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Characters / Myscene

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This is a character sheet for the My Scene franchise.

The Girls

Barbie Roberts

Voiced by: Kelly Sheridan


Kennedy Rowan


Chelsea Farnsworth

Voiced by: Nicole Bouma

Madison/Westley Darwynn

Voiced by: Kathleen Barr

Nolee Tomodachi

Voiced by: Tegan Moss; Esmeralda Kame (Albanian dub)

Nia Velasquez
A girl Kennedy met during a two-week vacation to Miami, Florida—Nia eventually moved to New York City and became friends with the rest of Kennedy's group.

Delancey Farnsworth-Leifsdotter

Voiced by: Megan Black


  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Was the least produced girl in the entire line, and was shortly phased out.
  • Bit Character:Was barely seen or heard of in the movies, yet advertised in the promotional material. She was even referred to as "Female Model" in Masquerade Madness.

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