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All spoilers regarding the Super Rookies era are unmarked. New World spoilers are unmarked in character descriptions, and examples relating to the New World era can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary.

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Straw Hat Grand Fleet
The Captains of the Grand FleetCharacters 

In the aftermath of Operation SOP in Dressrosa, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was formed from pirates, Dwarves, Giants and assorted criminals, most of whom were original participants in the Corrida Colosseum who helped the main Straw Hat crew defeat Doflamingo. Despite the fleet's name, they're not part of the main Straw Hat crew and, in fact, they're their own separate crews, but they're technically under Luffy (whether he likes it or not). The number of each division was decided via lottery.

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    In General 
  • Army of Thieves and Whores: In a series where an alliance of pirates can be called an army, this group is eclectic even by that standard. It's a grand army of pirates, Dwarves, Giants, and assorted criminals organized into a fighting force to be reckoned with.
  • Badass Army: Seven different crews, each of which is able to survive in the New World, with a grand total of 5,640 members.
    • The Beautiful Pirates has seventy-five members led by Cavendish.
    • The Barto Club has fifty-six members led by Bartolomeo.
    • The Happo Navy has one thousand members led by Don Sai.
    • The XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance has four members led by Ideo.
    • The Tonta Pirates has two hundred members led by Leo.
    • The New Giant Warrior Pirates currently has five members led by Hajrudin.
    • The Yonta Maria Fleet has 4300, the majority of the fleet, led by Orlumbus.
  • Band of Brothers: The seven crews of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet become a full-fledged pirate alliance when they swear allegiance to Monkey D. Luffy after the events of Dressrosa.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Each of the captains stars in a short story in The stories of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, showing what they do once they've become allies with the Straw Hats.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Most of them fight against each other during the Corrida Colosseum tournament. Also, when they band together to take down Doflamingo, they are initially concerned on who would take him down first. However, it's easy to tell that they've become buddies since the end of the battle, united by their alliance with the Straw Hats.
  • Gang of Hats: The Barto Club is full of punk rockers, the Beautiful Pirates all wear fancy European court dresses, the Ideo Pirates have sort of a martial artist theme, and the Tontatta and Giant Pirates are dwarves and giants respectively.
  • Gondor Calls for Aid: The arrangement the entire fleet has with Luffy is to come to his aid whenever he should call for help and vice versa.
  • Honorary True Companion: Funnily enough, Luffy initially turned down their offer to be his underlings because he didn't like the idea of becoming a warlord. The captains pledge fealty towards Luffy without his consent regardless.
  • I Owe You My Life: They are completely devoted to Luffy because he has defeated Doflamingo and inspired them and, to a lesser extent, to Usopp, who has defeated Sugar and saved them from their toy transformation.
  • Lost in Translation: To cement their fealty to Luffy, the 7 leaders initially propose to exchange sake cups with him in an Oyako Sakazuki. This is an actual real life yakuza term and custom of when a man becomes an Oyabun, the Japanese term for boss, and takes on other men as his kobun, roughly underlings. Through this ceremony, the Oyabun vows to protect his kobun as if they were his own children, and they vow to listen to and lay down their lives for him as if he were their parent. Such an arrangement is important as normally an Oyabun can't exist without the kobun and vice versa. When the 7 leaders decide to become Luffy's underlings regardless of his wishes, they partake in a Kobun Sakazuki instead. This term and ritual doesn't exist but denotes exactly what the seven did, them swearing loyalty to Luffy in a one sided arrangement.
  • Misfit Mobilization Moment: The later events of the Dressrosa arc is what caused the creation of this fleet in the first place. Before, they were pretty much enemies at the Corrida Colosseum.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The group that fought against Doflamingo's army consisted of pirates, criminals, martial artists, a bull, a Giant, and even a king and his servant. Some of those would eventually join together and form the fleet.
  • Screw the Money, I Have Rules!: Despite being a bunch of pirates and mercenaries, they have a sense of honor. When Doflamingo starts the birdcage game and puts prices on various Straw Hats and allies heads, they refuse because they owe them a debt for freeing them from toy-slavery, while also proclaiming that money is chump change to them.
  • Undying Loyalty: They're all captured by Luffy's charisma and grateful to him after he saved them. When Luffy actually turns down their offer to serve as his fleet, telling them to do whatever they want, they decide to be his fleet regardless.
  • Vagueness Is Coming: According to the narrator, the seven fleet leaders would cause 'a huge event that has yet to come'.
  • We Work Well Together: After helping the Straw Hats defeat Doflamingo and his crew, they all agree to sign on and serve Luffy as a fleet of aiding allies.

1st Division — Beautiful Pirates

    "White Knight" Cavendish 

"White Knight" Cavendish / "Slicing Winds of Rommel" Hakuba

Voiced by: Akira Ishida (JP), Matt Shipman (EN), Dave Ramos (One Piece Stampede LatAm)

Age: 26

Debut: Chapter 704 (Manga), Episode 632 (Anime)
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[...] If he's made one mistake... it was soliciting and gathering this assortment of powerful and belligerent miscreants for the coliseum!!! We will not be subdued!!! And most importantly... I will be the one to strike down Doflamingo!!!

A Super Rookie and the captain of the Beautiful Pirates, Cavendish is an incredibly pretty-looking young man who dresses like a dandy cavalier. He made a name for himself after he made it to the New World, but after the events of the Battle of Marineford and being overshadowed by the rookies of the "Worst Generation", he holds a grudge against Luffy and the other Supernovas for stealing his spotlight away from him. He enters the Corrida Colosseum hoping to win the Flame-Flame Fruit.

Underlying the vain exterior of Cavendish is a radically different second personality, "Hakuba", a demon-minded killer. It tries to awaken whenever he sleeps, which causes Cavendish to suffer from narcolepsy and lethal sleepwalking. Hakuba is a blindingly fast, hellacious, and utterly bloodthirsty monster who cuts down everything he sees, responsible for a horrible series of massacres in the faraway Rommel Kingdom. It was because of this everyone believed it was the wind that was slashing people, and the phenomenon became known as the "Kamaitachi (Slicing Winds) of Rommel". Cavendish is often besieged by Hakuba's attempts to take over and must wrestle for control over his own body with his psychotic other self.

Despite his grudge against the Worst Generation, once turned into a toy by Sugar, he quickly allies himself with Luffy after Usopp frees him.

He has a bounty of 330,000,000 Berries. After Doflamingo's defeat, he and his crew become (through lottery) the 1st division of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. It's only fitting that the person who loves the spotlight the most ends up being number one.

