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In-progress page for the cast of now-cancelled reality show 19 Kids & Counting.

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    Duggar Parents 

James Robert "Jim-Bob" Duggar

The patriarch of the Duggar clan. A real estate agent and former Arkansas state representative.
  • Jerkass: He blatantly doesn't like anything that's outside of their lifestyle. He also makes fun of other cultures, and he didn't take time to learn some basic Spanish when he and the family traveled to El Salvador. And lets not forget his Papa Wolf status towards his daughters, and his very sexist views on women.

Michelle Annette Duggar (née Ruark)

Jim-Bob's wife and mother to the 19 kids.
  • Babies Ever After: Averted. Michelle tragically miscaried her 20th child, in 2011.
  • '80s Hair: hasn't updated her hairstyle in over thirty years, mainly because that's the hairstyle Jim Bob likes on her.
  • Extreme Doormat: Does whatever Jim Bob tells her to do, and goes along with it.

    Duggar Kids 

Tropes applying to all the kids in general:

Joshua James "Josh" Duggar

The eldest of the titular 19 Kids. He is married to Anna Keller Duggar, and they have five children together: Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, and Mason.
  • Jerkass: Seems to enjoy making his wife uncomfortable, he even stated this in an episode where he made Anna go on a ferris wheel, knowing very well that Anna hates heights.
  • Never Live It Down: Didn't appear on the show anymore after he was accused of sexually abusing his sisters, and being unfaithful to his wife Anna.
  • Theme Naming: Followed in his parents' footsteps in giving his kids names starting with the same letter. However, he and Anna chose to go with the letter M.
  • Your Cheating Heart: He is known to have cheated on his wife Anna, thanks to the Ashley Madison hack.

Jana Marie Duggar

The second child out of 19, and twin to John-David.
  • Hidden Depths: She is really good at painting/drawing.
  • Promotion to Parent: This is taken Up to Eleven. It's shown she runs the household, and even knows things about it that Jim Bob doesn't, like the internet block password among other things.
  • The Unfavorite: Seems to be this among the older girls, as she's almost 30, still living at home after her much younger sisters were married off, leaving her to take care of her siblings by herself.

John-David Duggar

The third child of 19, and twin to Jana. Married to Abbie Duggar, née Burnett.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He seems pretty snarky in the more recent episodes. Especially during Joy's wedding episode.
  • The Quiet One: He spends rather little time on camera and is quiet whenever he appears. He doesn't talk very much and like Jana, seems very reserved, except when he is around Abbie.

Jill Michelle Dillard

  • Extreme Doormat: Seems to be following in Michelle's footsteps, and constantly nods and agrees with whatever her husband Derick is saying.
  • Hair Decorations: As a grown women in her mid 20s, she was still seen wearing flowers in her hair, as well as decorative hairbands.
  • Parental Favoritism: She's obviously Jim Bob's favorite, as she's more than willing to help raise her younger siblings.
  • Promotion to Parent: Like the rest of her sisters, she is forced into raising her younger siblings.

Jessa Lauren Seewald

  • Extreme Doormat: Surprisingly averted. She's not afraid to state her opinion, and she and Ben seem to be a good team.
  • Happily Married: As noted, she and Ben seem to make a good team, as well as obviously loving each other — flaws and all.
  • Promotion to Parent: She was this so much so that she was the one getting the younger kids to do their homework, instead of Jim Bob or Michelle.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: She and Jana don't seem to get along due to Jessa's bold personality.
  • Those Two Guys: Inverted with her and Jinger, who are best friends.

Jinger Nicole Vuolo

  • Black Sheep: Now since she's married, she wears pants, tank tops, and short skirts, and shorts. She also moved away as soon as she tied the knot, and waited more than a full year after marrying to become pregnant, unlike the rest of her sisters.
  • Dating What Daddy Hates: Sort of. While Jeremy obviously was fundie enough to marry her, he seems more liberal than the Duggars, by letting Jinger wear pants and shorts.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: To the point where fans created a website called "Free Jinger". After she married Jeremy Vuolo, she escaped Jim Bob's cult, most notably when she posted pictures of her wearing pants (it's a cardinal sin in the Duggar household for females to wear pants)!
  • My Nayme Is: Her name is pronounced like Ginger but, unusually, spelled with a J, to keep with the Duggar Family Theme Naming.
  • Those Two Guys: She is always seen together with her sister Jessa, they seem to be inseparable.
  • Your Tradition Is Not Mine: She wears pants, tanks, and shorts, instead of the Duggar family tradition of women only wearing (longer) skirts, and she waited a full year after marrying to have a baby.

Joseph Garrett Duggar

The seventh Duggar sibling and the third son. Married to Kendra, née Caldwell.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He along with the rest of his brothers (minus Josh), seem to be protective over Joy-Anna.
  • Happily Married: He and Kendra have settled into what is apparently a genuinely happy and mutually supportive marriage.
  • The Quiet One: More so in the earlier seasons of 19KAC, but this has been averted in the later seasons focusing on his relationship with Kendra.

