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This page is for any characters that debuted on the Muppet Babies cartoons. For characters who debuted on or before the Muppet Show, go here, and go here for characters that debuted after. For Sesame Street characters, go here.

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     Those Who Debuted In Muppet Babies 1984 


Voiced by: Howie Mandel, Frank Welker (1984); Cree Summer (2018)

Skeeter is Scooter's sister, and an original character created for this series. She's known for being rough and tomboyish.

  • Blind Without 'Em: In the 2018 series episode, "Skeeter and the Super Girls", she tries to fight crime as her superheroine alter-ego, Top Speed, without wearing her glasses, believing that real superheroes don't need glasses. However, she can't see very well without them, which compromises her attempts to stop Gonzo as Dr. Meanzo from robbing the cookie bank and causes her to run into trash cans.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: After the original Muppet Babies ended, she didn't make an official appearance in any future Muppet production barring a 2010 comic book. In the 2018 series, she appears alongside Scooter in a picture on the wall all throughout the first season, but it isn't until "Win a Twin", the first half of the fourteenth episode of the second season, where she makes her first physical appearance on the show.
  • Crossdressing Voices: It's played straight in the original series, where she's voiced by adult men (first Howie Mandel and then Frank Welker). It's averted in the 2018 series, where she's voiced by an adult woman, Cree Summer.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: She's the Masculine Girl to Scooter's Feminine Boy, perhaps best emphasized in the 2018 series episode, "A Tale of Two Twins". In the episode, the boys invite Scooter to join them in a tricycle race, while the girls invite Skeeter to join them for a relaxing day at the spa. Scooter is an expert at mechanical engineering but doesn't really want to race since he's too scared to jump over a mud puddle, let alone a canyon. Skeeter, on the other hand, is an athletic tomboy who prefers the thrill of racing to relaxing. Since the twins don't want to tell their friends how they really feel, they decide to pretend to be each other.
  • Tender Tomboyishness, Foul Femininity: She's the Tender Tomboy to Piggy's Foul Feminine in the 1984 series. Skeeter is an athletic tomboy and is rather nice, while Piggy likes pink, lace, make-up and tea parties, but is super strong, super bossy, and super un-ladylike.
  • Tomboy: In contrast to her more nerdish brother, she's shown to be more rough and tumble, as well as outgoing.
  • Two Girls to a Team: She and Piggy are the most prominent female babies on the show.


Voiced by: Barbara Billingsley

Nanny is the babies' caretaker who's never seen from the neck up.

  • The Faceless: Her face is never shown on camera. This is partially because the babies are small and on the floor, and keeping them in the shot means only focusing on Nanny's legs. If Nanny picks up a baby, you still only see the back of her head or her chest from the neck down. Pictures of Nanny also have the faces obscured, and any other grownups who ever appear, such as a neighboring friendly policeman, are shown the same way, the noted exceptions being Statler and Waldorf.
  • Nice Girl: Quite fittingly, she's very sweet and understanding towards the babies.

     Those Who Debuted In Muppet Babies 2018 

Miss Nanny

Voiced by: Jenny Slate

The daughter of Nanny, and the babies' caretaker in the 2018 series.

  • Expressive Accessory: Her socks have a different pattern in each episode that corresponds with the episode's theme.
  • The Faceless: Like her mother, her face is never shown on camera. In "Animal and the Magic Mummy", when she and the babies arrive at the museum, her face is obscured by a program she is reading. Also, in "Oh, My Gourd", she wears a robot head for her costume.
  • Spin-Offspring: "Mitzvah For Miss Nanny" reveals that she is the daughter of the original Nanny from the 1984 series, as the two are seen in a photo together.
  • Younger and Hipper: Miss Nanny is more of a teenager or young adult, compared to her mother from the 1984 series, who was more of a middle-aged adult. This is because Barbara Billingsley was in her late 60s when the original show debuted, while Jenny Slate was in her 30s when the 2018 reboot began.

Summer Penguin

Voiced by: Jessica DiCicco

Much like Skeeter before her, Summer Penguin is a character created for this incarnation of Muppet Babies. She's known for being very free spirited and artistic.

  • The Baby of the Bunch: Well, technically they're all babies who are around the same age, but with Summer's innocence, she fits this.
  • Companion Cube: In "My Best Toy's Wedding", she has a stuffed Narwhal named Nattie. The plot of the episode involves Nattie being wed to Potato, Gonzo's Companion Food.
  • Genki Girl: She shows quite a bit of energy when she gets excited.
  • Nice Girl: In contrast to Piggy, who's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, she's a lot sweeter and more compassionate towards others.
  • Team Mom: She'll occasionally fill this role in helping to ground the others, though it's very prominent with Animal and Piggy.
  • Tender Tomboyishness, Foul Femininity: She's the Tender Tomboy to Piggy's Foul Feminine in the 2018 series; Summer is a kind and caring artist who enjoys superheroes and detective stories, while Piggy is temperamental diva who wants to make everything "fabulous".
  • Two Girls to a Team: She and Piggy are the most prominent female babies on the show.

Dot The Dragon

Voiced by: Rachel Bloom

Dot is a minor recurring character introduced in the pilot episode. She's a dragon who's actually really sweet and innocent.

  • Delightful Dragon: In her debut episode, "Sir Kermit the Brave", she helps Kermit overcome his fear of the dark and reunites him with his friends. In "Puppy For a Day", she helps the babies look for Rizzo when he goes missing.
  • Gentle Giant: Despite her large size, she's actually one of the nicest characters.

Mr. Manny

Voiced by: Dule Hill

A friend of Miss Nanny.

Rozzie Bear

Voiced by: Charlie Townsend

Rozzie Bear is Fozzie's adopted baby sister introduced in season 3.

  • Companion Cube: Her favorite toy is a dump truck that she calls "Gunkie".
  • Family Theme Naming: Her name rhymes with Fozzie.
  • Plucky Girl: She's shown being very adventure and free spirited.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: She enjoys doing activities with the boys (such as tricycle racing and chicken hopping) and the girls (such as fairy gardening), and also wears overalls.

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