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This character sheet is for Once Bit Your Sister.


Born in Ambermill, currently living with her mother and father in Elwynn Forest. She's a warlock, but tends to avoid blaring that fact when in big cities like Stormwind. May or may not have a Thing for Tor. Hint at it and die, kthnx.



Born in Northern Lordearon, not far from Hearthglen and now living in Elwynn Forest with his aunt and uncle. Torcuil is a paladin, and technically a Knight of the Silver Hand, but not a part of Tirion's reformation of the Order. In short, it's complicated and involves some Time Travel.

  • Future Me Scares Me - His future self is a grumpy bitter Death Knight, and he doesn't know how he becomes that.

There is also a Death Knight version of Torcuil around who, due to his time spent as part of the Scourge, is quite different personality wise from his younger Paladin counterpart.

  • Berserk Button - Don't imply that he was part of the Scourge willingly. He takes it very personal.
  • Blessed with Suck - Homeland destroyed and family dead, Scarlet Crusade, The Scourge, and the finally, the next trope.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold - He's not always a jerkface, but is one most of the time (pretty much around anyone that isn't Luneira). Quite possibly a Knight In Sour Armor too.
  • I Am What I Am - He doesn't like being a Death Knight, but he can't exactly change it.
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  • Knight Templar - To a degree. He is formally a member of the Scarlet Crusade, and he doesn't advertise this fact.


A strange, short-haired warrior chick who runs into the group every now and again. She's incidental to the group's antics; so far, she's been witness to two major events (Garnet's death-by-zombie and getting Shaharra drunk in the Gallina Wineries).

  • Fearless Fool- especially when it comes to the truly dangerous locations of the world.



  • Son of a Whore - Actually, her mother runs a brothel in Theramore. Explains a lot, doesn't it?
  • Spin-Offspring - Uh, if there's still anyone that missed the memo that she's Galehaut's daughter...


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