Josiah Matthew Duggar

Married to Lauren, née Swanson.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He is shown to be protective of Joy-Anna, especially during the episodes that focus on her relationship with Austin.

Joy-Anna Forsyth

  • Childhood Friend Romance: She has known her now-husband Austin Forsyth for over 15 years; they were children when they met.
  • Girliness Upgrade: In the later seasons, after she hit puberty, she (somewhat begrudgingly) shed her tomboy look and seemed forced to become more ladylike. But you can tell she doesn't like her new image, and prefers her tomboy look.
  • I Have Brothers: She's the only girl in the middle of two older brothers and six younger. She uses this as an excuse as the reason for her Tomboy status.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: She used to be really assertive, but ever since she started a relationship she became really indecisive, and likes for Austin to make her decisions for her.
  • One of the Boys: With two older brothers, and six younger ones, she didn't really fit in with the four oldest or youngest girls. This was until she got older.
  • Perpetual Frowner: She isn't known as "Joyless Anna" for no reason.
  • Tomboy: She used to be this before puberty hit and she was encouraged to be more ladylike.

Jedidiah Robert Duggar

Jeremiah Robert Duggar

Jason Michael Duggar

  • Big Brother Instinct: Inverted with him being younger than Joy, but was willing to go out and "save" her when there was a bear outside while they were camping.

James Andrew Duggar

Justin Samuel Duggar

Jackson Levi Duggar

Johannah Faith Duggar

Tomboy: Due to her having nine older brothers, and six directly above her, it's no wonder why she's a tomboy.

Jennifer Danielle Duggar

  • Out of Focus: Jennifer and Jordyn are sometimes referred to as the "lost girls".
  • Shrinking Violet: She seems to be really quiet and shy compared to Johannah.

Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar

  • Out of Focus: Jennifer and Jordyn are sometimes referred to as the "lost girls".
  • The Unfavorite: Due to Josie being born prematurely and needing a lot of attention, Michelle barely spent time with Jordyn as a baby and rarely if ever interacts with her, while she showers Josie with attention.

Josie Brooklyn Duggar

  • Ill Girl: She was born prematurely and spent months in the hospital before she could come home.

    Other Relatives 

Anna Renée Duggar (née Keller)

Josh Duggar's wife and mother of their four children. She has seven siblings who she seems quite close to off-camera.
  • Extreme Doormat: She's staying with Josh not only after it was revealed that he molested his younger sisters, but also after she learned that he cheated on her. Her siblings even offered to help her and the kids if she left him and she told them no.

Abbie Grace Duggar (née Burnett)

John-David's wife, an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) from Oklahoma. She works with geriatric patients in her nursing career.
  • Adorkable: She's absolutely adorable, and like John-David, a dork.
  • '80s Hair: Not deliberately. Her (natural!) curls must be seen to be believed.

Derick Michael Dillard

Jill's husband and father of their sons Israel David and Samuel Scott.
  • Jerkass: He insulted Jazz Jennings on Twitter, which resulted in him and Jill being removed from the show, and continued to mock other TLC shows, ultimately making his Twitter private.
  • Never Live It Down: His remarks about Jazz Jennings, and Nate and Jeremiah from Nate And Jeremiah By Design.

Benjamin Michael Seewald

Jessa's husband and father of their sons, Spurgeon Elliot and Henry Wilberforce. Like his wife he is a bit... polarizing with his views of Catholics, but notably progressive for a fundamentalist on race relations.
  • Happily Married: He and Jessa appear to have a genuinely loving and mutually supportive marriage; Jessa has been open about the fact that marriage requires communication and that she and Ben do have disagreements sometimes.

Jeremy Joseph Vuolo

Jinger's husband, a former American soccer player from Texas.
  • Only Sane Man: He seems to be the most "normal" out of all the husbands. I.e "allowing" Jinger to wear what she pleases, including pants!

Kendra Renée Duggar (née Caldwell)

Joseph's wife, and the mother of their son, Garrett. The daughter of Pastor Caldwell, a longtime family friend.

Austin Martyn Forsyth

Joy-Anna's husband and father of their son, Gideon.

Lauren Milagro Duggar (née Swanson)

Josiah's wife.

Amy Rachelle King (née Duggar)

The "rebellious" cousin, and daughter of Jim Bob's sister Deanna. She's actually a fairly normal young woman from Arkansas who wears jeans and listens to rock music, which are no-nos in the very strict brand of Christianity her uncle, aunt, and cousins adhere to.
  • Black Sheep: She wears jeans, listens to rock music, and goes on dates without chaperones. According to Josiah in an earlier episode, even though she's "different", they still like her.

Mary Duggar

The original Mrs. Duggar, she is Jim Bob's mother. After her husband Jimmy Lee's death she moved in with her son and his family.

    Friends & Guests 

Bates Family


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