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The PCs, Their families, classmates, other Vanhoovians, and Hive Olith.

    The PCs 

Diamond Gear

Diamond Gear(or just Gear, to his friends) is a Crystal Pony from the Crystal Empire,and a genius prodigy when it comes to Architecture and Engineering(It is his super special talent, after all) His Destiny is to become one of the greatest Engineers the world has ever seen. Gear Idolized his Uncle, Quarts Sprocket, whom he was apprenticed under and who was himself a Crystal Engineer, but Sprocket dies trying to by time for his family to escape Sombra's press gangs. The fact that Gear, his parents, and his aunt(maternal) were captured anyway has left Gear with a bad case of survivor's guilt.


  • Ambiguous Disorder: Complete with Little Professor Dialog. Justified as his Player has Asperger's Syndrome and put a bit of himself into Gear in order to better get into the Pc's Head
  • Arbitrarily Large Bank Account: Thanks to his Fortunes Favor Edge.
  • ArtificialLimb: After having one of his forelegs shattered in Blaze, Flair, and Smokey, Gear received a mechanical replacement.
  • Badass Adorable: part and parcel as a member of the Springboard Pirates. He used to be prone to giving a logic based Badass Boast to enemies or obstacles, but he's greatly reduced the frequency and content of such boasts after realizing that it made him come of as arrogant.
    • Handicapped Badass:After losing his left foreleg to one of Spark's Evil Older Brothers. However, his prosthetic is almost as good as a real leg, so Gear doesn't really consider himself disabled, though this hasn't stopped him from joking about it, once even calling himself a tripod. Even before losing his leg, however, he had severe breathing problems as a result of inhaling crystal dust in Sombra's mines.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: When Gear severely misbehaves or ends up in the hospital over night, his mother takes away his gunpowder privileges.
  • Dark and Troubled Past:He's a Crystal Pony. King Sombra was a Monster. You do the Math.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Between his Bits and Bobs Edge and his maxed out Machinery and construction skills, Gear's got this trope down to pat.
  • Genius Cripple:Missing Leg+breathing problems+Above trope=no duh. In addition to is skill with Engineering, Gear also possess great skill in mathematics and physics.
  • Heroic Self-depreciation:Gear sometimes brags about awesome things his friends have done, or about things he's done with them, but rarely talks about his own independent accomplishments, to the point of telling an NPC he befriended that being rich at his age just because of a few inventions was nothing of importance.
  • Like Brother and Sister:How he sees his relationship with Sabina-As of the deleted scene from Real and Scary, Sabina reciprocates and Gear has taken to calling her "Sis"
  • Multi-Ranged Master: Downplayed-Gear's above average intellect combined with his Ballistics Training Edge give Gear a good degree of proficiency with all methods of ranged combat, but he is by no means a master.
  • Past Experience Nightmare: Gear had recurring Nightmares about his family being chased down and his uncle being killed by the brainwashed thugs that made up Sombra's press gangs.
  • Rags to Riches: in a strange sense, Gear is this. He went from a slave to a free pony who was independently wealthy in less than a year, thanks to inventing a much needed device.
  • Really 700 Years Old: As a result of being frozen in time for 1000+ years
  • Running Gag: Mentioning that his gun-powder privileges have been taken away. Rater has made several joke in an other Thread Inspired by Things Mr Welch Is No Longer Allowedto Doinan RPG, often along the lines of "My ten-year-old PC Should probably tell his psychiatrist that he builds guns in his basement."
  • There Are No Therapists:Averted. Being the home of a good psychiatrist is the entire Reason Gear's parents moved to Vanhoover-Gear has issues and needs help to work through them.
  • Squick:The above mentioned important invention. It's a machine that lets a non unicorn change baby diapers without using their mouths. This trope is why Gear made it, and he sometimes wonders why he was the first pony to think of it.
  • Weapon of Choice: Netguns, potatguns, snow trebuchets, grappling guns, water balloon cannons, paint guns, and one time a party cannon
  • Whatevermancy: As of Fall of Elysia, Gear can use Technomancy, a form of spell magic that's Technopathy combined with Magitek
  • Yaoi Colts: With Monkey Wrench, though Rater prefers the term Shonen Ai rather than Yaoi.
    • Sickeningly Sweethearts: One of the Reasons Monkey Wrench doesn't hang out with the S Pringboard Pirates very often is becuase when he and Gear are together, they tend to devolving into "mushy" stuff rather quickly if no other topic draws attention.

