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    Human Mercenaries 

The province of Reikland lies at the heart of the Empire and is a land long renowned for the discipline and loyalty of its people. Warriors drawn into the service of Reikland are held to a high standard of professionalism, eschewing the flamboyance of other provinces. For a Reiklander, sturdy armour and a reliable sword are more precious than silks and jeweled vestments. The Elector Count of Reikland claims the vacant Imperial throne for himself, and the warriors of his land will do their utmost to see him crowned Emperor. Even if they aren’t above making some coin for themselves in the process. A Reiklander is always pragmatic.

General Tropes:

  • A Commander Is You: Balanced/Ranger. Units have well-rounded stats in offence, defence and mobility and the largest armoury available to any warband, with few gimmicks to trip up a new player or limit his options for skills. Even dedicated melee fighters can pack pistols, while their ranged fighters are some of the best.
  • Badass Beard: All Mercenary units can get facial hair.
  • Badass Normal: Facing the deformed Chaotic denizens of Mordheim, the fabled ratmen of Clan Eshin, the warrior women of the Sisters of Sigmar and the roving hordes of the Undead are a bunch of Reikland sellswords with nothing but their wits, sharpened steel and primitive gunpowder. And sometimes they win.
  • Hired Swords
  • Humans Are Average/Jack-of-All-Stats: Defined by fair but not exceptional mobility, offence and defense points across the board, with the widest selection of weapons and equipment among the warbands, especially ranged weapons.
  • The Gunslinger: The Mercenaries are the "gun faction", able to use all manner of firearms including pistols, blunderbusses and even long rifles.
  • The Musketeer: Ranged weapons are available to all members of the Mercenaries warband, with the exception of the Ogre Mercenary.
  • Nominal Hero: The Mercenaries are more a neutral faction despite being on the side of Order, as a motley bunch of lowlifes taking obscene risks by venturing into the ruins of Mordheim and battling all kinds of evil all in the name of fast cash.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Grizzled veterans, young adventurers, rogue wizards, Ogres and snipers - the Human Mercenaries have it all.
  • Weapon of Choice: Firearms, and lots of them.


Mercenary captains are seasoned professional warriors. A captain must have cunning as well as a good sword-arm to command a warband. Among mercenaries, it is the bold and ruthless who often succeed, men who care little for what they must do or who they must fight so long as they are paid. In the blighted ruins of Mordheim, such men can prosper and seize wealth beyond their most avaricious dreams. Captains are often the best fighters of their warband and the best equipped (as they get the first choice among the loot).

The Captain is a versatile melee hero with decent all-round stats and an emphasis on strong defences, able to take from a long list of weapons and equipment and viable in just about any build or any situation. His special ability, "Swift Reaction" increases Parry chance and reduces the cost of counter-attacks.

  • Badass in Charge: Will be the Mercenaries' heaviest hitter until the Ogre Mercenary comes into play, and he's the warband leader.
  • Bling of War: His heavy armour is lavishly decorated.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: The default starting weapon is a sword.
  • The Leader
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Though primarily a melee fighter, with decent stats all across the board and a wide selection of equipment, the Captain can be built for almost any situation. However with his Swift Reaction special ability, giving the Captain a halberd, a sword or a shield and some kind of one-handed weapon so he can parry attacks might be the wisest choice.
  • The Musketeer: Able to take pistols into combat to supplement his swordplay, which is useful if he gets blocked by intervening terrain or you don't want to risk your valuable leader in close combat when he has low HP.


Among any warband, there are those who lack the experience of their comrades but who possess a determination and drive in excess of the usual warrior. Youngbloods are untried recruits who harbour within themselves the potential for heroic deeds – if they survive long enough to reach that potential. Eager to prove themselves, many Youngbloods discover too late how unforgiving Mordheim is.

Exchanging the melee prowess, defenses and morale of the Captain, the Youngblood is lighter on his feet and slightly better at shooting. His "Squire's Curse" is a special attack which prevents the enemy from switching weapons.

  • Blade on a Stick: Halberds are the default weapons for Youngbloods.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: Of the Human Heroes, the Youngblood is the Thief, to the Champion (Fighter) and the Warlock (Mage).
  • Fragile Speedster: Able to equip the same weapons and armour as the Captain, and much lighter on his feet but this comes at the cost of inferior strength, toughness and weapon skill scores. Commonly, Youngbloods are equipped with bows, pistols or crossbows as well as lighter one-handed weapons with higher initiative and used as runners and scouts meant more for quick, dirty grabs of wyrdstone and harassing enemy forces than engaging them head-on.
  • Naïve Newcomer
  • New Meat: A young lad fighting in Mordheim for his fame and fortune. Apparently the attrition rate for boys like him is exceptionally high.


Champions are the biggest, toughest and strongest warriors in a warband. Better versed in the arts of war than their comrades, it is often a Champion’s role to lead an attack and to accept personal challenges issued by foes. In return, Champions typically get the choicest pick of any loot seized by the warband, after their Captain, of course.

The most durable of the Human Mercenaries' Heroes, the Champion is a tanky melee fighter well-suited for engaging multiple opponents in melee and absorbing their blows. His "Adaptable Defence" skill reduces the damage he takes from melee attacks every time he lands a strike on an enemy himself.

  • BFS: Greatswords are the default weapon.
  • Close-Range Combatant
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Wearing a huge pauldron on the right shoulder, and nothing on the left.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: The Fighter to the Youngblood's Thief and the Warlock's Mage.
  • The Lancer: Able to take the "Lad's Got Talent" skill to become a Leader unit, taking the place of the Captain.
  • Sergeant Rock: The third most powerful fighter in the Mercenaries warband behind the Captain and the Ogre, the Champion is a grizzled, muscle-bound veteran of Mordheim accustomed to its dangers.


Sweeping across the world are aethyric streams of energy called the Winds of Magic. Warlocks are humans who are able harness these energies, transforming the raw magical power into spells. Warlocks risk much for their arcane abilities, equally menaced by the prospects of mutation from the aethyric energy and execution by religious zealots who fear their powers.

The versatile arcane caster of the Human Mercenaries, able to use his magic to control the flow of battle and inflict damage on the enemy as well, though his physical frailty means he needs to be protected. His "Concentration" increases the casting chance of the next spell, but his next action must be a spell or the effect is lost.

  • Blessed with Suck: Mordheim is set before the formation of the Colleges of magic in the Empire by the High Elf Loremaster Teclis. Human mages aren't having a fun time in this period of the Empire's history, being relentlessly persecuted by Witch Hunters for their uncontrolled magic.
  • Blinded by the Light: His starting spell, "Blinding Light", reduces dodge, parry, chance to hit and Perception checks. It affects your own men as well as the enemy though, so watch out.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: The Mage to the Champion's Fighter and the Youngblood's Thief.
  • Mage Marksman: Able to equip bows. It's not a bad idea to take them at low levels so they stay out of the enemies' way and still do damage.
  • Magikarp Power: He begins the game with a weak debuff spell and has a hard time earning XP since he's fragile and can't do much on his own. However, after leveling up a bit and earning a few spell points, he can turn into a powerful crowd control wizard with some neat offensive spells as well. Giving him a bow and keeping him out of harm's way can help him contribute to the warband and survive long enough to get his better spells.
  • Simple Staff: His starting weapon.
  • Squishy Wizard: Which isn't very helpful early on.


Across the Empire, archers and hunters are famed for their skills. The best are reckoned to be able to strike a coin with an arrow at 300 yards. Such Marksmen are a coveted asset for mercenary warbands, often deployed to snipe at enemies from the windows of ruined buildings and from behind broken walls.

Able to equip all manner of devastating bows and firearms while also having fair performance in melee, the Marksman is the ultimate ranged henchman. His "Chain Shot" increases the hit chance of subsequent ranged shots after a successful one for his turn.


The core of any mercenary warband are the Warriors. Experienced dogs of war, Warriors have blooded themselves in battle long before journeying to Mordheim. Grim fighters, Warriors fear no man so long as they have their weapons and armour.

A competent and dependable melee fighter with access to a varied arsenal and also fair morale, the Warrior is the backbone of any Human Mercenaries force. His "Momentum" gives him increase melee hit chance on all subsequent attacks after a successful one for his turn.

Ogre Mercenary

Immense creatures twice the size of a human and possessed of incredible strength, Ogres are highly sought after by any mercenary warband. The durability of an Ogre on the battlefield is legendary, capable of enduring wounds that would kill the toughest human. To have an Ogre acting as shock-troop for their warband, Captains easily overlook the logistics of feeding an Ogre's prodigious appetite.

