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Ajaya Bhatt

Super High-School Level Fashion Designer
Ajaya Bhatt was raised in a boutique by her parents and had been making designs from a very young age. As she aged, people began to notice her talent and attempted to form it to their company. However, she made her own company and ruled over Asian runways. The world was next: Without any outside help, she eventually made her way up in the fashion world. Her designs have now appeared on runways all across the world. The world of fashion is an ever-changing ocean in which Ajaya has found a steady rock. Unlike many fashion trends, everyone knew that Ajaya wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Survives to the endgame.


Super High-School Level Pirate
Her family was never very wealthy; her mother worked two jobs and Anaki ended up having to try working odd jobs to help when she could. Because of this, Anaki was never able to watch movies, buy games, or buy CDs. There was simply not enough money to spare for those sorts of things; she was fairly lucky that they were able to get a computer. Anaki was fascinated with pirates for much of her life. When she was 12, she discovered a way that she could be a pirate too. It started simply enough, stealing a few songs and episodes of anime and sharing them amongst her friends. But then she realized that she could share these things with so many more people; she could liberate songs and movies for the world to see. And, of course, with this skill she would be able to watch any movie, play any game, without ever having to pay for it. During Chapter Five she is randomly chosen to be crippled and ends up having her eye slashed. She later recovers thanks to a pearl she receives from a dead Min-Yun. She's one of the victims of Chapter Six killed by strangulation.
  • Irony: When she hears that people have been injured in the kingdom, she yells at them for not being careful. However, she's injured when her eye is pecked out by Monogoose even though she hadn't done anything!
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • Delivers one in the third trial when everyone criticizes Mayu for killing Kohaku and Sani and Yuki for helping her when in reality they were just trying to save their loved ones.
    • She again delivers one to Pascal and Ricardo who killed Mayu and Persephone, let Mia die in Pascal's place, and then refused to take the spoils of their murder and leave the kingdom to get help.
    • Later delivers another one to Daichi for using one of their three mastermind votes to save Renee.
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  • Why Did It Have To Be ---?: Anaki's headcannon page reveals she's actually afraid of quite a lot of things including dogs, needles, cages, and attempting to swim.

Arisa Sato/Arisa Aberforth

Super High-School Level Microbiologist
Arisa was born to a well-known scientist and unknown woman out of wedlock and raised for a good portion of her life in city slums. When she started to excel in the sciences, perhaps exceeding the skills of her late father, her parentage was made known and she was moved to Japan, her father’s homeland, on the government’s dime to conduct research. She has worked with the World Health Organization and is important figure in leading-edge public health research. Revealed to be the culprit of chapter six, murdering Daichi, Anaki, and Kazuma. Also, she is correctly convicted of being the mastermind Hellfire.
  • Berserk Button: Even though she's normally very calm and collected, she yells for everyone to shut up in the sixth trial when Yuki accuses her of being the mastermind.


Arthur Mc Anntire

Super High-School Level K9 Officer
Arthur Mc Anntire is the youngest son of the New York chief of police. He was brought in to help with obedience issues in their canine-based unit, and soon, had taken in a pup that others had deemed “untrainable”. Now, this dog – lovingly named Biscuit – ranks at the very top of the Manhattan K9 Drug Unit. Arthur has, in three years since being named the youngest officer on the force at age fifteen, trained hundreds of drug, attack, bomb, and search-and-rescue dogs nation-wide. His trusty German Shepard, the aforementioned Biscuit, is always by his side, seeing as the two have formed a bond stronger than life itself. Killed in fourth chapter when he was shot by Andre.
  • Deus Exit Machina: It's not explained, but he and Biscuit were missing until the fourth chapter. Their absence is what lead Andre to shoot them.

August Gautier

Super High-School Level Lacrosse Player
Born, raised, and trained in unfavorable Canadian conditions, August Gautier was a surprising force to be reckoned with in her lacrosse league. Even at tournaments where her team wasn’t competing, players would pale at the mere mention of her name; thankful that they wouldn’t have to face her in play. She was quick on her feet and terrifying when focused. The moment you think that you’ve found a hole in one of her plays, she would take you by surprise by going right over your head, quite literally, in some cases. Despite all the fame and recognition gained from her perfect game record and overall natural ability, it seemed that she left her home team for Japan with a… not so great reputation. Survives to the endgame.
  • Black Comedy: After the first trial, she tells Etnis that their rearranging of the corpses was actually funny.
  • Running Gag: During truth or dare in the prologue, she threw her shoe at Yuki who decided to keep it. By chapter two, she's still only got the one.
  • The Stoic: She was unusually calm during the first trial, especially when her roommate has just been accused of murder.

Bambi Russel

Super High-School Level Archer
Bambi grew up in Montana, America, within a semi-modernized village where his native tribe remained. There was a conflict that often resurfaced within; some of them were drifting from their ways and creating modern businesses while others stuck to their traditions and laws (perhaps, though, with the addition of a refrigerator and other appliances). His fifteenth birthday was spent alone in the mountains around his home village. By then he had practiced all his life with the use of bow and arrow; he could craft both with his eyes closed. He knew all the songs and legends, methods of life, and laws and taboos, though they all meant little to him. He did not plan to choose either of the predestined paths created for him; somehow he had forged a rebellious streak in him. His escape came with a letter from a prestigious school, Hope’s Peak Academy, in Japan, just days before his final decision. He eagerly accepted, packing his few valuable belongings, pooling some money for a plane ticket, and set off. Following the first murder, he pretends to gouge out his eyes. He is one of the second victims of the mutual killing game, killed by blood loss.
  • Creepy Shadowed Undereyes: Gets them during the prologue and the beginning of the first chapter when he's deprived of his bow and arrows.
  • Empty Eyes: So much so that they're completely black.

