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Germa 66

Also known as the Warmongers, they are a paramilitary army of the Kingdom of Germa, led by the Vinsmoke family, with the patriarch and the land's king, Vinsmoke Judge, at its head. They're usually known as a mythical evil army, in no small part due to the propaganda comic strip Sora, Warrior of the Sea demonizing them, but they are very real, and possess advanced enough technology for Big Mom to want to recruit them.

The Germa 66 are shown as greatly relying on technology — a large number of clones are produced in a secret laboratory, where they're modified to have unconditional loyalty to the Vinsmokes so they could be used as Cannon Fodder. The Vinsmokes themselves always wear their sophisticated raid suits in battle, which are completely fireproof and allow them to fly. The Vinsmoke children in particular boast enhanced physical abilities and wield special powers, thanks to Judge experimenting on them.

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    In General 
  • Asskicking Leads to Leadership: Germa 66 is so militaristic and technologically advanced that the Vinsmoke family was able to conquer and rule the entire North Blue region. Even though they're not rulers of the North Blue anymore (they're trying to fix that), they still possess enough fighting skill and military might to maintain their global affluence.
  • Bigger Stick: Personal combat proficiency-wise, Germa members seem to be merely above average and none have been shown to utilize Haki aside from Sanji. But they come in decked with highly advanced techs, such as Raid Suits, a legion of cloned soldiers conditioned to absolute loyalty, and genetially engineered Super Soldiers serving as their generals and leaders.
  • The Brutes: Niji and Yonji, who more-or-less seem to be Dumb Muscle.
  • Bulletproof Human Shield: It's possible for any Germa 66 soldier to become this, either by command or by their own willingness. Judge even calls this trope an "enviable honor". And as seen in the war on Broccoli Island, their body can apparently completely block bullets, without harming their boss.
  • Clone Army: The Germa 66 foot-soldiers are revealed to be this, as Yonji shows Sanji the secret underground cloning lab full of People Jars containing types of soldiers. They apparently know of this lab ever since they were kids, but haven't been able to enter it until now. They're apparently cloned from some select few strong individuals, they're programmed to be fearless and utterly loyal, and they can grow up to full maturity in just 5 years. Also, none of the clones aware that they're clones.
  • Clones Are People, Too:; The Clone Army soldiers have emotions and some free will. They are shown mourning when they think Sanji has died and one panel shows four clones having a normal day out.
  • Debt Detester: They may be abusive and evil, but they're not Ungrateful Bastards. For saving their hides from Big Mom's Tea Party, they willingly go out of Bege's castle to face Big Mom Pirates and buy everyone else time to escape. Later on, they return with the full might of Germa 66 to bail Sanji and Luffy out of Big Mom's territory.
  • The Dragon: Ichiji, the oldest son, who seems to have the most authority out of Judge's sons, and appears to be the leader of the three of them.
  • The Dreaded: Germa 66 has international notoriety as a "mythical evil army", thanks to a combination of Marines propaganda and the news of Judge's coup against the North Blue spreading.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Despite being known as an “evil army”, Germa does have some principles. First, they refuse to target bystanders unrelated to whoever they’re being paid to fight. Second, they consider ‘double-dipping’, or taking money from both sides of a conflict and controlling the outcome, to be beneath them.
  • Evil Genius: Judge, the king of the Germa Kingdom and patriarch of the Vinsmoke family, and a Mad Scientist who once conducted research together with Vegapunk and Queen; they formed an illegal science group called MADS.
  • Famed In-Story: Due to the comic strip, Germa 66 is infamous worldwide as a "mythical evil army." Also, due to their dealings in the Underworld, a good number of people know the Vinsmoke Family, whose name is synonymous with evil.
  • Frontline General: Not only do the royal Vinsmokes command their armies, but they directly participate in their battles as well.
  • Headphones Equal Isolation: Subverted. Headphones are actually standard equipment in the Germa 66 armies, and can be even worn off-duty. Yonji, Niji, and Reiju debut wearing them.
  • Hero of Another Story: It's a bit of a misnomer to call them "heroes", but the eldest Vinsmoke sons Ichiji and Niji stopped a 2-year long war at Broccoli Island and got hailed as heroes — just like what the Straw Hats did in previous arcs. This is despite Germa 66's reputation as a "mythical evil army", a fact that the island's survivors acknowledge.
  • Hired Guns: Due to the Vinsmokes being Underworld assassins, it's possible for either one or all of them to be hired to carry out some Dirty Business for a substantial fee; in Chapter 828, Ichiji and Niji were hired to stop a civil war on Broccoli Island.
  • Homage: Two examples:
  • Mad Scientist: Besides Judge, there's also a bunch of other Mad Scientists working for him, creating and growing his clone armies.
  • Meaningful Name: The "66" in Germa refers to the 66 days of hope where they were in power after staging a coup and having a homeland of their very own for the first time after a painful struggle to survive.
  • Men Are the Expendable Gender: Played with. While the vast majority of the "disposable" Germa clones are indeed men, you can actually see a woman among their ranks in Chapter 833.
  • Noodle Incident: Just how exactly did they lose ruler-ship over the North Blue? It's implied they were eventually overthrown, but details are currently in the dark.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Close examination of them compared to the rest of the world shows them to be this, like a cross between the New Fishman Pirates and Don Krieg's armada, but not as out of depth as either. For all their build up and reputation, their overall threat level is pretty average compared to what the New World has. Army of fodder, even with their advantages, is still fodder and they have only five powerful warriors at their disposal and even then they are far from the top dogs they act like given they not only need special suits to reach full potential (in a World of Badass where people are superhuman without needing advanced technology) , but were still easily trounced by an Emperor's crew when they weren't given the advantage of a surprise attack. The fact they only seek to rule North Blue, which isn't even close to the New World in threat level, and needed to ally with a Emperor's crew to try and reconquer it speaks volumes. And the fact none of them apparently have Haki if the Vivre card's are any indication (as it listed none for any of them), likely due to being used to technology, soldiers and enhancements, is another ding against them.
  • Persona Non Grata: After the World Government discover what the Germa Kingdom's deal with the Big Mom Pirates was, they expel the kingdom from their ranks.
  • Professional Killer: All of them except Sanji and Vinsmokes' dead mother are royal Underworld assassins. It's implied that people sometimes hire them to take care of Dirty Business for a substantial fee.
  • Putting on the Reich: The Germa 66's appearance is based off nazis as much as Sentai. In the Vinsmoke family dining room there's a giant menacing eagle statue in the back, a large black wall-hanging with intersecting lines like a cross, skulls, lightning bolts, skulls with lightning bolts, and loads of black banners with the family's 66 emblem (66 = "seis-seis" = SS), plus the fact that they're called the Germa[ny] kingdom. The "raid suits" the family wears in active combat (with the exception of Reiju's) also quite resembles the SS uniform, and Judge has a large jaws very similar to Mussolini's iconic one. While they don't seem to want to kill any one race that they blame their misfortunes on (yet) they view everyone who isn't royal as beneath them and only good for exploitation. They also used to conquer a whole ocean region, quite like how Germany in WWII tried to conquer the whole Europe.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: All Germa 66 soldiers wear ascots; while they're mainly used as cannon fodder, they are competent at fighting and shooting as well. Even their superiors and leaders, the Vinsmoke kids, all wear different-colored ascots on their neck, and they're all kickass in some way.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: All of the Vinsmokes (sans Sanji and their dead mother, obviously) have "66" written on their clothing. It also references their swirly eyebrows in a way. In Reiju's case, she even has the sigil tattooed on her knees (or painted on).
  • Undying Loyalty: All members of Germa 66 are extremely loyal to the Vinsmoke family, to the point of taking bullets for them if their superiors wished. This extends to the servants and maids, who are loyal even to Sanji, who doesn't associate himself with his relatives anymore. Unfortunately, this loyalty is rather one-sided, as the Vinsmoke family (sans Sanji) only sees them as means to an end. In the case of the soldiers, it's justified with them being clones who are programmed to be loyal to their masters.
  • Villainous Rescue: They turn up at the end of the Whole Cake Island arc, led by the Vinsmokes, to protect the Straw Hats as they escape from Big Mom’s territory.
  • Walking Spoiler: Bringing up the Germa 66 armies without the Vinsmoke family who leads it and their connections to Sanji is impossible.
  • We Have Reserves: The Vinsmoke family's (sans Sanji) rather appalling treatment of their soldiers is due to all Germa 66 soldiers being clones — if one soldier dies, they're easily replaced by another clone. And they have the resources and means to make as many as they want. Big Mom is after that technology for that reason.
  • What Measure Is a Mook?: Despite the fact that they're all clones, the soldiers of Germa 66 clearly have personalities and thoughts of their own, as shown when they cheered on Sanji's fight with Judge and conversed with each other. And, yet, the Vinsmokes still use them as meat shields with not even the slightest hint of remorse.
  • Younger Than They Look: Germa's cloned soldiers take just five years to mature and are "born" with 20-year old bodies and even memories. They come in male, female, thin, beefy, and everything in between.

Vinsmoke Family


Debut: Chapter 812 (Manga), Episode 763 (Anime)
The Vinsmoke FamilyCharacters

A powerful Underworld family of royal assassins. The Vinsmokes rule the Germa kingdom with an iron fist, and command the kingdom's military faction, Germa 66. When not doing either, they can be hired for various jobs for a substantial fee.

Its members include: Vinsmoke Judge, the patriarch; Vinsmoke Reiju, his eldest daughter and child; and Judge's fraternal quadruplet sons, Vinsmokes Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, in that order. Sanji, a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and third-born of the Vinsmoke quadruplets, is currently estranged from his family. The matriarch and mother, Vinsmoke Sora, is deceased.