As the Human Mercenaries' Impressive, the Ogre trades poor movement range for excellent defensive and offensive power, uniquely being able to equip armour. Sturdy, fearless and fear-inspiring, the Ogre is nonetheless ponderous and a large target for shooters and archers.

  • An Axe to Grind
  • The Big Guy: The biggest guy in fact.
  • Drop the Hammer: His starting weapon.
  • The Juggernaut: Not much stands in the Ogre's way and lives.
  • Necessary Drawback: You really don't want to fight the Ogre up close as he's incredibly hard to kill, hits like a truck and has a Fear aura which debilitates any troops in melee, but his sheer size means he can't enter buildings or fit through gaps. Shooting the Ogre with bowmen or gunners is also a good idea, as he takes extra damage from these weapons and it negates his Fear aura.
  • Stone Wall: Some of the most impressive strength and toughness scores in the whole game, and coupled with the unique ability among the large Impressives to wear light armour, the most generally resilient. Also, because they can take swords, Ogres can become quite proficient at parrying as well.

Luther Wolfenbaum

"So, you've decided to brave the City of the Damned in search of gold and glory? There's no shortage of people who've tried before you. If you look hard enough, you'll find their bones littering the ruins. Mordheim doesn't forgive mistakes, so you'd better not make any."

Luther Wolfenbaum is a veteran soldier of the Empire and mercenary captain. Serving as an agent of Baron von Leitdorfer, he guides the player's Mercenary warband through their campaign and assists them in campaign missions. He's an exceptionally powerful frontline fighter armed with a sword and shield.


    Sisters of Sigmar 

The Rock lies in the middle of the River Stir in the southern part of Mordheim. More fortress than convent, the Rock has survived the devastation wrought by the comet and provided a refuge for the Sisters of Sigmar. Branded witches and worse by the broader Cult of Sigmar because of their miraculous deliverance, the Sisters maintain a fervent devotion to their god. They seek to prove themselves and redeem their order by cleansing Mordheim of the many evils that beset it and locking away the tainted wyrdstone where its corruption cannot spread. Armed with faith and warhammer, the Sisters stand ready to oppose all who would defy them.

General Tropes:

  • A Commander Is You: Elitist/Brute. The Sisters are a warband of powerful Magic Knights who can nearly all equip heavy armour and fight very well in hand-to-hand combat, but conversely none of their units can equip bows or guns, and this coupled with their low mobility make them susceptible to being outmanoeuvred and led into ambushes and killzones.
  • Amazon Brigade: An entire army of women warriors, kicking ass in Sigmar's name. The only male troops available to the Sisters are Marksmen taken from having good relations with Brigand's Burg, or the Wolf Priest of Ulric if you have the DLC.
  • The Atoner: As far as the Sisters are concerned, the comet that struck Mordheim was an act of the gods meant to destroy a den of decadence and heresy, but they blame themselves for failing to turn the citizens away from a darker path.
  • Badass Army: Arguably the biggest example in the game. The Sisters of Sigmar will often win most straight-up battles against other warbands due to their sheer resilience and striking power with their magical support.
  • Church Militant
  • Crutch Character: In a sense. The Sisters warband can be described as a magic-slinging, hammer-swinging wall of metal pain that will sweep up the map laughing off everything thrown at them. However their complete lack of shooting and limited movement restricts them to simple tactics that would get the other warbands killed quite quickly.
  • Close-Range Combatant: No unit in the Sister's roster can equip ranged weapons of any kind, leaving them to rely on either brought-in Mercenaries Marksmen or the Smuggler DLC Hero for shooting.
  • Doomed by Canon: By canon, the Sisters of Sigmar fail to reclaim the city and are largely destroyed by the Lahmian vampires. The survivors go their separate ways and many join the service of other gods like Morr.
  • Drop the Hammer: The Sisters, in true medieval holy warrior parlance, never use swords or edged weapons except for daggers. They prefer to wield hammers, or alternatively Carry a Big Stick or Epic Flail.
  • Expy: Of the Sisters of Battle. The Matriarch, Purifier and Maiden of Sigmar are all divine spellcasters, letting them cast divine spells using the power of their god Sigmar while wearing heavy armour without invoking Tzeentch's Curse, though at the risk of invoking Divine Wrath debuffs.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Even before the Hammer hit, the Sisters of Sigmar were widely regarded with scorn and suspicion by the predominantly male clergy of Sigmar. The fact that their main base, the Rock, was "conveniently" the only part of the city to be spared the Hammer's wrath has only inflamed hostilities.
  • Light Is Good
  • Knight Templar: The Sisters of Sigmar are hellbent on gathering and stockpiling all of Mordheim's Wyrdstone so it can be locked away and not hurt anyone else. This does put them at odds with the human warbands from the Empire who want to claim the wyrdstone as well as Mordheim's treasures, but really, what are the lives of a few sellswords next to the threat the wyrdstone poses?...
  • Magic Knight: Not only are the Sisters powerful fighters, but they also arguably have the best magic of all the warbands. They have a spellcaster Hero but their Leader and Impressive can cast spells as well.
  • The Paladin
  • Stone Wall: Sporting robust HP pools, near-universal ability to equip heavy armour, excellent leadership and a plethora of divine buffing and support spells to boost their combat prowess, the Sisters are very difficult to shift and a real menace in open melee combat. However, their very poor movement range and mobility combined with an absolute lack of shooting makes them easy to outmaneuver and susceptible to being trapped.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Sisters troops have some of the poorest physical stats but rather good martial stats like weapon skillnote  to compensate. They won't hit particularly hard but they will hit reliably and parry well, and their attacks are often backed by magic too.
  • Weapon of Choice: The unique weapon of the Sisters is the Sigmarite Warhammer, a brutal warhammer styled into the shape of Sigmar's twin-tailed comet which also helps reduce the chance of Divine Wrath.

Sigmarite Matriarch

Matriarchs form the inner council of the Sisterhood and report directly to the High Matriarch herself. Equally versed in the strictures of Sigmar's faith and the martial tenants demanded by their god's role as a patron of war, the Matriarchs are called upon to lead warbands of Sisters into the ruins of Mordheim. In this task, they embody the selfless valour of their faith.

The Sigmarite Matriarch is the leader of the Sisters of Sigmar warband, a superb tank hero with robust defenses and morale. She is also a divine caster, supporting her sisters with healing and defensive spells. Her "Divine Fervour" reduces the cost of attacks and charges after casting a spell, though her next action must be an attack or charge or the effect is lost.

  • The Leader
  • Magic Knight
  • The Paladin: The highest-ranking of the Sisters of Sigmar and a mighty warrior.
  • Stone Wall: She has excellent defenses backed up by powerful support magic, but she is still, like other Sisters units, slow on the move.


Trading their vision for the sacred second-sight bestowed upon them by Sigmar, the blind Augurs are living testaments to the power of their god. Very few of the Sisters are marked for such blessing and those who are granted this divine power are greatly revered. As a further mark of their devotion, Augurs shave their heads, leaving only a single long braid as a reminder of their call to service.

The Augur is less capable in melee slugfests than her sisters due to her weak armour and low toughness, but her mobility is unrivaled among her sisters, and her "Sigmar's Sight" ability lets her perform Perception checks for free and with increased success chance.

  • Bald of Awesome: Also a Bald Woman.
  • Eye Scream: Pointedly Averted. Augurs don't suffer from eye injuries.
  • Handicapped Badass: While supposedly blind, Augurs can still "see" through the second-sight gifted on them by Sigmar.
  • Fragile Speedster: The only Sisters unit unable to equip heavy armour, but has good agility. This along with her superhumanly high alertness stat and excellent Perception bonus makes her an exceptional scout, something the pondering Sisters really need.

Sigmar's Purifier

Sigmar's Purifiers of the Sisterhood have embraced the martial aspects of Sigmar with fervor beyond that of the rest of their order. Their faith is of such an extreme that by sheer force of will they are able to draw upon the divine power of their god to unleash spells upon their foes. A Purifier is utterly fearless in battle, attacking with a combination of cold steel and holy magic that few can withstand.

A more offensively-minded divine caster for the Sisters, the Sigmar's Purifier can also fight fairly well in close combat in a pinch. Her "Comet of Sigmar" spell deals reasonable damage which also ignores armour completely.

  • Combat Medic: With the "Healing Circle" ability, she can replenish HP to every Sisters unit around her.
  • Dual Wielding
  • Epic Flail: Her starting weapons are a pair of flails. Given she's the Sisters' caster hero however, you'd be better off with Sigmarite Warhammers.
  • Magic Knight: She is the Sisters' dedicated spellcaster hero, but she is still a decent frontline fighter.
  • Nerves of Steel: Immune to Fear, Terror and All Alone.

