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My Superhero City - Characters

We were never welcome here.
We were never welcome here at all.
-Who We Are, Imagine Dragons

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     The Iridium Wonders in General 

The Iridium Wonders in My Superhero Academy

Mahvash: You speak English? If you do, we removed you from the city insistently. You may explain what happened now.
Sally: Though, I have one more question...should I be more honest about how I feel with others?
Martin: But, I can't help but feel that all of this was too...perfect. Hoard of zombies and an attack from a high class villain. Big proper setup and enough firepower to make it hurt. But before it can go wrong Saint appears to save the day just in the nick of time like he is known for. Life isn't as pretty as that, no matter how much we wish otherwise.
Ryuu: Let's save people!
Holiday: Once we've all gathered ourselves I will begin according to procedure, But take note. The enemy may not be intentionally hostile. Proceed with caution, and for god's sakes please try not to kill a frightened and unstable creature if you can help it.
Iris: Oh... crap. I don't want to alarm anyone, but the building is surrounded by zombies... and a lot of them are looking at Dante. Dammit, I'm supposed to be the creepiest thing around...

The Iridium Wonders, like every other squad, formed on Hallow's Eve 2018. They very quickly established some Team Spirit and even now have the most developed team identity in the class. They were the first to name themselves, have a set of sentai poses, and often participate in team training and off-campus activities.

  • Beware the Silly Ones: A very lighthearted bunch who rarely dwell over angst and often enjoy hamming it up. (All of them quickly picked up on the idea of sentai poses). Also the heaviest concentration of angsty, often bloody experiences, outsiders (in many senses), and enigmatically 'chosen ones'.
  • Cutting the Knot: Quick to do this, especially Holiday.
  • Initiation Ceremony: With everything from rubber chickens to unicycles to being fired out of a cannon. They like to welcome new members in a special way.
  • The Plan: The below-mentioned team spirit means that they can actually do this.
  • Supernatural Team: Very well equipped to handle preternatural threats.
  • Tactical Withdrawal: After disintegrating in the first test, they finish the second exam in record time. Mostly by very efficiently sweeping up civilians then icing and just leaving the villain, whom they knew they didn't have to battle.
  • Team Spirit: As noted, have a very well established team identity and dynamic. There's unique (read: actual) synergy when the Iridium Wonders take on a task.


     Mahvash Matten Mattiuza 
Player: Century Eye

Druj Mahvash
Cthair by by dark-precipice

Unfurled Aura of Druj Mahvash

Briefly: Mahvash being on the side of Saint and his heroes comes more from "nobility" than "goodness." She's both adventurous and charitable, if only because, staying still too long is quite unfulfilling, there's little (materially) that she really wants, and she loves attentionnote  and projects. None of this indicates empathy though.

Mahvash is more than aware of life as a Wide Open Sand Box and that she has the might to move mountains her way. She both revels in that power and is constantly refining it and seeking its best outlets. Random destruction she found unfulfilling. Most of the time. For the moment, the daeva considers herself Class 1's Good Shepherd.