  • Badass Family: There's no doubt that they are a family of super-powered, tough warriors. Even against larger forces like the Charlotte family, the Vinsmokes are able to put up a decent fight against them once the battle started playing in their flavor.
  • Bad Boss: As noted above in the Germa 66 folder, everyone except Reiju and Sanji is this. Even while at home, they're not above brutalizing their servants for infractions or making examples out of them, as shown with the poor cook Cosette, who was targeted by Niji to spite Sanji for talking back to him. It's later justified with the Vinsmoke boys who had their compassion removed in utero and their behavior molded by Judge, until they started accepting mistreatment of their subordinates as normal.
  • Barbaric Bully: Yonji, Ichiji, and Niji's treatment of their brother Sanji when they were kids was absolutely horrendous. When they weren't demeaning him for being weak, they would take advantage of his status as the only unenhanced member of the family to savagely beat him up, or both. In the anime, they beat little Sanji so hard at one point that the interior castle walls cracked, which they intentionally left unfixed. It was only thanks to Reiju secretly patching him up herself that Sanji managed to survive his brothers' bullying at all.
  • Beauty Is Bad: The Vinsmoke brothers are drop-dead gorgeous compared to their brutish-looking father. They’re also members of the evil Germa 66, and royal brats utterly lacking in empathy.
  • Big Brother Bully:
    • Played straight with Ichiji and Niji, who are the oldest of the Vinsmoke quadruplets. Their childhood treatment of Sanji was incredibly horrific; Niji in particular took great delight in tormenting Sanji, laughing at his pain to the point of crying. It's later justified in Chapter 852 — because their humanity was surgically removed by Judge while in utero, Ichiji and Niji are literally unable to feel or understand empathy. Combined with Judge teaching them that Virtue Is Weakness and power belongs to the strong, they see Sanji being born a "dud" as good cause to torment him.
    • Subverted with Reiju, who despite being the eldest child, is so utterly terrified of being mistreated by her family not named "Sanji" or "Sora", that she put on a facade and didn't help Sanji whenever they were around.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: The reason why the Vinsmokes became a dysfunction of cruel warriors instead of a dynasty influenced by kindness is because of the actions of its patriarch, Vinsmoke Judge. By turning his children into living weapons and removing emotions from his then-unborn sons, he caused his wife's death when she tried saving them, and turned his "successful" sons into cruel, bratty monsters who fervently follow his philosophy. And when Sanji didn't turn out like wanted because of his mother's sacrifice, he let Sanji's brothers abuse him before he left him in the dungeons to rot, causing a young Reiju to secretly defy her father by helping Sanji escape to greener pastures. Judge's treatment of his family also left Reiju utterly terrified for her life and guilty of what she had to do to stay in his good graces to the point where she essentially wanted to commit suicide by having Big Mom execute her and her family. Judge destroyed his family for the sake of retaking North Blue, and the already dysfunctional Vinsmokes would've met their end had Sanji not been compassionate enough to save them, despite having every reason to just let them die.
  • Blue Blood: All members of the Vinsmoke family are this, even though they don't have an official territory to rule over anymore note . Sanji also counts despite disowning his family at a young age.
  • Bright Is Not Good: As seen on their folder image, the Vinsmokes (save for Sanji and Sora) all wear brightly-colored raid suits that pertain to their epithets — Reiju's is pink, Ichiji's is red, Niji's is blue, Yonji's is green, and Judge's is a golden orange. That being said, save for Reiju, none of the Vinsmokes are nice people.
  • Clothes Make the Superman: The Vinsmoke Family members (except Sanji) wear something called "raid suits" in combat. The mooks note that Sanji is badass enough to fight without it.
  • The Coup: Apparently several years ago, the Vinsmoke family took over the North Blue region, killing its previous leaders, and ruled over it with its military might. This is what made the Vinsmoke family and by extension their Germa 66 armies so infamous. It's currently unknown how and why they stopped ruling the North Blue, but Judge, the Vinsmoke patriarch, wants to rule it again, implying they were eventually overthrown.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: In the manga, the Vinsmoke siblings completely trash the Chess Soldiers led by brothers Charlotte Nusstorte, off-screen. Which gave Niji the opportunity to trick Charlotte Mont-d'Or into believing Germa 66 was wiped out and giving the Vinsmokes information about the Straw Hats' rendezvous point on Cacao Island. The anime expanded on this by having Nusstorte's brothers Dosmarche and Basskarte participate in the fight; they still get defeated.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Implied. Judge Vinsmoke states that Sanji takes after his long-dead mother, Sora, and that while she was alive, the Vinsmoke "legacy" fit with her values. Then it's later subverted as, save for Sanji and Reiju, Sora's death didn't affect the family at all. Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji couldn't give a damn because of their literal lack of empathy, while Judge cursed his wife's name and "disobedience", and took her death as meaning he could do whatever he wanted with his science now. Reiju and Sanji weren't able to properly mourn their lost mother in public because of fear and showing "weakness" would earn more abuse, respectively.
  • Darkest Hour: The Vinsmokes end up suffering this when Pudding and Sanji's wedding turns out to be a trap for them, and they are soon encased in candy by Perospero and surrounded by Big Mom's loyal children who are preparing to riddle them with bullets designed to pierce the Vinsmoke children's armored exoskeletons. They get out of it when Sanji, with the combined help of the Straw Hats and the Fire Tank Pirates, frees his family from certain death, leaving the Vinsmokes indebted to them.
  • Debt Detester: The male Vinsmokes to Sanji, whose compassion is the only reason they survived the Charlotte Family's assassination plot. It is ultimately why Judge finally agrees to respect Sanji's choices and not approach him or the East Blue, and why they later help the Straw Hats escape, first from the Whole Cake Chateau, and then from Cacao Island. Subverted with Reiju, who is eternally grateful to him for both proving there was still compassion in their family and for saving her life.
  • Defector from Decadence: Sanji is the only child in the family who chooses to be a pirate and a chef instead of living as a prince and taking part in his family's activities, though it's played with since technically, being a pirate is more decadent. Had he not had empathy in the first place, he certainly wouldn't have made that choice. Meanwhile, Reiju wants to do this, feeling similarly disgusted with her family's atrocities, but literally can't because Judge psychologically modified her to always obey his commands, and thus she feels so guilt-ridden that she thinks her only escape option is to die at the hands of Big Mom's children.
  • The Dreaded: As noted in the Germa 66 folder. Apparently, the Vinsmoke family conquered the entire North Blue and ruled it with an iron fist, leading to their infamy. Their infamous reputation is so widespread that even Robin and Brook of the Straw Hats know about them (with Brook trembling in fear), and the Fire Tank pirates refuse to even lay a finger on Sanji after capturing him, knowing that the rest of his family members would off their leader Capone if any harm befell their third son.
  • Elemental Powers: Save for Yonji, who only has an artificial right arm, the Vinsmoke family can wield these.
  • Embarrassing Rescue: How the male Vinsmokes treated their rescue from being executed by the Charlotte family by Sanji. Granted, the high-stress situation allowed almost no time for reactions, but Judge gave the rescuer a pointed glare since it meant the Vinsmokes will forever be indebted to the family "weakling".
  • Emotion Suppression: This is the reason why Ichiji, Niji and Yonji have a Lack of Empathy. Feelings like compassion and empathy were surgically removed from Judge's sons when he manipulated their Lineage Factor while they were inside their mother's womb. The only one who was unaffected by this was Sanji, whose mother sacrificed her life to counter the modifications by taking a special drug. Reiju feels compassion, but hides it behind her smiles.
  • Enemy Mine: In Ch. 869, they decide to escape with Sanji towards Bege's castle in order to avoid the Big Mom Pirates. Towards the end of the arc, they make a surprise arrival at Cacao Island, carving out a large majority of Big Mom's forces so Sanji and Luffy can escape.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In Chapter 847, when Big Mom shows her library collection of rare creatures who are trapped inside her books, the Vinsmoke children were shown to be visibly disturbed by her collections (though it's a bit of a misnomer to call Reiju "evil"). Niji was even shocked that Big Mom would also trap humans in her collections. Justified; the drug their dead mother, Sora, took to reverse Judge's gene modifications on her sons, while only successfully worked on Sanji, also preserved what little humanity his quadruplet brothers had left.
  • Evil Counterpart: To the Nefeltari family of the Alabasta kingdom. Both are royalty, but the Nefeltari family lives in the desert, while the Vinsmokes live in an ocean-based kingdom that is made up entirely of ships. The Nefeltari family is a small, yet loving family with one child (Vivi), while the Vinsmokes is larger with four fraternal quadruplet sons and one daughter, but they are utterly abusive, cruel, and disdainful towards anyone they see as "weak" (as Sanji can attest to). The Vinsmokes also treat their subjects and military like crap, using their own soldiers as human shields despite their Undying Loyalty, and are generally The Social Darwinist, unlike the Nefeltari family who all genuinely love their subjects. And unlike Vivi's parents, who love their daughter unconditionally, Judge experimented on and even outright psychologically altered all his children so they can help him reconquer North Blue, and was indirectly responsible for causing the death of his kindhearted wife.
  • Evil is Cool: In-Universe; Vito of the Firetank Pirates admires them for this exact reason, even Sanji, much to the latter's consternation. One of Big Mom's subordinates idolizes them as well, especially Ichiji and Reiju.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: All the Vinsmoke males have deep-sounding voices, with Niji's being the deepest, but they're not nice people. Sanji, despite also having a deep voice like his brothers, is an inversion.
  • Evil Twin: Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are Sanji's evil fraternal quadruplet brothers, who abused and bullied him for being weak and compassionate when they were children. As a result of their bad history, Sanji hates all of their guts. It's later justified in Chapter 852; Ichiji, Yonji, and Niji had their ability to feel compassion completely removed by Judge because he saw it as a weakness, all before they were even born. Their mother, Sora, took a drug that reversed gene-altering surgeries in hopes of preserving their humanity and protecting them from their father, but it only successfully worked on Sanji. His brothers weren't so lucky — they have only a tiny shred of humanity left.
  • Evil Versus Evil: It turns out the Charlotte Family is actually planning to murder all of them and steal their cloning technology. Once Sanji and his friends foil the plan, the Vinsmokes are obviously itching to inflict some payback and later carve out a majority of the Charlotte family's forces to help the Straw Hats escape.
  • Expy:
    • The Vinsmokes are Super Sentai's Expies first and foremost: They are color-coded, have transformation sequence and enhanced powers from their supersuits. They also have five primary members and their team poses is straight out of Super Sentai.
    • The Vinsmoke children are heavily similar to the Dolls — in that they were specifically bred, trained, altered to become weapons of death by the leader of a powerful organization (Judge, M. Bison), with only one member who is good (Reiju, Cammy). They also underwent psychological alterations; while the Dolls were made fanatically devoted to M. Bison to the point they literally couldn't live without him, the Vinsmoke boys were literally left without empathy with Reiju only being programmed to always follow her father's orders in some capacity, and both parties suffered. To drive the point home, the gloves of the Vinsmokes' raid suits heavily resemble the red gauntlets worn by the Dolls and Cammy who, unlike Reiju, was able to escape the evil man who influenced her to kill people.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Deconstructed. The boys calmly accept that they were beaten and wait for Big Mom's men to fill them with "candy-sized holes"; Reiju already knew about the plot thanks to Sanji and can't make a move, but she accepts it also, thinking it's what she and her family deserves. Judge, on the other hand, is disturbed at his children's behavior as if he forgot he removed their emotions in the first place and actually bursts into tears upon realizing there's No Honor Among Thieves. It's deconstructed because there are horrific reasons behind their reactions (namely, Emotion Suppression) and it's portrayed as a bad thing to do.
  • The Family That Slays Together: The Vinsmokes are a royal family of assassins and super-soldiers most of whom were psychologically and physically altered to the point of having utter Lack of Empathy.
  • Family Theme Naming:
    • The Vinsmoke children seems to be named after Japanese numbers. The "rei" in Reiju's name can mean "zero" in Japanese, the "yon" in Yonji's name is Japanese for four, and even Sanji's name incorporates "san" ("Three"). The father doesn't share this trait, and is instead named Judge.
    • On that note, all the male Vinsmokes have names ending with the masculine "-ji", including Judge (Jajji in Japanese). Only Reiju, as the only female Vinsmoke child, has a different one, the feminine "-ju".
    • They also seem to have a color-theme to their epithets, which includes "Winch Green" Vinsmoke Yonji, "Poison Pink" Vinsmoke Reiju, "Electric Blue" Vinsmoke Niji, "Sparking Red" Vinsmoke Ichiji, and "Black Leg" Vinsmoke Sanji. However, Sanji's is apparently the only one written in kanji rather than katakana, which causes it to stick out from the rest. This is because "Black Leg" is Sanji's pirate epithet rather than a Sentai-style Germa 66 codename. It just coincidentally fits the family theme.
    • The Vinsmoke children's deceased mother, Sora, averts the trope
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: A kingdom of rapacious pillagers and conquerors who plough the seas on massive ships and favor big crumbling castles, they might be a fantasy version of Vikings. They even use a Nordic cross in their decorations. For the record, Eiichiro Oda has described the Vikings as his favorite band of historical pirates.
  • Flight:
    • All of the Vinsmokes, save for the deceased mother, are shown to be capable of this, wearing Germa's special high-tech boots that allow them to fly and hover in the air without using a Devil Fruit.
    • Sanji also has the ability to do this with his Sky Walk technique. However, unlike the rest of his family, he doesn't require technology to perform this feat, instead gaining it through a two-year Training from Hell.
  • Foil: They contrast the Big Mom Pirates in that they are heavily scientific, using genetic experiments and technology to produce clones and enhance the human body, while Big Mom and most of her children are powerful Devil Fruit users. The Vinsmoke and Charlotte families are both dysfunctional in their own ways, but the most prominent factor is that Big Mom spoils her kids yet couldn't care less about them as a parent, while Judge loves his kids because he's the one who made them exactly how he wanted — strong fighters with no empathy at all. In the end, the "magical" Devil Fruit users nearly won against the scientific Vinsmokes, as the latter's strength depended wholly on their technology, and had to be rescued by their estranged family member, Sanji.
  • Forced into Evil: As monstrous the brothers may be, they had their ability to feel and understand positive emotions such as compassion surgically removed by Judge in utero, robbing them of any chance to become good people in the first place. They essentially had no choice but to follow their father's schemes and philosophies because they were made literally unable to comprehend the moral depravity of their actions.
  • For Want Of A Nail: Had Sora not decided to take the experimental drug after Judge experimented on their quadruplet sons in utero, Sanji would've been born extremely powerful from the start, but utterly lacking the compassion and empathy he had as an adult. More tellingly, had Sora not made her sacrifice, the Vinsmoke family would've been wiped out by Big Mom's crew/family because Sanji didn't compliment Pudding's Third Eye, or didn't have the compassion to save his relatives.
  • Freudian Excuse: Vinsmoke quadruplets Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are utterly monstrous Royal Brats because Judge surgically removed their empathy in utero, thinking it would make them good Tykebombs. Not only did this leave them literally unable to feel or understand things like kindness and compassion, Judge's influence on them just worsened their incredibly bad behaviors. Their mother tried pulling a Mama Bear by secretly consuming a Lineage Factor experiment-reversing drug to save her sons from becoming their father's weapons, but for some reason her plan only worked on their brother, Sanji, who according to the rest of his family, was born a "dud".
  • Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke: As shown in a flashback, according to Judge, all of his children are the result of heavy genetic engineering and has virtually limitless potential. They were also programmed to have utter Lack of Empathy because Judge saw it as a removable weakness, hence why Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are monstrous assholes. Only Sanji (whose enhancements were rendered null thanks to the drug his mother took to save him) and Reiju still have their mother's compassion.
  • Guinea Pig Family: Judge experimented on his children to become weapons for his army, giving them genetic modifications such as super strength, durability and regeneration along with a special power unique to every one. To make them more efficient, Judge made sure that they don't feel any emotion.
  • Had to Be Sharp: Inverted and played straight at the same time.
    • Sanji is the played-straight example; he did not receive the genetic enhancements his siblings did thanks to his mother taking a drug that was supposed to reverse all of her sons' genetic enhancements but only succeeded with Sanji and ran away from the benefits of a royal lifestyle to escape his family's abuse. Judge is shocked to discover that the "failure" can now wield Haki.
    • In contrast, as a result of Judge's machinations, Sanji's siblings are physical and technological powerhouses that can hold their own against top combat commanders of the Big Mom Pirates... yet it seems that they are accustomed to sacrificing their expendable clone army rather than tank or dodge attacks themselves. Ironically, it turns out that Judge's experiments and the kind of training his children received actually made them weak. This is shown especially in his sons, who were literally born strong and fearless at the cost of permanently losing their human empathy, stunting their growth and making them literally unable to comprehend their own impending fates when the Charlotte Family had them rounded up for slaughter.
  • Hate Sink: Aside from Sanji, Reiju and their mother, the Vinsmokes are despicable characters who go out of their way to Kick the Dog at every opportunity. It's even acknowledged by Sanji in-universe when he discovers Niji attacked the maid Cosette into unconsciousness, making his brother lower than "scum" in his eyes. It's later subverted when it's revealed in Chapter 852 that Sanji's brothers have a very good reason for their monstrous behavior, which is all thanks to their father.
  • Immune to Bullets: The modified members of the family are bulletproof, which is why the Big Mom Pirates have to prepare special guns and bullets to kill them during the wedding ceremony. And after the group dons their raid suits, even these are ineffective.
  • Informed Flaw: Despite allegedly having no emotions, the Vinsmoke brothers generally act like normal, albeit cruel and heartless, people. Even assuming only emotions that would “weaken” them like empathy, gratitude, and fear were all that were removed doesn’t quite fit, as Niji and Yonji both abandon their mission out of concern for their sister and father. The entire family turns up to cover the Strawhats’ escape after already having squared their debt with them purely out of gratitude near the end of the Whole Cake Island arc. And in the Wano arc, it's revealed that Niji gave Sanji his own raid suit out of respect and goodwill, so some emotion must be still there, just twisted by Judge's experiments.