Sister Superior

Long-serving priestesses of the Sisterhood, Sisters Superior adopt the role of mentor to the newer Sisters and Novices. Versed in the rituals of the temple and the trials of battle, Sisters Superior are entrusted with maintaining the fervor and discipline of the order. The wrath of a Sister Superior on the field of battle is something to quail the blackened heart of almost any foe.

The most capable of the three Sisters heroes in close combat, the Sisters Superior often wields hefty two-handed flails and hammers to deal immense damage, though defensive builds are also viable. She also has good morale. Her "For Sigmar!" ability lets a single ally move further than usual for their next turn.

  • Drop the Hammer: Starting with a mighty Great Hammer, the Sister Superior is a hefty hitter.
  • The Mentor: Seeing to the other Sisters' spiritual matters, their discipline and keeping their religious fervour to acceptable levels.
  • Sergeant Rock: ... While also cracking skulls side-by-side with them.


The Sisters of the order understand the shameful taint that has accumulated around them. To redeem their order, they seek to purge the ruins of Mordheim of the vile corruption that infects it. Such is the purpose that drives each Sister and each is determined never to falter from that purpose until the city has been cleansed.

Dependable close combat henchmen with good all-round stats but no ability to hit enemies further than melee range. "Repentance" lets them move further after they gather wyrdstone.


Traditionally, only the daughters of the Empire's noble houses were allowed to be recruited into the Sisterhood. Before the fall of Mordheim, this was considered a great honour by these families to have a daughter devoting her life to Sigmar. Each maiden must endure years of privation and instruction before she is accepted as a Novice and permitted to prove themselves as handmaidens of Sigmar.

The less durable, less powerful but more mobile and more alert alternative to Sisters, Novices are better at navigating the ruins of Mordheim while still being capable in combat. Their "Military Training" increases their dodge chance after they deal melee damage.

Maiden of Sigmar

In rare circumstances, the devotion of a Zealot is such that she is endowed with a divine aura by Sigmar. Holy light radiates from the exalted Zealot, strengthening the faith of believers and provoking the fear of heretics. Sacred heavy armour, long held within the Rock, is bestowed upon the Maiden, reclaimed only when she is no more and returned to the vaults to await the next worthy to wear it.

Distinct for being the only non-large Impressive and the only Impressive who can cast spells, pick up items and wyrdstone and wear armour, the Maiden is a mighty warrior and asset to the Sisters warband. Her "Sigmar's Chosen" passive makes all ranged weapons ineffective against her.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: Averted, unlike most of the other Impressives. As the only Impressive unit who isn't a Giant Mook, the Maiden of Sigmar can traverse terrain normally like any human-sized unit, loot items and wyrdstone, cast spells, and enter buildings. She's also Immune to Bullets, which makes her immune to one of the primary ways of dealing with Impressives and plugs a vital hole in the Sisters tactics, allowing her to bullrush archers and tie them up or kill them outright. This makes her more tactically useful than the other Impressives, but she doesn't skimp on her raw power one bit.
  • Bling of War
  • Immune to Bullets: Has the passive "Sigmar's Chosen", which gives her a +200% bonus to her missile resistance, so trying to shoot her means a 1% chance to hit even for expert gunners and archers. So you need to use bombs, melee or magic to fight her - a troubling prospect considering she's a match for an Ogre.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Emphasis on the "Bruiser". Being completely immune to all shooting forces enemies to engage the Maiden directly with melee or magic, but she hits just as hard as the Ogre and can cast support spells on herself to make her even more durable.
  • Touched by Vorlons: The Maiden of Sigmar used to be a regular Sister, but then one day she got magically imbued by her god and now is strong enough to wrestle down Ogres and Chaos Spawn, while also casting spells.

Bertha Bestraufrung

"Hold fast to your faith, keep Sigmar's glory in your heart, remember the tenets of your devotion, and I know you will acquit yourself as a Matriarch should."

Pureblood descendant of Sigmar himself and High Matriarch of the Sisters of Sigmar at the Rock, Bertha Bestraufrung serves as both the sponsor and the Dramatus Personae of the player's Sisters of Sigmar warband, advising them and assisting them in battle where necessary. Bertha is an extremely powerful warrior and deadly with her warhammer.

  • Badass in Charge: Uniquely, Bertha serves as both your warband's sponsor and your Hero Unit. Presumably the High Matriarch didn't get her position by being a pansy.
  • Drop the Hammer
  • Mighty Glacier: Like you wouldn't believe. Bertha can pulverize anything short of an Impressive in just one or two attacks, and she's very well-armoured to boot. However her dodge chance is only 20% and she can only dodge once per turn, leaving her vulnerable to Death by a Thousand Cuts if you don't support her properly. Once she gets above a certain level however she gets the Renewal spell allowing her to constantly heal herself (and others) which can make her nigh impossible to bring down.

    Witch Hunters 

The Orders of the Templars of Sigmar was founded in the early days of the Empire. Commonly known as Witch Hunters, these warriors root out evil where it hides among men. Depraved Chaos cults, hideous mutants, the abominable undead, witches and sorcerers practicing their black arts, even the insidious Skaven have been unmasked and destroyed by the zealous efforts of the Witch Hunters. To join the Order is to accept a dangerous way of life. Fear and mercy alike are qualities no Witch Hunter can allow within himself, only unwavering faith to Sigmar. These warriors have come to Mordheim to redeem it from its corruption - or see it purged in fire.

General Tropes:

  • A Commander Is You: Balanced/Brute. Basically the Human Mercenaries, but with much more emphasis on melee over ranged combat (though speccing your heroes for ranged combat is of course still quite possible). They're squishier than the Mercenaries and can't equip the same weapons and armour but they make up for this in other areas, like having fearless henchmen.
  • Badass Normal: As a posse of ordinary men who are tasked with hunting down witches, Chaos cultists and vampires.
  • Glass Cannon: A more close-combat oriented take on the Mercenaries faction, with plenty of units defined by their superb striking power in melee though lacking the Mercenaries' ability to wear heavy armour and ranged weaponry.
  • Church Militant: Emphasis on the Militant part.
  • Knight Templar: Even more so than the Sisters. The Witch Hunters don't even think Mordheim can be saved, and want to purge all within, including their sisters in faith at the Rock.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: As only a roving band of religious fanatics could hope to be. You have ruthless witch hunters, valiant knights, badass warrior priests, ordinary men taking up arms because they have nothing left to lose, and self-harming fanatics.
  • Weapon of Choice: Crossbow pistols, as used by the Witch Hunters and their Captains.

Witch Hunter Captain

The leader of each band of Witch Hunters bears a commission from the Grand Theogonist himself, sanctioning whatever action the Captain deems necessary. Those entrusted with such authority are chosen for their unswerving faith and zeal, as well as their tactical acumen and swordsmanship. Any who dare oppose a Witch Hunter Captain will be summarily executed… with the Temple of Sigmar’s blessing.

Similar to his Mercenaries counterpart, the Witch Hunter Captain is a versatile offensive hero equally adept at shooting or slashing with his generous selection of weapons, and also resistant to magic thanks to "Sigmar's Aegis". His other ability "Hunter's Patience" reduces the cost of counter-attacks after a successful dodge action.

Warrior Priest

Among the ranks of Sigmar's clergy, the Warrior Priests emphasize the martial aspects of their god. Filled with a fiery fervor and an unbreakable faith, these priests are a formidable sight to the enemies of the Empire. Wielding immense warhammers that can shatter skulls and crush bones, a Warrior Priest is an imposing foe. More than their physical strength, however, it is a Warrior Priest’s devotion to Sigmar that endows him with his deadliest abilities – harnessing the divine power of his god and unleashing devastating forces against his adversaries, and bringing salvation to his allies.

A highly versatile divine spellcaster equally capable of supporting allies and debuffing and damaging foes, while also wearing heavy armour (but proficient in any armour except helmets - they obscure the Priest's vision too much), the Warrior Priest is at home in the thick of melee. His "Divine Rage" increases his spellcasting chance whenever he deals melee damage.

  • Badass Preacher: The most famous of the Warhammer world. Sigmar's Warrior Priests have been travelling the Empire, kicking Chaos and undead ass for years and seeing to the spiritual purity of the Empire's citizens.
  • Bald of Awesome: So awesome it prevents them from wearing helmets!
  • Combat Medic: One of the Witch Hunters' biggest advantages over other warbands is availability of healing provided by the Warrior Priest's "Healing Hand" spell.
  • Drop the Hammer
  • Religious Bruiser
  • Mighty Glacier

Witch Hunter

The grim Witch Hunters are renowned for their determination and courage even as they are infamous for their pitiless methods and merciless justice. Typically, these men work alone, travelling the villages and towns to root out small Chaos cults and individual witches acting alone. However, the scope of corruption infesting Mordheim has drawn packs of Witch Hunters to it, banding them together under the authority of Witch Hunter Captains.