A Few Tropes—Bio
  • Alien Psychology: Besides being Mahvash (See below), she's naturally note  attracted to the residue of filth, sex, and death and decay, has No Blood Ties, and a grandiose sense of responsibility without anything like agape. On a personal level, she'll happily declare that she's a God of Evil note , and gives even Saint's sense of morality a critical gaze.
  • Ascended Daeva: Almost. She wants to ascend "the right way." She's aware that she has to "adapt" and feels responsible for keeping the world, but does not readily accept others defining either morality and reason. Mahvash joining the school in the first place is less a result of a sudden epiphany or some Shocking Defeat Legacy and more working on "sustainable evil."
  • Assimilator: Why waste what one recovers from a battle? Mahvash will happily pick up souvenirs and learn from her foes and "friends" alike. Most notably, Druj Mahvash uses the magic touch of one of her classmates and variant copies of the others abilities to imbue things without destroying them.
  • Black Magic Knight: Elegant and composed and prefers to complement spellcraft with weapon styles. And the occasional wrestling move.
  • Brutal Honesty: Has few qualms about telling people exactly what they don't want to hear if they're unwary enough to ask her opinion.
  • Combat Pragmatist: While she enjoys her conflicts, she does intend to end them in her favor, preferably without giving the other a chance to retaliate. She's not quite a No-Nonsense Nemesis though, as she enjoys conversing with enemies and studying the context mid fight, and enjoys tricks, even developing wings because they looked cool. She'll still cut opponents with their edges—or let them forget that they're flowing destruction in the shape of wings.
  • Contralto of Danger: This and Voice of the Legion (and a Persian accent) characterize her normal voice.
  • Creepy Good: As noted in story, Mahvash is... Mahvash.
  • The Dreaded: She tends to make people wary by her very presence, earlier Mikael and Lucy, and later, Ash and Dawn.
  • Double Consciousness: Made of Evil (or at least born from it) and revels in it and intent on joining the human club tm and being a somewhat respectable deity among them.
  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: Will happily overlook insults and transgressions to "clear the air"—but she'll never actually forget the incident. She's just not one to pursue grudges without a better reason. Mahvash went out of her way to exorcise a corruption from Rosalinda (the one who set her on fire) and welcomes her back without much fuss.
  • Ghostly Chill: Mahvash is very cold to the touch.
  • Holy Burns Evil: Very literally. Adar note  is anathema to her. "Everyday" fire is hardly better for her. She has a better defense against it than ritual-made atar, but fire attacks are still debilitating, with the exception of Hell-Fire.
  • Holy Halo: A perfect black body note , and quite visible. Whether or not its tangible depends on rule of funny. Complete with note  Phosphor-Essence, for aside from her halo, she has a constant dimness about her.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Mahvash looks human enough in her familiar form, and even has a pulse, not that it means anything or ever changes. This is only Mertensian mimicry, and her apparent flesh isn't. She also obviously doesn't breathe and dove from Godzilla's head to hard tiles, laughing. The nurse cannot heal her, and there's no guarantee, say, a surgeon would see the same internal anatomy each time he opened her up or even during. Oh and there's the halo and the environment dimming in her presence. Mahvash also makes use of the little bits of defeated foes that she decides to carry along to grow as much as possible from every encounter.
  • Properly Paranoid: Played With, but she's often prepared for threats from people who have given her no reason to suspect them, and her history has given her a very quick reaction time to danger. She still thinks Saint Academy will try to have her killed when she stops being useful. The "everyday" madness of the place is well within her comfort zone.
  • Modernized God: Mahvash drives, has an updated post-20th century ideology on 'sustainable evil' and considers herself an environmentalist, has learned several trades, is actively developing a marketing strategy for humans and others to out compete her cousins and siblings, and is happy to appear and get into the thick of it herself.
  • Moral Myopia: Goes to great lengths to rescue, care for, and dote on those she considers herself close to. She'll rescue others when asked, but that doesn't mean that this is important to her.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Daeva aren't generally known for heroics, and Mahvash is still...Mahvash after a long time learning.
  • Name That Unfolds Like Lotus Blossom
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Mahvash is a very minor 'house-level' patron among deities, cosmic horrors, or even the small subgrouping of daeva. Even she didn't realize how far this would go away from her kind and in Saint Academy.
  • Our Gods Are Greater: Still a daeva, albeit lower tier note . Mikael confusing her with a demon is a particular aggravation. She can reach souls, create clerics and "chosen ones," and of course exercise her own innate power, but these all come with ...twists. Although, per modern taxonomy, Mahvash and her kind are other things haphazardly lumped into a category with the likes of Yazata, Olympians, Baals, etc.
  • Parental Substitute: The major reason she's as adjusted and grounded as she is. On the other end, this is her main pursuit in any social circle.
  • Physical God: What she constantly works on being, complete with a following and place in making the world tick..
  • Pragmatic Hero: When faced with sadistic choices, she's pretty steadfast in hers and will make them without hesitation or regret.
  • Poisonous Friend / Psycho Sidekick: Mahvash has a peculiar moral code, but she's hospitable to her companions and teachers.
  • Renaissance Woman: She's picked up about every skill that caught her interest during her time on Earth.
  • Self-Constructed Being: She has no true form, but maintains her "familiar" form by borrowing the tulpa creation method. And her whole personality, is a constructed thing.
  • Slave to PR: Played With
    • It is oh-so-averted with regard to how classically heroic she wants to be seen. Mahvash just wants to be the one that saves her people and solves the problem, and is properly relied upon for both. She's happy to be a "beautiful nightmare" in broad daylight and even alludes to being the devil to Mikael, but as she assures her companions, she's their nightmare—and better be their favorite too.
    • On the other hand, she wants to be her companions' (and her kin's) Good Shepherd, and does try to offer them spiritual guidance.
  • Spirited Cavalier Competitor: LOVES to be right in the middle of chaos and disaster, and she loves the challenge in solving it too, so, she'll save civvies at least while she's enjoying herself. Mahvash enjoys her line of work and is one of the few trainees not to show even a hint of shell shock upon the first "test" (read: mob of wild barbarians being thrown at them sink-or-swim style). And she's rarely anything but sweet on the job too.
  • Talented, but Trained: It's not for nothing that one often finds her in the training room, refining her skills through Mundane Utility, studying in the lab or on the field, thinking up applications for her classmates' talents, or copying and notating books. Mahvash has also been in the thick of adventure, intrigue, and deadly danger for much longer than she's been in school.
  • Taught by Experience: Related to the above, she spent much of her youth being the one to stick pennies in sockets and to try to mimic web swings... with predictable results. The same intrepid spirit did lead her to her talents and ability to problem-solve under pressure.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Perks: Mahvash has no secret identity, and integrates her power into every fiber of her life from teleporting to the Andes Mountains for evening walks to "shopping" by picking discarded foodstuffs up from farms all over the world and making money by fast tunneling. Smiting enemies just so happens to be another perk. As does supporting her kin (and not-quite-friends).
  • Your Soul Is Mine: Will invoke this on friends and enemies alike. Their treatment will differ of course.