Chiyo Sato

Super High-School Level Caregiver
Chiyo’s mother was a very hardworking woman, she worked three jobs just to support her two children. Chiyo often had to look after her baby brother. Sometimes the neighbors would come ask her to look after their babies as they worked. As time went on she started to this this care centre for babies who needed to be looked after as they came from low income families. Thi.s centre became incredibly famous as time went on, receiving large attention from the press. Survives to the endgame.
  • Super Drowning Skills: When she tries to pull out Sani's corpse, she has a little trouble and almost drowns.
  • Take Me Instead: She attempts to take Mia's place and be executed in Chapter Five.

Daichi Fujimoto

Super High-School Level Police Officer
Daichi, SHSL Police Officer, is a boy who tries too hard to be a man. He takes his title seriously to the point where he feels like he needs to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. However, there are times where he’ll allow himself to crack a smile and relax. He acquired his title by receiving permission to go through the police academy at a young age after stopping a robbery in his town. Daichi graduated quickly and with flying colors which led to receiving an invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy several weeks later. But why is he so skittish around birds…? During chapter three, he is attacked by a mermaid and severs his own leg to save himself. He receives a robotic leg in chapter six. Unfortunately, he's also the victim of chapter six by respiratory failure.
  • Love Confessor: To Renee. It's not reciprocated.
  • Luminescent Blush: After landing on Persephone's boobs.
  • Mercy Kill: Daichi considers doing this to Renee after she turns out to be chapter 4's culprit, his reasoning being that if he takes out a gun and shoots her right in the courtroom, Renee would at least die quick and thus be spared one of Monogoose's painful executions. But then Daichi decides against it and puts his gun away, figuring that Monogoose would probably make his plan backfire somehow anyway.
  • Nice Hat
  • Pet the Dog: He takes Swanami with him after he is transformed into Monoduck.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy
  • Take Me Instead: After Renee confesses to killing Ayuta, he lies to attempt to save her. He even uses one of the group's three mastermind votes to save her.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Henri the pug and Renee's diary.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Birds?: Apparently, Daichi is terrified of birds.

Émeric Desjardins/ Ayuta Okada

Super High-School Level Squire/ Reenactor
Growing up in a small French community rooted in medieval beliefs, Émeric’s been a squire since he was fourteen, quickly proving himself an extreme talent. Although he’s sure he’ll soon become a knight, many joke he’s going to be remembered for his work as an assistant to the knight rather than as an actual knight. He’s a rather talented fighter and defender, but has really made his mark with how good he is at working under his knight, taking care of his every need. Émeric’s actual personality isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a (soon to be) knight in shining armor, being very modest and almost overly polite, not holding nearly as much presence as the knights seen in stories and fairy tales. Rest assured, though, should the situation arise, Émeric will not hesitate to defend those in need, no matter how foul the consequences. The fourth murder victim of the Mutual Killing Game. Killed by blood loss.

Etnis/Etna Von Maceachthighearna

Super High-School Level Contortionist
Etnis was born able to bend and twist his body in strange ways. It was only a matter of practicing for him to turn it into a skill. Luckily, his family already had a long line of circus performers (his mother a sword swallower, dad a juggler, and so on), so he was allowed a lot of freedom in his lifetime. It wasn’t long before he became famous for contorting his body to fit into and through small spaces. Rumor has it that, when the circus travels, he sleeps in a suitcase instead of a bed. During the beginning of chapter three, they attempt to swim across a lake to a tower only to be killed by the monsters of the lake.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: With Momoko, possibly. Though she does reject Etnis' advances, she does say she'll talk to him about it after the trial.
    • It doesn't work out as Momoko is executed during the trial. Etna even ends up voting for her, naming her their "ex-love."
  • Ambiguous Gender: Specifically, bi-gender.
  • Black Comedy: During the first trial, they admit to tampering with the corpses of the Maros because they thought it would be funny. They admit that they think there's something wrong with them for this reason.
  • Blind Obedience: In the second trial, Etnis swears this to Momoko after she shows up with Min-Yun's eyes. This may even be taken as literal blind obedience, since he offers his eyes to her (in addition to his good ear and his entire body).
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Torn to shreds and then eaten by lake monsters.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Stares at Anaki when she strips during the first trial.
  • Eaten Alive
  • Fanservice: Strips down to their underwear then removes their bra in the first trial.
  • In the Blood: They came from a long line of circus performers.
  • Love Confession: To Momoko during the second trial.
  • Mythology Gag: Like Togami in the original Dangan Ronpa, Etnis confesses to coming across both Maro's corpses and rearranging them. Like in the original, this puts them under fire for having been the murderer.
  • Nice Hat
  • Nightmare Fetishist
  • Overly Long Name
  • Self-Harm: Revealed in chapter two that they've been cutting their arms and stomach. They never say they did it, but there are tags for self harm on the post.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead: Shortly after Foerlie is killed, Etnis begins making jokes about it.
  • Split Personality: Whether this is the case or not has yet to be seen. But Etnis' two genders seem to have very similar yet slightly different sets of personalities, and when Etnis looks back on Etna's actions, it seems to imply he had no control of the events that transpired.
  • Technicolor Eyes
  • The Rival: They certainly like to tease Yuki about how close they were to Ricardo.
  • The Tease: Strips down to their underwear then removes their bra in the first trial just to make Ricardo uncomfortable. It gets worse when they're told to apply water to their tattoo and insist Ricardo do it.
    • Again with Yuki.
  • Too Kinky to Torture
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: After the first trial in which Etna stripped down to her underwear and then took off her bra after Etnis had previously fought so hard to keep his shirt on, Etnis is mortified to remember that he did take off his shirt.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair

Foerlie Clover

Super High-School Level Bad Luckster
It began with one unfortunate event after another. It just seemed to be in Foerlie’s nature to be so unlucky, and by sheer chance, Foerlie was chosen out of many students to be in Hope’s Peak. However, after looking at their background, they considered that the title of Bad Luck was more suitable for them. Opposes Monogoose upon her arrival and is crushed to death.