With excellent damage in melee or range and a litany of proficiencies in weapons ranging from simple daggers to hunting rifles, the Witch Hunter is a very versatile offensive hero blessed with an innate magic resistance in "Sigmar's Ward", and "Purge the Heretic!" increasing melee damage on all subsequent melee attacks after a successful one.

  • Anti-Magic: A lesser version of the Witch Hunter Captain's magic resistance, granting 10%.
  • Badass Normal: Comes with being an ordinary man who takes on mutants and Chaos spellcasters with nothing but his elite training.
  • Badass Longcoat: Though they can wear any kind of armour, the Witch Hunters prefer their cloth trenchcoats because the coats let them stay mobile and give them an imposing figure.
  • Guns Akimbo: Starts with a pair of pistols.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats
  • Nice Hat
  • The Witch Hunter

Templar Knight

The younger children of noble lords or the disposed heirs of conquered domains, Templar Knights often seek a position for themselves by offering service to the temples of mankind's gods. Those who serve Sigmar usually end up in the warband of a Witch Hunter Captain, granted the chance to prove the sincerity of their faith by giving battle to the creatures of Chaos. Armed and armoured in the finery befitting their noble birth, Templar Knights are nevertheless untested warriors and their lack of experience can make them overeager in combat.

Robust and fearless, the Templar Knight is a powerful melee tank well-suited for engaging multiple enemies at once thanks to the "Stoic" passive skill, but also makes for a capable melee DPS hero. They can use all manner of weapons and armour, but their favourite is the sword and shield with heavy armour, giving a high degree of physical protection for their valuable lives.


Men who have suffered great losses, who have had family and fortune taken from them, sometimes find that faith in Sigmar is all they have left. Casting aside the shambles of their old lives, they become Zealots, vengeful pilgrims on a quest to destroy the minions of Chaos wherever they can be found. Many Zealots were peasants or craftsmen and lack the martial experience of mercenaries (and their heavy armour training), but what they do have is bitterness and rage. These are qualities that cause Witch Hunters to recruit them, harnessing their fanaticism to visit vengeance upon the evil infesting Mordheim.

An incredibly versatile henchman capable with all manner of melee or ranged weapons, combined with surprising durability in their light armour. Their "Vengeance" skill increases their melee damage for a turn when they are struck by a melee attack.

  • Action Survivor: Strangely for Warhammer. Zealots are often from non-military backgrounds but their bitterness against the Empire's enemies out of their personal animosity lets them fight as fiercely as trained warriors. However their lack of true martial training leaves them unable to use firearms or heavy armour, forcing them to rely on bows and light armour instead.
  • Blade on a Stick: Starting weapon for Zealots is the spear.
  • Cannon Fodder
  • Jack-of-All-Stats/Master of None: With no particular strengths in any area, Zealots make fair "line" infantry for the Witch Hunters, using either close combat weapons or bows. Just don't rely too much on them.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Their whole lives are basically this. Many of them have lost families and loved ones to the forces of Chaos and join up with Witch Hunter warbands for opportunities to return the favour.


Their minds unhinged by the conviction that the End Times are upon the Empire, Flagellants are fanatical madmen who wander the roads and byways of the provinces. They preach their apocalyptic visions wherever they go, scourging their own bodies with barbed whips and heavy chains in acts of ghastly self-mutilation. The crazed devotion that gives Flagellants purpose likewise makes them terrifying warriors in battle, hurling themselves upon their foes in a frenzy of slashing flails. Many Flagellants have been swayed by the sermons of Witch Hunters, joining their warbands in a holy crusade to cleanse Mordheim and restore Sigmar's grace to the land.

The Flagellants are suited for one thing only: walloping enemies in melee. Though they cannot wear armour or take "Lad's Got Talent", their fearlessness and obscene striking power make them valuable as the hammer to a Zealot anvil, or as Impressive hunters.


Few sights are more terrifying than that of an Executioner approaching his victim. Selected for their massive physiques and utter remorselessness, these sinister warriors know neither pity nor mercy. Tasked to deliver final justice to the enemies of Sigmar, an Executioner becomes inured to killing, as ready to slay in cold blood as in the heat of battle. Great two-handed swords and double-headed axes are the weapons of choice for these killers, tools with which they become quite accomplished in the course of their gory trade.

The Executioner is slightly weaker than other Impressives but that does not take away from the fact he is a powerful linebreaker, and careful use of his "Pyres Of The Righteous" can increase the hit chance and morale of nearby allies. Executioners take their jobs very seriously, as they will always to the bitter end, nor will they ever tire.

  • Acrofatic: Don't let the massive size and prominent gut fool you. He has a superhuman Agility maximum of 20! Only the inhuman Crypt Horror and Chaos Spawn match that.
  • An Axe to Grind
  • Badass Normal: Unlike the Impressives of other factions, the Executioner isn't a monster or empowered by the supernatural - He's just an extremely big and strong man who likes to carry a large weapon. Though he is a bit weaker than other Impressives to show it - his maximum strength is 16 compared to other Impressives who can reach 20 Strength.
  • BFS
  • The Big Guy
  • The Determinator: Never flees, never tires and never quits.
  • Flaming Sword: All of his weapons are burning and do lingering fire damage on hit.
  • Malevolent Masked Man: Either a cloth executioner hood obscuring his face or, if he has a helmet equipped, a metal mask.
  • Kill It with Fire
  • Stout Strength: Very fat and very strong.

Wilhelm Kreiger

"All glory to Mighty Sigmar that He has chosen us for this sacred duty!"

High Capitular Wilhelm Kreiger is a Warrior Priest of the Order of the Anvil and the representative of the Grand Theogonist and the Dramatus Personae of the Witch Hunters warbands. Wilhelm is a man of action and faith, unwilling to sit idle in Wolfenburg Cathedral when he could be taking the fight to the enemies of mankind.

  • Bald of Awesome: As with all Warrior Priests.
  • Drop the Hammer: Either a two-handed great hammer or a one-handed Sigmarite hammer with a shield.
  • Kill 'Em All: As far as he's concerned, Mordheim is beyond redemption and all of the evil that infests it must be purged with sword and flame.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Clad in heavy armour and hits very hard, but also fast.
  • Magic Knight: Can cast the spells Armour of Righteousness and Prayer of Absolution.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Recognizes that the Empire above all else needs unity, and he sees the wyrdstone as a means to make the church rich and powerful so they can finally end the strife and civil war that has gripped the Empire.

    Hired Swords 


The Empire's division benefits those who would sell contraband or avoid the many taxes imposed by barons and burghers. No commodity is more enticing to Smugglers than Mordheim's Wyrdstone. Smugglers must be skilled with swords and pistols, accustomed to fighting against many foes, and not averse to tricks and traps. Most of all, they must be charismatic, able to rally their comrades in their darkest hour.

The Smuggler is a nimble and tricky combat hero adept at both melee or ranged combat. She can provide the Sisters with some much-needed fire support and mobility to broaden the scope of the warband, but also has her place with a Mercenaries or Witch Hunters warband as well. Her "Black Powder Trap" skill creates a "fake" item pickup which explodes and deals damage when a greedy enemy unit tries to pilfer from it.

Wolf Priest of Ulric

Ulric is the god of wolves, war and winter. In some of the Northern provinces, he is venerated even above Sigmar by peasants and nobles alike. Those who enter his priesthood are fierce and hardened men, embodying the primal nature of their god. Grim warriors in their own right, these Priests are able to instill in their comrades the cold howl of Ulric, inspiring them to feats of bravery and savagery.

The Wolf Priest is an amazing two-handed physical fighter and support caster who can particularly benefit friendly units in tight combat with the enemy, be they the tough-as-nails Sisters or the relatively squishy Mercenaries and Witch Hunters.

  • Badass Preacher: Given Ulric is a War God.
  • Horny Vikings: Ulric worshippers tend to be from Nordland and Middenland, where people are culturally similar to the Norscans.
  • Magic Knight: The Wolf Priest is a divine spellcaster that can wear heavy armour and fight like a beast in combat.
  • Mighty Glacier: With his greataxe and high strength, he hits like a truck, and his amazing buff spells, high toughness and ability to wear heavy armour without impeded spellcasting make him very hard to kill too.