  • Agent Peacock: When you are able to tank a headbutt from a pirate who once fought evenly with Garp, with a sword thinner than one of said pirate's locks of hair, you have earned your place in the New World. Hakuba is even tougher than him!
  • Animal Motifs: Horses. His main companion is a white horse, one of his Red Baron titles is "The White Horse", and his alter-ego's name (Hakuba) means "white horse".
  • Attention Whore:
    • Part of why Cavendish wants to become a famous pirate is because of all the popularity he would get.
    • The reason he's angry at Luffy and the Worst Generation is that it diverts people's attentions from him. His reason for taking down Doflamingo is that he believes it can make him more famous than them, and he accuses Luffy for trying to hog his fame when he declares he's also going to kick Doflamingo's ass.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: As Vice Admiral Bastille points out, his Hakuba personality is a fearsome speed-demon, but it is ill-suited for match-type fights like the one he's participating in because when Hakuba is active, Cavendish, the one who entered the fight, is technically unconscious, and when Hakuba stops, Cavendish would be left sleeping.
  • Ax-Crazy: Hakuba knows nothing but maiming and killing.
  • Backstory: We're treated to a brief one in the front-page side story that gives out a bit of his past. He was a prince of the Kingdom of Bourgeois, who was so charming even since he was a kid, that every young lady in his country refused to marry, and that caused him to become a pirate. Cavendish tells said story to Suleiman to explain the weird ships that sail after his that say stuff like "I <3 Cavendish" and "Marry Me" and told him not to fire at them.
  • Badass Longcoat: He wears a white trench coat with purple on the inside.
  • Badass Normal: Doesn't have any Devil Fruit abilities, but is still a very strong pirate.
  • Bare-Handed Blade Block: Played with in interesting fashion. When saving Robin from Gladius's explosive attacks, Cavendish makes use of Hakuba's speed to get her away from the blast... however, he is also forced to catch his own sword with his free hand to keep Hakuba from trying to slice up Robin. He ends up cutting his hand of course, but he does succeed in protecting Robin from all sources of harm.
  • Berserk Button: Just mention the Worst Generation and there's a 50% chance he'll fall either into a ragefit or panel long monologue about all contempt filling his being. Having joined the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, that disdain is no longer directed at Luffy.
  • Bishōnen: He has a tall, slender yet muscular build, fair skin, armpit length blonde hair in Regal Ringlets, the Bishie Sparkle, and glinting eyes, the last of which is a trait commonly used only for female characters.
  • Chick Magnet: Cavendish is considered very attractive by women, who often faint upon seeing him. Back when he still was a prince, he was so attractive that the women of his country all refused to get married to anyone else.
  • Cool Horse: Has a pet white horse named Farul and they've been together since Cavendish was little. Farul is so cool and classy that he can drink tea like a human would — with his hoof and all. Cavendish cherishes Farul and treats him respectably. During the charge to the royal palace, Cavendish did not approve of many people riding on his horse at once. When Farul gets seriously injured, Cavendish immediately seeks retribution against the perpetrators.
  • Cool Sword: His sword is among the finest ones in One Piece's world and is named Durandal, like the sword of Roland, a Frankish soldier under Charlemagne and a famous figure in the European literature.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Hakuba, who is much stronger and faster than Cavendish himself, tends to deliver these. He effortlessly defeats everyone in Block D and then later does the same to Dellinger.
  • Dartboard of Hate: He hates the Eleven Supernovas for stealing his spotlight and has their most recent bounty posters covered in knife holes. He even makes a note he must get some new ones because his current ones are so holey now.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Cavendish wants to kill the Eleven Supernovas simply because they took focus away from his popularity, especially during the Paramount War. Luffy even lampshades how ridiculous a grudge this is.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: It's not only female spectators who get heart-shaped eyes when he walks into the arena.
  • Expy: To Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, both with his dual good/evil personality, and Cavendish Square being a location in the novel.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: A variant. Cavendish as himself is a very pretty-looking guy, but his other personality Hakuba is a monster with the face resembling an evil theatre mask and mind to match.
  • Fighting from the Inside: Once Cavendish is aware of Hakuba asserting himself once the Birdcage is activated, the two keep fighting for control while both are awake until Cavendish wins out and harnesses Hakuba's speed. Hakuba then attempts to get control again and nearly slashes Robin while he's carrying her, only for Cavendish to painfully catch the blade in his hand to protect her.
  • Flower Motifs: Roses. Cavendish is often seen carrying one and they're even his favorite food.
  • Foil: To Bartolomeo. He's a Super Rookie that predates the Worst Generation. He initially hates the Worst Generation and especially Luffy, to the point he has a Dartboard of Hate consisting their wanted posters. He's also a Bishounen that's loved by everyone at the Colosseum. Bartolomeo, instead, is a huge fanboy of Luffy and is hated by everyone.
  • Forced Transformation: He gets abducted and turned into a toy by Trebol and Sugar. He gets better though.
  • Heroic RRoD: Hakuba doesn't hold back one bit when in control of Cavendish's body; when he wakes up in the Colosseum he goes all-out for literally a second or two — which is enough time to kill or incapacitate everyone else in the fight apart from Rebecca — and then immediately passes out again.
  • Hidden Depths: He's a spectacular narcissist, but he's actually fairly perceptive and honorable. He immediately sees through Doflamingo's bounty gambit in the Birdcage, he calls out the crowd for mocking and booing Rebecca, and when Luffy asks him to defend an incapacitated Law, he's willing to fight to the death to protect him. (See Jerk with a Heart of Gold).
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: His Hakuba personality manages to Curb Stomp everyone in Block D except for Rebecca and even she was knocked over by him. However in order to be declared as a winner of such a battle royale, one has to be conscious so he was defeated on a technicality.
  • Horrifying the Horror: Dellinger can be quite unsettling when he's fully displaying his fighting fish heritage, but his brief encounter with Hakuba utterly terrifies Dellinger.
  • Insane Troll Logic: During the later part of Luffy vs Doflamingo fight, he apparently perceives Luffy trusting him to look after Law as a sign that Luffy is his fan (his logic being that Luffy is trusting him, trust=respect, respect=popularity, and popularity leads to having fans).
  • Jekyll & Hyde: Directly based off the Trope Namer. When awake, he's a gentlemanly Bishounen of an attention whore. But when he falls asleep, his Superpowered Evil Side, Hakuba, takes control, and goes on a violent spree so fast that no one can see him. Unfortunately, he also has a bad tendency to fall asleep in the middle of the day. He's aware of this personality.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Cavendish is actually a decent person under his vain personality.
    • Despite wanting to kill Luffy for very petty reasons, Cavendish's treatment of Rebecca shows a better side of him.
    • Furthermore, once Usopp restores everyone Sugar turned into toys, Cavendish who was (briefly) once of the toys lets go of his grudge against Luffy and becomes his ally.
    • Fame may be a part of it, but he really took Luffy's order of keeping Law safe to heart. When Law mentions his intentions to die beside Luffy should the latter fail to defeat Doflamingo, Cavendish tells him that he won't die before Cavendish does first.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: He has armpit length straight hair with two Regal Ringlets. He's so pretty he used to have lots of admirers when he was a prince.
  • Lost in Translation: His epithet "White Horse" is written in kanji which is why most scanlators translate it in English. His split personality's name "Hakuba" is written in katakana to denote that it's meant to be read phonetically. This is because the kanji for Cavendish's epithet and the katakana for his alter ego's name are both pronounced the exact same way: hakuba. There are also the personal pronouns he and Hakuba use when referring to themselves. Cavendish uses the personal pronoun boku, usually denoting passiveness, while Hakuba uses the personal pronoun ore, which denotes masculinity, naturally, it only works in Japanese.
  • Meaningful Name: His alter ego's name, Hakuba (白馬), means "white horse", which is one of Cavendish's nicknames.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: Cavendish's name is a reference to Thomas Cavendish, continuing the series' tradition of naming characters after real-life pirates and privateers.
  • Narcissist: He's obsessed with his own looks and being popular; pretty much the reason he's pirating is for the fame it brought him.
  • Nightmare Face: He puts on a frightening face consisting of Milky White Eyes and a Slasher Smile when his Hakuba personality takes over.
  • No Historical Figures Were Harmed: He bears similarities to Jack the Ripper, due Hakuba's kills happening during the night in the very London-esque Rommel Kingdon (complete with Big Ben-like clock tower).
  • Non-Indicative Name: His epithet seems blatantly obvious since he rides a white horse, but it's actually the name of his evil split personality.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: He's drawn as a Bishōnen and has glinting eyes. That's a very, very uncommon trait for male characters in the series, not even for a Ridiculously Cute Critter like Chopper. It's usually reserved for female characters.
  • Not Hyperbole: He's often called "The Pirate Prince". Turns out, in the past, he was really a prince, of Kingdom of Bourgeois. Then he got tired of all of his popularity and ran away from the kingdom to become a pirate.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Hakuba will cut down whatever is in front of him and breathing.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Most characters don't bother remembering his name, calling him "Cabbage" instead.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: He and Hakuba don’t appear to be on good terms with each other. Cavendish dislikes Hakuba’s heartless savagery, while Hakuba dislikes how Cavendish keeps trying to suppress him and ruin his ‘fun’.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Cavendish has a grudge against the 11 Supernovas for this reason. And mostly because he wanted the female attention his infamy brought.
  • Power Glows: His sword, Durandal, appears to be constantly shining.
  • Power-Strain Blackout: Whenever Hakuba stops having fun, he'll leave Cavendish sleeping. Cavendish also falls asleep after trying to use Hakuba's Super Speed while trying to stay in control of himself.
  • Prince Charming: A parody of the type, as his beauty and popularity with women makes him vain and self-absorbed rather than kind and approachable. He also drops the act rather quickly when angered or not in the center of attention. His past reveals that he was an actual prince of his kingdom, who was so charming that no female in his country wanted to marry. Because of that, he became a runaway prince and a pirate.
  • Red Baron: Aside from the aforementioned "White Horse", he's also known as the "Pirate Prince". The latter is even more meaningful since he's an actual prince, but fled to become a pirate.
  • Regal Ringlets: Gender Inverted. He is the former prince of the Bourgeois Kingdom. He has a pair of large tight ringlets that start in front of his shoulders and rest on his chest.
  • Royal Rapier: His Cool Sword Durandal, which is one of the legendary swords. He was actually a prince, too.
  • Shoutout Theme Naming:
  • Slasher Smile: Hakuba only has two expressions: one is a look of maniacal joy reminiscent of the famous ‘mask of comedy’ often found in theaters, while the other is a disappointed frown like the ‘mask of tragedy’.
  • Sleep Walking: Hakuba is only active while Cavendish is unconscious.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He actually does have somewhat of a name, but his ego is still oversized compared to it.
  • Something about a Rose: Being a blatant parody of bishōnen types, it's only natural that he would carry roses around. What's unnatural is how he ends up eating them.
  • Speed Blitz: Hakuba is so fast he can slice the enemy without them realizing who hit them, to the point he defeats all of the contestants in round D in an instant, with the exception of Rebecca who is saved by her helmet. He even blitzes Dellinger when he's boasting about his speed.
  • Split Personality: Cavendish and Hakuba are two different personalities to the point they are treated as two different characters, with the latter being an evil and stronger individual.
  • The Spook: Hakuba is a legitimate psychopathic serial-killer that revels in nothing other than constant, senseless bloodshed, and because he moves so fast no one initially knew it was him doing the killings. It was only after some careful guesswork that the government realized that Hakuba and Cavendish were the same person.
  • Supering in Your Sleep: Cavendish's Superpowered Evil Side "Hakuba" manifests whenever he falls asleep. He gains Super Speed during such, but he will indiscriminately attack anyone in vicinity.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Hakuba is a split personality which awakens when he falls asleep. Hakuba is much faster than Cavendish, so much so that it looks like the wind itself is slashing away.
  • Super Speed: It is unknown whether Cavendish possesses this too, but Hakuba definitely does. When he awoke during the tournament, he knocked out almost everyone so fast he couldn't be seen, with only Rebecca being fast enough to avoid the brunt of his attack.
  • Talking to Themself: When Hakuba is about to attack Robin, Cavendish tries to take back control, resulting in the two bickering with himself/each other.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: He appears to really like eating roses.
  • Two-Faced: During Hakuba and Cavendish's argument, he switches from his normal face to his Nightmare Face back and forth so fast that eventually his face becomes half and half. This face also comes up later when Cavendish tries to use Hakuba's speed to help Robin while still trying to maintain control.
  • The Unfettered: Hakuba has no reservations about who or how many he kills, and will even attack people friendly to Cavendish just for being nearby.
  • Upper-Class Equestrian: He's former royalty who is almost always seen with his steed.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Seems to be developing a rapport with Bartolomeo not unlike the one with Zoro and Sanji. While they do fight well as a team, as shown in their fight against Gladius when Bartolomeo lets Cavendish in and out his barrier so he can attack Gladius and get to safety from his attacks, they constantly argue with each other over their respective attitude.
  • Walking Spoiler: Everything regarding Hakuba is a spoiler.
  • Warrior Prince: In the past he was the prince of the Bourgeois Kingdom, but now he's a pirate, because of his "crime" of being too attractive for his country (he either exiled himself or was driven away).

    Suleiman "The Beheader" 

Suleiman "The Beheader"

Voiced by: Ken Narita (JP), Jordan Dash Cruz (EN)

Age: 40

Debut: Chapter 704 (Manga), Episode 632 (Anime)

An A-rank war criminal who participates in the Corrida Colosseum tournament. He eventually joins the Beautiful Pirates, under Cavendish, despite not being quite beautiful.

He has a bounty of 67,000,000 Berries


2nd Division — Barto Club

    "Man-Eater" Bartolomeo 

"Man-Eater" Bartolomeo

Voiced by: Showtaro Morikubo (JP), Tyson Rinehart (EN), Carlos Hernández (One Piece Stampede LatAm)

Age: 24

Debut: Chapter 705 (Manga), Episode 633 (Anime)

Devil Fruit: Barrier-Barrier Fruit

I'm sorry... Mister Luffy, I might not that much fer now... but I'm gonna learn ta be way stronger... and one day... I'm gonna be worthy of helpin' you!!

A Super Rookie and the captain of the Bartolomeo Club that became a contender of the Corrida Colosseum. He won the Block B battle and basically acts like a Heel. He has eaten the Barrier-Barrier Fruit (Bari Bari no Mi), which allows him to generate indestructible barriers at will.

Despite his rough appearance, he is actually an extremely enthusiastic and dedicated fanboy of none other than the Straw Hat Pirates (Luffy and Zoro in particular), having followed their exploits since their time in Logue Town. So naturally, when he finally meets them in Dressrosa, he makes for an immediately valuable ally in the fight against Doflamingo.

His epithet, "Man-Eater", deserves some slight explanation. He doesn't (as far as we know) have a penchant for eating human flesh; instead it's a Japanese saying that references the fact that spending time with Bartolomeo, who is incredibly abrasive and annoying, is roughly akin to him slowly eating you alive.

He has a bounty of 200,000,000 Berries. After Doflamingo's defeat, he and his crew become, through lottery with their allies, the 2nd division of Luffy's fleet.

