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The Fury

Son of the World War II superhero "The Fighting Fury", the Fury is a teen hero who used to fight as his dad's Kid Sidekick, the Fireball. When his father was shot protecting him from a supervillain, his father made him promise to continue his legacy - but his mother has absolutely forbidden him from superheroing, forcing him to work behind her back.

Johnny Beyond

A Beatnik sorcerer who uses Tibetan mysticism to protect humanity from magical threats.

Mystery Inc

A band of scientists who discovered an ancient alien temple on the moon, where they were exposed to unknown rays that transformed them into super-powered beings. Equivalent to The Fantastic Four.

The Planet

Able to shift into the form of a deformed green goliath with an oversized head, a form that grants him superhuman strength and durability.

Crystal Man

Can transform into a being of living crystal, a state in which he can mold and transform his body in myriad ways.

Neon Queen

Able to transform her body into a vaporous form, in which she can poison people or emit blinding light.

Kid Dynamo

Able to transform into a being of living electricity.

The Tomorrow Syndicate

An Avengers style loose team-up of different superheroes.

Ultimate Special Agent

A long-serving Badass Normal special agent whose rare blood type allows him to achieve superhuman levels of strength and agility by taking the mysterious Vitamin Omega. Secretly, he's 60 years old and is rejuvenated to his prime when Vitamin Omega is in his system, but reverts to his elderly form when it wears off.

The Hypernaut

A test pilot whose ship came apart in the upper atmosphere, but who was saved from death by aliens. When they couldn't repair his dying body, they digitized his brainwaves into a cybernetic replicant, rendering him a member of the Hypernaut Corps, a galactic peacekeeping force.

The N-Man

A scientist whose experiments in the effects of radiation on living beings caused him to augment himself with beetle DNA, granting him immunity to radiation alongside superhuman strength and durability, but at the price of becoming a deformed monster.
  • Body Horror: His body is covered in thick, red, chitinous plating, and his limbs have warped into inhuman forms.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of The Incredible Hulk.
  • Eagleland: The N-Man is obsessively proud of his country's scientific achievements, to the point that issue 6 opens with him arguing with the Hypernaut that American tech is superior to even the most advanced alien technology.
  • Genius Bruiser: He may have a Hulkish temper and physique, but he's still a brilliant scientist.
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  • Nigh Invulnerable
  • Super Strength


The Egyptian deity, whose fascination with humanity causes him to live a double-life on Earth, where he alternates his time between serving in disguise as a College teacher of Egyptian history and theology and fighting monsters as a super-hero.

Inframan & Infragirl

Male and female scientists who have unlocked the secrets of altering the size of themselves and others.

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