    Skaven of Clan Eshin 

The Skaven of Clan Eshin are accomplished masters of stealth and murder. Long ago they learned the art of assassination in distant lands. Now they are among the most feared of the Great Clans of the Under-Empire. These silent killers serve as the eyes and ears of Skavendom, infiltrating the realms of other races and spying upon them from the shadows. Striking from ambush, utterly without mercy and honour, endowed with a ferocious speed and viciousness far in excess of any human, the Skaven are hideous foes. The chance to increase their own prestige inside the clan makes the warbands infesting Mordheim even more ruthless – and dangerous.

General Tropes:

  • A Commander Is You: Spammer/Guerilla. Skaven units can move far, climb and jump well and have high initiative so they have the best battlefield control of any warband. However their units are quite fragile, with low HP and morale and limited access to heavy protection. The Skaven encourage a playstyle that involves ambushes, flanking and picking off isolated units; protracted brawls are best avoided.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Skaven are individually quite weak and almost never fare well in one-and-one melee even at high levels, so the warband encourages ambushing isolated enemies and ganging up on them, just like on the tabletop. They also like using Poisoned Weapons to cripple enemies and make their work easier.
  • Dirty Coward: A lot of the Skaven's underhanded fighting tactics are motivated by their cowardice. Skaven very rarely accept individual challenges, preferring instead to shove an underling forward, jump in all at once, or Just Shoot Him. The Skaven have the lowest morale of any warband.
  • Fragile Speedster: The best climbing and jumping skills in the game combined with lots of movement and offence points and much faster movement than any other warband, but their low HP and lack of armour means they die quickly and their low morale means that they can only take a few casualties before risking a rout.
  • Magitek: A lot of Skaven technology runs on what the Skaven call "Warpstone", justifying their ventures into Mordheim to collect the stuff. The Skaven are actually more technologically advanced than the Empire in many respects, such as having equivalent firearms technology.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Rat Men Ninja Nazis with Magitek!
  • Poisoned Weapons: With the Skaven exclusive "Numbing Poison" and "Warp Poison" skills, Skaven units can embue any weapon with debilitating poisons to weaken opponents. These skills are especially useful with the shuriken and the warplock pistols, letting you weaken foes at range and giving your troops the leg-up they need. There's also the Weeping Blades, a pair of wicked curved blades coated in a poison derived from wyrdstone.
  • Shrouded in Myth: Very few people outside of Mordheim actually believe the Skaven exist, believing them to just be embellishments from Sigmar's days as a mortal man. It's heavily implied that the Empire's upper brass actively suppresses knowledge of their existence - if the people of the Empire knew that an impossibly vast society of evil Rat Men lived quite literally right under them, the resulting societal panic would cause a complete collapse.
  • Stealth Expert: What Clan Eshin is to the Skaven civilization as a whole. They were trained in ninja arts by Nippon, the Warhammer world's equivalent of feudal Japan.
  • Verbal Tic: Filthy man-things! Die-die!
  • Weak, but Skilled: The Skaven have it even worse than the Sisters. Not only do their troops have some of the lowest strength skill in the game but they also have some of the lowest toughness scores too. What redeems them is the best agility scores and dodge chances plus above-average weapon skill.
  • Weapon of Choice: The Skaven have a fair few unique weapons, nearly all of them work well with the Skaven's racial skills:
    • Weeping Blades, a pair of wicked curved blades coated in a sickly green wyrdstone poison. Arguably the best melee weapon available to the Skaven Heroes as they hit hard and allow parrying on top of their deadly poison.
    • Warplock Pistols, a pair of medium-range pistols which inflict poison damage on their target. The perfect primary weapon for a Night Runner MVP who can use them in conjunction with skills like Crippling Shot or the Skaven exclusive poison skills to lock down Heroes and Impressives and prevent them from acting.
    • Shuriken, low damage, low range and high accuracy throwing stars which make handy backup ranged weapons for melee characters and primary weapons for poison skill-using Verminkin.
  • You Dirty Rat!: They're rat people, and very evil ones at that.

Assassin Adept

Only the most vicious and cunning of Skaven are initiated into the secret art of assassination. Those who survive the trials become masters of murder. The most ambitious of these killers are given command of small retinues of warriors and unleashed upon Mordheim to secure wyrdstone. A successful Assassin can expect great reward. The price for failure is best not contemplated...

The Skaven leader unit, the Assassin Adept is a versatile offensive hero able to use light armour and poison weapons to debilitate opponents and gradually wear them down. His "Defensive Breach" bypasses a portion of an enemy's dodge and parry chances.

Eshin Sorceror

Versed in the dark arts, the magic of an Eshin Sorcerer may seem paltry beside the might of a Grey Seer, but their arcane power is still considerable. Their magic is focused upon the strategies of deception, concealment and swift death favoured by Clan Eshin. An Eshin Sorcerer is a valuable asset to any warband, but one a wise Assassin will keep a wary eye on.

A competent if quite fragile utility arcane spellcaster with spells centered on debuffing enemies and buffing allies, who is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the Rat Ogre thanks to his "Guidance" ability. His "Warp Resonance" skill increases his spellcasting chance after gathering some wyrdstone.

  • Brains and Brawn: The Brains to the Rat Ogre's Brawn. The Eshin Sorceror can negate the Stupidity of the Rat Ogre ensuring that the goliath can act on his turn. This does require the fairly vulnerable Sorcerer to be close by however.
  • Evil Sorcerer
  • Shock and Awe: The "Warp Lightning" spell shoots a damaging cone of lightning out of the Sorcerer's hands.
  • Squishy Wizard

Black Skaven

Among the Skaven race, those whelps with black fur tend to be bigger and more vicious than their fellows. Raised in a climate of bullying brutality, Black Skaven dominate all they see as weaker than themselves. Trained in the martial arts of their clan, they combine the speed of their smaller kin with brawn seldom found among the ratmen. In the ruins of Mordheim, they excel at ambushing man-things.

The Black Skaven is the Skaven's close combat monster hero with great power and mobility; his only weakness being relatively weak shooting. His "Perfect Killer" ability bypasses a portion of enemy armour and this combined with his innate mobility and the fighting claws make him a very effective slayer of armoured enemies.

Night Runner

Young, swift and nimble, Night Runners have only recently been initiated into the secret arts of Clan Eshin. Their freshness and eagerness to rise within the structure of their clan makes a Night Runner a valuable minion for an Assassin - a skilled fighter who can be easily manipulated because of his lack of experience. A Night Runner quickly learns that a Skaven must lookout for his own pelt.

The yin to the Black Skaven's yang, the Night Runner is a capable ranged fighter, especially when equipped with warplock pistols. His mobility is also greater than the Black Skaven - his "Fleet-Footed" skill gives him greater movement range whenever he succeeds at a leap or jump.


Warpguards are skaven warriors who have been especially trained and adapted to guard stocks of Warpstone – the Skaven name for wyrdstone. Heavily armoured and given better weapons than Verminkin, Warp Guard are fearsome warriors in their own right. Magical rituals enhance their resistance to the corrupting effects of wyrdstone, making them less likely to suffer debilitating mutations.

With their plentiful movement and very good physical stats, Warpguard serve as the "line" infantry to the Skaven, benefitting from high strength as it lets them hit hard in melee and carry more; with "Warp Immunity" granting immunity to warp effects when gathering wyrdstone, this makes Warpguard great for winning quick and dirty seizures of wyrdstone clusters.

  • Blade on a Stick: Start with spears and shields.
  • Cannon Fodder
  • Expy: Warpguard equipped with halberds and heavy armour are a popular build and the closest you'll ever get to having the Stormvermin from the main tabletop Warhammer game.
  • Mighty Glacier: The only Skaven unit that can equip heavy armour, and decent toughness too.
  • No-Sell: Immune to Warp effects when gather Wyrdstone, and also resistant to poison.


Verminkin form the vast majority of the Skaven clan, the great armies of Clanrat warriors and labourers. Each Verminkin strives to prove himself to his masters, to rise and be initiated into the secret arts of his clan. Few realize their dreams, murdered by jealous rivals or nervous superiors who see not promise but threat in the ambitions of their underlings.

Though much weaker than the Warpguard and poorly suited to melee, the Verminkin's saving grace is slightly higher ranged combat ability. Given shuriken and kept behind heroes and Warpguard, Verminkin are good for scouting and supplementary damage. Their "Warp Rage" increases melee damage and dodge chance after claiming wyrdstone.

  • Cannon Fodder
  • Fragile Speedster: The lowest starting and maximum strength and toughness of any henchman, Verminkin are nobody's idea of a frontline fighter, but their agility is very good.
  • Ninja: Clan Eshin have whole armies of these.

Rat Ogre

Monstrous beasts bred by Clan Moulder, Rat Ogres are valued for their immense strength and hardiness, if not their wits. It is not uncommon for a Rat Ogre to forget which side it is fighting or even that it is in a fight. Still, the terrifying might of a Rat Ogre is too enticing for even Clan Eshin to resist and many of these brutes have been bought by the warbands in Mordheim.