  • Achievements in Ignorance: The Straw Hat discover to their dismay that Bartolomeo didn't even recruit a navigator to sail the Grand Line. Even Luffy wasn't that moronic. The best they did was to regularly call Gambia's grandmother, who gives them tips, but only of the household cleaning and first aid variety. How he got past his first island, let alone reached the New World and survived is left to the readers to decipher.
  • Achilles' Heel: His barriers are completely impenetrable, but he does have several limitations and weaknesses: he has an upper limit to how much surface area of barriers he can create at once, and while his barriers are nearly-indestructible, they are not completely immovable by outside forces, as seen as when he's pushed back by Doflamingo's Birdcage despite having a barrier up. Also, his barriers are not soundproof; this allows sound-based attacks and verbal assaults to still penetrate his barriers.
  • Affectionate Parody: A big one for obsessive fans who worship their idols, something Oda himself is no stranger to. While Bartolomeo is a bit weird, quirky, and can at times go straight into Loony Fan mode, Oda clearly meant for him to be a heartfelt poke at the fans who are really into One Piece because, strange though he might be, he's shown to be a good guy underneath, is a badass in his own right, and not only is he not The Load, but several times during the Dressrosa arc he acts as an invaluable Support Party Member and even helps take down some of Doflamingo's executives. He's basically Oda telling the fans, "Sometimes you guys are a little crazy but I love you guys and I wouldn't be where I am without you".
  • Animal Motifs: Frequently compared to a rooster because of his hair. His fangs and facial shape also bring to mind the image of a boar.
  • Anime Hair: Luffy's nickname for him, "Rooster Head", is well-deserved.
  • Art Evolution: He's originally drawn more like a villain to emphasize his nastiness, but since he turns out to be on the Straw Hats' side, Bartolomeo has been drawn to look more heroic (with more comical faces and all) during the battles for Dressrosa.
  • Ascended Fanboy: After hearing of Luffy's exploits in Marineford, Bartolomeo became a pirate himself and managed to amass a high bounty, a reputation as a Super Rookie, and get to the New World in the span of a year, not unlike Luffy himself. On top of being able to fight alongside his idols, he gets appointed as a commander in the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.
  • Ax-Crazy: He severs the tongue of a guy who just badmouths about Luffy. Then again, the guy was apparently also behind a "pirate skewering" incident and was known for gunning down innocent civilians. So, it is unlikely that his comments about Luffy were the sole reason for it.
  • Bait-and-Switch: He's introduced as a vulgar, Ax-Crazy Heel who seems to have some personal beef with Luffy (and this is right after a few other characters are introduced who also have explicitly stated hate towards Luffy for one reason or another), seemingly setting him up as another inevitable enemy or rival. It takes another fifteen or so chapters after Bartolomeo's introduction before it's revealed he's actually a huge fan of the Straw Hats and reveres their crew like gods, and he ends up quickly becoming an invaluable ally in the fight against Doflamingo.
  • Barrier Warrior: His Devil Fruit gives him the power to create barriers. Nothing has ever been shown to breach them, including Elizabello's King Punch. He can launch them as projectiles, and he can also use the barriers to form simple constructs, such as a flight of stairs, a giant tennis racket, or a small bubble around his fist to amplify his punches.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Barto comes off as a complete goof when around the Straw Hats but when he's serious he demonstrates why he's one of the most dangerous and infamous pirates of his generation.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Bartolomeo uses his barrier to save a broken Bellamy from Dellinger.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Bartolomeo's title "Man-Eater" ("Hitokui" in Japan) can also idiomatically mean "an annoying person".
  • Breakout Character: Despite appearing for a single arc, Bartolomeo is the ninth most popular character and fourth most popular non-Straw Hat character behind Ace, Sabo, and Law.
  • Cheap Heat: During the tournament, he tosses a (fake) bomb into the crowd just to scare/infuriate them. Can't get much cheaper than that.
  • Containment Field: When Gladius turns into his bloated form, Bartolomeo encases himself and Gladius in a spherical barrier to protect Robin and Cavendish from Gladius' explosion, and then he tries to stab Gladius in the throat. The latter then explodes, but doesn't die.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: How he really feels about his opponents in the Colosseum. The reason why he saved Bellamy from Dellinger is because "they struck blows, so they're now friends."
  • Delinquent Hair: One look at his spiked green Mohawk should tell you that Bartolomeo is a troublemaker (though he's actually 24, he certainly behaves like a delinquent).
  • Dramatic Irony: He declares war on the Red Hair Pirates on behalf of the Straw Hats, apparently unaware of Luffy's very positive relationship with them. While Luffy does plan on challenging Shanks for supremacy, its on friendly terms.
  • Enemy Rising Behind: "Hero" variant. Gladius is sure he took Bartolomeo out when the latter tried and failed to stab his bloated form (hitting his shoulder instead of the neck since Gladius had become too round). Gladius becomes distracted in trying to kill Robin that he doesn't see Bartolomeo leaping at him from behind. By the time he does, Bartolomeo hits him with a barrier covered punch and knocks him out.
  • Enhanced Punch: His Barrier-Barrier Pistol move has him encasing his fist in a barrier to enhance his punch.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Subverted. Bartolomeo introduced with the nickname "Man-Eater", the announcer lists off a number of atrocities he has committed, and he demonstrates a distinctly Heath-Ledger's-Joker sense of humor when he throws a fake bomb into a crowd to mock them for stampeding over innocents in the panic... nothing to suggest that he is really an inveterate Straw Hat fanboy who cries with happiness just to be able to talk to his favorite pirates.
  • Excuse Me While I Multitask: If he isn't the first fictional character to win a fight mid-piss, it's probably best we don't know who was.
  • Fanboy: Of the Straw Hats, Luffy especially. To the point that his ship is a nearly exact replica of the Going Merry, save that the figurehead is Luffy and the name is "Going Luffy-senpai". It even extends to his crew, as he more often than not passes out whenever a member of the Straw Hats talks to him.
  • A Father to His Men: After Gambia was beaten up by Maynard, Bartolomeo beats up Maynard in retaliation.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: A variant: As they've fought together in the Colosseum, he considers Bellamy his friend (even if the latter denied it at first). Probably as a tribute to Luffy who often does the same thing.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: His Barrier Bull technique has him creating a bulldozer-shaped barrier which he uses to charge forward and mow down debris and fodder enemies.
  • Foil: To Cavendish. He's a Super Rookie that came after the Worst Generation. He loves the Straw Hat Pirates and especially Luffy, to the point he has a Stalker Shrine consisting of their wanted posters. He has a monstrous appearance and is hated by everyone at the Colosseum. Cavendish is the opposite to all of those.
  • Heel: In-universe example. The crowd hates him and he loves it, going out of his way to make the crowd hate him even more. He even manages mid-flight!note 
  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: Beats the shit out of a gang and even sets their home on fire... just so he can then get them to buy Straw Hat merch.
  • Hero-Worshipper: Of Luffy.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
    • He took a hit from Gladius' Arm Cannon to protect Luffy, since his barrier power was already strained by creating a flight of stairs for Luffy to use. It didn't kill him, though, and Robin stepped in for backup.
    • He does this again to protect Robin from Gladius' attack by encasing Gladius and himself in a Containment Field and risking getting hit by Gladius' explosion while he tries to stab him in the throat.
  • Homage:
    • In universe: His Barrier-Barrier no Pistol move is intentionally one to Luffy's signature Gum-Gum Pistol.
    • His ship is also clearly one to the Going Merry, on top of being more Hero Worship for Luffy. The Going Luffy-Sempai anyone?
  • Inelegant Blubbering: Bartolomeo is reduced to a blubbering mess whenever he gets a closer look at Luffy or one of his crewmates.
  • It Runs On Nonsenseoleum: Typical of Oda, Bartolomeo's barriers have a maximum range of "50,000 BariBaris"
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • The Straw Hats, as well as his own crew, are the only people he cares about and he acts like less of an ass around them. He also considers Bellamy a worthy friend after their battle, and it's implied the same applies to his fellow captains in the Grand Fleet.
    • Some of his actions seem heinous but there are more pleasant interpretations possible. Did he brutalize a Marine insider for kicks, or because said insider roughed up one of his crew? Did he tank Elizabello's punch to Troll him, or to shield the tournament audience behind him? He could've just put a barrier around himself, but chose to shield the entire audience. The audience that despises him and wants to see him die.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": Despite the Ascended Fanboy above, he still tends to become completely awestruck whenever Luffy is mentioned. And even moreso when he actually meets Luffy and Zoro. And even moreso when they're doing something awesome.
  • Leitmotif: Believe or not, Bartolomeo Eyecatcher.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: His name appears to be derived from real life pirate Bartolomeu Português. The only other One Piece character whose name seems to be derived also from this real life pirate is Portgas D. Ace. Both incidentally are very loyal to Luffy and are the 2nd division commanders of their respective pirate organizations.
  • No Badass to His Valet: He is the supposed "valet guy". Despite Law's massive power, large bounty that is equal to Luffy's, and being allied to Luffy, he doesn't show any respect for Law as he throws Law's new bounty poster in the trash and refuses to give him any of his provisions, but is more than willing to give all of his provisions to Luffy. And Law, of course, couldn't care less.
  • No Shirt, Long Jacket: His standard attire is a long jacket with no shirt underneath.
  • Noble Demon: As much of a dick he is, he has a strong sense of personal honor which led him to protect Bellamy from being killed by Dellinger for no real reason other than that they fought in the ring together, and helps Rebecca alongside the Revolutionaries when the Colosseum was wrecked by Sabo.
  • Offstage Villainy: Before he encountered Luffy he was a mob boss who had 150 towns under his control and apparently got regular deliveries of defeated enemies' fingers from his subordinates.
  • Personality Powers: The rare type of Barrier Warrior who lets his 'invincibility' get to his head and takes pleasure in deliberately annoying those unable to hurt him. Also, you could consider this Subverted and rather ironic; his personality is extremely provocative, but his powers are defensive by nature.
  • The Quincy Punk: He definitely has the look, and he also revels in pissing people off.
  • Refuge in Audacity: He throws fake bombs at the Colosseum audience, urinates in the pool of Fighting Fish, and constantly goads the other participants.
  • Scary Teeth: He has a set of pointed teeth with two canines being longer than the others, and is a very unpleasant person outside the Straw Hats' influence.
  • Sempai/Kōhai: He uses sempai when referring to Luffy and Zoro. And eventually Sabo, when Bartolomeo discovers his relationship to Luffy.
  • Shrinking Violet: Around Luffy. When he's nearby Bartolomeo often gets teary-eyed and catatonic, and can only bring himself to talk when he's not looking directly at him. He's also pretty bad around Zoro; however, he seems to be a bit better around the other Straw Hats since he's able to talk clearly to Robin at least.
  • Sir Swearsalot: Uses some very colorful obscenities.
  • Superpower Lottery: Bartolomeo's Devil Fruit powers make him completely invincible, so long as he doesn't strain them for too long. King Elizabello II's King Punch, which is said to be able to knock an Emperor out in one hit, doesn't even crack his barrier. None of Dellinger's attacks registered, either. Even Kozuki Oden's sword, which gave Kaido a lasting scar, is unable to put a dent in the barrier Semimaru (the Fruit user before Bartolomeo) set up to protect Orochi.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Very possibly the flat-out nastiest person among all those who've been the Straw Hats' allies, he nevertheless has a strong personal code of honour and is a selfless ally to the Straw Hats and Bellamy.
  • Troll: Much like his real-life counterparts, Bartolomeo gets away with a lot of his antagonistic behavior with the protection of the impenetrable barrier that he erects between himself and his targets. Also, just look at that hair.
    • As a demonstration, he constantly trolled Dellinger while he puts up a barrier to protect himself and Bellamy, and Dellinger gets angry over him until Diamante called him off.
    • Ironically, when Diamante starts badmouthing Rebecca about him being her mother's killer, Bartolomeo actually called him out on it.
    • When Gladius is going to make the ground explode, Cavendish desperately asks Barto to let him into his barrier but he doesn't comply. When the ground does explode, we then see Cavendish behind Barto's barrier with the latter saying "if you really want to come into my barrier, you should've asked clearly..." cue Cavendish's angry pout.
  • Verbal Tic: Ends most of his sentences with "-dabe".
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Seems to be developing a rapport with Cavendish not unlike the one with Zoro and Sanji. While they do fight well as a team, as shown in their fight against Gladius when Bartolomeo lets Cavendish in and out his barrier so he can attack Gladius and get to safety from his attacks, they constantly argue with each other over their respective attitude.

