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Characters / Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road

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Suou Yagyuu

Voiced by: KENN

The male lead and the last of the Yagyuu. He joins Ame on her journey.

  • I Am a Monster: He claims he is just as much of a monster as the Shinobi.
  • Last of His Kind: He is the only known remaining Yagyuu.
  • Mystical White Hair: Sanda notes that his white hair is proof of his heritage of the Yagyuu.
  • Super Soldier: He is a Yagyuu, a humanoid weapon created to destroy the Shinobi.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Ame at the end.
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  • What Beautiful Eyes!: Ame thinks so, saying they are proof that he's not the monster he thinks he is.

Ame Ise

Voiced by: Megumi Han

The female lead and the princess of the country Ise. She is on a journey in search of the Giga Road.

  • Anguished Declaration of Love: While it couldn't be heard at first, the end reveals that she gave one to Suou to stop his rampage.
  • Fallen Princess: Her country has already been laid to waste by the Shinobi by the time the story starts.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Suou at the end, as she is nowhere to be found after the final battle.



Voiced by: Unshou Ishizuka

A old swordsman serving Ame.

Hana, Yuzu, Rin, and Eri

Voiced by: Izumi Kitta, Sora Tokui, Suzuko Mimori, and Mikoi Sasaki

A quartet of girls travelling with Ame.

  • The Leader: Hana seems to be in charge of the other three.

Shin Kazusa

Voiced by: Kosuke Toriumi

The young leader of the nation of Tora.


Hinata Hashiba

Voiced by: Tomo Saeki

A soldier working under Shin.

Kagato Maeda

Voiced by: Chihiro Suzuki

Another soldier working under Shin.


Voiced by: Shuta Morishima

A scholar from Ise.

  • A God Am I: He seems to have attained this mindset after acquiring the power of the Shinobi.
  • Big Bad: He let the Shinobi destroy Ise and is using their power to try and create a new world.
  • Mad Scientist: He intergrated Shinobi cells into his own body.
  • Treacherous Advisor: He used to teach Ame when she was little, but now uses her for his plans.
  • Walking Spoiler: His status as the Big Bad.

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