Sabina Blades

Sabina Blades is an earth pony filly known for her almost unwavering optimism, strong heart, and terrible puns. She's the daughter of a stallion earth pony ranger (Dirk Blades) and a mare zebra alchemist (Amber). As the group's heart, Sabina keeps her friends encouraged and provides useful insight and amusement on their adventures together.


  • BadassNormal: She's an earth pony, the least magical of the pony races.
    • Empowered Badass Normal: As of "Fall of elysia" Sabina has been discovered to have a Dragon Soul, and is thus Dragonborn. Time will tell if she does anything with it.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Sabina is known best for her random songs, jokes, and out there ideas. It's calmed down a little as she matures, but doubtful it'll completely disappear.
  • CuteBruiser: Lacking magic, supernatural abilities, or gadgets, Sabina relies on her hooves to fight. However, her natural earth pony strength makes her incredibly tough, able to tank most attacks and direct-damage spells.
  • Dissimile: "Stallions are like cookies. Except you can't bake 'em at 350 degrees cause that's murder."
  • EnemyWithin: In the episode Mayhem's Game, we learn that Sabina has a darker side that is angry at her friends for not utilizing her talents and abilities.
  • FieryRedhead: Passionate and extroverted about everything she loves.
  • HasAType: Sabina seems to be attracted to scrawny smart colts.
  • HugeSchoolgirl: She is always the tallest pony in her class. At first bringing up her size made Sabina uncomfortable, but as the campaign progressed and she developed, she began to grow confident in her stature.
  • LittleMissBadass: As an earth pony, Sabina's greatest assets are her strength and a wide variety of skills.
  • Metaphorgotten: Sabina tends to use metaphors before thinking them through, derailing her own thought.
  • MissingMom: Amber is Sabina's stepmother. Sabina's real mother has said to have died shortly after the filly's death from tuberculosis (referred to as The Consumption in the campaign, the old term for the disease).
  • ShipTease: In the episode Mayhem's Game, It is hinted that Sabina subconsciously likes Tenn Pence.



Subtle Hoof


  • The Other Darrin: Digo Dragon took over roleplaying Subtle during the episode A Fair Day for a Mystery, after Humble had to leave the game temporarily.

Spark is the only other dragon to live in Equestria. He rarely talks about his past, and time before moving to Vanhoover, even less the Gear talks about his. Despite that he is the believed Heir to the Hierarchy of Southern Dragons. Given his mother was the previous Hierarch. He now lives with the Queen of the Olith Changlings, Arlia, who mainly live under Vanhoover. Spark is by far the most violent of his friends, even going so far as claiming to want to kill some of their past and current enemies. Spark has issues and views himself as the monster of the group, he does not always feel fully connected in what ever the group does, but enjoys their company none the less.


  • Arch-Enemy: This is clear when ever Spark deals with another Dragon. especially if that dragon happens to be Blaize, Smokey, or Flair.
    • The Powerof Hate: Spark hates Dragons so much that simply seeing one will cause him to attack it without even thinking, even if they are a possible ally.
  • Breakingthe Fourth Wall: Spark has appeared in the OOC a number of times, during the Game, while he has yet to admit it he remembers every instants of this.
  • Covered with Scars: Spark revealed, in A Fair Day for a Mystery, that underneath his scales his flesh is covered in scars mainly burns, but also slash and gores are also visible.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Spark rarely talks about it, but during his first fight with Adepha, he did shed some light on what happened to him, though not all of it.
  • OnlyKnownbyTheirNickname: recently Spark has revealed that Spark is not his actual name, but the one he chooses to go by. His real name is Geyol Yolos Hil only Adepha knows of this.
  • Dragon Hoard: Spark's version of Fortunes Favor, He found and restarted a Gem farm, where Gemstones will literally grow off of plants. This is his main acquisition of wealth.
  • Shipping: Spark ever since Cursed Dice, has been Shipped with Adepha. The two are not as showy or Physically intimate as Gear and Monkey, but show to care for each other greatly.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Spark has shown signs of having this real phenomenon towards his siblings. Especially whenever Gear starts to talk bad about his siblings.
  • There Are No Therapists: Averted Trope-Spark started seeing Gear's Psychiatrist after "Snow Days"
  • Violence Isthe Only Option: It is not surprising for Spark to attack first and ask questions later.
    Their Families 

