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    The Main Trio 


Voiced in English by: Carlos Alazraqui (Seasons 1 & 2); Jason Marsden (Season 3)
Voiced in Latin American Spanish: Héctor Emmanuel Gómez
Voiced in Japanese by: Takeshi Kusao
Rikochet is an ambitious student who wants to be the greatest luchador of all time.

  • Signature Move: The "Pulverizing Pinball", in which he turns into a giant pinball following a brief and melodramatic routine, and the "Spinning Top" in which he transforms into a giant top.
  • To Be a Master: He wants to be a veteran luchador like his dad.
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: His costume invokes either the American or Texas flag (Maybe both?). It may or may not be a straight example, though, since the location of the show isn't specified.

Buena Girl

Voiced in English by: Kimberly Brooks
Voiced in Latin American Spanish: Karla Falcón
Voiced in Japanese by: Sachiko Kojima

Of the three, Buena Girl is the most knowledgeable on The Code of Masked Wrestling, which she uses as guidelines for the trio's actions and behavior.

  • Signature Move: The "Buena Bulldozer Of Truth", where she transforms into a bulldozer.

The Flea

Voiced by: Candi Milo
Voiced in Latin American Spanish: Víctor Ugarte
Voiced in Japanese by: Chika Sakamoto

The Flea is quite the opposite of Buena Girl. He avoids personal hygiene and usually has no problem with breaking the rules.

  • Accidental Murder: It's shown in a flashback that he ate the previous Luchador Supreme thinking it's a type of hotdog.
  • Extreme Omnivore: He will sometimes eat garbage out of the can. Whether or not the items in the can are actually thrown-out food doesn't matter to him either.
  • Gasshole: And how! Farts more than else one almost constantly belches at times too.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: A lot more selfish than the other protagonists, but still willing to do the right thing when his friends are in danger.
  • Ow, My Body Part!:
    • "Aye, the Flea's spleen!"
    • Also: "The Flea cannot feel his ___! Oh wait, here it is, right next to the Flea."
  • The Pig Pen: So dirty, his naturally white suit looks brown!
  • Signature Move: His trademark signature move is never seen during the show, but it was hinted (as well as shown in the opening sequence) that he turns into a green cloud of stench so potent that he could smash certain objects.
  • Third-Person Person: The Flea constantly likes to talk about The Flea in third person! The Flea's parents also do it a lot.

    Other Students 


Voiced by: Michael Donovan

A wrestler whose mask is in the likeness of a lightbulb. He can execute electric attacks, but is also very clumsy.

Penny Plutonium

A blonde genius who often conducts scientific experiments, which tend to backfire. She has a secret crush on Rikochet.

  • Butt-Monkey: In the entire run of the show, she loses practically every match she participates in.

Potato Potata Jr.

Voiced by: Cusse Mankuma

  • The Bully: His first appearance has him as the school bully Ricochet must defeat. Other appearances tone down his jerkassery.
  • Graceful Loser: When he and Ricochet compete in a tournament in Getting Ahead, Ricochet wins on accident and is sad that his prize is a lot of Doughnuts rather than the 2nd place prize of a mask he really wanted. Jr. finds him after the match and happily offers to trade, as he wanted the doughnuts and Ricochet wanted the mask.

Francisco of the Forest

Voiced by: Scott McNeil

El Haystack Grande

Voiced by: Gary Chalk

Sonic Sumo

Voiced by: Brian Drummond

A masked sumo wrestler with high-tech gear.


Voiced by: Scott McNeil

A bull-like wrestler who has horns on his head. He is rich and spoiled, but gets along very well with the main trio.

El Perrito

Snow Pea

Voiced by: Kimberly Brooks

A small, baby-like mascarita who is the least violent student in the school. His signature move is simply a friendly hug, and he can only say his own name (and, in "Virtual Luchadores", "Rutabaga"). His costume resembles a pea pod, with a zipper that he uses to hide himself when frightened.

La Flamencita

A masked Flamenco dancer who communicates by clacking her castanets and tapping her feet.

French Twist

This student looks and acts like a mime, and as such, is usually The Voiceless.