  • Jerkass: Any male member of the family except Sanji is a cold-blooded jackass. This is something Reiju notes with Yonji, and turns out to be the same for the rest of them. The number of things that could be said to redeem them is downright puny. In the case of Sanji's brothers, it's justified because Judge engineered his sons to be this way, and Sanji would've been so as well were it not for Sora's desperate and sacrificial intervention by taking a lethal drug that stopped his conditioning in the womb, ultimately killing her.
  • Kick the Dog: In the anime, they kept a part of the interior castle walls cracked and unfixed because that was where little Sanji was beaten into the wall by his cruel and abusive brothers. In general, most of their actions consist of Kicking the Dog, and have no qualms in doing so.
  • Lack of Empathy: Judge and his three sons Niji, Ichiji, and Yonji treat their subordinates horribly and have no qualms about doing so. It's obviously averted with Sanji, and later subverted with Reiju, who is indeed capable of compassion but hides it out of fear of being abused like Sanji was. It's later justified in Chapter 852; Judge wanted all of his children to become utterly remorseless killers and efficient warriors, so he modified them by removing their empathy while in utero so they will be literally incapable of feeling compassion. This is why Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are irredeemably cruel and abusive assholes. Their mother, Sora, intended to preserve their humanity by taking a dangerous drug that reversed gene modifications, but it only worked on Sanji who, had it not been for Sora, would've turned out as bad as his brothers.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: After the Vinsmoke family treated Sanji like shit for nearly his entire life, they ended up having their asses saved by the "dud", whose compassion allowed him to make the necessary alliances needed to help save even his abusive relatives, and end up indebted to him. The Reverie Arc reveals that the Vinsmoke family lost their royalty privileges and were declared outlaws for allying themselves with Big Mom, an Emperor, meaning they can't throw their weight around as freely as they once did.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Sanji and Yonji's elder brothers Ichiji and Niji, who have longer hair and are more Bishōnen than them.
  • Made of Iron: Taken to ludicrous extremes, even for One Piece. All of Sanji's siblings were genetically engineered to possess "outer skeletons." As children, Sanji only hurt his fists trying to hit his brothers, and in present day Sanji's kicks deform their faces like metal. This is a reference to their robotic-like origin, such as the androids in Cyborg 009.
  • Meaningful Name: "Vin" is French for "wine". Add "smoke" to that and you get a play-on-words that describes a certain flavor of wine (smoky wine). Sanji, the third son of the Vinsmoke family, just so happens to be a chain-smoking Supreme Chef.
  • My Suit Is Also Super: The Vinsmoke family are already genetically enhanced, yet they do use what they call Raid suits, special clothes that include jet boots for more mobility, and special features to enhance their powers.
  • Nerves of Steel:
    • As a result of having their emotions tampered with by Judge, the brothers are completely apathetic about the prospect of their own deaths, showing not the slightest hint of losing their cool when surrounded at gunpoint. Yonji smiles calmly, Niji laughs at how they were tricked, and Ichiji even calls Judge's (understandable) panic at the situation "pathetic".
    • It's also what allows them to resist Big Mom's Conqueror Haki-induced screams, when anyone else would've been knocked out in an instant.
  • Never Gets Drunk: Big Mom sent barmaids to drink and entertain them. The Vinsmokes easily out-drink all the girls, and Yonji remarks how pathetic they are for not being able to hold such weak liquor despite working at a bar.
  • No-Sell: All of the Vinsmoke boys have an "outer skeleton" that Sanji didn't develop because his mother, Sora, took a poisonous drug that undid all of his genetic enhancements before he was born, at the cost of her own life — because of this, any time he tried retaliating against his cruel and abusive brothers, it would either have no effect, or wound up injuring him. Thankfully, with time, he managed to close the gap.
  • Not Afraid to Die: Having their emotions suppressed as they are, when surrounded by Big Mom's crew and dead-to-rights at their mercy, all three of Sanji's brothers are cavalier about the whole situation and express no worry or concern about the fact they're about to die, much unlike their father.
  • Not Hyperbole: Reiju debuts apologizing to the Straw Hats for Yonji's apathy toward Luffy getting poisoned, saying that he doesn't have a shred of humanity in him. Thanks to their father, he (as well as his brothers not named "Sanji") literally doesn't.
  • Numerical Theme Naming: All of the Vinsmoke kids are named after numbers.
    • Reiju's number is zero. She is the Vinsmoke family's firstborn child and only daughter, while her younger siblings who came after her are all guys. Unlike her brothers, her Germa 66 outfit (shown on her page image) consists of circles representing the number zero.
    • Ichiji's number is one. Ichiji is the firstborn of male fraternal quadruplets. He is also a badass Warrior Prince who stops a civil war on Broccoli Island in just four hours. He also seems to work in tandem with Niji, his second quadruplet brother. He's also Niji's opposite, being more stoic and aloof than his brother (as well as the rest of his siblings).
    • Niji's number is two. Niji is the second-born of male fraternal quadruplets. He also seems to work in tandem with Ichiji, his eldest quadruplet brother. He's also Ichiji's opposite, being incredibly spiteful and hot-tempered.
    • Sanji's number is three. Sanji is the third-born of male fraternal quadruplets. As an odd number, the number three is associated with social alienation — Sanji was abused and treated as The Unfavorite by his family for being weak and compassionate, to the point of running away to the East Blue while still a child.
    • Yonji's number is four, an unlucky number in Asian cultures. Yonji is the fourth-born of male fraternal quadruplets. Ever since his debut, he has been a Butt-Monkey, suffering defeat from both his sister Reiju and his brother Sanji (to the point of disfigurement in the latter case). He also lacks the elemental powers of his elder siblings, instead having an artificial right arm that gives him immense strength.
  • Only in It for the Money: As implied with the case of Ichiji and Niji, the Vinsmokes can do good things like stopping a bloody civil war, as long as you have some coin to pay them in return. The Vinsmoke family will also lend their support to whomever possesses the biggest pockets. That said, they do have some principles; Ichiji states that them taking money from both sides of a conflict would make them no better than pirates.
  • Pet the Dog: They come to Sanji and the Straw Hats’ rescue at the end of the Whole Cake Island arc. Unlike before, they make no mention of owing him anything and instead claim they are there for revenge against Big Mom. However, given they break off and begin retreating when it’s reported the Straw Hats had successfully left Tottoland, it’s likely they were really covering their brother’s escape. This idea is made more likely by the fact that Niji slips a parting gift, a raid suit, into Sanji’s pocket as he is carrying him to safety.
  • Psycho Rangers: The entire family (minus Sanji) is basically an evil and nazi version of sentai. They wear fancy and higly technological suits, tend to pose a lot and are part of an evil kingdom.
  • The Reveal:
    • Why Sanji never spoke of his family: In exchange for letting him leave (on a cruise ship in the East Blue as it turns out) Judge ordered him to never reveal his relation to the Vinsmokes.
    • In Chapter 852, why Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are complete assholes: they were physically and psychologically altered in utero by Judge, who also removed their empathy so they'll become efficient yet utterly remorseless killers. Their mother, Sora, tried to preserve their humanity by secretly consuming a drug that reversed Lineage Factor experiments, but only saved Sanji and died for her trouble. Also, had it not been for Sora, Sanji would have been born as bad as his brothers. Reiju is a subversion as Judge's alterations were only successful physically and she (secretly) retains the ability to feel empathy.
  • Red Baron: Judge is also known as the "Garuda", the legendary bird of Hindu mythology and the mount for the god Vishnu. Likewise Ichiji is "Sparking Red", Niji is "Electric Blue", Yonji is "Winch Green" and Reiju is "Poison Pink". Sanji is known as "Black Leg", taking after Zeff's "Red Leg" epithet. Only Sora, the Vinsmoke children's deceased mother, averts this.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Ichiji is calmer, Niji is easily irritated, yet it's inverted in their color-themed epithets. Then again, even Yonji and Sanji can be blues to Niji's red.
  • Riddle for the Ages: How a powerful military family with advanced technology lost control of the North Blue is never explained.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Though they currently have no land to rule over anymorenote , the Vinsmoke family are still considered royals, and retain enough power and influence to be allowed to participate in Reverie meetings. All of them (except for Sanji and Sora) even lead their own armies, something that Judge said will happen to his children when they were little.
  • Rule of Three: Played in an odd way, Sanji is the only brother who doesn't have any of Judge's "enhancements" like armored skin, Super-Strength, and Lack of Empathy, because his mother, Sora, took a dangerous gene modification-reversing drug in hopes of saving her quadruplet sons from becoming Judge's weapons. Only Sanji was saved, while his brothers weren't so lucky.
  • Same-Sex Triplets: Sanji, Niji, Yonji, and Ichiji are part of a set of male fraternal quadruplets. Aside from having similar faces (Yonji was thought to be Sanji by the Straw Hats at first), curled eyebrows, bangs, and a collective tendency to use kicks, they have enough traits that allow them to be recognized individually. For one, Yonji is the tallest of his brothers despite being the "youngest", and save for Sanji, all of them have differently-colored hair which came from being experimented on by Judge in utero.
  • Sentai: They have this motif, being brightly colored, super powerful characters who strike poses and work as a team, complete with using "raid suits" contained in a Transformation Trinket and having elaborate Transformation Sequence as they activate it. Ironically though, they're super villains rather than superheroes.
  • Shared Family Quirks:
    • Sanji's older and younger quadruplet brothers share quite a few of his traits. Ichiji, the eldest, has Sanji's cool head (when Sanji's not being Hot-Blooded); Niji has Sanji's temper cranked up (and not Played for Laughs, either); and all brothers, even Ichiji, share Sanji's perverted tendencies as they ogle Nami the second they see her, complete with Sanji's trademark "Heart Eyes".
    • Sanji's older sister Reiju also shares his perverted tendencies, as she seems to enjoy giving the poisoned Luffy a Kiss of Life a little too much, and his preference for using powerful kicks, as she was able to send Yonji into the ocean with one strike. She also shares Sanji's compassion, which was inherited from their dead mother, though she was forced to hide it for personal reasons.
    • On the subject of kicking, Niji also shares this with Sanji as he tries to attack him with a kick during a family meal dispute (though in the next chapter he also punches Sanji), and Judge also fights using kicks.
    • Sanji inherited his work-spanning tendencies from his mother Sora, who disapproved of Judge's plans for their children and took a dangerous drug that reversed gene-modifying surgeries in hopes of saving her sons from being turned into human weapons, all before he and his brothers were born; she was only successful with Sanji herself but it's the thought that counts.
  • The Sociopath: Three of the four Vinsmoke sons have a severe Lack of Empathy, using their cloned soldiers as human shields and casually abusing servants. They're also almost completely emotionless, to the point at which when they, their sister and their father are about to be killed, they simply laugh and joke about it, not caring for their own lives or each other's, and mock their father when he breaks down begging for mercy. This is what their father wanted, as he'd performed experiments on them in the womb to ensure they were this, and only Sanji was spared thanks to their mother.
  • So Proud of You:
    • Sanji's quadruplet siblings, who all hate his guts (the feeling is mutual) for being "weak" in every sense of the word, finally acknowledge him in Chapter 843 as their brother, smiling and laughing when Sanji adopts their family beliefs and tells his Straw Hat friends to flee when they come to rescue him from his Arranged Marriage (the truth is Sanji was blackmailed and wants to protect his loved ones). Subverted with Reiju, who silently listens in on the whole thing with a sad expression on her face.
    • Implicitly, at the end of the arc Niji gives Sanji a raid suit of his own, a sign that the family has come to accept him as one of them.
  • Spanner in the Works: Just like Sanji, they get in on this after being rescued from a mass execution. They trick Mont-d'Or into giving information about the Straw Hats' rendezvous point on Cacao Island, then show up there to launch a surprise attack on Oven's army, screwing up their plans to kill Luffy and Sanji. What helped them was Brulee announcing Katakuri's defeat, allowing the Vinsmoke kids to pummel them as they carve an escape path for Luffy and Sanji.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: All of the Vinsmoke children resemble Sanji to some degree.
    • Reiju would be the end result if Sanji was turned into a woman, with the same perverted personality (except hers is directed towards men) and preference of using kicks as attacks. She looks almost identical to her deceased mother (albeit a bit fierce-looking).
    • Yonji, Ichiji, and Niji all resemble Sanji, due to the four of them being fraternal quadruplet brothers; Yonji in particular is Sanji's spitting image in all but hair and eyebrows, and even has the same perverted personality, which caused him to be mistaken for Sanji by the Straw Hat Pirates at first.
    • Averted with their father, Judge, who looks nothing like his children. Must be that chin, mustache, and the wrestler-like mask he wears.
    • Played straight once again with their (deceased) mother; aside from not having swirly eyebrows, she looked exactly like her daughter Reiju does in the present day, down to her bangs hairstyle. And she passed on her looks to her quadruplet sons as well to some degree.
  • Stronger Sibling: All of the other children were this to Sanji growing up, as he hadn't inherited the genetic enhancements Judge gave to them in-utero at the time. This later turns around in adulthood after Sanji's experiences on the Grand Line, and he's now unambiguously the strongest member of the family, especially after his genetic enhancements finally awaken and allow him to defeat Queen, one of the top three commanders of the Animal Kingdom Pirates, who had incorporated the abilities of all four of the Vinsmoke quadruplets' abilities into his body. The Vinsmokes are only able to keep him in line during the Whole Cake Island arc by holding Zeff's life hostage.
  • Super-Soldier: All of the Vinsmoke children were genetically modified by Judge in order to exceed human limitations and psychologically altered to lack empathy and compassion so they’d become an utterly remorseless killers and warmongers. Like with Tyke-Bomb detailed below, this trope is deconstructed to show why it's not a good idea to genetically modify one's own children.
  • Thicker Than Water: Judge admits that even though Sanji's an utter failure and probably wishes he was dead, he can't bring himself to murder someone of his own blood.
  • Tragic Villain: Reiju and her brothers were all essentially Forced into Evil by Judge in one way or another. Reiju retains most of her emotional capacity, but she's had her mind modified in a way that she can't outright refuse to follow Judge's orders... but she can apply Loophole Abuse. Meanwhile, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji had their ability to feel and understand benevolent emotions outright removed by Judge in utero, thus they never had the chance to be good people from the moment they were born, unlike their brother Sanji who was saved from this horrible fate thanks to their mother taking a dangerous drug that reversed genetic enhancements in a desperate attempt to save her sons.
  • Training from Hell: The Vinsmoke kids were subjected to this since their childhood. Played with, in that while the training regime is indeed hellish and Sanji suffered for it, his other siblings are clearly okay and even enjoying them as their capabilities are expanded.
  • Tsundere: A platonic example. By sheer coincidence, they attack the Big Mom Pirates for revenge right as Sanji and Luffy were about to be killed by them. And they just so happen to be striking down everyone who’s targeting Sanji. Since Sanji is in the way Niji has to give the “good-for-nothing” a boost off the island. And them getting their fill of payback and deciding to leave has nothing to do with the Straw Hats having reached safety outside Big Mom’s territory, obviously.
  • Tyke-Bomb: Deconstructed and Played for Drama. Even before they were born, all of the Vinsmoke children were planned by Judge to be perfect weapons and exemplary Germa commanders who would conquer North Blue and lead their kingdom to greatness. To achieve this, he modified his children on a genetic level, enhancing their strengths and removing their ability to display and understand empathy. However, Judge's experiments only broke his family and made it dysfunctional. Because of the enhancements they received in utero, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji were robbed of all chances to become good people, never knowing or understanding positive emotions since they were literally made unable to, and their cruel behavior was enabled by Judge for years because they fit his standards. Their older sister, Reiju, has enough empathy to understand the extent of her family's depravity, yet she is psychologically altered to always follow her father's orders, puts up a mask to protect herself from abuse, is secretly full of self-loathing towards her actions, and wants both herself and her family to die. Sanji is the only one who retained his empathy and humanity because of the Heroic Sacrifice Sora made which was supposed to be for all her sons, but only Sanji was saved, and ended up being the sole target of bullying and hate in a household that forbids weakness, compassion, and virtue of any kind. The final kicker is that even with their technology, gene-altering experiments, and "perfect" warriors, it's still not enough by New World standards, and this handicap, combined with the Lack of Empathy that resulted from Judge's experiments, nearly resulted in the Vinsmoke dynasty becoming extinct.
  • Uncertain Doom: At the end of the Whole Cake Island arc, Germa fighting the Big Mom Pirates with Big Mom herself descending upon them, and the outcome of the battle, whether they fled or were wiped out, is left unknown... until their mini-adventures reveals that Yonji and Niji were captured while the rest escaped safely.
  • Unusual Eyebrows: The Vinsmokes all share Sanji's signature swirly brows. However, while all of his siblings' brows swirl to the left side of their face, Sanji's ones are inverted and swirl to the right.
  • Villainous Rescue:
    • In Chapter 869, the Vinsmoke children, after being freed by Sanji, regain their raid suits and attack the Charlotte family/Big Mom Pirates to save the Straw Hats from being captured and buy everyone time to escape into Bege's fortress.
    • It happens again in Chapter 897. Just as Sanji and Luffy are trapped, the Vinsmoke children suddenly arrive and blow up Cacao Island's port harbor, then proceed to beat up a great majority of Charlotte Oven's army to save Sanji and Luffy. Ichiji claims it was for no other reason than wanting "a chance to shake things up".
  • Virtue Is Weakness: The Vinsmokes equate any form of virtue or compassion with an exploitable weakness and surgically removing one's natural empathy shows just how far they would go to prove this trope correct. The only exceptions to this trope are Sanji, his older sister, Reiju, and their deceased mother.
  • Walking Spoiler: Bringing up any one of them is impossible without bringing up Germa 66 and their connection to Sanji.
  • Warrior Prince: Yonji, Sanji, and their two older brothers Ichiji and Niji are these, since the Vinsmoke family (despite no longer officially ruling any territory) are still seen as royals, and their children are all badass to varying degrees. They're also specifically raised and engineered by Judge so they would become commanders of their army (although Sanji came out as a dud, he became badass in his own way) and, in the case of Sanji's brothers, altered to have literally no empathy so they would have no problem with killing.

