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All spoilers regarding the Super Rookies era are unmarked. Examples relating to the New World era can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary.

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Charlotte Linlin — "Big Mom"

Voiced by: Toshiko Fujita (JP, Episode 571), Mami Koyama (JP, all subsequent appearances), Pam Dougherty (EN)


Age: 68

Debut: Chapter 651 (Manga), Episode 571 (Anime)

Devil Fruit: Soul-Soul Fruit
On her head, Napoleon.

"Bring me sweets! If you do, I'll make a promise with you! A promise of peace and a dream country! If you listen to what I say, you'll all live happily! And if you don't listen... you're being selfish! And I'm gonna kill you!"

The captain of the Big Mom Pirates and the third introduced of the Four Emperors and the last to be named, Big Mom is the only female member. A sixty-eight-year old woman who is abnormally huge and has an incredible capacity for destruction, Charlotte Linlin has been in the business of piracy since she was a tyke, and became widely feared by all for her utter lack of restraint, never learning how to reel in her freakish strength. But the one thing that people fear about her above anything else is her boundless appetite, which often propels her into hunger-crazed rampages. She has eaten the Soul-Soul Fruit (Soru Soru no Mi), which allows her to take portions of souls out of a person (reducing their lifespan) and redistribute them into inanimate objects and even animals, granting them sentience and/or anthropomorphism.


She's the queen of the nation of Totto Land, which comprises Whole Cake Island (her base of operations) and its surrounding archipelago of 34 islands, and the incredibly polyandrous matriarch of the daunting Charlotte Family. She offers her protection to islands if they provide enough candy to feed her sweet tooth, but watch out if she's not satisfied. It is revealed that she and Kaidou were crewmates once.

Her notoriety is not enough to deter Eustass Kid from destroying two of her allied ships after the Time Skip. Nor is it enough to deter Monkey D. Luffy from personally challenging her for control over Fish-Man Island, which she accepts. This does NOT mean she isn't as dangerous as the other three. On the contrary, out of the Emperors shown, she's by far the most crazy, ruthless, and overall terrifying especially because, whenever she craves for something, she goes on an hunger rampage during which she would destroy everything and kill anyone until she gets what she craves for, and nothing else would stop her.


As a result of forcing one of Luffy's crew members to follow her jurisdiction, Luffy drops everything and make her priority number one. So did a few other major names among pirates, including at least three who seek to directly betray her. However, if there's one thing Big Mom hates more than anything else, it's being scorned by her own family and allies. It's not just a proven cause of a death, but comprehensive blood purge. This is enough to make the whole lot of them agree it's better to avoid a direct one-on-one battle with her and come after her from afar if they can help it, but she has also has dozens of highly capable and extremely dangerous family members at her disposal, all of which comprise a massive hitch in their plans.

She has a bounty of 4,388,000,000 Berries.note  She holds two records for her bounties, having the highest bounty of any female character and being the youngest individual to ever have a bounty at the age of six.

