off his fanged mouth to her, he doesn't react when Flampe ridicules him for being an imperfect freak and has her crew take humiliating photos of him. He... just turns away in sad resignation, knowing what to expect, and stoically shrugs everything off instead of flying off in a rage and killing everyone to protect his secret.
  • Villain Respect:
    • As Luffy continues to tank, dodge, or counter his best moves over the course of their duel, he gradually stops looking down on him. His respect is permanently solidified when Luffy shrugs off his apology for Flampe's interference and helps him knock her and her subordinates out (with Conqueror's Haki) so they can continue their battle without interruption.
    • Just before he finally collapses, he asks Luffy if he'll be strong enough to defeat Big Mom someday. When Luffy confirms he will, because he's the man that will become the Pirate King, Katakuri wholeheartedly believes him.
  • Wacky Parent, Serious Child: In contrast with how hammy and expressive his mother is, Katakuri has a serious, stoic personality. Massively subverted when no one's watching.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: During the fight with Luffy, Katakuri discards his scarf and jacket, which respectively symbolize his shame for his large mouth and the loyalty to his family, as proof that Katakuri considers Luffy his equal and fights him only for personal reasons. While his face can be a nightmare to look at, his body is very ripped.
  • Warrior Prince: As the son of a pirate Emperor and queen of Totto Land, who also is The Dragon with a bounty surpassing one billion, he definitely counts. And it shows.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Like with Cracker's biscuits, water makes Katakuri's mochi fall apart, and it's also edible.
  • What You Are in the Dark: On the outside, he's the ultimate warrior of the Big Mom Pirates, a stoic, deadly fighter without any weakness, but Katakuri is as gluttonous and hammy as his Mama when no one's watching, and loves to indulge with donuts.
  • White Sheep: Katakuri is one of the very few Charlotte siblings that isn't a psychotic jackass who revels of causing others pain. While Katakuri is powerful and he knows it, he mostly uses his power to protect his family and not for his own pleasure or hurt innoncent people.
  • Why Won't You Die?: In the second round of their fight, Katakuri starts to become frustrated that Luffy refuses to stay down despite pummeling him and Luffy supposedly being unable to counterattack. Eventually, he comes to respect Luffy as a Worthy Opponent because he has survived this long, to the point where he won't let anyone else interfere with their fight and kill Luffy.
  • Worthy Opponent: Comes to see Luffy as this during their second fight, to the point when he learns that he landed a mortal wound on Luffy due to his sister Flampe sneak attacking him, he tells her off, gives himself a similar wound, and then combines his Conqueror's Haki with Luffy's to knock her and everyone else out so they can fight in peace. He even admits he no longer thinks Luffy is below his level. After his defeat, in fact, he's come to respect Luffy so much that he can't help but smile when he hears from Brûlée that the Straw Hats have escaped from his mother successfully, something Brûlée wryly states she anticipated.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: He has crimson-red hair.
  • Your Size May Vary: Officially, Katakuri is 5.09 meters (16.8 feet) tall, but he appears to be no more than 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) tall, especially when compared to Luffy, who is the size of a normal person. This might be because it would be hard to keep his official size and have him fight a person shorter than his legs.

Former Sweet Generals

    Charlotte Snack 
The 25th son and formerly of the "Sweet 4 Generals". See his page here

    Unknown 5th General 
Eustass Kid mentions to have injured one of Big Mom's Sweet Generals during the time skip. This is not elaborated on further and the identity of this general is unknown.

Alternative Title(s): One Piece Three Sweet Commanders


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