    "Garuda" Vinsmoke Judge 

"Garuda" Vinsmoke Judge

Voiced by: Hideyuki Hori (Japanese); Christopher Bevins (English)note 

Age: 56

Debut: Chapter 832 (Manga), Episode 793 (Anime)

"...Sanji, you are the sole blemish in my life... the one thing that I am ashamed of. Do I make myself clear?"

Sanji's father, the patriarch of the Vinsmoke family, and king of the Germa Kingdom and supreme commander of its military, with his official title being their Generalissimo. A large and physically-imposing man, Judge earned infamy for starting the "Four Nation Coup", an event where he forcibly took over the North Blue region and ruled it for a number of years with his military might and an iron fist.

Although his family doesn't rule that particular territory anymore, Judge plans to take over the North Blue once again to demonstrate the strength of his family and army. To that end, he tries to arrange a marriage between Sanji and one of Big Mom's daughters, Charlotte Pudding.

  • Abusive Dad: Like Big Mom, he sure as hell isn't going to win any "Parent of the Year" awards. To wit:
    • He gave Sanji the same Tyke-Bomb enhancements his fraternal quadruplet brothers received, but Sanji turned out to be no stronger than a normal kid and remained kind and compassionate when he should have none because Sanji's mother, Sora, gave up her life by taking a gene modification-reversing drug to protect her sons from Judge's plans and preserve their humanity; it worked with Sanji, but failed with Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji; because of that, he forever deemed him a "failure" and a shame to the Vinsmoke legacy. He let his other sons viciously bully Sanji for his weaknesses, and finally forced an iron mask on Sanji and left him in the dungeons to rot, while lying to his Germa subjects that Sanji "died in a training accident". However, he was unwilling to let Sanji die, let alone kill him, so he secretly sent him meals while he was imprisoned, and let him run away from home on the condition that Sanji never reveal his birthright to anyone. Years later, Sanji would admit that Zeff, for all his insults and hard hands, made a better father than Judge ever did.
    • He enabled Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji's incredibly atrocious behaviors to the point where they became utterly cruel and abusive Royal Brats as adults. He also experimented on them in utero and removed their humanity, against the wishes of their mother, Sora, so they can become efficient warmongers who are literally incapable of feeling compassion, hence why the three became assholes. Sora risked her life by taking a gene modification-reversing drug to protect them, but only succeeded in saving their brother Sanji and ended up killing herself.
    • He also modified his eldest child and only daughter, Reiju, with similar enhancements but unlike her brothers, who had their empathy outright surgically removed, she was only programmed to follow her father's orders, with her emotions and ability to understand the morality of her actions still intact. So even if Reiju wants to disobey, she's restricted to doing so in a way that doesn't go completely against what her father asked of her. He also, through letting her brother Sanji be severely mistreated his entire childhood, made Reiju so utterly terrified for her life that she became a Stepford Smiler so she wouldn't be singled out for showing weakness, too. She also became so utterly consumed with guilt and self-loathing that she wished for herself and her family to be killed by Big Mom on the day of Sanji's wedding, seeing her father and brothers (save for her deceased mother, Sora, and Sanji) as heartless murderers who will only blight the world if they continue living. That's how broken this poor girl is.
    • He leaves Yonji and Niji to their fates upon escaping Whole Cake Island while he and the remanders of his family escape without even trying to save them.
  • Archnemesis Dad: To Sanji. Sanji even admits to himself that his birth father never gave him a single decent memory.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: He believes that a "proper" member of a royal family should be someone strong and not bend down to help starving and impoverished "rats", as it is beneath the dignity of royalty. He has successfully hammered this belief into all of his children save for two (Sanji and Reiju).
  • Asskicking Leads to Leadership: Well, he didn't take over the North Blue simply by hugging and befriending everybody...
  • Bad People Abuse Animals: In the anime, when he catches Sanji feeding a mouse, his response (unlike in the manga, where he simply dumps the food on the floor) is to throw the mouse out the window, with Sanji watching.
  • Barbarian Longhair: He has thick, long blonde hair down to his hips.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: For a while, he seems to be one of the main antagonists of the Totland arc. Except that Big Mom was playing him for a sap and planned on killing his family and taking their assets. The wedding further proves he's not even close as strong as he thinks, proving to be a weakling even by New World standards and a Dirty Coward when his life is at stake.
  • Blackmail: Judge threatens to kill Zeff, Sanji's father-figure, if Sanji steps out of line or disobeys his orders.
  • Blatant Lies: He demands that Luffy explain why he rescued Sanji, who is still considered a "failure" to him. But he says this after he's led Germa to Hold the Line to protect Sanji and his crew from Big Mom, with Judge personally ordering his ships to bombard the ships targeting the Thousand Sunny, making it kinda obvious he's in denial.
  • Blood Knight: He wants to to wage war with every nation in the North Blue, and unlike most kings in the setting, he fights alongside his army as its commander.
  • Break the Haughty: In Chapter 864/Episode 834, he goes through one as he not only realizes that Big Mom and her crew are about to kill him and his family, but is forced to face this in one of the most humiliating ways possible. The Reverie arc ups the ante by revealing that the Vinsmokes have lost their position as royals for allying themselves with Big Mom, effectively destroying Judge's dreams of retaking North Blue.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Judge's cloning technology is built up quite a bit in the Wholecake Island arc and is the main reason Big Mom arranges a marriage with Germa 66. However, after the Wano arc, Vegapunk is revealed to have used that same exact technology to create the Seraphim—clones of the Seven Warlords spliced with Lunarian DNA.
  • Combat Pragmatist: This man fights so dirty, it would make Don Krieg blush. He uses any means at his disposal in his fight with Sanji, including using his own soldiers as human shields, kicking Sanji while he's down, and utilizing advanced weaponry against the unarmed Sanji to ensure that the fight ends decisively. He does offer to allow Sanji to use weapons, but after the latter refuses, he doesn't hesitate to attack him anyway.
  • Cool Chair: He has a throne with a horned skull motif, which is kind of cool. He even sits and eats there during meal times!
  • Cool Mask: He wears a mask that makes him look like he could fit right in the wrestling ring.
  • Cornered Rattlesnake: At his core, Judge is a coward - he relies on human shields, jetpacks, and other cheap and dirty tactics to win fights, and pleads and cries for mercy when the Big Mom Pirates hold him at gunpoint. However, when Big Mom herself corners Judge after defeating Yonji and Niji, he unflinchingly attacks her head-on, figuring if he's going to die no matter what, he might as well go down swinging. Judge (barely) manages to survive her curb-stomping him, though.
  • The Coup: Was involved in the "Four Nation Coup" where he disposed all of the North Blue's rulers and took power for himself. He keeps a portrait of the event in his palace (which Sanji finds extremely distasteful), and plans to do it again.
  • Creating Life Is Bad: Together with Vegapunk, Queen and the rest of the MADS, he discovered the "Lineage Factor", which allows him to pioneer the usage of cloning and gene modification. His clone armies are programmed to have Undying Loyalty to their creators so they don't have a problem with being carelessly used as Human Shields and discarded by Judge and his family. The clones themselves are also completely unaware of their true nature and happily throw themselves in the line of fire for their bosses if requested.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He ends up on the receiving end of one when he tries to attack Big Mom, as she shatters his spear easily with her teeth and smites him with a bolt of lightning for his troubles.
  • Debt Detester: Though he still has no love for Sanji, Judge decides to risk his life and help him escape from the Big Mom pirates because he hates being indebted to somebody he always considered a "failure".
  • Dirty Coward: Judge zigzags this trope in a spiritual sense. When totally pushed into a corner, he irrationally breaks down pathetically begging and crying for his life, completely compromising his public image. This moment of weakness also reveals that, at his core, he is nowhere near as tough as he thinks he is. Still, Judge possesses a true sense of honor and conviction when push comes to shove, honoring his debts to Sanji and the Straw Hats and fighting off Big Mom and her army to aid their escape. He is also brave enough to challenge Big Mom herself in one on one combat and later duel Charlotte Snack with no fear or apprehension.
  • The Don: The patriarch of the Vinsmoke family, a Badass Family of assassins.
  • Elemental Punch: He can electrify his special shoe to do a powerful kick.
  • Emperor Scientist: Deconstructed. He was once a research colleague of Dr. Vegapunk and Queen in a group called MADS, but his team was condemned by the World Government for their "Lineage Factor" experiments, causing Judge to flee while abandoning Vegapunk and most of his peers to their fates. During his reign as King of Germa, Judge was responsible for the creation of Germa's technology, including the Raid Suits, and pioneering the usage of cloning and gene modification. It gets deconstructed with the way he used his intellect and creations — Judge wanted to reconquer the North Blue, which used to belong to the Vinsmokes' ancestors, but then they lost it. He bred his clones specifically for cannon fodder and meat shields to protect himself. His alterations of his own children led to Sora killing herself trying to save them, especially her then-unborn quadruplet sons. While Sanji came out completely normal, his brothers are not so lucky, having only a tiny shred of empathy left, while his sister was tormented by the knowledge and understanding of her family's violent actions thanks to the empathy she still has. Judge's warped views and misuse of his skills and technology ultimately led to the Vinsmokes being surrounded, trapped, and nearly executed by the Charlotte family, and the loss of their royal privileges once news of their former alliance with Big Mom gets out. By this point, it's made pretty clear that because of Judge, the Vinsmoke name would have gone extinct, and now it is irreparably ruined.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Though it’s a twisted affection, he does genuinely care about his non-Sanji children. He states that the marriage into Big Mom’s family would be far too dangerous for him to subject any of his children to if he didn’t have Sanji around to offer as a sacrifice. The same cannot be said for his late wife Sora, as it's implied it was an arragened marriage and Judge showed no remorse in forcing her into a surgery against her wishes while pregnant with their sons and completely ignored both her memory and her wishes on how to raise their children. However, he was responsible for Reiju's altered mind, and irreversibly removed the emotions of Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji while they were in utero, heavily implying that while Judge loves his children, he only loves them because they're strong enough to fight for him and Germa. It's eventually becomes a case of Loving a Shadow that he only loves them solely because not only did they turn out the way he wanted them to turn out, but because they do everything he orders to do, unlike Sanji.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Even Judge; who thinks that a painting of himself standing proud over a burnt-out battlefield, with the bruised and (implied-to-be) decapitated heads of the four kings whose nations he crushed, would look nice in his palace, regards the Emperor Big Mom as "deranged". Thus, he would only agree to a political marriage with one of her daughters, if said son was merely expedient to him. Which is where Sanji came in.
    • Also seen in Sanji's backstory. As much as he hated how useless Sanji to him was, while he did lock Sanji up, he did not try to outright kill him (which may explain how Sanji was still given food from above). He was notably very glad that Sanji wanted to leave out of his own volition, but not before making sure Sanji would never tell anyone that he is his father.
    • After Sanji rescues Judge and explains his resolve, Judge promises to never approach Sanji or the East Blue.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: When the Straw Hats sail off with Sanji, Judge demands an explanation from Luffy on why he had to rescue Sanji, citing his "flaws" like his compassion, lack of royal pride, and his willingness to put his life on the line to save those weaker than himself. Luffy instead questions why Judge was listing all the good things about Sanji, not that Judge could hear him at the time.
  • Evil Is Petty: His primary behavior towards Sanji just shows how spiteful he is to someone just because he didn't turn out like his siblings:
    • It was bad enough Judge was an Abusive Dad to Sanji growing up, but once he saw he couldn't keep up with his siblings, Judge left his son in the dungeon with an iron mask on his head only because he didn't want to see his face.
    • Anytime his brothers beat the crap out of Sanji, Judge did nothing, seeing as it was Sanji's own fault for being weak and let his brothers do as they please to him.
    • He actually encouraged Sanji to leave the Germa 13 years ago believing he would be too weak to survive on his own yet he hypocritically claims he's not inhuman enough to kill his own child, leaving Sanji in tears over this act.
    • He rigs Sanji's fake cuffs to explode, knowing how much he loves to cook.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Zeff — both were abusive father figures to Sanji during his life (biological for Judge, adoptive for Zeff), but while Zeff genuinely cares and loves Sanji, Judge has zero empathy for his son.
  • Evilutionary Biologist: He specializes in Creating Life and genetically engineering humans at the peak of physical prowess.
  • Exact Words: He has Reiju put explosive bracelets on Sanji's wrists, knowing that he'll be permanently unable to cook if he survives the initial blast. However, this worked against him as he never specified that the bracelets should be working, so Sanji instead wore duds the entire time.
  • Fatal Flaw: Typical for a power hungry tyrant, his major flaw is his pride. Judge is so determined to reconquer the North Blue that he is willing to do just about anything to achieve that, even if it means turning his own children into emotionless super soldiers by forcing his pregnant wife to undergo gene-altering surgery. To that end, he even struck a deal with the Emperor Big Mom using his least favored son Sanji as a sacrificial pawn to marry him off to her family to seal the deal. This leads to his entire family, including himself, almost dying after Big Mom tries to backstab him in order to steal the Germa's technology for herself.
  • Foil: To Big Mom. Both are parents and powerful leaders over their children. And both also have shown themselves to be highly unpleasant to have as an enemy. However, Judge claims to love and values his children (sans Sanji) and gives them an immense level of freedom, and for Sanji, Judge couldn't bring himself to kill him despite his views on him. Big Mom however, more or less treats all her children as a means to an end, marrying them off to make connections to more power (including her supposed "favorite" Pudding), and she always puts her own happiness first. Her children are told that if they want to be as happy as possible, they'll do what she asks/demands of them. And if they refuse to marry whoever she wants them to marry, she won't hesitate to wish them dead. As stated above, Judge isn't about to win any "Parent Of The Year" awards... but next to Big Mom, he looks like a model father.
  • Goal in Life: His dream is to take over the North Blue once again, and make his family's rule permanent this time.
  • Gone Horribly Right: When faced with the prospect of death by being surrounded by Big Mom's crew's guns, witnessing his sons' react to the situation without any concern or worry prompts him to cry out "What's wrong with you?!". Ironically enough, there's absolutely nothing wrong with them, as far as Judge intended them to be. He wanted emotionless child soldiers, he got them. Their lack of emotion means they don't feel panic or fear, even when staring death right in the face.
  • Good Parents: Subverted; he was shown to treat his other sons lovingly in childhood while still referring to them as "precious" in the present day, and he also refused to let any of his other three sons marry into the Charlotte family on the grounds that Big Mom is "a mad woman"... But as said above, he clearly enabled their worst behaviors (whereas an actually good father would immediately put a stop to such things) and later it's shown that he experimented on them before they were born, meaning that he's the reason why Ichiji, Niji and Yonji are assholes to start with. That's something a mildly good parent would never ever do.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: In the anime, a flashback depicted him beheading the four kings of the North Blue with his spear in one fell swoop, though it only shows lightning flashing and the spear blade being covered in blood afterwards.
  • Half-Truth: When his family meet up with Big Mom for lunch, he talks about how the lasting happiness of children is first priority. He's right... only for his children not named Sanji.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • When his sons not named "Sanji" respond to learning of Big Mom's wedding plans for them by laughing and scolding him for having his Villainous Breakdown, he berates them for being so indifferent. Reiju quietly lampshades how it was Judge's own experiments that made her brothers act the way they did.
    • Because Judge was such a horrible father to Sanji growing up and made him leave when given the chance, Sanji would go on to meet Zeff, who he considers his real father, and grow significantly stronger as a result — to the point that Sanji is now likely leagues stronger than Judge, who is forced to use underhanded tactics just to win a duel with him. It's made even more apparent during the Onigashima War after the Sanji's Super-Soldier modifications activate and increase his skills significantly, that he's the strongest of all of Judge's children. Meaning that, in the end, all of Judge's actions have led him to alienate his most powerful child.
  • Honor Among Thieves: He believes in this stridently, even quoting the trope word for word when he discovers the Charlotte Family's betrayal. Unfortunately for him, such a rule doesn't really apply to ruthless, psychopathic pirates like Big Mom.
  • Horrible Judge of Character:
    • Pun aside, he still sees Sanji as the weakling he was as a child, despite him becoming a lot more powerful during the years spent in Baratie and sailing with the Straw Hat Pirates. If not for his technology and rather underhanded yet pragmatic tactics, the fight between him and Sanji would have gone on much longer.
    • There's also a Downplayed case of this in terms of how he views Big Mom. Though he doesn't trust her and plans to give himself some leverage in their deal, he underestimates just how untrustworthy she really is and has no idea that she's planned on murdering him and his family from the very start. And when he finds out, he's so shocked by this betrayal that he could do nothing but cry for her in frustration.
  • Ignored Epiphany: Invoked. Even after Sanji has proven the importance of his compassion by saving Judge and the other Vinsmokes from Big Mom, he still demands an explanation from Luffy about how he would risk so much to rescue a "failure" like Sanji, only to be quickly ignored. He says this after he's already committed his army to defending the Straw Hats, making it clear he's in denial.
  • I Have No Son!: He doesn't see Sanji as his son anymore, though he still calls Sanji out on attacking his own father, and refers to as him "my son" whenever it's convenient. It's not much better on Sanji's end, as he decided long ago that he would have nothing to do with his blood family (especially the father).
  • Inelegant Blubbering: He breaks down crying when he realizes that the Big Mom pirates intend to kill the Vinsmokes, much to the mockery of everyone around him.
  • Insult Backfire: When Judge confronts Luffy and asks him why he went so far to rescue Sanji, when Sanji has so many flaws, like showing compassion to others, protecting the weak, having no royal pride, wasting his time with cooking and being in general soft — in short, being a failure — Luffy just thanks him for helping the Straw Hats escape and asks himself why Judge just listed all of Sanji's best qualities.
  • I Reject Your Reality: No matter how many times it's shown that Sanji has grown far stronger than his siblings, Judge still adamantly referes to Sanji as a failure.
  • Irony: He disowned Sanji for not inheriting the same genetic enhancements as his siblings, making him the weakest of his children and thus a failure. Not only does Sanji grow up to be the unambiguously strongest of his children, it turns out he did inherit Judge's genetic enhancements, which finally awaken during the Onigashima War. Meaning that, because of his own hypocrisy and arrogance, Judge permanently alienated his strongest potential soldier for nothing.
  • It's All About Me: While he claims his actions are to regain the honor and glory of the Germa and the Vinsmoke name, it becomes painfully obvious all of Judge's actions are really for himself and his ambitions. His treatment of Sanji is proof enough of that, as the reason he hates Sanji is because he didn't turn out the way Judge wanted.
  • I Want Them Alive!: He uses his connections to the World Government to change Sanji's bounty from "Dead or Alive" to "Only Alive" after the Dressrosa arc, having finally discovered his missing third son's whereabouts. This isn't out of any fatherly love, but desiring to use Sanji as part of an Arranged Marriage to Big Mom. He doesn't want to sacrifice any of his "precious" sons to Big Mom.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: The reason he wants Sanji back alive, despite abusing him years ago? He needed a son to cement his alliance with Big Mom through a marriage, and he doesn't want to use his more "precious" sons. Beside that, Sanji doesn't mean anything to him.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: Judge has gotten away with quite a bit over the course of his life. His unethical experiments, vicious coups, child abuse, etc... It all comes crashing down after the Whole Cake Island Arc. As punishment for his attempt at an alliance with Big Mom, he ends up being exiled from the Reverie, meaning that his claim over North Blue can never be recognized as legitimate, and his actions end up totally alienating Sanji, who is far and away the strongest of his children especially after his Germa 66 Enhancements awaken.
  • Lack of Empathy: Had no reservations about severely abusing his own son both psychologically and physically when he was just a child. Even in present day, he's completely unable to see anything wrong with how he treats Sanji, or about his plans for dominating other nations. As Sanji himself puts it, it's in one ear and out the other with him.
  • Large and in Charge: Judge is a very large and imposing man. He once ruled the entire North Blue with an iron fist. He possesses incredible influence in the Underworld, and is also the current ruler of the Germa Kingdom, an ocean-based kingdom where its territories are supported by interlocking ships and its size depends on the number of ships used at any moment. In the anime flashback that depicted the "Four Nation Coup" he started, he is shown to be gigantic compared to the four kings he killed.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • In Chapter 864/Episode 834, as the death for his family becomes imminent, he breaks down when faced with the reality of the situation and Big Mom's betrayal, screaming for someone to save him. Not only do his "precious" sons and daughter ridicule him (with Ichiji calling him "pathetic" and Reiju essentially thinking, "Serves you right"), Big Mom's children/crew-members and the tea party guests join in the fun, with Perospero taking particular delight in giving him a Break Them by Talking speech about how he belittled and discarded those who were under his employ, and he will soon meet the same fate as his victims.
    • By the time of the Reverie, the Germa Kingdom lose their position in the World Government because of the incident with Big Mom, which effectively foils Judge's dream of reconquering the North Blue.
  • Life's Work Ruined: He has spent virtually his entire life to carry on his family's legacy by reconquering the North Blue as his ancestors did 300 years ago, even modifying his own kids and irreversibly removing their emotions. By the end of the Whole Cake Island arc, however, his goals are foiled when Big Mom turns on the Vinsmokes during the failed wedding ceremony between Sanji and Pudding, and the World Government revokes the Vinsmokes' status as royalty for allying themselves with an Emperor.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Thanks to his technology, he's a fast and powerful warrior.
  • Like Father, Like Son: His sons Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji take after him pretty closely both in philosophy and behavior because Judge programmed them to be that way. Judge wanted ruthless killing machines that'll help him win wars and conquer the North Blue, so he experimented on his quadruplet sons while they were in utero by surgically removing their ability to feel compassion, against the wishes of their mother, Sora, who intended to avert the trope by taking a gene modification-reversing drug in hopes of preserving her sons' humanity, at the cost of her own life. Sanji was a success, but Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji weren't so lucky; the drug that slowly killed Sora only managed to save what little humanity they had left.
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Judge is a warmongering king, a Bad Boss, and a brutish man who believes in Might Makes Right and Virtue Is Weakness. Sanji however, is a low-class pirate and, while he has his faults, is a hero who refuses to be associated with his family or their Underworld activities, and is willing to help others in need. It's later revealed to be justified; Sanji was genetically altered along with his then-unborn quadruplet brothers with the intention of turning them into ruthless killing machines, but his dead mother, Sora, took a dangerous drug that reversed gene modifications to save her sons, at the cost of his own life. Sanji was the only one who was born a normal kid who still retained his empathy as the result of the drug; Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji weren't so lucky.
  • Mad Scientist: Sanji learns that prior to proclaiming himself royalty, Judge used to be a companion of Vegapunk, and they did scientific research together. Judge managed to escape being arrested by the World Government for their discovery of the Lineage Factor, while Vegapunk wasn't so lucky. Queen, while also part of the research team, spent the next years as a pirate under the leadership of Kaido, one of the Emperors.
  • Manly Facial Hair: Judge has a pointy black mustache and is the former ruler of the North Blue. Like them, Judge is a powerful fighter as well.
  • Meet the New Boss: He's one for Don Krieg in the East Blue saga. Both are leaders of a military group who's obsessed with military equipment and personnel numbers, and they used to be active at a certain sea (the East Blue for Krieg, the North Blue for Judge). Both are also spear-wielders. They're also blowhards that hide behind large armies, their loyal and capable subordinates, that they abuse, rig fights in their favor by using hostages, and artificially boost their personal strength with a bunch of fancy toys. In addition, they're both ungrateful bastards who despise chefs.
  • Moral Myopia:
    • Judge never once displayed an ounce of fatherly love toward Sanji, outright disowning him as he escaped. When they start fighting in the present (a fight which Judge called for), he condemns Sanji for kicking his own father. He even goes on to claim that Sanji is the one disrespecting their familial bonds by potentially angering Big Mom.
    • The leader of a family of assassins who wholeheartedly believes Might Makes Right and Virtue Is Weakness tearfully begs for mercy when the Big Mom Pirates betray and get ready to kill the Vinsmokes.
  • Never Bareheaded: Judge is never seen with his helmet off, save for when he's gone to sleep. Even then he's shown obscured in the darkness. Oda is literally keeping us in the dark about his actual appearance for some reason. When Big Mom destroys his helmet with a jolt of Zeus's lightning, we still don't get to see what's behind the mask.
  • Never Gets Drunk: Big Mom sent barmaids to drink and entertain them. The Vinsmokes easily out-drink all the girls.
  • Never My Fault: When his wife, Sora, falls gravely ill, growing weaker by the day and ultimately dying, thanks to the fact that she secretly overdosed the "anti-human modification drug" that slowly kills her, he blames Sanji for it because he was born perfectly normal unlike his quadruplet brothers, i.e just what his wife wanted. She wouldn't have done it if Judge hadn't forced the modifying operation onto her womb because she didn't want her children to be emotionless killing machines.
  • Offing the Offspring: Despite hating Sanji for turning to be a failure on all counts as a child and wishing he was dead, Judge ultimately averts it with the reason that he couldn't bring himself to murder his own child. He was, however, perfectly fine with leaving Sanji to rot in the family dungeons and making things like the boy never existed. When Sanji escapes the dungeon and attempts to run away, Judge makes no attempt whatsoever to stop him and lets him take the key to remove his mask. He's rather relieved that his "failure" who he couldn't bring himself to kill is willing to leave on his own.
  • Off with His Head!: In the anime, he beheads the four kings of the North Blue after launching a successful coup. He had the moment painted and framed, and hung on the wall for all to see.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: A cover story following the Whole Cake Island arc shows Judge alive and well, meaning he not only escaped the wrath of the Big Mom Pirates but also defeated or eluded Charlotte Snack, a former Sweet Commander.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • He realizes his fate the moment Big Mom and her family pull guns on his family to the point where he desperately pleads to be saved, causing both Big Mom's children, his own children, and some guests, to ridicule him.
    • He has another moment when the Kingdom's main castle is attacked, and former Sweets Commander Charlotte Snack is leading the attack.
  • Papa Wolf: Zigzagged. The first subversion comes with Sanji, whom Judge sees as a failure for retaining his compassion and displaying the same level of strength and capabilities as a normal kid's, and let his other "successful" children bully him viciously throughout most of his childhood. While he doesn't kill Sanji outright or abandon him to die despite how much he hates him, he did treat him as a throwaway and a tool for sealing Germa 66's alliance with Big Mom, which was why he changed Sanji's pirate bounty from "Dead or Alive" to "Only Alive". Then he subverts it again with his displays of love and affection towards Ichiji, Yonji, Niji, and Reiju, and his forbidding them to marry anyone of Big Mom's family on the grounds that she's a "madwoman". The final subversion comes with The Reveal that Judge gave Reiju some mind alterations that made her loyal to her father, while genetically experimenting on his then-unborn quadruplet sons to turn them into the perfect emotionless killing machines against the wishes of his wife, Sora, hence why Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are complete assholes who are literally unable to feel empathy. As mentioned above, his behavior towards his children as a parent is based on how "useful" they are to him as warriors.
  • Paper Tiger: This huge, burly beast of a man who has a picture of the four kings of the North Blue's heads adorned in his chambers cries and begs for his life like a complete coward when staring death in the eye, and with none of his dirty tricks to save him.
  • Pet the Dog: An extremely small one; despite wishing little Sanji was dead for being a failure to him, he couldn't bring himself to kill his own son. He did force Sanji into wearing an iron mask and left him in the dungeons to rot... but he still provided Sanji with exquisite meals (causing his subordinates to speculate there was a secret guest VIP or mistress).
  • Punny Name: His Japanese name Jajji, when spoken, sounds extremely similar to "Judge"; so much so that the English translation by Viz does call him Judge.
  • Rocket Boots: He can use this to fly and boost his kicks.
  • Shock and Awe: Channels electricity through his kicks and his spear, thanks to the weaponry he's armed with.
  • The Social Darwinist: Deconstructed. He believes so fervently that Virtue Is Weakness and Might Makes Right, that he physically and psychologically modified his own children to follow his values. He sees Sanji as his greatest disappointment and wishes he never existed because he was weaker than his siblings (i.e "like a normal human" according to one of Judge's scientists), despite receiving the same modifications as his quadruplet brothers. Naturally, Judge ended up destroying his family, with his wife dying because she disagreed with the treatment of their sons, and in a moment of great irony, he later outright begs for someone to save him in Chapter 864/Episode 834, when he and his family find himself surrounded by Big Mom's children/crew on all fronts with no way out, restrained by hard candy to their chairs and their weapons/raid suits secretly confiscated. Not only do his own children ridicule him and accept the inevitable, but his would-be killers (and some of the wedding attendees) join in as well, with Perospero in particular relishing in giving him a Breaking Speech. As the final nail in the coffin, Judge is further humiliated when he's saved from death by Sanji, forever indebting the Vinsmoke patriarch to his "failure" of a son.
  • Sore Loser: He really doesn't take it well when he realizes that Big Mom's going to assassinate him and his family, throwing his decades-long revenge plan under the bus.
  • Too Clever by Half: For all that he hates Sanji for not inheriting the gene modifications his brothers had, it never once occurs to him to somehow give Sanji those modifications when he was growing up, and or activate them if they had been somehow dormant. As it turns out, the gene modifications are dormant (something that Judge never bothered to check), and begin to awaken during the Onigashima War thanks Sanji's continued use of the raid suit Niji gave him. Because of Judge's arrogance, he lost out on having Sanji, now unquestionably his strongest child, as a potential ally, let alone as a soldier.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: The narrative thoroughly conveys that what Judge did to his children to be an especially heinous crime even for this Crapsack World. Queen, a fellow Mad Scientist, later mentions to Sanji that he believes Judge's actions qualify him as genuinely insane.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: He may not be Gonk, but he is ugly and brutish. His deceased wife Sora, however, was a stunningly beautiful young woman.
  • Underestimating Badassery: During their duel, he can't believe Sanji is capable of using Haki, as Sanji had been the weakest of his children the last he saw him. In general, he didn't believe Sanji was going to amount to anything when his son was growing up due to not inheriting the genetic enhancements Judge gave to the quadruplets in-utero. Not only does Sanji indeed grow up to be strong, he flat-out becomes the strongest member of the family. Especially after he awakens the aforementioned genetic enhancements.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Although Judge had his life saved by Sanji and agreed to leave him and his loved ones alone as promised, Judge remains frustrated about the whole situation. As while he does defend the Straw Hats during their escape, he unsuccessfully asks Luffy why he would risk his life to save Sanji while listing his "flaws".
  • Unwitting Pawn: As of The Reveal in Chapter 850/Episode 816. With the Arranged Marriage between Sanji and Charlotte Pudding, Big Mom has planned on killing Sanji and his entire family from the start and taking their technology for her own exclusive use.
  • Vicariously Ambitious: Implied to be the reason why he experimented on all his children and caused so much dysfunction in his family. Judge conquered North Blue in the past, then lost the territory. So he altered his children's Lineage Factors so they would become strong, merciless warriors that would reconquer North Blue and lead Germa 66 to greatness. This led to Reiju becoming severely suicidal as an adult, and Yonji, Ichiji, and Niji literally being unable to understand both positive human emotions and the depravity of their actions. Only Sanji escaped his siblings' fate thanks to his mother, and he suffered for it.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Upon discovering Big Mom's betrayal, Judge screams for mercy, not wanting to die until he achieves his dream of conquering the North Blue again. He then is ridiculed by his "precious" sons, his daughter silently lampshades how he did this to himself, the guests all mock him and Morgan's takes photos of Judge crying and begging for his life while Perospero gleefully taunts him for his cowardliness. He further becomes ashamed over being saved by Sanji and being forced into his demands in order to survive.
  • Villainous Valour: For all his horrific flaws and actions towards his family, Vinsmoke Judge is shown to have some bravado deep down. After being rescued, he took on Big Mom, single-handedly, to protect the rest of his family and the rest of the escaping pirates. Granted part of that might be arrogance as he did think him and the rest of Germa would actually win if they had their suits (a fact proven very wrong) .
  • Villains Want Mercy: When karma catches up to him, and he finds Big Mom's guns all pointed at him, realizing his decades-long plans suddenly came down in a fiery crash, he starts pleading for his life and crying for somebody to save him. Not only do his own "perfect" sons ridicule him (with Ichiji calling it pathetic), but Big Mom's top enforcers go out of their way to remind him of his own policies, actions, and ideals. They also taunt him with how he treated people in his current position, just to drive home how much he deserves what's coming.
  • Virtue Is Weakness: He's a firm believer in this - he considers feeding common folk to be disgusting, as "royalty should never serve commoners" in his mind, and believes that only those with power have a right to brutalize the weak. Even worse, he considers being a chef a worthless profession, which makes the fact that he has chefs under his employment and he allied himself with the food-centric Charlotte Family rather hypocritical. It's deconstructed in that his utter disdain for weaknesses was the main source of the Vinsmokes' dysfunction - he experimented on his own children to ensure they'll fulfill his dreams of reconquering North Blue, leaving Reiju a suicidal mess, while Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji were robbed of all chances to be good people since they're literally unable to feel compassion. When Sanji retained human empathy thanks to an extremely desperate gambit made by Sora to save her sons, he was horrifically abused and left to rot in the dungeons for it. Plus, if Judge actually succeeded in making Sanji act like his brothers, the Vinsmokes would've been rendered extinct by the Charlotte Family, as Sanji's compassion saved them from being massacred by their former allies.
  • The Worf Effect: He was built up as a legitimate threat during his fight with Sanji, but his "fight" with Big Mom was literally just her shattering his spear and knocking him out in one Zeus-aided punch. He didn't even get a single hit in, not that it would have mattered.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: He believes his alliance to Big Mom is something similar to Game of Thrones, where he can marry off a son he considers worthless to try and gain a powerful ally. He does not take into account that a pirate like Big Mom would have no interest in honoring her agreements if she thinks she can just kill him and take what he has.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: After he and his family are rescued and put into Bege's custody, Bege's group is in danger due to Big Mom attacking Bege's castle form; Judge and his children (other than Sanji) decide to cover Bege's escape plan. Immediately after Bege turns into his normal body and Caesar is lifting him away, Judge and his children shields them from the Big Mom Pirates' assault.