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  • Absurdly Elderly Mother: While giving birth to a child at 18 years old isn't that extreme, Big Mom kept having children until she was 60, way past the age most women could get pregnant.
  • Absurdly Youthful Mother: Linlin is 68 years old and her oldest child, Perospero, is 50 years old, meaning she was 18 years old when she became a mother for the first time. She gave birth every year afterward until the birth of Anana.
  • Abusive Parent: Most of her "crew" are her biological children, but to her they're just an army at best or piece of collection at worst. She has no empathy for any of them, except for how useful they are to her, and would rather lose one of her children than some candies. Even when she acts somewhat motherly, she's still terrible because she enables their bad habits. Being raised by Streussen, who enabled her bad habits, might have something to do with this.
    • She attacks her 16th son, Moscato, yanks out forty years of his lifespan after he tries to calm her down from a food craving-induced rampage, just for getting in her way. Even after satisfying her craving, she shows no remorse for her action.
    • She deeply loathes her 23rd daughter Lola for ruining a marriage pact that could have made her Pirate King, and wants her murdered. Even those who love Lola have to comply with Big Mom's orders because they'll be punished severely if they don't.
    • She also tried forcing Lola's twin sister Chiffon into this same marriage and when that didn't work out, she began beating her black and blue — to the point where she had wounds that took years to heal — simply because (you guessed it) she looks like her twin sister. She still attacks her on sight and has basically turned her into an outcast, forcing her to stay with Bege at all times. Unsurprisingly, this eventually turns Chiffon completely against her mother and most of her siblings who didn't protect her from the abuse.
    • Not even her favorite, Pudding, is safe from this trope thanks to her Third Eye, which Big Mom sees as weird and/or just a tool for her to eventually become the Pirate King. This, among the mistreatment from other children, created in Pudding a huge complex about her third eye.
    • When her youngest daughter Anana tattles on Streusen because she wants the chef's knives so that she can stab her plush toy with, Big Mom indulges her even when some of her other children ask her not to encourage this behavior, and off-handedly says that everyone has 100 to 200 people they want dead and accept the idea as a fact.
  • Accidental Murder: When she was a very young girl, she possessed the strength to kill, but was unaware of it. But when she got older, she gained full awareness of her deadly strength... and all hell broke loose. She also (likely) ate Mother Carmel and isn't even aware she did so, which is a major part of her Freudian Excuse as she believes Mother Carmel simply abandoned her.
  • Achilles' Heel: The portrait of Mother Carmel that Linlin would place in an empty seat directly in front of her during all Tea Parties. If this portrait is damaged in anyway, from either being simply knocked off the table to being shattered into pieces, Linlin would enter a psychological crisis that would leave her fragile, both physically and mentally, so much that simply falling on her knee would leave a bruise and slight bleeding, which is thought impossible due to her being otherwise invincible. Another, less effective, way to hurt her is by attacking her homies, Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon, because they have a piece of Big Mom's soul. Nami hurts a rampaging Big Mom by attacking Zeus, whom Linlin is riding.
  • Acrofatic: She may be hefty, but don't be fooled into thinking she's in any way immobile or incapable of moving around. In fact she's perfectly capable of chasing opponents and even climbing buildings when she's in a rage.
  • Action Mom: More a "Dark Action Mom" but she's obviously as she's heavy in "action" (being one of the most powerful pirates of seas) as she's is in "mom" (having a crew near only full of her children).
  • Adipose Rex: She's the queen of Totto Land and she's very gluttonous and massive, both in height and in width.
  • Advancing Boss of Doom: Once she goes into her hunger rage for some wedding cake the whole 'fight' against her boils down to running for dear life until someone can find a way to calm her down, while all attacks thrown at her barely slow her down. The only way of hurting her is by attacking her homies, who have a piece of Big Mom's soul, and even then it just stops her for a little and give the Straw Hats on the Thousand Sunny a small amount of time to escape before being chased again. The only thing that stops her rampage for good is the wedding cake made by Sanji.
  • Alice Allusion: She seems to be an expy of the Queen of Hearts; her appearance (fat, huge middle-aged lady), personality (extreme selfishness only exceeded by her violent temper and infamous for her Decapitation Presentation) and title (Queen of Totto Land), as well as a symbolic red heart tattoo on her left forearm. Totto Land itself has a very Wonderland-esque feel, with buildings made of edible foodstuffs and many, many Animate Inanimate Object among the populace. Plus, the Straw Hat crew gets a rabbit girl tagalong for the arc.
  • Ambiguous Disorder:
    • She is said to have some sort of "eating disorder" that causes her to fly into an unstoppable, psychotic rage if she can't have one specific food that she's craving. She becomes incapable of recognizing or listening to anybody and she goes so far as to murder her own son during her rampage. She has had it ever since she was 5! Even worse, she doesn't seem to remember her actions after calming down, being completely unaware of any wrongdoing on her part, as seen with her not knowing that she killed her own son and, in the backstory, the giant hero Jorl.
    • Aside from her eating disorder, she's also proven to be both delusional and homicidally insane when she's at her best, and even the brutal Vinsmoke Judge refers to her as "deranged".
  • Ambiguous Innocence:
    • As a child, she displayed a very poor grasp of the world around her. Examples include treating wild predatory animals like children, and nearly mutilating her fellow orphans of other races because she assumed that something was wrong with their non-human bodies.
    • In the present day, there's also some questions regarding exactly how much control she really has over herself when her hunger illness flairs up. Despite the insistence of her crew that she can't recognize her children during her hunger crazes (or anybody else), she actually calls out Pudding and Chiffon by name when she sees them during her enraged pursuit of the Straw Hats. Not only that, but she even demands to know why they're with the Straw Hats. So... does she really, honestly have no control over herself in those moments? It's rather ambiguous at the moment.
  • Amnesiacs are Innocent: When she loses her memories in Wano, she reverts to the genuinely nice personality she had as a child. Even when the amnesiac Big Mom (named "O-Lin" by Chopper to match the Wano-themed aliases the Straw Hats are using) goes into one of her craving-induced rampages, she wants to share the food she's chasing after with the poor villagers who'd helped her, rather than just eating it herself. It should be noted, however, she remembers this after regaining her memory, and is genuinely grateful to the ones who did it to the point learning they were attacked by the Beast Pirates resulted in her turning on them.
  • And Call Him "George"!: After capturing Brook, she decides to hang on to him like a pet because of how unique he is, instead of just sticking him in her collection like everything else. She cries when she discovers that Brook somehow "died" (the Straw Hats manage to switch him out with a skeletal look-alike), but then she fixates on the possibility of having some delicious wedding cake.
  • Animal Motifs: Pigs, appropriately enough, as shown in a color spread depicting characters in the Chinese Zodiac. Rather fitting, since she's a rather gluttonous woman. Lampshaded in the Wano Arc by Queen, who tells his men to consider Big Mom as a rampaging wild boar who will only charge straightforward.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: This is actually a power of hers. She can place pieces of people's souls within any object and bring it to life. The resulting entities are called Homies, and answer to her beck and call, effectively letting her know everything that happens in Totto Land and around it. This includes the weather itself. The most powerful homies are made from her own soul fragments.
  • Arc Villain: One of the main antagonists of the Four Emperors Saga alongside Kaido, the main antagonist Whole Cake Island Arc and one of the main antagonists in the Wano Country Arc, along with Kaido and Kurozumi Orochi.
  • Arch-Enemy: Has several.
    • Implied to have had one in none other than Gold Roger, the Pirate King himself. Big Mom believes that Roger somehow tricked her, which later gave him the means to reach ahead of her to Laugh Tale, and conquer the Grand Line.
    • She's this to the Giants of Elbaf due to destroying their village and massacring a large number of them as a child during one of her hunger-induced rampages, including one of the eldest warriors when he tried to stop her, which was considered a very undignified and dishonorable death in their race. While she tried to smooth things over by marrying Lola to Prince Loki, Lola's decision to run away was likely interpreted as Big Mom not upholding her end, and she consider this yet another reason why she isn't the Pirate King yet.
    • After attacking her stronghold, interfering with a political marriage she arrangednote , taking out two of her generals, and eating (allegedly) her sweets and the wedding cake - if Monkey D. Luffy isn't one at this point, then he's pretty damn close. Solidified after Luffy hurts her reputation by escaping her territory and his exploits are announced to the world, up to and including declaring the whole thing Luffy's victory. During the Battle of Onigashima, she even admits to Luffy the only reason she came to Wano was to kill him.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Invoked by her. As dangerous as it is to be her subordinate, trying to leave her employ is even more so. Prior to Jimbei, nobody who has dared made it to see the next sunrise. Jimbei shows us why that is. Big Mom sees leaving her employ as losing a part of her army, and demands an "equal exchange". To decide that, she brings out a roulette wheel, or dartboard, with crudely-drawn body parts on it. Later reports claim Jimbei backed off, terrified of the "price." It's later made clear by Brulee that it's a sham, and the game is designed to kill whoever plays it. Jimbei's instincts were pretty spot-on. Even then he may have taken the risk, but he also realized the large numbers listed with the various penalties implied that she would also kill/maim a number of his comrades equal to those numbers.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Inverted. When Sanji asks her to forgive Luffy, Linlin lists the things Luffy did that would've pissed her off (destroying her forest, defeating one of her generals — who is also her son, and eating her candies) saying the last one is the worst.
  • Artistic License – Biology: In Real Life, only a few women are known to have ever given birth to nine kids at once (nonuplets), and in the vast majority of known cases, the babies were stillborn or died shortly after birth. Big Mom, on the other hand, once gave birth to ten kids at once and all of them are apparently alive and well. And that's not even touching the fact that she's had several other multiple births — possibly even up to her early sixties — without any ill-effects. Possibly justified though because Big Mom's inhumanly large size likely makes pregnancy and childbirth easy for her... also, this is the same universe where Portgas D. Rouge managed to prevent herself from giving birth for over 20 months after her due date through nothing but Heroic Willpower; it's obvious that pregnancy falls under the same It Runs on Nonsensoleum as every other physical feat seen in the series.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: She basically carved out an entire empire for herself with nothing more than her Devil Fruit powers and the natural, monstrous strength she's had since birth. And despite her less than stable leadership in the present day, she's so strong that none of her subordinates dare to challenge her orders.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: At 8,80 meters tall, she's the tallest human of the series, which makes her resemble something out of a horror movie when she goes on a rampage, with nothing stopping her until her cravings are satisfied. Even as a child, she was already taller than most people, despite both her parents being normal sized. Her dream is for her entire family to become as gigantic as she is.
  • Awesomeness Is a Force: Like all Emperors pre-Time Skip, Linlin possesses Conqueror's Haki. Notable as she's the second female in the series to known possess it and the first to actually use it, as Hancock is only stated to have it.
  • Ax-Crazy: Linlin goes from being a pragmatic deal-maker who's fairly stable and reasonable, to ruthlessly vengeful, to a psychotic glutton who needs to have a certain food right then and there under threat of death to anyone nearby, all unpredictably and at the drop of a hat. No matter what mood she's in, there is something wrong with this woman.
  • Bad Boss: She ate one of her subordinates (multiple in the anime) for no real reason. She's also known to attack her subordinates (many of whom happen to be her own children) if they fail her or if she's in one of her hunger-induced rampages. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that she's more liable to attack members of her crew than enemy pirates and marines are — after all, at least her subordinates don't have to live with those people everyday like they do with her.
  • Bad Powers, Bad People: She has eaten the Soul-Soul Fruit and routinely takes portions of people's lifespans, scattering those soul fragments on inanimate objects to create an even more LSD trippy version of Alice in Wonderland's "Wonderland." She also sometimes uses fragments of her own soul to accomplish this. While she was merely sweet-hearted and well-intentioned as a child, the horrible, corruptive influence of her parental surrogates turned her into the monster she is now.
  • Badasses Wear Bandanas: She wears a blue bandana with orange dots hidden under her hat, Napoleon, which is seen only when she transforms said hat into a sword and removes it in order to use it.
  • Bait the Dog: Downplayed. We always knew that Big Mom was a nasty piece of work, but she initially appeared to have some Hidden Depths and redeeming qualities, such as her promising to honor her deals and her desire to create a utopia for all races. But we find out later she's a Consummate Liar without the decency to even stick to her promises, and furthermore, her desire to create a utopia is just an extremely skewed attempt to mimic Mother Carmel's ideology.
  • Beauty Is Bad: She was a beautiful, Statuesque Stunner not unlike her daughter Smoothie at age 28, a far cry — a really far cry — from the physical monstrosity she would grow to be. However, seeing as how she was already cruel and psychotic by her pre-teen years, she was no doubt just as bad during this time as well.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Do not get between her and her sweets, especially if her eating disorder kicks in — if that happens, she becomes an Omnicidal Maniac. And the act of destroying her sweets before she gets the chance to enjoy them is a proven trigger for her disorder.
    • Relatedly, do not mess with the people that have given her food. As we find out during the Wano arc, this is less of a protection racket and more something that is fundamentally wrong; when she finds out the town that fed her during her amnesiac episode has been burned to the ground by Kaido's underlings, she not only breaks off the alliance, she immediately turns her wrath to them.
      Big Mom: So, Kaido's underlings are responsible!? They did that to the town that showed me hospitality!? You ingrates... The pirate world may be cruel... BUT THERE ARE STILL STANDARDS!! DAMN VERMIN!!
    • Also, do not point out that she still doesn't have certain kind of race in her "collection" yet, as shown when Judge asks her about the lack of giants in the island. This is because of the fiasco in the past that involved Lola running away from a marriage with a giant prince of Elbaf to find a more suitable suitor; Big Mom tried to put Chiffon on her place but they eventually found out, angering them and making the giants' relationship to Big Mom ruined. This is also why she asked Caesar to make serums to grow her family's bodies into giant proportions.
    • Don't ask questions about her picture of Mother Carmel. She knocks a guy unconscious for trying to dig into whatever bad memories it involves. And don't do anything to harm it, because that will plunge her into a psychotic fit.
    • Do not betray her, try to leave Totto Land, or both. Doing so is an automatic "Kill" button.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: During the second act of Wano, Linlin encounters Kaido in Onigashima and, after a brief clash that almost destroys the island, the two form an alliance for world domination. However, Big Mom tells Perospero that she has her own aims.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: Thanks to the Incarnations, fragments of her soul that have taken shape, and the Homies answering to her, she practically has eyes everywhere on the island making it virtually impossible to sneak into her kingdom undetected.
  • Big Eater: Literally; her appetite is as big as she herself is huge. This was a source of problems as a child, where one of her first hunger-induced rampages caused her to destroy the village of Elbaf.
  • Black Widow: Downplayed. While she isn't shown actually killing any of her husbands unless they "betray" her, at least one of them, Pound (the one stuck in the grounds of Seducing Woods) testifies that after she gets all the children she wants from said husband, she simply casts him out of the household and abandons him to his fate, whatever fate that may be.
  • Blessed with Suck: She was born unnaturally strong to the point of being able to kill a full grown giant at age five and Mother Carmel believed she had the potential to be an Admiral or Fleet Admiral... and unfortunately for her, no one had any idea how to handle a child with that much sheer ungodly strength, and she had a genuine mental disorder even at that age. These things combined made being born with such strength more damaging to her life than anything else.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Given her clear and obvious insanity, it's sincerely unclear exactly how Big Mom sees the world, only that it's severely twisted and warped.
    • Because of her childish and deranged mental state, she has fairly bizarre priorities, to say the least — mostly vast quantities of candy, tea parties and kidnapping men to marry her daughters. At the very least, that last one makes better sense in context.note 
    • She lets her kids have tons of power and status in her country, and in general, she appears to have them living in good conditions; however, if she's hungry, she won't hesitate to kill one of her own children if they get in her way. Worse still, even when she's fully conscious of her actions, she'll still go so far as to kill them herself if they fail her.
    • The most consistent rule Big Mom seems to operate under is the notion of "fairness", but heavily twisted thanks to her insanity. Big Mom seems to believe that the world is fundamentally unfair, and thus she constantly exerts power to get her way wherever she sees fit. For instance, she wants a world where all races are equal and live together, but under her control and working to serve her every whim. If people wrong her in any way, she brings out a massive roulette wheel designed to dish out some very cruel punishments at random chance, and Big Mom argues that its only logical that those who wrong her are forced to pay back their perceived debts if they want to be free. This makes her very unpredictable, since her perception of what is and and is not fair can change at the drop of a hat. During the raid on Onigashima, Big Mom turns on Kaido's army when she learns that they ransacked a village that helped her when she was an amnesiac, explicitly calling out the Beast Pirates for their lack of standards before dealing a crushing blow to Page One.
  • Bokukko: Uses the heavily masculine "ore" to refer to herself in the original Japanese.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: She could have easily executed the Vinsmoke Family in their sleep on their first night in Tottoland, but instead, she deliberately shuns that option because she wants to kill them all at a huge, overindulgent party so everybody can dance on their bodies and eat cake (literally). This, of course, gives the Straw Hats and their allies time to figure out her plans and come up with a counterattack. She also does this to Luffy, Nami, and Brook, keeping them imprisoned/captured and toying with them rather than executing them immediately. So, naturally, they escape. This is justified as she has a habit of engraving the folly of going up against her into her enemies before she kills them, as well as to make an example out of them, but it backfired hard in the Straw Hats' case.
  • Boobs of Steel: Linlin is by far physically the strongest woman of the world, able to overpower a giant as a 5-year-old. She also has the largest boobs in the series due to her huge size and, to some extent, her weight. Though this is more evident during her youth, when she was still extremely tall, but had a more proportionate, curvy body with huge breasts and a more hourglass figure.
  • Born Winner: Big Mom's freakish size, strength and durability don't stem from training of any sort; she's been like that since she was a 5-year old child. She was simply born a freak of nature, powerful enough to become one of the four strongest pirates in the world without any need for training.
  • The Caligula: Ruler of Totto Land and clearly not anything remotely resembling sane. Played for Drama, as even her genuinely good intentions are twisted by her insanity, as shown in her flashback where she pretty much coerces people to be a part of her "promised land" or else.
  • Cannibalism Superpower: It wasn't on purpose, and she had no idea about how it happened, but she gained her Devil Fruit power by accidentally eating Mother Carmel, who had the power at the time.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: After reaching Kaido on the top of Onigashima, Linlin tells him not to kill Nico Robin, since until Pudding's third eye's potential awakens, Robin is the only person available to them who can decipher the Poneglyphs and find Laugh Tale.
  • Catchphrase: She says "Life or [insert what she wants here]!?" whenever she threaten someone, more often than not when she is in her berserk state, and therefore doesn't hesitate to pick "Life" if said person doesn't or even can't fulfill immediately her request.
  • Children Are Innocent: As a child, Linlin was a genuinely kind girl who only hurt others because she was five, didn't understand the nuances of the world, and didn't know her own strength. Her screwed-up past with Streusen (and Mother Carmel, to an extent) made it so that, as an adult, she kept her childish lack of understanding but lost her innocence and kindness.
  • The Collector: Along with being obsessed with creating a country for all races, Linlin's also very interested in the strangest and most unique creatures, and her daughter Brûlée points Chopper out as a likely candidate for her menagerie. Chapter 847 shows a part of said collection in the palace's library, courtesy of the powers of her son Mont-d'Or. Unfortunately for her, Jimbei sets her entire library on fire while freeing Nami and Luffy, putting years of collecting down the drain.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Her looking at another sentient being hungrily would not be funny at all. Except when she temporarily reformed and her hunger was Played for Laughs.
  • Consummate Liar: Her promise of sparing Sanji's friends, as well as her proposed alliance with the Germa 66, is revealed to be a sham that she plays under her sweet words. Pudding also works the same way to Sanji personally, though due to Sanji's "interference" she couldn't go through with her plan.
  • Control Freak: A trait she shares with Judge Vinsmoke. All she cares is that she gets her way and her family is there to cater to her whims as she sees fit. So if she says they're gonna marry someone, then their opinion is invalid and they'll do so without question. If they refuse, then it doesn't matter if they're her blood, she won't hesitate to have them killed on the spot. Lola is one such example as she ran out on a marriage that would've supposedly put her closer to becoming the Pirate King.
  • Crazy-Prepared: In regards to one of her goals which she needs Caesar Clown for, she's so excited to see results that she created an exact replica of Caesar's laboratory from Punk Hazard on Whole Cake Island, complete with the same equipment, in case the original was destroyed.
  • Creepy Child: A tragic case, as 5 year old Linlin was just too big and too strong for her own good; she would severely injure the other kids in her orphanage and even kill wild animals without any understanding of what she had done. She also developed her eating disorder at this age, going on a blind, murderous rampage when asked to fast for an Elbaf tradition. And due to her naivety, she ended up corrupted by people who wanted something out of her, resulting in her becoming a true Creepy Child that just got worse as she grew up.
  • Cumulonemesis: One of her minions is a cloud Homie named Zeus. It looks quite goofy at first but make no mistake: its lighting attacks deal a world of hurt.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Vinsmoke Judge, for lack of a better term, got fucked up when he tried to square off against her, and the rest of the Alliance didn't fare much better.
  • Dark Action Girl: The only female among the Four Emperors, by extension making her the most powerful female pirate in the world, and an extremely violent and psychotic woman. Especially when rampaging due to her eating disorder, during which she becomes a nigh-unstoppable force. Although she usually uses her Devil Fruit powers to rip out souls or have her Homies fight for her she has monstrous strength and haki, able to unleash destructive shockwaves just by swinging her sword.
  • Diabolus ex Machina: During the Dressrosa arc, half of the Straw Hats are infiltrating the castle, while the rest are on the ship with a captive Caesar Clown to use against Doflamingo if necessary. Cue Big Mom's ship showing up right out of nowhere, its crew intent on capturing Caesar because he swindled research funds from them. This forces the Straw Hats on the ship to flee to the next island with Big Mom hot on their tail, leaving the Straw Hats still on Dressrosa with no backup plan.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • She's infamous for decimating entire islands just for not providing enough candy for her. She considers this a perfectly reasonable reaction to someone who failed to hold up their end of a bargain. The only reason why Fish-Man Island didn't have this fate was Luffy claiming it as his territory to make up for eating the candy tribute left for Big Mom.
    • According to her subordinates, she'll also decapitate a loved one of Sanji's and send their head to him in a box if he were to decline his wedding invitation. And indeed we see a poor soul, Jigra, who couldn't attend a previous tea party due to having to bury his mother, despite the fact he sent her a letter explaining this. Does she at least make an exception for this reason? Nope, Big Mom has his father killed for being unable to come and sends Jigra his head in a box. And when he tries to get revenge, he doesn't even get to see Big Mom in the flesh before one of the Sweet 3 Generals finishes extinguishing their family tree by coldly capping Jigra mid-sentence.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: A huge problem for her when she was a child. She was already extremely powerful even as a five-year old, and she often caused a lot of destruction by accident, to the point her parents had to grudgingly abandon her with the giants and Mother Carmel on Elbaf. When your child can kill things by accident to the point entire countries want nothing to do with her, there's not much else one can do except send them somewhere they can't cause harm.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: Whenever someone enters her island, she makes it a point to thoroughly defeat them without them even getting close to reaching her, so they realize the foolishness of messing with her. If she doesn't have her subordinates kill them, she kicks them out of her island humiliated.
  • Don't Wake the Sleeper: The Straw Hats have to save Brook from her clutches while she was asleep. Thing is, anything that just lightly wakes her up will get thoroughly beaten down by her and her homies. Fortunately they managed it after a few attempts, by switching Brook with a skeleton they found and given some "hair" made of seaweed.
  • Dramatic Irony: Her ambitions to unite the world were based off the teachings of Mother Carmel. While Big Mom's ideas on it were honest, she's also completely unaware that Carmel's teachings were a sham and that she was slave trader who sold the orphans she took in to the government.
  • The Dreaded: Naturally, considering that she's one of the Four Emperors. Every character so far has been shown to be flat-out terrified of her. For good reason as she would even kill her own son if he got in her way. Even Luffy who's befriended or brazenly allied with two Emperors (Shanks and Whitebeard) and swore revenge and fearlessly attacked two others (Blackbeard and Kaido), is visibly afraid of Big Mom and opts to flee from her when possible. It's even exploited: it's the fear of her opponents towards her that makes her soul-taking power work. The giants won't even speak her name anymore due to the atrocities she inflicted upon them.

