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Characters / Moujuutsukai To Oujisama

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This includes the characters that have appeared in the Moujuutsukai to Oujisama games, and the tropes they embodied.

May contain spoilers for the games




Matheus is the first prince of the Fasan Kingdom, who turned into a lion because of the curse. Good looking, strong and smart, Matheus is a very skilled strategist. While he likes women and accepts those who comes to him, he never chased the ones who left either. He’s allergic to men though, and would get hives just by touching them.

CV: Hikaru Midorikawa


The second prince of Fasan Kingdom. Alfred lost his left eye when he was young and has pledged his loyalty to Matheus ever since. Stronger than Matheus in battle, but doesn’t seem to be interested in anything other than training.

CV: Kosuke Toriumi



Lucia, the third prince of Fasan Kingdom, was turned into a duck because of the curse. He’s a fast thinker who’s really good at arguing with people, but he’s not very athletic and usually is the first to escape should a battle breaks out. He thinks everything is troublesome and often uses mean words. Lucia gets fat easily, so he’s always thinking of his diet carefully.

CV: Hiro Shimono


Erik is the fourth prince of Fasan Kingdom. He acts half of his age and is always seen with his frog plushie Kaspar, even after he was cursed into a bunny. Not as skilled as his brothers in other areas, but Erik is a very gifted artist and musician. He’s a tidy-up demon and can’t come to terms with Lucia who likes to scatter things around.

CV: Yuuki Kaji


Klaus is Tiana’s childhood friend. He’s strict and made Tiana cried a lot, but he’s been looking after her in place of her parents. She looked up to him as a brother. Klaus graduated from Sardine Royal Academy with top grades and is currently working in the royal library as an assistant librarian. He was rivals with Matheus during their school days.

CV: Hiroki Yasumoto


A cheerful guy who works at the medicine shop in Cattleya. Sylvio is friendly and good at persuasion, so there are quite a lot of girls who come just to see him. He has high physical ability, making him very nimble and strong in battle. Also works diligently to assist the unreliable shop owner. Both his appearance and personality bear a close resemblance to a cat.

CV: Takuma Terashima


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