The Rat Ogre's very formidable physical stats and exceptional mobility for an Impressive belie a unit hamstrung by unreliability issues caused by Stupidity and low intelligence. Get the Rat Ogre into melee as quickly as possible or keep a Eshin Sorcerer close by.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: The Rat Ogre is a beast once it finds close combat. Out of combat however, it's Stupid and its maximum Intelligence - the stat on which Stupidity rolls are based - is ten (for reference, that's nearly as low as it gets). This drawback can be compensated by having another warrior use the Guidance skill on the Rat Ogre, skipping the Stupidity test entirely... but that means someone else in your warband has to invest skill points on Guidance, that you have to spend the money to train it, that said warrior will have to spend 3 Strategy Points per turn just to keep the Rat Ogre operational, and that you'll have to keep the Guidance unit away from any melee, since the skill cannot be used if said unit is engaged. Oh, and this unit better have a high enough Initiative to act before the Rat Ogre, otherwise everything will go to waste. Considering that the Rat Ogre might be the poster boy for hidden costs awareness campaigns, it's no surprise that many players refuse to field one.
  • Brains and Brawn: The Brawn to the Eshin Sorceror's Brains. The Sorcerer can negate the Stupid status of the Rat Ogre and ensure he can act his turn, but he himself is vulnerable and needs the Rat Ogre's protection.
  • The Brute
  • Dumb Muscle
  • Lightning Bruiser: Potentially can be as strong and durable as the Ogre Mercenary, but able to easily keep pace with your Skaven warriors.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Rat Ogres have the Stupid status, meaning they must perform an Intelligence check when not fighting to see if they can act on their turn. Given Rat Ogres have naturally low Intelligence (very few units have it lower than 10), this can lead to the Rat Ogre standing in the open picking his nose while enemy troops riddle him with arrows and bullets.

Fylch Sharptail

"Not-never hear-learn about Fylch Sharptail? Fylch Sharptail, greatest killer in all Clan Eshin! Fylch strangled Will-helm the baron-thing [and make it look like hungry troll ate him!"

Fylch Sharptail is a cunning, stealthy and skilled killer of Clan Eshin, the representative of Murderlord Snikkit and an adviser to the player's Skaven warband in the campaign.

    Cult of the Possessed 

Mordheim has become a lawless, blighted place, far from the authority of temples and noble lords. The malignant clutch of Chaos hangs heavy over the ruins, changing those too desperate or too stubborn to leave, drawing to it creatures already twisted by mutation and corruption. Groups of these degenerates and mutants gather together into the Cults of the Possessed, seeking to gain the favour of the Shadowlord by returning the wyrdstone to the Pit and slaughtering all those they find trespassing upon their master’s domain – the City of the Damned. The inhuman, the subhuman and the nonhuman all gathered into the dark embrace of madness.

General Tropes:

  • A Commander Is You: Technical/Gimmick. With very high melee damage, above-average mobility and magic potential paired with below-average defences and potentially useful, potentially detrimental random mutations for heroes, the Cult are a high-risk, high-reward warband that require some forward planning, daring and maybe some luck to work successfully.
  • Body Horror: A huge source of this, thanks to the Chaos mutations.
  • Cult: Duh.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: The Cult of the Possessed has a horrible early game, but if they manage to survive it in decent condition, they have the potential to become pretty powerful. A full-tank Darksoul can keep multiple enemy warriors occupied for round after round, since Darksouls never take All Alone tests and can become pretty sturdy, while a Magister who advanced Chaos Chains can make enemy Heroes nearly powerless and a Possessed or Spawn with the right mutations can destroy them like there's no tomorrow.
  • Glass Cannon: Cultist units generally have a lot of hitting power and above-average mobility, but this is paired with below-average durability, and this combined with the poor power of the Magister means that Cultist warbands have a tough time early in the game and only a few losses can mean being forced to start over.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: All Cultist Heroes and the Chaos Spawn Impressive get random mutations at levels 1, 4 and 7. Mutations alter the stats and appearance of the Hero and can bestow powerful bonuses, but in turn possibly restrict their ability to use certain equipment. Any head mutation prevents the hero from wearing a helmet, any arm mutation prevents a hero from holding something in that hand, and torso mutations prevent the character from wearing any armour except cloth.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: And how. The Cult warband is a collection of bloodthirsty psychos and mutated freaks banding together to do the bidding of an ancient evil that is a menace to the world.
  • Religion of Evil: One dedicated to the Shadowlord that dwells in the pit in the center of Mordheim, where the impact hit.


Each fragment of the Cult of the Possessed is led by a Magister, vicious fanatics who have been granted magical knowledge by the Dark Gods they serve. They use these powers to maintain the loyalty of their followers, caring little if their devotion comes from awe or fear. A Magister cares only for earning the favour of the Shadowlord and the dark rewards bestowed by such favour.

At first a rather weak and situationally useful arcane caster hero, the Magister comes into his own when levelled up, controlling the battle and rendering opponents powerless with his debilitating debuff spells. His "Blood Sacrifice" passive trait decreases the cost of spells when he deals out damage to an enemy. The Magister can actually equip many different kinds of weapons and armour, and his ability to take bows make him quite versatile, but keep in mind that heavier two-handed weapons and armour might interfere with his spells.

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: A notable Aversion. Magisters are weak fighters which is hugely detrimental in the early game, where Leaders do most of the warband's heavy lifting.
  • Evil Sorcerer
  • Magikarp Power: A low-level Magister will need to hang back and use a bow to negate his inherent frailty and has one fairly weak buff spell which makes his minions hit harder. A high-level Magister can use Chains of Chaos, Curse of Chaos and Vision of Torment to lock down enemy Heroes and weaken them into uselessness while Spawn and Possessed beat them to a pulp.
  • Simple Staff: Starts with a staff, which is a relatively weak weapon but helps their spellcasting chance.
  • Squishy Wizard


Men with bodies and minds perverted by the touch of Chaos, Mutants come in all shapes and sizes. Destroyed as soon as they are discovered in more civilized places, the lawless state of Mordheim provides a refuge for these creatures. The Cult of the Possessed welcomes them into their warbands with open arms, seeing in the ghastly afflictions the reward of the Dark Gods.

Mutants have a balanced statline and the ability to wear any armour and use nearly any weapon. Mutant archer builds are quite viable but risky; one arm mutation will forever prevent him from using bows or ranged skills and leave him gimped. For this reason, melee damage builds are perhaps the more sensible approach. "Shadowlord's Touch" increases their critical hit chance when they gather wyrdstone. Mutants can wear whatever armour works best for their role but some mutations might affect their ability to wear the heavier gear.

  • Blessed with Suck: The Mutant is the best ranged fighter on the Cultist roster, but spawning one melee weapon mutation will forever prevent him from ever holding a bow. Spawning two means he won't ever be able to loot dead bodies or wyrdstone again (you try picking stuff up when you have axes for hands), nor can he ever use a shield or an empty hand. If he gets a torso mutation as well, this prevents him from wearing armour making him less useful in melee than before.
  • Body Horror: He merely looks fairly unhealthy at level 1. It just gets worse from there.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Though the nature of Chaos mutations means he's probably best off as a melee combatant.


The Norscans and Kurgan of the far north are barbaric, warlike men who openly worship the Dark Gods. Their lands are continually bathed in the fell emanations of Chaos, allowing only the strongest to survive. Bloodthirsty warriors, many of these Marauders have been striking deep into the fractured Empire and feel right at home in the lawless zone of Mordheim, offering their might to any who can pay the right price. Marauders fight with axe and swords, often with the reckless fury of the berserk!

The Marauder deals very heavy damage in melee, especially on the charge thanks to his "Norse Charge" skill increasing the damage of follow-up attacks from a successful charge. Their flimsy protection and inability to disengage once they have engaged does make them risky to use however.


Guilty of the ultimate blasphemy, the Possessed are men who have freely given their bodies over to daemons. The result is a ghastly amalgamation of flesh, metal and daemonic essence fused together by the most abominable mutations, guided by a savage mind, part mortal and part daemon. Hulking beasts with minds part mortal and part daemon, the Possessed are revered by their Cult. Few things in Mordheim are as feared and dangerous as these obscenities.