    "Poison Pink" Vinsmoke Reiju 

"Poison Pink" Vinsmoke Reiju

Voiced by: Michiko Neya (Japanese); Alexis Tipton (English)

Age: 24

Debut: Chapter 826 (Manga), Episode 783 (Anime)

"You have my most sincere thanks for taking care of my little brother for all this time."

"Poison Pink" Reiju is the only daughter and oldest child of the Vinsmoke family, as well as Sanji's older sister. A genetically modified Super-Soldier, Reiju possesses enhanced strength, speed, and endurance that are far beyond a normal human's.

She has the ability to generate and control deadly poisons, as well as consume them herself, and suffer no ill side-effects from it afterwards. Additionally, she has eaten an as of yet unrevealed Devil Fruit (according to Oda in an SBS issue), although whether or not her poison-nullifying abilities are related to it are unknown at present. Although she supports her family's warmongering on the surface, her heart and personal, private actions suggest otherwise, especially when it comes to Sanji.

  • Animal Motifs: She's interestingly the only one in her family who's connected to a certain animal. Hers is butterflies, especially the poisonous species such as monarchs and pipevine swallowtails, the latter which Reiju's cape heavily resembles. On the other hand, because of her tremendous self-loathing and guilt, having a butterfly-like cape represents her desire to fly away and leave the Vinsmoke legacy behind. Permanently.
  • Anti-Villain: Deconstructed. She supports her family's activities, but that's only because she was physically and psychologically modified by Judge to always obey his orders, despite having some capacity to resist him. In truth, she's utterly disgusted with their violent actions, their Lack of Empathy, and their horrific abuse of her brother, Sanji, one of two people (the other being her dead mother) whom she (secretly) adores. It's her utter fear of being abused like Sanji was as a kid that keeps her relying on a facade so that her father and other brothers won't suspect a thing. She also hates herself for both participating in her family's warmongering and condoning them, to the point where she wants herself and her family to die so the world will become a better place without their cruel, bloodthirsty presence, just to atone for the horrible things she did in the name of Germa. The only family member she thinks deserves to live is Sanji, who has their mother's empathy and living proof that Sora's Heroic Sacrifice was not in vain.
  • The Atoner: Becomes this when she finds out Big Mom's plan to murder her and her family. Rather than try and escape the island, she simply resigns herself to her fate, deciding that all of them deserve to die anyway for the atrocities they've committed as members of Germa 66. However, after Sanji saves her, she seizes the opportunity to return the favor by helping him and the Straw Hats escape Totto Land.
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: When Sanji returns to Germa, he shows Reiju the cold shoulder. Reiju in turn keeps telling Sanji that she is not on his side and that she wouldn't help him. When she treats his wounds after his fight with Judge, she also uses the opportunity to put explosive bracelets on him, to force him to go through with the marriage. Yet she never participated in bullying him, like his brothers did, as she was scared that she would be their next target if she stood up to them. She also privately patched Sanji up whenever his brothers brutally beat him and ultimately helped Sanji flee from his hellish life in Germa, tearfully telling him to not come back. When Sanji learns of Big Mom's plans to kill the Vinsmokes, he immediately tells Reiju, who was given Fake Memories and Laser-Guided Amnesia by Pudding. He makes it clear that he doesn't give a damn about his father or his brothers — the only one he doesn't want dead is Reiju, but she urges him to flee with his friends and leave her behind. And the explosive bracelets she put on him? They're duds. She switched them out before she put them on Sanji.
  • Badass Cape: While all of her family members (sans Sanji) have capes, hers is unique because it resembles the wings of a butterfly.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: She's got the most sinister powerset of the Germa-affiliated Vinsmokes, and she's also the most moral, pleasant and approachable by a very wide margin. Her Establishing Character Moment where she uses a Kiss of Life to happily chug down a massive dose of poison says it all.
  • Bait the Dog: Inverted. You'd think, her just laughing at Sanji when he was bullied by her brothers would make her unsympathetic. And you wouldn't be wrong... except when it's revealed that she only did so because she was afraid of getting bullied herself if she actually steps in to stop, and she does tend to Sanji's wounds in secret. She's also Sanji's only sibling that has enough empathy.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: Double-subverted. At first you'd think she's bad as her relatives just by her acting incredibly snobbish and laughing at Sanji's childhood bullying, but she did save Luffy from a fatal poison as thanks for looking after her brother. Then it's revealed that she's the only one besides Sanji who inherited their dead mother's kindness. She genuinely cares for Sanji and is pretty disgusted by her father and other brothers' Jerkass behavior, but she fears being abused herself, so she puts on a carefully-crafted facade so they wouldn't know how she truly feels.
  • Beneath the Mask: She appears to fully support the Germa's ambitions and doesn't care about Sanji, laughing at his misery, but in truth she is disgusted by her other brothers' behavior and Lack of Empathy, and thinks that her family (sans Sanji) deserves to die, as they are nothing but murderers that the world doesn't need.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • After being freed by Sanji and regaining her raid suit, she proceeds to save the other Straw Hats from capture by the Charlotte Family. She even personally takes on the Sweet Commander Smoothie herself, only losing because her enemy could counter her poison.
    • Chapters 897 and 898 has her participating in her brothers' Curb-Stomp Battle of Oven's armies, just so they could all get Sanji and Luffy to safety.
  • Big Sister Bully: While she didn't have any direct participation in Sanji's childhood bullying at the hands of her brothers, she was perfectly willing to turn a blind eye whenever it happened. Subverted however, in that it's only true because she actually genuinely cares for Sanji, but she's forced to laugh along with her other brothers to avoid being bullied by them, and secretly hates herself for doing so.
  • Big Sister Instinct:
    • When she was a child, she got her Instinct Button pressed very, very hard by witnessing Sanji's suffering under her father and other brothers, though due to her own fear of being abused as well, she could only help Sanji in secret. It's when Sanji was left to rot in the dungeons by Judge does she decide to act, and helps him escape and run away from home, while tearfully telling him to find people who will love him. As an adult, she demands prompt medical attention for her brother after Niji, the scumbag that he is, uses blackmail to beat Sanji into submission, and tends to him in an extremely caring manner.
    • It shows up again in Chapter 898 — just before Oven's soldiers try shooting the airborne Sanji and Luffy out of the sky with tear gas, Reiju blows poison on all of them, saying that she won't forgive anyone who lays a hand on her little brother.
  • Breath Weapon: "Pink Hornet" consists of her blowing clouds of deadly poison at her foes which she uses on a group of soldiers working for Charlotte Oven, to prevent them from harming Sanji and Luffy.
  • Bystander Syndrome: As a kid, while she never participated in bullying Sanji, she would stand by the sidelines and laugh alongside her brothers. Until she couldn't take it anymore after Sanji was left to rot in the dungeons and secretly helped him escape, tearfully telling him to never go back and that he'll definitely find people who will treat him the way he deserves.
  • Cain and Abel: Averted. She greatly cares for Sanji, but avoided helping Sanji while he was being bullied by their brothers because she feared for her own life if she ever decided to show "weakness" in front of her family — that is, anyone who's not "Sanji" or "Sora". She was responsible for secretly dressing up Sanji's wounds during downtime, freeing Sanji from the dungeons after Judge left him there to rot, and helping Sanji run away to East Blue, all while telling him to find people who will give him the proper love and attention he needs.
  • Color Motif: Pink. Her epithet is "Poison Pink", and her Germa raid suit is pink.
  • Cool Big Sis: Reiju is the nicest of the Vinsmokes, capable of showing at least some capacity of empathy, and would tend to Sanji's wounds whenever he was beaten up by his brothers. Though she never tried to defend Sanji in their childhood, it was later justified with her fear of being abused herself, and furthermore, she helped him to finally escape the Germa Kingdom.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Her deceased mother Sora, who opposed Judge's plans, secretly took a drug that reversed his alterations to save her sons from becoming his weapons but also slowly killing her, with Sanji being the only one who was saved. Reiju's childhood was spent training to become a Germa commander, but because Sanji failed to catch up and showed kindness, her other brothers Ichiji, Yonji, and Niji viciously bullied him, while Judge dismissed him as a "failure" who doesn't deserve to live. Reiju hated her family's abuse of Sanji, but she feared being mistreated as well if she sided with him openly, so she can only help him in secret. Eventually she helped Sanji escape Germa, but she had to stay behind and commit more atrocities with her remaining family that made her feel more and more disgusted with herself — to the point where she expresses to Sanji in the present-day Totto Land arc her wish to be killed with the rest of the Vinsmokes by Big Mom because she sees herself as a war machine who will only continue to blight the world if she lives.
  • Deadly Gas: One application of her powers; Reiju can either blow poisoned air onto her enemies, or create large toxic clouds to wipe out entire armies.
  • Death Seeker: Upon hearing the info from Sanji, Reiju doesn't plan to oppose Big Mom's plans to kill the entire Vinsmoke family and the Germa 66, stating that they are nothing but destroyers and murderers who deserve it. While Sanji couldn't care less about his father and his brothers, he doesn't want Reiju to die as well, to which she responds that she cannot disobey their father and that she deserves to die as well, as her hands are also dirty.
  • Emotion Suppression: A different case compared to her brothers. Ichiji, Niji and Yonji had their compassion and empathy outright removed, while they were inside their mother's womb. Reiju merely hides such emotions behind a smile. When she is alone or with Sanji, she doesn't hold back her tears. Her Vivre Card reveals that she's actually the same as her brothers in terms of genetic modifications, so she's still emotionally suppressed by nature. Instead, her kind nature exists because Sora was active enough to teach her empathy and morality.
  • Enigmatic Minion: Out of all the Vinsmoke children, Reiju is the hardest to read. While it seems she fully supports her family's ideals and goals, she also aided the Straw Hats by saving Luffy's life and seems to be the only member of her family to care for Sanji. This even extends to her childhood: while she laughed alongside her brothers at Sanji's weakness, she never directly participated in it and even patched Sanji up afterwards, claiming that she only laughs alongside them to avoid them bullying her as well. She's eventually not so enigmatic when it's revealed she really does care about him, even sincerely crying for him, and only allowed the bullying because she feared for her own well-being.
  • Establishing Character Moment: An easily-missed one in the anime — when she shows up to kick Yonji into the sea for tormenting the Straw Hats, she's shown frowning (as shown in her folder image) unlike in the manga, where she's smiling. It shows that when away from the majority of her family, Reiju is more kindhearted than she initially appears.
  • Fake Memories: Pudding uses her Devil Fruit powers to alter Reiju's memories after she shoots her, making her believe that the gunshot wound in her leg came from a stray bullet fired by a random soldier. She also throws in some Laser-Guided Amnesia to make Reiju forget her evil nature as well as the Big Mom pirates' plan to kill the Vinsmokes. Thankfully, though, Sanji was eavesdropping on the whole thing and was able to tell her what really happened.
  • Family Theme Naming: Despite not being one of the quadruplets, she shares their number theme naming, only with the more feminine "ju" as a suffix rather than the masculine "ji".
  • Flight: She wears high-tech boots that allow her to do this.
  • Foil: As of Chapter 850, she becomes one to Charlotte Pudding. Both are children of royalty (Judge is a king; Big Mom is an Emperor) who grew up in different ways (Reiju was engineered from childhood to be a Tyke-Bomb Super-Soldier, while Pudding was excessively pampered), and both are close to Sanji (older sister and fiancee). Both rely on masks to hide their true character for different reasons; Reiju hides her compassion under snooty indifference and genuinely cared for Sanji, while Pudding is incredibly cruel and sadistic underneath her sweetness. Reiju was Sanji's one silver lining growing up in an abusive household, while Pudding played Sanji like a fiddle and used the marriage ploy as a means to get him to trust her, on Big Mom's orders, until the chance came to murder him and his entire family. It's made apparent once they are alone, with Pudding dropping the act while Reiju never loses her mask.
  • Forced into Evil: Though she retains her emotions and at least some capacity to rebel (such as the fact that the bracelets she put on Sanji were actually fakes), she apparently cannot fully disobey her father's orders thanks to the alterations he made to her mind. She hates herself for it, believing her to be an accomplice to her family's crimes.
  • Freudian Excuse: She acts cold and indifferent because when she was little, she saw how her little brother Sanji was mercilessly bullied by his younger and older fraternal quadruplet brothers Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji for displaying kindness, while her father dismissed him as a "failure" who doesn't deserve to live. She fears the same thing happening to her if she lets her true colors show, so she puts on a carefully-crafted facade all the time.
  • Good All Along: It's revealed a few chapters after her introduction that she's actually much more compassionate than her father or brothers (other than Sanji), but she has to hide it from her family under a cold disposition. It's at least hinted in her introduction in that she willingly helps Luffy's poisoning problem simply because he is Sanji's friend, despite them being on different sides.
  • Guilt-Ridden Accomplice: While she was involved in Judge's numerous quests of power — which includes invading cities — she doesn't like doing any of it, but she can't disobey him either, thanks to the modifications Judge gave her. As such, she hates herself for condoning her family's warmongering and wants to die to atone for her sins.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: She tells Sanji to forget about Germa and leave with his Straw Hat friends while she stays behind to be killed with the rest of her family by Big Mom because she thinks she doesn't deserve to live and so Sanji could be free... except Sanji still decides to stay and save his family during their Darkest Hour, regardless of his personal opinions about his brothers and father.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: To cope with being Forced into Evil, she pretends to be snobby and indifferent towards those poorer and weaker than her (like Judge and her brothers would do). But, in reality, she's not nearly as full of herself as she let's on and she drops the act easily when it's no longer necessary. Even then, her facade was very shallow and she couldn't help but be polite to the Straw Hats when she first met them.
  • Karmic Jackpot: As children, Reiju often treated Sanji's wounds whenever he was beaten black and blue by their cruel brothers, and when Sanji was left in the dungeons by Judge to rot, Reiju freed him and helped Sanji run away to East Blue. Years later, Sanji gets medical attention for Reiju after he finds her being tormented by Charlotte Pudding, and despite Reiju's pleas to let her be killed by Big Mom, Sanji goes back and saves her (and the rest of the family) anyway during their darkest hour.
  • Kiss of Life: Reiju sucked out the poison that harmed Luffy through his mouth, saving his life.
  • Lady of War: She has the cool, reserved manner of one and maintains an air of grace in her attacks, moving elegantly through the air with her butterfly-themed Raid Suit. Her Pink Hornet technique gracefully blows a kiss of deadly poison at enemies.
  • Lecherous Licking: After sucking the poison out of Luffy's body, Reiju performs one of these, to the shock and embarrassment of Luffy's friends.
  • Like Parent, Like Child: She has traits of both her parents. Enforced by Judge, her mind was altered with Lineage Factor surgeries so she'll become a warmonger like him. It wasn't completely successful; she has her deceased mother Sora's kindness, although she has to hide it to everyone except to her mom and Sanji. And like Sora, who saved Sanji from becoming a weapon for Judge, Reiju plans to stay and be killed along with her family by Big Mom so Sanji will be truly free from the family.
  • Loophole Abuse: Those explosive bracelets Judge had her put on Sanji to ensure his compliance with the Arranged Marriage to Pudding? He never explicitly specified if they should be actually working.
  • Mafia Princess: A literal one due to her family's royal status. While it looks like that Reiju is aware of her family's activities and wholly supports their ideals of social darwinism, in truth, she's shown to fear her brothers and father after seeing what they did to Sanji as kids and is pretty disgusted by their Lack of Empathy; all those smiles were actually a carefully crafted facade not to show her true feelings..
  • Meaningful Name: "Rei" means "zero" and she is born before her younger brothers, who are named after numbers 1 to 4. It's implied that she was the "first" Vinsmoke child to be genetically altered into a powerful warrior; whatever Judge tried on her, he successfully perfected on Reiju's younger brothers.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Sanji's sister has quite an attractive figure, which is probably the only good trait she and Sanji share with the rest of the siblings. Her raid suit is the only one exposing her skin including her navel.
  • Navel-Deep Neckline:
    • Reiju's Germa 66 outfit leaves everything from her cleavage down to her navel exposed.
    • Averted with her civilian outfit.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: She's shown having endured one at the end of Chapter 849, though the suspect is not revealed. After The Reveal in Chapter 850, it's safe to conclude it was done at Pudding's order.
  • Not Hyperbole: Turns out, when she said that Yonji "doesn't have the slightest shred of humanity" in their debut, she meant it literally. Due to Judge's experiments, her brothers (except Sanji) do not have the ability to feel compassion or empathy at all.
  • Parental Favoritism: Flashbacks revealed that both Reiju and Sanji had most of their mother's attention when she was still alive, because they kept visiting her while she was ill whenever they were both able, and they still retained their compassion unlike their other brothers who had theirs outright surgically removed by Judge. Judge also favored Reiju over Sanji for being the strong warrior he wanted all of his children to be, but deep down Reiju hates it because it meant that she had to keep doing cruel and violent things in order to stay on her father's (and other brothers') good side, including mistreating her beloved brother.
  • Peer-Pressured Bully: In their childhood, when Sanji was repeatedly bullied by his brothers, their older sister Reiju would simply laugh it off. However, she only did so to avoid being their bully target; she's secretly caring towards Sanji. She even patched up Sanji's wounds every time their brothers left him black and blue, which would have killed him long ago due to him being the only Vinsmoke child who wasn't enhanced thanks to his mother reversing the experiments on him.
  • Personality Powers: Subverted; despite having poison-related powers, Reiju is a sweet-hearted woman who would rather be anything but a Vinsmoke, but really has no choice in the matter. However, because she was psychologically modified to obey Judge no matter what, Reiju secretly sees herself and her family as a corrupting blight, which appropriately matches how her powers work. She would rather die than harm more innocent people in the name of conquest and power.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • In her first appearance, unlike Yonji, she is willing to save Luffy from food poisoning for no other reason than because he's one of Sanji's dear friends.