Hikaru Hanabashi

Super High-School Level Tarot Card Reader
A boy gaining fame for his charisma and charm, as well as ability to create and atmosphere, Hikaru Hanabashi became a popular name among circles of those interested in Tarot. Having memorized the slightly different symbols of each deck, having received many decks over the years. Tarot is an inexact art and as such he’s shown to have a quite good ability of getting things just as people would want to hear. He’s got an ability to create an atmosphere that’s necessary for a proper reader and as such can make the listener believe that he can tell the future, of course that’s not what Tarot Reading is. Survives to the endgame.
  • Charm Person: One of his skills pertains to this.
  • Enemy to All Living Things: Word of God seems to suggest he doesn't like animals very much.
  • Every Scar Has a Story: Somewhat subverted, as revealed in the second trial for a moment he does have scars on his stomach but the origin is unknown as of now.
  • Eye Poke: Not quite the best trope but in the third trial he turns up to the trial with a black eye later revealed to have been an accident while trying to get to the still injured Daichi. A rock he had thrown to wake him up fell back and hit him in the face.
  • Fortune Teller: Does in fact do Tarot Card readings in canon, one of which apparently had predicted something along the lines of Pascal and Ricardo's plot. It specifically read that Pascal would desire "Bad News", and a classmate's execution was the worst news, he of course didn't realize this until after the fact.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Daichi
  • Meaningful Name: Hikaru is Japanese for light. This may tie in with his SHSL talent.
  • Red Is Heroic: Averted. Hikaru hates the color red.
  • Repressed Memories: Not very well, but he appears to have multiple things that he doesn't like thinking about.
  • Shared Family Quirks: His family seemed to mostly have first names begining with "H" Exception would be his older sister, Kayou.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Subverted, as only his bangs are blue.
  • Youngest Child Wins: While never stated in character from narrative one can get Hikaru is the youngest of his siblings, as well as the most successful. It's implied one of them didn't like this, while the other appeared to not care as much

Kazuma Hanamo

Super High-School Level Cosmetologist
Kazuma grew up in a family without a mother and 3 younger sisters, Because his fathers job gave good pay at the price of not being around Kazuma began to play the parental figure. Even though he tried to play the parental figure he ended up being more-so the mother figure than the father one, doing his sister's hair and makeup whenever they needed to dress up- even though he originally hated it, it eventually became a thing he loved so he increased his knowledge for hair and skin care. Eventually he made a name for himself by stylizing for many pageant-goers and models, which is what let him gain Hope’s Peaks attention. In Chapter Five, he is randomly chosen to be crippled and has his arm cut off. One of the victims of Chapter Six, killed by blood loss.

Koe Kaima

Super High-School Level Otologist
Entirely deaf from birth, and hounded and mocked relentlessly for it through her childhood, Koe’s interest in the physiology of the ear was as much a part of her as her disability, though it ran more along the lines of scientific curiosity than wanting to ‘fix’ herself. Though she’s too young to be a real medical practitioner just yet, in her spare time she interns at hospitals, studies, and tinkers. Her acceptance to Hope’s Peak stemmed specifically from a scientific breakthrough of hers that dramatically increased the sound quality provided by cochlear implants. Despite her innocence, she volunteers to take Mayu's place and is executed.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: She is crushed to death by several video screens showing images of horrifying instances of injustice. Her fingers are sliced off when she tries to escape. Interestingly, this was originally an execution designed for Mayu, as it fits a Diplomat more than it does an Otologist, but justified in that Koe's only executed after taking Mayu's place.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: As many social ramifications as you can expect from a big disability, sure. It's canon that she was sheltered enough to never have had sweets before and implied that her family was ridiculously protective, but right now the info surrounding that is pretty vague.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: During the strip trial. Oh well, she didn't have anything else to do.
  • Fainting: In reaction to Foerlie's death.
  • Fingore: She attempts to reach to safety during her execution but her fingers are cut off.
  • Genius Cripple: Her disability actually inspired her to become an otologist.
  • Go Out with a Smile
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold
  • Heroic Sacrifice
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Her open titles are either references to her deafness (Soundless Voice and It's Too Quiet) or instrumental songs.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: This is what leads to her sacrificing herself to save Mayu.
  • Late to the Tragedy: Thanks to the nature of the announcements she's been missing motives and body discoveries constantly. In the first chapter she wasn't aware anyone was dead until she nearly walked into their bodies, and missed the second motive completely. Averted by chapter three when she gets a transcription of the motive since she can't hear any terrified shrieks.
  • Like Brother and Sister: With Daichi and Ricardo.
  • Older Than They Look: At 17 she's at the older end of the cast and yet ends up the designated little sister every time.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: With Mayu.
  • Sacrificial Lamb
  • Shrinking Violet
  • Smart People Wear Glasses
  • Take Me Instead: Trades places with Mayu when Mayu is sentenced to be executed.
  • The Walls Are Closing In: Specifically, video screens of injustices are closing in, since Koe is crushed using an execution originally designed for Mayu.
  • The Cutie: After Yuki gives her a set of rainbow pens, she draws a picture of her and Yuki jumping in the air.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Tells people on two separate occasions that she's sure no one else will die and not to give up hope.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type A.

