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All the characters in the Visual Novel, My Candy Love.

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The player character. A girl who moves from an unnamed school to Sweet Amoris High at the beginning of the game. She is an Ordinary High-School Student who gets caught up in the lives of her classmates—especially the cute ones. And after a 40 episode roller-coaster ride called 'High School Life', your candy graduates and moves on to a University. But her actual 'University Life' doesn't start until 3 years after that. It's the last year of college and your candy returns to the original setting of the game to complete her Art History Major and get her degree at Anteros Academy. With old and new faces popping up in her life and new situations to tackle (with alcohol of course!), finishing her year will be easier said than done!

Basically you in that you can choose how she looks and what her name is and of course how she answers to other people. However the game itself does give her a little character beyond your control.


Tropes associated with your Candy

  • Ambiguously Brown: A given if you change her skin tone. This is driven in even further by the fact that all of her relatives are drawn with light skin tones, and knowing her personality, you'd expect her to bring it up if she was adopted when she finds out the twins are (not to mention Castiel making a joke about her mother being much prettier than she is, which would kind of fall flat if they weren't biologically related.)
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Although you can control almost all of Candy's responses to people and some of the actions she takes, the one thing the player can't control is her thoughts. Candy's constant worrying, jumping to negative conclusions, fearing negative outcomes, low self-esteem, and going through some pretty emotionally stressful situations all point to the idea that she may have an anxiety disorder. Signs appear throughout 'High School Life' and 'University Life' goes on to continue the trend.
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  • Butt-Monkey: If there is some kind of humiliation, punishment, or misfortune to suffer, she will suffer it.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Though it really depends on the choices you make and what boys you like, once you get your candy going she can really get this way. She typically expresses her jealousy through passive aggression.
  • Covert Pervert: For such a nice, sweet girl, she does show some pretty.. questionable tendencies. One rather amusing example is in episode 23, where, despite knowing the seriousness of the situation, she briefly forgets her worries to comment on the fact that Nathaniel sleeps in boxers.
    • In UL, she has a sex dream where she has a threesome with the love interest with the highest LO'M and whoever else is in the illustration. And yes she was still single at the time.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Grew into this role in later episodes. To be fair, seeing the characters and situations she has to deal with daily it was only natural she'd develop a sense of snark.
  • Girl Next Door
  • Hair Color Dissonance: Her black hair option looks almost purple. It's especially evident in illustrations with Armin.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Despite how much she does to help others, she has a tendency to be pretty down on herself in her internal monologue. Others, such as Patrick, even point this out.
  • Hormone-Addled Teenager: She spends a good amount of episode 37 thinking about sex. At one point she even has a sex dream.... only it's about Evan, not her boyfriend. She feels guilty about that specific aspect.
  • Idiot Ball: Occasionally has this in her hands to get a plot point going. One good example is in HSL when she sneaks into the boys locker room and hides in a locker just to see Lysander's tattoo when she could've just asked him what it was (and if your LO'M is high enough, he would show it to you anyway). What makes this an idiot ball is the fact that sneaking into the locker room is the only way your Candy could see Nathaniel's bruises.
  • Invisible Parents: For the first 19 episodes of MCL. Justified in that the parents were never actually designed. They showed up in episode 20 with their designs based off of the winner of the official 'Design Candy's Parents' contest.
  • Nervous Wreck: She's always been somewhat anxious but in later episodes, her anxiety becomes an established part of her character. For example, Alexy mentioning college causes her to have a panic attack.
    • She straight up passes out in episode 8 of UL due to all of the stress she was under.
  • Nosy Classmate: A staple of her character is that she is incredibly curious about the other students' lives. Several objectives are just to find out about some secret some character has. She's almost as bad as Peggy in this regard.
  • Oblivious to Love: Oddly enough for a dating sim. She stresses to Lucy that boys don't really like her (except Kentin and Dake) but Lucy points out that plenty of guys have liked her, she just never noticed. Also of note, when guys with high LO'Ms give off hints that they like her, she makes one little inward comment noting their hint before brushing it off entirely.
    • Averted in UL. She's not quite as naive and a bit bolder when pursing her love interests. This might be why she ends up dating them MUCH sooner than in HSL.
  • The Everygirl: Our protagonist most certainly represents the kind of girl that is behind the other side of the screen. At the start of the game she is just another high school student trying to get her paperwork ready. She gets to meet really obnoxious girls, as well as good friends, and most importantly, has a crush on a certain someone (or someones).
  • Tsundere: Very mild type B version. Like Deadpan Snarker above she appears to be pushed into this mindset thanks to her every day life (meaning constant teasing by the guys especially Castiel and Kentin).
  • Virtual Paper Doll


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