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Subaru Miyamoto


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Subaru headed to Germany, after the events in America that ended the previous series. She signed a contract with a German ballet company and has been dancing there, but without getting any roles assigned to her. When her dance troupe was to perform in Japan, she cancelled her participation last minute by saying she was sick with pneumonia.

When Subaru sees Nico dance, she says that he is a much more carefree dancer than any dancer who can see and expresses a wish to be like him. She begins to practice The Bluebird pas de deux with him and their coordination eventually ends up working perfectly.

  • Cool Bike: She acquired a (hopefully legal, this time) motorcycle upon her stay in Germany.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Sports them when a TV Program broadcasts footage of her time dancing for Kazuma in the hospital and Subaru's past is threatening to pull her back in.
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  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: As in the previous series, Subaru is only seen smoking cigarettes when she is under a lot of emotional duress.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Shows a heavy instance of this during the initial round of the Varna competition. When Nico compared her to Victoria, Subaru got jealous and angry, to the point that her dancing the Odile in her pas de deux with Nico portrayed her frustration perfectly.


Nicolas Asmer

A blind, but very talented ballet dancer. Nico ended up in a plane crash, with the result of having lost his dance partner and beloved Victoria at the same time, also robbing him of his eyesight when he was 19 years old. Ever since, he has been a solo dancer.

When Subaru notices him, she forcefully asks him to dance a pas de deux with her, stating that he will see a 'whole new world' with her. As one would think, they have difficulty performing well together, as his lack of eyesight made it tough to coordinate well. But as things begin to work out, her energy while dancing allows Nico to 'see' her.

  • Beauty Mark: Has a small one on the right side of his chin.
  • Logical Weakness: Nico's an amazing dancer despite his blindness, certainly. But he still needs to learn the choreography in a special way, a partner who can coordinate herself with him and he feels nervous when dancing on unfamiliar stages, without enough practice.
  • Not So Different: He thinks of himself and Subaru as this, both knowing the horrible feeling of having lost someone beloved and 'having already died' as a consequence. Nico flat out says that he knows how Subaru feels when her past is literally broadcasted on Japanese TV, to play up the human interest in her dancing, because he has to go through with lines like 'because of Victoria's death, we have the brilliant Nico we have now'.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Mostly goes by Nico.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Nico's shown to smoke overall. Unlike Subaru, he seems to do it regardless of his mood.

Minmin Hsu

A chinese acrobat-turned-ballerina. She comes from a poor family and was sold to a school that trained acrobats, under the guise of it being a free, regular school she can attend and do acrobatics, which she enjoys a lot. The school taught some basic ballet at times.

When Minmin watched her first ballet performance, done by Priscilla Roberts, she became fascinated with ballet and decided to focus more time on that than her acrobatics.

Eventually, Minmin decided to let a coin toss dictate whether she'd give up or continue down the path of ballet.

  • Control Freak: Has shades of this when it comes to her dancing. She says she has exact visions on how a performance would go, including the time of day it would be set at and how well it would look, and anything that interferes with those visions gives her mental anguish.
  • False Friend: Yutan, a boy who encouraged and consoled her in acrobat school and eventually became her boyfriend. Minmin drops him, when she learns that he's only been nice to her to keep her happy and staying in the school, by orders of the teachers.
  • Foil: To Subaru, while also leaning towards Not So Different. Both have had difficult pasts, but while Subaru has danced and trained since childhood, Minmin has only been dancing ballet for 3 years.
  • Heads or Tails?: Use a coin toss to decide whether she'll remain an acrobat or give everything up and follow her dream of becoming a ballerina.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: She's much shorter than her partner, Peter Murphy. It's mentioned that they have to specifically work on making up for the height difference between them for duets.
  • Mukokuseki: She's stated to be Chinese, but the only facial difference is more emphasis on the outer edge of her eyes, that come closer together.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her father was a very, very strict man and obviously considered a daughter being a first-born to be pointless. When the acrobat school shows interest in her, her father sells her off to them, so as to not worry about her food or education anymore.

Subaru's Mother

For trops associated with Subaru's mother and father in the previous series, head over to the Subaru character sheet

Mrs Miyamoto, who let Subaru leave for America.

Shortly after Subaru went to America, she and her husband ended up divorcing. She has taken on her maidename of 'Kato' again.

She's following news about Subaru and her career and often pre-orders tickets.

  • Amicably Divorced: She seems to have some minor, polite contact with her ex-husband, who has remarried in the meantime.
  • Innocently Insensitive: She retains her well-meant, but unfortunately very hurtful, stance about Subaru. She still sees Kazuma as part of Subaru's life, saying that he'll 'live on while Subaru dances' and is ignorant of how painful those words are to Subaru, who is only trying to live her own life.

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