Kohaku Yukimori

Super High-School Level Cellist
Everyone in Kohaku’s family has always been a musician of some sort. His mother played the cello, like him. His father was a pianist. However, when Kohaku’s vision degraded to nearly nothing within two weeks of his birth, neither of them really expected him to take up an instrument. This frustrated Kohaku; he didn’t like how little they expected of him. His blindness was not a handicap! So he decided to take up both piano and cello, however his real talent was in the cello, whereas he was about average with the piano. He was determined to prove his parents wrong, so he focused on improving his talents with the cello, practicing for hours every day, until one day he snuck out of the house to audition for the Japanese Symphony Orchestra. He was accepted and delivered the news to his parents with a smug grin. Of course, he could do it, he insisted. Their disbelief didn’t matter, for he’d proven them wrong. One of the two victims of the third chapter. Killed by drowning.

Leilani “Lei” Hidaka

Super High-School Level Plant Breeder
Leilani has always been in the exposure of and ecstatic about plants and vegetation. From her very early years in Kauai Lei experimented with plants and began making very successful plant hybrids for stronger, disease-immune crops. Since the age of thirteen, Lei has been referred to by many companies as the “Young Kane” (the Hawaiian god of forests) for her extrodinary modifications to the quality of crops. Her collection of knowledge from touring many different countries has given her the education to continue her work as a plant breeder, having successfully saved many major producing agriculture businesses from plague and draught. Leilani has resided in Japan for four years under the guidance of her professor, she often portrays herself as childish and apathetic, but a genius nonetheless. Survives to the endgame.

Maro Moto

Super High-School Level Folklorist
From rags to riches to rags once more, Maro "Momotarō" Moto is all but the typical boy you could meet. The only son in a family of all daughters, he was raised in rural japan, home to the world's most beauteous wonder: simple nature itself. Having to start from the bottom and build his way to the top, he had to help his family make a living on their farm by tending to crops and selling them at the village as well as assisting with any extra handywork. Being a hard-working, courageous, and adventurous boy always led into more and more trouble— trouble as far as him one day getting lost when fetching resources in the woods and wandering far away to a small town uncharted on maps hidden behind the woods in the country side. Being taught traditions, games, and wonders galore, he had taken interest and had decided to pursue a life on preaching the beauty of that forgotten in the world. He was the first murder victim of the Mutual Killing game, killed by decapitation.
  • Alliterative Name: "Momotaro" is also an Anagram for Maro Moto [ M(omot)ARO (MARO) / (m)OMOT(aro) (OMOT > MOTO) ].
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Was killed when his head was chopped off.
  • Cool Mask: He has various masks of mythical creatures and beasts as well as spiritual animals. Only one was shown in the game.
  • Expressive Mask: To show emotions, Maro's mask will sometimes either get anime-style "tics" around it (such as throbbing veins or flowers), or change colors.
  • FairyTales: It comes with being a SHSL Folklorist.
  • Kind Hearted Cat Lover
  • Meaningful Name: Maro's nickname "Momotaro" means "Peach Boy", a popular hero from Japanese folklore. The first name "Maro" is an older, ancient word refitted to a name that means "myself", and the last name "Moto" is coined to mean "base","root" or "origin". Together, Maro's name could be taken to mean "myself who explains the origins of things" or "myself, the origin", a clever name for a SHSL Folklorist.
  • Mythology: It comes with being a SHSL Folklorist.
  • No Face Under the Mask: In game, there has yet to be any scene depicting Maro without his mask. And it seems unlikely there ever will be for he is killed in the first chapter and his head is unaccounted for.
    • As it turns out, he does have a face under his mask, but it has only been seen on his mun's multimuse account and it could not be cannon in Once Upon A Trial.
  • Off with His Head!
  • OralTradition: It comes with being a SHSL Folklorist.

Maro Nakashima

Super High-School Level Sociologist
Maro grew up in the household of a psychologist, and grew up perpetually interested in people. They ended up studying sociology and history in their free time, and have a love of both. Despite their age, they’re well known in the sociology field, with many papers and even a book published from their studies. The first victim of the Mutual Killing game. Killed by having their neck broken. Killed Maro Moto during Chapter One but wasn't executed due to the fact they had already died.

Mayu Harawa

Super High-School Level Diplomat
The only child of a single father and an absent mother, Mayu grew up around diplomacy. Her father was a mid-level bureaucratic worker at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (外務省), where he often took Mayu after classes during his long workdays. Though he rarely gained promotions and worked hard, he was thrilled to see that Mayu displayed an aptitude for debate and coming to compromises. On the schoolyard, she was always the first to resolve class disputes. As she grew older and began to mature, it was clear that her skill surpassed not only that of her proud father, but that of most teenagers her age; and though her father was reluctant, she began working herself at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, brokering peace deals under an alias (杉原 靖宏; Sugihara Yasuhiro) that suggested that she was not only male—she also assumed the forged identity of someone much older than herself. Until she reached the age of sixteen, she hid behind this alias in an attempt to be taken seriously—and when the truth came out, it was considered a bit of a scandal. However, since then, she has worked hard to make sure that she is taken just as seriously in person as she was through text—and it is hard to say that she hasn’t succeeded. Admits to killing Kohaku and Sani during the third trial. She's saved, though, when Koe takes her place and is executed instead. She is later the second victim of Chapter Five. Killed by blunt force trauma.

Min-Yun Yi

Super High-School Level K Pop Idol
The youngest member of the girl group 6star, Min-yun is cute, peppy, and a killer rapper. Going by the name “Mimi” onstage, she exudes an adorable and energetic aura in her coordinated dancing and singing. Her rap lines in the group’s popular songs are often the most talked-about parts, due to the speed and emotion she can put into her words. She’s also known outside their radio fame to be the member most connected with the fans- she organizes meetups, talks with them on social media platforms, and often speaks with them during concerts. It’s been said that Min-yun’s dedication to the fans, combined with the group’s skill and unique raps, is the reason that 6star’s popularity has recently gone worldwide. One of the second victims of the mutual killing game. Killed by blood loss.