    E - H 
  • Early Installment Character Design Difference: In her shadowed debut, she looked like a Cephalothorax with a head twice the size of her body and she also had completely pink, bloodshot eyes. In her first proper appearance, she's still an extremely fat Gonk but at least appears to have normal eyes, functioning limbs, and a more proportionately sized head and torso.
  • Edible Theme Naming: The charlotte is a French cake, and she also named most of her children after other food items (Pudding, Praline, Moscato, Chiffon, Smoothie, Nusstorte...).
  • Enemy Without: Inverted. Prometheus, Zeus and Napoleon may be made from fragments of her own soul, but they also act as The Conscience. When she's in one of her hunger rampages, they actually plead for her to stop the carnage.
  • Enfant Terrible: As a child, she was kind and innocent enough, but accidentally caused a lot of destruction because of her strength, and Mother Carmel's overly forgiving habit didn't help matters. She also saw the Long-arm and Merfolk as weird and wanted to take their "weird part" out of them, though she grew out of it thanks to Mother Carmel's influence. Then, when she tried to fast for a few days, her hunger (and specifically the lack of Semla, her new favorite food), caused her to go on a destructive rampage due to her eating disorder. This comes to a head when she accidentally and unknowingly eats Mother Carmel and her fellow orphans and turns to piracy, gaining a bounty of half a billion (equal to Luffy's at the time of the story) before she hits her teens.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: Deconstructed. Charlotte Linlin rules over Tottoland, where members of all races (sans giants) live in harmony, and Linlin herself has given birth to many hybrids after marrying people from all races. However, this is not the result of being pragmatic or open-minded, but because of Linlin's childish mentality and wish to make a kingdom where people of all races live together, which originated from a line made by Sister Carmel and then twisted by Linlin's insanity. The inhabitants are forced to stay and pay a piece of their soul as a tax, while all of her husbands have been forced to marry her and give her children, which Linlin treats more as pieces of collection rather than her own children.
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • It was implied she's not exactly the nicest person around before her proper introduction. What do we see of her in the chapter when she's actually introduced? She's an utterly massive behemoth, eats her henchmen, and casually has countries torched over not getting her candy.
    • She gets another one when she appears un-obscured for the first time, which features her happily singing with her Animate Inanimate Objects about a sacrifice at her "hellish Tea Party" and hoping to eat jelly made of human blood, which further establishes her as not only evil and petty, but also completely insane.
    • And then a third one right afterwards when she's gone completely psycho over the lack of a croquembouche and presently decimating the daylights out of her own country, right down to injured one of her own sons for getting in her way. This is where we met the side of her that a giant would refer to as a demon.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Mother Carmel clearly means something to her, as her picture being damaged will send her into a mental breakdown to the point she's rendered vulnerable. It's eventually revealed that Carmel was the only person who was ever genuinely nice to her and treated her well. This is made horribly tragic as it's eventually revealed that Carmel was a slave trader who actually didn't give a shit about her. Big Mom also got along quite well with her fellow orphans despite wanting to "fix" their "weird parts", and was equally devastated when she saw they too, mysteriously vanished. Sadly, the same can't be said about her biological children, who are powerful tools for her at best.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Linlin, while an insane and evil pirate and tyrant, shows genuine gratitude to those who share their food with her with no reservation. As such, when she learns from Tama that Okobore, the town whose people shared what little food they had when Big Mom had amnesia, was burned down by the Animal Kingdom Pirates, she immediately ignores Nami and Usopp, who are with Tama, and takes down Page One, who's chasing them. This is explained by Prometheus, who claims that Big Mom shows a motherly side when she's around young kids like Tama.
  • Evil Laugh:"Hahaha-mamamama."
  • Evil Matriarch: Linlin has 39 daughters, one of which is to be married to Sanji as part of a political alliance with the Vinsmoke family, and 46 sons, each of which she marries off in order to extend her power. This doesn't stop her from attacking and injuring one of her own children on a whim during a hunger-motivated, psychotic episode, or even when she's sane, as long as they fail her, Opera flat out notes that she'd consciously kill him herself if she finds out that he failed to stop Jimbei.. Even when she's not threatening their lives, she actively encourages her young children to be violent and psychotic — even against their own siblings. So, yeah, she's not winning any mother of the year awards
  • Evil Overlord: She is a pirate emperor that often exerts her authority and influence to satisfy her indulgences. For example, she can make demands beyond candy, like invitations, and if they aren't met, she can find out everything about this person, including their friends or family, and have their heads delivered in a box, to the offender. When Whitebeard died, she was the one who claimed his territory in Fish-Man Island, and while her name protects Fish-Man Island in a way similar to Whitebeard's, she demands tribute (in form of tons of sweets) for the favor.
  • The Evils of Free Will: Played with. As long as it doesn't interfere with her own desires as a pirate, Big Mom respects the choices of others and will listen to their pleas within reason. Problem is, Big Mom isn't the sanest at the best of times. And most of the time she's only giving people the illusion of choice.
    • Played straight with the choice of who her children get to marry. As the marriage of her children serve only to strengthen her pirate crew.
    • When asked by Jimbei to leave her crew, she fully respected his freedom of choice as a pirate and did not care for his reasons. However noting the loss to her crew, she demanded Jimbei lose something of value as well. This turned out to be a lie, as Jimbei and other characters reveal the Wheel is a sham and the point is simply to kill everyone who plays the game as leaving is not tolerated.
    • In Big Mom's nation Totto Land, Big Mom isn't opposed to the free will of her citizens. All the citizens have the choice of "Life or Leave". In exchange for a small portion of life span, anyone can live in Totto Land or they have to leave. This also turned out to be a lie, other characters reveal that it is merely an illusion of choice and no one is actually allowed to leave. Those who choose to are killed.
    • Big Mom approved of Sanji's request for the Straw Hats to leave the island alive. As long as Sanji is agreeing to the marriage she has no problem letting a few things slide. This as well turned out to be a lie, as she plans to kill Sanji at his wedding and the Straw Hats afterwards.
  • Explosive Breeder: She has 85 children: 39 daughters and 46 sons. Being only 68-years-old, she managed this by having lots (twenty-one, to be exact, totaling sixty-three children) of multi-births, with her record being ten kids at once (all of whom are currently 18, meaning that she had them at 50 years old and continued having kids past that age), and the rest being one set of quintuplets, two sets of quadruplets, six sets of triplets, and eleven sets of twins. Plus, twenty-two single births. Brook lampshaded how it's no wonder her epithet is Big Mom.
  • Expressive Accessory: Her pirate hat, which contains a jolly roger that mimics Linlin's facial expressions and even talks to her. Justified in that Big Mom has the power to transfer souls to objects, and Napoleon the Bicorne is one of her most powerful familiars.
  • Familiar: Her Devil Fruit allows her to create these by planting pieces of her soul or other's into inanimate objects to make them loyal minions called Homies. This basically lets her have eyes everywhere on her island at once. In particular, she mentions that if she uses her own soul to create them, they'll be stronger than other Homies. So far there are only three of them: Prometheus the Sun, Zeus the Cloud and Napoleon, her hat. She treasures the three more than her other homies.
  • Family Values Villain: Interestingly, one of Big Mom's dreams involves her forming a huge family with pretty much every race on the world included. She also wants to make all her family members as gigantic as she is, but for the sole purpose of being able to dine with them at the same eye level. There's also the fact that she treats marriages as Serious Business. Of course, this doesn't stop her from crushing pretty much anyone that gets in the way of her dream.
  • Fantastic Racism: Defied; she specifically set out to make her country a place where all races can live in harmony, contrasting with the prejudice we see elsewhere in the world... and then again, subverted. It's treated as a figment of her childlike personality, and is colored by her psychopathic inability to see people as anything but pawns to get her what she wants. She treats the other races almost as if they're exotic pets. Case in point, when she discovers the totally-unique Brook, she subjects him to And Call Him "George"!.
  • Fatal Flaw: Gluttony, big time. Her "hunger-induced rampage" has destroyed countless cities (and narrowly endangered her own) and potentially killed people, including a giant, from when she was 5. That was also why she got left on Elbaf by her parents AND later exiled from the same island.
  • Fat Bastard: She's extremely portly and extremely cruel.
  • Faux Affably Evil: She is very jolly when in a good mood and enjoys celebrating the fulfillment of her ambitions with song and dance, but her cheerfulness is tempered with horrendous malice and brutality.
  • Finger in the Mail: Pekoms noted that if you refuse one of her offers, expect to get a parcel within a few days. Inside will be the head of someone previously involved with you, and these include (for Sanji) those from a certain restaurant in East Blue, or even the Kamabakka Kingdom.
    Luffy: How the hell do you guys even know about all that?!
    Pekoms: This... is what is called power, Straw Hat.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: Charlotte Linlin is a rather cutesy name for one of the four toughest and deadliest pirates in the world.
  • Foil:
    • To Vinsmoke Judge:
      • Big Mom is a powerful Devil Fruit user and immensely strong, to the point where she could just stomp on anyone annoying her. Judge is a normal man whose only weapons are his family's advanced technology, his genetically-modified children, and clone armies.
      • Big Mom has almost a hundred children, some of them with identical or fraternal siblings. Judge's family of five children, with only one set of male quadruplets, is vastly smaller.
      • Big Mom is a horrible parent who doesn't give a crap about her children, and either enables their bad habits much like hers were enabled by others as a child, dotes on them because they're useful, or viciously attacks them if they fail her and especially during a hunger rampage if they get in her way. In comparison, Judge appears to be a loving father for his kids, but only if they're strong and follow his values. Moreover, he experimented on his then-unborn quadruplet sons by removing their empathy to make sure they become the ideal warriors, and only dotes on them because they're "successful", unlike Sanji who was abused and cast out for remaining human thanks to his mother's sacrifice.
      • Big Mom's territory, Totto Land, is a vast and prosperous archipelago of food-based islands, with its inhabitants living in luxury. The Germa Kingdom is smaller, extremely militaristic, and its subjects are either cannon fodder or punching bags to show off the Vinsmokes' cruelty.
      • Big Mom loves food, and many of her children are chefs with some area of expertise. Judge has a very low opinion of chefs and believes that members of royalty shouldn't serve others... which makes it an Irony that he even came up with the idea to ally Germa with the Big Mom Pirates in the first place.
      • The large majority of Big Mom's children are Devil Fruit powerhouses, just like her. Judge's children got their powers from science and have varying of psychological alterations; Reiju can't completely disobey her father, while Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji have extreme Emotion Suppression since utero.
    • To Capone Bege:
      • Bege wears nice, dark suits and smokes cigars to portray a threatening image of a mafia don, and even acts the part. However, he loves his family, and cares for his crew (even if he won't always admit it). Big Mom's clothes are obnoxiously colorful and carries a pretense of reasonable diplomacy... but behind closed doors she's completely nuts, with a destructive, homicidal temper.
      • Their Devil Fruits also contrast — Bege's Castle-Castle Fruit "gives" people a place to rest, hide, and eat (provided the guests don't piss him off with Jabba Table Manners). Big Mom's Soul-Soul Fruit "takes" away the souls of people, which she uses to give random inanimate objects their sentience.
      • Bege is a caring father and husband, who loves Chiffon despite her Gonkiness, and has been grooming his only child, Pez, into becoming the next don. Big Mom is a horrible parent and spouse, with many discarded husbands and her many children fearing her; two of them were attacked and severely injured for getting in her way (Opera, Moscato), while four of them "betrayed" her in some fashion (Chiffon, Lola, Praline, Pudding).
      • Their own Character Development went in opposite directions; Bege started off as ruthless, bloodthirsty, and unreasonably harsh, but marrying Chiffon and having a son after the Time Skip softened him, to where he admits he cares for his crew and will protect them, come hell or high water such as blasting Oven for kidnapping Chiffon. Big Mom's monstrous, hedonistic, and fickle personality was the result of having trusted parental figures see her as some kind of meal ticket and enable her worst traits while not even bothering to properly discipline her, resulting in the sweet but mentally ill Linlin developing very twisted morals. Having a lot of husbands and a lot of children didn't improve her situation; it just got worse, and created a very large Dysfunctional Family.
    • To Whitebeard:
      • Whitebeard was considered the strongest of the original emperors, inducting men into his crew by adopting them as his sons. He is the first known pirate to claim Fish-Man Island as his territory. Big Mom struggled to compete with the other emperors by arranging marriages to pump out children to serve as her army. She only laid claim to Fish-Man Island after Whitebeard had died.
      • Whitebeard and his crew aren't biologically related, but consider themselves a family and would lay down their lives for each other. Big Mom's crew is itself a heavily dysfunctional biological family, with half-brothers and half-sisters that fear Big Mom more than they love her.
      • Whitebeard's Devil Fruit gives him the physical might of an earthquake, which he only uses in combat. Big Mom's Devil Fruit gives her the power to manipulate souls, and she uses this to her advantage for the ruling of her domain.
      • Whitebeard's physique stayed incredible even as his health appeared to deteriorate with his age. After her physique improved when she reached adulthood, Big Mom seems to have let herself go as she approached her golden years while she appears to be in good health, chronic eating frenzies notwithstanding.
  • Formerly Fit: She was much more slender (and beautiful) at age 28 and was visibly buff at 48, a far cry from her current obesity. Although, this is Subverted in a way because she's actually Acrofatic and is not even close to being out of shape in the present day; in fact, her stamina is as superhuman as you'd expect from an Emperor. And then we see what happens when she goes without eating for eight hours and she slims back down to a more limber figure, somewhere in between her former pretty appearance and her witch-like looks today. Kinda like how Wapol (also a Big Eater) can slim himself and how Alvida shed her fat.
  • For Want of a Nail: Want to know what Linlin would be with better parental figures than Carmel and Streusen? Post-Amnesia Linlin, when exposed to the kindness of O-Tsuru, became a gentle, grateful and helpful person. The exact opposite of her current self.
  • Freaky Is Cool: Considers herself a collector of the unique and strange, intent on creating a utopia consisting of every creature in the world. Ironically, and tragically, this somehow doesn't apply to her daughter Pudding, as she told her in no uncertain terms, that Pudding's Third Eye made her look hideous.
  • Freudian Excuse:
    • She has abandonment issues stemming from the sudden disappearance of Mother Carmel and the other orphans she grew up with, which explains why when someone joins her crew, they marry into her family, and if they want to leave her crew they have to spin the wheel and essentially die. She doesn't want anyone to ever leave her again... by any means necessary. She also lived among the giants as a child, until she unknowingly caused herself to be banished due to her eating disorder, which (along with her idea from Carmel that people should see "eye to eye") is both why she's so intent on getting Caesar's growth formula for her crew, and puts her treatment of Lola for ruining her alliance with them in a whole new light.
    • Her only parental figure after Mother Carmel's 'disappearance' was Streusen, her future chef, who not only found her apparently eating Mother Carmel alive funny, but actively encouraged her worst habits from age six onward. This not only goes a long way to explaining how she ended up as twisted as she is and how she went from causing pain without meaning to to actively enjoying it, but why she more or less raises her children the exact same way.
    • Her having a large family of hybrid children came from growing up with fellow orphans who came from all walks of life, only to unknowingly and accidentally devour them on her 6th birthday. Her having so much children is presumably an attempt to make up for the loss.
  • Friend to All Children: Linlin is a tyrannical pirate but, according to Prometheus, she has a soft spot for children of 10 years and younger, and goes into a "motherly phase" when she interacts with them.
  • Giant Wall of Watery Doom: While following the Thousand Sunny in Chapter 880, she uses her powers to control Perospero's candy on the water, creating a massive tsunami to drop on top of the Thousand Sunny — a threat so monumental that it was enough for Nami to uncharacteristically calmly apologize to Luffy for what appeared to be her imminent death.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: Pekoms notes that her base of operations pretty much became a massive and powerful nation over time, and even her proper introduction refers to her as the Queen of Totto Land. And when she asks her subjects for something, they have to, or...
    Linlin: LIFE OR TREAT...
  • Gonk: She's an extremely overweight old woman with a downright revolting face. When she was younger, she was much more attractive.
  • Good Eyes, Evil Eyes: When she was a kid, she had large round eyes to indicate her innocence and childish goodness. As an old woman her eyes have a greedy and matriarchal look, reflecting her current personality. When she loses her memory and believes herself to still be a child, her eyes are drawn just like when she was five years old to indicate she's good. The eyes turn evil again once her memories return.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Since her eating Carmel and the children is too graphic to be shown on-panel, it's shown off-panel instead and never mentioned directly. We instead see screams and crying from the distance, a horrified eyewitness account, and the fact that Big Mom suddenly gained Carmel's powers mere days after her disappearance.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: She seems frighteningly easy to piss off, considering that she'll decimate entire islands if they don't give enough candy to her.
  • Heavy Sleeper: Parodied. Big Mom somehow manages to sleep through several people breaking into her chamber and making loud noises, and even her own weather manipulating homies creating mini lightning and fire storms doesn't disturb her sleep. However, funnily enough, she manages to hear a fly buzzing and drowsily smashes it into oblivion.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Subverted: she seems to value the idea that pirates live with freedom in mind, not questioning Jimbei's reasons to leave her crew and honoring Sanji's request to allow the Straw Hats to live, as he is sacrificing his pirate life with them to be a part of her crew. Then it turns out it's all a sham; she had no intention of letting Jimbei go, and fully intended to kill the Straw Hats after the wedding. She only ever gives the illusion of choice; pick the wrong thing, and you die.
    • Her past life flashbacks reveal more: She used to have somebody she loved dearly, Mother Carmel, before she mysteriously went missing. She was abandoned in Island of Elbaf by her parents. Her idea of an utopian land where every race of the world can live in peace was Mother Carmel's idea, although Big Mom thoroughly twisted it.
    • She also has a desire of making everyone be as big as her so that everyone including her can see each other eye-to-eye, although she seemed to take it more literally than others. This came from a literal interpretation of Streusen filling her with dreams of creating a country where everyone saw eye-to-eye
  • Hollywood Acid: Her spit/churned-up stomach acid literally smokes and dissolves the ground it falls on.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Every time Linlin actually gets into a fight, her opponent has no choice of victory. Whenever the Straw Hats and their allies fight her directly, it's more to stall her than anything else, since that's the best they can really hope for.
  • Horror Hunger: As mentioned, she's devoured her henchmen. But it gets far worse when her cravings for random sweets kick in. If that happens, give her what she wants, or don't stand in her way. And when she does get what she craves, do not stand close to her, or the food while she's eating, or there's a chance she'll devour you too!
  • Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action: During her lifetime Big Mom had husbands of different races, including a dwarf, with whom she had Normande. Dwarves are small enough to stand on the palm of a hand, while Big Mom is a colossal woman... it's better not go into further explanations.
  • Humiliation Conga: Her Tea Party went way off the rails. It began when her own children failed to off Sanji, followed by the wedding cake getting obliterated by the many Luffy clones that were hiding inside, sending her into a hunger rampage while in full view of her guests, which included some of the most powerful Media heads like "Big News" Morgan. Then Jimbei defied her in full view of her guests, and to her shock, he is immune to her powers as he fully believes in Luffy to the point of not fearing death itself. Then Brook managed to sneak in and smashed her most cherished possession, sending her off to a Villainous Breakdown, which was the cue for Bege's assassination attempt. But things went bad for the rebels for a while, her coming back to her senses and about to deliver a curb stomp to them... only for the Tamatebako bomb to suddenly off and send Whole Cake Chateau crashing down to the island. She survived, but all in all, she ended up being humiliated in front of her guests, her children having to protect her despite her considering them as lowly, her entire massive home being obliterated, and her not getting the wedding cake she's been looking forward to. By the time the arc ends, her home is in ruins, two of her strongest children and subordinates were defeated in combat, the people she desperately wanted dead all escaped, Zeus betrayed her entirely for Nami, depriving her of one of her three strongest weapons and the news generally considers that Luffy was the "victor" of the entire mess, getting him promoted to the Fifth Emperor in the global scene, while making her and her crew look vulnerable for the first time in decades. Safe to say, she's left absolutely, wholly enraged by the entire situation.
  • Hypocrite: She claims to want a family containing all the races of the world, and has engaged in Interspecies Romance herself, but she derides her daughter by a Three-Eyed Tribesman as a freak for having inherited her father's third eye. To say nothing of the hypocrisy of Big Mom of all people, a mutant with unnatural stature, durability and strength that has no biological rationale we've seen so far, calling anybody a "freak".

