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A Humanoid Species that live in the world of Nidhogg and the Characters that the Player controls throughout the games. They often don’t speak (or at all) to one another. Though there is no motivations to their actions, the Grunts are seen as participents in a duel, which consist with another of their kind so they may fight to the death.

  • Badass Normal:“The Grunts” are shown to be lacky fighters. However they can handle weapons by themselves in their disposable and even without their weapons, the Grunts can give a great ruthless kick to the face and delivered a merciless beating, if only it weren't for the Confusion Fu arc as the Grunts seem to stumble and fall every-time their thrown off balance. Along with their messy style of technique.

  • Adaptational Attractiveness: They had started off as nothing more than chubby-naked men with their features more ogrest like and had disgusting looking designs. Unlike the Original however; the Grunts are shown to be more slimmer and well-built, with average height. But somewhat still have their colorful tone of skin with a (yet strange) new sense of fashion.

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  • Wimp Fight: The fights are worth seeing, but due to the Grunts fighting style being easily adapted. This leads to a clumsy scruffle with the two opponents having difficulties to take down the one.

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