    Other Members of the Barto Club 
The Barto Club itself originally was a street gang situated at Loguetown. After following Luffy's exploits all the way to the Whitebeard War, they decide to go from gangsters to pirates and head out to sea. Unfortunately, because they didn't have any naval training, they aren't prepared when dangerous situations occur at sea.

  • Childhood Friends: In SBS Volume 81, it's revealed that the Barto Club started as a group of rascals who grew up as childhood friends in rural areas, and increased in size later on until eventually they became a gang. Among them, the current members are made up of the elites that love the Straw Hat Pirates and left home and went to sea.
  • Fanboy: They're just as crazy about Luffy as their captain.
  • Number Two: Gambia.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The fact that they don't have a navigator, are more incompetent at sea than Luffy originally was, and that they take dumb advice from a woman who hasn't been to sea proves that they must be luckier than the Straw Hats to have been able to reach the New World.

3rd Division — Happo Navy

    Don Sai 

Don Sai

Voiced by: Koichi Hashimoto (JP), Kyle Igneczi (EN)

Age: 28

Debut: Chapter 704 (Manga), Episode 632 (Anime)

The elder son of Don Chinjao, a member of the Chinjao Family and the 13th leader of the Happo Navy. He is a participant in the Corrida Coliseum along with Chinjao and his brother Boo. The three have a hidden agenda to investigate a weapons trade that the Donquixote Family was involved in.

Once his grandfather pledges his loyalty to Luffy, Sai quickly follows suit and helps in the battle against Doflamingo. After proving of being stronger than his grandfather, Don Chinjao, the latter nominates Sai the new leader of the Happo Navy.

After Doflamingo's defeat, he and the Happo Navy become, through lottery with their allies, the 3rd division of Luffy's fleet.

His bounty is of 210,000,000 Berries.

  • Apologises a Lot: Goes down on his knees and begs for forgiveness from a Colosseum doctor despite having already apologized three times.
  • Armor-Piercing Slap: Gives one to Baby 5 to prevent her from killing herself after she has taken his dare seriously.
  • Arranged Marriage: He was arranged by his grandpa to marry the daughter of the Nippo Navy's general, in order to merge the 2 navies together. Though he releases Sai from it after the latter proves his worth by breaking his drill head.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: The whole reason he becomes the new don of the Chinjao Family and leader of the Happo Navy is because he overpowered his own grandfather and surpassed his already incredible strength level.
  • Badass Cape: He wears a frilly one, then he proved his worth in beating both his Grandfather and Lao G.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Downplayed. He claimed to have lost his brotherly love towards Boo, but as he's still his underling, he'll do anything in his power to avenge him, as seen when he defeats the Funk Brothers after they knocked out Boo during the colosseum fight.
  • Blade on a Stick: His weapon of choice.
  • Celibate Hero: When Baby 5 offers herself to marry to him and tries to act like a wife to him, he tells her he has no interest in her despite her Extreme Doormat personality and he just wants to focus on taking down Doflamingo's crew. He also mentions that despite being in an arranged marriage, he doesn't care who his wife is. But when he hears about how Doflamingo's crew is just using Baby 5 because she's convenient, he decides to marry Baby 5 regardless after he defeats Lao G.
  • Cross Counter: Happens with him and Ideo once during the C Block fight.
  • Emotional Bruiser: As his brother notes, he often gets easily sad or angry over small things.
  • Engagement Challenge: Promises to marry Baby 5 after defeating Lao G.
  • Everyone Has Standards: While inadvertently using Baby 5's need to be useful prompt her into committing suicide is fine for a Combat Pragmatist like Chinjao, he won't let her do it.
  • Face of a Thug: Despite looking like an ape, he's actually very honorable and values fair play.
  • A Father to His Men: While he claimed that he had lost his brotherly relations with Boo, the vice leader (who've been knocked out by Kelly earlier), as a leader, he shall avenge his fallen comrade. And he does... in a suitably epic way.
  • Happily Married: After the events of Dressrosa, Sai and Baby 5 marry and become a loving husband and wife.
  • Hidden Depths: While he is the hardnosed leader of an army of brutal and arrogant martial artists who claims that his training has removed all sense of familial obligations, it's pretty clear that he deeply cares for his grandfather, brother, and wife and is a deeply emotional and honorable man.
  • Hot Blooded Sideburns: As befits of being a very emotional and strong fighter, Sai has some thick sideburns.
  • Ki Manipulation: Employs Haki, aside from Hasshouken. He embues it especially in his feet, and it's stronger than Don Chinjao's.
  • The Leader: Becomes the de facto leader of his group of Colosseum fighters as he rallies them to battle in the final part of the fight against Doflamingo.
  • Neighbourhood-Friendly Gangsters: Though they are described as a gang, and are technically pirates, the Happo Navy's primary motivation in the story was to stop the arms smuggling operation of Doflamingo that was destablizing nearby countires.
  • No Challenge Equals No Satisfaction: Sarcastically tells Baby 5 to kill herself. When she actually complies with this, he tries to stop her, noting that winning a fight that way will leave a bad aftertaste.
  • Opposites Attract: With Baby 5. Sai is an ambitious man who knows he will one day be the Happo Navy's leader. Baby 5 has a near-pathological desire to feel needed by someone making her easy to be led and very submissive.
  • Passing the Torch: When he successfully blocks a blow from Chinjao that briefly bends the latter's head, Chinjao is ecstatic and names Sai his full and proper successor on the spot.
  • Reverse Harem: In the cover of Chapter 880, featuring the adventures of every rand Fleet member, his arranged fiance is revealed to have several husbands already and Sai would be her twenty-sixth husband if he didn't decide to marry Baby 5 instead.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!:
    • Sai has an arranged marriage set up, but when he sees Baby 5 is hurt, all alone and desperately in need of affection and guidance, he flies in the face of all that and declared he would marry her. Don Chinjao initially disagrees, but once Sai proves he's stronger, he thinks his grandchild has proven he has the right to make his own decisions about who he wants to marry.
    • Later on, when Charloss attempts to kidnap Shirahoshi, Sai tries to stop Rebecca and Leo from interfering, since going up against a World Noble could cause entire countries to be destroyed. After Leo charges in anyway, unwilling to let one of Luffy's friends get hurt, Sai basically says "screw it" and charges in as well. They are easily sent flying by Lucci and Kaku, but points for trying.
  • Stepping Stones in the Sky: He does this with Kelly Funk's fists while the latter does his trademark Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs to deliver a hard kick to his head.
  • Taking Up the Mantle: He officially becomes a true leader of Happo Navy after he broke Chinjao's drill head (which he was so proud of). He's also released from his Arranged Marriage.
  • They Do: The cover page arc for 881 shows him and Baby 5 finally getting married.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He surpasses his Grandfather by twisting his pointy head, to the latter's delight, as a result is named his successor, and defeats Lao G all in the same chapter.
  • Vibroweapon: As a member of the Chinjao family he knows a martial art called Hasshouken that makes his fists and kicks into vibroweapons that can bypass armour and shields.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Look at his portrait and lo, he does not wear any garment (except his Badass Cape) in his upper body.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Although Sai has no problems with fighting against Baby 5, he is not okay with her killing herself.
  • Younger than They Look: You'd be forgiven for not immediately guessing that he's only 28-years-old. Which he is.



Voiced by: Masaya Takatsuka (JP), Jeff Johnson (EN)

Age: Under 28

Debut: Chapter 704 (Manga), Episode 632 (Anime)

Don Chinjao's younger grandson, a member of the Chinjao Family and vice-leader of the Happo Navy under Sai. He participates in the Corrida Colosseum tournament but gets defeated by the Funky Brothers.

  • Face of a Thug: Like his brother, he's not exactly a looker.
  • Number Two: He is Sai's younger brother and his vice-leader.
  • Stout Strength: He's pudgy, but still muscular.
  • Straight Man: Often acts likes this when his older brother becomes overly emotional.
  • Vibroweapon: As a member of the Chinjao Family, he can use Hasshoken.

    Don Chinjao "The Drill" 

Don Chinjao "The Drill"

Voiced By: Shin Aomori (JP), Bradley Campbell (EN)

Age: 78

Debut: Chapter 704 (Manga), Episode 632 (Anime)

"Nonsense! There are countless souls on the sea ahead with the quality of a king. That title is decided by 'them'. Only he who stands atop those supreme kings can be called the King of the Pirates!!!".
Chapter 717

A former pirate and leader of the Happo Navy and a participant in the Corrida Colosseum. He holds a grudge against Garp for having squashed his characteristic pointy head. He extendes this grudge onto his grandson Luffy, but Luffy accidentally makes his head pointy again and Chinjao vows loyalty to him. After seein that his grandson Sai has surpassed him, Don Chinjao decides to retire and nominates Sai the new leader of the Happo Navy.

Despite his age, Don Chinjao is still a formidable fighter, proving to be Luffy's first true challenge of the New World, and mainly fights using his head which, in the past, was pointy and strong enought to split an entire continent. He's also one of the few who possesses Conqueror's Haki.

Being formerly one of the most dangerous pirates, he has a bounty of 542,000,000 Berry.