    I - O 
  • I Have No Son!:
    • Lola may be one of her daughters, but Big Mom despises her to the point of wanting to send assassins after her. This is because Lola ran away, ruining an especially important Arranged Marriage (with a prince of Elbaf) that would have granted Big Mom enough power to become the Pirate King (or Queen, in this case). Note that this hatred is very much one-sided, as Lola herself still considers Big Mom family.
    • She also effectively disowned Lola's twin sister Chiffon for looking too much like Lola, beating her so viciously that she basically forced her to hide out on the outskirts of the country just to get out of her sight.
    • And just to round it all out, Big Mom rejected Lola and Chiffon's father, Pound, as a husband, calling open season on him at the hands of the rest of the family.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: In her debut, she eats one of her subordinates anticipating sweets from Fish-Man Island, although it's possible they are just homies. It's also all but stated that she accidentally ate Mother Carmel and the other orphans on her 6th birthday. The last time Big Mom ever saw them, she was eating her birthday cake and disappearing into gluttonous bliss... when she came to, she turns out to have devoured most of the table the cake was on and, furthermore, there was nothing around her but small fragments of the table and scraps of clothes... including Carmel's nun robes. When it was reported to the giants thanks to a witness, Linlin's name instantly became even more hated among them than it was before. And scariest of all, devouring Mother Carmel had the unexpected side effect of assimilating her Devil Fruit powers. With those abilities, she easily became an Emperor.
  • Ignored Enemy: As Luffy reaches Linlin and Kaido, the two mock him, but Luffy just passes through them to check his friends first.
  • Impossibly Delicious Food: Luffy preventing her from eating the wedding cake at the Tea Party causes this to be her craving when her eating disorder kicks in. Since she's never tasted the cake, the food she's craving is a cake filled with all the fantasies of what it possibly could have tasted like — a cake that is literally impossible to make for anyone short of the greatest chef in the world. Even with the aid of Pudding and Chiffon, the two people who specialized in what the cake supposed was to be (chocolate chiffon cake), the task still would have been impossible. Luckily for the Big Mom Pirates, Sanji, who is the greatest chef in the world (or at least close to it), was still present within their territory and fully capable of not only recreating the intended cake, but also making it taste even better. Unfortunately for them, they had just tried to assassinate him and his family — Sanji only got involved in the baking process because Big Mom rampaging would make the Straw Hats' escape even more difficult, especially after Perospero lied to Big Mom and claimed they had stolen the cake. When she finally gets a taste of it, she's so overwhelmed by how delicious it is that she blissfully states it's "so delicious that I could die!".
  • Improbable Age: Linlin got an impressive bounty of 50 million when she was only a child, and later an even more impressive one of 500 million just a few years later, solely for her immense strength.
  • Insane Equals Violent: Big Mom is undoubtedly insane and mentally disturbed, and is very violent, especially when she goes in her hunger craze, during which she becomes dangerous to anything next to her until she gets what she craves for, and in the meanwhile can barely be reasoned with. Played for Drama, as it's shown her more malevolent tendencies are the result of how various people reacted to her mental issues, instead of actually trying to help her. At first any damage she caused was because she genuinely didn't know any better.
  • Interspecies Romance: At least nine of her husbands were non-humans — a merman (who sired Prim and Praline), a fish-man (who sired De-Chat), three different Snakenecks (one fathering the quadruplets Mondée, Amande, Hachée, and Effilée, one fathering the twins Mascarpone and Joscarpone, and one fathering Wiro), a Longarm (who fathered Mobile, Marble, Myukuru, and Maple), a Longleg (who fathered Smoothie, Citron, and Cinnamon), a Three-Eye (who fathered Pudding), and a Dwarf (who fathered Normande). Seeing as how she's obsessed with creating a nation of rare species, it's likely she specifically seeks out men of these varied races.
  • Intimidating Revenue Service: The fee to live in Totto Land under her protection is rather steep. In addition to the tithes of candy she demands, citizens must donate one month of their lifespan every six months (collected by Big Mom via her Devil Fruit power and used to create her "homies") or else they must leave.note note 
  • Invincible Villain: Charlotte Linlin possesses immense physical strength and durability; absolutely nothing can normally even scratch her skin and she can shatter rock with a half-conscious slap. Just to show how strong Big Mom is, she blocks Luffy's Gear Four King Kong Gun with one arm almost casually, and this is an attack that once cracked a city in half. Most of the Whole Cake Island arc consists of the Straw Hats and their allies simply trying to get away from her because they know fighting her directly would be suicide. By the end of arc, Big Mom hasn't suffered any injury whatsoever (aside from an incredibly wounded pride perhaps), while the Straw Hats barely manage to escape by the skin of their teeth with heavy casualties, which is still counted as an incredible achievement.
  • Irony:
    • Her mother figure Carmel was a liar and a nasty piece of work not unlike Big Mom herself... but, due to Carmel trying to pass herself off as a loving mother, it appears that she didn't actually raise Linlin with any twisted values; Big Mom just so happened to end up evil anyway after Carmel disappeared.
    • She is a major Control Freak and is really cruel in how she does it, and yet she became evil because of events that she wasn't in control for, moreover she is also an Unwitting Pawn herself.
  • It's All About Me:
    • Big Mom decides who her children will marry for the purposes of strengthening her pirate crew; her children have no choice in the matter. Big Mom also goes on rampages to satisfy her sweet tooth and will not stop until she consumes the sweet of her desire, to the point she has her crew murder inhabitants on different islands to collect ingredients. This leads to her extreme grudge towards Luffy who ate her sweets on Fish-Man Island. It's played rather realistically, however, in that once her needs are satisfied, she'll show care towards her children. So long as they play by her rules, they'll be happy, as she puts it herself.
    • The actual wedding ceremonies of her kids are designed to cater entirely to her as well. Apparently, it's customary for the guests of Big Mom's tea party in general to bring her presents for the occasion. One guest even mentions as a side comment that, in a pile of presents and treasures brought for Big Mom, there's "some in there for Pudding because of her wedding, too" — as if it were normal that bringing presents for the bride should be of secondary importance to appeasing her mother.
    • Big Mom takes this trope, turns it up to eleven, and breaks the knob trying to turn it up further. If you look at everything she does and everyone she keeps around her, there is nothing she keeps or cares for unless it brings her pleasure or some manner of service. Anything that doesn't serve her in some capacity, she destroys or kills. If her children can't provide her with protection or bring her new power through their marriages, she ignores or worse, abuses them. If anyone tries to leave her crew, they are set-up to be killed. Her random cravings do not end unless she's given what she desires. In the grand scheme of things, everything and everyone in Totto Land is more or less designed to serve Big Mom, and everyone else is secondary.
  • It's Personal: Given how petty of a woman she is, it should come as no surprise that she's gained particular vendettas against no less than five of the Straw Hat Pirates. To wit:
    • Luffy: He went out of his way to challenge her, and then straight up told her that she wouldn't become the Pirate King. Above all of that, she witnesses him lead the charge to ruin her tea party. To say that she despises Monkey D. Luffy is an understatement.
    • Nami: When Big Mom figures out that Nami has a friendship with her much hated daughter Lola, she decides to make the navigator's life a living hell. It probably doesn't help that Nami talks back to her to protect Lola, either.
    • Sanji: As a Vinsmoke and as someone who directly took part in ruining her tea party including freeing his family from execution, however deserved it was, Sanji's not very high on Big Mom list.
    • Brook: He actively challenged her to a fight, insulted her pride by referring to her as a "young lady," actually damaged Prometheus and Zeus, and, most importantly, destroyed the picture of Mother Carmel. And she's not even aware that he also managed to slip copies of her poneglyphs out of her treasure room right under her nose yet.
    • Jimbei: He betrayed her crew and declared his allegiance to Luffy in front of a crowded party, further wounding her pride when her attempts to kill him on the spot for the action failed.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: You have to see it to believe it (here you go!), but SBS 86 reveals that Big Mom was much, much more slender and attractive when she was a young woman (though, no doubt, still giant). Now, finally, it's no longer a mystery as to why she was able to find so many husbands.
  • Jerkass: She's cruel, selfish, manipulative and an overall monsterous bitch of a woman who won't hesitate to kill her own kids of they displease her.
  • The Juggernaut: When she's on a rampage, there ain't nothin' you can do about it. Vinsmoke Judge and the Alliance learned this the hard way. Well, except give her the food item she's so craving, but doing that with her hot on your case is obviously a difficult task, and that's only if her rampage is due to a craving; if she's just pissed at you, then you better run like hell.
  • Just Between You and Me: She has a private talk with Pudding about their plans for the wedding, all while she's hanging Brook like a toy. Somewhat redundant at this point, as pretty much all the Straw Hats know it by now from Pudding spilling the beans to Luffy, Nami, and Reiju (secretly overheard by Sanji), but cavalier nonetheless.
  • Kavorka Woman: Despite being obese, cruel, insane and a Gonk, she's had dozens of lovers over the years, even after her beauty has faded. Justified since she kidnapped her husbands.
  • Kick the Dog:
    • When Chiffon desperately pleads to her to stop her attack on Bege by informing her that they're married and have a child together (Big Mom's grandchild), Big Mom just screams that Chiffon's face pisses her off and that she's going to kill her as well before recommencing her attack, reducing poor Chiffon to tears.
    • On Onigashima, after having replaced Zeus with her new Homie Hera, rather than just let Zeus leave, she cruelly feeds him to Hera to become stronger all the while being entirely apathetic to his suffering and telling him that he should become nutrients to his successor despite his years of loyalty to her.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Big Mom's plot to brutally slaughter the Vinsmoke Family is certainly despicable, but it's hard to feel too bad for Vinsmoke Judge (especially when he has a very pathetic Villainous Breakdown upon learning her plan) because he's an abusive asshole. The same applies to Judge's sons, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, though on a downplayed note because of the tragic circumstances behind their awful behavior (which, for the record, is pretty much completely Judge's fault).
  • Knight of Cerebus: Of course, being an Emperor, it was expected that facing her and her crew would be much more difficult than anything that's come before; but on top of that, she's easily the most violent, terrifying, and homicidally insane foe the Straw Hats have ever faced. Amazingly, despite the bright colors and fairy-tale like aesthetic of the surroundings on her island, almost every scene she's in manages to suck the fun out of the story's tone until she's gone.
  • Knight Templar: Her motivation for everything she's done was to follow Carmel's "dream" of creating a "perfect nation" with no discrimination and racism (which, for the record, wasn't actually Mother Carmel's dream). So, what did Big Mom decide was the best way to do that? Why, ravage entire countries and force people to listen to her commands (or die) so they can become "perfect" like her own nation, of course.
  • Kryptonite Factor: The Revive-Revive Fruit has so far proven to be one, as Brook is immune to getting his soul ripped out, can directly exorcise minor Homies, and can directly harm Big Mom herself by using his own soul to attack Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon.
  • Lack of Empathy: After recovering from her first on-screen hunger rage, by eating living cream puff tourists, she is completely unconcerned about the damage to her own capital city, including the fate of one of her sons who tried to calm her down. She then begins to get enraged again, the moment she suspects that Jimbei wants to leave her crew. She did have empathy once, but her naivety and the bad influence of her two parental surrogates burned it to the ground and twisted whatever remained.
  • Large and in Charge: True to her moniker, she's so big that she can fit a number of her subordinates in her mouth. She's also tall enough to climb sky-scrapers.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: She's found by Chopper, Kiko, O-Tama, and Momonosuke, having been washed ashore on Kuri Beach after being knocked off a waterfall by Kaido's dragon, King. She soon awakens, wondering where and who she is.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: A lot of her actions eventually come back to bite her.
    • Pudding: Big Mom never protected her from those who bullied her for having a Third Eye and even contributed to the ridicule herself, only making a token effort by telling her to grow out her fringe so she could hide it. When Pudding was shown kindness by the groom she was supposed to kill, she broke down, ruining the plot to kill the Vinsmokes, and secretly aided the Straw Hats.
    • Chiffon: Big Mom never forgave Lola for running out on her own wedding to Prince Loki, which was supposed to make her one step closer to becoming the Pirate King, so she takes it out on Chiffon just for being Lola's identical twin. This eventually resulted in Chiffon disowning most of her family as well as helping her husband Bege assassinate Big Mom without an inch of remorse.
    • Vinsmokes: Big Mom lured the Vinsmokes with the false promise of an alliance only to set them all up for execution later so she could get their advanced technology (and have some cake, too). While it may have been a Kick the Son of a Bitch moment especially for Judge, once Sanji foils the plot, the understandably pissed-off Vinsmokes decide to return the favor and unleash hell on Big Mom's forces.
  • Lean and Mean: Normally, Linlin is very fat but after a prolonged period in one of her hunger cravings, she slims down considerably. The effect only serves to make her even more unsettling, though.