Miriam “Mia” Thompson

Super High-School Level Swing Dancer
Mia used to always love going to her grandparent’s house as it meant the chance to dabble in their vintage history. One of which olden talents included her grandfather’s love to swing dance, which Mia adopted around the age of six. Although it started as a funny hobby with grandpa, when she began frequenting dance halls with him, she realized exactly how much passion she had for dancing, especially having all eyes on her. With her grandfather by her side, her abilities grew and grew until she easily outmatched her partner and claimed a few dancing trophies, including a marathon dance-a-thon. However, it is not her skills alone that define her as Super High School Level, but her drive. When she is dancing, she is described to make the whole of her performance look so enticing and fun, it’s impossible for others not to join in. During Chapter Five, she attempts to steal Monogoose's key and is punished by having both her hands cut off. They're returned to her in the same chapter when Daichi accidentally makes an agreement with Monogoose to return them in exchange for the random crippling of three students. In Chapter Five, she confesses to killing Persephone and Mayu. She receives a majority vote to be executed, but it turns out she was innocent.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Calls Chiyo "dollface".
  • American Accents: Specifically Brooklyn.
  • Acquitted Too Late
  • Bait-and-Switch: In her execution. Monogoose tells her that if she delivers a package, then she'll give the class a hint towards the Mastermind. This turns out to be false, as it was just a method to lead Mia to the sawmill where they planned to execute her.
  • Blue with Shock: In reaction to Foerlie's death.
  • Child Prodigy
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Although she can think fast in dancing, she doesn't think well under pressure, as seen when Ricardo faints from heat exhaustion and her response is to spit in her hand and rub it on him as they have no access to water.
    • Shown again when she suspects something of being hidden under the floorboards. Since she can't break through it, she attempts to burn through the wood.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: To Monogoose after Foerlie's death.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Split in half by a sawmill. It doesn't help that Mia's number one fear is sharp objects.
  • Dancing Is Serious Business
  • Enemy to All Living Things: Her attempts to coerce the Pegasi to let her look in their mouth in chapter five ends with her getting bitten. Twice.
  • Fanservice: Strips during the first trial.
  • Funetik Aksent
  • Groin Attack: Threatens this to Etnis during the first trial. Later fulfills this by kicking Ricardo in the groin.
  • Guilt Complex: She blames herself for Kazuma and Anaki being crippled.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper
  • Half the Man He Used to Be
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Chiyo.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: All of her posts are named after swing songs, naturally.
  • Irrational Hatred: With Emeric.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • I Should Have Died Instead: After Foerlie is killed, Mia realizes that had Foerlie not challenged Monogoose, Mia may have been killed instead since Mia likes to be the center of attention.
  • Meaningful Name: Miriam is Hebrew for rebellious.
  • Mythology Gag: During the first trial, Mia replies to Mayu's comment with her sprite depicting the NPC "You've got that wrong!" sprites from Dangan Ronpa 2.
  • Nice Hat
  • Not Helping Your Case: When she mentions to everyone in chapter four's trial that they need to work together, it doesn't help that she's screaming at them and calling them idiots.
  • Not So Different: Comes to realize this with Momoko. This leaves her fearing what she may be capable of since Momoko murdered her friend so cruelly.
  • Ooh Me Mannerism's Slipping: Mia speaks using thirties slang, but upon finding out that there's records in the coffee shop, she gets so excited she stops talking like that.
    • She does this repeatedly when things get serious.
  • Peek-a-Bangs
  • Sacrificial Lamb
  • Scream Discretion Shot
  • Shout-Out: Accidentally misnames Foerlie Naegi, the protagonist and SHSL Good Luck of the original Dangan Ronpa.
    • Another example is how in Chapter Five, she mentions it'd be a little weird if Chiyo were to become a living doll. This is a shout out to Their Despair Begins With You's Rubie, Mia's partner who she also addressed as dollface.
  • Stress Vomit: In chapter two's trial after explaining the graphic details of how carefully Min-Yun's eyes were removed.
  • Surpassed the Teacher: Her grandfather taught her how to swing dance, but she ended up surpassing him in ability.
  • Take Me Instead: A rather odd circumstance, she takes the killer's execution in the fifth chapter due to her inability to live a life where Yuki was mad at her for what she said to Ricardo.
  • Tears of Remorse: In reaction to Foerlie's death.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Delivers one in chapter four's trial because she's frustrated that no one will listen to her unless she yells at them.
  • Tragic Keepsake: A very morbid example but she keeps Mayu's head after she's killed.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Sharp Objects?: It's revealed that Mia is deathly afraid of sharp objects, hyperventilating when near them and even throwing up when referring to one in extreme detail.
  • '20s Bob Haircut