Adepha's family

Gear's family


  • Good Parents: Gear's parents love him very much, and take great care to raise him right without stifling his creativity or his freedom to make his own choices.
    • Hands-Off Parenting: Out of Character his player has said he pictures them to be like the Dunkles in their level of permissibility and ability to take things in stride. In general, if Gear isn't in the hospital overnight and isn't in serious legitimate trouble, then they don't care what he does on his own time as long as he's happy. Notably, they not only let his Coltfriend sleep over, they even let them share a bed.
  • The Talk:Gear mentions a few times that he got it at 6 years of age. Most notably, it included relatively accurate descriptors of the mechanics, and his parents extracting a promise from him to not do it until he was at least 16.

Sapphire Record

Gear's father was a historian in the Crystal Empire and continues to work as one in the modern era-having spent most of Gear's first school year in Canterlot doing work to help figure out exactly how long the Empire had been gone.
  • Black Sheep: He's a historian with a history study Cutie Mark in a family that is famed, locally, in the Empire, for their skill in Architecture and engineering.

Rose Gem

Gear's mother comes from an eccentric family or artists, sculptors, and gardeners. In the Empire, she served as her husbands assistant, but in the Modern day she i s a full time stay at home mother.

Quartz Sprocket

Sapphire's Twin and Gear's hero-Quartz was a crystal Engineer with quite a few inventions under his belt. He gave his life in an Attempted Heroic Sacrifice.

Painted Ivy

Gears' Aunt Ivy was and is an artist, specializing in paintings and drawings. She's realtivly well known, mostly by art snobs, and she's become very, very wealthy due toa combination of being good with Money, having had an account in Equestria's oldest bank that was sitting and collecting intrest for over a thousand years, and a thousand years worth of owed royalties and the like.Bunny-Ears Lawyer: It's a family trait. In Particular, Ivy speaks with an overly exagerated and very clearly fake cockney accent in the modern day, for more or less no reason at all.

Golden Chain

Golden Chain was one of Gear's friends in the Empire before Sombra arrived, and is the only one of Gear's friends to survive Sombra's Mines. Her entire biological family is dead, either in the mines or from being murdered, and she herself was crippled in an accident. But, she was taken in by Gear's aunt and she is well taken care of, so she's decided that since things are good now, she's going to be happy.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Golden arguably had it the worst of any of the foals who survived the mines-her entire family is dead and she'll most likely never be able to walk again, not to mention the entire reason her family was captured was becuase her older brother, Silver Dagger, sold them to the press gangs.
  • Happily Aopted: She wasn't officially adopted, but she's very happy living with Ivy
  • The Pollyanna: Her view on life is that just becuase the past was bad, that doesn't mean you should feel bad when the now is so good and the future is so bright.

Sabina's family

Spark's family


Arlia adopted Spark at the end of The Chained Dragon. she would learn how to raise him as time pasted, but it was not till Knacooth came during the Peace Summit that it would be revealed that Arlia is actually Spark's Biological Father. He was the Mind or brains of his group as a youth with Knacooth and Monah.


Knacooth is not technically related to Spark, but Spark calls him Uncle ever since,Knacooth revealed Arlia's connect to Monah and himself. He views Knacooth as family, even though they are not related. Knacooth is the Big Guy, of his group as a youth, as well as the one who set up Arlia with Monah.


Monah has only been mentioned a couple of times, and shown for a one post in Cavaliere's Episode, Mrs. Integra I Hardly Knew Her. Monah is described as once being the heart, or conscious of Arlia and Knacooth's group during their youth. She fell in love with Arlia and had Spark as a result. Monah is known to look just like Spark being golden in scales, even having Gem scales like Spark.

Subtle's family

    Current and Former Classmates 

Monkey Wrench

Monkey Wrench is a student from the middle school who had the Gym Locker next to Gear. They discovered they had a lot in common, and after realizing how much love Gear had for his friends(and how cute Gear was when he gets flustered), Monkey developed a crush on the crystal colt. After a push from Spark(Gear was oblivous), the two colts started dating.
    Other Vanhoovians 
    Hive Olith 


First Appearance: "Blaise, Flair, and Smokey"

Blaise was the only other Pure Southern Dragon of his siblings like Spark, with red scales and and orange spine. He was also know as the most cruel and sadistic. He would phyiscally beat and torture Spark, as he grew up, before he ran away. Spark has only hinted at his torture, though it can be assumed that many of the scars hiding under Spark's scales were caused by Blaise. Blaise also during his first Appearance with his retractable tail spikes, caused Gear's own leg to be amputated. Blaise is the most phyiscally impressive of all his siblings.