  • A Lighter Shade of Black: Compared to her fellow malevolent Emperors, she come off a little like this. While Kaido is a sadistic killer who wants to start the war to end all wars out of sheer boredom and disgust with life; and Blackbeard is a conniving, backstabbing coward, Big Mom comes off as a very mentally unwell woman whose abandonment and treatment as a child left with a badly broken psyche and morphed her into the person she is today. She's also the only one of the three with a genuinely benevolent goal (namely creating a place were all races can live together as equals), even if it's horrifically twisted by her insanity, cruelty, and selfishness.
  • Like Father, Like Son:
    • To her own children: Most of her children, especially the older ones take after her evil traits. Pudding is a zigzagged example; years of bullying and ridicule for having a Third Eye made the formerly kind-hearted little girl snap. She acts dishonestly as her mother, misleading everyone with a sweet facade before cruelly backstabbing them, but after getting closure with Sanji she reawakened her lost kindness.
    • To Mother Carmel: She knowingly shaped her ideal "Utopia" after Carmel's own. Unknowingly, she also was a shrewd businesswoman with a talent for acting and lying, just like Carmel, though Carmel's idea of "coexisting different races" was a farce, while Big Mom's is genuine, bar a few exceptions.
  • Like Father, Unlike Son:
    • Katakuri is The Stoic, and a sensible if very ruthless fighter who cares for all of his siblings, and doesn't eat very much. Except in private, he's very much a hammy glutton like his mother; he just doesn't want anyone to see because he sees those parts of him as "flaws".
    • Pudding appears to be this, being sweet-tempered and helpful until it's revealed that she's just like her mother in personality. However, once Sanji treats her kindly, Pudding falls in love and adopts her kind facade for real.
  • Literal-Minded: Her goal to turn everyone into her size? It all originated from a innocent misunderstanding of Mother Carmel's words "Seeing others eye to eye", which a very young Linlin at the time thought were Exact Words rather than a figure of speech.
  • Mad Eye: When she's angry, a single, bloodshot eye is often focused on to convey her hideous temper.
  • Mad Libs Catch Phrase: "Life or X" or "X or Life" depending on the case.
    • "Life or Leave"; what Big Mom asks of every resident on her land, every year. They give two months of their lifespan, or leave.
    • "Life or Treat" when she's on a rampage and someone gets in her way: give her what she wants, or she'll take most (if not all) your lifespan.
    • She also uses "Stay or Life" when Jimbei confronts her. He unflinchingly chose "Life", but it turns out she cannot take his life because he doesn't fear her at all.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Big Mom is capable of releasing a loud, piercing shriek that instantly causes everybody nearby to cover their ears in pain. It also appears to gain force behind it when combined with her Conqueror's Haki, as it visibly knocks Luffy and Katakuri back. However, the downside for her is that she can only do this after suffering emotional trauma and she doesn't really seem to have any conscious control over it; she unintentionally immobilizes her allies during the tea party and plays right into the Bege's plan.
  • Mama Bear: When Luffy defeats Cracker, she sends an entire army to go after him. But this is inverted with Lola, who she despises so much she's ready to send assassins after her. In general, she is protective of her family members, but if they fail her in some way she won't hesitate to punish them. She's also far more amiable to her kids that are actually proven useful to her in some way, seeming to ignore those who don't at best, and beating them herself at worst. Prometheus also explains that Linlin enters into a "motherly mode" while interacting with 10 years old-children, as shown when she's around her youngest kids like Anana and Dolce. It happens during the Onigashima War with Tama, who shared food with her. Learning the Beast Pirates destroyed Okobore, where Tama got the food from, causes Big Mom to stomp Page One into the ground.
  • Maniac Tongue: She often displays crazed grins with her tongue hanging out, including on her wanted poster. She gets particularly slobbery during her hungry rampages. Her eldest son Perospero inherited this trait, too.
  • Marital Rape License: According to SBS Vol. 90, Linlin kidnaps at least some of the men who become her husbands and bare her children... and then she dumps them once she has no use for them.
  • Mighty Glacier: While she mostly makes up for it by being The Juggernaut, Linlin even after slimming down is greatly lacking in speed compared to many others in the One Piece universe. She relies on her personal Homies to handle anything that requires quickness.
  • The Minion Master: One of the abilities granted by the Soul-Soul fruit is to give a piece of lifespan from a living person to an object or an animal. In the former case it gains a life, like most of her homies, in the latter it becomes an intelligent animal like Randolph. Unlike the Shadow-Shadow fruit, the Soul Soul Fruit doesn't work on corpses. Many of the lower ranked members of Linlin's crew are homies created by her, especially the chess soldiers, while homies made with strong souls, such as Napoleon, Zeus and Prometheus, which are made with her own soul, are much stronger. This is more evident in the Wano arc, where Big Mom creates an entire army of youkai-like homies from zero in a short amount of time while looking for Nami, Carrot and Zeus.
  • Misplaced Retribution:
    • She ate one of her subordinates because he happened to be nearby when he gave her bad news. She also attacked one of her sons during her first on-screen "hunger rage" where she ate forty years of his lifespan because the capital city didn't have the sweets she was craving, on hand.
    • After Lola ran out on a political marriage to the prince of Elbaf that would've gave Linlin an army of giants and then subsequently ran away from home, Linlin started severely beating her twin sister Chiffon simply because she looks like her.
    • When Big Mom was deprived of the chance to eat the wedding cake at her tea party after Luffy destroyed it, Big Mom immediately snapped and started killing off cooks left and right just because they couldn't procure a replacement right there and then. This also counts as Disproportionate Retribution.
  • Mood-Swinger: She's usually a rather pragmatic person, being willing to negotiate if the person has something that might interest her, however when her "food cravings" manifest, she becomes an unstoppable force of eating until the particular craving has been satisfied.
  • Moral Myopia: She destroys entire countries for failing to provide her quota for sweets because she hates people who make promises to her that they end up not keeping. She promises Sanji that she'll spare his crew as long as the marriage goes smoothly, but she actually plans on killing them.
  • A Mother to Her Men: Despite being literally true — many of her subordinates are her children or her children-in-law — it's subverted because she's a Bad Boss.
  • Mutants: Most characters in One Piece get as freakishly powerful as they are by training really, really, really hard, eating a Devil Fruit, or most likely both. Big Mom is neither. While she is a Devil Fruit user, most of her sheer, overwhelming power that makes her an Emperor comes from simply being a freak of nature who was born that way.
  • Ms. Fanservice: In her youth, Linlin was a very attractive woman dressed to show off her stomach and deep cleavage. The anime notably focuses on her chest bouncing during a flashback to her days as a member of the Rocks Pirates.
  • Never Mess with Granny: She's a badass grandma due to being a powerful pirate in her sixties and by the virtue that a number of her older children are stated to have children of their own; one of them is Pez, the son of her 22nd daughter Chiffon and Firetank captain Capone Bege.
  • Nice Hat: Her bicorne hat, Napoleon, which has been given life through her powers. It's able to move on its own and generate a sword to attack her foes.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: By abandoning Zeus at the whim of Prometheus's request and trying to have Hera eat him, Linlin accidentally cements Zeus' loyalty to Nami and gives her a major boost in her Clima-tact. Linlin also unintentionally saves Nami and Usopp by defeating Page One and hurting Ulti, although she did it to protect Tama and, after learning what the Animal Kingdom Pirates did to Tama's village, Linlin broke her alliance with Kaido.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: She has never been known to get hurt, ever. Capone claims that she is an "iron balloon" and never saw her bleed from all kinds of battles. The only vulnerability she has is if the photo of Mother Carmel is damaged which triggers a psychological episode that leaves her weak.
  • Nightmare Face: She has a rounded witch-like face with a permanent Slasher Smile. And it gets worse if she's having one of her psychotic food cravings.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: She refers to Brook — an animated skeleton that most people find frightening at first glance — as "adorable". Later we see her sleeping in bed, her hugging him in her sleep like a teddy bear!
  • No-Sell: Nami's powered-up Thunderbolt Tempo (for which she used Zeus as a conductor) fails to even singe her
  • Not Hyperbole: Her epithet 'Big Mom' is literal as she has a grand total of 85 children (and is pretty big). Brook even comments how it's extremely appropriate.
  • Not So Different: To Luffy, impossible as that may seem. Post-amnessia, she reacts to the people of Kuri giving her food the exact same way Luffy did. Ie, she thanks them for sharing what little food they had with her and noted that while it's not nearly enough to satisfy her appetite, she really likes it because they are such kind people.
  • Obliviously Evil: As a little girl she would try to do things like straighten the arm of a kid from the long arm tribe or rip the fin off a fish-man kid, which could have led to disaster had Carmel not been there. Also present during her bouts of her 'Eating Disorder', as she seems to genuinely have no control of herself nor memory of what she does during her 'hunger rage'. Given the circumstances of her raising and clear insanity, it's not entirely clear whether Big Mom is actually capable of understanding any of her actions are wrong, as neither of her Parental Substitute figures ever seemed to discipline her or tell her that her actions were wrong unless it suited them; Carmel (who only seemed to intervene when it was detrimental to her own goals) wanted a killer to sell to the Marines at a high price, Streusen saw her as a meal ticket and laughed at her eating Mother Carmel and the other orphaned children. The song she sings while devouring the wedding cake shows that she genuinely believes Tottoland is a wonderland where everyone lives in harmony instead of the apparently nice world where everyone is forced to live there paying their own lifespan as a tax.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse:
    • Her tea party "invitations" aren't so much invitations as much as they are a summons order. If you refuse to attend, it's taken as a sign of disrespect, and she sends you the severed head of somebody close to you in a present box. Of course, it's also implied that bodily harm will come to the person who refused the summons, too.
    • This is how she takes over other nations as well. First, she completely destroys the country. Then, once she's got everybody's attention, she makes her offer; "I'll make you a prosperous and happy country, so bring me sweets and follow my orders from here on out or die". No other options.
  • Offing the Offspring: Many of Big Mom's own children (all but Lola, anyway) are afraid of invoking her wrath in any way, and rightfully so, since their mother is a powerful juggernaut that becomes unstoppable when on a food craving. However, it's implied that she doesn't recognize anyone she kills or injures during these craving-induced rampagesnote .
    • Subverted with Moscato; despite yanking forty years out of his lifespan, it's revealed that he survived as he shows up on a Tarte Ship alive, though covered in bandages.
    • She also did this to her fifth son Opera during a rampage she fell into after the Whole Cake Chateau collapsed. Considering how Moscato survived a similar incident, Opera's fate is currently unknown
  • Oh, Crap!: When Luffy reaches the top of Onigashima, Big Mom and Kaido laugh at him. While Luffy is checking the Akazaya Nine, Kaido attacks him but he dodges it and hits the emperor with a new, stronger punch, making Kaido bleed, shocking Big Mom.
  • Older Than They Look: She's 68 years old, but she could easily pass for being in her middle ages. In fact, several of her kids (like Perospero) almost look to be the same age as her while her daughter Brulee arguably looks older than her.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: When her eating disorder rears up, she will kill and destroy anything and everything without conscience until she gets her craving sated.
  • One Bad Mother: She doesn't just have the moniker "Big Mom", she literally is one, with an enormous family of children and grandchildren who serve as her personal army.
  • One-Winged Angel: After eight hours without eating and on a rampage, Big Mom begins losing a large amount of weight, and her sun homie Prometheus fuses into her hair, giving her the appearance of a monstrous demon.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Seems to have shades of this, having more interest on amassing military power, knowledge and allies than actually doing villainous deeds, and her favored course of action seems to be sending her generals, army and/or subordinates to deal with any problem rather than dealing with it herself. That said, when Brook got into the treasure room, she wanted to handle the situation herself.
  • Ore Onna: Uses the masculine pronoun ore.
  • Our Souls Are Different: In her case, her soul manifests in the form of small shadow creatures called "Incarnations".
  • Outside-Context Problem: Orochi and Kaido are the main antagonists of the Wano arc, and several previous arcs have built up to opposing them. Then, during the second act of the Wano Arc, Linlin suddenly pops into the conflict, intent on payback against Luffy for tarnishing her reputation. This particularly applies to Wano citizens after Big Mom and Kaido form an alliance who are suddenly facing a threat on par with Kaido while not having a clue who she is because of Wano's closed borders.
  • Overarching Villain: She made Fishman Island her territory during the Time Skip under the stipulation that he would have it destroyed if they did give her enough candy. At the end of the Fishman Island Arc, she threatens to make good of her threat, only to declare Luffy her target instead after he admits to eating the candy. Big Mom is the one behind Caesar Clown's gigantification experiments during the Punk Hazard Arc, her subordinates attack the Straw Hat Pirates during the Dressrosa Arc, and they catch up to them at Zou, where they kidnap Sanji and Caesar. Big Mom is the Big Bad directly for the Whole Cake Island Arc, and a Wild Card during the Wano Country Arc.