  • Annoying Arrows: When Luffy dodges all of Jean Ango's projectile weapons with Observation Haki, they end up lodged in Chinjao's gut. All this does is make him mad; he then headbutts Jean away from the ring.
  • Arranged Marriage: He had planned to marry off his grandson Sai to the daughter of the leader of the Nippo Navy. The plan being that their two navies, the Happo (which has the Japanese word for 8) and the Nippo (which has the word for 2), would be merged and become a stronger new one called Jappo Navy (which has the word for 10). But when Sai managed to prove his worth (by breaking his drill head), he decides to release Sai from the marriage and let him choose for himself.
  • Awesomeness as a Force: He's the one-out-of-a-million who has Conqueror's Haki, as shown when he and Luffy clash in the ring. According to Chinjao himself, the New World is littered with other Conqueror's Haki users who are in competition for the title of Pirate King.
  • Beware of the Nice Ones: While he initially appears as a nice old man with a round design, as soon as he recognize Luffy as Garp's grandson, he goes into a berseker rage and shows why he was feared by everyone during his prime.
  • Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu: Subverted. He fought evenly with Garp. That alone is impressive but the result is he lost his drill head and by extension his Signature Move.
  • Chekhov's Gun: He promises to give an army to Luffy as thanks for restoring his massive forehead. Said army would go on to become the third division of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.
  • Chew-Out Fake-Out: At first it seems like he's going to be really mad at his grandson for breaking his drill head (he didn't mean to). But actually he was proud that his grandson's strength is comparable to his own.
  • Cool Old Guy: He's as old as Garp, and capable of giving a good fight to Luffy even after his Time Skip training. He outlasted his grandchildren and was one of the few serious threats Luffy had in his round.
  • Dare to Be Badass: His advice to Luffy.
    Chinjao (to Luffy): The seas that lie ahead of you... are littered with countless souls who possess the king's will. Your fate will play out there.. You and your fellow conquerors will butt heads and vie for the top spot... The last man standing there is who the Pirate King will be!!
  • Dark and Troubled Past: During a duel with Luffy's grandfather, Garp deformed his massive, drill-like head, robbing him of his Signature Move and the ability to break through the massive sheet of ice that held his family's treasure.
  • Dented Iron: He's far from weak, but in the past he was able to go toe to toe with Garp and is still renowed among the New World, but it appears he's gotten less dangerous just due to old age. Justified since Garp squashed Don Chinjao's pointy head and his signature headbutt has become much weaker as result.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Chinjao (青椒, Chinjao), or qīngjiāo, means "green pepper" in Chinese.
  • Expressive Hair: Or expressive beard. Don Chinjao's beard waves whenever he gets angry, giving him a very strong and menacing aura that scares those around him.
  • Expy: His former drill-like head likens him to the character Senkaku from Rurouni Kenshin.
  • Fantastic Fighting Style: Don Chinjao is a master of the Hasshoken (Fist of Eight Impacts) which utilizes vibrations to bypass defenses and enhance attack damage. He specializes in imbuing his head to make his headbutts even stronger.
  • Hard Head: He can imbue his head with Haki, making it dark and shiny, so he can split open the ground.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Don Chinjao initially wants to kill Luffy, but gets over his grudge when he restores his pointed head.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Luffy punches Chinjao's head so hard that the spike on his head come back out. As Chinjao is in mid-air at the time, he comes back down and cracks the arena in half, earning himself a ring-out and giving Luffy the win. This becomes inverted when Chinjao wakes up and is overjoyed he has his head back.
  • Injury Bookend: Years before the Dressrosa Arc, Chinjao lost the "drill" on his head from Garp punching it flat, and since then Chinjao's headbutts have gotten much weaker. Then, during their final clash a the Corrida Colosseum, Luffy punches him in the forehead, restoring its original shape.
  • Ki Manipulation: He can use Armament Haki like most high level New World fighters, and is one of the very few people who have Conqueror's Haki.
  • Papa Wolf: He loves his grandsons, Sai and Boo, and is furious when Luffy knocks Sai out, as if the grudge against Garp's family isn't enough.
  • Punch Parry: Luffy and Chinjao deliver a strong Haki-imbued punch to each other and end up colliding this way. Later on they also do head-to-fist parry, which ends with Chinjao's defeats but also gives him his pointy head back.
  • Revenge by Proxy: Chinjao has lost his power because of Garp, and he decides to kill Luffy to make it even. After he's trapped underground with the tourney losers, he considers waiting for Doflamingo's grandchildren for his retribution.
  • Sins of Our Fathers: Or in this case, Grandfathers as Chinjao has a grudge against Luffy because his pointy head — the key for accessing his treasures — was flattened by Garp, to the point of revealing his identity in the presence of Cavendish who has vowed to kill Luffy and the other Supernovas. After Luffy restores his head, he bears no more grudge towards him and becomes an ally.
  • So Proud of You: He's so proud of Sai for managing to break his drill head, saying that Sai's strength has finally come to match his own.
  • Sweet and Sour Grapes: He gives up taking revenge on Luffy after Luffy accidentally gives him his drill head back, and afterwards, his grandson Sai actually manages to overpower his full-power headbutt when he tries to kill Baby 5, proving that he's become stronger than Chinjao himself.
  • Tender Tears: Chinjao suddenly bursts into this, apparently because he remembers things that he shouldn't. He simply dislikes his past (see Dark and Troubled Past above).
  • Use Your Head: He specializes in headbutts which are known to crack continents in half. This is because his head used to be long and pointy like a drill but after a clash with Garp, his head has become dull and weaker, although still very strong. A clash with Luffy makes his head pointy again.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: He's a former but still quite dreaded pirate and Luffy's first true challenging opponent after his two years of training to show off what kind of monsters awaits him in the New World. Don Chinjao himself comments to Luffy that from now on he will have to face the contenders for the title of Pirate King, and that they will be much tougher than whoever he fought before.
  • Worf Had the Flu: Despite giving Luffy the first real challenge in the New World, he does a poor job against Lao G of the Donquixote Pirates — mainly because, restored drill-head or no, he hasn't fully recovered from his fight with Luffy. He's old, and just doesn't have the energy to keep it up for long, whereas Lao G practices a martial art dedicated to turning its students into a badass the more they get old.

    Baby 5 

Baby 5

Voiced by: Rina Sato (JP), Katelyn Barr (EN)

Age: 24

Debut: Chapter 682 (Manga), Episode 608 (Anime)

Devil Fruit: Arms-Arms Fruit

Baby 5 is a character who is originally introduced as a servant and assassin of the Donquixote Pirates. Specifically, she's an officer of the Pica Army, the commando division. She has eaten the Arms-Arms Fruit (Buki Buki no Mi) that allows her to turn her body(parts) into any kind of weapon she likes.

She later defects from the Donquixote Pirates prior to their downfall after Sai vows to make her his wife if he defeats Lao G.

  • Abusive Parents: Her own mother rejected her in the light of her kin viewing Baby 5 as The Load among them and wanting to cut the dead weight. As for her father, no one knows if he was ever even part of the picture.
  • Action Bomb: Her Missile Girl technique, which turns her entire body into a missile, but her ability to reform herself after exploding makes this a reusable tactic.
  • Anatomy Arsenal: She ate the Arms-Arms Fruit (Buki Buki no Mi) that allows her to turn her body(parts) or her entire body into weapons, both bladed and firearms.
  • Arm Cannon: Literally, Baby 5 can turn her arms into cannons or pistols thanks to her Devil Fruit power.
  • Armed Legs: Again, thanks to being able to turn her body into various weapons, such as guns or swords.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: She hardly stays very focused on personal aims, since she too easily accepts requests (like proposals, borrowing, etc.) or interprets anything she hears as a request, and puts them first. Most ridiculously, she accepts an assignment Doflamingo gives her, even though she wants revenge for killing off eight of her fiancees. She decides to go after Doflamingo as soon as she's finished with the mission.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: As a member of the Donquixote Pirates, Baby 5 is dressed as a French maid showing off her servile nature and her obsessive desire to be useful to others.
  • Axe-Crazy: She spends her introduction trying to kill Doflamingo (who doesn't even care) and she takes a pistol shot to the head and doesn't care. Also, her hands can transform into weapons. She wants to kill Doflamingo for killing her fiance... which is the eighth time that that has happened. There's also the matter that she tends to get engaged on a whim, not because she knew her beaus very well (many of whom are quite frankly very sleazy and scruffy looking), or loves them deeply, but because they somehow need her. She still takes it very personal when Doflamingo kills them, and burns the residing island to the ground.
  • Barefoot Poverty: As a little girl, she lived in a very poor village and she was stuck in sackcloth rags with no shoes. In the end, her mother abandoned her because she was considered a dead weight.
  • Bash Brothers: She and Buffalo also work really well together, using both their powers together to great effect.
  • Berserker Tears: She has these when she tries to murder Doflamingo for having killed another of her "beloved".
  • BFG: Her Revolver Girl technique turns her upper body into a big revolver. Baby 5 herself also carries two giants guns with her because they were given by a man who needed her, despite not actually needing them thanks to her Devil Fruit.
  • BFS: Her Espada Girl technique turns her upper body into a big sword that can be wield by the large Buffalo and is sharp enough to pierce the Franky Shogun.
  • Broken Bird: When Baby 5's background is expanded upon, all of her amusing needy, people-pleasing behavior stops being funny and becomes evidence of a VERY tortured soul.
  • Cerebus Retcon: Her habit of doing things for others if she thinks that they need her is initially Played for Laughs. However, it takes a dark turn when Sai, whom she misinterprets as him needing her, not seriously asks her to die for him and she decides to comply. It's then revealed that her pathological need to be useful and needed came about from when she was abandoned by her poverty-stricken mother while she was still a child because she was not useful. It's further revealed that Doflamingo and his crew didn't help correct her condition at all throughout her life as having a person with such a mentality was "useful" to them.
  • Childhood Friend: During her childhood, Baby 5's only friends were her former crewmates Buffalo and Trafalgar Law. Although Law never liked either of them, they were the only kids he hung around after joining the Donquixote Family. Baby 5 and Buffalo remain close through their adulthood, until she leaves the crew.
  • Combat Stilettos: She wears stilettos which doesn't hinder her ability to fight.
  • Defecting for Love: In short summary, she betrays the Donquixote crew because she realized the true lack of feelings they had for her, and Sai's feelings were genuine.
  • Desperately Craves Affection: She will do anything for a person who says they need her. She was cast out by her mother because she was useless, so anyone implying she could be useful to them will gain her affections. She eventually defects when Sai, who didn't understand just how bad this was, said he would make her his wife and treat her well and with respect.
  • Driven to Suicide: She nearly kills herself when, after falling for Sai, Sai tells her if she wants to be of use to him, she and the other executives could just die. She turned her arm into a gun and was ready to blow her head off, with a smile even, before Sai stopped her.
  • Equippable Ally: She can sometimes be wielded by someone else after turning into her weapon form; for the most part, it's Buffalo.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Even before her Heel–Face Turn she didn't approve of the idea of people being Buried Alive by Pica. If you're going to kill someone, at least make it quick, and leave their body intact for their family to properly bury.
  • Extreme Doormat: She is unable to turn down anything anyone asks of her, because she feels "needed". Due to this, she has married eight times, has lent so much money that she has a debt of almost 100 million beri and she's bought weapons she doesn't really need, given her powers because the vendors ask it of her. This tendency is to have existed for years since her young childhood. Turns out that this was caused from when her own poverty-stricken mother abandoned her because she wasn't needed. As a result, it's a condition that Doflamingo and his crew decided to exploit and enforce rather than correct.
  • Finger Firearms: Among the other things, she can turn her fingers into firearms.
  • Good Costume Switch: Baby 5 assumes traditional royal Kano garments upon being married to Don Sai. It shows she has finally left her "maid" personality behind her and found a place to truly belong.
  • Happily Married: She and Sai finally tied the knot in the cover story of Chapter 881!
  • Heel–Face Turn: Baby 5 has joined the ranks in Chapter 771, after it's shown that her allies just see her as 'convenient'.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: She and Buffalo (only relatively speaking, as she is actually of normal height, but Buffalo is inexplicably huge).
  • Improbable Age: She joined Doflamingo's crew of hardened criminals before she hit puberty. She also has used her Devil Fruit since she was young.
  • I'm Standing Right Here: Lao G tells Sai that he won't let him take her away because her need to be useful is very "convenient" to the crew, right in front of her who is shocked and saddened to hear that she's just a tool to the crew.
  • Karma Houdini: She is guilty of crimes like the rest of the Donquixote Family, but is the only one of them not arrested. In fact, she comes out better as she is set to marry Sai afterwards. She does have a backstory that makes her sympathetic, but so did others in the family such as Señor Pink. Some of the traits that made her backstory sympathetic, such as being in a pirate crew since childhood, were shared by Buffalo and Dellinger, and they were all taken into custody with everyone else. Then again, she might have not done anything irredeemably bad, so in this sense, it's justified. There is also a lot of signs of a mental disorder which has been enabled for years.
  • Leg Cannon: She can turn her legs into cannons or guns.
  • Leg Focus: Just look at that picture. Her legs are easily half again as long as the rest of her body and her short skirt makes it more obvious.
  • Little Miss Badass: She has been one of the main crewmembers of the Donquixote Pirates since she was a kid, and she has already eaten the Arms-Arms Fruit.
  • Living Weapon: Baby-5 ate the Arms-Arms Fruit which allows her to turn any of her body parts into weapons, from guns to swords. Her teammates can wield her like a practical weapon due to this. She can even turn herself into a bomb and reassemble herself after exploding.
  • Made of Iron: Gladius had to shoot her in the head just to get her to calm down. She doesn't even care.
  • Mistaken for Dying: When Sai goes to Chinjao to see if he's alright, we got this:
    Baby 5: Now we've got two ceremony halls, right dear?
    Sai: Ceremony halls?! Dear?!
    Baby 5: One for a wedding and one for a funeral.
    Sai and Chinjao: AND JUST WHO IS DEAD HERE?!
  • Morality Pet: She's Sai's, due to being his primary motivation to reform into a more venerable person upon seeing his Lack of Empathy for people when Baby 5 takes a thoughtless remark from him way too seriously.
  • More Dakka: Her Gatling Girl technique, where she turns her leg into a Gatling gun.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She has the standard One Piece body and is dressed like a French Maid.
  • Multi-Ranged Master: She's seen wielding both a Gatling gun and a bazooka at Punk Hazard.
  • Ninja Maid: She is dressed as a maid, armed to the teeth, very aggressive and can turn her body(parts) into weapons.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: She apparently has a real birth name that she and Buffalo once revealed to Trafalgar Law when he was still a part of the family.
  • Ornamental Weapon: She carries a katana around, but never gets to use it thanks to her Devil Fruit ability making it redundant.
  • Parental Abandonment: Baby 5's Freudian Excuse. She was abandoned in the wilderness by her own family because she used more than she could give back, making her useless to them. So, now she's almost pathological in her need to feel needed by someone.
  • Playing with Fire: Her (anime only) Fire Girl technique, which turns her into a flamethrower.
  • Required Secondary Powers: If she turns a body part into an exploding weapon, she will not be harmed by her own explosion and she can reassemble herself back into the weapon as if she were a Logia. However, this is Averted if she's in her human form, which can apparently still be harmed by her own weapons if she aims them at herself.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: After her fight with Buffalo against Franky, upon seeing Law, the Marines, and the Straw Hats approaching, she and Buffalo try to escape, but are stopped by Nami and Usopp.
  • Shapeshifter Weapon: Her Devil Fruit allows her to be one and to switch among all kinds of weapons.
  • Sinister Scythe: Her Sickle Girl technique, which turns her lower body into a sickle and arms into a long chain.
  • Sleep Cute: After the events of Dressrosa, all of the fighter are exausted and rest. Baby 5 sleeps with Sai, who just promised to marry her.
  • Spin Attack: Buffalo's fond of this whenever he wields her.
  • Stepford Smiler: She gives this smile and cries when she learns that her crew only sees her as convenient from Lao G. Which is immediately followed by Sai snapping her out of the onset of a Despair Event Horizon by saying he wants to marry her.
  • Supreme Chef: According to Oda, her husband, Sai's favorite food is the bentos she makes.
  • They Do: On Chapter 881's cover arc page, Baby 5 and Sai finally wed.
  • Those Two Guys: Before abandoning the Donquixote Pirates, she's often seen with Buffalo. This is probably because they joined the crew together.
  • Twisting the Words: During her fight against Sai, she takes all of his aggressive fighting shouts as declarations of love, such as "I will rip your heart out" which she understands as "I'll steal your heart" in a metaphorical sense.
  • Walking Armory: She carry multiple weapons around. She takes this trope as literally as possible, being that she not only carries multiple weapons around, but she can become a extensive variety as well.