    • Double-subverted, when it comes to Sanji himself. While she appeared to not have Sanji's best interests in mind and supported her family's warmongering and abuse of Sanji, it was all part of a facade she put up to hide the fact that she loves Sanji. The only problem is, she was too afraid of being abused as well, so she's stuck with smiling and playing along.
  • Pink Is Feminine: Her Germa raid suit is pink, and she's the only one of her family (besides Sanji and her dead mother) who still retains a capacity for empathy and a working moral compass.
  • Poisonous Person: Reiju is known as "Poison Pink"; when Luffy almost died due to a poison so strong that his antibodies could barely keep him alive, Reiju sucked it right out with no ill effect. She also has the ability to generate poison with her body and infect anyone with them. Unlike others with poison-related powers like Caesar Clown, she is a kind and empathetic person who hides behind a facade to protect herself from being abused by her father and brothers not named "Sanji", or her dead mother, Sora.
  • Pretty Butterflies: Her purple Badass Cape is shaped like a butterfly's wings. This becomes apparent when she's in flight, as her cape spreads out to make it appear as if she has actual butterfly wings.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: She only listens to her father's orders because she was genetically modified to always obey him, and in truth, she doesn't actually enjoy having to murder people and take their lands. When the opportunity comes up, she'd rather just let herself be killed than try to do anything to save herself.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: She has pink hair, but despite being a member of Germa 66, she hated her family's atrocious actions and only supported them for fear of retribution. Only Sanji and her dead mother brought out her true character.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: Reiju wears an ascot, and her debut consisted of her drop-kicking her little brother, Yonji, several feet high into the air and saving Straw Hat Luffy from a deadly poison with a kiss.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: When she first appeared, she rather flirtatiously gives the dying Luffy a Kiss of Life in front of his friends without the slightest hint of shame. Even when she meets Luffy again in Big Mom's castle infirmaries, she wears only a shirt and panties, but is not embarrassed.
  • Shoo the Dog: After learning of Big Mom's plans to kill off the Vinsmokes from Sanji, Reiju tries to get Sanji to leave Totto Land with the Straw Hats, as she saw herself and the rest of their family as nothing but ruthless murderers and conquerors who do nothing but wreak destruction upon the world. It doesn't work, as it only motivates Sanji to come back with the Straw Hats and try save his family and eventually succeeds.
  • So Proud of You: Every time Sanji shows his kindness and compassion, Reiju is seen with a soft and sincere smile on her face. Eventually, as they pour their hearts out to each other during their Darkest Hour, Reiju admits that she never once saw him as a failure — rather, she saw him as proof that their mother's sacrifice was not in vain, and is immensely proud of the man he has become.
  • Stepford Smiler: Arguably her defining character trait, and tragically deconstructed. She didn't want to laugh at Sanji during his abuse but had to play along to avoid being a target herself, tending to his injuries only when they were alone. This is represented by her constantly smiling whenever her father and brothers are around (with her smiles looking the same), and showing genuine emotions (even frowning) around Sanji and their mother, Sora (when she was alive). Eventually, she cried for Sanji in private after helping him run away from his hellish life.
  • Suck Out the Poison: She does this to Luffy to save him from Armored Stonefish venom that even he can't handle. The point is actually made that this should be dangerous to her, but her genetic modifications make her completely immune to poison.
  • Super-Soldier: All of the Vinsmoke children were genetically modified by Judge in order to exceed human limitations.
  • Super-Strength: Part of her enhancement was to increase her strength tremendously, such that she can do an easy Barehanded Bar Bending to open Sanji's cell. She later manages to pull a running Luffy (himself a considerably strong guy) effortlessly into her room.
  • Technicolor Toxin: Much like other examples of poison in One Piece, Reiju's poison powers are colored purple.
  • Token Good Teammate: Deconstructed. She's the only Vinsmoke and Germa 66 commander who is capable of empathy unlike her brothers who had theirs removed in utero, and the only one of Sanji's siblings who doesn't act like a complete Jerkass to him. She was willing to acknowledge that Sanji now Took a Level in Badass instead of continuing to dismiss him as the weakling he once was as a child like her father and other brothers do, and when Sanji stood up for the family cook, Cosette, she just smiled in admiration. She actually doesn't like what her family's doing to Sanji or the rest of the world. Because of the Vinsmokes' extremely low opinion on empathy and kindness, as well as her utter fear of being viciously abused like Sanji was as a child, she keeps smiling, acts snooty, and pretends to support them whenever they're around. While she laughed at Sanji for showing kindness, she's actually very proud of Sanji for doing so, because she sees it at proof that the sacrifice her dead mother, Sora, made to save her brothers from Judge had not been in vain. Most of her good deeds are done away from in view of her father and other brothers, such as sucking out a deadly poison from Luffy's body, tending to Sanji's wounds when they were children, visiting her ill mother, and putting explosive bracelet duds on Sanji's hands. Unlike her brothers (except for Sanji), she has the emotional capacity to understand the wrongness of her actions, but since her own modifications prevent her from betraying her father outright, her constant pretending to support her family's actions and behavior left her with such deep self-loathing that she wishes for herself and her family to die, seeing the Vinsmoke name as a plague for the world and seeing her own death as the only way to atone for her sins. Fortunately, when the opportunity does come, she is saved from death's door by Sanji, who returned the favor to her for all those years helping him out in private.
  • Tyke-Bomb: Like all of her siblings, she was genetically modified to be significantly stronger and faster than a grown man when she was merely a child. On that same note, her father has also been training them to lead armies since they were kids. And like all of her siblings, Reiju also had her mind altered to make her obey her father's words; although this didn't take away her compassion unlike what would happen later with her younger siblings, of which only Sanji would narrowly escape thanks to their mother's sacrifice. It's deconstructed in that, while she wasn't altered to the extent of her brothers, she also ends up suffering in her own way; because of her emotional capacity to understand her family's horrible actions and vicious bullying of Sanji, Reiju has become so guilt-ridden that she desperately wants to die.
  • The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter: Judge isn't Gonk by any means, but he is ugly and brutish-looking when compared to his beautiful daughter Reiju. Even his sons are hot as well.
  • Unusual Eyebrows: Shares the curly eyebrows with her quadruplet brothers, including Sanji.
  • Villain Respect: She was greatly impressed with how strong Sanji had gotten over the years while watching his duel with their father. She outright calls him a "beast". She's not actually a villain, though, and in fact she likes praising Sanji any time she could.
  • What You Are in the Dark: She secretly fixed up Sanji's wounds inflicted by their brothers' vicious bullying and abuse when they were children, instead of leaving him to die. This ultimately allowed Sanji to survive his horrendous childhood long enough to run away to East Blue. Which he did thanks to Reiju's help, as she broke him out and tearfully encouraged him to find people who'll treat him the way he deserves.
  • Women Are Wiser: She's "the girl" among the Vinsmoke children and the only one, aside of Sanji, who has a more or less working moral compass. Though, given Judge's "Lineage Factor" experiments on her siblings to make them amoral Super Soldiers, it's certainly not for a lack of trying.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: When Sanji learns from Reiju that his mother Sora died to save Sanji from becoming a Tyke-Bomb with an utter Lack of Empathy by taking a drug that reversed Judge's Lineage Factor surgeries, he starts believing her death was his fault. Reiju tells him Sora did not regret her Heroic Sacrifice and saw Sanji's kindness as her greatest deed.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Invoked by her after rescuing Sanji from the dungeons; she directed him to a cruise ship and told him to never come back to the Germa Kingdom, under any circumstances, and find people who will give him the love and care his own family lacks. Sanji does, however, get pulled back to his home much later on.

    "Sparking Red" Vinsmoke Ichiji 

"Sparking Red" Vinsmoke Ichiji

Voiced by: Noriaki Sugiyama, Masami Suzuki [young] (Japanese); Howard Wang (English)

Age: 21

Debut: Chapter 828 (Manga), Episode 787 (Anime)

"Sanji, I've never understood how that brain of yours worked ever since we were kids. Understand this; Royals... are meant to act like royals!"

"Sparking Red" Ichiji is the first-born of the Vinsmoke quadruplets and thus one of Sanji's "big brothers". A genetically modified Super-Soldier, Ichiji possesses enhanced strength, speed, and endurance that are far beyond a normal human's.

He has the ability to produce fire that usually manifests in explosive sparks of light and piercing beams. Unlike his hot-tempered brothers Niji or Sanji, Ichiji almost never emotes and is the snarkiest of his family, being quick to deliver scathing comments (especially to Sanji).

  • Aloof Big Brother: Ichiji is very cold-hearted and the snarkiest of the Vinsmoke children. Sanji is the only sibling he truly despises, seeing him as an extremely Annoying Younger Sibling for being so compassionate and weak (even though Sanji Took a Level in Badass since then), and won't hesitate to bully him given the opportunity. Justified; since he was robbed of his emotions and ability to understand them in utero by Judge.
  • Anime Hair: He has two massive upward spikes in his hair.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: As a prince of Germa, he counts as one, given all the bad tropes listed in his folder.
  • Barbaric Bully: To Sanji when they were kids, along with his other two brothers. In fact, he was the one seen doing the most damage in Sanji's flashback, as he brutally pummeled him into the ground with punches. Notably, unlike his other three siblings who are laughing and smiling, Ichiji is scowling as he beats him.
  • Blatant Lies: He claims to be excited to see Sanji again after he went missing for several years. Niji calls him a liar.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: When a soldier on Broccoli Island confronts him about the deaths of his family caused by their Curb-Stomp Battle, Ichiji's response is to say he doesn't care as he worries about being late for Sanji's wedding to Pudding, and shoots the soldier dead.
  • Cain and Abel: He took part in the bullying that made Sanji run away from his family to East Blue. Several years later when Sanji is picked to marry one of Big Mom's daughters, he has a devious smile as he sarcastically claims to be excited to see him again (in reality, if their childhood is anything to go by, he actually hates his guts).
  • Catchphrase: "This is me caring", usually said along with a completely deadpan expression.
  • Color Motif: His theme is Red. His epithet is "Sparking Red", and both his hair and his Germa raid suit are colored bright red. And out of all his siblings, he performed the best under Judge's extremely demanding training regimes.
  • Cool Shades: Appears in his debut wearing a pair of black shades, he even wears them while off-duty. The shades make him appear like the coolest and more competent sibling.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • He and Niji ended a two-year long civil war on Broccoli Island in four hours.
    • In a filler battle set during the Big Mom Pirates' invasion of Germa 66, he also defeats Charlotte Dosmarche and his forces rather easily, using his Super-Speed and Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs to put Dosmarche in his place.
    • And his match against Katakuri was so one sided we didn't even see it in the manga, ending with Ichiji bloodied and beaten while Katakuri is both unharmed and didn't even seem to move from his spot. Anime filler shows it, and it's just as one-sided as you'd think: End result is all of Ichiji's attacks dodged casually and his final explosion winding up just hurting himself while Katakuri won with just one regular knee strike and one punch to the face.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Unlike most examples, however, this trope is shown in a darker light as most of his interaction with Sanji consists of very scathing remarks on his abilities and motivations.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: As Sanji's older quadruplet brother, he embodies Sanji's capability to remain cool-headed in dire situations and perform the most difficult tasks when needed, as Sanji had done numerous times to help his fellow Straw Hats. However, without empathy, those same traits translate to a complete and literal Lack of Empathy for the people he helps, his willingness to treat his own men like cannon fodder, and the inability to understand why calmly accepting his own fate when surrounded by the Charlotte Family is a bad thing.
  • Fatal Fireworks: His "Sparking Red" epithet comes from his use of "fireworks" as an Elemental Power. From what's been seen, it like a combination of Light 'em Up and Playing with Fire; his punches can release bursts of explosive light energy that visually resemble fireworks going off.
  • Human Shield: On Broccoli Island, when a local soldier tries to shoot at him, he simply said 'Wall', and one of his men actually jumped in front of the bullet. It's later brought up that the Germa soldiers are genetically designed to do that on cue, and it's implied in the case of Reiju that they can't disobey a direct order, even if it means death — which they were designed to not be afraid of anyway.
  • Kick the Dog: He jokingly refers to the poor Cosette as a "cripple" after she's been severely beaten by Niji, and repeatedly reminds Sanji of his failures in the past.
  • Kids Are Cruel: He bullied Sanji for being weak and sharing food with starving commoners when they were kids.
  • Lack of Empathy: Justified, to a profound degree. While he shares this with Niji and Yonji thanks to Judge psychologically altering them in utero, his reactions to things are even more apathetic. He even coldly orders Niji to abandon Reiju in favor of helping the Straw Hat-Firetank Alliance escape after Reiju gets knocked down by Big Mom since she's so "weak", though it may have partly been out of pragmatism.
  • Law of Chromatic Superiority: Implied. He's associated with the color red, and is shown to have consistently performed the best out of his siblings in the ridiculous Training from Hell tests that Judge put them through as children. In the field, he's the one his siblings listen to, despite Reiju being the oldest of them all.
  • Light 'em Up: Ichiji's power manifests itself as light; every time he punches something, he creates bright explosions. In Chapter 898, he can fire beams of light at people and they're powerful enough to pierce through Charlotte Oven and injure him to the point of coughing up blood.
  • A Lighter Shade of Black: While Ichiji gleefully participated in bullying Sanji, he's consistently portrayed not to physically harm him like Niji and Yonji did, and instead Ichiji was just watching his other two brothers beat up Sanji; with a big smile on his face. Later during the family reunion when the three gang up on Sanji, it's still only Niji and Yonji who are shown to beat up Sanji while Ichiji is just watching like always.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: His hair is quite a bit longer than Sanji's and is obviously more meticulously styled, making him appear even more Bishōnen than his brother.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Pummeled Sanji into a bloodied, bruised mess when they were kids. Sanji did attempt to punch him first, but he couldn't do any damage at all. In the present day, he and his brothers do this again to Sanji, by taking advantage of Judge blackmailing him and ganging up on Sanji 3-to-1.
  • No-Sell:
    • As a child, his Super-Soldier enhancements allowed him to ignore Sanji's punch, and proceeded to beat him into the ground. His raid suit is also completely fire-proof as the Big Mom Pirates found out.
    • His raid suit is also apparently immune to bullets; in the anime, he easily deflects the bullets from Charlote Dosmarche's forces with his cape, taking out multiple soldiers.
  • Not So Above It All: Even he was not above ogling Nami and getting "Heart Eyes" like his little brother Sanji did when he first met her in the Baratie Arc.
  • Only in It for the Money: He stops an island-wide civil war in four hours... for a fee.
  • Personality Powers: Inverted. He's calm, cold, and aloof, but he has vibrant, fireworks-themed Elemental Powers.
  • Playing with Fire: Apparently he can wield fire thanks to the enhancements Judge gave him in utero. When he punches someone, he releases explosive sparks of light that combine this and Fatal Fireworks, resembling firework explosions. The "Hope" opening theme shows him wielding regular fire.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: In a filler battle, he performed this move against Charlotte Dosmarche, going so fast that Dosmarche could not block all of his punches.
  • Red Hot Masculinity: His main color theme is red, and as the oldest of the Vinsmoke quadruplets, he is the one who fits his father's definition of "strength" the most — in addition to being a strong warrior who performed the best of all his siblings, he is very cool-headed and the most dedicated to fulfilling any task. It's implied that his other siblings (barring Sanji) treat him as The Leader as they often defer to him. However, he is a dark example, as the only reason why he's this way is because Judge made him literally incapable of empathy with his in-utero experimentation, and indoctrinated him and his siblings to follow the same toxic beliefs that ultimately nearly got the entire family killed.
  • Red Is Violent: The red-themed Vinsmoke is also one of the Germa 66's commanders and violently abused his little brother both in the past and the present. Downplayed in that he's practically the calmest of the siblings, but he's still a dangerous man nonetheless.
  • The Reliable One: Since he's the most serious out of the siblings, he's the most focus on any task. While the Vinsmokes are escorting Caesar Clown and Capone Bege out of Big Mom's wedding venue, he's the only one to stay by them or focus on their safety as he ignores Reiju and Judge getting hurt from Big Mom's attack while Niji and Yonji worry about them and abandon Caesar and Bege to help their father.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: He's far more tactful and levelheaded than his younger Hot-Blooded brothers Niji and Sanji (though Niji is far more violent than Sanji while Hot-Blooded). And thanks to Judge's experiments, he can't comprehend benevolent actions and emotions, unlike Sanji.
  • Sinister Shades: His sunglasses, while cool-looking, don't hide the fact that he's a Germa 66 commander and an asshole like his father, Judge, and younger quadruplet brothers, Niji and Yonji. As mentioned before, he wears his shades while off-duty.
  • The Stoic: He's more aloof and emotionally reserved than his older and younger siblings. Must be his sunglasses. However, he was more expressive as a child.
  • Super-Speed: Thanks to Judge's genetic enhancements, he can run faster than the average human enough to avoid getting hit by Perospero's candy blasts and deck him in the face multiple times. He's also fast enough to perform Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs against Charlotte Dosmarche in a filler battle.
  • Super-Toughness: Apparently he developed an outer skeleton due to being a Super-Soldier Tyke-Bomb, which enhanced his durability. So when Sanji attempted to punch him when they were kids, it made a metallic noise and he ended up hurting his own hand.
  • Tattooed Crook: He has a large tribal tattoo encircling the number "1" on his arm.
  • Warrior Prince: Seeing as he and Niji stopped a civil war in just four hours in their debut, he is definitely this.