The Possessed is very much a melee Glass Cannon; incapable of wearing any armour and meant to run at enemies and get into melee as quickly as possible so they can rip enemy units limb from limb with their bare fists or their arm mutations. Possessed fight with the fury of the insane and fear nothing, but they do strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and interfere with their ability to strike true.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: Suffering many of the same issues as the Marauder, the Possessed is powerful but exceedingly frail and will likely die before managing to kill anything.
  • Ax-Crazy
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Before mutating, the only weapon he can use is the Armband. He fights entirely with punches delivered with brute strength.
  • Body Horror: Possessed can gain mutations.
  • The Brute
  • Dumb Muscle: He has the lowest maximum intelligence of any Hero in the game, a measly 7. They can actually be graduated up to lead warbands in place of the Magister.
  • Glass Cannon: With his insane strength and mutations, but wearing nothing more than a pair of ragged cloth pants.
  • Humanoid Abomination: A Possessed is a ghastly amalgamation of flesh, metal and daemonic essence fused together.


Rarely does a daemon find a host so suitable as to become a Possessed. More often, the daemon has to abandon its host, leaving the mortal scarred in mind and spirit. These men become Darksouls, maddened by their experience and endowed with the ferocious strength of the insane. Dressing in masks and armour that resembles daemons to make up for being rejected and to reveal their true nature, Darksouls bring their crazed fury against all who defy the Cult.

The Darksoul is a powerful but tricky to use melee henchman. They're durable in heavy armour and fearless so they will hold off multiple opponents round after round, and they deal heavy damage when given great weapons. Used improperly they will be caught in a fight they can't win and can't disengage from.


The mortal followers of the Dark Gods, the Brethren eagerly seek out the rewards of damnation. They see possession and mutation as sacred blessings, rewards they hope to earn through acts of insane depravity. To descend into the inner mysteries of their obscene faith, there is no act too unspeakable for the Brethren.

Able to wield melee weapons but with lackluster physical stats and high ballistic skill, the Brethren are best suited to be ranged support for your melee heroes and Darksouls. Their special ability "Lurker" increases their accuracy with overwatch attacks.

Chaos Spawn

Immense behemoths of mutated flesh, Chaos Spawn are those whose bodies and minds have been utterly destroyed and reshaped by Chaos. Nearly mindless, these abominations retain enough sense of purpose to follow the Magisters and enough innate savagery to attack any foe they are ordered to destroy. Spawn are utterly fearless, incapable of caring if it is they or their foe that perishes in battle.

Chaos Spawn are savagely strong and able to rip through parries while projecting a Terror aura that limits enemies' ability to act against it when engaging it. Chaos Spawn do not suffer injuries but are 20% more likely to die if they are brought down.

  • Body Horror: Guess who can get Chaos mutations?
  • The Dreaded: Chaos Spawn are so horrifying they cause their opponents to freeze in primal fear. Their "Terror" ability means any enemy engaging them needs to pass a Leadership check or lose three movement and offence points right off the bat.
  • Eldritch Abomination
  • The Immune: Chaos Spawn are immune to poison, this makes them an excellent unit for taking on Skaven, some Chaos units and the Undead. They also work well with the Poison Wind Globadier, while the Chaos Spawn is locked in battle for another unit - the globadier can throw a gas bomb at the area to poison the stuck-in enemy.
  • The Juggernaut: Arguably the single most powerful unit in the entire game pound-for-pound, the Chaos Spawn is a menace on the battlefield and virtually unstoppable.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Emphasis on the "Lightning".

Merga Ottweiler

"You are not content to merely be, you must know why. That is good. That is as it should be. Many are consumed by the power of Chaos. It is only the select few who aspire to understand."

An agent of the Purple Hand, the largest Tzeentch cult in the Empire, who was sent to investigate the city, only to swear allegiance to the Shadowlord. She advises and assists the player's Cultist warband in the campaign. Merga is an adept fighter and wielder of the powers of Chaos, and not to be underestimated.

  • Bad Boss: Constantly reminding the player of the price of failing the Shadowlord.
  • Chaos Is Evil: Well, that's Chaos for you.
  • The Dragon: To the Shadowlord aka. Belakor.
  • Eviler Than Thou: She turned on the Purple Hand to swear allegiance to the Shadowlord, dismissing them as blind children compared to the might of the Shadowlord. Given the Shadowlord is a Tzeentchian Daemon Prince...
  • Evil Sorceress
  • Horned Humanoid
  • Puzzle Boss: In her boss battle when playing as another warband, she is surrounded by a shield that negates all physical damage. You need to perform a lengthy process of freeing a pair of Sigmarite Sisters, finding and purifying shards of the pylons powering her ritual, and then taking the shards to each of the eight pylons to disable them and finally drop the shield.
  • Simple Staff: It has a giant eye at the top.
  • Squishy Wizard: Averted. Merga is not one of your Magisters, she wears heavy armour and is fairly resilient to damage and capable in combat. Notably, her model and animation are that of a Sister Superior holding a great weapon.

    The Undead 

On the borders of the Empire, beneath the World's Edge Mountains lies the forsaken county of Sylvania. Long a place of mystery and sinister doings, Sylvania descended into horror during the Black Plague when the necromancer Vanhel raised legions of the dead. Since that time, Sylvania has been a haunted land steeped in the darkest magic. From the ancient castle of Drakenhof, Count Vlad von Carstein rules the county, but his ambition drives him to seek greater power. With the Empire consumed by civil strife, Vlad sees opportunity. The warbands he sends into Mordheim, the wyrdstone they gather for him, are but the first steps in the war the vampire lord will soon wage on his mortal neighbours. Others may hide in the night but the night belongs to the undead, and in Mordheim, it is always night.

General Tropes:

  • A Commander Is You: Brute/Gimmick. The Undead are quite a weird warband: versatile heroes with strong melee and magic abilities paired with relatively expendable, talentless henchmen with very limited access to weapons and armour, united under a theme of units with immunity to psychology checks while doling out these same checks to their enemies. Their main weakness is their limited range: only their heroes can equip missile weapons.
  • Fearless Undead: All Undead units except the still-living Necromancer and Dreg have an immunity to Fear, Terror and All-Alone. Zombies are mindless automatons, Ghouls are crazed flesh-eaters, and Vampires and presumably Vampire Thralls can be easily brought back if they're killed (though this is Gameplay and Story Segregation: being able to bring back dead leaders would be too big an advantage).
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: The Undead are big on playing around with the game's morale mechanics, being largely fearless and able to inflict fear on their enemies. Having a unit with Terror right from the start is a major plus as low-level units often have poor leadership and aren't too likely to pass their checks.
  • No-Sell: Undead units are near-universally immune to a wide variety of status effects, more importantly of all poison, and this gives them a considerable advantage over the Skaven as it renders one of the Skaven's greatest strengths pointless.
  • Strong, but Unskilled: The Undead have troops with some of the best physical stats in the game and, unit depending, good mental stats too. This also comes with resistances and immunities to a number of crippling effects like critical hits, poison and psychology checks. However, their weapons and ballistic skill and accuracy is often well below-average, plus inability to use armour or consumables except for heroes.
  • Trap Master: The Undead can use "Death Trap" and "Eye See You" to lay down traps which activate when an enemy walks over them. Death Trap deals straight damage, while Eye See You makes them visible on the map and also reduces initiative and resistance to fear effects - a worthy consideration given how much the Undead rely on Fear and Terror.


Among the most fearsome creatures that have been drawn to the ruins of Mordheim are the vampires that lead Undead warbands. Ruthless, intelligent and endowed with strength to rival that of an Ogre, they enjoy greater versatility and independence than other undead. They are the Aristocracy of the Night, viewing mortals as either slaves or prey. Their dark powers are dedicated to serving Count Vlad.

Arguably the best leader unit in the entire game, the Vampire has superb physical stats all round and the versatility to be powerful either as a melee damage dealer, a tank or a ranged combatant, plus their Terror aura lets them engage multiple enemies with relative impunity.


Many of those who survived the collapse of Mordheim were left deformed in body and mind. Rejected and despised, these human dregs eke out a miserable existence at the fringes of civilization. Often these wretches are recruited by vampires, becoming loyal servants in exchange for protection. They guard coffins during the day and venture into settlements where vampires might draw unwanted attention.

The Dreg is a balanced combat hero designed primarily to supplement the power of the Vampire, offering ranged damage support with a bow and healing possibilities with "Humble Servant", sacrificing some of his own HP to replenish the Vampire's and also increasing their dodge and initiative. The Dreg's main weakness is his exceptionally poor mental stats.

  • Archer Archetype: Though capable in melee, Dregs tend to stick to their bows as this lets them hang back with their masters and offer support.
  • Body Horror: He doesn't look like a particularly healthy chap.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: He looks like a sickly man and in the tabletop game, his strength is unexceptional. In this game, he starts off with strength that rivals a vampire.
  • The Renfield: Dregs are mortal men who offer their servitude to morbid undead fiends. Vampires hold them in the same contempt they do all mortals, but they do see the value in keeping a mortal assistant who can act on their behalf during the day.
  • Undying Loyalty: This wretched creature will even offer his own blood to feed and heal the Vampire he serves, as per the "Humble Servant" ability.