A Few Tropes—Powers
  • Swiss-Army Superpower: Mahvash's mastery of her domain, including her extended essence, the khvarenah is her mainstay, and her aura's severe taint isn't even its primary function, just a side-effect of exposure to anything. She's much more apt to use her body and aura as a medium for power stunts and spell effects. All of the powers below are just how she typically exercises her two abilities.
    • Biomanipulation: Once granted permission, others' bodies become her domain as well...
    • Greater Somesthesis: Mahvash's dominant senses are tactile, and she feels people and things and the auras of both in great detail.
    • Variant Power Copying: Mahvash uses her mediumship to sample attacks thrown at her and add them to her own repertoire. Not that its perfect. Her copy of a flamethrower won't be a fire, it'll be burst of her own aura with similar movements and perhaps heat if she does it right. (She can't change her element, at least not with as by her innate power). Examples include:
      • Harmful Healing: Mahvash essentially sewing flesh and power from her own body into someone—which continually and inevitably burns away at the target, but keeps them moving and alive (or at least the soul with the body) until proper help can arrive. Yes, this hurts and feels wrong as its essentially jury-rigged necromancy. The move is extremely unnatural.
      • Shaping Your Attacks: Raw projections of Mahvash's aura or... fleshy bits.
      • Special Movement: By her nature, Mahvash has a tendency to just appear places, and it's an unwary person who lets her out of their sight or expects her to keep out of places where "she couldn't possibly be."
      • Just Skipping: A short range "skip" in spacetime that Mahvash uses to change her position or make otherwise ordinary movements while avoiding obstacles. She appears to flicker before appearing elsewhere, leaving a brief phantasm in her prior location.
    • Soul Power: Mahvash spreading blessings through the souls of followers and others so allowed. She doesn't have one herself, at least a separate, ethereal soul.
    • Unholy Nuke: Something she used to do as a child, and still does when lots of things have to disappear quickly and nothing you care for is nearby.

     Sally Martel (Mecha-Girl) 
Player: Lovely Magician Savvy
Polite and Sweet

A polite and sweet cyborg. Sally used to live in orphanage up until she was was caught up in villain attack at the age of nine. She was gravely injured until heroine Armada saved her via giving her metallic replacements for what was lost to keep her alive. Since then, Sally has become Armada's adopted daughter and has dedicated herself to being a hero.

     Ryuu Fuuji (Green Dragon) 
Player: Blueace

     Martin Snow (Paragon) 
Player: Kingxana 0

A very classic cape who plays the classical hero traits straight and derives strength from them, mentally and physically.

Super Cop: How he acts, down to reading supervillains their rights before every encounter.

Player: Enirboreh

An ACP (an autonomous civilian evacuator/carer) android designed to fit into human society. Created specifically to grow and develop a prototypical and advanced form of adaptive AI, Holiday has developed tremendously from her first year and has since overtaken even her fellow ‘siblings’ with her intelligence.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Had moments of this before due to her Literal-Minded tendencies, but has since learned to recognize sarcasm and harness it for her own usage. Her opening dialogue in City was a rib at one of her classmate's expense.
  • Do-Anything Robot: Designed to be one of these. Holiday has gadgets and gizmos fit for almost any situation, which is useful in a pinch for when there's a crisis and civilians in danger.
  • Drone Deployer: Carries two Surveillance Drones; one of which is of the typical quad-copter variety while the other is a mechanical spider with the capability of scuttling up walls and across ceilings.
  • Grew Beyond Their Programming: Before, Holiday had effectively no personality and only the basest directions to keep her in check. Now, she's developed a snarky, cheeky, and occasionally somewhat bouncy personality—contrasting with her relatively flat and quiet persona in the years before.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Downplayed. Holiday is designed to look incredibly human, with skin an almost perfect replica of actual living tissue and created in such a way so as to avoid the Uncanny Valley effect, but internally she is a simple chassis with a crapton of gadgets stuffed in for good measure. She also has noticeable seams in her skin (a holdover from where they open out to eject the items she keeps stored), but these are relatively subtle.
  • The Needless: Runs on a self-perpetuating power source, negating any recharge time and subsequently any requirement for external interference in her systems. Holiday could theoretically run forever as long as she keeps herself intact, though given her penchant for Self-Destructive Charges that may be a smidgen too fantastical a situation to actually occur.


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