  • Cain and Abel: Blaise like the rest of his same age siblings hate Spark, since when he hatched was the on to be destined as next Hierarch. Despite all they went through Spark would now e the reason their mother left them, and the Reagent had to take them as charges. It would not have hurt as much if Spark was never born and none of them could become Hierarch.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: At first other adult dragons pitied Blaise and his siblings for not having a mother. this pity turned to anger in Blaise as he protected himself and his other other siblings from their pity. They would get by on their own that is till Spark was hatched.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Thanks to Blaise's own anger issues which make Spark's look like child's play, many other adults now fear Blaise and will do what the must to not be the center of his wrath.

Cera Mica

First Appearance: The Greatest Show Unearthed

Cera was the earth pony pottery expert in a traveling carnival that passed through Vanhoover. Later it was revealed that the summoned shadows plaguing the carnival were her doing, as Cera was using voodoo magic to create an Alicorn Potion. After her defeat and arrest, she was to be transported to a prison in Neigh Orleans. Amber had since broken Cera out of prison before her move however, and currently the mare watches over Sabina's well being for reasons unknown.


  • IdentityAmnesia: Cera seems to be unable to remember anything about herself or others that she should know personally. At one point she chants her own name to try and recommit it to memory.
  • MysteriousParent: The bombshell at the end of the episode The Curse of Breezie Island, where Cera is revealed to be Sabina's biological mother. Even Cera is taken back by this news.

Diamond chaser

First Apearance "Real and Scary"

Diamond Chaser is a Turquoise Earth Pony with a lot of the same issues Gear has, to the point where Rater OOC thought that Diamond chaser was Xanthe trying to Imitate Gear. chaser's special talent is quote unquote "Dark Magic Sorcery", which he used to try and take revenge on his bullies one Nightmare Night. However, he was calmed and befriended, and Gear saw the foal as a Dark Mirror, resolving to set a good example for the younger colt.


  • Beyond the Impossible: He's an Earth Pony that can cast spells.
    • Black Magic: his special Talent, and thus the spells he can cast, are a vaguely defined "Dark Magic Sorcery" that probably falls here, somehow.
    • Magic A Is M Agic A: gear was incredulous about The Younger Diamond's so called dark magic at first, noting that Diamond Chaser's M Agic looked different fro King Sombra.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Post Heel–Face Turn. Even before then he was more misguided that evil.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After his Dark Magic Ritual was reversed, and he was talked down.


First Appearance: "Blaise, Flair, and Smokey"

Flair is probably the worst out of the Spark's three older siblings, her torture is far worst then any scar. She literally shattered Spark's Psyche. Even while Spark was on the run she could from time to time through magic enter his mind when he slept. torturing him even while he was away from the others. Her goals were to make Spark her slave, after all if he was to become Hierarch, and not her, then she would control him. Flair seemed to have abilities similar to a Western dragon, and had Feathered wings just like them explaining her abilities with magic.


  • Social Climber: Flair seems intent on becoming or controlling the next Hierarch.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Flair seems to have a ability to control, others even her own brothers, unlike Blaise however she seems fine in letting her family fall if need be.


First Appearance: "Blaise, Flair, and Smokey"

Smokey is a mixture of his brother Blaise and sister Flair in terms of attitude. He has anger issues like his brother, as well as enjoy dealing out pain. He also loves to get inside another beings head, while not literal like Flair, he still is part of the reason why Spark still cares about his siblings some what. at times just to mess with Spark more he would actually feint kindness to the poor wyrmling, only to twist that kindness around on Spark. Smokey seemed to have traits of the Eastern dragons given his elongated body and horns. explaining his desire to be modeled after both siblings.


Queen Inopsis

First Apearance: ''Fall of Elisia"

The Queen of Hive Elisia, a flying city of bronze


  • Ungrateful Bitch: Say what you will, but declaring that four children will be imprisoned indefinitely immediately after learning they rescued her daughter and only want to go home is a major dick move.


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