Vampire Thrall

A vampire's most devoted servants are those who have been subdued by his charms and seduced by his hypnotic power. These thralls are newly-made undead, drained of life by the vampire to which they are devoted. Although lacking the full extent of their sire's powers, a thrall is a formidable fighter with a strength and agility few mortals can match.

Proficient with all manner of weapons and armour, the Vampire Thrall represents the Undead's dedicated melee hero option. Equally effective as a ranged attacker dealing spike damage or as a melee tankpire soaking up blows, with the latter possibly being preferable to take advantage of her Fear aura.


When the thirst for power or fear of death twists the mind of a wizard it can lead him to study the black art of necromancy. A necromancer's magic is focused upon two effects: the destruction of life and the usurpation of death. Their spells can wither a warrior in his prime or restore animation to a corpse in its grave. Many of these men have been drawn into the service of the Von Carsteins, enjoying the protection of the vampires against the Witch Hunters who would see them destroyed.

The Necromancer is a versatile arcane caster focusing on debuffing enemies and buffing the undead units of the warband, but he also has a few damaging spells up his sleeves as well. His "Warp Attunement" reduces the cost of his spells and the accompanying Tzeentch's Curse chance when he picks up some wyrdstone.

  • Badass Cape: One that is made of Genuine Human Hide.
  • Badass Longrobe
  • Bald of Evil
  • The Necromancer: Necromanctic magic is banned in the Empire, so most Necromancers can be found far from civilization. Vampires see Necromancers as allies of convenience and so shelter them, though some mortal practitioners of the dark magic can grow powerful enough to rival them.
  • Sinister Scythe: His Simple Staff is modeled as one.
  • Squishy Wizard: Averted. Despite being spellcasters the Necromancer can equip a number of different weapons and armours to make them quite capable in direct combat, though heavy armour will make it harder for him to cast his arcane spells.


The simplest form of undead that can be created through necromancy, zombies are the reanimated corpses of the recently dead. Without volition of their own, they are automatons that mindlessly follow the will of their creator. They know neither fear or pain, only obedience.

With their slow speed and inability to use two-handed weapons or armour, zombies are frankly pathetic in combat. Unwavering, immune to various status effects and surprisingly durable, they're best used as meatshields at the front of the fight, harrying opponents and absorbing blows. With "Rotten Corpse", zombies are immune to most injuries that would debilitate other warriors, but they're also more likely to "die" from falling in battle. They're also Expendable so they don't impact warband morale if they do.

  • Body Horror: His jaw is dislocated and hanging off.
  • Cannon Fodder: Even among Henchmen, zombies exemplify this; they're just meant to serve as bubble wrap for the powerful Undead heroes, protecting them from blows while they do the heavy lifting.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Zombies have the Rotten Corpse trait which means that they're immune to Open Wounds and don't receive any post-battle injuries except for dismembered limbs, but they're more likely to permanently die.
  • We Have Reserves: Zombies have the Expendable trait, which means the Undead warband doesn't lose morale if they die... uh, are destroyed in battle.


Ghouls are the descendants of evil and insane men who ate the flesh of the dead. When the lean and hungry times of famine come upon the Old World, the most depraved and destitute took to feasting on corpses to survive. Driven by their unspeakable craving for the meat of their fellow men, these creatures have given up their human life and dwell near graveyards, crypts and tombs, digging up the rotting corpses of the recently buried and consuming the cold flesh with their bare teeth and claws. The destruction of Mordheim attracted many Ghoul clans from the north, and now they have taken up permanent residence in the crypts and cemeteries of the ruined city.

Ghouls are melee henchmen meant as much for debilitating enemy forces with their diseased strikes as for killing them outright. They can gain exceptional strength and hit hard on the charge. However they can't use consumables and can't disengage from fights, so be careful.

  • Body Horror
  • Cannon Fodder
  • Fragile Speedster/Glass Cannon: Fairly mobile and powerful up close with their debuffs, Ghouls are good harassing units.
  • Poisoned Weapons: As per the "Disease Carrier" ability, their claws and weapons are infected with all manner of diseases and wounds inflicted on enemy units also inflict one random debuff, which are all stackable and increase the damage caused by the Necromancer's "Rotten Touch" spell.

Crypt Horror

Hulking monstrosities, the fiendish crypt horrors are rare ghoulish creatures that share the loathsome appetites of their smaller kin. Far larger and stronger than their grave-haunting kin, these abominations provoke a supernatural terror in all but the stoutest hearts. The sight of a crypt horror gnawing on old bones while perched upon a tombstone has sent many a mortal screaming into the night.

The Crypt Horror is as simple as units come: a brutal melee combatant who absorbs blows easily and doles out devastating attacks in turn. Their Terror aura makes them difficult to act against and able to tie up lots of enemies at once.

  • The Brute: Bigger and deadlier than Ghouls, the Crypt Horror is a real monster in combat.
  • The Dreaded: They cause Terror in all enemies that engage them.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Emphasis on the Lightning part. The Crypt Horror is one of the flimsier Impressives but they hit really hard, especially on the charge, encouraging players to build them towards being a charging linebreaker unit.

Katherina Von Dernsbach

"Do you see this ring? It is Count Vlad's token, his sign that Baroness Katherina Von Dernsbach is his vassal and agent. Beware, for I am his eyes and ears in Mordheim. What I learn, the master will know."

Katherina Von Dernsbach is a former vassal of Queen Neferata, now a noble of the Van Carstein court. Katherina is tasked with overseeing the progress of the player's Undead warband and assisting them where necessary. Katherina is, like all vampires, a deadly opponent.

  • The Baroness: A textbook example. Katherina is an ancient evil and cold and dismissive of the player.
  • Dark Action Girl
  • Magic Knight: Katherina is a deadly frontline fighter and a versatile arcane spellcaster, buffing your undead units and casting damage spells.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Well, she is a Lahmian vampire.
  • Royal Rapier: Her alternate weapon is a long thin blade with a swept hilt, giving her increased dodge chance at the price of lower damage and reduced casting.
  • Sinister Scythe: Her staff.
  • Turn Coat: Katherina is of the Lahmian bloodline and was once a servant of Queen Neferata's court. Now she serves the Von Carstein vampires.
  • The Vamp

    Hired Swords 

Poison Wind Globadier

Clanrats trained to use the devious weapons of Clan Skryre, Globadiers are sold as warriors to warbands by the Warlock-Engineers. The warpstone gas in the globes can kill or cripple enemies, or prevent wizards from casting spells. Other alchemical gases can strengthen or even heal those exposed to them. These sneaky ratmen even fabricate bombs disguised as wyrdstone to maim the unwary.

Frail but extremely versatile, the Globadier shines with Cultist warbands as a zone controlling ranged fighter, quite viable as a utility melee using his poison skills which synergise very well with the largely poison-immune Undead, and he can do well with his Skaven brethren too. His "Poison Globe" lets him throw a grenade of poison gas which carpets a small area, infecting all within.

  • Deadly Gas: "Poison Globe" is a grenade-like ability that creates a lingering cloud, and "Vent" creates a cloud around the Globadier.
  • Harmful Healing: "Infused Globe" replenishes HP but also gives a random detrimental warp effect.
  • Mad Scientist: Clan Skryre's Hat. They create the Skaven's technological monstrosities and experiment with chemical warfare. They even once planted a wyrdstone-powered nuclear bomb under Altdorf, but it failed to detonate.
  • Only in It for the Money: The only reason why the Skaven of Clan Skryre would help even their "brothers" in Clan Eshin, never mind anyone else.
  • Poisoned Weapons
  • Squishy Wizard: The Globadier is not particularly meant for frontline combat, being more of a supporting/battle control hero.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Rather poor physical stats, the Globadier nonetheless has decent ballistic skill or other modest martial stats, and can be viable in some utility-based combat builds by taking advantage of his own poison skills and the Skaven exclusive poison abilities.


Mystics who tap directly into the Winds of Magic, Doomweavers are both powerful and pitiable. Their minds constantly filled with strange visions and the sound of daemons scratching at the barriers of reality, they slowly descend into madness. The energies they harness twist their bodies with subtle mutations. Yet the magic they wield is the stuff of Chaos itself, primal and nigh unstoppable.

The Doomweaver is a superb support caster able to lay down Chaos idols which buff his allies and weaken his enemies, making himself useful whether he's giving your fragile furry fighters some staying power or helping the Cultists get those kills they need early on. He has a few damage spells to get stuck in with as well.



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