    P - S 
  • The Paranoiac: A defining aspect of her character. She doesn't trust anyone who isn't part of her bloodline or directly part of her crew, which is why her crew is composed of her children or various crew members forcibly married to her children as an extended family. She invites and welcomes anyone who wants to join her crew and become her friend. But if they try to leave, she ensures they not only die for attempting to do so, but they suffer for it as well if they manage to survive. This actually extends to her own children and she will kill any ally at the slightest chance they will betray or lie to her.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her parents grudgingly left her on Elbaf because she kept causing too much destruction around her due to her strength. Linlin waited for them for months, wondering when they would come, until Mother Carmel found her. It happens again after Linlin accidentally eats Mother Carmel and the other orphans, remaining alone again.
  • Perfectly Arranged Marriage: Of the three marriages we've seen arranged (Aladine and Praline, Capone and Chiffon, and Pudding and Sanji), two ended up being perfect romances (with Chiffon and Capone bringing a child into the world.) Sanji and Pudding don't want to get married due to the circumstances, but are shown to be on very good terms and have similar interests (at least until it was revealed that Pudding was Evil All Along... though they again appear to be perfect for each other once Pudding pulls a Heel–Face Turn).
  • Person of Mass Destruction: She was already capable of slaughtering a clan of giants and leveling their entire village at 5-years-old, and she's only gained more destructive power as an adult. Fittingly, the title of Chapter 866 Lampshades this by attributing the nickname the natural born destroyer to her.
  • Pet the Dog: When she's not in one of her hunger-induced rampages, she seems to care for her children to at least a small extent.
    • When Sanji asks for her to spare his crew in exchange for his submission, she agrees, not out of kindness (in fact, she openly states that Luffy does deserve to pay for what he's done), but because this means that the wedding between Pudding and Sanji will go on uninterrupted. This means that she'll be able to have wedding cake. Subverted because her true plan is to kill Sanji, The Germa 66 and steal their cloning technology.
    • She's legitimately overjoyed that Sanji is not at all repulsed by the idea of marrying Pudding. This shows that while she will not tolerate even the slightest deviation from her plans, she is especially happy when her own children are happy with her decision. This turns out to be a lie since she and Pudding plan to kill him and his family at the wedding to get their cloning technology.
    • Her most unambiguous one comes when she meets back up with Tama while she, Nami, and Usopp are fleeing Page One. Big Mom recognizes her as having given her food when she had amnesia and genuinely thanks her. When she learns Okobore, where she got the food from, was burned down by the Beast Pirates, Big Mom is genuinely furious with them and proceeds to curbstomp Page One while citing Even Evil Has Standards.
  • Phlegmings: Featured prominently during her first appearance near the end of the Fishman Island arc (she claims that it's stomach acid). It's also often shown to highlight the bestial nature of her Hunger Pangs.
  • Pink Is Feminine: Played With. While Linlin is the only female Emperor and her main color is pink, she is far from feminine and in this case the bright pink in her design underlines her childish (in a twisted way) personality.
  • Playing with Fire: While she's mainly uses her ability to control the weather, Linlin can also use her homie Prometheus to create massive fire "storms" as well and touching him does not cause her any discomfort.
  • Powers Do the Fighting: She lets her Homies fight on her behalf most of the time, but that doesn't mean she isn't dangerous without them, being able to essentially kill with a touch and having immense physical strength and haki.
  • Pregnant Badass: Considering that she spent 42 of her 68 years getting pregnant year after year, she used to be pregnant for most of her life, yet even at the time she was still one of the most fearsome pirates of the world.
  • Prepare to Die: Luffy's escape from Totto Land, Luffy damages Linlin's reputation as an emperor and, reading the news, Linlin swears revenge on Luffy. When they meet up at Onigashima, Linlin tells Luffy that she came there solely to kill him.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Big Mom is practically a grown up woman who loves to have tea parties with delicious sweets and baked goods. Wouldn't seem so bad except she's willing to decimate whole islands for wedding cake ingredients alone with little room for compromise. She's willing to destroy Fish-Man Island because they couldn't deliver their allotted candy despite the machinery being destroyed during Hody's attempted coup and them willing to continue the order once it's fixed,threatens to kill people who don't come to her parties and sing and dance about said tea parties with lyrics that the strawberry jam can be the usual or be made of people's blood. And if that's not enough, she suddenly goes on a rampage not long after singing this song and begins eating anything she can get her hands on just because there was a certain sweet she wanted to eat and didn't have it. Even killing one of her sons when he tries to calm her down because she's too enraged to listen to reason until she finally gets it. Furthermore, Big Mom's entire motivation for throwing tea parties stems from the happy memory of her 6th birthday party being ruined by Mother Carmel and all of her friends suddenly disappearing on the spot. She's basically a severely regressed adult whose massive abandonment issues influenced her to obsessively and repeatedly try recreate her happiest childhood memory. Add in her Really Gets Around tendencies with men as an adult and Sigmund Freud would probably have a field day with her.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Being a controlling, abusive parent resulted in one daughter running away on her own wedding day, and three other daughters betraying her.
    • Her hunger rampages are taken seriously, especially by her own children who are essentially governors of their own islands. If Big Mom takes her rampages to one of the islands, her children will do everything they can to protect the civilian populace as shown with Amande, who desperately tried to stop Big Mom from destroying Nuts Island, and is later seen looking forlornly at the aftermath.
    • Because the various homies, including Zeus and Prometheus, are made from her own soul, they're more likely to betray her if she falls into a psychotic break.
  • Really Gets Around: Well, given the number of children and husbands she's had, this is a given. This is also far less surprising when you see how she used to look back in her young adulthood. But, considering she still has small children even today at 68... You may now go scrub your brain off.
    • In fact, an SBS revealed that she gave birth about once a year from sometime in her early 20s to at least her early 60s (judging by the fact that she's 68 but still has small children)... meaning that she must've been swapping out husbands and/or men every year for 42 years.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure:
    • Surprisingly enough. Outside of her extreme cravings, she can be rather reasonable and even forgiving. For one, she was willing to let Jimbei part ways with Big Mom, even after she married one of her daughters to Aladdin (his subordinate)... at least with a price he has to pay. She was even willing to allow the other Straw Hats to go free and alive at Sanji's request, provided Sanji doesn't try to pull anything. Though the leer she gave him makes it clear that she's still not someone to be crossed, no matter who you are. In truth, she actually was planning to have Sanji and the Straw Hats killed and only told him this to keep him happy and complacent.
    • All in all, subverted and somewhat exploited. Big Mom is skilled at making herself merely appear to be reasonable and nice (when in a good mood) which draws people in and makes them think they can make a deal with her and come out better than her. In reality, she always sets things up so it will all go in her favor, and anyone who attempts to defy her invariably is killed, one way or another.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Her dream of having a diverse family with members of each species is to replace her foster family that "disappeared" when she was 6 years old.
  • Resignations Not Accepted:
    • Anyone trying to leave her crew has to play a game where they sacrifice body parts based on where the roulette wheel lands. It's actually meant to be universally fatal, with just the illusion of choice. And it's implied from Charlotte Brulee that this extends to everyone in Totto Land as well.
    • Possibly some overlap with Never Be Hurt Again. It can be reasoned that after having her family abandon her twice (once by her real parents, the second time when Carmel vanished), Big Mom's established this policy so as to prevent being abandoned yet again. She invites and welcomes anyone who wants to join her crew and become her friend. But if they try to leave, she ensures they not only die for attempting to do so, but they suffer for it as well if they manage to survive.
  • The Reveal:
    • Why are Tea Parties so important? Her 6th birthday was a Tea Party which was the best day of her life. She was surrounded by Mother Carmel who she thought loved her and the rest of the smiling orphaned children who were of different races. Oh and she ate delicious cake. Unfortunately, on what was the happiest day of her life, Mother Carmel and all of her friends vanished without a trace. This event where everyone disappeared is so traumatic for her, she's living her whole life just trying to recreate that day, working towards a dream of having a family of all the races that's physically the same size as her, having tea parties with them, eating cake and having her photo of Mother Carmel across her seat as if she never left.
    • How did Big Mom become so monstrously insane like she is now? Her two adoptive parental figures, Mother Carmel and Streusen, basically enabled her worst traits and only disciplined her when it suited them to fulfill their own ulterior goals a la Doflamingo and his Executives. This created a severely warped moral compass, where whatever good intentions she had is twisted by untreated insanity.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Upon recognizing Chopper from the Straw Hat Pirates, Linlin chases him to get revenge on Luffy for humiliating her and keep up the pace of the Brachio Tank, where Chopper and Usopp are, while its cannon shots don't even slow her down.
    • She loves violence to the point of encouraging it in her children and going into an excited, manic rave when imagining and describing Sanji dying a brutal, gory death by headshot and his entire family being similarly executed on the spot.
    • She's incredibly cruel to her enemies, making it a point to give them Hope Spots before crushing their expectations as brutally as possible. She also takes joy in deceiving people and, again, encourages this behavior in her kids.
    • She finds it amusing to keep live humans trapped helplessly in menageries, like a kid capturing butterflies and keeping them pinned behind glass containers.
    • When she defeats other pirate crews that invade her territory, she makes sure to either humiliate and maim them before kicking them out, or — for those who really cross her — makes them spin a roulette wheel to decide their punishment (which, of course, is actually rigged to kill the spinner no matter what they land on).
    • Subverted when she was a child, as while she did cause a lot of damage and pain, she genuinely had no ill intent or idea what she was doing was wrong and most of it was due to not knowing how strong she actually was. Given the closest thing she ever had to a father laughed at her devouring Mother Carmel and the other orphans alive, it's not hard to guess where she learned to enjoy the suffering she caused.
  • Sadistic Choice: Her Soul Pocus, with the catchphrase of "Life or <something she wants>?". Give her what she wants, or she'll yank your life out of you. Worse still, she can turn this into a Morton's Fork: "Dead or Life?" The only known defense is to be Not Afraid to Die, and the technique fails entirely.
  • Sanity Has Advantages: The entire plan to assassinate her at the Tea Party relies on exploiting her psychological trauma from Carmel's disappearance to leave her vulnerable by destroying Big Mom's picture of her. Furthermore, she only has full control over homies when in the midst of a lucid interval; whenever she has a psychotic break, they can be persuaded to turn against her.
  • Serial Spouse: She takes a man as her husband, whether he wants it or not, then after she's had his child or children, she dumps him and moves on to the next one. This has happened 43 times, with a total of 85 children.
  • Simple, yet Awesome: Her Soul-Soul fruit allows her to take the souls of others as long as they fear death, and she can take those souls and transplant them into objects, bringing them to life, which proves to be an extremely useful ability with a massive range of applications, she can also just flat out instantly kill people by taking all of their soul at once, which has the effect of draining every last unit of time they have alive.
  • Significant Wardrobe Shift: Played with. As a 5 year old kid, Big Mom wears a bright pink spotted dress, while as an old lady she wears a similar dress with the same color pattern as a visual clue that she hasn't matured since she was a kid.
  • Sinister Sentient Sun: Prometheus is a sun-shaped Homie formed from a portion of Big Mom's soul, and antagonistic towards the Straw Hats.
  • Slasher Smile: Seems to be a requirement if you're a villainous Emperor.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only one of the Four Emperors and of the Rocks Pirates to be female.
  • Soul Power: Her Devil Fruit, the Soul-Soul Fruit (Soru Soru no Mi), allows her to freely manipulate people's souls in the form of lifespan, which she can give or take away either by herself or through her "Incarnations", which are manifestations of her own soul.
  • Start of Darkness: It's heavily implied that Mother Carmel's sudden disappearance was hers. Big Mom was already a Creepy Child (albeit a sweet-hearted one) who would unintentionally cause destruction everywhere she went, but when Mother Carmel disappeared and she got raised by Streusen instead right afterwards, she turned into a monster.
  • Statuesque Stunner: She appears to have been quite beautiful and slender at age 28 and probably for the most of her adulthood. Even though we can't see her body in that picture, she was no doubt still as tall as ever back then.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Both played Straight and Averted to varying degrees with her many children. Brûlée and Perospero resemble her the most, both looking like much thinner versions of her, and her eldest daughter Compote is her splitting image except for the fruit theme and hair color. Meanwhile, some of her kids such as Pudding and Katakuri don't look like her at all. Then there's Lola and Chiffon who look more like a mix between her and their father Pound. And as for why so many of her daughters are attractive despite her revolting appearance, an SBS later reveals that she was once beautiful herself as a younger woman, so her genes aren't quite as bad as previously thought.
  • Super Power Lottery: She has eaten the Soul-Soul Fruit, allowing her to take the lifeforce from anyone she touches. She can then use this lifeforce to give life to inanimate objects. Everything in Totto Land is alive thanks to this power, including the weather, which obeys her every whim. Her vast numbers of children hint that it even gives her an increased lifespan. In combat, one hit is good enough to steal a person's soul, so she can essentially kill anyone she can get her hands on. All this is on top of being giant by human standards and being a freak of nature born abnormally powerful to the point she could easily kill full grown giants at age five.
  • Super Strength: Even as a child she was inhumanly strong; she once broke a giant's bones trying to swat a mosquito on him, and accidentally killed a bear in one blow trying to discipline it. When she was no older than six, her strength was said to be greater than Cipher Pol itself and compared to that of an Admiral or even Fleet Admiral. As an adult, her absurd strength has not gone away, and she practically destroyed her room trying to casually swat a fly. Even more impressive is all this power is innate as opposed to everyone else in the One Piece world who has to undergo serious training to get even close to that level of strength.
  • Super Toughness: As speculated by Sanji and confirmed by Capone Bege, her body is apparently like an "iron balloon" and she's so tough that she can simply shrug off gunshots and cannons without being injured. Even as a 5-year-old child, she can tank a giant's equally giant sword, outright breaking it in the process. However, she'll lose that toughness if she's saddened by anything happening to Mother Carmel's photo; she'll even bleed easily.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Not her, but her "soul" powers are very similar to Moria's powers. She can use her power to give life to inanimate things that blindly follow her orders like Moria with his zombies reanimated by the shadows. The only difference being that Moria's power transplanted that person's personality into said zombie and it only worked on non living artificial bodies, meaning he needed Hogback to create zombies for him for it to even work. The shadows can also be put into a living person to empower said person for a time. Big Mom's powers, on the other hand, work on any object (but not on people) and the planted soul acts as extensions of her own will rather than that of the soul's original owner. Both can also create separate manifestations of themselves, Moria with his Doppelman and Big Mom with her "incarnations".
  • Sweet Tooth: One of the first things we learn of her. Now that Whitebeard is dead, she's taken over protecting Fish-Man Island in exchange for lots and lots of candy. Their issues with Hody Jones and Vander Decken have halted their supply of sweets to her, and she doesn't care one bit, even when offered the fabulous trove of Ryugu Kingdom's treasure as recompense; she only relents on her promise to totally annihilate the Fish-Man Island when Luffy challenges her and convinces her to take up her grudge with him instead. To top it all of, her nation Totto Land is a Level Ate full of sweets, which she tends to eat whenever she's angry, and it's worth to notice that she's gone into an Unstoppable Rage only when grieving a sweet.