4th Division — XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance/Ideo Pirates

    Ideo, "Cannon of Destruction" 

Ideo, "Cannon of Destruction"

Voiced by: Masaki Aizawa (JP), Eric Rolon (EN)

Age: 22

Debut: Chapter 706 (Manga), Episode 633 (Anime)

"We’re all in this together... Because in this world... Victory can never be attained alone, Kiddo!!."

One of the participants of the Corrida Colosseum's tournament for the Flame-Flame Fruit. A triple-X ranked Boxer who has won the New World Central Fighting Tournament twice. He's also part of the Longarm Tribe.

After Doflamingo's defeat, he, Blue Gilly, Abdullah, and Jeet form the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance with him as the leader, and through lottery with their allies, become the 4th division of Luffy's fleet.

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: His black hair in the manga becomes dark purple in the anime.
  • Blood Knight: Implied, in the coverstory, Ideo gladly sends his crew, consisting of four people, to attack two ships embroiled in a heated battle.
  • Boxing Battler: Goes without saying.
  • Creepily Long Arms: As typical of a Longarm, although one of his joints is compressed on his shoulders, which gives the impression of normal arms but long shoulders instead. Also downplayed as he's not really that creepy. He can, however, extend his arms to their normal length.
  • Cross Counter: Got into one with Sai during the C-Block battle.
  • Delaying Action: He admits that he's no match for Dellinger's speed, but his fight with him still prevented him from pursuing any of the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Elite Army: His XXX Martial Arts Alliance is the smallest of any of the seven grand fleet divisions, having only four members. However, every single one of those members are named characters who were strong enough to fight in the Corrida Colleseum.
  • Expy: Ideo's name and abnormal-looking shoulders are evocative to the titular mechs of Space Runaway Ideon.
  • Extremity Extremist: As a boxer, he only fights through his fists.
  • Flat Character: Doesn't have much of a personality beyond being interested in strong opponents.
  • Guyliner: It makes his face look similar to a panda's.
  • Having a Blast/Stuff Blowing Up: His punches are so strong that they cause explosions on impact. This is because he compresses his longarm joints on his shoulders, which gives him extra momentum to his punches when released.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: Ideo does this to the unconscious Hajrudin, sending him to the spectator's seats.
  • Out of Focus: Gets the least development and screentime of the fleet captains. Even his cover story is more about the Longarm and Longleg tribes than Ideo himself.
  • Shoulders of Doom: And it's got nothing to do with any armor; those are his actual shoulders. He's a member of the Long-Arm Tribe and his extra joints are "compressed" to give him extra punching power.
  • Shout-Out: Ideo's name and abnormally high shoulders are based on the iconic robot from the anime series Space Runaway Ideon.
  • The Worf Effect: Despite being a world renowned fighter, he's defeated quite easily by Dellinger.
  • Worthy Opponent: One of the reason's he entered the tournament is to find strong fighters. He eventually sets his sights on Don Sai, marking him out as an opponent that is powerful enough to give him a proper challenge.

    Blue Gilly 

Blue Gilly

Voiced by: Makoto Naruse (JP), Kellen Goff (EN)

Age: 24

Debut: Chapter 706 (Manga), Episode 636 (Anime)

A blue-haired member of the Longleg Tribe and an accomplished martial artist who participated in the Corrida Colosseum tournament for the Flame-Flame Fruit.

After the battle for Dressrosa, he forms the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance alongside Ideo, Abdullah and Jeet.



Voiced by: Keiji Hirai (JP), Sean O'Connor (EN)

Debut: Chapter 704 (Manga), Episode 633 (Anime)

A criminal who alongside Jeet used to be a bounty hunter and participates in the Corrida Colosseum tournament.

After the battle of Dressrosa, he forms the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance alongside Jeet, Ideo, and Blue Gilly.

  • Bash Brothers: With Jeet they punch above their weight in the Colosseum through well-coordinated teamwork and very dirty fighting.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Abdullah and Jeet come just in time to save Luffy, Law, and Ucy from Doflamingo's string clone when they are sent in a trap set up by the Funk Brothers.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Despite being a criminal even he was appalled that the former toys who were freed from Sugar by Usopp tried to hunt down Doflamingo's enemies for their bounties.
  • Fat and Skinny: Abdullah is the large one, Jeet is the lean one.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Known alongside his partner for being brutal and prone to dirty tricks, but they claim to be searching for redemption thanks to Usopp.
  • Hero-Worshipper: He seems particularly awestruck by the awesomeness of "God" Usopp.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Based on real-life wrestler Abdullah the Butcher.
  • Those Two Guys: Rarely seen apart from Jeet.



Voiced by: Koji Haramaki (JP), Robby Gemaehlich (EN)

Debut: Chapter 704 (Manga), Episode 633 (Anime)

A criminal who alongside Abdullah used to be a bounty hunter and participates in the Corrida Colosseum tournament.

After the battle of Dressrosa, he forms the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance alongside Abdullah, Ideo, and Blue Gilly.

  • Bash Brothers: With Abdullah they advance through the Corrida Colosseum tournament through strong teamwork.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Jeet and Abdullah come just in time to save Luffy, Law, and Ucy from Doflamingo's string clone when they are sent in a trap set up by the Funk Brothers.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Not above attacking someone from behind while Abdullah is keeping them busy.
  • Dual Wielding: Jeet likes using two sabers to fight.
  • Fat and Skinny: Jeet is the lean one, Abdullah is the large one.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After him and Abdullah saved by Usopp the formerly sly and violent criminals are looking for redemption.
  • Hero-Worshipper: Becomes one to "God" Usopp after he accidentally scares Sugar unconscious, turning him and everyone affected by her back to being human.
  • Hidden Depths: It’s implied in the coverstory depicting the Ideo Pirates’ adventures, that Jeet is the one that stood for the design of the crews’ ship, since he shows Ideo something he’s been drawing.
  • Maniac Tongue: Jeet is almost always seen smiling wide with his tongue sticking out. Even when he's distressed.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Based on real-life wrestler Tiger Jeet Singh.
  • Those Two Guys: Rarely seen apart from Abdullah.

