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Mythril Aces Re(Union)

The Federation, the Centauri, and everyone in between.

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    Sol Federation 

The Sol Federation sent some its best to aid the cause of Samsara freedom. These ACES (Autonomous Critical Engagement Service members) were originally divided into two flights of recently arrived pilots to train the Samsarans and protect their own assets. However, combat quickly escalated and casualties mounted, forcing the two Squads to merge into one after the presumed death of Commander Arath.

Flight One

Isra binte Junayd - Theia - Fauxlosophe

The commander of the one the Ace Flights. A woman from Baqi who made Ace after rallying her flight during an attack after their commander had been killed. Isra has been in the military for much of her adult life, instilling a sense of discipline and cooperative spirit in her. She aspires to be something of a team parent, but is still a tad nervous about taking responsibility for others. For the most part she stays relaxed but doesn't hesitate to bark our orders when she has to. She pilots a Titanus.

  • Guilt Complex: The first to blame herself for the failure of missions and tends to take the death of those under her command pretty hard.
  • Socially Awkward Hero: Isra can handle rifle fire and is pretty competant at tactics, but finds herself uncomfortable with asserting authority in social situations and will sometimes let stuff slide just because she is afraid of causing conflict.
  • The Stoic: Isra tries pretty hard not to let her fear or guilt show through when talking to anyone under her command, with equals and superiors she will speak more freely but rarely let herself show it.
    • Not So Stoic: When she thinks she's on her own, she'll let some of her emotions show through. She also has a few nervous ticks which always show through, even if she denies them.
  • You Are in Command Now: Took command of her original flight when the commander was killed in a raider ambush. Her courage and coolness under fire won her a position with the Aces and eventually a flight of her own to really command.

Angus M'bala - Dr. Snipes - Wryte

An easygoing man who is more likely to get dragged along than do any dragging himself, Angus was born on the war-torn planet of Midgard but left as a child to escape the constant combat. Angus was 12 when he and his mother moved near a permanently-stationed squadron of frames for fighting pirates that left a strong impression on the boy's mind. When he turned 18, Angus joined the military in hopes of becoming a frame pilot himself. A tour of duty hunting pirates landed him six kills and a promotion to the Aces.

Christine Hepner - Wolf Pup - zzzdragon

Christine is a real space case. Not that she's air headed, she's actually rather blunt and severe. But, that is to say, she grew up in an orbital colony around Angelpunkt and has spent very little time actually on any terrestrial surface. Christine participated in civilian frame competitions as a teenagers, where she developed a need for speed. She joined a military engineering team as a test pilot and was promoted to Ace after singlehandedly defending the research facility from an enemy raid. She pilots a Quicksilver.

Lilith MacDonald - Sunrise - RenaTheArchmage

One of the newer additions to the Federation, as well as one of the most reliably unstable. A veteran of the Aerisian conflict, she has spent the intervening years on something very closely resembling the lam due to various misunderstandings and accidents. Though she has mellowed out since the last war, slowly changing from a thrill-seeking upbeat pyromaniac to an older war junkie, she still retains her vibrant personality and love of explosives.

  • Mad Bomber: Considerably less so, due to her new role, but she still retains elements.
  • Noodle Incident: A few since the last war, due to the sudden ending of the previous game.
  • Old Soldier: She likes to picture herself as this, much to her commander's chagrin.

Lydia Smith - Valkyrie - Lemurian

Lydia's easygoing attitude belies a dark past, her family was killed when she was an infant during a raid on her colony. Lydia was subsequently brought up in an orphanage. The experience didn't put a damper on her spirits though, Lydia is easily one of the sweetest frame pilots this side of the Sol System. Once in the cockpit though, she can seem a whole other person, a merciless huntress who will pursue her enemies to the edge of the galaxy. She pilots a Cobalt.


Michael Arath - Crim - Neobowman

Commander Michael Arath is a stern man. Stern and loud. He might have been happier as a drill sergeant. Arath is an older Ace, having joined the military during his wayward youth and proved an adept pilot, making his way to the elites. A surprise attack killed most of his former flight and the resulting trauma left Arath unable to fly combat missions for eight years. Time heals all wounds though, and after spending more than half a decade training new pilots, Arath has gotten himself back into the Aces and is ready to fight again.

Felix Novak - Apollo - Zautse

A Luna born man who left his heart on Venus. Felix enlisted in the military and was station on Venus, where he grew to love his native comrades. He served admirably up until a devastating pirate attack killed most of his friends. Put on leave due to the trauma, Felix eventually went back to piloting after receiving a mysterious tip concerning his mother, who had allegedly been killed in a friendly fire incident during the war. Since Venus, he has become quiet and withdrawn and taken to smoking a lot. He pilots a Quicksilver.

Calvin Summer - Baldur - rabbitRider

As a young man freshly from Earth, Lt. Calvin Summer was known for his nonchalant womanizing ways. He only joined the military on a bet, and only made the bet because he was drunk. Ten years later he's matured somewhat, having spent much of the war in some of the most grueling campaigns before the cease-fire. He still has a unique trait of losing control of his tongue and shouting trash talk at his enemies. He pilots a Cobalt.

Oliver Xing - Tachyon - TehStanman

Kara Cheslock - Echo - GIG


    Centauri Commonwealth 

Mira Coltello - Ice Queen - Dragon573

  • Bilingual Bonus: Mira speaks Italian as her primary language, delivering a long prayer of vengeance/righteous judgement for her enemies at one point. note 
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Originally, Mira was much more like The Ojou, refined, polite, and more interested in frilly dresses and her violin than warfare. The death of her older brother lead her to despise the Federation, and devote herself to tearing the Federation apart.
  • Drunk On Ice Cream: While on shore-leave, she used ice cream to drown her sorrows. When an ex-girlfriend made a bad comment, she ended up in what amounted to a sundae-bar fight (which she won). She remembers none of this incident.
  • Meaningful Name: Both of her names have violent meanings in Italian ("gunpoint" and "knife" respectively).
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Mira doesn't try to say that what she's doing is morally better than what the Federation does. But the Coltello family serves the Centauri Commonwealth, and she isn't about to break that tradition.
  • Religious Bruiser
  • White-Haired Pretty Girl

Elaine Gottwald - Strawberry Sunset RenaTheArchmage

A young, excitable woman, fresh out of the rank and file. Eager to please and highly impressionable, she unquestioningly accepted the propaganda and indoctrination of her childhood. Though well meaning, she comes across as fanatical and naive to many, leading to conflicts with her comrades in arms. Thanks to the nature of the conflict, she is quickly changing.

  • Cold Sniper: Averted. Though she fulfills the sniper role, she is very hotblooded, and primarily functions by dehumanizing the enemy.
  • Expy: Of the player's character from Mythril Aces: Aeris Gaiden. Unlike her original, who was obedient due to love of country, Elaine loves her country due to obedience.
  • Jumped at the Call: Once she was old enough, she eagerly joined. When a relative pulled strings to make her a Knight, she had never been happier.
  • Patriotic Fervor: Proud member of several nationalistic organizations, and quick to snap at anyone who questions the leadership.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Firmly believes the Centauri can do no wrong.