    T - Y 
  • Tautological Templar: To the extreme of extremes. She honestly believes that she and her goal of "world peace" is so infallibly righteous that anything and everything she does is above reproach. Even if that includes outright genocide. Combine that with her notorious Hair-Trigger Temper and the fact that she's a Villainous Glutton with Horror Hunger, and she makes Godzilla look tame, aside from Anno's interpretation.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Her oldest son Perospero is 50 years old, which means that she was 18 years old when she gave birth to him.
  • Temporary Bulk Change: Eight hours into one of her eating fits she loses the bulk of her bulk then she eats the wedding cake made by Sanji and regains all of the weight back.
  • There's No Kill Like Overkill:
    • While she's sleeping, she and her Homies tend to go all out. A small fly that was zipping by got completely obliterated for its troubles.
    • On a less comical note, she also plans to do this to the entire Vinsmoke family, intending to have her crew shoot them to death and then continue to riddle their corpses with bullets while they all celebrate on top of them.
  • Through His Stomach: The easiest way to get on Linlin's good side is to give her food. In her own logic, if someone hands her food, they fall under her protection. The inhabitants of Okobore Town give oshiruko to an amnesiac Big Mom but she still remembers their action after getting back her memories and, when she learns that Kaido's men have pillaged and razed the town, she gets angry at Kaido for attacking a town under her protection and quits the alliance.
  • Touch of Death: Thanks to her Devil Fruit, a swipe of her hand can steal most of a person's lifespan. It only works against people who fear death though; Jimbei managed to No-Sell it due to his complete lack of fear of Big Mom.
  • Tragic Villain: Big Mom was pretty much doomed from the start, being born innocent like any other child but just being a natural born killer; by the time she was 5, she was so big and strong that even her naive, childlike curiosities would result in death and destruction. And then her only parental figures enabled her worst behaviors and her first one 'disappeared' resulting in her becoming a complete psychological mess. Ultimately, she's less of a monster like Blackbeard or Doflamingo and more a seriously mentally unwell woman who's a product of many tragic factors completely outside her control. With nothing but bad role models and Streusen helping to spur her into piracy, Big Mom became a monster who just takes what she wants and enjoys making people suffer when they don't obey her every whim.
  • Trauma Button: Anyone who damages the photo of Mother Carmel at a Tea Party will trigger a psychological episode. The thought of losing the photo is enough to spark the memory of Mother Carmel's disappearance.
  • Underestimating Badassery: She underestimates pretty much all of her enemies in the Whole Cake Island Arc, treating them like mild nuisances and then being shocked when her plans start to fall apart because of this. She continues to do so going into Wano, constantly laughing at Luffy claims that he'll be the Pirate King and defeat Kaido despite proving time and again that he's serious and extremely formidable that he managed to wound Kaido. Even more so with Kidd and Law who almost manage to knock her into the ocean in their initial battle, forcing Kaido to save her.
  • Unskilled, but Strong:
    • Big Mom's swordsmanship (when she bothers to use Napoleon) isn't the prettiest, but she's just so dang strong that all she has to do is swing her sword like a baseball bat and she can easily cause massive destruction and damage to whoever and whatever is on the receiving end.
    • In general, she doesn't appear to be trained in any particular form of combat; both her devil fruit and her own body are so powerful that she needs nothing more to overwhelm even the strongest opponents.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Due to an eating disorder, she sometimes has devastating tantrums if she isn't fed exactly what she wants, destroying buildings, friends and foes alike. The first time it's shown onscreen, she even attacks her own son and shaves forty years off of his lifespan in her blind rage. She then goes for a longer one after the wedding cake is destroyed, and Perospero manages to temporarily contain the damage by directing her rage toward the Straw Hats, who can barely slow her down. Linlin's rage is finally stopped when she eats the cake made by Sanji, preventing her from destroying the entire Totto Land.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Her backstory reveals that Streusen, her own head chef, has been manipulating her since she was 'abandoned' by Mother Carmel.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Linlin really has good intentions as a child, to the point that Mother Carmel outright tells her that she's got a kind heart, but her Ambiguous Disorder combined with a case of Does Not Know His Own Strength makes her a pariah, and she becomes cruel as an adult.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: When we see her home turf, Totto Land, through the eyes of Luffy, this is what the locals say about her character. According to them, she's seeking to make a Utopia where all races live peacefully side by side, in homes made of candy, never having to worry about pirates, marines, or misfortune of any kind. It is never mentioned if all inhabitants are there by choice, and all of them are potential food. It isn't just people either, she seeks to make a menagerie of all the world's animals and then gives them a facsimile of sentience by forcing fragments of people's souls into them which she takes from the residents as a 6-monthly "tax."
  • Villainous Breakdown: Everything about the wedding goes to hell so fast that it renders Big Mom simply frozen in-place, unable to act, because she's completely unsure where to direct all her rage at first. The Straw Hats have to get her to focus on the thing they want her to freak out about, because her doing nothing at all is actually detrimental to their plan.
  • Villainous Glutton: She has a large obsession with eating sweets. To the point where she runs her empire on a monopoly of sweets and goods. She will raze islands if they aren't able to provide their goods. She often goes on rampages where she blacks out until her sweet tooth craving is settled and won't have a recollection of what happened afterwards. In the current story, her primary goal in the wedding is to obtain the Germa 66 tech and have wedding cake. In the past, when she was 5 years old she went on a rampage in Elbaf and destroyed a village for semla (a Scandinavian treat). On her 6th birthday, she consumed so much semla she didn't notice that Mother Carmel and the other orphans disappeared. It's implied she ate them all.
  • Villainous Legacy: Of Mother Carmel. Everything that Big Mom is today was a result of Mother Carmel's influence and further shaped by Streusen's encouragement. It's also played with, in that it wasn't "The Mountain Witch" that inspired her villainy but rather the "Holy Mother" image that Carmel projected to hide her activities as a slave trader. The false ideals Carmel espoused are those that Big Mom took as her own, only to be twisted by her selfishness and cruelty, creating a pirate Emperor that continues to terrorize the seas decades after Carmel's passing.
  • Villainous Lineage: Played straight and averted at the same time.
    • Despite the incredibly dysfunction surrounding the Charlotte family, most of Big Mom's children shown to date still ended up becoming decent and kind people, and even though they've been shipped off for Arranged Marriage, they are all Happily Married and love their spouses more than life itself. Praline (29th) even goes so far as to state that she'd back her husband, Aladdin of the restored Sun Pirates, over her Mama. Moscato (16th) tried to stop Big Mom during her rampage before she either killed someone or destroyed the city. She ended up severely injuring him.
    • Seems to be played straight with some of her other children like Perospero (1st), Brûlée (8th), Cracker (10th), and Anana (39th). This leaves Lola, Chiffon, Praline, and Pudding (though not without some serious Character Development and Villainous Breakdown first in Pudding's case) as her only benevolent children thus far.
  • Villainous R.R.O.D.: Big Mom's craving rampages make her an utter juggernaut that won't be stopped by anything. However, if she ends up spending an extensive period of time in her rampage, it does start to take its toll on her body. After about eight hours of chasing the Straw Hats nonstop, Big Mom noticeably slims down and eventually collapses onto her hands and knees with apparent exhaustion. Reuniting with Prometheus and Zeus has restored some of her stamina but the rampage has still made her look drastically different.
  • Villain Respect: She actually commends Brook for dealing damage to her three strongest homies, claiming that nobody has ever done such a feat before. Similarly, she also respects Pedro for having a strong willpower, and reduces a punishment she was to inflict upon him for invading her territory. While the punishment she does dole out is still extremely harsh, her showing any leniency at all is a big deal for her.
  • Villain Song: "Bloody Party", about the preparations for the Tea Party, which was alluded to in the manga but sung in full in the anime. As to be expected from her, it has a ton of Lyrical Dissonance despite the cheery upbeat melody to it. Especially stands out as the only Villain Song sung in the series itself.
  • Villain Team-Up: Following the Straw Hats' escape from Totland, she attempts to gain Kaido's cooperation so that she can kill Luffy, invoking You Owe Me. Kaido isn't for it, saying that Luffy is his to kill and that their debt was from long ago. Kaido eventually changes his mind and the two properly team up.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Among the citizens of Totto Land, there is nobody who doesn't sing her praises... At least those who aren't too close to her when she gets hungry... or angry, or both.
  • Visionary Villain: She has dreams of creating a "perfect" world with no discrimination or war (courtesy of Mother Carmel's (fake) teachings) and has dedicated her entire life to pursuing this vision. Of course, her insanity and violent tendencies mean that she's perfectly willing to destroy countries, effectively enslave people, and murder however many innocents "necessary" for her to achieve this "peace". Also, satisfying her appetite generally takes priority over her vision.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Kaido and Big Mom's relation is a particularly strange and complicated one with them constantly insulting, threatening and trying to kill each other as two rivals; even after becoming allies again the two openly express their intention to kill each other once they have conquered the world but on the other hand they also show real jolliness while celebrating their renewed alliance. Linlin is also the one who gave Kaido his devil fruit and states that she views him as a little bother.
  • Weaksauce Weakness:
    • According to Capone Bege, Big Mom's incredibly durable body is only vulnerable in one specific instance; if a picture of a woman named "Mother Carmel" (who she once held dear to her) is damaged in front of her, she has a severe Freak Out and her body will apparently become susceptible to injury. Bege plans to use this time to have Caesar give her a fatal dose of poison.
    • Her devil fruit-power, while quite powerful, apparently can't drain or pull life-force out of a target who is not at least a little afraid of death. Meaning it's more or less useless against true bearers of the Will of D (such as Luffy) and others who aren't afraid to die.
    • When Big Mom goes into one of her fits of hunger, if she cannot satisfy it immediately she will start burning through body fat like oil in a fire. Going from morbidly obese to dangerously thin in a few hours. While she doesn't get much weaker from this, if it's allowed to continue for long enough Charlotte Linlin could seriously risk starving to death.
  • Weather Manipulation: Her ability to give life to inanimate objects extends to Totto Land's weather; her left-hand controls "Zeus the Thunder Cloud" and her right controls "Prometheus the Sun".
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Her dream is to unite every race in the world in her perfect, peaceful country of Totto Land where no racism or conflict exists and everyone gets along. Of course, her childlike mentality and utter insanity means that, to achieve this, she's willing to use violence, brute force and extortion to force people to follow her commands and live in her country. After all, anyone who rejects such an offer must be selfish and thus deserves to die.
  • Wild Card: During the Wano arc, Linlin's allegiances are all over the place as she doesn't belong to Orochi's forces, the Animal Kingdom Pirates nor the Straw Hats' allies, but is instead her own faction with her own crew following her lead. First she tries to enter the country to kill Luffy to avenge the events of the Whole Cake Island arc, despite knowing that she's risking war with Kaido by doing so. Then, after King flips over her ship and sends her packing into the ocean, she loses her memory and befriends Chopper, Tama, Kiku, and Momo. Chopper then uses her to help break Luffy out of prison, which sees her attacked by Queen, regaining her memory, captured herself and sent to Kaido. Then, after a brief fight, the two decide to team up to conquer the world and find One Piece together. And then, during the climactic fight with Luffy and his allies, she turns against Kaido's forces after learning they destroyed Okobore Town, who showed hospitality to her when she was briefly amnesiac.
  • Wolfpack Boss: Big Mom is never seen entering battle without at least one of her three main Homies. Prometheus, Zeus, and Napoleon supplement her incredible strength with fire, lightning, and a BFS respectively, and the former two can be used as a Power Up Mount. Downplayed since without them Big Mom cannot fly or use long-range attacks, but remains almost unparalleled in brute force and strength and is still very difficult to hurt.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: As destructive, monstrous, and downright heinous her actions are, her Freudian Excuse of being born with more sheer power and appetite than any parent knew what to do with, being abandoned by her real parents then having her Parental Substitute (who was in fact a human trafficker in disguise who saw her more as a weapon than a child) 'disappear' on her birthday along with all her loved ones, and being raised from age six to be the way she is by someone who saw her primarily as a meal ticket and found her more awful deeds amusing, and who egged on her worst behaviors after she ate the last person in a fit of hunger is genuinely tragic and Played for Drama.
  • The Worf Barrage: When Jimbei openly defies her by asking for resignation during Pudding's Tea Party, she tries to take his soul. It doesn't work, because her powers work by the victim's fear for her and death, and he just isn't afraid of her.
  • World's Strongest Woman: Although she has never been referred as that, the four emperors are said to be the four strongest pirates of the world, and she's the only female member.
  • Worthy Opponent:
    • When Luffy stands up to her in defense of Fish-Man Island, she decides to pursue him instead, despite being fairly sure that he's just taking the blame to spare them. The fact that he's willing to do so at all impresses her, so it shows that she's not without a bit of honor from time to time. Luffy also openly states with her on the other end of the line that he'll be Pirate King, and beat her up, which pisses her off... but later is shown to be amused by such boasts — albeit likely due to being in a very good mood over the wedding preparations. When said wedding plot goes awry thanks to Luffy, she wants to personally avenge this outrage, and is actually infuriated when her second son and possibly strongest general captures him on her behalf.
    • Big Mom treats Brook like a pet but is also impressed by his performance in combat. While he gets stomped pretty handily when he goes against her to steal the Poneglyph scrawlings, she wants to add him to her collection, and somewhat respectfully notes that nobody has ever hurt Zeus and Prometheus before him.
  • You and What Army?: When the battle on Onigashima begins, Luffy declares all-out war on both Kaido and her. She laughs it off, claiming Luffy has only brought a few hundred men... and is quickly proven wrong when a report from one of Kaido's men to Queen reveals that there are more than a thousand samurai suddenly popping up over the island, along with the Mink tribe, Kid and Law's crews, and even Marco arriving along with Perospero for some reason.
  • You Don't Look Like You: Her initial silhouette looks incredibly different from what we've seen of her final design. There's a possibility that this is due to different perspectives, one from the front and the other from the lower side.
  • You Got Spunk!: She is known to show some mercy or leniency to people who have her ire but don't back down.
    • She spares Fish-Man Island from her wrath when Luffy claims he ate the candy meant for her. She doubts the truth of the situation, but is willing to refocus her anger on the Straw Hats.
    • When she faces a captured Pedro some years ago, her wheel decided he and his crewman who had survived to this point must pay a hundred years. After taking the crewman's remaining thirty years, she looks to take seventy from Pedro. Pekoms is able to ask for leniency, so she drops ten off the total. She is still pissed about Pedro destroying one of Baron Tamago's eyes, so Pedro pulls out his own eye and offers it to her. This act impresses her and she decides to take 50 years of his.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: As a volume cover finally reveals, she has bright pink hair similar to her daughter Chiffon and Lola.
  • You Have Failed Me:
    • Opera, one of her own children, notes that she'll flat out kill him if she finds out that he failed to keep Luffy imprisoned. She also plans to kill Lola for running out on a marriage that would've given her immense military power.
    • She also takes the life of several of her chefs when they state that they can't make a new wedding cake so quickly after the first one was ruined by the "Luffies".
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Pound, one of the many suitors to Big Mom, states he was cast aside by her once she got two daughters out of him and left stuck in the Seducing Woods, and allowing the executives to dispose of him as they see fit. He later states that she does this to most, if not all, of her husbands, since it's just a means to an end to build up her forces, and that she cares more of her "blood and flesh" than their fathers.
  • You Owe Me: Claims that Kaido is in debt to her due to giving him his Devil Fruit, the Fish-Fish Fruit after the fall of Rocks, despite Kaido's claims that it's a long passed debt.
  • Your Size May Vary: Although her official size is ''880 cm (28'10.5"), she at minimum seems to range around the height of Gecko Moria's size (22 feet). But in other instances, such as her hunger rampage on her capital, (especially in the anime), increases her height to gargantuan size to at least twice that!
  • Your Soul is Mine!: She has eaten the Soul-Soul Fruit, which allows her to steal the life essence of a person, gaining years of their life for herself and killing them in the process. She can then use this lifeforce to create Animate Inanimate Objects, which is how everything in her kingdom is alive. She routinely takes portions of a person's lifespan as a "tax" for staying on her islands, which is how she's amassed such a collection of life.

