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This page deals with the characters featured in Next Era and the tropes that apply to them specifically. More characters here.

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Main Cast


A general of the Maverickhunters. Was created by Raines. Married to Snex, mother of Atos. Weapon engineer, sniper, more or less the main of the main characters.


Also a general. Silver's husband.


Mercenary working for the hunters. Good friend of Silver.


Also a mercenary working for the hunters. Old friend, companion and once short-time girlfriend of 666. Now in a relationship with Pallette instead.


A young hunter who manages to piss off both Zero and Snex, which seems to be one of the reasons he's not holding a higher rank than whatever rank he has right now.

  • Bratty Half-Pint: Snex treats him as one.
  • Expy: Not of a character, but of a position in the ensemble - Axl was for some unspecified never used, and the inclusion of Metro filled any need for that type of character... so if Axl ever DOES appear, he won't be a Hunter. Most likely is that he'll keep not being used, though.


A mysterious robot that appeared and attacked for no reason.

Raines W. Xenox

The man who created Silver, but it didn't go quite as intended (as the quote on the page states). Lives in a mansion. Brother of Gary.

Gary G. Xenox

The younger Xenox brother. Half-brother, in fact. Is a full vampire.

Supporting Cast

Mina Xenox

Mother of aforementioned two. Probably one of the most powerful members of the cast.

Also, some of the used Capcom characters that have been subjected to Alternate Character Interpretation like you wouldn't believe.


Survived past Maverick wars. Somehow.

  • Scarf of Asskicking: Oh yes.
  • Walking the Earth: Started doing this during the wars, when he realized he didn't have what it took to defeat these new things. He became one of the greater warriors of the new era.


  • Big Bad: Subverted. He's not the one behind most of the plots, and disappeared after his first rebellion and later retaliatory strike (which roughly use the plots of X1 and X4).


  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Still one of the three head navigators. But instead of being good at level layout and finding secrets, which didn't exactly translate well to written works, her main skills were changed into mathematics, programming, hacking and code decryption. Also...
  • Lipstick Lesbian
  • Mouthful of Pi: She claims to know all the digits of pi by heart. Noone has ever believed her or managed to figure out what the hell she means, and noone has dared to ask her to actually recite them.
  • Must Have Caffeine

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