Cindy Slam

Voiced by: Kimberly Brooks (Seasons 1 & 2); Candi Milo (Season 3)

"This isn't MY diary~!"

A violent little mascarita who hates just about everything and gets angry very easily. Her signature move is to turn her hands into brick walls and crush her opponent.

  • Hair-Trigger Temper: It really seems like anything will set her off into Unstoppable Rage, but thankfully, it's actually not that bad, as Tsundere below shows.
  • Tsundere: As evidenced in "The Anger of Cindy Slam" when the Main Trio try to return her diary, she seems like she's going to rip them apart on the mistaken belief that they might have read it, only to whiplash as she cheerfully says the diary isn't hers.

Zero Kelvin

An ice-themed wrestler dresses in a light blue hoodie and pants and white vest.

Pierre Del Fuego

A fire-themed wrestler.


Voiced by: Gary Chalk

A single-cell based wrestler who is talented at evaporation. Voiced by GUTSMAN! *da-na*

Private Reinhardt

Voiced by: Rob Paulsen

A student who wears a gas mask. He was introduced as a student in the bad guy class.

El Oscuro Invasor

Introduced as a student in the bad guy class, his costumes resembles that of Darth Vader.

Tibor the Terrible

Voiced by: Carlos Alazraqui (Seasons 1 & 2); Dee Bradley Baker (Season 3)

"He called me a pirate! Plundering, scavenging, downloading MP3s!"

A mascarita in a pirate costume (or "a pirate in a boy suit", as Flea once described him), introduced as a student in the bad guy class. He wants to be a real pirate.

El Gundamo

A student from the bad guy class, inspired by Japanese wrestler Jushin "Thunder" Liger. He aims to be the monster warden of Little Tokyo, and takes lessons from his sensei, a pink bunny named Kyoto.

  • Gadgeteer Genius: He's quite fascinated with technology and in one episode engineers a robot... which quickly becomes self-aware and takes over the school.

Coco Demento

A student from the bad guy class, a clown who seems to enjoy getting laughs out of people more than fighting.

La Piñata

Voiced by: Kathleen Barr

A girl whose costume resembles a piñata. Aptly, when she is beaten in a match, candy falls around her.

Ensalada De Frutas

A masked wrestler whose costume is themed around fruit, with a pineapple for his mask.

El Loco Mosquito

Voiced by: Lee Tockar

A mosquito-like wrestler.




A wrestler whose moves are based off the Tic-Tac-Toe game.

Double Ninja Ninja

A ninja-based masked wrestler.

El Pacifico


A red-haired girl whose theme is static electricity. She has the tendency to shock herself from combing her hair.

Timmy of a Thousand Masks

A kid who has the ability to wear the masks of other luchadores and impersonate them. In his first appearance, he used this ability to cause crimes that were then pinned on Snow Pea, Minotoro, Snr. Hasbeena, and Buena Girl. He was soon caught and expelled, but he came back for the Christmas Episode.

    The Faculty 

The Founder

The school's founder. He's revered as the one who defined lucha libre as a sport by defeating El Custodio, who wanted it to be a fad and make money off it. He wrote the masked wrestling code.
  • Hammerspace: He somehow made the school appear from either his pockets or out of nowhere.
  • Signature Move: The foundation. No, really. In fact, he defeated El Custodio by founding the school and smashing him with it.

The Headmistress

Voiced by: Candi Milo

The principal of the school of lucha libre that the Mascaritas attend. Headmistress is extremely strict and intolerant of any behavior that goes against the code of masked wrestling, often expelling students at the slightest infraction.

  • Berserk Button: People going against the Code of Masked Wrestling. When ricochet ends up at school without his mask the headmistress doesn't even need to spot it to see it's not there and she goes right on the warpath until she gets to Ricochet.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Everyone calls her by her title.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper : This was especially bad in 'Timmy of 1000 Masks' as she once expelled Mr. Midcarda (another faculty member!) when she thought he was questioning her authority as things became progressively worse over the episode.
  • Large Ham: It's rarer for her to use a more indoor voice as she's that strict.
  • Mood-Swinger: In the very first episode she goes from describing a devestating punishment that she gave another wrestler to laughing cheerfully about it as if it was one big joke. She then goes on to say that Ricochet has 2 strikes already and if he gets one more he is OUT but then after winning his match with Potato Potata Jr. she congratulates him and says she's wiping his slate clean.
  • Not So Above It All: In "Buena On Wheels", she's against Roller Lucha, but eventually likes it following the main trio participating in it old-fashioned Lucha style.
  • Tsundere: An extreme non-romantic version, She's tough as nails and very Tsun to nearly all students but when it comes to Buena Girl who follows the code of masked wrestling to a T she shows her Dere side and comes off as a Reasonable Authority Figure