    Zeus, Prometheus, & Napoleon 

Zeus, Prometheus, & Napoleon

Voiced by: Yuu Mizushima (all three)

Zeus's Age: At least 20
Prometheus's Age: At least 20
Napoleon's Age: At least 20

Debut: Zeus and Prometheus: Chapter 827 (Manga), Episode 786 (Anime); Napoleon: Chapter 651 (Manga), Episode 571
Zeus the Cloud
Prometheus the Sun

Zeus the Cloud, Prometheus the Sun, and Napoleon the Bicorne are three special Homies that were created from fragments of Big Mom’s own soul. Because of their origin, they are much more resilient to harm than the other Homies, and they possess unique and incredibly dangerous abilities compared to their lower brethren as well. Since they are made with part of Big Mom's soul, they are rarely see away from her and she uses them in combat, making them her true Co-Dragons and an extension of Linlin herself.

Napoleon is a bicorn hat with a jolly roger as his face and is the more level-headed of the three. He can turn into a giant sword-hat to be wielded by Linlin.

Prometheus is a living sun made of flame and takes the rampaging side of Linlin's personality, making him easily angered.

Zeus is a living cloud able to create thunderstorms. He takes from the gluttonous side of Linlin's personality and finds Nami's clouds very tasty.

Tropes that apply to all of them

  • Attack Animal: For a given value of "animal", their main purpose is to fight alongside Big Mom, defending her from enemies and giving her a ranged attack option. She is never seen without at least one of them by her side.
  • Co-Dragons: Given Big Mom's selfishness and the way she treats her most powerful child (Katakuri, whom she called a lowly child and threatened for trying to save her), these three homies are actually her closest Lieutenants in every sense of the word. The way she used them is typical Co-Dragons setup as well: Napoleon is her personal bodyguard and Mission Control as it receives transmission from all of her Tart Ships (basically Border Patrol/Scout Ships); Prometheus and Zeus are her dreaded muscle that possess extreme power and inflict her fury upon her enemies.
  • Combination Attack: Linlin combines her three homies, Prometheus, Hera and Napoleon, to defeat Ulti with a single and extremely powerful attack.
  • The Dreaded: For the simple fact they are the instrument that Big Mom manifests her fury with, anyone dreads them. When first introduced by Pound, both have suitably demonic appearances and are referred to as forces of nature rather than characters.
  • Equippable Ally: To aid Big Mom in combat, they can be literally equipped by her. The more straightforward one is Napoleon, who becomes a giant sword to be wielded, while Zeus becomes a mean of transport and Prometheus fuses with Big Mom's hair, giving her a demonic appearance.
  • Fastball Special: Big Mom’s Heavenly Fire and Thunderbolt attack is basically her throwing Prometheus and Zeus at her opponents.
  • Game Face: They look as cutesy as most of the Homies, like some characters from an old-age cartoon, until they get called to action by Big Mom. Prometheus turns from a cute little Sun into a blazing fireball, and Zeus turns from a fluffy white cloud to a menacing black thundercloud. Not to be outdone, Napoleon's face when he integrates himself into his sword form resembles a Bullet Bill.
  • Meaningful Name: Their names match their appearances and powers.
    • Napoleon is a living bicorn hat, is the most commanding of the trio and is named after general Napoleon Bonaparte, who is often depicted wearing a bicorn hat.
    • Prometheus is a living sun made of flames and is named after Prometheus, the man who, in Greek Mythology, steals the fire from the gods and gives it to humanity.
    • Zeus is a living cloud able to make thunderbolts and is named after the Greek god of thunder.
  • Nightmare Face: Pound's descriptions when recalling Prometheus and Zeus gives them a more devilish appearance. The two normally have a very cutesy appearance but can become terrifying when they go into battle-mode.
  • Logical Weakness: Prometheus, a fire-elemental, has a huge Weaksauce Weakness to water. Zeus, a lightning-elemental, has trouble holding in his lightning if electricity discharges near him, and is instinctively attracted to other sources of lightning. Nami even literally manipulates Zeus into striking Big Mom with a massive thunderbolt twice.
  • No-Sell: Since Prometheus and Zeus are true elementals, not humans with Logia powers, Haki attacks cannot harm them any more than a normal punch can, while trying to exorcise their soul fragments like other Homies, as Brook finds out, is also ineffective due to them being made up of Big Mom's own soul and are therefore much stronger than most homies.
  • One-Winged Angel: When used in combat, they change their appearance into a much more villainous one and their destructive power increases.
    • Napoleon becomes a giant sword with a mouth full of sharp teeth.
    • Prometheus turns into a huge, flaming sun.
    • Zeus becomes a gigantic dark cloud.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Prometheus and Zeus, respectively. The latter is much more laid-back than the former, often sporting lazy eyes and showing off its Game Face less often. Prometheus, on the other hand, is far more expressive and hot-headed. The two interact much more among themselves than with Napoleon, making their dynamic much more evident.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: Prometheus and Zeus, respectively. Zeus often has his head in the clouds and is easily distracted, while Prometheus is much more serious and hot-headed.
    Prometheus: (scowling) Hey, Zeus, What's the big idea striking Mama like that?
    Zeus: I'm sorry, I couldn't control myself. (dreamily) But those thundercloud eggs are seriously yummy.
    Prometheus: Huh?!?!!
  • Satellite Character: Justified. As they are living objects with Big Mom's soul, they are strictly tied and completely subservient to her, therefore they're with Big Mom most of the time. Triple-subverted when Nami bribes and forces Zeus to join her, abandoning Big Mom, then he goes back to her but decides to leave her for good after seeing he's been replaced and is almost eaten and killed by his replacement.
  • Soul Jar: They are made with a part of Linlin's soul, therefore they are an extension of her and their personalities are influenced by hers, with Prometheus sharing Linlin's rageous tendencies and Zeus being as gluttonous as her. However, this turns them into a weak point as well, since Linlin can be hurt if they are hit by a very strong attack.
  • Those Two Guys: When they are not with Big Mom, Prometheus and Zeus are generally seen with each other. Until Nami takes Zeus with her. However, upon meeting Nami in Onigashima, Prometheus angrily asks her about Zeus's whereabouts.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Big Mom, due to being made from her soul, though Nami is able to make Zeus question its loyalty by offering it delicious black clouds to be her servant. After he sees that Linlin has replaced him, Zeus tries to follow Nami as her servant. Nami eventually accepts him, but not as a servant, but her partner, further cementing his loyalty to her.
  • Visual Pun:
    • Prometheus is a sun that always looks irritated/angry in some fashion, and gets exasperated with Zeus's antics. He's a literal hothead.
    • Zeus is a living cloud with a constant dreamy look on his face, and is easily distracted (especially by food). He has his head in the clouds.
    • Napoleon is named after Napoléon Bonaparte, who was a dictator notorious for wearing a bicorne hat. Napoleon is a bicorne hat (and a sword) and has a dictating attitude (leads/mediates the trio).
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Played for Laughs and with a shade of Logical Weakness as well. Zeus likes the taste of thunderclouds and will be easily distracted and lured away from Big Mom if there are any nearby. Nami just promising to make more is apparently enough to get it to turn on Big Mom for a little while.
  • Weather Manipulation: Individually, Prometheus can manipulate sun and heat while Zeus can generate lightning and rain. Together they can create massive storms.
  • Your Size May Vary: Both Zeus and Prometheus can grow to massive size, as Prometheus can grow to be bigger than the Seducing Forest and Zeus can use its powers to make rain fall all over Whole Cake Island. At the same time, if Zeus uses up a lot of power, it'll shrink to the point that it can be held in a hand.

Tropes that apply to Napoleon

  • BFS: Napoleon can bring out of his body a sword just a bit smaller than Big Mom, who is already enormous herself, and is powerful enough to create huge slashing waves.
  • Expressive Accessory: Napoleon often mirrors Big Mom's expressions, which is justified as his soul is part of hers. When Big Mom temporarily loses her memories, Napoleon remains silent and keep both his eyes and mouth closed.
  • Flaming Sword: When combined with Prometheus, Napoleon's blade is wreathed in flames.
  • Nice Hat: Napoleon himself is a cool, living bicorn hat fitting for one of the strongest pirates of the One Piece world.
  • Impossibly Cool Weapon: Napoleon is a bicorne hat that can turn into a gigantic cutlass, the most pirate-y weapon to ever exist, and has a smile full of teeth.
  • Pink Is Feminine: Zig-Zagged. Although Napoleon is treated as male, he's a pink bicorn because he's worn by Big Mom, an old woman, to go with her pink color scheme.
  • Shout-Out Theme Naming: He shares his name with one of the great military leaders in history, Napoléon Bonaparte, famously depicted wearing a bicorne hat, which the homie's hat form takes the form of, and wielding a sword, which is the homie's attack form.
  • Situational Sociability: Downplayed. Napoleon is often very expressive, reflecting Big Mom's mood, but when she loses her memory, Napoleon doesn't know how to handle the situation and remains quiet until she gets her memory back.
  • Slasher Smile: In his sword-form, Napoleon has a deranged smile full of sharp teeth, making him look more dangerous.

Tropes that apply to Prometheus

  • Evil Living Flames: Prometheus is a mass of compressed flames and takes on a fiery appearance in battle, becoming a huge flaming sun that can destroy an entire forest.
  • Playing with Fire: Since he's literally made of fire, Prometheus's attacks are flame based. When under the influence of Big Mom, he can become big enough to burn down an entire forest.
  • Power of the Sun: Prometheus is a living sun with tremendous destructive power. However, his attacks are more flame-related.
  • Predecessor Villain: Before Prometheus was born, there was a similar sun homie named Pandora, owned by Mother Carmel and made after extinguishing some flames, showing she was the previous user of the Soul-Soul fruit.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: He shares his name with a man from Greek Mythology who stole the fire from the gods and gave it to the mortals. His constant headbutts with Zeus are a nod to the Greek gods' animosity towards the mythological Prometheus.
  • Sinister Sentient Sun: Being on Big Mom's side, Prometheus is a villainous living sun. While his normal appearance is cute and cartoony, when he's enraged he becomes a giant flaming sun with a dark and scary face.
  • Wound That Will Not Heal: Downplayed. Prometheus complains that the wound he received from his battle with Brook is hard to heal. Big Mom doesn't pay it much attention and the wound is later healed.

Tropes that apply to Zeus

  • Affably Evil: Zeus may be one of Big Mom's homie servants, but he's pretty cordial, especially after he's offered food. He even holds a friendly conversation with the Straw Hats, despite its mission to eliminate them.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: Although Zeus is Linlin's homie, he temporarily follows Nami and is the most sympathetic of the homies. When Linlin decides to replace him with a new homie, Hera, she feeds Zeus to her, who can only cry and beg before he's eaten.
  • Apologetic Attacker: After Big Mom reclaims him from Nami, all he can offer Nami is a hurried "sorry" as Big Mom attempts to bring him down on top of her. Seeing as how he really does like Nami for her weather balls and he can't go against Big Mom's orders, his apology is arguably sincere.
  • Big Eater: Zeus has gotten Linlin's gluttonous side of her personality and likes eating thunderclouds. Nami uses this to her advantage by distracting and later "recruiting" him with the promise of more thunderclouds.
  • Cool Helmet: Zeus briefly dons a kabuto note , while the strawhats are heading for Onigashima. It hasn’t been shown since.
  • Cumulonemesis: Downplayed, as Zeus is much more friendly than Prometheus and Napoleon and has a fluffy and cartoony appearance, but when in battle mode he becomes bigger, darker and much more menacing, all while able to create huge thunderstorms.
  • Delicious Distraction: Nami takes advantage of Zeus' gluttony to distract and then recruit him by offering her delicious black thunderclouds.
  • Familiar: Zeus becomes loyal to Nami after the Whole Cake Island arc with her stealing him and making him her slave through a combination of Big Mom's vivre card Nami has, the tasty clouds her weapon produces, and being rather scary and intimidating when she wants to be. He takes up the role permanently after his soul is absorbed by Nami's Sorcery Clima-Tact after Big Mom tries to have him fed to her new cloud Homie, Hera.
  • Flying on a Cloud: Zeus is capable of carrying Big Mom and flying her anywhere, much like the Flying Nimbus. Big Mom herself uses Zeus to follow the Thousand Sunny without falling into water.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: Subverted. Zeus remains inside Nami's Clima-Tact after the Straw Hats escape, and becomes her servant, albeit after being threatened by Nami, but joins Linlin again at Onigashima. However, upon realizing he's been replaced for his incompetence, Zeus joins Nami by his own will, but Big Mom feeds him to Hera before he can leave. However he survives thanks to a last minute save by Nami and fully sides with her.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: By the end of the Whole Cake Island arc and during the Wano arc, Zeus' loyalty keeps switching between Nami and Linlin. The former gives him delicious clouds to eat while the latter has literally given him life with part of her soul. Zeus sticks permanently with Nami after Linlin replaces him and tries to kill him.
  • Nice Hat: To make him more childish and cartoony-looking, Zeus wears a small, colorful kid's hat.
  • Not Quite Dead: Zeus appears to be gone for good when Big Mom had Hera eat him. But thanks to Nami trying to feed him Cloud Eggs just as Hera tried to swallow him, his soul is absorbed into Nami's Clima-Tact, allowing him to survive.
  • Oh, Crap!: After Nami threatens Zeus to make him join her side, the living cloud is shrunk into a very small size while being clearly intimidated and forced to accept her offer.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: He shares his name with a god in the Greek Pantheon whose domain was the sky and lightning is a key weapon. Like the deity, Zeus is also wavering in faithfulness to the key woman in his life.
  • Shock and Awe: Since he's a cloud, Zeus can shoot thunderbolts and, if enraged enough, grow big enough to create a storm across an entire island.
  • You Have Failed Me: When Big Mom feels Zeus failed her too many times despite his loyalty, she feeds him to Hera, the new Homie made, out of Prometheus request, to replace him and make her stronger

    Fourth Homie 


Debut: Chapter 1011

Big Mom's fourth homie created from her own soul out of Prometheus' suggestion, meant to replace Zeus for his perceived incompetency during the raid on Onigashima. Like her predecessor, Hera is a living cloud that makes electric attacks.

  • Devour the Dragon: Big Mom feeds Zeus to Hera so that she can become more powerful and replace him for good. It fails, and Zeus instead ends up fusing with Nami's Clima-Tact.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Hera is brought to life to take Zeus's place, but Zeus isn't dead. During the Onigashima War, Prometheus sees Zeus as dead weight, so he urges Linlin to create Hera to fill Zeus's role.
  • Shock and Awe: Like Zeus, Hera is a living cloud primarily uses bolts of lightning to attack.
  • Psycho Electro: Hera is a living personification of lightning introduced unleashing an incredibly huge blast of electricity at Kid and Killer and shows to be as malevolent as her master.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: She shares her name with the top goddess of Greek Mythology, and while Hera the goddess is not associated with lightning, her husband, Zeus, is. Like the goddess Hera who dealt with a disloyal and philandering husband, this one comes into being after Zeus is disloyal in joining with Nami for a time.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Hera is Linlin's fourth homie and the only one to be female, while the remaining three are male.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Hera is shown to have full feminine lips and eyelashes, distinguishing her from the male Prometheus and Zeus.

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