Momoko Hotaru

Super High-School Level Beta Tester
You probably don’t know games as much Momoko Hotaru, the famous beta tester, does. Despite not being quite known by players (nobody reads credits, after all), Momoko is quite known and, despite being a very harsh critic, she’s appreciated as Beta Tester in all the game industries. Also often insulted for her rude methods of counseling, it has often resulted her words made the games which she critiqued famous aswell. Although, nobody does really know how she looks like, nor producers or game designers: apparently the famous beta tester is only aknowledged by voice. She even has a Wikipedia page, but with no specific information, such as age, and aspect! Admits to murdering Min-Yun in chapter two and was executed.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: It's highly possible Momoko has some sort of disorder, as both her in-character and out-of-character posts make reference to the pills she has to take, but the effects of the pills and the reasons for taking them is unknown at this point.
    • It's revealed in the second trial that she is schizophrenic.
  • Anime Hair: A post by the mun implies even they don't know how it works.
  • Bunnies for Cuteness: Averted. Her third outfit has a bunny on it, but it's actually pretty creepy.
  • Creepy Cool Crosses: Which is currently unknown, but her second outfit (and possibly her first as her ears were concealed) depict her wearing cross earrings.
  • Creepy Shadowed Under Eyes: During the first investigation.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Momoko is tasked to find 8 notes, and the last one leads her inside a tunnel. Then a horrible monster, a Slenderman parody called "Slendergoose", appears and starts chasing Momoko. She finds more notes written on trees giving her encouraging messages, but then more creatures rise from the ground to join Slendergoose in pursuing her (it is deliberately left vague what sort of creatures they are). Just as Momoko is about to grab the very last note, a voice coming from everywhere says "Play with us, Momoko..." and Momoko's pursuers grab her and drag her into the darkness. We aren't given the exact details on what happens next, all we hear is her screaming and her bones breaking.
  • Extra Eyes: Not literally, but a post by the mun shows that she has tattoos of eyes on her hands and during the first investigation, she wears a hoodie with a similar eye on it.
    • Takes a more literal effect in chapter two when she ends up holding onto Min-Yun's eyes.
  • Evil Laugh: "Huhuhu"
  • Fanservice: She strips during chapter one's trial.
    • Again during the second trial but it ends up being Fan Disservice for her because it reveals that she has an injury on her shoulder, tying into her involvement in the murder.
  • Ill Girl: It's assumed that she is this, as not only does she admit to taking an unknown medication and have dark circles under her eyes, but when she strips in the first trial, she's so skinny one can see her ribs.
  • Kill the Ones You Love: Admits to killing her siblings because she was jealous that they got all the attention. She holds no remorse for any of this, by the way.
  • Lack of Empathy: She grins as she confesses to killing Min-Yun.
  • Laughing Mad: Along with Broken Tears as she confesses the details on how she killed Min-Yun.
  • Multicolored Hair
  • Nice Hat
  • Nightmare Fetishist
  • Not Afraid to Die
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin
  • Shout-Out: To Metal Gear Solid when she references the exclamation point sound effect after Etnis strips.
    • Her execution is in parody of Slender in which she is tasked to find eight pages before being caught and killed by Slendergoose.
  • Smug Smiler
  • Tragic Keepsake: A very morbid version of this but she finds Min-Yun's eyes after her death and keeps them in a jar.
  • When She Smiles: Not her usual creepy smile, but a genuine smile like she gives Koe in chapter two.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: By chapter one's trial, she has been seen in two different outfits with another assumed to appear in the next chapter.

Pascal Servez

Super High-School Level Mailman
Born to a Spanish father and Japanese mother, Pascal was raised in his father’s delivery service. He became renowned for his speedy and efficient deloveries from a young age, becoming trusted by even secret societies and high-ranking civilians. People know he can get the job done, and he’s never looked at anyone’s mail besides his own. Pascal is usually kind and smiley, but harbors a more arrogant, sadistic side. Was accidentally shot by Emeric during the third chapter. He lived, but he was injured. He is the killer of chapter five, but is spared execution when Mia confesses to the crime instead. However, he is attacked by Yuki and has his eyes torn out. He later recovers when he accidentally receives a healing pearl from a dead Min-Yun. spoiler: Survives to the endgame.

Persephone Artino

Super High-School Level Bounty Hunter
Raised by a single father, Persephone has always worked under him doing odd jobs. Whenever cops have trouble apprehending a criminal, who else to call but a good bounty hunter? Her father has been in the business for over 40 years, and hopes that she will stay within it as well. Although, Persephone doesn’t quite hunt for people so much as wild animals bothering poor and war torn countries and cities. She even has her own show: ‘Hunting for the hunted’! Although she acts really calm and aloof, Persephone is actually quite observant of those around her and the environment she is currently part of. She has a tendency to speak only when spoken to, but she isn’t necessarily shy. She simply has this mentality that she must always be on the look out. You never know what might be around the corner, after all. One of the two victims of Chapter Five. Killed by asphyxiation.

Renée Petit

Super High-School Level Ballerina
Renée is French, though she has been traveling around the world for much of her life. Her mother, Noémi, used to be a world famous ballerina before an ankle injury put her in a wheelchair and out of the business. Renée was already a young prodigy, but within a few years Renée was proving herself more skilled than her mother had been. She has been a member of several companies, but her mother was dissatisfied with all of them, and the arrangements never lasted long. She generally only performs solo, or with a group by special request. She’s done many performances in Japan (one of the fasted growing countries for ballet), which brought her to Hope’s Peak’s attention. Admits to killing Ayuta/Emeric in the fourth chapter. She's spared execution when Daichi calls for a mastermind vote, but with a mastermind of three against her even though she isn't the mastermind, she is executed.