Señor Hasbeena

Voiced by: Scott McNeil

A teacher who has lots of nostalgia for the 1970s. He used to be a professional wrestler named Señor Couldbea, but lost his World Championship title in the 70s and never won it again, an incident that continues to haunt him for years.

  • Disco Dan: Look no further than his signature move, where he turns into a luminous disco ball.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: His defeat at the World Championship? It's literally his own fault, as the flash that blinded him came from his future self using his signature move.
  • Large Ham: Overlaps with Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness when he tells the Main Trio that they'll have to wrestle him if they want to stop him from changing the past. Except, this ended up being what actually happened, as You Already Changed The Past shows.
  • Light 'em Up: His signature move turns him into a disco ball that blinds his opponents and stuns them. Even he isn't immune if he's not the one doing it, as this was how he lost his World Championship match back in the day.
  • Meaningful Name: A has-been who has retired from wrestling and instead teaches at the school.
  • You Already Changed the Past: When he finds a way to Time Travel back to the 70s, he goes back to the day he lost the World Championship to prevent the flash that blinded him and cost him the match. It turns out, he himself was the one who did the flash, when he used his signature move against the Main Trio, who had followed him to the past to stop him as time travel is against the Code Of Masked Wrestling.

Mr. Midcarda

Voiced by: Carlos Alazraqui (Seasons 1 & 2); Jason Marsden (Season 3).

The physical education teacher who organizes lucha libre matches between students and acts as the referee. His name is derived from the professional wrestling term "midcarder", which refers to a wrestler who performs between the undercard and the main event.

  • Combat Referee : Is in charge of reffing every wrestling match that goes down in the school and is typically right in the thick of things when it happens.

    Family members, pets, and paraphernalia 

Lonestar and Mama Maniaca

Voiced by: Benito Martinez (Lonestar) and Candi Milo (Mama Maniaca)

  • Disappeared Dad: Lonestar travels a lot. But we do see him occasionally when he sees his family.

Abuelito / Estrella de Fuego ("Star of Fire")

Masked Dog

Rikochet's dog who wears a mask.

El Rey

Rikochet's living action figure who acts like a mentor figure to him.

Buena Mom and Buena Dad

Buena Girl's excessively cheery parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Flea

The Flea's parents who run Slammin' Donuts.


The Flea's baby sister.


    Other characters 

Primadonna Hodges, Carlton Cold Jones, and Heavy Traffic

Three bullies from Hairy Knuckles Academy, a rival wrestling school. They appeared to be based on American professional wrestlers, who are generally larger than Mexican luchadores.

The Masked Toilet

Calavera Muerto

  • Death Glare:
    Calavera: I don't wanna leave, ever.
    Ricochet: Ever?
    Calavera: (flaming eyes) EVER!
  • Graceful Loser: He takes his defeat and impending return to the Land of the Dead pretty well, simply asking Ricochet to finish the last level of the game they were playing together for him.
  • Meaningful Name: "Calavera" means "skull" in Spanish and Muerto means "Dead" (Though Calavera is a femenine object, making his name gramatically incorrect).

Misterioso Grande

El Malefico

  • One-Winged Angel: After he's beaten in the first fight, he transforms into a towering giant to continue the fight.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Was imprisoned in the core of the Earth for 100,000 years. He used Flea to trick Rikochet into freeing him by reading a passage from the Code of Masked Wrestling backwards. At the end, he's defeated and sealed back up again.
  • When the Planets Align: Can only be set free when this happens. If he's not put back by the time they come out of alignment, he becomes unstoppable.

The Monkey


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