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    The Original Cast 
Of those who first joined, only these four remain. They are the 'veterans' of the group, have been through all the worlds so far.

Tsunade (Redxxxdawn)
Yes, she is that awesome
Tsunade is the defacto leader of the group, but hardly shows it. Despite being the GM, she doesn't know much else about what's going on than anyone else.
  • Not a morning person
  • Author Avatar — Same personality and everything, but not so much the appearance
  • Plucky Girl — She can be, depending on her mood and the situation
  • Absolute Cleavage
  • Bare-Fisted Monk — Although she does pick up and use a weapon every once in a while, just for fun.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished
  • Berserk Button — Does not like people who hurt animals, especially cute ones. Especially especially birds. Especially Especially especially parrots.
  • Boobs of Steel
  • Can't Hold Her Liquor — She doesn't really drink that often, so she hasn't completely adapted to the stuff just yet.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl
  • Friend to All Living Things
  • Leader: Type three.
  • Let'sGetDangerous
  • Mood-Swinger — Not to overexaggerate.
  • Chaotic Neutral Alignment
  • Forgot About Her Powers — Not that she had any of Tsunade powers before the start of all this, but she still has to remember all of Tsunade's abilities from the start. They tend to come to her quickly, though.
  • Lost in Character — Well, maybe. Either that or it's her real self coming out. At this point she is uncertain.

Luka (Fenix)
Magic and Tech, hand in hand

Grey (Greycat)
He who brings chaos
The ever chaotic cat who does things only as he sees fit. He tends to play devils advocate, and doesn't like taking the protagonists side in the world only because they were the heroes in the story, but will still lay down the major ass kicking. He runs on a complex favour system that he has yet to fully explain, and has probably left a trail of rumours about demon cats behind him.

Yellow (Yellow 13)
The Canine Goddess (God?)
The resident sun goddess. Originally a guy, he has adjusted without problem. He can't speak human normally, so Issun does his translating, but Grey can understand him just fine. He is quite handy with the brush, and can and does call lightning down on those who he things steps out of line.

    The Others 

The Mad Artist
One of the new Avatars to the join the group, and just about mentally unstable enough to fit into the group. Still in the process of figuring out the extent of his abilities.

Zane (Oxaenn Alcem)

The true alchemist of the group, Zane is another one that fits well with the insanity trend that seems prevelant within the group of avatars. He is somwhat on the antisocial side, and seems more clinically insane that the others who are more on the comically insane side, but whatever.

Grandsword Truth (Grandsword)

Something of an enigma, mostly because he hasn't spoken to Grey much and Grey is the one doing most of the work. He's something of a dependent genius, as in his powers make his brilliant.

Richard (Shoryu)

Much like the character he is based on, Richard is played as a psychotic maniac. Strangely enough, some of the cast remembers a time when Shoryu was a sergal...


Female, caster, and toting a pet robot.

Vasily (Dr Night KOT)

A Russian were-cat (Snow Leopax AKA Snow Leopard and Lynx mix) that prefers to spend time in his Anthro form. The character was created for participation in the Theriantropy Project roleplay and is there as well!

  • Crossover: Vasily comes from other rolelpay - Theriantropy Project run by Greycat.
  • Powers as Programs: Instantly upon arrival Vasily just brings in a PDA, types stuff on it and gets a gun. And then a parachute. And then a waterproof container...

    The Seconds 
Apparently, being dragged into the internet once wasn't enough for some people, so they had to do it again, just under a different name. In some cases it is a personality split, in others is a previous incarnation of the user.

Layfon (Zaneko)

A former emperor of an online realm, read forum administrator, he took a break and visited the guild, then got sucked in. Let this be a lesson about shirking work.

Milo Johson (Lunar Sword Omega (LSO))

Another new one, this one straight out of Halo.

Sarah (Rainbow Brush)

Rainbow dash in ever way and form, though somewhat slower than the original.

Volare (UCAVEDI)

The newest guy in the group. He's in the shape of starscream, but has the potential to be a good guy rather than just a back stabber.

    Antagonist Avatar Characters 
Not all of the avatar characters are on the same side, unfortunately. There are those who seek the crucible pieces for themselves, and do not want to share any that they have.

Unlike the other avatar characters in the rp, these are not actual players in real life, but in the rp they are considered this anyway.

Vegeta (Over_9000!!!)

  • Jerkass
  • Can be Trigger-Happy with the energy blasts he fires from his hands,
  • Definitely of a Chaotic Evil alignment,
  • His goal is to take over the Multiverse by Grand Theft Plot Device. But since it's in pieces, he's Gotta Catch 'em All like the other avatars do. But then again, he does not even know if the Crucible can even grant him the power to do that.
  • Before dying, his Last Villain Stand is to stick it to those who did him in by Flipping them the Bird[/URL].

Lyra (Smexxi Kitten 6969)

  • Is a Catgirl with Nine Lives. Yes, they have to kill her nine times to do away with her.
  • Panthera Awesome in her black panther form,
  • Always finds herself making a Last Stand before being killed again.
  • Occasionally does a Faux Paw.
  • Oh, and you don't want to Make her Scream,

Chaos (ChaOs_rules_ordias_druels)

The Only One Allowed to Defeat You- towards truth and particularly his "brother" ordias.

Forthe Evulz- his main motivation, most of the time.


oho..BIG TIME.

Faux Affably Evil-

has shades of this. despite being utterly ax crazy insane, he's quite able to act civilized, and even engage in a catchy (and often bloody) musical number now and then.


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