5th Division — Tonta Corps/Tontatta Pirates

    In General 

  • Badass Adorable: Being Tontatta, they're all cute palm-sized people who nevertheless have Super Strength and Super Speed.
  • Break the Cutie: As all the Tontattas lay defeated after failing to knock Sugar out, Ussop appears and reveals that he isn’t the great hero Usoland, but a pirate. He then proceeds to scold the Tontattas for being so hopelessly gullible to have ever believed in his wild lies. Leo hopefully utters that he’s still a hero even if he’s a pirate, which Ussop completely denies by saying he’s not and never was their hero, leaving the Tontattas in tears. Inverted at the last moment, though, as Usopp then says that even though he’s not a hero and that the Tontattas were all foolish for believing his lies, he’s prepared to die for them right then and there to become the hero they thought he was to honor their faith in him... and succeed in defeating Sugar.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Each main member has a distinctive coloration:
    • Leo wears green clothes.
    • Bian wears pink and is the leader of the Pink Bee Squad.
    • Kabu wears yellow and is the leader of the Yellow Kabu Squad.
    • Wicka wears blue and has blue eyes and hair to boot
  • Everyone Can See It: It seems like Leo is the only one of the Tontattas who doesn't realize that Mansherry is seriously crushing on him.
  • Lightning Bruiser: They have exceptional strength on top of their small size giving them excellent agility.
  • Lilliputians: They are all dwarves. However, this race qualify more for this trope, as they are about two inches tall.
  • Our Dwarves Are Different: Where to begin? Dwarves in the One Piece world are two inches tall with fluffy tails and incredibly cute designs. They also have none of the mining culture commonly associated with the race in fiction, and are Lightning Bruisers rather than Mighty Glaciers.

    "Warrior" Leo 

"Warrior" Leo

Voiced by: Kurumi Mamiya (JP), Rachel Glass (EN)

Age: 25

Devil Fruit: Sew-Sew Fruit

Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this-resu!? How dare you do that to a friend of our boss!!"

The top warrior of the Tontatta, a tribe of Dwarves that lives on Green Bit. He leads the Dwarves against Doflamingo in order to liberate Dressrosa and 500 other Dwarves, including their princess Mansherry, that were captured and enslaved to work in Doflamingo's SMILE factory. He has eaten the Sew-Sew Fruit (Nui Nui no Mi) which allows him to sew things together without causing any harm to the things in question.

After Doflamingo's defeat, he with several Tontatta become, through lottery with their allies, the 5th division of Luffy's fleet.

  • Berserk Button: Mild example, but he took offense to Vivi calling him cute, calling it unfit for warriors like him; though he quickly came around to it when she apologized (and that doesn't stop her from thinking he's cute).
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Mansherry. She's a tsundere, he's insensitive and brash.
  • Bridal Carry: Invoked by Mansherry, who tells him that she's too hurt to walk. Leo comments that she's fine but, after some insistence, he carries her. Then he asks her if she has gained weight.
  • BFG: Played with. He has been seen carrying a normal-sized pistol with him, but because of his miniature size, it ends up being larger than him.
  • Coat Cape: Rebecca and Viola knit him one after he joins the Grand Fleet.
  • Commonality Connection: He and the other dwarves became fast friends with Shirahoshi, Dalton and Vivi thanks to their shared friendship with Luffy.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: They're on his hat but never on his eyes, where they can be of any use.
  • Improbable Weapon User: He uses needles as his main weapons, but because of his size and Devil Fruit ability, they end up being pretty efficient. Besides, from his perspective, needles are quite big.
  • Lady and Knight: With Princess Mansherry. He's a strong warrior while she's a delicate and feminine princess. They're also both in love with each other and are constantly bickering.
  • Oblivious to Love: Everyone but Leo knows the reason Mansherry's so mean to him, despite the hints being quite large.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: As small as other dwarves, and as strong as them as well.
  • Rescue Romance: Again, with Princess Mansherry. He ends up ruining the moment though by asking her if she's been gaining weight.
  • Textile Work Is Feminine: Averted. Leo ate the Stitch-Stitch Fruit (Nui Nui no Mi) which allows him to sew things together without causing any harm to the things in question, and he's anything but feminine.
  • True Companions: Leo (mistakenly) thinks that the Dwarf princess Mansherry is bitter, selfish, cruel, spoiled and ill-tempered, but he still makes a point of saving her (along with the others who are captured by Doflamingo's forces) because she is his "nakama".
  • Unreliable Expositor: The first thing we knows about Princess Mansherry comes from Leo describing her as ill-tempered, selfish and mean. Come several chapters later, we see that she's a Nice Girl who simply has a huge crush on him, but because he's too thick to notice it, she becomes so frustrated and grumpy that he thinks that's how she always acts.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Strangely for a tiny critter like him, the only thing covering his chest is his tie.



Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (JP), Kristen McGuire (EN)

Debut: Chapter 717 (Manga), Episode 647 (Anime)

Devil Fruit: Bug-Bug Fruit, Model: Hornet

A member of the Tonta Corps who serves as the leader of the Pink Bee Squad. She has eaten the Bug-Bug Fruit (Mushi Mushi no Mi), Model: Hornet.

  • Animorphism: She ate a Zoan Devil Fruit, namely the Bug-Bug Fruit, Mode: Hornet.
  • Bee Afraid: Bian can turn into a bee and commands swarms of bees.
  • Blade on a Stick: She wields a lance.
  • Flight: In her hybrid form, she can fly.
  • Masculine Lines, Feminine Curves: Unlike the more stocky male Dwarves, Bian has a much more slender and curvaceous body.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Gains an extra pair of arms in her half-bee form.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: Has a yellow scarf that resembles a bee's fur.
  • Pink Is Feminine: Her dress and tail when using her Devil Fruit have pink stripes.
  • The Swarm: Commands an army of pink bees. She uses them to inform the dwarves working in the SMILE factory about Doflamingo's hoax and start a rebellion.
  • We Need a Distraction: With her army, she causes a commotion at the port to distract Trebol and leave Sugar unprotected. However, Sugar is not as harmless as they thought and the plan doesn't work.



Voiced by: Masami Kikuchi (JP), Shawn Gann (EN), Clay Wheeler (EN, Episode of Sabo only)

Debut: Chapter 710 (Manga), Episode 640 (Anime)

Devil Fruit: Bug-Bug Fruit, Model: Rhinoceros Beetle

The leader of the Yellow Kabu Squad. He has eaten the Bug-Bug Fruit (Mushi Mushi no Mi), Model: Rhinoceros Beetle.

  • Animorphism: He ate a Zoan Devil Fruit, namely the Bug-Bug Fruit, Model: Rhinoceros Beetle.
  • Blade on a Stick: He carries two lances on his back.
  • Coat Cape: Wears an orange cape on his back.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He's easily rendered unconscious by Gladius.
  • Flight: In his hybrid form, he can fly.
  • Horn Attack: He has an attack called Beetle Upper where he charges at his foes at high speed while in beetle form, smashing them with his horn.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: In his hybrid beetle form, he gains an additional pair of arms.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero: Wow! The dwarf named Kabu has the ability to turn into a rhino beetle (Kabutomushi in Japanese) and is the leader of the Yellow Kabu Squad. What a coincidence, isn't it?
  • The Swarm: He commands an army of rhinoceros beetles.



Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa (JP), Sarah Roach (EN)

Age: 27

Debut: Chapter 705 (Manga), Episode 635 (Anime)

A dwarf in the Tontatta Tribe's Scouting Unit who steals Zoro's sword, eventually leading him to the Tontatta Kingdom. She later becomes a member of the Tonta Corps after the Straw Hats leave Dressrosa.

  • Badass Adorable: Wicka is arguably one of the cutest dwarves (which says a lot) but can also break rocks with her raw strength.
  • Badass Normal: Wicka is only named member of The Tontatta Pirates who lacks a Devil Fruit power, but not only is she just as much an Badass Adorable as the rest of them but she actually might be the strongest in terms of raw strength.
  • Brutal Honesty: She doesn't hesitate to insult Zoro for having trouble following her simple directions to Green Bit.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Her main color is blue, as all her clothes are blue, and this means her eyes and hair too.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: She tends to trip and accidentally cause massive amounts of damage with her Super Strength.
  • Does Not Know Her Own Strength: She starts smashing the stone ground under her and making surrounding buildings collapse as a result when having a tantrum.
  • The Fair Folk: Her species are regarded as fairies in Dressrosa because they make objects disappear, and is part of the Scouting Unit which steals belongings from civilians that gave birth to said legend.
  • Older than They Look: Zoro is surprised when she tells him that she's 27. Justified by Dwarves in the One Piece world have different lifespans to humans.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: She's a dwarf, which means tiny enough to stand on the palm of a hand, but also strong enough to casually break the ground in a fit of rage.
  • True Blue Femininity: She's a cute, emotional dwarf whose hair and clothing are blue.

6th Division — New Giant Warrior Pirates

    In General 
A pirate crew that consists entirely of giants, led by Hajrudin. After becoming an ally of the Straw Hats, Hajrudin left Buggy's Delivery along with his fellow giant mercenaries.

  • Badass Cape: All of them are badass giant warriors and wear large capes.
  • Elite Army: There’s only five members in their crew, but each member is not only a giant, but also an excellent warrior and were previously the top-earners in Buggy’s large mercenary organization, which include a number of escaped prisoners from Impel Down.
  • Our Giants Are Bigger: As the name of the crew says, they're all giants from Elbaf.
  • Hired Guns: They used to be mercenaries working in the Buggy's delivery until Hajrudin becomes an ally of the Straw Hats and they defects.
  • Horny Vikings: Like most giants from Elbaf, their appearance and clothing style are based off stereotypical Vikings, complete with names that reference Norse Mythology.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: The ship is called the Naglfar as revealed in an SBS from Volume 81. It's named after the infamous ship from Norse Mythology said to be made from the fingernails and toenails of the dead.

    "Pirate Mercenary" Hajrudin 

"Pirate Mercenary" Hajrudin

Voiced by: Tsuyoshi Koyama (JP), Aiko Hibi (child)(JP), Randy E. Aguebor (EN, First Voice) Chris Guerrero (EN, Second Voice)

Age: 81

Debut: Chapter 706 (Manga), Episode 639 (Anime)

"Let him fly, to the kingdom of the gods!!"

A Giant from Elbaf, part of a new generation of warriors from there. He's a participant of the Corrida Colosseum. He wishes to be king of the Giants and also reform the legendary Giant Warrior Pirates, once led by Dorry & Brogy. He also was a member of Buggy's Pirate Dispatch Organization, being an S-ranked soldier, having since resigned.

After Doflamingo's defeat, he and his crew become, through lottery with their allies, the 6th division of Luffy's fleet.