    "Electric Blue" Vinsmoke Niji 

"Electric Blue" Vinsmoke Niji

Voiced by: Atsushi Miyauchi, Yuko Mita [young] (Japanese); Austin Tindle (English)

Age: 21

Debut: Chapter 828 (Manga), Episode 787 (Anime)

"You've gotten way too comfortable rubbing elbows with the low-life commoners! If you insist on calling yourself my brother, I won't stand for such demeaning and despicable acts!"

"Electric Blue" Niji is Sanji's second-eldest brother and the second son of the Vinsmoke family. A genetically modified Super-Soldier, Niji possesses enhanced strength, speed, and endurance that are far beyond a normal human's.

He has the ability to produce electricity without a Devil Fruit, and become invisible (which he calls "Stealth"). Out of his quadruplet brothers, Niji is extremely violent, petty, and hot-tempered, and due to his upbringing, he's a massive Jerkass and Royal Brat par none.

  • Amazon Chaser: Like Yonji, he instantly takes a liking to Nami when he sees her fiery personality.
  • Anime Hair: Ridiculous even by One Piece standards; he sports a massive, spiky, downward pompadour that extends about a foot in front of his face. Think of Franky's old hairstyle whenever he ran out of cola, but exaggerated.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: As a prince of Germa, he counts as one, given all the bad tropes listed in his folder.
  • Bad Boss: Seems to run in the family. He assaults an innocent cook into unconsciousness for no other reason than to spite Sanji for defending and praising her cooking.
  • Cain and Abel: The Cain to Sanji's Abel. In his debut on Broccoli Island, he gritted his teeth in anger at the mere mention of Sanji's name, suggesting a deep familial estrangement. It's later revealed how deep the divide goes: He took part in bullying Sanji for being a compassionate weakling to the point of making Sanji run away from his family to the East Blue, and when he hears about him again after several years, his response is to grit his teeth in anger and call Ichiji out for lying when the latter claimed to be excited to see Sanji. He's also far more open in expressing how he hates Sanji, to the point of trying to kick him during a mealtime dispute. And after he beats up Germa's chef due to Sanji sticking up for her, Sanji notes that Niji is the most vindictive and petty of his family and goes on to express his opinion of him with some... colorful language.
    Sanji: I couldn't even call him "scum", he's the shit beneath them...!
  • Color Motif: His theme is Blue. His epithet is "Electric Blue", and both his hair and his Germa raid suit are colored dark blue.
  • Combat Pragmatist: He considers it a "fair fight" when he's got his older brother Ichijii distracting Sanji by saying that the lives of the people in Baratie, especially Red Leg Zeff, would be threatened if Sanji dared to fight back against his No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • Condescending Compassion: After injuring Cosette (to Sanji's fury), Niji remarks glibly that he would have left her face alone if he'd known Sanji cared.
    Niji: Aw, Sanji! If I had known she meant so much to you, I would've beaten that peasant black and blue everywhere but her face!
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He and Ichiji ended a civil war on Broccoli Island, that lasted two years, in four hours.
  • Delinquent Hair: As mentioned above, he sports a massive, spiky, downwards pompadour that takes Franky's old pre-Time Skip Cola-depleted hairstyle up a notch.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: He embodies Sanji's passion and Hot-Blooded nature, but plays them for drama. Unlike Sanji, who was able to apply his traits in a positive manner by developing healthy hobbies and goals (i.e. cooking and protecting the innocent), Niji, who grew up in an abusive household that believes Virtue Is Weakness, became a cruel, ill-tempered man who lashes out with violence. Niji's own passions are also directed only towards warfare as Judge destroyed his empathy in-utero to turn him and his brothers into weapons to further his goal of re-taking the North Blue. It's implied that with his empathy gone, anger and hatred are the only things he could properly feel.
  • Establishing Character Moment: His proper introduction a few chapters later has him casually mention to Sanji's face that he and his other brothers would joke about how he must've died during his time away from the family, and then he goes on to complain about his food (and refuse to eat it) before attempting to throw his plate at his cute female chef, Cosette. Point is, he's very quickly established as being Sanji's opposite in almost every way.
  • Evil Is Petty: Niji has pretty much established himself as the most spiteful of his siblings. When Sanji chastises him for not eating his food, he hurls the untouched meal at the family cook Cosette. When he's given a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, he launches a kick at Sanji's head. He later beats up Cosette as recompense for Sanji's disrespect. It's later deconstructed and justified in chapter 852: A combination of having his empathy in-utero by Judge to weaponize him, then having his worst flaws enabled since childhood, turned him into a bratty asshole who literally can't understand that what he's doing is wrong. While it doesn't excuse what he did, it paints his actions in a more tragic light.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He's arguably the most outwardly unpleasant of Sanji's brothers and, out of the four of them, his voice is the deepest in the anime.
  • Evil Twin: While all of Sanji's brothers count as this trope, Niji exemplifies it the most due to being a complete antithesis of Sanji in personality and combat:
    • He lusts after beautiful women like Sanji but doesn't treat them with the same respect, even going as far to savagely beat up one of his servants just to spite Sanji for his supposed disrespect.
    • He doesn't have the same appreciation for food and won't hesitate to waste it, to the point where he's willing to even threw his food at his chefs if he doesn't find his meals to his liking.
    • In combat, he heavily relies on Germa technology and fights with a sword, something that Sanji never does since as a cook, he was taught by Zeff never to use sharp things (or his hands) for anything outside of cooking. Though Sanji eventually gets over his biases to use the Raid Suit Niji gave him, his stance on knives still stands.
    • He is Hot-Blooded like Sanji and prone to outbursts of anger, but he tends to direct his anger towards petty things just to satisfy his own bruised ego, making him the most spiteful of his siblings. It's implied that because of Judge's experiments, anger is the only thing Niji can properly feel, unlike Sanji whose emotions were intact thanks to their mother's sacrifice.
  • Fastball Special: Similar to how Sanji does it with the other Straw Hats in previous arcs, Niji sends Sanji and the injured Luffy flying fast towards the Sunny in Chapter 898 to get them out of Cacao Island and away from Charlotte Oven's armies.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: He debuted in Chapter 828 wearing goggles, which apparently had no purpose. He even wore goggles as a kid for no other reason than Rule of Cool. He even wears them while off-duty.
  • Hate Sink: In-Universe and out, Niji gets hit with this for both his bratty and cruel behavior during the Vinsmoke's family reunion dinner, and for insulting and attacking Cosette, an innocent cook. Sanji, who hates all of his family members (except Reiju and his deceased mother), deems his brother as lower than scum after finding a bloodied and unconscious Cosette. When they encounter each other again in Germa's cloning labs, Sanji immediately goes straight to kicking Niji in the face, and the audience rejoiced. In a meta-sense, when Shonen Jump's 6th popularity poll for One Piece was published, Niji ranked a whopping 94 out of 102 total entries (tied in this spot with Leo and Kuina), falling below the likes of Akainu and Spandam. Then it's subverted when Chapter 852 reveals the true reason behind his behavior; while his actions are certainly despicable, they are painted in a tragic light.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Again, "Hero" is a bit of a misnomer, but Chapter 898 reveals that he carries a rapier that he can imbue with his own electricity powers which a large portion of Charlotte Oven's army finds out the hard way.
  • High Collar of Doom: His cloak has a high collar, and he's a member of the evil Germa 66.
  • Hot-Blooded: Deconstructed and played for drama; Niji's more easily provoked than his siblings, a trait that he shares with Sanji. Unlike Sanji, who plays the trope for comedy and weaponized it, Niji comes across as bratty and cruel due to being an evil Underworld prince who utterly lacks his brother's compassion. His temper also makes him the most violent of the Vinsmoke children, especially when it comes to Sanji, whom he tries to attack at every opportunity, and also makes him willing to attack his own servants over the slightest provocation. It's implied that after what Judge did to him in utero, anger is the only thing he could properly feel.
  • I Have No Son!: A sibling example; while his family (save for Reiju and their deceased mother, Sora) hate Sanji for being a weak waste of space, Niji is the most vocal about it, refusing to look at Sanji as his brother until he starts acting like a "proper prince".
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: While having some drinks with his family and discussing with Yonji how they want to party with Nami, Niji (unaware that she's escaped Big Mom's captivity) suggests that they negotiate with Big Mom so they can "have her all to themselves".
  • I'm Standing Right Here: He clearly had no problem bringing up how he and his siblings discussed the many ways Sanji would die after he ran away from home, right within earshot of his brother.
  • Invisibility: He apparently has this ability (he called it "Stealth"), first used on Sanji to sneak behind him.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: He's the only one who openly states he's excited to be living with Sanji again (Ichiji did say he was excited to see him again too, but Niji called him a liar for it). On its own, the statement would be heartwarming... but given Niji's past with Sanji, it's evident the reason he's excited is that he's looking forward to getting back to bullying Sanji again.
  • Kick the Dog: More like "Kick the Adorable Chef"! He whacks Cosette offscreen for no other reason than to rile up Sanji, and then mocks them both when he comes to her defense.
  • Kids Are Cruel: He participated in his brothers' childhood bullying of Sanji that ultimately caused Sanji to run away from home and flee to East Blue. Of particular note, when he and his siblings were laughing at Sanji's suffering, Niji is seen laughing to the point of tears.
  • Nobody's That Dumb: After seeing the incredibly large army Big Mom sends out to hunt down Luffy for defeating Charlotte Cracker, he comments that even an idiot wouldn't go up against an enemy so numerous, with total bounties unfathomably huge. A few pages later, Luffy is shown doing the exact same thing.
  • No-Sell: His raid suit is completely fire-proof as the Big Mom Pirates found out.
  • Numerical Theme Naming: He is named after the Japanese word for "two". He is the second-born son, and is the opposite of Ichiji, who is technically his older brother, in being Hot-Blooded and spiteful while Ichiji is calm and aloof.
  • Pretty Boy: He clearly inherited his mother's good looks much like Sanji, though unfortunately, the same can't be said for his Jerkass personality (courtesy of Judge).
  • Red Baron: "Electric Blue", which comes from his electrical powers.
  • Royal Brat: He's a member of a royal family that doesn't have real territory to rule over (they're trying to fix that). And while the "brattiness" is shared between the siblings (save Sanji and Reiju), Niji is easily the most prominent due to also having a explosive temper. Such as when Sanji accuses him of being an "ignorant, spoiled prince" when he refuses to eat the food that Cosette cooked for the whole family; his response is to throw one giant temper-tantrum and beat up Cosette to punish Sanji for defending her.
  • Shock and Awe: Similar to the Minks' Electro technique, Niji is able to produce electricity without a Devil Fruit, which is the source of his epithet ("Electric Blue") and reflected on his lightning-shaped belt buckle. The electricity was powerful enough to stop Sanji dead in his tracks. He later uses his ability against Charlotte Oven in Chapter 869, allowing Chopper who was held captive to get away. In Chapter 898, he can also imbue weapons with electricity as shown in the Vinsmoke family's fight against Oven's armies, which helps him takes out multiple fighters rather quickly.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang:
    • Aside from sharing Sanji's explosive temper, he's the opposite of Sanji in every way — he's a spoiled, ungrateful, woman-beating brat who has no respect for food and goes out of his way to abuse common folk for no other reason than the sake of it. Even then, Niji's temper, the only thing he shares with Sanji, isn't Played for Laughs like his brother's is, due to how utterly bratty and cruel he is. He also uses his fists in addition to kicking, something that Sanji was taught by Zeff never to do under any circumstance.
    • He's also the opposite of Ichiji, who's calmer, apathetic, and more tactful about expressing his distaste for Sanji, while he's more explosive and aggressive in general which is implied to be part of what little emotion he had left from Judge's experiments.
  • Smug Snake: Despite his cocky attitude, in current times it's strongly implied that Sanji is stronger then him. Given how quickly his jaw was broken by Sanji before he played dirty, and how their attacks on Oven went. Both he and Sanji kicked Oven at different times while he was distracted, and yet despite Niji being in full Raidsuit he only momentarily distracted and stunned Oven with his electricity, while Sanji not only moved too fast for Oven to see but also knocked him far away into a wall without any special techniques or powerups.
  • So Proud of You:
    • He joins in his brothers' self-satisfying laughter, as they watch Sanji "accept" his Vinsmoke name and disown Nami and Luffy.
    • Implied with him giving Sanji his own raid suit after the Straw Hats escape Totto Land; a sign that the family has come to respect him now.
  • Spell Blade: He possesses a rapier that he can imbue with his electricity powers which allowed him to take out a large portion of Charlotte Oven's armies in Chapter 898.
  • Super-Speed: He's the fastest member of the Vinsmoke family (with the possible exception of Sanji), able to disappear from sight and strike before most foes can react.
  • Super-Toughness: Due to being a genetically enhanced Super Soldier, Niji was able to crack his broken jaw back into position immediately after Sanji broke it with a single kick, apparently without much discomfort at all. A Germa 66 scientist attributed it to some sort of "outer skeleton" the Vinsmoke kids developed (well, everyone except Sanji at least).
  • Voice Changeling: He masquerades as Charlotte Nusstorte after he and his siblings trash the opposing forces sent after them. Apparently his impersonation was spot-on, so not only does Charlotte Mont-d'Or believe Germa 66 was sunk, he was also tricked into giving away the Straw Hats' rendezvous point at Cacao Island, where Sanji is.
  • Warrior Prince: Seeing as he and Ichiji stopped a civil war in just four hours, he is definitely this.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Brutalized the family's chef, Cosette, to unconsciousness after Sanji sticks up for her and her cooking. It makes him "lower than scum" in Sanji's eyes.

    "Winch Green" Vinsmoke Yonji 

"Winch Green" Vinsmoke Yonji

Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda, Akemi Okamura [young] (Japanese); Clifford Chapin (English)

Age: 21

Debut: Chapter 825 (Manga), Episode 783 (Anime)

"Sucks to be you guys... I'm not the type of man that goes around saving people. How about you try stealing the antidote from me? Like real pirates would..."

"Winch Green" Yonji is the youngest of the male quadruplets and fifth child overall of the Vinsmoke family, thus being Sanji's "little" brother by technicality. A genetically modified Super-Soldier, Yonji possesses enhanced strength, speed, and endurance that are far beyond a normal human's.

Unlike all of his older siblings, Yonji lacks any elemental powers of his own; instead he has an artificial right arm that gives him immense strength, and could be extended to grab objects and people with a tight grip.

