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A swordswoman who has been cleaning out the Tsukumogami crawling around the capital in order to avenge her mother. Although Hanabusa is usually a very composed girl, when it comes to Tsukumogami her temper explodes. Her private vendetta makes her appear mature for a girl of her age. She's insanely into pickled foods.

A servant of the mountain god. Komiya received the Gokon Sword from Oyatsu, Hanabusa’s mother, and was asked to pass it over to Hanabusa. He acts polite before those of higher rank while treating those in inferior standing like trash. Komiya has a sweet tooth for beautiful women and hits on them with no regard for the situation.

Hanabusa's sword teacher. Okuni leads her troupe in the Craftsman District. She's breezy, truthful and popular among the young and old alike. Okuni works as a performing artist; now that she has mastered the miko dance, she's striving to create a brand new dance performance.

The only son of a swordsmith in the Craftsman District. Kotetsu is such a smart and able young man that the artisans around him have strong expectations for his future. He admires Hidetada, Hanabusa's father, who was the best craftsman in the Capital, and his goal is to make a sword on par with the Gokon sword. Harbors hidden feelings toward his childhood friend Waka.

A young miko dance performer who works in the Craftsman District. She's so careless that even Kotetsu, who's younger than her, is deeply worried about her. Even though Waka was born between poor parents, she trained under Okuni and is now trying to return her parents's sacrifices.

A Buddhist monk traveling around the country doing missionary work. However, since he is always breaking rules and following his whims, he's called a corrupt monk. With his handsome looks and amiable personality, he has a lot of female fans. His favorite things in the world are women, alcohol and meat. He has a girlfriend named Shinjo.

One of the gods who created the gems on the Gokon sword. Tamagami is a god of businesses such as jewelcrafting, steelworking and blacksmith, and thus is very involved in the Craftsman District. She has a dignified elegance about her and is one of the few Komiya acts polite toward.

One of the gods who created the gems on the Gokon sword. Kagerou is a ghost and a god of thunder. A former courtesan at the Haunted Castle, Kagerou is the one who brought it to ruin. She is a very approachable woman whose presence soothes everyone around her.

One of the gods who created the gems on the Gokon sword. Izumo is the guardian of Ikusagahara, where many restless souls wander. Because it's in his nature to love fighting, he's always getting himself in trouble.

One of the gods who created the gems on the Gokon sword. Hisame is a god of sake and abundance, guardian of the Tavern District. He's so composed and judicious that Tamagami often asks him for advice. However, alcohol turns him into yet another drunken fool.

The official wife of Yoshimasa. Tomiko carries a lot of clout in politics, and ever since she came up with a horrible method of collecting tax from all the people in the capital, she has been called with many vile names. She's obssessed with making her son, Yoshihisa, the next Shogun, and will do anything to accomplish that.

An important figure in the government and a consultant to Yoshimasa and Tomiko. Because Katsumoto is dedicated to saving his family from their peril, he's highly concerned over Souzen's, his father in-law's, strong influence in politics. His hobbies include meditation, calligraphy, and painting.

A girl who works for Gijin and leads a large host of Tsukumogami. She's cold-hearted and has a penchance for brutality. She used to be a courtesan in the Haunted Castle, and despises her former colleague, Kagerou. Her non-Japanese outfit is something she bought from a foreign merchant.

An important figure who works in the Capital Defense Department. He is a largehearted, forceful man. Some people call him a red monk because of the way his face reddens when he gets angry. A kindly spirit, he is always worrying about his children who are now with Katsumoto.

The little brother of Yoshimasa and the new leader of the Western Army. His real name is Yoshimi. He's a calm man with his feet on the ground and is smart enough to use other people well. For a certain reason, he's trying to bring down the government through the use of Tsukumogami.

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