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A list of characters in the Chinese Series Ode To Joy. Beware of spoilers for both seasons.

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    Floor 22 Inhabitants 

An Di

A 31 year old businesswoman who recently moved from the US to Shanghai in search of her brother.

Fan Sheng Mei

A 30 year old HR executive who puts wealth at the top of her mind to support her family.

Qiu Ying Ying

A 23 year old worker from a small town. Her impulsive nature often gets her into trouble.

Guan Ju Er

A 22 year old intern. She is dutiful, quiet, and hardworking but eventually questions herself over the course of the series.

Qu Xiao Xiao

A 24 year old rich kid who aspires to take her father's company over.


    Love Interests 

Qi Dian/Wei Wei

An Di's online friend, revealed to be a self-made CEO and her love interest.

Wang Bai Chuan

Fan Sheng Mei's classmate, who has always carried a torch for her.

Zhao Qi Ping

A hardworking doctor who is flirty outside of work. Qu Xiao Xiao's love interest.

Bao Yi Fan

A earnest businessman.

Ying Qin

An IT professional and Qiu Ying Ying's love interest.

Xie Tong

A musician and Guan Ju Er's love interest.

    Floor 22's Families 

The Fan Family

Fan Sheng Mei's family.

The Qu Family

Qu Xiao Xiao's family.

The Guan Family

Guan Ju Er's family.

The Qiu Family

Qiu Ying Ying's family.

An Di's Family

An Di's biological family.

    Recurring Characters 

Tan Zong Ming

An Di's boss and longtime confidant.

Yao Bin

Xiao Xiao's friend.

    Season 1 Only 

Manager Bai

Ying Ying's manager and ex-boyfriend.

Lin Jing

Guan Ju Er's senior.

    Season 2 Only 

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