Ricardo Montagnola

Super High-School Level Venetian Carnivalist
From a well off family, Ricardo was introduced to the Venetians carnivals and their traditions at a young age, and was entranced by the masks and the shower of colours. He started getting more and more involved in Venetian carnivals, always attending to them and before he knew it, he started helping making costumes and masks, and in time, he started make his own from scratch. He was given to show off his costumes and masks by wearing them throughout the carnivals, getting so carried away that he would become a completely different character in the mask, giving it that realistic feeling to it. Attacks Monogoose with a knife during the motive reveal of chapter three and is punished by having his fingers of his left hand cut off. Survives to the endgame.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: It's assumed he has some form of Multiple Personality Disorder.
    • It's revealed in Chapter Six that he does have Multiple Personality Disorder along with borderline personality disorder and anxiety. It turns out every outfit he wears constitutes a different personality of his.
  • Anywhere but Their Lips: Kisses Yuki on the forehead during a party in chapter one.
  • Bandage Boy: In the third chapter after his fingers are cut off.
  • Bunnies for Cuteness: He wears a bunny hair clip in the third trial. Of course it's Kazuma's.
  • Charm Person
  • Cool Mask
  • Dark and Troubled Past: It's hinted that Ricardo was abused by his peers in his early life.
    • In Chapter Six it's revealed he was tormented by his peers for allegedly being the child of an affair, which he wasn't. His only friend ended up being hit by a car in an attempt to save him and his teacher lost an arm protecting him.
  • Declaration of Protection: To Yuki. Again to Min-Yun.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: When Etna strips.
  • Eyepatch of Power: After Mayu slashed his eye when he attempted to murder Persephone.
  • Fainting: During the first trial due to heat exhaustion.
  • Fanservice: Is stripped down to his boxers in the first trial.
  • Fashion Dissonance: Justified.
  • Fingore: Has the fingers of his left hand cut off in the third chapter.
  • First Kiss: With Etna. It was very much unrequited.
  • Flower In His Hair: In one of his sprites. If...wherever it is constitutes as hair.
  • Gratuitous Italian
  • Goofy Print Underwear: Specifically, red with white hearts.
  • Heterosexual Lifepartners: With Pascal and Kazuma.
  • I Am Not Attractive
  • Icy Blue Eyes
  • Important Haircut: Has one in the third chapter.
  • Interrupted Suicide: This could also double as interrupted murder since the suicide was attempted by his other self Death's Judgment.
    • This happens again in Chapter Six. Overcome by the guilt being put on him by his classmates, he attempts to jump out the window.
  • Instant Costume Change: It may just be a joke thread, but in one thread with Lei, he changes costumes twice in no time flat.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: He helps Pascal come up with the murder plan for Mayu and Persephone's death, but when Pascal becomes the murderer and gets to leave the Kingdom, he urges him to go without him.
  • Laughing Mad: When he reverts to Death's Judgment after Briar's death.
  • Last Kiss: Kisses Briar's corpse after he is killed by Andre.
  • Like Brother and Sister: With Min-Yun. He's especially hurt when she dies in the second chapter.
  • The Lost Lenore: Briar.
  • Mythology Gag: During chapter two's trial, he uses a sprite that is based off on the NPC "You've got that wrong!" sprites from Dangan Ronpa 2.
  • Nice Hat: He replaces his usually masks with a hat in the second trial.
  • No-Sell: His reaction to the first motive, which is that if someone dies the murderer will be granted any one wish, is exactly this. He even laughs at the motive and calls it utterly foolish.
  • Official Couple: With Pascal.
  • Pet the Dog: He, along with Yuki, helps to move the statue from Foerlie's crushed body.
  • Piggyback Cute: Gives a piggy back ride to Yuki in chapter one.
  • Plague Doctor: One of his costumes involves a plague mask.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: He wears a pink outfit in the third trial. Of course it's Kazuma's.
  • Scars Are Forever: His hand is completely covered in scars.
  • Smug Smiler
  • Textile Work Is Feminine: Ricardo defies this trope, as he makes all his costumes.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: By chapter 1, which is the last time this trope was edited, Ricardo has worn five different outfits. This feat is also accompanied by the fact that his outfits are so complicated to begin with.
  • Lights Off, Somebody Dies

Ryouta Kobayashi

Super High-School Level Timer
525,600 minutes. 365 days. 60 minutes in an hour. 24 hours in a day. Ryouta is like a living clock and calendar. They know exactly what time it is, what the date is, and what corresponds to each. They function like clockwork with strict schedules and timelines, while still keeping a nonchalant attitude. Ryouta grew up in an average income family. He grew up with his aunt who was of a moderately low income. She cares about Ryo, but just never really had the time to talk with him or play with him due to having to get a second job to support them both. He was left alone in the house majority of the time with his old and outdated video games as an escape. To also distract themselves from the empty home and detach themselves, they became prone to routine and telling when things would happen. They had a strict agenda in the morning for everything, could tell when the mailman would arrive each time, when each train would roll by, when a certain car would return from work, etc. Killed in chapter five when he was late to the trial.
  • Awkward Kiss: Shares one with Mayu. To be fair, Mayu was dared to do so.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Executed for being late to the trial. They're in a car driving down a highway late at night, and they think their father is driving the car, and meanwhile, the narration is periodically noting what time it is. The driver turns out to be a mannequin, and Ryouta realizes that the car is actually their method of execution. They realize this to no avail; their seatbelt will not release them and pounding on the glass windows of the car doesn't work. A black and white semi-truck driven by Monogoose appears and heads straight at the car, which speeds up and deliberately crashes into the truck, killing Ryouta in the 11:21PM, the same time as a previous crash.
  • Dead-Hand Shot: After he is killed.
  • Good with Numbers
  • Innocent Blue Eyes
  • Irony: He's killed because he was late to the trial.
  • No Mouth: Not to be taken literally, but even when drawn without his scarf, Ryouta always has something to cover his mouth.
  • Parental Substitute: He was raised by his aunt.
  • Photographic Memory: Possibly. It has yet to be seen in the game, but his talent implies he may have it.
  • Shrinking Violet
  • Unmoving Plaid

Sani Santana

Super High-School Level Spelling Bee Champion
Reigning champion for six years, Sani has had a knack for memorizing mundane things since before he could remember. Whether it was how many blue cars parked in front of his elementary school or the exact spelling of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Sani impressed his classmates excitedly each day! Up until he hit middle school and that sort of stuff wasn’t really cool anymore. Still, Sani secretly continued to run off to spelling bees, if only to maintain his title as the best around! He couldn’t use it to pick up on anyone, but that didn’t change it from being a pretty cool ego boost! One of the victims of the third chapter. Killed by drowning.

