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     Brianna Gordon
The titular Shield Maiden.

     Fiona Gordon
Brianna's younger sister.

     Erik Bloodaxe

The future King of Norway whose become infatuated with Brianna.

  • Badass: He's a Viking it comes with the job.
  • Horny Viking: Not in the traditional sense, but especially around Brianna.

     Ragnild Erikdotter
The Object of Brianna's Visions, and the daughter of Erik and Gunhild, currently head of a settlement in Iceland.

An Exotic Sorceress and loyal right hand woman to Erik. And a former Harem girl.
  • Black Best Friend: With benefits with Brianna. And once with Erik.
  • Undying Loyalty: Swears to be serve him till the end of her days after she helped rescue her daughter.

Kleeah's daughter.

     Edda Stormbringer
Kleeah's pupil.
  • Like a Daughter to Me: Keeps her visits to the Vikings forbidden room, AKA the Orgy room. Secret from Erik because of this.

     Olga Magnussen
One of Erik's warriors.

Olga's Brother and Erik's best warrior.
  • Undying Loyalty: Won't even humour his sister's suggestion that he replace Erik as leader.

Erik's Wife and mother of Ragnild.
  • Retired Badass: Used to take part in the Viking raids so it's a given.

A Chinese girl traded into Kleeah's Harem to pay her fathers debt.

     Ingrid Jostad
A voluptuous Red Head with a fancy for Fiona. The two later consummate there attraction in Baldrik's cave along with the half-troll Magnor.

     Helka Bredahl
The Muscular woman blacksmith who Brianna helps. It wasn't long before she and her partner, Gunner where seduced by her.

The blacksmith who works alongside Helka.


     Kassandra Blackwood
An Evil witch determined to extend her life as long as possible. She's also an old acquaintance of Erik and Gunhild.

     Sir Ronan Marshal
The Knight and the betrothed who Brianna attempted to flee from. To do this he's enlisted the help of Kassandra.
  • Eye Scream: His left eye has a noticeable scar.
  • Hypocrite: Claims to be a man of god while consorting with a Witch.


A Priest and an old lover of Brianna's and whose seduction started off the story.
  • Dirty Coward: Didn't do anything to keep Brianna from begin captured.

A Troll who dwells in a cave near the Viking settlement.

The half human son of Baldrik and thus immune from the same rocky fate as his father.

    Belinda Gordon
Brianna's and Fiona's mother whose long dead by the beginning of the comic thanks to the church burning her as a witch. Brianna seems to have inherited her Oracle foresight (and her looks) from her. Recently she's begun to appear to her daughter as a ghost.

     Nordri, Sudri, Austri, and Vestri

The quartet of forest Dwarves caring for Zhen. Brianna meets them after she arrives at the blind girls cabin outside of the Village.

Mythical Figures

A Shape-shifting spirit ally of Kleeah's who saved Brianna at the sorceresses request when she was in a coma.

  • Valkyrie:

A Werewolf and Lover of Ragnild.


Fenrir's Mother who along with her grandsons will ensure Ragnild's doom unless Brianna's with her visions can do somthing.


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