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     The Johnson/ Barker Family 

Brian Johnson

The father of the "family". One of the aliens from the planet Valux whose own fault was it that they crash landed on Earth. Despite taking the role of the father of the family, he is quite selfish, self-centered and child like. He can cause chaos for the Barker kids, but has a caring side to him underneath it all. Despite being the man of his and Sophie's relationship, he is quite feminine and likes knitting.

  • Ambiguously Gay: He shows examples of this; falls in love with Trent, Scott Taylor and Trent. Loves knitting and his magazine is "Knitting For Boys."

Sophie Johnson

The mother of the family. She is the wisest of her and Brian, although that's not saying much. And much like Brian, she can self centered and arrogant. But even though she does show her heart of gold, she can go a little too far and make the kids' lives harder than it is.

Mel Barker

The oldest daughter. She is self loathing, angry, sarcastic and very nasty to everyone, usually for no good reason. She is often on her own and moans about how horrible her life is, even though it really isn't, despite Brian and Sophie's antics. Despite her nastiness, she does have a caring side to her. Just don't tell her that.

Josh Barker

The middle son. He is a troublemaker by scamming people at school into buying dodgy items he's made. He would often get Brian and Sophie to morph into either himself or other people to solve his problems, even though they make things worse.

Lucy Barker

The youngest and smartest of the trio. She loves mathematics, chemistry and astronomy. Her dream is to be an astronaut. She is usually the voice of reason to Brian and Sophie, when they get into trouble.


A replacement for Mel in the show. This was due to the actress retiring for a music career. She is pretty much the same person as Mel, only she is not related to Josh and Lucy.


The fourth child that the family adopt, after Brian knocked him over in "Super Brian". He becomes Brian's partner in crime and gets involves in his schemes.

  • Gasshole: In the episode "Meet and Two Veg", he and Josh have a fart contest. So C.J. eats a really big Brussels Sprout and his stomach is inflated like a balloon and deflates when he lets rip.


He only appeared in the third season. He was meant to be the fourth child that Brian and Sophie adopt. He is very much into health and safety and gets on the whole family's nerves. (except Brian)

     Other Characters 



One of Josh's friends at school, who has a crush on Mel. He is very dramatic and stops at nothing to confess his love for her.



Lucy's best friend who is so clever, that she can be so full of herself most of the time. Her desire, more than anything, is to be popular at school. Even if that means shutting out Lucy.

Mr Whiteside

The really nasty teacher who hates Josh and is rude to every student and stops at nothing to give them detention. Even if they didn't do anything. He also has a huge crush on Kate Winslet.

Mrs Hardman

Poppy Manning

Andy The Freak

Scott Taylor

The head of the school football team. He is quite nasty and thuggish. He dated Mel in the Christmas episode.

Tania Thomas

A girl at school whom Josh fancies and tries multiple times to go out with her. They don't go too well.



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