  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: At first, he's very proud of his giant heritage and looks down on other races, then he mellows down after being defeated by Luffy.
  • Badass Cape: After leaving Buggy's organization, Hajrudin is seen wearing a cape befitting a proud giant warrior. His fellow giant warriors that make up his crew also wear capes.
  • BFS: As a child training to be a warrior on Elbaf, Hajrudin wielded a sword that was even larger than himself.
  • Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu: Hajrudin's ultimate attack, "Gungnir," manages to clash with, and overpowers, Machvise's 10,000 ton drop and sends him flying upwards and hitting the Birdcage, but he breaks several of his bones in the process.
  • Calling Your Attacks: His strongest punch, which he uses to send Machvise up against the birdcage, is called Gungnir, the iconic spear of Odin from Norse Mythology.
  • Carry a Big Stick: Hajrudin has a spiked club weapon, but he doesn't use it very much, preferring his own fists instead.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He dished this out to several of his opponents in the C-block during their all-out brawl. Then Luffy gave him a taste of his own medicine.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: As a kid, Hajrudin witness Linlin, also known as Big Mom, destroying Elbaf and killing one of the giant heroes he admires.
  • Giant Equals Invincible: Subverted. Hajrudin's size and strength make him a favorite for the C-Block because of, but Luffy takes him down with a punch.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Hajrudin is an arrogant mercenary, but also has a strong sense of honor. The latter is what drives him into following Luffy.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: His name is similar to the first name of the famous Ottoman fleet admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa.
  • Really 700 Years Old: He's 81 years old, but giants in the One Piece world actually live about three times as long as humans. So, he's actually pretty young in human years (81 years old for a giant is about equivalent to 27 for a human).
  • One Degree of Separation: Hajrudin is actually acquainted with a number of giants that the Straw Hats have met before. He and a couple of his crewmates are also acquainted with Big Mom whom they met when they were children.
  • Our Giants Are Bigger: A typical Elbaf giant, full of honor and warrior pride.
  • Putting the Band Back Together: Reforming the Giant Warrior Pirates is one of his goals, and he gains more crewmembers after leaving Dressrosa.
  • Signature Laugh: "Digagagaga".
  • To Be a Master: Hajrudin's other dream is to be king of Giants, which is why he has joined the tournament in hopes of winning the Flare Flare fruit.
  • Turn Coat: He and the other four giant mercenaries who are forming the crew resign from Buggy's Pirate Dispatch organization to serve Luffy, much to Buggy's fury.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: During his stay in Dressrosa, Hajrudin wears no shirt, having decided to dress like a number of the Corrida Colosseum participants. After he leaves Dressrosa and assembles his crew, he dons more clothing such as a fur cape but he's still shirtless underneath.

    Other members 


Voiced by: Eiji Takemoto (JP), Dan Caskey (EN)

Debut: Chapter 500 (Manga), Episode 394 (Anime)

The crew's shipwright. He's first seen as a prisoner in the Auction House in Sabaody until he's saved by Silvers Rayleigh.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: He is the same giant that Rayleigh has freed from the slave auction house way back when the Straw Hats first arrived in Sabaody Archipelago. He also make a small background cameo as a child watching a kid Hajrudin training during Big Mom's flashback in the manga. Since being freed, he has changed his appearance over the two year timeskip and has grown his beard.
  • Drop the Hammer: As a member of Hajrudin's crew, Stansen wields a giant sized warhammer as a weapon.
  • Skeletons in the Coat Closet: In his post timeskip appearance, he wears a pair of skulls as shoulder pads and a third one on his belt.


Age: 63

Debut: Chapter 898 (Manga), Episode 836 (Anime)

The crew's navigator.

  • BFS: His weapon is a longsword which is huge even by giant's standards.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He's first mentioned along with Goldberg offhandedly during Big Mom's flashback as two of the babies the giant villagers decide to celebrate the birth of.
  • Meaningful Name: Road's name in general is related to travel. It can refer to roads themselves which are paths that lead from one place to another. It can also mean a particular course or direction taken or followed. Fittingly, Road is the navigator of the crew.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: His long hair covers his right eye.
  • Skeletons in the Coat Closet: Road's belt buckle has a skull as part of its design.


Age: 63

Debut: Chapter 899 (Manga), Episode 836 (Anime)

The crew's chef.


Voiced by: Natsuko Kuwatani

Age: 75

Debut: Chapter 866 (Manga), Episode 836 (Anime)

The crew's doctor. During her childhood in Elbaf, she was Big Mom's friend.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: Gerd is first introduced back then as being a childhood friend of Big Mom. Sometime later, she's revealed to be the New Giant Warrior Pirates' doctor.
  • Combat Medic: Gerd is the doctor of the giant crew and her axe implies she's able to fight as much as her fellow crewmates.
  • Giant Woman: She is first giantess pirate seen in the series but is as attractive looking as any normal sized woman.
  • Long-Lived: Like all giants, she'll live about 3 times as long as a human. What makes her case notable is that through her we can finally really see just how slowly giants age by comparing her to Big Mom, who she knew as a child in Elbaf. Since then Big Mom has aged into a haggard old woman in 63 years time while Gerd remains the physical equivalent of a 25 year old human.
  • Mythology Gag: Gerd's adult design resembles Nami's unused design with a battle axe.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: Her name is based off of Gerðr (modernly anglicized as Gerd), a goddess in Norse Mythology. Aside from being a goddess, Gerðr was also a Jötunn, which are a race of giants.
  • She Is All Grown Up: She is first introduced as a child during Big Mom's flashback. In the present, she's grown up to be a hottie.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Among the giants that make Hajrudin's crew, she is the only female while the other four are male.
  • Sweet Tooth: Is at least implied to have been one when she was a child, as when Gerd explained to Linlin what a Semla was, she had stars in her eyes and was drooling.

7th Division — Yonta Maria Fleet

    Commodore Orlumbus "The Savage Surmounter" 

Commodore Orlumbus "The Savage Surmounter"

Voiced by: Jiro Saito (JP), Brandon Potter (EN)

Age: 42

Debut: Chapter 704 (Manga), Episode 632 (Anime)

One of the participants of the Corrida Colosseum's tournament. An adventurer and "made-up" explorer who commands the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet, with over 4300 members.

After Doflamingo's defeat, he and his fleet become, through lottery with their allies, the 7th division of Luffy's fleet.

He has a bounty of 148,000,000 Berry.

  • Badass Army: His Yonta Maria Grand Fleet is comprised of a staggering 4300 members, which means more than 3/4 of the members of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet are under his command.
  • Badass Baritone: His voice is even deeper than Hajrudin's, and it's so badass that mooks can't help but obey it.
  • Badass Longcoat: He wears a longcoat and nothing else underneath that highlights his already impressive bulk.
  • Bowled Over: He knocks a few mooks by seemingly ordering them to stand in order and then throws one mook at them, knocking all of them over.
  • Chekhov's Gun: We're shown a random shot of Orlumbus using his Admiral Killer Bowling on Doflamingo's mooks. Later on Zoro requested Orlumbus to use that move to help him attack Pica.
  • Compelling Voice: He's a very large and imposing man, and has a voice so deep it allows him to use his "Commodore's Dignity" technique to order some Mooks to stand at attention, making them pins for his "Admiral Killer Bowling".
  • Cool Ship: His ship, the Yonta Maria, is so incredibly huge that a colossal giant like Hajrudin has no problem fitting on it.
  • Dressed to Plunder: He's dressed like a stereotypical pirate with a bicorn hat, a long trenchcoat (albeit with nothing underneath) and has braided hair. Ironically, at first he's an adventurer, and becomes a pirate only after becoming an ally of the Straw Hats.
  • Face of a Thug: His face is really intimidating, and his imponent body doesn't help, but he's actually one of the nicest Fleet captains.
  • Fastball Special: With his "Admiral Killer Bowling" technique, Orlumbus is able to throw a mook into another. Later he uses it toss Zoro into the air to get in range to attack Pica.
  • Gentle Giant: He's pretty huge but, despite being a pirate, is a pretty nice guy and when he tries to steal from some inhabitants like a true pirate, he ends up giving them supplies out of guilt.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Orlumbus' main attack, Admiral's Killer Bowling, consists of him throwing an enemy against a group of foes, who are lined-up like bowling pins by Orlumbus' authoritative voice. While Zoro has Orlumbus use it to get thrown towards Pica, Orlumbus warns Zoro in-advance that the move was not invented with the throwee's safety in-mind.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: When paired alongside his petite female second-in-command Columbus, he completely towers over her. Their names also reflect this as Orlumbus' has "O" which is a Japanese prefix for large while Columbus' has "Ko" which is a Japanese prefix for small.
  • Large and in Charge: An exceptionally large man who's an admiral of a fleet which counts more members than the other allied ones combined.
  • Manly Facial Hair: Orlumbus' Hulk Hogan-esque mustache makes him look like a giant, ruthless pirate, especially along his extremely muscular body. However, it actually goes in contrast to his softer personality.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful: He's exaggeratedly muscular and his whippings can break a stone arena or can launch a man at great speed to the other side of an island.
  • Neat Freak: Shown to be one in the eighteenth mini-arc cover stories involving him, where he meticulously folds his clothes and lets Columbus punish crew members who fail to swab away even the tiniest mote of dust with the most savage of beatings.
  • Nice Guy: While he doesn't get much characterization in Dressossa, his cover story shows that Orlumbus is quite a kind man. Case in point, his attempt at a first campaign as a pirate fleet ends with him just giving his intended victims supplies after he realises they are living in poverty.
  • No Historical Figures Were Harmed: To Christopher Columbus, obviously: Orlumbus is an adventurer (until he joins the Straw Hat Grand Fleet), while Columbus was a Genoese explorer, known for having "discovered" the American continent. His ship, the Yonta Maria, is also a reference to one of Columbus' ships, the Santa Maria, with the "San" ("3" in Japanese) replaced with "Yon" ("4" in Japanese).
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Literally. After becoming an ally of the Straw Hats, Orlumbus has officially become a pirate, however, in his first mission as a pirate, after plundering the inhabitants of an island, he feels so sorry he ends up giving back the loot and some of his supplies. Orlumbus himself comments that his first mission has been a failure.
  • Punny Name: More evident when paired with his drastically smaller second-in-command. The two of them have names that are derived from Christopher Columbus and are puns based on their respective sizes. Orlumbus' name is a combination of "Columbus" and "Ō" which means big in Japanese while Columbus' has "co/ko" which means small in Japanese.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Orlumbus is the blu to Columbus's red. Orlumbus is a big, calm and stoic man, while Columbus's temper is as short as herself.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: Not that his legs are skinny, but the top half of his body is huge and his arms are twice as long as the legs.
  • Whip It Good: He wields a whip which he uses when he fights solo, however, he mainly fights by launching enemy minions like bowling balls.



Debut: Chapter 906 (Manga)

Orlumbus's Number Two and the second in command of the Yonta Maria fleet. In contrast to Admiral Orlumbus, she's a short girl with a very bad temper.

  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: An extreme case, as she's a very short girl while Orlumbus is more than twelve feet tall and nearly as wide.
  • Neat Freak: Columbus prefers the dock to be very clean just like Orlumbus, but even more extreme in her case, since she even beats those who don't do well the cleaning performances.
  • No Historical Figures Were Harmed: Downplayed, but she too takes some inspirations from Christopher Columbus, and even has the same name.
  • Number Two: She's Orlumbus's second in command and they contrast with each other, with one being big and, overall, nice, and the other being tiny and short-tempered. Their names are also a pun on their sizes.
  • Punny Name: Made evident with her commander. Orlumbus is very big, and his name is a combination of Columbus and "O" which, in Japanese, means "big", while "co/ko" means "small".
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Columbus is the red to her captain's blue. Orlumbus is a big, calm and stoic man, while Columbus's temper is as short as herself.
  • Sword and Gun: Her weapons are a large gun and a sword almost as long as she's tall.
  • Tiny Tyrannical Girl: She's a short girl, as her name says, and the second in command of the Yonta Maria fleet, but while Orlumbus is a Gentle Giant. In her only appearance She's has beated a man for not having properly cleaned the deck.