  • Amazon Chaser: He claims he likes "fiery-types" when Nami walks up and slaps Sanji.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Justified, and exaggerated to horrific extremes. While he's technically the youngest Vinsmoke due to him and his brothers being fraternal quadruplets, he also participated in his eldest brothers' childhood bullying of Sanji, seeing him as a weak waste of space for failing to catch up with his siblings and an improper example of royalty for serving food to rats. This is because he had his empathy irreversibly removed in utero by Judge, leaving him unable to understand the physical and psychological harm he was inflicting on his own brother.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: As a prince of Germa, he counts as one, given all the bad tropes listed in his folder.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: So arrogant, that even after Sanji bent his face in a one-on-one fight, Yonji still considers him a failure.
  • Artificial Limbs: Yonji's right arm is apparently artificial, and highly advanced compared the standard prosthetic seen in One Piece. It gives him immense strength, which explains why he was able to take down Charlotte Daifuku's genie with ease while Sanji was quickly knocked away. And he could also extend, grab, and toss people around with it like nobody's business. In Chapter 898, he shatters Charlotte Yuen's staff, grabs him, and uses him like a wrecking ball against Oven's armies.
  • Barbaric Bully: As a child, towards Sanji. Though there was plenty of psychological torment thrown in as well, Yonji was shown kicking Sanji into a wall and headbutting him at full speed with no hesitation. The enhancements Judge gave him and his brothers in utero just made the bullying worse.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Double-subverted. Sanji kicked him so hard in the face during their confrontation that his face resembled a piece of bent metal, and stayed that way for a while. The only way he could successfully restore his face to normal was by using a press machine, and he's looking fine afterwards.
  • Big Little Brother: Downplayed. While he's technically the youngest of his siblings, he is actually part of a set of fraternal quadruplets, being born the last of them, making him only marginally younger than his three brothers. Despite this, he is still noticeably taller and more muscular than each of them.
  • Butt-Monkey: Since his debut in Chapter 826, Yonji has been subjected to physical punishment, including a kick from Reiju that sends him flying into the ocean, and an (implied) Curb-Stomp Battle with Sanji that left his face disfigured and had to be rearranged using a press machine. He also seems to be lacking the element-based powers that the rest of his siblings developed and has to rely on a prosthetic arm.
  • Cain and Abel: His first meeting with Sanji after years apart was implied to have ended in a vicious Curb-Stomp Battle which was depicted in full in the anime. Also, when they were kids, he and his two eldest brothers, Ichiji and Niji, bullied Sanji a lot for being weak and showing compassion to others.
  • Color Motif: His theme is Green. His epithet is "Winch Green", and both his hair and his Germa raid suit are colored forest green.
  • Cool Shades: Has a pair of these resting on his head.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: In Chapter 832, he is quickly defeated by Sanji offscreen when they meet each other for the first time in years. Considering what Sanji is capable of (and went through during those two years of Training from Hell), it's not hard to imagine what transpired. The following chapter shows him at the doctor's, trying to rearrange his face back into shape. However, the anime showed the fight and facial disfigurement in full.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Like all of his brothers save for Sanji, Yonji sounds very snooty and cruel whenever he speaks.
  • Hunk: While his three older brothers are all Bishōnen, Yonji is taller and more noticeably muscular and rugged looking, but still easy on the eyes.
  • Hypocrite: When Sanji manages to bash his face, he has the nerve to call Sanji an arrogant asshole even after he smugly tries to antagonize and flaunt his power over him along with his royal status.
  • Informed Ability: His father, Judge, notes that he's a very formidable fighter, but we've yet to see it, since he was defeated by Sanji... however, it's subverted when he's later paired up against anyone not named "Sanji" and proves himself to be the fighter that Judge said he was.
  • In the Hood: His cloak has a hood which he wore in his debut.
  • Irony: While he still has Super-Strength, as far as being a failure goes, Yonji actually seems to be the only one of his siblings that failed to develop an elemental superpower... and this includes the "failure" Sanji who still managed to develop very potent Playing with Fire abilities as an adult. Adding to the irony of their childhood, Yonji is also evidently weaker than Sanji in the present, as Sanji easily breaks his face and jaw when he tries to antagonize him again.
  • Jaw Drop: He does this after seeing Sanji kick Niji in the face to the point of jaw dislocation, since nothing was shocking to him as seeing the "weakling" fight back and succeed.
  • Jerkass:
    • Made his debut by challenging the Straw Hat Pirates to a fight in exchange for the antidote that would save Luffy from an extremely deadly poison. He's not likely to get brownie points with them anytime soon. Lampshaded by Nami and Carrot, who point out that unlike Sanji, Yonji isn't the least bit nice.
    • Also revealed to have frequently participated in his two eldest brothers' bullying of Sanji for being a 'weakling' unlike his enhanced siblings or doing things considered improper of royalty like serve food to rats.
    • It's later justified in 852: he and his quadruplet brothers were modified in utero by Judge to be born with utter Lack of Empathy, so they can be efficient killing machines. Combine that with Judge's hard-hearted teachings and leniency with discipline for their wrongdoings in their childhood, and it's no wonder his sons grew up to become monstrous assholes.
  • Kids Are Cruel: He and his other brothers savagely beat Sanji as a child simply for being weak and compassionate, and he showed not even the slightest bit of mercy. Justified; as Judge surgically removed his sons' empathy in utero, Yonji sees nothing wrong with bullying his own brother with being a weakling.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Twice.
    • The first time is being drop-kicked into the ocean by Reiju for picking a fight with the Straw Hats at the expense of someone's life (Luffy, who was poisoned).
    • The second time occurs much later; he was beaten up by his older brother Sanji (off-screen in the manga, in full in the anime), whom he frequently bullied as a kid, after reuniting for the first time in years. The beating was so vicious that Yonji's face had to be rearranged back to normal by not a doctor, but an engineer using a press machine.
  • Little Big Brother: He's both the youngest and the tallest of the Vinsmoke siblings.
  • Mistaken Identity: Due to their uncanny resemblance, the Straw Hats mistook Yonji for his brother Sanji at first. Yonji was... less than impressed.
    Yonji: It's Yonji, for crying out loud!
  • No-Sell: His raid suit is completely fire-proof as the Big Mom Pirates found out.
  • Pet the Dog: Gets a brief moment of this in the anime where in an uncharacteristically nice move, he shares the grapes he's eating with a cute little stuffed bear at the wedding ceremony.
  • Red Baron: "Winch Green", which comes from his artificial right arm that has the ability to extend itself and grab things, and then toss them around like nobody's business.
  • Slasher Smile: Twice; the first was when Yonji challenged the Straw Hats to stealing the antidote for the poison that was killing Luffy. The second was when he sees Ichiji and Niji arrive at Germa's ports, knowing that Sanji must still be afraid of them and anticipating how he reacts to them. Generally, when things get exciting for him, he starts having this expression.
  • Spectacular Spinning: One of his moves, "Winch Beheading", consists of him grabbing someone with his artificial arm, and wreaking havoc by spinning around and using that someone as a wrecking ball. It shows up in Chapter 898, with Charlotte Yuen being the victim.
  • Super-Strength: While all of siblings except for Sanji had been granted this through genetic modifications, he's the only one who makes gratuitous use of it, being the only one without special powers of his own. This is helped by his mechanical right arm. He was able to take down Daifuku's genie when Sanji couldn't, and used Charlotte Yuen like a human wrecking ball against Big Mom's forces to help Sanji and Luffy escape.
  • Super-Toughness: Comes with being a genetically enhanced Super-Soldier. He's able to survive being kicked twice and have his broken face fixed with a press machine without any discomfort.
  • Use Your Head: One childhood flashback showed him head-butting Sanji pretty hard, helped by his outer skeleton developed from Judge's experiments.
  • Warrior Prince: As a prince of Germa who was trained from birth to lead Germa 66's armies and kill without remorse, he is this by default.

    "Black Leg" Vinsmoke Sanji 

"Black Leg" Vinsmoke Sanji

See his page.

    Stealth Black 

Stealth Black
Stealth Black is a fictional member of Germa 66 portrayed in the comic strip "Sora, Warrior of the Sea". His similarity to Sanji's raid suit causes him all sort of trouble.
  • Bright Is Not Good: The anime depicts his raid suit as bright yellow, which fits in with the colorful raid suits worn by the rest of Germa 66's commanders. He's also depicted In-Universe as a villainous conqueror that Sora must oppose to stop Germa 66's plans for domination. This is in stark contrast to the actual raid suit, which is black and red.
  • Dark Is Evil: His name is Stealth Black, and he's an evil Germa 66 commander. Ironically, the anime gives him a bright yellow raid suit.
  • Famed In-Story: Thanks to the Marines-produced comic strip "Sora, Warrior of the Sea", everyone from North Blue knows and/or fears him, including Law.
  • For Want Of A Nail: Given that his existence is entirely fictional compared to the rest of Germa 66, whose portrayals in the Marines comic strip are based on real people, he represents Sanji's potential future if his mother hadn't desperately tried to restore her sons' empathy, being an emotionless Germa 66 commander like his brothers.
  • Invisibility: Same as Sanji.
  • Ironic Name: His name is "Stealth Black", yet his raid suit is yellow in the anime.
  • Mask of Power: The real "Stealth Black" raid suit Sanji receives from Niji gives him a ninja-like mask that covers the bottom half of his face. This is tied to the theme of invisibility, which the raid suit grants to the wearer.
  • Meaningful Appearance: He has a fringe that obscures one eye in a manner that's similar to Sanji's. Most likely to represent what could've happened to Sanji's future if his Lineage Factor enhancements weren't reversed by his deceased mother, Sora.
  • Real After All: Causes this reaction In-Universe, since unlike other Germa Commanders he's entirely fictional and has Invisibility as a power.

    Vinsmoke Sora 

Vinsmoke Sora

Voiced by: Yuriko Yamamoto (Japanese); Kristen McGuire (English)

Debut: Chapter 841 (Manga), Episode 804 (Anime)
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Vinsmoke Judge's wife and the mother of their five children, Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, Sanji and Yonji. After the birth of their daughter, Judge got the idea to start genetically tampering with their next batch of offspring. She was firmly against her husband's plans to turn her unborn quadruplet sons into superhuman, emotionless war machines, but was still forced to undergo surgery against her will. To counter the modifications of her children, she took a drug whose aftereffects eventually led to her death. The only child that was affected by said drug was Sanji, who did not develop superhuman abilities and retained his empathy.

  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Averted. Despite being the queen of the Germa Kingdom, Sora was beautiful and kind, much unlike her warmongering husband, Judge. Two of her children, Sanji and Reiju, followed her example, to both their detriment; the only reason why her other sons didn't was because they were psychologically altered to literally never feel empathy, and only have a tiny shred of humanity left.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: Sora was an exceptionally beautiful queen whose beauty was inherited by all her children, but her great kindness was inherited by Sanji and Reiju. When Judge experimented on her quadruplet sons so he can turn his children into weapons of war, while she was still pregnant, she ate a gene surgery-reversing drug in hopes of preserving their humanity and protecting them from their father; only Sanji came out okay, but his brothers Ichiji, Yonji, and Niji were not as fortunate. What little humanity they had left from their father's experiments remained.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: She never wanted her children to become inhuman Super Soldiers and in the few flashbacks she is seen, she is shown to be very kind and in turn loved by Reiju and Sanji, who both visited her when they were able. Her kindness and willingness to eat Sanji's atrocious food, even praising him for how good it tasted in spite of its horrible quality, was what eventually inspired him to become a chef. The rest was history.
  • Disease Bleach: A variant. After she drank a toxic drug, her skin turned very pale and stayed that way as her complexion drained, showing the life ebbing out of her. Her hair is also less bright and sickly-looking.
  • Good Parents: To Sanji and Reiju when she was alive. She also loved her other sons Ichiji, Yonji, and Niji enough to pull a Mama Bear when Judge experimented on them in utero, by taking a dangerous drug that reversed gene enhancements so she can preserve their humanity, though she only managed to save Sanji and ended up dying for her troubles.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: A beautiful and compassionate queen with shining golden locks. Sanji, her only child who was affected by the drug she took to reverse her then-unborn quadruplet sons' enhancements, shares her hair color and the heart of gold.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: She willingly took a dangerous drug to foil Judge's plans to turn her children into Tykebombs with a Lack of Empathy. It unfortunately only worked on Sanji and ended up killing her. Though she never lived to see it, it was her sacrifice that changed the course of the entire story for the better, as Sanji grew up fulfilling his dreams of becoming a cook, helping others, and sailing the seas with the Straw Hats. Only Sanji himself and Reiju truly remember her sacrifice, because they both have the compassion and empathy to understand it.
  • The High Queen: Sora was the beautiful and kind queen of the Germa kingdom.
  • I Regret Nothing: Reiju told a despondent Sanji years after their mother's death, that Sora didn't regret a thing when she made the decision to protect him and her brothers that killed her.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Not only did Sanji and Reiju physically resemble her in all but eyebrows, they also inherited her kindness, to both their detriment. Sanji in particular also became a Spanner in the Works like his mother before him, to world-saving degrees (such as the Alabasta and Skypeia arcs). Reiju also inherited Sora's protectiveness and self-sacrificing tendencies, especially when it came to Sanji.
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are the only children of hers who don't share her kindness, because their father Judge messed with their genes and successfully removed their ability to feel compassion while in utero. Sora intended to avert this trope by taking a dangerous drug in hopes of reversing their genetic enhancements, but ended up saving only Sanji and was poisoned to the point of slowly dying. She did, however, manage to preserve what little humanity her other sons had left, later causing them to have an Even Evil Has Standards moment in Chapter 847 when Big Mom showed them her "library collection".
  • Mama Bear: She vehemently opposed Judge's plans to turn her then-unborn quadruplet sons into utterly remorseless Tykebombs, but was still forced to go through with it against her will. To preserve her sons' humanity and protect them from her husband, she secretly took a dangerous drug that reversed gene modifications, at the cost of her own life. Only Sanji was successfully saved, but his brothers Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji weren't as lucky; they only have but a tiny shred of humanity left.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Her name is also the name of the fictional marine soldier, Sora, the hero who opposed the evil forces of the Germa 66 in a propaganda comic strip the Marines published. Certainly also a bit ironic, that Judge's wife would bear the same name as the Germa 66's fictional Arch-Enemy.
    • Sora can mean "sky" in Japanese, which can be associated with freedom; she wanted her children (specifically her then-unborn fraternal quadruplet sons) to grow up normally instead of becoming emotionless Tykebombs for Judge to use, so she did everything she could to protect them at the cost of her own life. Only Sanji, her third son, grew up free and untouched by Germa's destructive and violent teachings.
  • Missing Mom: To the Vinsmoke children. Her loss is only truly felt by Reiju and Sanji, as the rest can't be bothered to feel sorrow for her loss, and Judge's marriage to her soured when he learned she wasn't completely on board with genetic experimentation, especially on their children. She also serves as the lost loved one and Cynicism Catalyst for Sanji that is par the course for everyone on the Straw Hat crew (everyone has lost somebody close on the crew).
  • Mystical Pregnancy: Her husband attempted to modify their sons in the womb, to her horror.
  • Never Speak Ill of the Dead: Completely averted by her husband and his sons besides Sanji. They don't show Sora a shred of reverence when she dies. Judge is obviously pissed at her and wanting to forget her, even stomping on the flowers Sanji leaves at her gravestone, and he remains bitter after her practical suicide and takes it out on Sanji. Meanwhile, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are incapable of feeling empathy at this and don't care at all. Sanji, however, is broken up by the ordeal and crying uncontrollably, which causes the other quadruplets to beat him up and call him weak and cowardly. Reiju, as well, is deeply hurt by the loss of Sora and comes back to her mother's grave to mourn in private in the rain, where she can finally cry.
  • Nice Girl: It's said by both Reiju and Judge that Sanji inherited her immense kindness and his charitable nature continues her legacy. True to form, in flashbacks we see that she treated her kids with nothing but love and respect and was deeply against having Judge remove their empathy and compassion.
  • Ocular Gushers: In a flashback, she bursts into absolute tears as she tells little Reiju and one of her maids what Sanji told her while visiting her that day: "Get better soon."
  • One-Steve Limit: Averted. She's the third "Sora" in the series, coming after a mermaid who works in the Mermaid Cafe along with the fictional marine hero.
  • Parental Favoritism: While she loved all her children before the gene-altering surgeries, after it happened, Sanji was shown to have a special place in her heart, because he was the only one whose modifications were successfully reversed by the life-killing drug she took to save her sons. That, and he was the only one (other than Reiju) to visit her regularly.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: Downplayed, once she found out Judge was tampering with the genes of their unborn children, she took a dangerous drug to undo its effects. Unfortunately, not only did it fail to work on three of her four sons, resulting in the normal son being ostracized by his siblings and Judge, its side-effects eventually lead to her being bedridden for the rest of her life, and a slow premature death. The one son it did work on, however, was pretty much the opposite of this, as shown by Small Role, Big Impact below.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: She was shown only in flashbacks, as she died prematurely. Her kindness and sacrifice to save her quadruplet sons not only saved Sanji from becoming his father's weapon, but also impacted the entire story — the Straw Hat pirates would not have been able to defeat dangerous Big Bads such as Crocodile and Eneru if they didn't have someone helping them from behind the scenes, and Sanji certainly wouldn't be compassionate enough to provoke Charlotte Pudding into having a Villainous BSoD after she revealed her Third Eye during their wedding.
  • Spanner in the Works: She foiled Judge's plans by taking a dangerous drug that undid gene modifications, resulting in Sanji becoming a normal boy upon birth (his brothers weren't so lucky, though). It's clear where Sanji got his villain-stopping tendencies from.
  • Spell My Name With An S: "Sora" or "Sola"?
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Aside from the eyebrows, Reiju looks identical to her, albeit a bit fiercer-looking. Reiju and Sanji are also her only children who inherited her compassion and gentleness. Her other sons Yonji, Ichiji, and Niji also resemble her to varying degrees.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: All of her children certainly didn't get their good looks from their ugly and brutish father.
  • Women Are Wiser: She knew that tampering with genetics — especially her kids' genetics — was unethical and wrong, so when talking Judge out of it didn't work, she turned to desperate measures to protect her then-unborn quadruplet sons from her husband's influence so they could grow up normally. We later see why: had Sanji turned out as bad as his brothers, the Vinsmoke family would meet a bloody end at the hands of the Charlotte family, because the key part to saving them hinged on Sanji still caring enough about them to decide to save them even though he managed to escape his whole predicament on the Whole Cake Island and is ready to go back to the Straw Hats.

Alternative Title(s): One Piece Vinsmoke Judge