Shouko Akutagawa

Super High-School Level Lyra Performer
Shouko was adopted by the Akutagawa Circus’ ringleader and his wife alongside her late older brother at age four. She barely remembers her birth parents and doesn’t really know what happened to them. She longs showing her gratitude to her adoptive family for taking both in by being the best circus performer she can possibly be. The girl experimented with different circus disciplines, came to realize lyra performing was her favorite and specialized in it. The enormous effort she put into her training was rewarded and she became known for the quality and beauty of her act, making the circus internationally well known. Most of her numbers are solo, giving the correct impression she’s a loner- she has always been immersed in training and never had much time to interact with others. Having to transfer schools every other time doesn’t help. Survives to the endgame.

Waka Tanaka

Super High-School Level Radio Personality
Since he was a young boy, Waka had always spent the majority of his mornings listening to morning talk radio shows. During that time he would often mimic the voices he heard, how fast they talked, the fluctuations in tone, he was fascinated with the overall appeal and smoothness of the voices. Eventually a childhood full of mimicry and practice in the shower lead him to announce the morning news at his school, and armed with a quick, un-faltering tongue and a soundboard full of wacky effects, Waka made his way up the ladder from morning announcement, local town radio shows, to eventually a number one early-morning radio show on national radio. Survives to the endgame.

Yuki Minasaki

Super High-School Level Pickpocket
Yuki has been raised by their grandad since they were ten, and took up picking pockets to help make ends meet. Their grandad never exactly approved of it, but recognized that Yuki was just trying to help, and it was honestly kind of necessary. Eventually Yuki got really good both at misdirection and running, but they got even better at nimbly plucking things from people and being long gone before the target even realized anything was missing. They got so good, in fact, that they started to become something of an urban legend. A mysterious shadow who slipped money and valuables from rich people’s pockets and purses, it was said they could take a woman’s necklace right off her neck or a man’s watch off his wrist without being noticed, and it was true. After a while success started to go to Yuki’s head and they gained a penchant for showing off, using their well-developed sleight-of-hand to play jokes or perform tricks to impress people they wanted to befriend. That got them a little too much attention though, the police began to catch on to the rumors of a flashy brat with “magic” fingers, and Yuki found themself being followed. They had to be more careful after that, much to their frustration, and had several narrow misses before they realized they were going to have to stop entirely or risk a real run-in with the law. Fortunately, it wasn’t too long after that they received an invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy under the title Super High School Level Pickpocket. In Chapter Six, they reveal that they are Livewire, the Mastermind's mole. Survives to the endgame.

NPC Characters

Swanami/Monoduck/ Saaras
Quite possibly the prince (or former prince) of the Märchen Kingdom, Swanami considers himself to be a ruler unchallenged and a creature deserving of much adoration. Although he is shown to have a short temper with the students, he is by no means harsh by them, with his default warning being to molt on them. However, this kind nature is taken advantage of when Monogoose attacks the Kingdom, stripping Swanami of his form and name, addressing him as Monoduck from hence forward. Opposes Monogoose by attacking her with a sword in the third chapter, but he is disarmed quite literally when she stabs his arm.
  • Bishōnen: Wow, his human form is pretty cute.
  • Cain and Abel: It's revealed that he is actually Monogoose's brother.
  • Cool Crown
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Looses one to Monogoose and is transformed into Monoduck.
  • Idiot Hair: It adds to the adorable factor that it's a heart.
  • Meaningful Rename: Following his defeat at the hands of Monogoose.
  • Odd Friendship: With Daichi and Chiyo.
  • Pungeon Master: Although not to the extreme effect of Monogoose.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Well...real swans do.
  • Robotic Reveal: After Monogoose stabs his arm, it's revealed he has wires in his arm.
  • Rule of Cute: As Monoduck, almost everything he does is adorable. His main threat to people is that he will molt on them, he's smaller than his crown, and during the party in chapter one, he sleeps in Chiyo's hair.
  • Series Mascot: Shares this with Monogoose.
  • Tears of Remorse: In reaction to Foerlie's death. Followed by a "This wasn't suppose to happen"
  • Tender Tears: Most in-game posts of Monoduck feature him tearing up.

Monogoose/ Wauna
The secondary antagonist only to the Mastermind, Monogoose is a terrifying presence not only for her cruel and unusual forms of torment, but how nonchalant and even chipper she can be while handing them out. Not much is known about the goose other than the obvious, for no one dares to make any unnecessary interactions with her.

Simon Sweet

The only true human NPC available in the game so far, Simon runs the bakery in the Märchen Kingdom, but is often found instead drinking and resenting the children of the Kingdom, with the rare exception of a few. He is killed in the fourth chapter due to giving too much information to the students.

The delivery fairy of the Märchen Kingdom, Briar supervises the Wishing Wells of the Kingdom as well as delivering gifts to the students in exchange for their coins, along with some witty banter and sly remarks. The first of the NPC characters to be significantly injured. He was attacked by Monogoose in her human form during chapter three and had his wings ripped out. The reason why is currently unknown. He is then shot and presumably killed by Andre.

Rory Donovan

The faun gravedigger of the game, Rory is a very timid individual who seems to have a heart of gold in response to the students, and truly does feel their grieves concerning Monogoose.

Kasie Harper
A young girl who mysteriously appeared in the Märchen Kingdom one day, she is gifted with the odd ability to see the spirits of passed on students and convey their messages to the living. However, she seems partially oblivious to the events transpiring, and seems confident in her parents returning soon.

One of the many mermaids of the Märchen Kingdom's lake, Anneliese is an incredibly violent soul when provoked. Finding almost as much amusement in the suffering of others as Monogoose herself, she has been a burden on the students by both blocking their access to the tower and injuring those who draw too close. However cruel she can be, she can also be a great aid when convinced, and has an especially soft spot for Rory.


The croupier in charge of the Lucky Roulette Casino as well as a mercenary who dispaches of anyone who disobeys Monogoose, Andre is not the type one should cross. If he doesn't put a bullet in your head, he'll more than likely flirt you into submission.


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